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Birthday Time!


Published: Sep 11, 08:08 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

No big updates today. Just a few moments of silence for the 9/11 victims (today is the 4th anniversary).

And then… on to my Birthday! I am getting old. Yup… 29.

Anyhow, nothing much new. I have some new content for the site, and the strategy guide to finish. I have a few small applications that I am toying with creating.

So, if you could have any program to help out in OGame, what would it be?

NOTE: Anything that interacts directly with OGame is against the EULA for OGame. Copy/Paste from the OGame screen is allowed. Collecting information directly from the screen is not.

So, the Ninja ideas (posted in the comments) is out.


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. I have a ogame flight calculator
    sertaç erkan    Sep 13, 12:35 AM    #
  2. Happy Birthday!
    Tikky    Sep 13, 12:15 PM    #
  3. OGame apps? How about a ninja app. Something that tells you exactly when to recall a fleet to get home 15s (or whatever) before the enemy gets there. Maybe it reads fleet and server times right from overview page even. :)
    — Dan    Sep 20, 01:25 PM    #
  4. another OGame app, an order of magnitude more complicated than ninja app. Something to interact with the Ogame page. will actually skip through galaxy scan (set range) and record all info in a database.
    With special notice to large debris fields, moons, and changes since last scan.
    — Dan    Sep 20, 01:31 PM    #
  5. No 4 sounds excellent – but would that be classed as cheating??
    — Julian    Sep 27, 05:36 PM    #
  6. I think #4 would be classed as cheating…

    I’d be very interested in the equation used to calculate de distance. I haven’t really spent much time thinking about it but reading the above prompted my interest :)

    If you need help with coping your apps on the Internet I’m an expert at PHP, just drop me an email :)
    Puckeye    Oct 4, 05:11 PM    #
  7. No, the Ninja timer idea is not out. I wrote an OGame Ninja timer and it is legal because it does no more than you can with a stopwatch.

    You can see it at www.hackavatar.com

    btw #4 is definately illegal.

    HackAvatar    Jul 11, 02:01 AM    #

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