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The Truth About Mobile Attack Bases


Published: Jul 23, 09:40 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

The Background Story

This was originally posted as a comment on the Mobile Attack Base article Since it made a lot of sense, and was fairly well written, I made it a separate article. The original author is Kwea, and I did a few minor edits (including added links).

I wrote:

I think that until you really have a fleet to be able to actually use it, you’re better off having 8 colonies.

Kwea wrote:

You are dead wrong about the mobile base not being worth it. Once you get an actual fleet the real res isn’t even in raiding, it is in fleet-crashing then gathering the debris with your recyclers

For instance, I just had ONE raid that smashed a fleet of ships in Uni 6, and the DF I recovered was worth over 580,000… and that isn’t a the biggest haul so far, either, just MY biggest haul so far. :D

That dwarfed the res from the raid, even though I got over 100G res from that as well.

When smashing a fleet is the way to go those extra minutes warning people might get from a long distance attack can make a difference between a successful fleetsmash and a bust. Since battleships take so much Deut to run, you don’t want to waste any if you can avoid it, and the 40G res it takes to build a mobile base is chicken scratch..particularily if there is more than one target in the area. :D

A mobile attack colony is the best way to go once the mid stage of the Uni is entered.


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  1. Iím sorry, but this is incorrect. Farming is ALWAYS more profitable than fleetcrashing, Aralís rapid rise in uni1 proves this. Fleetcrashing is good profit, but farming can rake in over 10mil res a day, which youíre hard pressed to match with fleetcrashing, and if you farm you can quickly build up your mines to bring in another 2-4mil a day, without worrying about losing res you could be spending on a crashing fleet. ;)
    — ChowRiit    Jul 27, 10:10 AM    #
  2. not really accurate unless you become multiid king. I suppose this is depending that your cows all have level 30 mines and dont spend resources a lot.

    Usually people getting farmed dont like it and tend to spend or protect resources. Besides if smashing and building attack fleets is not the way you play you will be farmed some day.

    But keep on thinking that way please :)
    — direct-x    Aug 4, 07:22 AM    #
  3. In addition to what was said it should be added that it might be good to have 1 hp 7 colonies and 1 mobile attack base but if you are really out to crash some serious fleets all over the place it is more important to have 2 mobile attack bases so that you can travel with your fleet and also save it properly.

    as far as the first comment goes: if you have the liberty to be at your pc every 2-3 hours then yes farming is much more profitable but if you do not then fleetcrashing is a very nice way to go up the ranks.

    also never forget the power of mines! since the start of uni2 i have not flown one raid and am doing perfectly well climbing the ranks *g* (with the right planet sizes you can go up to 600k-800k points before having to resort back to fleetcrashes or farming to climb further in the ranks!)
    — Bloodraven    Aug 5, 08:58 AM    #
  4. There is one thing farming can provide that fleetcrashing never will: deuterium. Maybe this will change once I get nanos, but deuterium is where I’m weak. I get tons and tons of metal and crystal stockpiled from raids and DFs, but I am nearly unable to use it for half of the buildings/researches I want to do because of my limited deuterium intake. That’s why, when I esp someone, I almost completely ignore metal, crystal (which is most plenteous, since it’s barely used for ships at all), and fleets, instead looking for an easy source of deuterium. But then again, that’s just where I am now.

    — on the other hand    Jan 2, 02:44 AM    #
  5. wat is a mobile attack base or watever it is.

    — augustsus    Feb 20, 04:50 PM    #
  6. hi, i sent in a fleet to 1 guy and it totally owned the solar satelites that were there. i got a recycler, but i can’t harvest the resources.

    plz help me. i would prefer if u sent the reply by email

    thx in advance

    — skullbone    Mar 12, 09:33 AM    #
  7. how do you fleet crash? i’m new and would like to try it

    — buddha boy    Mar 16, 12:42 PM    #
  8. how exactly do you fleet crash?

    — new dude    Mar 16, 01:25 PM    #
  9. augustsus,

    a mobile attck base is a colony you set up close to your target, then you deploy ships there to attack your target from, then you delete the colony
    — buddha boy    Mar 16, 01:28 PM    #
  10. You can fleet crash by attacking a strong enemy fleet with a stronger fleet and then collecting the debris found in the attacked planet’s debris field.

    — lael    Apr 7, 02:03 PM    #
  11. Fleet crashing and farming is very profitable i have found. In just 3.5 months i have gone from 0-95,000 pts in uni6. From ranks 0-840s.

    — someone    May 27, 10:51 PM    #
  12. The best way is to farm and fleetcrash. If you have extra time, have 1 or maybe 2 mobile colonies but use about 50% of your ships to farm and 25% to fleetcrash and about 25% to do what I call pirating, it is large active farms. People who may leave for 4 or 5 days and still look active to n00bs, this can bring in over 1M resources is you fleetcrash them and then farm them until they go inactive, then all of the n00bs get them. This technique works very well as you see in the previous post, I went from 0 to 60K points in uni 14 and in another month I should have over 100K points. You must be very diligent about fleetsaving though…or your fleet will get harvested. ;-)

    — Blade    Jul 25, 10:27 AM    #
  13. yea blades right the best combination is to farm and fleet crash at the same time. However you should consider switching to little bit more on fleet crashing as farms get ridiculously expensive late game.

    — Nav    Sep 15, 02:21 AM    #
  14. Thanks nav… it turns out you and I were right because now I am threatening top 200 in rankings even though I had a 7 month late start and only 3 months into it. :D. Farms do not have to be small farms, farms can be active players with big mines as well. If you send along some fodder with the cargos(you will have pleny of it when you are too big to conventually farm) you can keep the defenses down and bring in resources from players that only get on 4 or 5 times a week. By this time you will want to use your fodder to go along with your pirating and your heavy hitters(battleships and up… cruisers too if there is LF’s or RL’s there) to fleetcrash with little or no losses. Before you worry about this too much you should go learn how to fleetsave, if you don’t know how to do that none of this matters as someone will crash you before you know it. :(

    Crash = yes
    Farm = yes

    — Blade    Sep 20, 09:58 PM    #
  15. Farming is always profitable but is best used in the early in the game

    — Timing    Nov 20, 03:33 PM    #
  16. I say fleet crash someone you know doesn’t have planets around yours, once i attacked this guy, he fleetsaved, capure 1 metal crystal and deut and in return, he sensor phanllxed me, succuseefuly fleetcrashed me and IPM all at the same day. Lost like 750 ranks. Fleetcrash Me personnaly is not my number one choice, mine is actually farming by seting up a multi account on some other home computer, let it build a good conoly around my homeworld, get the mines high, farm my own planets. Way better than farming and fleetsaving succuess chance is like 100%.

    — No comment    Feb 6, 09:32 PM    #
  17. but that is cheating and is quite lame. and keep in mind the best players dont cheat because they simply dont have the time and have ethics. if you cheat, you’ll certainly be caught one day.

    — nigger    Feb 11, 09:53 AM    #
  18. ^^Why play if you have to cheat? Just have twenty or thirty colonys if you want to farm your own planets.

    — non cheater    Mar 5, 02:01 PM    #
  19. mobile attack bases are cool, especially after you attack and all the attacked player see is a debris field where the message says the attack came from.

    Oh no wait, it will say what your name was, wont it?

    Oh well, it is still funny for the idiots to think you hacked becasue you attacked from an empty slot!!!


    lol just kidding!

    — Tassadar    Mar 9, 04:08 AM    #
  20. In two weeks in a fairly new universe I went up 70k points, this was mostly by farming, because I had no fleet and was mining – Now I started to fleet and Have built almost 200 BS + 80 BC in 2 days, starting from literally 0 metal, 0 crystal + 0 deut.

    — Anon    Apr 15, 10:08 AM    #
  21. Everyone is always trying to figure out what the best way is to gain rank and power, but the truth is, you must adapt a strategy to fit the amount of time you spend online A huge fleet will do you no good if you log in every 5 days but defenses will help you… If you are online constantly then who needs defenses, or mines for that matter just RAID RAID RAID inactive or active who cares if thats where the resources are go get em

    — Lord Rallester    Apr 17, 11:08 PM    #
  22. I raid, and farm…the only fleetcrashing I do is near my planets with any sizable fleet to it. I get most my res from farming.

    Yes, having a mobile colony would be nice, but it’s nicer to have a 200+ field colony to have filled with mines to produce a sure amount of resources than it would be to send your fleet, use all that deut, and then not even get the target you were looking for. The only way I would send a mobile colony is if I know someone that has a moon with a phalanx that can reach my target. Even then, I may not do it because of the deut costs…just not worth it yet to me, yet.

    — Roben    Jun 4, 10:54 AM    #
  23. mobile attack base is pointless u could use that planet to build mines and from that rake in res without wasting resorces on transportin big fleets to other galexies. in my opinion farming is much better. especialy if the players have high level mines, no defences and are inactive

    — ZeUs9471    Jun 7, 10:18 AM    #
  24. loly

    — jolly boy    Jul 25, 10:03 AM    #
  25. ZeUs, just sitting on your farms IS a surefire way to gain a steady income. But, raiding is quicker. Lets just say my mines are in the high teens and I am getting around 30k a day from each. With a fleet of 3 battleships, 8 cruisers, and a large number of fodder, I can rake in 100k of each every four hours. Most of those raids don’t even cause my ships to go into battle because nothing is there.

    — Niea    Sep 18, 09:32 AM    #
  26. all you need to do if you got 10 fleet slots just farm inactive they atleast have 20k on em so thats like 200k in 3 hours

    — ogame admin    Nov 20, 09:47 PM    #

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