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Recycling: Can you choose a resource?


Published: Aug 18, 07:08 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

When you view a Debris Field, you will see the Metal and Crystal content. You can harvest that Debris to give yourself a resource boost.

When you do send out those recyclers, you cannot tell them what to collect. They try to grab equal amounts of both resources in the debris field.


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  1. the same as raiding :(
    — Adiya    Aug 19, 03:59 PM    #
  2. Too bad, im always short on crystal

    — AndyOne    Jan 21, 04:36 PM    #
  3. I got tons of deaterium, level 26!

    — Soronnet    Feb 2, 10:58 PM    #
  4. can ur recyclers be destroyed while harvesting

    — sagemage0    Apr 16, 11:52 AM    #
  5. How do you get recycler to go. Do you Just attack like cargos and it goes to debris field?? Does it get attacked??

    — Azurri    May 11, 06:52 PM    #
  6. On the fleet page, select DF, where it says planet, the other option is moon. Every planet is given a 3 digit coordinate. Solar System:Galaxy:Planet ID. Each co-ord, has a planet, a debris field (DF), and a moon. Note: there won’t be a DF or a Moon unless the player has one, but these options are still open to attack/harvest. :S.

    Just select DF under the fleet options, and under mission type, click the ‘Harvest’ box. Your recyclers will go to the site, and collect as much resources as possible.

    As for recyclers being attacked, it’s never happened to me.

    — Cardinal    May 17, 07:03 AM    #
  7. how do you get a group attack on one planet

    — ajymmodoer    Aug 18, 11:24 AM    #
  8. recyclers can’t get attacked or destroyed while harvesting DF,unless u screw up like i did and accidentaly sent them to attack one of the top guys of my uni :P

    — foxy    Oct 31, 04:31 PM    #
  9. wat r the resources required to build 1 recycler?

    — 0n00b    Nov 6, 05:31 AM    #
  10. 10k metal 20k crystal 2k deu

    — AKnightWhoSayNi    Feb 15, 12:27 AM    #
  11. when u attack, and know that thre is goin to be a large debri field, and send some recyclers with the attacking fleet, will they automatically recolect debris ??

    — bass    Apr 9, 06:13 AM    #
  12. Bass, No, they won’t automatically. But you can figure out the time in which your main fleet will attack and set the speed in your recyclers so they will arrive at that person’s DF just after the battle.

    — Niea    Sep 18, 09:16 AM    #
  13. When it says a recycler uses 300 deuterium, does that mean for 1 trip, even though the derbis field is in the planet right next to mine?

    alphasigmafire    Oct 8, 01:13 AM    #

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