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New Version of OGame: August 03, 2005


Published: Aug 13, 06:02 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

New Features for version (v 0.70a):


Galactic Research-network:

The galactic research-network allows it, to combine the research labs from different planets to research faster.


the network itself is a research and per levels an additional planet is involved into the research.
At level 4, the HP + 4 colonies would work on a research.
Always the colonies with the highest labs work together, and with every new research those colonies
are new calculated to involve always the highest labs.
The profit of the network-research ends with level 8, as you canít get more then 8 colonies.
But only labs, which meet the needs of a research, can help in the network.
Hyperspace engine needs a lab level 7 to be researched, so only colonies with min. a level 7 lab can help
in the network. All planets with a smaller lab canít help.

New Buildings:



with the terraformer the field amount of every planet except moons can be increased. You can build it under the buildings-menu, and it creates per level 4 fields on the planet.
As the terraformer itself needs 1 field per level, effectively 3 fields remain to build other buildings. On the first moment that doesnít sound like much, but the terraformer is not made to create
100-field-colos into top-colonies, but to help creating room on old colonies for new stuff like an extra lab for the galactic research-network: etc.

Also with the Terraformer youíll have to do repeated colonizing attempts, to get 200+ colonies. This is still much cheaper then building up the terraformer to level 8 or 9 on a 180-fields-colo.

The costs of the higher levels of the terraformer are relatively high. In addition it needs energy to create the new fields, like the Graviton research does to be researched. But the energy is only needed when you start building a new level, when itís finished, it doesnít need the energy anymore.


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  1. hey with the intergalactic research network it only needs lvl 8. just thought u wanted 2 know. oh yea same with hyperspace drive level 8(lolz!!! )

    — thecat    Sep 1, 03:37 AM    #
  2. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this on — but I was wondering; I had 100 and something energy left with my level 12 solar plant and I tried to upgrade my crystal mine but it said I needed 200 and something to run it (I was thinking of just shifting energy from metal since I had a ton) but when I built it it only went down to maybe 50 or so and staied constant there — why didn’t it take the 200+ energy it was asking for? Does my energy techonology research have anything to do with this or no?

    Dark Angel    May 19, 09:48 AM    #
  3. no

    — sg    Jul 8, 04:18 PM    #

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