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Status Report: OGame Strategy Guide


Published: Aug 18, 05:49 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

I am in the final stages of compiling data and editing the OGame Tips Strategy Guide. I plan to release it around the 15th 25th of August. If you want to be notified when it is released, send me an email and I will notify you when it is ready.

Right now, I have several “extras” that will be sold with the OGame Tips Strategy Guide. I am working on a couple of utilities to make your OGame life easier (tracking tools, and technology maps).

If you have a specific topic you want covered in the guide, please let me know soon.

NOTE: Any updates to the OGame Tips Strategy Guide (and the tools bundled with it) will be avaible free of charge to existing customers.


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. let me know when this guide is finished
    — Mike Foote    Aug 18, 12:14 PM    #
  2. please, send me your guide. Thanks
    — Elric    Aug 22, 11:52 AM    #
  3. let me know of this guide, sounds quite good
    — leon felipe    Aug 26, 08:20 PM    #
  4. still waiting,
    — sertac    Aug 27, 04:08 AM    #
  5. well thank you forwards in name of all oGamers, it is 27th and i hope it is done, if it is, please send it, mail: mayatitan@gmail.com
    MayaTitan    Aug 27, 09:49 AM    #
  6. could you send me a copy of the stratergy guide, asap, cheers mate
    — Matt    Aug 27, 04:58 PM    #
  7. Please,send me the guide. 10x!
    — Ioram    Aug 27, 09:08 PM    #
  8. Do you have to purchase this guide or is it free!?
    — Leo    Aug 28, 02:44 PM    #
  9. Send the tips dude. Thanks.
    — Frosty16    Aug 28, 10:18 PM    #
  10. kind of late, but i would still like it if you could send it to me
    — rob    Aug 31, 03:32 PM    #
  11. please, send me your guide. Thanks
    — leon felipe    Aug 31, 11:40 PM    #
  12. need guide. tx.
    — Dembinjo    Sep 1, 08:13 AM    #
  13. Need help with trade routes, guide much apprieciated
    — Anonymus    Sep 8, 02:05 PM    #
  14. Need a decent help guide that shows a matrix of what each level of technology buys you. I mean, it says that each level of combusion engine gets me 10% better speed. What about each level of hyperspace engine? I can’t find any such list of what each level of each technology buys me.

    — PPopp    Apr 8, 12:26 PM    #
  15. Please please please please send me the guide asap, thanks!!

    — Wilso    Dec 10, 12:38 AM    #