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Custom Skins for SpeedSim


Published: Aug 9, 06:32 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Here is one custom skin I found in the forums.

If you know of any other links for custom skins for SpeedSim, please email the link to me. I will post it here.


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  1. help me get speedism
    — mon-solo    Sep 10, 08:16 PM    #
  2. To download Speedsim or custom skins: Speedsim official website and Skins

    You can even find a skin I did, yeepee ;)

    — Gaz    Dec 5, 04:51 PM    #
  3. i downloaded the skin, but i cant see anyway to use it, i unzipped the file, but it wont work on speedism

    Alex    Mar 10, 12:16 PM    #
  4. how should i Apply this SKIN!!

    — Ilidan    Apr 8, 07:22 AM    #
  5. every skin (at least with the RS skin it was this way) after unzipped, comes with a .ini file and a folder with the name of the skin. Move both to the SpeedSim folder. Then open the SpeedSim.cfg file (with the notepad), and you’ll see a line where it says “Skin=”, you’ll have to change that to “Skin=name_of_the_.ini_file”

    eg.: the RS skin rar, comes with a RS.ini file and a RS folder. Move both to the SpeedSim folder. Then open SpeedSim.cfg (with the notepad), and where it says “Skin=”, you change iit to “Skin=RS.ini”.


    — meotwister / ogame.com.pt / universe 7    Apr 20, 03:14 PM    #
  6. how do i put the skins i make on a site and still be able to use them online on another computer

    — ben    Jul 13, 06:23 AM    #
  7. how do i get these skins to work??? they were downloaded in a “rar” format and i cant apply them to my speed sim

    — J-Dizzle    Jan 28, 03:51 PM    #
  8. just extract the files into the speedsim folder.then execute the program,press on change skin on the right and select the ini file with the name of the skin…...Good Luck soldier!!

    — Massimiliano    Jan 30, 09:05 AM    #

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