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Can you send Deathstars to destroy a moon using the ACS?


Published: Oct 8, 12:38 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

The Alliance Combat System can only be used to send combined fleets on an Attack mission. Sendings Deathstars (RIPs) to destroy moons is a Destroy mission. So they cannot be sent via the ACS.


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  1. i heard death stars are really slow, and burn a lot of deuterium, also i heard graviton technology costs 30,000 energy to research, is this all true?

    — The Undertaker    Nov 27, 03:41 PM    #
  2. slow, yes. burn duet, hell no and erm…..300,000 energy :D

    — mercenary    Dec 12, 02:45 PM    #
  3. it almost use no deut :)
    I finaly have one :)
    it’s very strong and a good defence :)

    — lord stefan    Jan 21, 04:10 AM    #
  4. Errm i have a question about the 300,000 energy. Do you just need to make the 300,000 energy to research it and then you dont need it, or do you need to keep up the 300,000 after you have researched it. (i know someone that was nearly at 300,000 and was fleet crashed and they took all the crystal before she could get there :’(

    Simon    Mar 27, 01:27 PM    #
  5. once u reach 300,000 energy u just need to click grav reserch it takes no time at all then u have grav for ever u dont have to keep 300,000 energy at all you just need it for a simple second to research it.

    — Evil God    Apr 18, 10:26 AM    #
  6. only deathstar can destroy a moon?

    — Christopher    Apr 23, 06:01 AM    #
  7. what ya meen by 300,000 energy is that how much it uses up?

    — da man    Apr 28, 08:44 PM    #
  8. death stars are the number one attking machine its slow yes but you win all the time though i have 2 per planit now if you read the one i made on “by r someone” your hear what i mean

    baby smurf    May 19, 09:59 PM    #
  9. what is the 300000 energy that you people are talking about…..?i have studied a lot but i dont understand what is this energy part??

    — KOOLJACK    Jun 3, 10:03 PM    #
  10. Studied?
    Man, are you saying you studied for a game? Hell, you should try going out, there is a real world out there.

    As for you question, the energy is linked to the graviton research. This research takes no time and no resources, but the planet conducting the research must have 300000 energy available to validate it.

    Solar sats are the only way to get that much energy (you’ll need between 7000 and 12000 of them depending on the temperature of your planet).

    As for the strategy, either you build your sats behind a huge def, or you get a high level of nanotech factory so that you can build them in a 24-hour rush.

    — Etheric    Jun 14, 09:44 AM    #
  11. if you studied the game i’m guessing you didn’t study very hard well anyway energy is what powers ur mines. it is created bu solar satilites solar power plants and fusion plants. and we are talking about getting a death star and gravi tech takes up 300k energy. btw if u don’t know what energy is i don’t suggest you try to get gravi tech

    — JLLI    Jul 12, 09:25 PM    #
  12. 300k energy is what gravitron (a requirement for deathstars) requires.

    gravitron research takes 1 second so you dont need to sustain the energy :)

    after you have your solar sats built and your gravitron researched have a member of your alliance crash your sats and give you a 20% moonshot. then you get 1/3 of the crystal you put into the sats back.

    generally it takes about 16kk (or 16 million) crystal to build all the sats.

    if you want to know exactly what it will take you go to www.o-calc.com

    there is a tool there for figuring out how many sats your gravi will require.

    Uni7bane    Aug 14, 08:32 PM    #
  13. If you destroy a moon, will it create a debris field?

    — Roben    Aug 20, 12:08 PM    #
  14. i m gay

    — spazztic    Sep 1, 09:27 AM    #
  15. i would like to know if the death star gives me points. and when the death star is destroyed they left debris field? excuse me my english… I´m brasilian spaceman…

    — SpaceMan    Sep 16, 09:09 AM    #
  16. @ space man.
    yes, deathstars give you points, alot of points. and deathstars do leave debris feilds.

    No one cares.. quit spamming

    — Dazza3000    Sep 27, 03:53 AM    #
  17. Just a question- would deathstars be most suited for defending ur planet??

    — hihihihi    Sep 27, 04:05 AM    #
  18. @ hihihihi

    yes as only a select few ships can kill them. and the cost of killing it isnt worth the cost 2 make da ships.

    — thecat    Sep 28, 10:26 PM    #
  19. I’m working on the solar sats right

    how much does a deathstar cost?

    — wonder bread    Oct 18, 11:50 PM    #
  20. 5mill metal 3mill crystal and 1 mill dt

    — Navigator    Oct 30, 10:52 AM    #
  21. how many research points you need for deathstar ? i just want to know:)

    — Hoki    Dec 9, 01:15 PM    #
  22. wat are you meant to do with 7000 sats when your done though

    — Leprechaun    Dec 12, 01:37 PM    #
  23. get someone to destroy it so you can harvest the debris field.

    — 12345sniper    Dec 15, 02:44 PM    #
  24. ok, so im goin for deathstars, jus need the graviton…

    what would people suggest to ge tall tht energy tho? i mean i thought straight sattelites, but if i get crashed im screwed. plus 16 mill is a lot of crystal! so perhaps a mix of fusion and solar plants? anyone give me some advice?

    much appreciated!

    — Adam    Jan 11, 10:16 AM    #
  25. u can go fusion and solar but it wont give u nearly as much energy as 8 k solar sats. The best thing would be get nanite lvl 4, shipyard lvl10+ and research lab 12 (u need this!!!) and then save up all the res 16kk crystal and 4 kk dt. after this u should be able to build the sats in a day. stay online a day or account sit with someone. then u should have grav.

    — Navigator    Jan 23, 10:31 AM    #
  26. 16 million crystal? What level of a crystal mine would you need to make that possible, in under a month? :/

    — Shifty    Feb 11, 11:39 AM    #
  27. If you have a large amount of Deterium try trading that for crystal. You will get about double the amount of crystal. So if you have 1 million Deterium you will get about 2 million crystal

    — PhantomGM    Mar 7, 12:16 PM    #
  28. by the way, why don’t you make a colony in the firt planet slot out of the fifteen? maybe if you make solar satelites there you would get more energy since you would be near the sun(if there were one).sure you would have to make a Lv.12 research lab but you’d get more energy.

    — sora    Mar 20, 05:08 PM    #
  29. keep the solar sats on the palnet when you are done. They provide a little wall for your defense as they are the first thinsg attacked. they are great fodder.

    — lol    Apr 10, 06:45 PM    #
  30. i dont understand how you guys are saving over 100k resources, even with the metal storage ect. ?

    — SeniorEduado    May 13, 05:59 AM    #
  31. I need to build a death star. How much of metal, cyrstal, and deturuim will it cost me?

    — Sos    Jun 9, 12:05 PM    #
  32. 5 million metal, 4 million crystal, 1 million deuterium. Sounds like a lot, but by the time you get graviton, it’s really not that much.

    — Mv3    Jul 15, 01:54 AM    #
  33. Visit www.o-calc.com and go to the graviton research page. The calculator there tells you how many sats you need based upon your current building levels. There are 2 ways to do it.

    1. Build up a big defence whilst building your sats. This way your fleet ranking won’t shoot up really quickly alerting the bigger players to come check you out. This is done along the lines of building 1000 RL followed by 1000 SS…another 1000 RL and so on.

    2. Build your nanite factory up to a high level of 4 or higher and go for speed. Ideally level 6 as it completes in approx 6 hours then. Wait for an update then stick them on to build just after. This way it should be finished at the next update and it’ll be finished before anyone notices and can do anything about it.

    Its worth doing it on a planet in an out of the way location so you have less chance of being spotted.

    Ideally, do the research on a slot 4-6 planet with a temp of around 50-80. Slot 1 barely makes any benificial difference to this so its not worth it. Doing it on an unmooned planet gives you the hope of a 20% moon when your sats get crashed.

    And if your saving up the res to do the research, make sure you have a moon first and fleetsave from it, otherwise a bigger player will probably phalanx your planet, spot your fleet, crash it and take all your hard earned res

    — Gonz    Aug 12, 12:22 PM    #
  34. What’s the point of going for grav tech level 2 and 3 etc..
    Does it increase the chance of killing a moon?


    — MemNocH    Jan 5, 02:01 AM    #
  35. is it posible to destroy planet????

    — metalz    Jan 9, 11:09 AM    #
  36. It is possible.. However oddly, because whenever an account is deleted, it destroys the planet, and boom.. It just says “Destroyed Planet” where you used to be. Oh my.. You just got annhilated! Dx
    Vg Scooter
    Of VG Cats

    — Vg Scooter    Feb 8, 02:20 AM    #
  37. IF you want to play on a hight rate server of ogame go on ogame.ws, register and play.

    ottdan    Mar 9, 04:49 PM    #
  38. OMG i love to read sugestions here :D
    there are some idiots and noobs who dont know whats energy for … im doing gravs for 2 the second time … i have 68k points … nad im doing the research on a planet almost no def…
    why would i build it when top players have fleets to destroy the biggest def ingame ??? there is a guy whit 6 Rips and a a bigger fleet (for noobs bigger fleet is 100 lf ( but for me its k’s of bs bc ect …. ))

    you cant destroy a planet whit Rip’s…
    PLZ read the sugestion rules in ogame.org forum ….
    you can find there what is posible and what not … + guys in 22 days it will be my Birthday :D so remember the presents :))

    — Exotic    Apr 5, 07:21 AM    #
  39. if u get moon crashed or u moon crash them.. wud there b a debris of the deth star or moon?

    — r    Apr 22, 11:40 AM    #
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