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Recycling those Debris Fields


Published: Nov 21, 07:00 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Finding Debris Fields

When you look around the Galaxy Map, you may see a T next to certain planets. This means there is a Debris Field there.

To find out how much debris, and what kind (Metal or Crystal or Both), hover your mouse over the letter T. You will get a tooltip window in your browser that shows how much debris is there.

The Recycler

Befiore you can harvest a debris field, you need at least one Recycler. Each Recycler can hold a maximum of 20,000 resources. This cargo space is also used for fuel to get to and from the debris field.

You can send multiple Recyclers to a debris field. This is essential when you start harvesting the larger debris fields (1 million+ resources).

The Harvest

Use the Galaxy map to locate a debris field. Make a note of its location. For instance: 3:27:12

NOTE: Sending cargo ships on the recycle haul will not help the carrying space. They will just eat up your deuterium and go along for the ride. Only Recyclers can collect debris from a debris field.

Once the Recycler(s) reach the Debris Field, they will attempt to collect the debris there. It is possible that someone else collected the debris while your fleet was enroute. If so, your ships will return empty.

If the debris field was still there, then your ships will harvest those debris and return them to your planet.

NOTE: When you send a fleet to a planet on a Recycling Mission, that planet does not know they exist. So not only are they not exposed to any defenses (they go to the debris, not the planet itself), but that player doesn’t even know who collected the debris.


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  1. When i use recyclers on a debris field, are they exposed to the planet defenses or fleet?
    — Slaynest    Jul 26, 02:00 PM    #
  2. Hi, I was wondering about this:

    can I send, say, 1 recycler and 2 small cargo and get their cargo capacity combined?

    I mean… I need at least one recycler, but if I add other ships do they count or they just go and have a nice trip around the universe doin’ nothing?

    Thank you!

    PS: very useful website ;-)
    MaLkAv    Aug 7, 07:05 AM    #
  3. Hi i was just wondering when you send a recycler do you click transport or attack? Its a pretty dumb question but yeah i just want to make sure thanks
    — John    Aug 10, 12:54 PM    #
  4. @John – I updated the above steps. You need to make sure you choose Harvest when sending out a recycling fleet.
    Eric    Aug 11, 05:37 AM    #
  5. you need to make sure you target the DF not the Planet in the pulldown menu next to the coordinate form to see the “harvest” option.
    shepehrd    Aug 12, 01:19 PM    #
  6. Okay, so using the Galaxy map to find a debris field. How? Is there something on the map that I’m missing?
    — Luci    Aug 13, 06:39 PM    #
  7. Hi, Type in coordinates 5:145 (this is an example set of coordinates). Then your list of 1-15 planets show up. Look at the numbers 1-15, if it looks like this: 5T for planet #5, there is a DF there. And if you would like info on the number of metal/crystal there, hold your mouse pinter on-top of the T in 5T and you will see a “tooltip/baloon” window show up and it will say [XXX metal : XXX crystal].
    — Bondo    Aug 16, 03:30 PM    #
  8. can you recycle destroyed planets, if so how? thanks.
    — pipples1    Aug 21, 11:38 AM    #
  9. there is no “harvest” mission when i select my recycler from the fleet
    — spiros    Sep 6, 05:01 AM    #
  10. I also don’t have “harvest” as a mision when I’m on that screen
    — sling    Sep 15, 02:17 PM    #
  11. @ spiros…to the right of the coordinates you type in, you have to choose DF instead of planet
    — Scott    Sep 15, 04:57 PM    #
  12. same here, I didn’t get a “harvest” option when I tried to send my 1 recycler fleet…
    — christianrocker    Sep 16, 03:51 PM    #
  13. i find a debris field and i get a recyvler,i go on fleet type cords and press proceed… but when i get to the mission menu i only get atack and transport as missions!
    — joiz0    Oct 15, 11:33 AM    #
  14. There is no harvest option, and I am sending only two recyclers :-S

    — James    Nov 4, 04:48 AM    #
  15. Select “DF” as your destination when you send the fleet, instead of “planet” or you won’t get the harvest option.

    — Phyre    Nov 20, 07:38 AM    #
  16. you have to go to the right, pull down the menu that says “planet” and click on DF! that is CRITICAL

    — Dan    Nov 21, 08:15 PM    #
  17. Q.) Can I send, say, 1 recycler and 2 small cargo and get their cargo capacity combined?

    A.) They just go on a nice trip. To get large DF’s you need to send 2 or more Recycler’s.

    — Mark    Nov 30, 06:33 PM    #
  18. What if the moon is present near the DF?

    Does it respond to recycler activity?

    — Shime    Dec 18, 12:04 PM    #
  19. @ shime

    — quincy    Jan 5, 02:42 AM    #
  20. For the newest upgrade for uni. 5 (7.2b i think), when i try to check the amount of resources in a df, it won’t let me. it’s probably becasue i have a mac and ogame is meant for pcs, but i was wondering if there still is a way to check the dfs on a mac.

    — Alien    Jan 9, 01:11 AM    #
  21. can i just say, that i also am a noob and have been playing for just over a month. i have never had to ask any questions on the forum. if you READ, dont look, READ… then u wont have to ask these silly questions like “there is no “harvest” mission when i select my recycler from the fleet”. these people who have wrote the tips in the forum know what they are talking about and if u cant find what they are saying then it is you that is doing something wrong. if you READ again. youll see that i am right.

    — VIPER    Jan 18, 02:16 AM    #
  22. that’s the kind of helpful response i like to see…

    — bob    Jan 29, 09:44 PM    #
  23. Ok, i am a beginer and just started 3 days ago, and i have a light fighter. Can it pick up resources from debris feilds?

    — Vyper132    Feb 17, 08:59 AM    #
  24. you people need to read and quit relying on everyone else to tell you what to do. everything you need to know is listed above about recycling. quit being stupid and READ. Viper is right. READ

    — Ooobla from uni 3    Feb 25, 08:41 AM    #
  25. no u cant i mean i have been playing for 8 days and u need a recycler

    — Talius    Mar 4, 07:23 AM    #
  26. Hey Vyper132! Look what it says in the article!

    It says “Only Recyclers can collect debris from a debris field.”


    — dek    Mar 10, 08:37 AM    #
  27. if you have firefox you can download a useful tool, Foxgame, this alters certain things about the way the game appears- its free and allowed by the GO’s and it highlights major debris fields, the ones worth harvesting and not the hundreds of “crystal 300” ones it also shows time of arrival (server time) for fleets and when something will finish building (server time) etc.

    — giles    Mar 30, 03:27 PM    #
  28. i was just wondering how much recources go into the debris field when ships are destroyed…example:
    10 probes and 10 light fighters

    — dark saruman    Apr 22, 12:32 PM    #
  29. everyone should just read what there supposed to do. most of the questions above were asked over and over again. just read the text it will answer most of your questions.

    — Salavar    Apr 26, 02:21 PM    #
  30. no…u didn’t understand me.
    Q: how much recources go into the debris field when ships are destroyed
    A: About 50% of theirs value( how much they cost)

    — dark saruman    Apr 27, 07:46 AM    #
  31. I hav been attacked a few times and it always says “At these space coordinates now float X amount or resources” Can i send a recycler to my own planet to recover them?

    — Barry    May 9, 03:26 PM    #
  32. yes you can send a recycler to your own planet. just do the same

    — ayt    May 14, 03:35 AM    #
  33. 30% of their value is left behind, once, my 10 espionage probes got pwned, so they left 3000 crystal

    — teh_pwnerer    May 31, 09:55 PM    #
  34. I know that loads of people have already said about the reading thing but as we are the only ones who read the previous posts, is there any point in writing this sort of thing?
    There should be a new section for people who don’t want to read.

    — Jimbob    Jun 20, 01:21 PM    #
  35. if you send your recyclers with your attacking fleet, to attack a fleet, will it collect the debris aswell or just go along for the ride? or do you have to send them after to the debris field?

    — lolies    Jun 20, 04:15 PM    #
  36. OK ive read all the forums but im still stuck. I have a recycler and when I hover over the DF it shows how many recources are their and the word “harvest” is gray meaning I cant click on it. So I try to send my recycler by doing it manually and typing in the coordinates manually but the option to recycle or attack the DF is not their. Further help please.

    — abendugo    Jun 21, 09:04 AM    #
  37. OK im not for sure but I may have answered my own Q. maby that stuff doesnt pop up because I currently have my hole fleep out on a mission and my research isnt high enough to send out my recycler and fleep at the same time.

    — abendugo    Jun 21, 09:12 AM    #
  38. lol noobs

    — xolren    Jun 30, 01:28 AM    #
  39. yeah noobs…just try,if your fleets end up dead thats great but if they come back,either it worked or not :)

    — 6CrA6Zy6    Jul 16, 02:36 PM    #
  40. hey umm with DF’s if you get a moon, is the debris still there, or is it used 2 make the moon?

    — thecat    Jul 30, 03:06 PM    #
  41. All the debris go into making the moon.

    — Rana_Ohtar    Aug 23, 02:18 PM    #
  42. I have a recycler fleet arriving 1 second after my attacking fleet. Is this interval long enough that I can collect debris from my attack?

    — Griffinner    Sep 13, 03:58 PM    #
  43. griffinner, how long have u been playing? have u attacked anyone? with attack things, it takes 0 seconds 2 get the battle report, and theres no interval crap involved…. omfg how stupid are some ppl? lolz ive made fun of so many ppl but not afraid 2 do it again…

    — thecat    Sep 28, 04:35 PM    #
  44. How to speed up a Recycler

    — slow jack    Oct 4, 02:19 PM    #
  45. Can u recycle more than 1 field with 1 recycler?

    — Me    Oct 13, 09:24 AM    #
  46. Increase ur combustion drive level :)

    — Me    Oct 13, 09:25 AM    #
  47. Hi, I’d like to ask if anyone knows, if I can collect only crystal or only metal from a DF and how do I do that? Thx.

    — John_1    Nov 21, 01:06 AM    #
  48. You can’t. it collects the same of everything.

    — 12345sniper    Jan 1, 03:16 PM    #
  49. I have 1 recycler on my colony; I have computer tech 3-4; I have 1 fleet on a mission out of all my fleets; i have 3000+ deut in that colony and the field is only 6 planets away. When i hover over the debris field, harvest is grey.

    — F15pilotX    Feb 11, 04:17 PM    #
  50. Oh nvm, stupid me…harvest is grey still, but i just forgot to change it to DF in the fleet menu >_

    — F15pilotX    Feb 12, 12:43 PM    #
  51. Can an enemy fleet attack recyclers that are harvesting a debris field? Like an ambush or something similar….

    — not to experienced    Apr 16, 06:05 PM    #
  52. no

    — jason    Apr 19, 05:24 PM    #
  53. wat will happen if someone harvests the debree field that you have set your fleet save co-ords to?

    — Fat Question    May 7, 01:58 AM    #
  54. i belive the text above has awnsered a lot of questions. SO READ IT

    — ZeUs9471    May 28, 04:09 AM    #
  55. I have a debris field near my colony. How to collect the resources from there?? Do i need to have a recycler??
    Please help

    — indika    May 31, 03:13 AM    #
  56. @ indika— Read what the guy has to say at the very top, and if that does not answer your question, read the comments made by other people, starting with the first and reading all until the last. If your question still has not been answered, THEN ask.

    — Trevyr    Jun 8, 10:05 PM    #
  57. I sent a recycler to a field that had a lot more rez in it than my recycler would hold and just maxed it capacity (12000 cry & 8000 metal) it only harvested 48 of each. Why??

    — Randy Q    Jun 13, 10:29 AM    #
  58. if i send harvester can the planetary defence and the fleet at that planet attack me???

    — steve    Jul 25, 03:25 PM    #
  59. Please, for the love of god, read the actual article and the comments asked afterwards.

    — SVD    Jul 27, 08:49 AM    #
  60. If someone asks a question that they could have read by actually READING THE ARTICLE, just give them the wrong answer — like ‘load your cargo and send it to coordinates that happen to be your planet ;)

    Just read the darn article above folks — then ask questions. READ FIRST.

    — batman_    Jul 27, 06:48 PM    #
  61. May i use a recycler as a cargo? I mean to send it to an attack mission with a fleet. Would it work the same way as a cs?

    — darkbaxter    Aug 10, 06:17 PM    #
  62. when i scroll over the debree field harvest comes out grey (meaning i cant click) i dotn have any fleets out…

    — kayakguy429    Aug 11, 10:04 PM    #
  63. DarkBaxter — yes, recyclers can be used as cargo ships. However, your entire fleet only moves as quickly as your slowest ship, so having even one recycler in your fleet will make it painfully slooooooooow.

    — Ride-My-Rocket    Oct 5, 02:25 PM    #
  64. Well, there are two debris field in my system.. _ .....but I still dont have a recyclyer….
    Is there an easier way to find debris fields..?

    Flamma    Oct 6, 06:08 AM    #
  65. i hover over a debris field with my mouse and “harvest” at the bottom cannot be clicked…i then send my 2 recyclers manually to the df field…but they come back empty…why is this?

    — neil1 2 3    Oct 17, 01:07 PM    #
  66. I am a noob, and have realised that reading the posts from absolute numptys is more entertaining than….than…

    I was going to say the game itself, but i’m quite into it. So finish the sentance yourself.

    — May West    Oct 20, 09:07 PM    #
  67. Thanks, your info. really helped.

    — Drake    Nov 17, 02:32 AM    #
  68. IDIOTS, read the coments before u post, noobs,

    To have harvest mission u have to type in the coords where u find the debris field, and then next to the coords there is a drop down list and u select DF(Debris Field) and then u proceed and the harvest option will apear, and if your recyclers return empty that means someone get to the debris field before u did

    — Gandlaf    Jan 5, 04:15 AM    #
  69. Harvest option is grey… I have a recycler, an available fleet slot and a ton of Deuterium for fuel. The harvest option is grey when I hover over a DF, and also when I specify the coordinates and DF specifically. What am I doing wrong? The answer is not listed above I am sure. The DF is in the same system too! Help me please!


    — talk2stu    Jan 21, 08:56 AM    #
  70. talk2stu, the “Harvest” option will be grayed out when you hover over a debris field in the Galaxy view, unless you have bought a Commander. If you don’t have a Commander, you simply cannot start a harvesting mission from the Galaxy view, period. The only way to harvest then is by starting the mission from the Fleet view and entering the coordinates of the debris field manually (and don’t forget to specify “DF” as the target destination instead of the default “Planet”).

    — bontchev    Jan 24, 07:50 AM    #
  71. if there are multiple slots within one system, could i send out a recycler once to get them all?

    — haotian    Jan 30, 11:44 AM    #
  72. @ haotian

    No, there is no way to set waypoints for ships to go to. You need to send a recycler to each one. (though if one recylcer can hold all of the resources I’d wouldn’t go to them, I’d look for a bigger debris field.)

    — Luthien    Mar 25, 09:03 PM    #
  73. i can not resicol

    — tomy    Apr 13, 05:28 PM    #
  74. by making this you really do help pepole! :)

    — Mr Greatful    Apr 15, 06:31 PM    #
  75. This question seems to be asked a few times so why not answer it.
    Q: if i send cargos with a recycler do the help cary the debris?

    A: “NOTE: Sending cargo ships on the recycle haul will not help the carrying space. They will just eat up your deuterium and go along for the ride. Only Recyclers can collect debris from a debris field.”

    — Maximus    Jun 18, 02:27 AM    #
  76. I’m getting pissed about Debree fields! I have a Recycler and all I’m doing is wasting my Deuterium. Why the F#$K is that when someone collects the damn Material from the DF that it doesnt disappear from the Map? As fas as I’m concerned I’m doing everything right in sending it but all I get are (F) missions and less Deuterium. Its unfair that the Icon remains on the map after the deposits are long gone!

    — Vin    Jul 13, 12:31 AM    #

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