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OGame Commander - An Overview


Published: Jul 23, 09:19 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Originally published by RF_WDA on the OGame Forums

You will have the opportunity to save your messages up to 7 days and there will be no ingame advertisement. Furthermore you will find your ally members and buddies at the integrated address book. Here you will find the GO’s of your universe as well.

Bonus features:

Construction Queue

(queue buildings at your planets to be built)

You can add up to 5 buildings per planet to the queue
After first building is completed, the second building begins to build…and so on. Only the resources being used for the current building in progress are taken ; so please be sure to have enough resources for your complete queue.If you don’t have the needed resources the queue will stop automatically.

As soon as an attack is detected the target planet is marked with a red frame. As long as fleet from a certain planet is underway the planet is marked with a yellow frame at the empire view.

Empire View

(see all your planets/buildings/fleets/defence by one click)

You can start building of units directly from the empire view or proceed to the planets menu. Building levels shown green can be upgraded. Not upgradeable levels are shown red. Building levels shown in magenta are currently under construction. If you click the magenta-colored number the construction will be canceled.

This red/green color scheme serves as well for ships and defence by showing what you can build or not at first glance.Clicking on a number leads you to the construction menu for the chosen unit/building. If your energy level is too low at one of your planets its value is shown in red color.

Left number at the resources section shows your total amount of a resource. The number on the right shows your production per hour. Left number at the energy section shows your energy production. The number on the right indicates the amount of unused energy (if this number is red you will need more energy)

Notice: You have to login again to activate the feature after payment has been made.Commander feature covers the account at the universe you paid for.

Erix Note: I have nothing to do with giving you OGame Commander status. You will need to purchase the feature and deal with the Game Operators if you have account troubles.


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  1. Is it possible to get OGame Commander for other Universes (Polish, Russian, Balkan)?
    — Zorro    Sep 4, 10:35 AM    #
  2. please send me Ogame commnder whith polish version. my login is bogus
    Chris    Sep 19, 11:59 AM    #
  3. Your esp scans are also left beside the planet in Galaxy View for 7 days.
    So to see a previous scan report, just click the little i symbol and view it.
    And scanning moons, collecting DF fields with the correct amount of recyclers etc is a 1 click process.

    The messaging system alone is worth the money! :)
    Captain Fizz    Oct 11, 05:41 PM    #
  4. how do u share espionage reports

    — Ben    Nov 22, 12:03 PM    #
  5. Hey i heard that you dont have to worry about fleetslots with cgame commander is that true??

    — thunder1    Dec 21, 04:17 AM    #
  6. seems like a waste of money to me

    — GoE    Dec 24, 12:12 PM    #
  7. ogame commander now on balkan ogame

    — Milan    Jan 16, 11:20 AM    #
  8. can you give me free commander?

    — hope    Apr 12, 12:06 PM    #
  9. Ludi ste za sve balkance
    (Have anybody commander to give me tips have can i be ogame commander for free)

    — Toomy    May 1, 04:58 AM    #
  10. (Have anybody commander to give me tips have can i be ogame commander for free) 4 me 2 :)

    — eL    May 22, 10:14 AM    #
  11. to ben:

    to share espionage reports, just copy and paste the report into a message.

    — ragnaroks bringer    Jun 3, 09:10 AM    #
  12. i hack ogame asked me

    — mariox    Jul 10, 08:20 AM    #
  13. @maroix – lol, do you think people buy crap like that
    @everyobody else – you can’t have commander status for free, you have to pay 7 euro for 6 months of commander status.

    — Ogame Master    Jul 17, 09:12 AM    #
  14. commander for 7euro!!! it for freee!!! in poland commander cost 10 zloty(our valut, very expensive) for 20 days!
    so look:
    10zloty=2eur=20days of commander ;( ;( ;(

    — papus    Jul 25, 11:17 AM    #
  15. I am currently subscribed with Ogame Commander in Universe3. I play other universes also. How do I go about changing my subscription for use in another Universe? BTW I believe Ogame Commander slows down the response times of my commands..and the Empire view button sometimes disappears when I go to building or research modes.

    — Abraxas    Aug 10, 08:08 AM    #
  16. he cant give u commander u have to buy it from ogame, 1,50 for 10 days, 6 euro for 3 months

    fedor    Dec 22, 04:34 AM    #
  17. in my opinion, buying commander is not worth it

    marius    Dec 27, 05:17 PM    #
  18. need commander plz my login is supakila and my friend need to

    Voidhawk Says: You need to talk to the folks at OGame. This is just a fan site. I don't provide Commander to people.

    — red supakila    Jan 5, 05:09 AM    #
  19. How can i get commander in australia

    — MARINLAW    Feb 15, 03:04 AM    #
  20. Hi Guys,

    If you want to get your own own oGame Commander for free, check out this link:


    Good Luck!


    Jay    Apr 30, 02:16 PM    #
  21. well you can find how to get it in “Not Paid Forums”.. its easy.. go to Ogame section in http://NotPaid.forumer.com

    Eldros    Jun 9, 04:20 PM    #
  22. coul anyone hack one accaunt for me?

    — joy    Jun 19, 08:17 AM    #
  23. okay ppl
    STFU up hacking and crap. people already know that if you hav to hack ogame to win, your a loser. second, there is no free commander. although i would like that, it would make the game unbalanced, maybe.(due to the overview and stuff)

    — thecat    Jun 23, 03:56 PM    #
  24. damn ppl theses days sheesh buying crap on the net just for some game or hacking a game..heh sheesh dont tell me ur all adults are u? man wtf eve if it is cheap still this game is just a lil well chafa yes its fun but i mean it aint like an amazing game or anything fuck lmao anyways just dont get too hung up on the comp or games :D lol

    — darkhellspartan    Jun 30, 09:30 PM    #
  25. ok ppl the commander may help to win but only if your a good player and not trying to be good as i’m don’t have it and have always better than some people how do have it

    — ace rimmer    Jul 13, 02:29 PM    #
  26. ogame is sh’te! end of story.

    what a gang of cheap ass noobs, “buy” a real game and get a decent internet connection

    — ogame_sucks_BADLY!!!!    Dec 12, 08:50 AM    #
  27. that was gay :)

    — Rock    Dec 21, 05:55 AM    #
  28. Listen up, all you flaming OGame. Why are you viewing OGame related pages? Seems like idiotcy AND Hypocrisy. So why don’t you haul your arses back into your pathetic life?

    — pfvilhena    Feb 9, 03:04 AM    #
  29. that was gay :)

    — siulung    Mar 16, 07:03 PM    #

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