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What goes into a Debris Field


Published: Jul 26, 06:09 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Here is a list of what will (and will not) go into a Debris Field.

From the Defenders viewpoint:

If you get hit with IPMs(Interplanetary Missiles) the debris does NOT go into your debris field. It gets vaporized.

And remember, you have a 70% chance that your defenses will be rebuilt. Of course, anything destroyed by IPM’s are vaporized, so they won’t get rebuilt.

Any buildings you destroy (deconstruct) will not be added to your debris field.

UPDATED: Per clarification from some players. If anyone knows of anything else that does (or doesn’t) go into a debris field, let me know.


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  1. I thought your defence went into the DF, but I may be wrong.
    — dot dot dot    Sep 30, 05:10 PM    #
  2. And also note that 30% of the cost of building a ship will be in the debris field when the dhip is destroyed.

    So if you send 5 Battleships they cost a total of 200,000 Metal land 100,000 Crystal to produce, if they get destroyed the debris field will have roughly 60,000 Metal and 30,000 Crystals.

    It takes roughly 2,000,000 units in a debris field to get a 20% chance of forming a moon. Note that 20% is the maximum percentage. So if you get 4,000,000 units in the debris you still get 20% chances.
    Puckeye    Oct 4, 06:08 PM    #
  3. you know if you be attacked, and your ships get destroyed, it creates a DF, say if you get attacked again, and loads of ships get blown up, does this add to the DF?

    — The Undertaker    Nov 27, 03:48 PM    #
  4. corse it is

    — player!! :D    Dec 23, 04:55 PM    #
  5. if IPM’s get distroyed by your ABM’s, does your defences blow up anyway? im asking becasue it happened to a mate, could it be a bug

    — quozzo    Feb 5, 08:50 PM    #
  6. Deconstruct should also give you back like 40% of the resources you spent on the building….it sucks but that it set me back in the beggening girrrrrrr!

    — Ajay    Feb 23, 12:00 PM    #
  7. if you deconstruct some thing like lv2 metal storge and it cost 2000 metal to deconstruct. after deconstruction, do you get 2000 metal or what?

    — rocodoco    Jun 9, 08:24 PM    #
  8. “if IPMís get distroyed by your ABMís, does your defences blow up anyway?”

    ... If they did, it would defeat the purpose of the ABM’s existence. :P

    “im asking becasue it happened to a mate, could it be a bug”

    It’s not one I’ve ever heard of, but that certainly seems like the most logical explanation.

    — Arbron    Jul 1, 01:21 PM    #
  9. @ quozzo

    The most logical explanation is not a bug… its too easy to blame everything on bugs….

    The most logical explanation is that your mate’s attacker overloaded his anti ballistic defense missiles by sending more IPMs that he had ABMs… that is the logical explanation …

    And for the record the ABMs should be called anything but that … Ballistics is the science of projectile trajectory … the name ABMs as such makes no sense … they should be called Anti Interplanetary Missile or Anti Missile…

    — Tas Devil    Jul 12, 06:33 AM    #
  10. hey lets not get technical
    but you have a point

    — death    Jul 27, 04:42 AM    #
  11. Doesn’t Ballistics also mean an object that utilizes the science of Ballistics? In other words, isn’t a ballistic something that gets launched? They call cannon balls ballistics. Since missles use the same principle they would be called ballistics as well. Only missles are propelled by a oxygen and gas fueled rocket that launches them at speeds surpassing the velocity of anything ever moved before. So even though missles use the same idea as cannon balls, that doesn’t mean that a missle is a medieval projectile.

    — DrDude (future scientist)    Jul 27, 02:31 PM    #
  12. hey with a DF to get a 1%moon chance can i have like 60k metal and 40k crystal in the DF in the same battle to get 1% or do i need the same res for 1% moon?

    thecat    Jul 28, 04:17 AM    #
  13. Can everyone cram the balistics talk its getting irritating

    — Dazza3000    Jul 28, 06:36 PM    #
  14. lol…ballistics is a flight where all the energy is provided by the initial impetus…a rocket is powered throughout its flight…therefore it is not ballistic.

    — Jeff Howard    Jul 28, 06:49 PM    #
  15. I thought every thing destroyed goes into your debris field.

    — The emperor    Jul 30, 08:54 AM    #
  16. Im kinda new, and i just built a recycler, can i collect from debris fields on other planets or mine only?

    — Kurth    Jul 31, 08:48 PM    #
  17. Like ICBM they probably launch them so far and then they free fall to the target. Real ICBM’s(Intercontinental Balistic missles) are propelled into space or high atmosphere and then use their trajectory or gravity to arch and free fall back into the target. These would fly through space and use fuel for as long as they need to like any space rocket and then probably free fall into the atmosphere. IF it’s based on real current rockets it would only fire it’s rockets at the begining of fligh also and then free float to its target in space. So, yes, it would fall under the term balistic missle. It would also be classified as other things because it uses other technology to get to the target. Like a real ICBM it’s a hybrid technology. I would go with that as the explenation unless it is not supposed to be considered to work that way. But since they did call it a balistic missle you should probably just use that in thinking how it works unless someone says otherwise because they called it an IPBM to start. So, it would probably work exacly like a real ICBM but between planets.

    — Anonymous    Aug 1, 04:50 PM    #
  18. Hello!

    Does anyone knows if it is possible to send missiles to a moon?


    — SP1    Aug 3, 02:37 PM    #
  19. @kurth.
    u can collect anyone’s debris fields, but ur recy only carry 20’000 res.

    — thetyr    Aug 7, 04:58 PM    #
  20. People, pay attention on the rule VI which talks about PUSHING and collecting from the Debris field after the attack!!!

    — miladin    Aug 8, 08:30 AM    #
  21. is there any way of stopping other people harvesting your df because it gets pretty annoying when someone has attack you got their butts whuped and there is a 10% chance of a moon but when you go to create the moon the df is gone

    — general damo    Aug 9, 06:55 AM    #
  22. As far as I know, u cant “create” the moon. It just appears second after battle or doesnt appear. What da ya mean?

    — Mr.Khil    Aug 21, 06:43 PM    #
  23. hey on speedsim i understand that when u “attack”, it says “defence into DF”. some1 explain plz….

    — thecat    Aug 25, 05:28 PM    #
  24. well a if the ipbms work like icbms then yes they are a balistic becuase icbms will fly into the atmosphere get into orbit for a minute or two and free fall back to earth to hit the target. so if a ipbm is like a icbm then yes it is a balistics like i said.

    — h money    Aug 29, 02:44 AM    #
  25. @h money
    ballistics is just a cool name like sensor phalanx. a phalanx is men not ships so that name is incorrect but it sounds cool so hu gives if the name is incorrect jst sounds cool now plz ppl stfu about the name “ballistic” and jst post stuff relavent.

    some1 answer my question plz…

    — thecat    Aug 30, 05:56 AM    #
  26. @ SP1

    no it isnt as they have no defence for it. i don’t have a moon but i know a lot about them. they don’t have a missile or rocket(i always get mixed up) silo so they can’t be defended against them. missiles are imposible to send to moons.

    — thecat    Sep 13, 03:19 PM    #
  27. No…ballistic most definitely means that all the energy is provided by the initial launch (for example, a bullet or cannon ball). IPM’s most definitely are NOT that way. That would be stupid. ABM’s are ALSO not that way. There is no way they could target a missile if they don’t change their flight paths.

    To be more specific, thecat, a phalanx is composed of men with SPEARS.

    No, you cannot create a moon. For every 100k resources that go into a debris field, you get a 1% chance of getting a moon, for a maximum of 20% possible. The amount that goes into the field also determines the size of the moon, which determines the number of fields on the moon. I believe it also determines the maximum number of fields. Unfortunately, I don’t have one.

    Sorry, thecat, I don’t know why Speedsim has that option. Maybe it’s in case defenses can become debris in the future.

    — Purple    Sep 19, 11:21 PM    #
  28. now that we into sa moons, i worked out that u need 333350 units 2 make 1% chanc. thats 333,350 worth of res pplz….

    if ima wrong plz correct me.

    and @ purple

    u get the point of what i was talking about, now cram the crap about ballistics. its soooo irritating…..

    btw, phalanx comes from greek 4 those hu want 2 know…

    — thecat    Sep 28, 10:11 PM    #
  29. I know I’m real late, but I couldn’t stand watching people, not all, argue over something so simple (to me at least).

    First, the Anti-Balistic-Missiles:
    If it is true that the Inter-Planetary Missiles were origionaly IPBMs, then that would understandably and almost definately that all of its power is indeed taken from its origonal potential energy from the launch. As there is little to no friction in space, the missile would glide, for lack of a better term, to its target and be pulled down to it through the targets own gravitational pull. Thus, yes, Anti-Ballistic Missile is a suitable and understandable name.

    Now, the Sensor Phalanx:
    Phalanx is Greek, in one of the several meanings, means overlapping arms (as in fighting arms, not the body kind). So, a sensor phalanx, in this case, implies that it uses many radars to pick up the underlying overlapping signals produced by radiation. Another possible meaning for Sensor Phalanx could be simply that it uses many radar arrays that overlap eachother’s areas to produce optimum results.

    Oh, and TheCat, you need 100,000 resources to make 1%.

    — Master Tech Mikel    Oct 6, 07:37 PM    #
  30. You might need 100k DEBRIS for a 1% moon chance, but you need to send ships whose total resource cost is 333k because only 30% of the resources go into the debris field

    — nobody    Oct 11, 10:15 PM    #
  31. how do can you add rez to the DF for moonchance?

    — noone    Oct 15, 07:58 PM    #
  32. If I have a 1% debris field already in orbit, does it add to it if I get fleet crashed before I pick it up? For further clarification, example: I get attacked, and my defending fleet wins, and in space now floats 100k metal and 100k crystal. The moonchance is 2%. Now, if I get attacked by someone better than me before I can pick up that 200k resources, does the resulting debris add to that 2% chance, or does something else happen?


    — Whesker    Oct 29, 07:51 AM    #
  33. how do i pick up from df with what plane im new to this and i have 2 or 3 light fighters and 2 cargo ships how do i pick up the df. anyone HELPPPPPPPPP ME…..

    — shanemagee    Nov 29, 12:51 PM    #
  34. @Tas Devil

    ah, the name comment of the ABM thing… technicallyt true but also false… In real life intercontinental missiles are called ICBM’s (yep the “B” means ballistic.)

    — Arachnid    Feb 8, 05:31 PM    #
  35. @ shanemagee
    you need a RECYCLER (shipyard 4 combustion drive 6 shielding tech 2 research lab 6)


    — jason    Apr 19, 08:58 PM    #
  36. U know that it is possible to get up to 5 moons orbiting one plnet

    It happened to my Homeplanet

    — Crazy Warehouse Guy    May 23, 03:31 AM    #
  37. i know it is out of topic but how do u delete a profile which has not been activated i’m a newbie

    — dante    Jul 28, 03:50 PM    #
  38. hey thecat,
    get your nuts out of your butt (toned down) and relax about the whole missle crisis. Who cares (besides you) if they debate whether or not it is IPM, IPBM, ICBM, ABM or whatever. If you don’t want to read it here’s an idea. SKIP IT. I know I know. Great idea. I am an engineer. They happen once in a while.

    By the way, keep going guys, I find it entertaining. :)
    — Bizzaro    Aug 15, 12:17 AM    #
  39. Bizzaro, if you were an engineer, you’d know how to spell M-I-S-S-I-L-E. (Rolls eyes…)

    — Muhammed    Aug 19, 08:15 PM    #
  40. Hello everybody!,

    Xtzyztji    May 3, 02:26 AM    #

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