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Beware of Phishing Scams - Things to watch for.


Published: Oct 5, 07:36 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Puckeye wrote this as a comment on the WARNING! OGame Phishing Scam

I figured that since it is such an important topic, and since Puckeye did such a good job writing this, that it should be its own tip.

Anti-Phishing Tips

This is true of any game and forums…

Admins do not need you to send your password… They can access it without much problems…

Also be aware of links in emails. Sometimes a link might appear innocent even if the email looks like it’s in plain text and not HTML.

Bascially if you receive an email froom any kind of admin (not just oGame) and it asks you to send your password or log in to a website. Contact an admin by typing the email yourself, do not click email link, or by entering by hand or from a know icon on your machine the URL to the game/forum.

That way you’ll be sure to enter a valid website and not a spoof site, spoof sites immitates websites perfectly so it’s hard to know if you’re on one.

This is especially true for bank/Paypal type websites.

Whenever you have a suspiscious email like that move it to a backup folder in your email software in case the admin asks for it.

Titus sent me this:

If you don’t want to get spoofed, get spoofstick @ www.spoofstick.com that’ll cut 99.99% of all phishing with website out. Try it you’ll like it. – Titus


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  1. Some guy tried it on me. I reported him and he got banned.

    — jake    Jan 1, 11:03 PM    #

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