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Published: Nov 28, 08:41 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

This allows you to build more fields on a planet, thus increasing its capacity.

A Terraformer works very similar to a Lunar Base. It allows you to add 5 new fields to the max size of a planet. It is extremely expensive to add to a small planet, but for your home planet (which always has 163 fields) or a bigger planet nearing its capacity, it can give you the extra couple of fields you need to add another level of Research Lab, or Solar Plant.

Each level of Terraformer needs more resources, just like any other building. In the Terraformers cases, it uses Energy to build. You do not need to continually supply the Terraformer with Energy. The Energy has to be available when you build, but after the new land slots are created, the Energy is not required for the Terraformer anymore.

The Terraformer can never be deconstructed. The Terraformer isn’t truly a building. It is a method to convert unusable land into usable land so you can build more mines or other buildings.

When you destroy your planet, any work that the Terraformer did is gone as well. So if you created at 350+ slot planet, it will be randomly replaced when a new player colonizes that slot.


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  1. how do u get a 300+ planet? i have 2 planets and there around 200
    Musika    Oct 1, 07:52 AM    #
  2. planet numbers 4-6 are generally the biggest, so go for those.
    — jos    Oct 5, 11:42 AM    #
  3. Musika: Luck.
    — Cat    Oct 5, 01:58 PM    #
  4. can you build terarformers on your home planet?
    — Tera    Oct 9, 10:02 AM    #
  5. planets 4,6,7,9 are the planets that I target (in that order).
    Spot 4 has the best chance of getting a large planet
    — -Battle-moon    Oct 25, 02:12 AM    #
  6. Terraformer

    This Building creates more fields for your Planet, each Level makes more room for more Buildings. When a planet runs out of spaces, it is wise to be able to build one of these. Each Level gives you 5 extra Fields, 1 of which is used up by the Terraformer itself.

    The Requirements for this Building are Nanite Factory Level 1, and Energy Technology Level 12.

    The initial cost for this Building is 0 Metal, 50,000 Crystal, and 100,000 Deuterium.

    From the thread made by Terminator_T800


    This says that it makes 5 new spaces, not the four that you say. Iím interested in if you are just simplifying it and saying it makes 4 usable spaces, not thinking of the fact that it takes up one space and therefore creates 5 fields but one is used by the Terraformer.

    If not, Iíd like to know which one is right, yourís or Terminator_T800ís

    And the text is still huge, and I still look like an ass.

    — Zack    Nov 6, 01:45 AM    #
  7. why dont u colonise planet 8, why do u only colonise 4,6,7,9?

    — Ben    Nov 6, 02:57 PM    #
  8. I got a 306 fields planet in the 5th spot

    — RK_Maverick    Nov 9, 03:21 AM    #
  9. You also need to meet a required energy production for building the terraformer, just like the Graviton tech, so first level of terraformer would be:

    Terraformer 1

    Meral:0 Crystal:50.000 Deuterium:100.000 Energy:1.000

    It needs 1 field to get built, and increases your planet size in 5 additional fields after itís completed.

    Of course, if you donít plan on upgrading the terraformer anymore, you are free to use all the 5 fields it gives you.

    JarFil    Nov 12, 01:39 AM    #
  10. i have got a planet with 319 fields!!

    and it is te 4

    — Giorgi    Nov 14, 09:49 PM    #
  11. How does the energy consumption for the Terraformer work? Do you need 1000 Energy just for the construction of the terraformer or do you need to supply it with 1000 Energy for every level? If you need energy only for its construction do you need twice as much energy for upgrading it to level 2?

    — Argonaut    Nov 26, 09:55 AM    #
  12. got 317 fields planet in a place 5

    — HellasVerona    Dec 3, 05:57 PM    #
  13. Argonaut, the energy requirements double for each level just like the cost, so level 1 would cost 50k Crystal, 100k Deuterium, 1000 Energy, lvl 2 would cost 100k Crystal, 200k Deuterium and 2000 Energy, lvl 3 would cost 200k Crystal, 400k Deuterium, and 4000 Energy, and so on

    — Willis    Dec 14, 10:06 AM    #
  14. i had a plot 4, and only got 92 fields, :\ i tried a 7 and got hardly any, then i tried an 8 and got 155, my top fields(ona ll 9planets,only 1 of them is 1-3/12-15) is 200 :(

    — Guardian    Dec 17, 06:49 PM    #
  15. I got a 50 field planet in the 4th spot :S.


    — Ben    Dec 18, 04:20 AM    #
  16. if aome1 built a terraformer and incresed it 15 fields when he started at 317 . what would happen if he quit or surrendered that planet?would i get 317 or 332?

    — trogdoer    Dec 19, 06:14 PM    #
  17. All of my fields are only between 35 and 103!!! Donít think Iíve got any on the 4th though.

    — Lee    Dec 21, 12:55 PM    #
  18. I’d like to know how much does the teraformer cost?50k crystal and 100K deu?Is it doubled for any new level?

    — Xanatos    Jan 8, 11:29 PM    #
  19. i got a 38 field on a 5th planet

    — opcuk    Jan 13, 04:33 AM    #
  20. I once got a 4 field planet talk about bad luck :( then i got 2 with 298 fields :)

    — shadow stalker(uni 5)    Jan 19, 09:35 PM    #
  21. I’v got 302 fielded planet in slot 6

    — HANNIBAL    Jan 26, 03:07 PM    #
  22. Well, I got a 319 at place 4, and a 315 at place 5.
    I think the best places are 4\5\6.

    — Kye    Jan 26, 11:54 PM    #
  23. I think too that places 4\5\6 are really biggest planets. And even in this site is proof about it. http://www.ogametips.com/21/using-fields-wisely

    But of course with hard luck you can get very small planet. Change to get big planet is very strong depending about your luck

    — Rekaelle    Feb 24, 09:33 AM    #
  24. isn’t it really hard to get +300 fields? what are your best planet positions w/ lots of fields?

    — buddha boy    Mar 16, 12:56 PM    #
  25. I got a planet with 311 fields.. but I have 2 try like 3 times before i got it

    — lol    Apr 23, 09:10 AM    #
  26. why do you need planets with like 300 fields!!!!!
    (the fields randomize when u colonize no matter)
    ...geezÖ i lonly need like at most 200!!!! :S

    — Maur    Apr 29, 08:18 PM    #
  27. If you have planets with 300+ fields then you can put more things onto them :D It is probably best to keep all planets with 200+ fields, 300 is just a bonus

    — Beast    May 3, 11:22 AM    #
  28. The shiny nunmber of fields for a planet is 250+

    4/5/6 give biggers chances for a bigger planet… but still is random.

    i didnt tested it because the resources cost, but i think the max a terraformer can take you to is 350 fields

    someone asked “can i build terraformers on my main planet?” or something like that… well the anser is YOU CAN BUILD TERRAFORMERS ON ALL PLANETS! EVEN ON MOONS IF YOU MANAGE TO DO THAT!... I guess that terraformed moon should go to the HoF :D

    k33p !t up 0gAm3r$

    — Prix    May 11, 01:00 PM    #
  29. ok so i f i get a plant thats crap like 50 fields do i just delete it and try again? cna you even do that?

    — scott hackney    May 24, 04:28 AM    #
  30. Anyone knows what happens if after I ‘ve built terraformer I deconstruct the robotic factory?

    — Markas    May 24, 03:25 PM    #
  31. i have 2 planets with 302 fields in one Time hihih

    — Nick    May 24, 06:14 PM    #
  32. so is there a limit to the ammount of terraformers u can have or is it limitless

    — Dum Dum    May 25, 07:58 PM    #
  33. Hi, iīve made a terraformer last night on my home planet, but it havent created more fields, in fact it has occupied the last one of my home… why?

    — Silver    Jun 6, 03:51 AM    #
  34. The only thing I use my colonies for is one type of recource each.
    So far I’ve only used 36/49 and 25/49 fields in my 2 colonies, and they give me enough recources to me.
    Oh, one other thing. Most of the people who have posted questions here can’t of read the other posts.
    EG. Trogdoer: The answer to your question is in the last paragraph of the original text.
    And Buddah Boy, Your question was already answered by Jos, – Battle – Moon and Rekaelle.

    — Jimbob    Jun 18, 04:09 PM    #
  35. Okay, people. I’d like you all to notice that the Title of this section is not “Planet Size” or “Fields”. Try to post stuff about your terraforming, or terraforming tips, or when its economical to terraform, instead of saying “I got a 23 fields in slot 4.”
    Terraforming. Using Fields wisely is a Different subject.

    — Commenter from U14    Jul 4, 02:16 AM    #
  36. hey people can u get a lvl 200 solar plant???

    thecat    Jul 10, 04:52 PM    #
  37. “if i deconstruct my nanite, will my terraformer be killed?”
    obviuosly not. if it did that, then if u had like ur solar plants on the terraformer, then they wud be destroyed so n0

    thecat    Jul 10, 04:54 PM    #
  38. so the terraformer creates 5 fields but if u wanna create more levels then u hav 2 only use 4 fields??

    thecat    Jul 10, 04:56 PM    #
  39. In response to the cat:
    No it is not possible to get a level 200 solar plant. Here is what a level 99 would cost…:

    Metal: 13.552.
    Crystal: 5.420.815.700.469.537.000
    Deuterium: – Energy: – Time: 14704903701 day 8h 39m 7s

    And that is with Nanite 10 and robotics 20. A terraformer is not truly a building don’t let the picture decieve you. = (

    — Blade    Jul 14, 03:10 PM    #
  40. My terraformers haven’t taken the energy or given me the extra fields…why not and how do i get them to giv me the extre fields

    — Night Crawler    Jul 23, 05:21 AM    #
  41. hey peeps can i get unlimited fields with terraformers?(excluding resource cost)

    — thecat    Jul 29, 06:47 AM    #
  42. in response to Blade
    how did you work out how much a level 99 solar plant would cost and how is it not possible to get level 200 solar plant?

    — mgshadowhunter    Jul 30, 03:34 PM    #
  43. to the cat, no you canít get unlimited fields with the terraformer, and deconstucting nanite factory after building terraformer would be a bad move, cause buildings and ships would take very long periods of time to build if you did so

    — misled    Aug 10, 05:48 AM    #
  44. by the way it is possible to get 200 solar because in the game the mine levels are infinate…. its just u will have to play the game for some years to be avle to afford it

    Pricey    Aug 17, 07:32 PM    #
  45. is it ok to deconstruct the robotics factory when finished using it?

    — ross    Aug 18, 01:57 PM    #
  46. How can i know the size of a planet before colonies =]

    — Sikes    Aug 18, 03:54 PM    #
  47. How long it takes to build terraformer lvl 1 ? cause it uses only crystal and devterium
    ? thx

    — matej *Maribor*Slovenia*Europe    Aug 27, 07:19 AM    #
  48. hey people what i mean by my question is is there a maximum field number u can get?(excluding res cost)oh yea also what happens if ur building ur terraformer and ur power is directly from solar sats but b4 it finishes building some1 kills ur sats?

    — thecat    Sep 1, 03:25 AM    #
  49. In response to the cat’s last question. Your resourse production will be demolished x(

    — josh    Sep 7, 12:07 PM    #
  50. omfg are u ppl stupid??? i mean, is there a limit to how many i can build?! EXCLUDING rez!!!!!! argh!!!! are u ppl thick as a brick???

    — thecat    Sep 7, 05:58 PM    #
  51. @ matej

    Metal: – Crystal: 50.000
    Deuterium: 100.000
    Energy: 1.000
    Time: 54m 32s

    with a lvl 10 robotics and lvl 1 nanite…

    — thecat    Sep 9, 04:29 PM    #
  52. the time it would take to build a lvl 99 solar plant 14704903701 days, that equates to over 40 million years, and thats only 99, 100 would be 80 million YEARS, see where i’m going?

    — Supersean???    Sep 10, 04:43 PM    #
  53. @ supersean???

    i was asking if it was possible WITHOUT res or time. i guess it was a stupid question but i know the answer now. oh yea try for 99 nanite. takes 1 second.

    — thecat    Sep 13, 03:21 PM    #
  54. “it is possible to get 200 solar….its just u will have to play the game for some years”
    Yes, you would have to play Ogame for some years: try around 4,600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times the age of the universe. (Assuming the age of the universe is 15 billion years old) Good luck.

    — Meriadoc    Sep 18, 12:26 AM    #
  55. @ meriadoc

    try nanite lvl 99 or summit. might take a couple of hours dummie and no, 99 nanite does NOT take a million years takes 6-12 hours….. man are u stupid?????

    hahahaha i love myself ive made an idiot of a lot of ppl LOLZ!!!!!!

    — thecat    Sep 25, 03:36 PM    #
  56. Does the terraformer give u 5 fields per lvl, or does it give u an additional 10 fields for lvl 2, and so on?

    — Mv3    Sep 25, 05:39 PM    #
  57. @ Mv3

    no, always give u 5 fields per level… but the cost doubles… dont know why…

    — thecat    Sep 26, 04:10 PM    #
  58. k, thanks

    — Mv3    Sep 26, 06:00 PM    #
  59. np dude other ppl like take a million years 2 answer these questions and meriadoc is going on about time it takes to build a solar plant 200…. lolz

    — thecat    Sep 28, 04:53 PM    #
  60. so does it actually use all the energy, like if you give it energy, is it lost forever?noone answered that

    — n00bkillr    Sep 30, 09:44 PM    #
  61. ok this may be a dumb question but can u use a terra former on a moon?

    — night fox    Oct 8, 02:11 PM    #
  62. @ night fox
    no, you cant use terra former on a moon, you use lunar bases.
    @ n00bkillr
    no, you just use the energy to make it. afterwards, you can use it for something else.

    — Terror    Oct 10, 03:51 PM    #
  63. Lets sort this terraformer thing out ok puppys.

    – For example you have 134/135 fields and you have
    2128/11094 energy. – 1 terraformer later – You will have 135/140 fields and have exactly the same energy. This is because you only need the energy to make it, not to maintain it.

    Is this simple enough? Or who wants me to draw it?

    — Sub Zero: UNI4.org    Oct 23, 05:51 PM    #
  64. Time for lvl 99 solar: 14704903701 day 8h 39m 7s.

    That’s 40287407.4 years. So, if you wanna wait 40 mil. years to get a solar JUST of lvl 99 (you wanted a lvl 200), be my guest.

    — Intelus    Nov 9, 01:53 AM    #
  65. How long would that be if the nanite and robotics factory were both level 99 too?

    — Jam    Dec 6, 05:41 AM    #
  66. @intelus
    you gotta remember, to get there you also have to build lvl 98 lvl 97 lvl 96 and so on and so forth

    still more time than you have

    — the gman    Dec 7, 03:02 PM    #
  67. ppl, go chech a calculator ogame and make it show you how much time and how much it costs. ah..
    and this is about terraformer, not about stupid lvl 200 solar plants. fuka morons, thats impossible to build. ogame wont last forever..
    this means it wont last until the universe ends… nor your will to play it

    — jsus    Dec 23, 10:24 AM    #
  68. got planet with 371 field on pos. 6

    — zuba    Dec 24, 09:56 AM    #
  69. If u read the thread “using fields wisely” then it gives u the approx. percentage of the random field generator of a new colony. If u want a big one then ur most likely to get the on slot 4-6, around an 80% chance of a 120-310 i think, and if u don’t get it on the first try then try again. It’s simple. BTW i tried three times on one slot and ended up with a 319 field planet

    — mclarenlover    Jan 1, 06:25 PM    #
  70. I tried 4 times in slot 4 and I got 379 field planet.

    — war-lord    Jan 12, 12:19 PM    #
  71. on my first go on a 4th planet i got 44 fields and on the second try i got 42 but luckily on the third try i got a 250 field planet which is ok so…

    — buki elco ailish    Feb 7, 01:34 PM    #
  72. i see the cat isn’t very intelligent…

    it takes a long time just to build 10 nanite, much less 99 nanite, which would probably take a couple million years.

    and I got a crappy slot 4 76 planet.

    — algebra123230    Mar 8, 02:32 PM    #
  73. nanite factory always has the same build time… cuz the time doubles, and nanite factory cuts it in half so it remains the same, but if you wanna wait ‘till you gather all those resources, thats ur problem… and thats only ONE level. to get to that level, u need to build 199 levels that are gonna cost u a lot more than the 200th one… plus the theoretical max level is 99. when u reach that, no more buildings. besides, have u ever thought about building solar sats? mugh less expensive once when you reacha certain lvl.

    — De Emperor    Mar 15, 07:14 AM    #
  74. ... algebra123230
    i am probably 10 times smarter than u… answer e + e itl answer ur name :)

    and 4 starters, if u cud get lvl 99 solar, it wudnt take too long 2 get res(as long as u hav mines)..... lolz i love putting some ppl 2 shame… :D

    — Thecat    Mar 26, 02:52 AM    #
  75. gotta build terraformers for space of lvl 200 solar, 99 robo and 99 nanite plus all the mines 2

    — ur stupid    Mar 29, 06:29 PM    #
  76. ummm dude u wudnt need 2 many levels on terraformers (also, affording it wudnt be hard). if ur going 4 lvl 200 solar ur also gonna get 310+ fields to start with

    oh yea, and screw Robo. makes them WAY not as fast as NANITES!

    oh yea, @ De Emporor
    if u got like 99999999999999999 Sats, some1’s gonna crash them sooner or later.

    — thecat    Apr 3, 12:20 AM    #
  77. how much does nanite factorys cost

    — Grifff    Apr 10, 05:01 AM    #
  78. 300 fields are just for jammy people. LOL! Someone got 4 fields?! Ouch, unlucky, but I couldn’t stop laughing!

    — Benocide    May 18, 04:34 PM    #
  79. Nanite Lvl 1 costs 1.000.000 metal, 500k crystal, and 100k deut.

    — Nick-Uni 2    May 25, 04:10 PM    #
  80. OMG
    ... STFU about nanites!
    when you could get lvl 99 solar, you’re NOT gonna have mines that produce 2 metal per day or some SHIT....
    they will produce ATLEAST 99999999999999999999999999999999999999(more than likely) res per hour!
    GOD SAKES!!!

    — thecat    May 31, 05:55 AM    #
  81. Yeah.

    Cept it’d take you a few million years to actually build up that much.

    So yeah, you could do it.

    It’d just be really stupid and take you longer than you live to do [=

    So, anyone care to work out, if you’re just mining metal, deut and crys, and building up those 3 mines and solar (maybe robot, if you wanna try that too), how long would solar 99 take?

    — Danny252    Jun 2, 02:16 PM    #
  82. 2 seconds(just a saying): nanite 60

    — thecat    Jun 3, 06:41 PM    #
  83. lolz no1 replied yet mmmm?

    — thecat    Jun 11, 01:21 AM    #
  84. thats so gay, everyones gettin planets with high field levels and i get the ones with like 38 or 50 fields, wtf.

    — -0-Maze-0-    Jun 14, 12:11 PM    #
  85. well, i’ve colonized around 5 planets in my system and 3 of them have 167 feilds, i think 167 is the most common…

    — 323839266    Jul 7, 03:42 PM    #
  86. IF you build a terroformer on a planet with a moon orbiting will your moon be able to use teroformingor do you need to build that on your moon and if soo how becoause my moon only has 4 feilds to start

    — jake    Aug 9, 12:24 AM    #
  87. I am wondering can u build a nanite on the moon. and therefore a terraformer?

    Also I heard a terraformer makes 5 new fields. OK if build a terraformer. WOuld i get 5 new feilds or would the terra former take up 1 so I only get 4. I know use the last one for another terraformer.

    — samit    Aug 20, 06:42 AM    #
  88. O.K., to those of you who don’t seem to listen to what the people tell you and keep posting the same exact stuff over and over: Yes, it is probably possible to make a near endless amount of terraformers, but due to the res cost and time required to build it it is HIGHLY impractical. Most of the most powerful players in the game have trouble with lvl 50-60, so anything spend on something that high would take months to save up, and months to complete probably.

    — Anti-anti-noob Guy    Sep 3, 03:46 AM    #
  89. The best planet i have colnised is a 149 filded planet.I had tied about 5 times before that and only got planets with less than 100.Its number 8.

    — Dell Boy (uni 14)    Sep 22, 06:51 PM    #
  90. Ive had 6 straight planets colonized at under 75 fields…. Makes my heart sad :o(

    — i like poop!    Sep 26, 04:56 PM    #
  91. HEH!

    6 of my 9 planets are 240+. 6 of those are 260+ with one being 280. And I only had to reshot 4 times to get them(one twice)! But are they worth it! You get excellent sat power because they have high temperatures. Those were slot 4&5.

    Slot 15 is excellent for deut planets because they tend to be very cold and this makes them great for fleeter depots.

    — Anonymous    Oct 2, 10:32 AM    #
  92. i got two 306 fields one is in 5 and one is in 6 both in the same system:)

    — ben    Oct 17, 01:37 AM    #
  93. Beginner question, if I colonize a planet, abandon the colony, and then recolonize the same planet, will I get the same number of fields?

    — Kyle    Nov 18, 12:44 AM    #
  94. Solar Plant lvl 200 takes 31 billion years to build with robotics lvl 99 and nanites lvl 99… End of discussion

    — Galaxy Ranger    Nov 22, 04:45 PM    #
  95. I have 1 planet with 324 feilds and that’s in planet slot 6.

    — Ninja15    Dec 3, 10:41 PM    #
  96. Lvl 66 metal mine = 1 million metal/hour

    lvl 131 metal mine = 1 billion metal/hour

    Highest level metal mine ever achieved in Ogame: 42.

    — Your Mom    Dec 27, 11:55 AM    #
  97. Can you build a terraformer if you’re already at 163/163 on the main base?

    — arrovv    Jan 8, 03:45 AM    #
  98. Slot 4 is the only planet that you can colonize that will have a 300+ slots on it. Hope this was useful.

    — windfox    Jan 30, 05:46 PM    #
  99. Haha, thecat, ur pretty much beat, theres soo many facts against lvl 200 solar. If galexy ranger is right and it take 31 BILLION years the entire solar system wouldn’t be around cuz of the suns supernova. Plus, im not sure becuase science aint that far ahead yet, but i dont think the GALEXY would still be around. And its would take unnumerable amounts of resources to make all of the levels.

    Just to make that rock solid :)

    — i like chma2    Mar 2, 11:54 PM    #
  100. If you wanna get a level 99 solar, then it takes 5 minuts and 37 seconds with level 50 nanit and 50 robot :P

    — Moser    Mar 22, 01:02 PM    #
  101. @windfox

    I got 315 at 6.

    — Qwerty    Mar 26, 02:25 AM    #
  102. What is the minimum number of fields you get get on a colony, and does a moon’s size depend on the debris that created it?

    — Rebel    Mar 27, 08:55 AM    #
  103. Correction to my last comment:
    What is the minimum number of fields you CAN get on a colony…..

    — Rebel    Mar 27, 08:56 AM    #
  104. nanites always take the same time to complete because they halve the time and the next level doubles it. And with resources, 99 would be possible to build without waiting forever. Then you need to build up the solar plant. Assuming you’d have unlimited resources, it wouldn’t be so bad.

    asasasa    Apr 3, 07:24 PM    #
  105. y would you want to build a lv 200 sar anywayby the time usave up a fracyion of he cost every fleet in ur uni will be kickng ur backdoor in to get a hand in ur rez lol

    — swb    Apr 5, 06:26 PM    #
  106. I got a 10 field planet in slot 1 before…

    — llama    Apr 27, 02:17 PM    #
  107. OKAY back to the topic
    if you have maxed out your planet’s slots then you probily want to downgrade 1 building to get the terraformer then build it back…....
    (out of curiosity) how the heck did you figure out how much reasources you would get at a level??
    and at level 42 how many reasources are you getting??
    and is that on a standerd
    server or is that on 32 (double income) or 35 (5X income)????

    — UNSC    May 17, 03:19 PM    #
  108. Why doesn’t everyone shutup about unlimited fields!? Obviosuly nobody is going to try and get lv.200 solar plants, or wait around several billion years for it to happen! Rant over.

    I’ve just started terraforming, and here are the costs at each level

    Crystal: 50.000
    Deuterium: 100.000
    Energy: 1.000

    Crystal: 100.000
    Deuterium: 200.000
    Energy: 2.000

    Crystal: 200.000
    Deuterium: 400.000
    Energy: 4.000

    and so on…

    — Cobalt MKII    May 27, 10:28 AM    #
  109. My smallest fields have been:

    Position 4=83
    Position 5=78
    Position 5=40
    Position 6=110
    Position 8=101

    And my current largest ones are a 290 and a 207, in slots 5 and 9 respectively. Its all complete luck.

    — Cobalt MKII    May 27, 10:32 AM    #
  110. All my planets are 130+ fields, and i haven’t even got a terraformer.
    I had a 32 planet once though but i deleted it instantly.
    It’s smart if u delete kolonies that are under 150 fields but i thought 132 was good enough for me so.
    Largest planet:315 fields no terraformer.


    — Spacedoggy-d    Jun 3, 04:37 PM    #
  111. @thecat
    Well, I just finished reading your posts and came to a very obvious conclusion. You say you would be able to build Nanites very fast because of all the Met, Crys and Deut from your mines. Yet to reach that level of mines you would already HAVE to have Nanites at that level. e.g. quoting you “if u cud get lvl 99 solar, it wudnt take too long 2 get res(as long as u hav mines)..... lolz i love putting some ppl 2 shameÖ”
    You’re right, if you have the resources it is possible, to get those resources you would need that mine. But to get that mine you would need the resources to build the Nanites so it DOESN’T take years to build. The points are mutually exclusive. You need resources to build the Nanites, but you need the Nanites to build the mines, but you need the mines to get the resources. So it to get all of these it WOULD take millions of years.

    — Rayce Katarn    Jun 4, 07:37 AM    #
  112. hehe I don’t even need Terraformers.

    All 8 of my planets are 275 fields and higher.

    Besides my Main. but I changed my main planet for a 315 fielder.

    — Vazzinater    Jun 18, 04:05 PM    #
  113. Guys for what planets to conquer it depends if you are in the old universe or in the recreated universe, for the old i am not to sure, but for the recreated universes the 8th slot is the biggest and the biggest planet can be 250, with out terraforming

    — Winspartan    Jan 4, 07:01 AM    #

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