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OGame Expansion - Universe 8, ACS for Uni 5


Published: Aug 12, 06:06 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Universe 8 opened for the American servers on August 10th. ENJOY!


On Monday July 18th 2005 the Alliance Combat System was implemented into Universe 5. Starting time: 4 GMT +1.

The other Universes will follow when it all works fine. :)

The Team hopes you all have fun with it and that you will enjoy this new feature.

A tutorial for you about the ACS gets translated right at this moment, so you know what to do.


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. ogame is a time wasting but an addicting game and i am trying to take down saxon, #111 in uni 1

    — ogame    Apr 26, 01:50 PM    #

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