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Forcing someone to join your alliance


Published: Nov 9, 06:20 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

This came from Argonaut. S/He didn’t leave an email address for me to contact them at, so I have to do it here.

Argonaut Wrote:

Below are messages sent to me from a member of an alliance (planet coordinates & alliance name are not shown, however the meassages are real):

11-08 14:13:01 flame spirit [x:xxx:x]Re:Re:Re:No subject oh and we still are one of the fastest growing alliances in points. reply weather your joining or not in the next half hour otherwise you will be destroyed

11-08 14:08:20 flame spirit [x:xxx:x] Re:Re:Re:Re:No subject

i mean in points. look if you wanna join then join. we wanna be the best. i havent finished the forum yet but if you dont join i will prob crush ya just for the fun of it. i have more than double your points. if ya dont want a couple of thousand light fighters and a few hundred b-ships heading towards you then i suggest you join.

11-08 13:48:38 flame spirit [x:xxx:x] Re:Re:No subject

so you gonna join?

11-08 13:29:25 flame spirit [x:xxx:x] No subject

join XXXX and become part of the fastest growing alliance ever known. if not prepere to be destroyed.

Argonaut: I havent been attacked yet but suppose this guy really does what he says and attacks me all the time, shouldn’t such behaviour be banned from Ogame(i am not making a point i just want to know if such behaviour is allowed)

Voidhawk says:

Two things here. First, the common sense bit. Why would any want someone to join there alliance that was forced? You want team players to join your alliance… no people you bullied into it.

Second… this is against the rules for OGame. Contact a GO with the full messages (including coords and such). Any type of coercion is wrong. You can’t bully someone into paying you off so you don’t attack. You can’t “offer protection” by charging a monthly fee to no attack someone. And you can’t try to scare someone into joining your alliance.


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  1. Actually, it is not against the rules to blackmail for resources. This, however, I believe is against the rules.

    — Avalon    Nov 9, 04:08 PM    #
  2. blackmailing for resources is illegal as if it is not traded can be seen as pushing

    mat    Nov 17, 11:45 PM    #
  3. yes it is against the rulze and i doubt he will act on them he is just going to keep doing it, eventually someone will put him in his place, and more than likly it will be his on allies

    — Allandross    Nov 18, 09:38 AM    #
  4. lol whatever… if im attacking someone and they send me a message and ask me to stop, I will normally offer them the ultamatum to join my alliance as it will help to get probed less and this attacked less… if they join, i follow alliance protocol and recall my fleets, if they ignore my message then i stay the course lol… he was just a little more hostile about it

    — lord phlangy uni 5 and 12    Dec 8, 03:47 AM    #
  5. pressuring someone to join a clan was not deemed illegal. Monthy payments is, so is blackmailing for resources. insults to fleets and planets are also legal.

    — SolarPumpkin    Feb 2, 07:44 PM    #
  6. Okay so “protection” services are illegal, and lame… But what about legitimately charging a monthly rescource fee to ACTUALLY protect a planet? For example, for 1000 DEUT a month planex X will station(permenantly) 200 fighters on the client’s planet.

    — Popp    Jul 10, 06:15 PM    #
  7. Can I sell a service? For example: I have a moon with a level 3 phalanx, I just received a message from another player (not in my alliance) offering me 300k metal or 200k crystal or 100k deut if I scaned a planet for him (he didn’t have a moon). Does that count as comerce? I have a few thousand points more than him, so I don’t want to be acused of being “pushed”.

    — jose    Jul 11, 05:19 PM    #
  8. @ jose
    what are ur points and his? oh yea umm 300k or 200k or 100k of the rez is a bit much. but it isnt “pushing” if hes 5,000 and ur 10,000 points. but he sounds like a N3W’]3 to pay that much for a scan.

    — thecat    Sep 1, 05:29 AM    #
  9. Yes, if both players agree to trade resources for information, I think that is awesome. He is like renting the sensor array for a bit and pays the owner a fee. That’s sweet.

    — Meriadoc    Sep 2, 11:40 PM    #
  10. Intergallactic warlords !
    I entered Ogame and Uni 23 a few days ago. Can anyone recommend a powerful alliance to join that is active in helping out beginners. I’m happy to go it alone, but I’ve lost a lot of time and it doesn’t seem sensible !

    — Lord Z    Sep 9, 12:52 PM    #
  11. yoo im playing ogame.org in univ 26 if anyone want to join in my aliance i will be greatefull, the aliance is call “ConQueRs”, ill be waiting for =), c yall

    — luis    Jan 25, 10:17 AM    #
  12. I you’re in UNI25 join the A.E.S, I’m the leader of it and most of my alliance members have at least 3 planets! After only being on a month!

    — dArkshiFT    Mar 6, 09:59 AM    #
  13. I just wanted to add that an alliance formed by players forced to join is doomed from the start and I have threatened several people to delete planets or be phalanx hit it worked and was perfectly legal in fact any threats other than real life are permitted as long as it does not result in a higher ranked player recieving resources from a lower ranked player it is this way to discourage multiaccounting

    — Lord Rallester    Apr 17, 11:34 PM    #
  14. If your getting threatening messages from a guy A) See if they have forums you can post it on (he might not be in charge, and others in his allinance may not approve) also tell his allies and NAP’s.

    B) go to another alliance near his in strength and tell them about it and ask to join. (especially if they have had previous wars or like people in your status).

    — NPSF3000    May 1, 02:10 PM    #
  15. lol im new to o game but i must say 3 planets in 1 month is no great acomplishment i have only 710 points but i still reguarly harvest other people in my sector i also have 5 current plantes and are currently at 3 weeks 4 days

    — wolfgang    Jun 6, 04:00 PM    #
  16. still i just a noob so what do i know right? anyway you guys are constantly talking about pushing and stuff bu i have never seen anything saying you cant help a lower ranked player…....say if my friend wanted to join could i help him out?

    — wolfgang    Jun 6, 04:04 PM    #
  17. my name is kernel corn(1:71:7)universe 22..i can destroy any alliance even the number 1 suntzu baby..any one who has the guts and balls to fight..BRING IT ON!!!my alliance is BRO and i have 30000k resources on my planet..come on suntzu baby and thr rest!!!!!!!!!

    — Kernel Corn    Aug 5, 07:20 AM    #
  18. im in uni 17 and i could really use an alliance that is friendly to beginners does any1 have a suggestion?

    — newbie    Oct 5, 12:20 PM    #
  19. If you need a good alliance in Uni13 join L.B. (Lobsterbacks) they aren’t very high-ranked but they are friendly and will help any newbies

    — cman738068    Jan 5, 02:55 PM    #

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