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Mobile Attack Base


Published: Jul 23, 08:44 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk


I have heard the phrase “mobile attack base” several times on the oGame forums. A friend of mine recently explained how it works.

You create 7 colonies, plus your home planet. Keep 1 colony slot free.

Before the Attack

When you are ready to launch a large scale attack, you create a colony as close to your target as you can. Send in a cargo ship of supplies, and build a Ship Yard on it. You don’t need anything else on the colony.

Now you have a place to move your fleet. So instead of waiting 4 hours for your fleet to attack someone, you spend the 4 hours moving the fleet to the mobile attack base, and then spend 20 minutes waiting for the fleet to attack someone.

After the Attack

Send your fleet back to its home base. Be sure you have enough deutrium to get away. :) Then destroy the colony.

When is the Mobile Attack Base Useful?

I think that until you really have a fleet to be able to actually use it, you’re better off having 8 colonies. Think about it:

  1. A colony ship costs 10k metal, 20k crystal and 10k deuterium. By the time you have 7 colonies, you can afford building an colony ship easely.
  2. Within a day or two, the planet will produce enough crystal and metal to get your initial investment back (price of the colony ship) and possibly more.
  3. To speed it up, you should send about 5-10K metal and 2-4K crystal to it, just after you colonize. And send some extra Deutrium so you can ship your fleets back home.

Update: Once you have a respectable fleet, the mobile attack base is a great way to raid. For more information on raiding from a mobile attack base, read this article.


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  1. Actually I didn’t need a shipyard to put ships on a planet. You can access them by the fleet button.
    — jcjjica    Apr 24, 12:19 PM    #
  2. The real use of a mobile attack base is when you have 200+ battleships. You deal in much higher profits then, so the cost is minimal.

    You do a bit of research, scanning a few systems for good targets. when you find a nice string of them, you send out a colony ship, but don’t build anything on it! you’ll loose the points when you abandon it.

    Next move in your fleet and lots of cargoes + recyclers. Make sure you have plenty of deut being shipped in. raid or crash your targets, and every time you get resources back to your colony, send them home again. Don’t leave your hard earned resources on the colony. When you’ve bled the region dry, fly home and abandon the colony
    — IdahoaJr    Jun 19, 02:11 PM    #
  3. May I just ask… why 7/8 colonies? is that the maximum one can build??
    — chris    Oct 24, 01:26 AM    #
  4. I think the mobile base plan has a slight flaw. It is true that you need a real large fleet to take down someone really strong and disappearing after the attack is also tempting. But most of the guys who are really strong stay online almost 24 hrs a day. They will see your ships and find your home planet almost instantly. As for the weaker guys, it is hardly worth the effort.

    — Gokhan    Nov 12, 11:08 PM    #
  5. True, you can search for players and find all the colonies and home planet, but who can tell which is which? Unless you name your planets Colony 1, Colony 2, and so on…

    I kinda like the idea, the only thing you’d really have to worry about are moons, in case someone has a phalanx, then you can get crashed a lot easier, since you’ll be flying around all the time.

    — Mark    Dec 6, 04:36 AM    #
  6. more colonies = more planets getting ships for you and if it takes longer then 4 hours to get to the place of your target the deuteruim costs for 200 bs is too high

    — shadow stalker(uni 5)    Jan 19, 08:41 PM    #
  7. This strategy mostly applies if you find more than 2 good targets somewhere. Instead of 3 time 4 hours attacks, you use 2 time 4 hours to prepare and 3 times 20 minutes attacks. The more targets the better, and you may be able to hit each one more than once :D

    — Strontium    Feb 7, 12:05 PM    #
  8. Uhhh How do you get more than 4 colonies? Whenever I try to make another it says that I can only have 4 colonies at once

    — Mike    Mar 29, 04:49 PM    #
  9. An easy way to track someone is click the send message button in the galaxy view. the message screen will come up, and it will give the coords to the main planet. to pull this on someone, its better to attack someone less likely to understand this. you can also just do a basic attack, find it much mroe efficient

    — chris    Apr 2, 11:37 PM    #
  10. how can we send IPM?

    — Celine Pascal    Jun 6, 01:14 AM    #
  11. This form of MAB is a very simplified one, and is not very efficient (let alone the safety issues).
    If mobility is your way of life you must keep at least 2 free colony slots so that you can move from MAB to MAB without having to return to your main planets.

    Also, it allows you to put both in the same system and use the change base order to avoid nosy moons.

    MAB = Mobile Attack Base

    — Etheric    Jun 14, 07:03 AM    #
  12. well thats true, but i dont have a mobile colony nor a moon for fleet crashing… i know normally what time my “neighboors” wake up and what time they have their fleet coming to their home base… why spending more deuterium? i play in the portuguese U5 and i hardly miss a Hall Of Fame Fleetcrash!

    guys play during the night until 9/10 am and sleep during the day, no one attacks you during the day! they would be nuts! cause most people are awake, well not most people, but normal people lol

    but even if u dont have a moon, and some guy near you has one, ask for his help and u would give a percentage of what’s on the debrys field!

    — Migalhas    Jul 30, 11:08 PM    #
  13. “why spending more deuterium?”

    => Easy one: your technique is good, but once you crashed all your neighbours, it will be a long time before they have enough ships to be interesting targets enough. So just move to another place with fresh fleets waiting for your recyclers.

    — Etheric    Aug 28, 08:30 AM    #
  14. mike are you in the ranks? i don’t know if that has anything to do with it but it might

    — teh27    Apr 23, 10:08 PM    #
  15. EMAIL jacoboy7@yahoo.com.au
    and I will email you a planet guide for OGame
    Thankz bye

    — Junior    Apr 25, 03:42 AM    #
  16. yeah, you dont need anything on a colony to send an attack from it, except for deut. You dont need a shipyard.

    — Roben    Jun 4, 09:56 AM    #
  17. you could do something like this- you could send a colony ship with recyclers; hit a debris field on the way there, collect all the resources you need

    — *anonymous*    Jun 26, 06:30 PM    #
  18. um, you guys do know that you can click the ‘search’ button, search for a player’s, and it will list their name, their alliance tag, the name of their homeworld, the coordinates of their homeworld, and their score rank, right? if you hit someone it would be just that easy for them to find your homeworld, regardless of what kind of technologies they have.

    — f4phantom2500    Jul 18, 07:16 PM    #
  19. Doesn’t really matter if they find you it just gives you an extra advantage. e.g. to catch someone off guard who’s online a lot, it’s better that your fleet can get there asap rather than 4 hours. A couple of times i’ve been away from pc then checked and just caught an attacking fleet approaching with minutes to spare. I have a colony ship on stand by. If someone annoys me with espionage probes I become thier unexpected neighbour for a laugh.

    — Turtleshead    Oct 25, 07:01 AM    #
  20. Another easy way of finding a home planet is to search someone user name in teh search forum. You can even click on teh home planet from the user forum…

    — Robin    Jan 15, 07:34 PM    #

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