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OGame Needs Your Help!


Published: Nov 6, 08:24 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

UPDATE: Since the push to get an ad on 80by15.com didn’t work,

I am pulling down the donation page. If you want to help out, start linking to OGame Tips http://www.ogametips.com/

I’ll post some banners and images later on that you can use.

Ok. It is time to start doing some advertising to boost traffic.

I have heard of the million dollar home page, and I found a similar site… but one that a) isn’t already crowded, and b) looks a lot more professional.

The problem is, I don’t have the spare cash to buy an ad. That is where you can help.

I am accepting donations to buy ad space on 80by15.com to place an ad. At the end of October, I will take whatever donations have been made and purchase the best advertising space I can afford. If I have more than enough in donations, I will use the money for advertising on other sites as well. Maybe even run an AdWords campaign. :)

So, to make a donation, click the button below!

I’ll update this thread every day with the current donation amount. If anyone wants credit for their donation (your name in bold at the bottom of this post), send me an email (use the Submission form to send the information). Include your name, email and the amount you submitted. If you want a link, provide the link information as well.

Thank you!



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  1. use google for advertising its how i found ogame

    — Omahli    Apr 16, 03:41 PM    #
  2. how do i get a shipyard it no showin up on buildings

    — ol;iver    Oct 21, 04:31 AM    #
  3. You have to have a lvl 2 robo thing to make a shipyard

    — jake    Dec 4, 06:51 PM    #
  4. wow ur a bunch of losers u don’t even know how to build a shipyard!!!! wow…...... if you wanna fight me search my name
    -name is XT7

    — someone    Dec 31, 09:47 PM    #
  5. XT7, there is a difference between “loser” and “newbie”, please look into it and use the correct term next time…
    Many people might call you a loser for actually being good at a game such as this.

    — Arron    Apr 10, 10:42 PM    #

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