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Fleet Crashing


Published: Dec 19, 07:07 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

I just realised that I do not have anything up here talking about fleet crashing. For many of you, you already know what this is. For some, this is foreign territory.

Fleet crashing is when you attack someone and destroy their fleet. You then recycle the debris from that attack. This is a very effective way to increase your resources and your score.

When you fleet crash, you generally do not care about how many resources are on the planet. If you can pick up some of these, then that is a bonus. Your two biggest concerns are:

Having a Sensor Phalanx makes fleet crashing easier, since you can tell when a fleet will arrive, and time the attack. Fleet Saving will help keep your fleet safe. Make sure that you are online when they return so they can be sent back out immediately if an incoming fleet is attacking.


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  1. So, Does this mean that when someone attacks your planet, your ships left there will aid in defending it? I was told that you should always keep your ships in transit, because whenever you get attacked when theyre at home, they just get shot at, and destroyed…

    — ripptor    Feb 19, 03:11 PM    #
  2. they fight back, but u move them because there will always be someone better than u so u don’t stand a chance

    — mondragon    Mar 7, 02:51 PM    #
  3. Cruisers have proven to be the most effective defensive ship for the price…just so u know.

    — someone    Jun 15, 08:41 PM    #
  4. Wrong. See the topic on fleets.
    Keep in mind that there is no superunit besting every other one in ogame. It is all a matter of balance.

    — Etheric    Jul 4, 01:04 PM    #
  5. “Keep in mind that there is no superunit besting every other one in ogame.”

    I’d say that honour goes to the Deathstar, but even it can be defeated by a horde of Battleships…

    — Arbron    Jul 25, 07:43 AM    #
  6. Yeah, and quite small a horde in fact. 300-350 battleships are enough to destroy it and reimbourse your losses with the debris field.

    — Etheric    Aug 9, 09:26 AM    #
  7. but not even a noob whould leave a RIP by its self…right?

    — S.J.    Aug 11, 04:43 PM    #
  8. you’d be suprised, most people see an R.I.P and think “DONT GO THERE” sorta like plasma turrets early on

    — Dazza3000    Aug 18, 06:26 AM    #
  9. If you fleet crash someone and send recyclers along with your fleet, will they collect the debris or do your recyclers have to go separtly, and if so what stops someone else recycling the debris.

    — gamma    Nov 12, 09:56 AM    #
  10. Nothing can stop someone else from getting the debris. But you can combat it by crashing an espionage probe into the planet first to create a small debris field that you can send your recyclers too(unseen, BTW) and then send your fleet afterwards so the DF gets bigger right before your recyclers get there. Then you can get all the debris your recyclers can handle.

    — bennessimo    Dec 3, 12:37 AM    #
  11. Hey my in game char is “Brother_Destruction” and my cords are 1:15:6, and my planet name is “Helios”... but i was just wondering if any of u pros got bored of the game and have a in active acount, and could send me some supplies. if u could that would be ASOME!. thx

    — Brother_Destruction    Feb 18, 07:52 PM    #
  12. Battlecruisers do pretty well at taking down RIPs and good if you need defence ship

    — THFC    Jul 9, 05:54 PM    #
  13. how do you fleet crash i don’t get it because i was told that you get moons by fleet crashing but if you do it to someone else’s planet then wouldn’t that give them the moon? so i guess what i’m saying is how do i crash my fleet to give myself a moon?

    — anyone    Aug 19, 01:23 PM    #
  14. Hey anyone, Not every fleet crash makes a moon. Its really hard to make a moon. U need atleast I think, correct me if Im wrong, 1K of recourses to get a 1 percent chance of getting a moon in a Debris Field. The best way for yourself to get a moon is to pay someone a BUTTLOAD of recourses ( a friend or an Alliance member) so they can make a BUTTLOAD of LF and attack ur planet whcih U should pray to god has a good enough Defense to battle a “so big horde of LF that it compares to Lord of the rings”. Oh, 20 percent is the biggest chance u can get with a moon, so even if u have 100K of recourses in a debris field, it will only amount to 20 Percent. 1000K, still only 20 percent. Dont give 20K or recourses to just anhybody in ogame if u want a moon. Some assholes just keep the recourses to themselves.
    It will really get u so mad u would want to kill a cat.

    Ps: “k” is a measure of milions, right?

    — Chicken    Aug 21, 06:33 AM    #
  15. S’pose im still a n00b on this game ;-)
    But im pretty sure that “k” means tousands – “kk” = millions.
    Though you need 100k for 1% chance of a moon – 2kk for 20%! http://www.ogametips.com/165/once-in-a-blue-moon-general-moon-faq

    — zhe    Aug 24, 08:52 AM    #
  16. How do you crash a fleet in front of your own planet to make a moon there? I know the whole thing with the percentages but how do you do it?

    — ???    Aug 29, 11:57 AM    #
  17. if you build the cheapest 20% fleet it would be 1667 Light fighters… leave them on a planet with a few probes and with those probes scan the biggest guys out there… I am sure they will crash it for you.. keep in mind the bigger the % is the bigger your moon may be… but never build more than you need.. IE:1667 light fighters as it wont give you a better chance!! Or if you have a person in your alliance big enough to crash it then have them do it… but if you leave 1667 light fighters on the planet you want a moon at and let somebody attack them that is how you crash a fleet in front of your own planet to make a moon there…

    — xan the n00b    Sep 26, 09:03 PM    #
  18. well..im pretty new at this game but i heard you need a butload of energy for graviton tech? is this right??

    — magic_78    Oct 26, 08:19 PM    #
  19. yes

    you need 3,000,00

    — fishman    Dec 25, 02:51 PM    #
  20. why do you need to spend energy to get research?

    and also, if you have enough solar sats to make this massive amount of energy, when you are done, then you can just have them crashed!

    — shadeslayer42199    Jan 12, 05:49 PM    #
  21. After I got my grav tech, I had somebody crash my sats, and I got the biggest moon anyone has ever seen (8998 km)
    The sucky thing is, the planet it was orbiting only had ~40 fields. I only had it because I got 51 energy per solar satellite.

    — Trevyr    Jan 19, 11:57 PM    #
  22. dam….i just got fleetcrashed today :( by the number one guy in my universe….took out everything i had :’(...lol kinda hate him now

    — AzonicZeniths    Feb 22, 07:45 PM    #
  23. yeah i just attacked a guy and he had just enough ships for a 1% chance for a moon, well what do you know, I gave the lucky son of a b**ch a moon.

    — mike    Feb 25, 07:23 PM    #
  24. ‘quote’why do you need to spend energy to get research? ‘end quote’

    you need to spend energy becuase when you destroy a moon with your deathstars, the deathstars use graviton forces to create massive quakes that rip the moon apart….

    — AzonicZeniths    Mar 14, 10:01 PM    #

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