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How to get a moon!


Published: Dec 19, 08:09 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

You want a moon?

Getting a moon is expensive, so don’t expect to get one early on. It’s also a matter of luck. I managed to get my moon when I failed to fleet save and lost enough ships to produce a 4% chance.

For every 100,000 resources dumped into the debris field, there is a 1% chance it will form a moon, up to a max of 20%. The debris that will form a moon is ONLY the debris from that attack. That is, if someone attacks you, and leaves 100K resources lying around, you get a 1% chance of a moon forming at that time. If you are again attacked, and this attack also creates 100K resources in a debris field, you again get a 1% chance; the previous debris doesn’t count towards your chances.

NOTE: Any resources that are sent during an attack are simply lost if that fleet is destroyed. They will NOT end up in the Debris field, and do not increase your chances of a moon.

And remember… that Debris field goes to the defender during the battle. So if you send in an attacking fleet to me, and I destroy that incoming fleet, then you lose those resources and I get the chance at a moon.

So there’re a couple ways to get a moon.

First, you can get ‘lucky’ like I did, and get fleet crashed. In order to get that 4% chance, I had to lose over 1.2M resources in destroyed ships (remember that 30% of the resources from a ship go into the debris when it’s destroyed).

You can also work with someone else to try to get a moon, either by paying them to fleet crash you, or trading fleet crashes with them (There’s currently a thread in the Plots and Plans section of the forum where we’re doing this). For a 1% chance, 84 Light Fighters is the most cost efficient fleet to lose (as it has the highest metal to crystal ratio, and metal is relatively cheap).

Bear in mind that crashing to get a moon isn’t against game rules, as long as the resultant debris field doesn’t give you more than enough to get a 20% chance. Otherwise, it could violate the rules against pushing.

Contributed by FuIru from the PRGM EVO.TC Alliance

NOTE: Moons do not count towards your planet total. You can have 9 planets and 9 moons.

Moons are created instantly. Either you get one… or you don’t. That’s why it’s called a chance.

If you don’t get one, keep trying. I have seen 4 moons given in 5 attacks… and I have seen 20 attacks go by and no moons. Just keep trying!

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  1. What I don’t understand is that if you attack someone with loads of ships, and win the battle, then they will have a debris field and will form a moon on their planet. Or will the moon form on my planet? Or is it the other way round?
    If someone attacks you and they lose then the debris field will be on your planet and will that form amoon on the attackers planet, or on mine? So basicly the question is: Will the moon form on the planet were the battle took place and make a debris field so a chance of 1% up to 20% that a moon will form at that time? or am I totally wrong and going nutty??????
    — Leo Lourie    Jul 8, 03:05 PM    #
  2. If you attack someone, and put loads of resorces on the attacking ships and then all the ships get destroyed will that create a debris field for me or for them?
    — Leo Lourie    Jul 10, 04:17 AM    #
  3. @Leo Lourie

    Please see the NOTE I just added. Resources sent on an attack are lost if the fleet is destroyed.
    Eric    Jul 13, 06:47 AM    #
  4. Please can you tell me what the best way is to convince someone to attack me with resorces on their ships? I asked my friend but he was afraid to because I have 2000 points and he only has 100. I tried trading a fleet crash with someone else but they did not want to lose any of their ships.
    What should I do Next?
    — Leo Lourie    Jul 13, 01:56 PM    #
  5. Putting resources on a ship when it attacks is just foolish. Those resources will be lost if that ship is destroyed. They will NOT count towards the debris field.

    Try using light fighters to get a 1% chance at a moon. I think it takes 73 LF to give you 1%. Of course all those LF have to be destroyed in one battle, so make sure you have enough defenses or battleships to destroy those Light Fighters.

    My Strategy Guide will have a section on Moon Walking. It will outline the best method to plan a debris field (as well as many other useful strategies).
    Eric    Jul 13, 10:43 PM    #
  6. Is there any other way to get a moon?
    Dale    Jul 15, 12:58 PM    #
  7. *Dale*, You mean beyond crashing and getting a chance? No. That is the only way to get a moon… from a Debris field.
    Eric    Jul 17, 04:52 PM    #
  8. Because of the 100,000 resorces you said that goes into the debris field, dose that mean that is you save up for 100000 resorces of metal crystal and deuterium will that create a small chance of a moon forming?
    — Leo Lourie    Jul 19, 03:26 PM    #
  9. Where would I find this ‘Strategy Guide?’
    — Leo Lourie    Jul 22, 01:24 PM    #
  10. Read this article on the OGame Strategy Guide! @Leo - I am not sure I follow you. Where would those 100000 resources be located? If they are in your storage tanks (or on the planet) then it wouldn't matter. They won't go into the Debris Field. If they are in defenses or ships on the planet, then they will go into the Debris field when they are destroyed.
    Eric    Jul 23, 09:27 AM    #
  11. How long dose it take for a moon to form?
    — Leo    Aug 28, 05:14 PM    #
  12. Do the destroyed defense systems add to the debris field?
    — Wili    Oct 31, 09:27 AM    #
  13. Destroyed Defence doesnt add to debris field, unless you are in a Defence to Debris Universe. A Moon is formed instantly if this message is showed at the bottom of a combat report(With you being the defender): The enormous amounts of drifting metal and crystal particles attract each other and slowly form a lunar satellite in the orbit of the planet.

    — Dark dude    Nov 18, 12:10 PM    #
  14. if you have the maximum number of colonies, will there still be space for a moon?

    Also can you destroy a moon with ships?

    Also, what is the approximate % chance that you wil get a moon formed?

    Thank you

    — Leo    Dec 19, 12:24 PM    #
  15. one common way to get a monn is to find a other player who wants a moon to – then you both build 1337 lj and attack each other (cheapest 20% chance) – like this both parties can easily recycle the debris field.

    be prepared to repeat the attacks 10-20 times until you get a moon!

    — eco    Dec 20, 07:45 AM    #
  16. What do you mean by lj? Do you mean light fighters?

    Would it also be appropriate to pay someone to moon you?


    — Leo    Dec 20, 10:35 AM    #
  17. why would you even want a moon if it means destroying all this stuff? what do they do for you that is so great?

    — GoE    Dec 24, 01:06 PM    #
  18. i got 1.5k of resource floating.

    why wont it gimme 0.01% of getting a moon?

    — neo3000000    Dec 25, 03:22 PM    #
  19. neo3000000: the lowest chance for a moon is 1% (100k debirs), any less than that doesn’t count.

    i’ve heard somewhere that if there was already a moon at x:y:z and the planet was destroyed (deleted) then another moon wouldn’t form there. so say someone before me had a moon and deleted their planet then i colonised it, does this mean i can’t get one?

    — -=[ Lee ]=-    Dec 28, 02:17 PM    #
  20. Does a moon form by itself do i have to do anything?

    — priyan    Dec 30, 07:51 AM    #
  21. i have had quite a few moon chances all of them equal up to 100% chance but it hasnt happened yet.

    any tips on how to make it have a better chance

    — Lord Kazim    Dec 30, 08:33 AM    #
  22. how long does it take for a moon to form??? i got five 4% chances of a moon which adds up to 20%. Why hasn’t anything happened!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    — Leo    Jan 1, 01:03 PM    #
  23. a moon creation is instantaneous… or is created right after the battle or not…

    — thorium    Jan 13, 10:57 AM    #
  24. Example: you are building Solar Satelites for researching Graviton. Say your Solar Sat’s give 30 power. You’ll need 10.000 sats costing you 25.000.000 metarials (2000 crystal and 500 deut). Will this be added to the debris field?

    If so, you can ask someone to destroy your satellites which will give you a 25.000.000 / 100.000 * 0.3 = 75% chance (which will be limited to 20%).

    Off course you’ll have to do this AFTER you’ve researched Graviton. :p

    Greetz: Eddy

    — EddyP    Jan 20, 04:11 AM    #
  25. how do I get nine moons? I’ve got nine planets including my home planet and it won’t let me get any more colonies,. Hoe can you get nine moons if you are only allowed up to nine colonies (including home planeet) or if you have the maximum number of colonies will a moon not form for you no matter the % chance you have?

    — Leo    Jan 30, 03:10 PM    #
  26. the trouble is that I can’t seem to build up my enpire of light fighters before I get attavked and lose!
    I am getting sick of trying to get a moon and I don’t see why you couldn’t just colonise soomeone elses!

    — Leo    Jan 30, 03:16 PM    #
  27. Beside all those already answered questions, i have very simple question.
    Does anyone have formula for getting moon? My small rersearch tell’s me tahat metal/crystal rate should be over 2.5 (exmp. 2.5m metal and 1m crystal in DF) is this true? is there any formula for moon? (dont tell me 20% chnace etc…)

    Igor    Feb 14, 10:07 AM    #
  28. what do you mean by formula?

    — Leo    Feb 17, 01:49 PM    #
  29. for example: 3.000.000 metal and 1.350.000 crystal in DF (one battle) will give you moon

    Igor    Feb 24, 05:46 AM    #
  30. I was wondering,why when you research on one planet it shows up on the other planet? This doesn’t seem ethicial.

    — TRYION101    Mar 3, 05:41 PM    #
  31. It happens because it is still in your empire and you have scientists who probably would’ve communicated with the other planets you control. It wouldn’t make any sense to start over again.

    — buddha boy    Mar 15, 01:25 PM    #
  32. what are the purpose of moons are they for mining or what?????

    — Agent Keyes    Mar 18, 01:51 AM    #
  33. i got 8% of getting a moon.did i have to wait and not collect the resources for the moon to be created?or collect it?

    — bob    Mar 24, 10:02 AM    #
  34. Wow, this is sureal. All those questions HAVE BEEN ANSWERED, all YOU GUYS have to do is read the description of this topic CAREFULLY!

    1 – Basically your moon is formed in an instant (yes, an instant, not after some hours…), AFTER a battle, and only if you are the defender.

    2 – It’s impossible to form a moon with 100% chance. (quote: “For every 100,000 resources dumped into the debris field, there is a 1% chance it will form a moon, up to a max of 20%”, this is kinda stupid me having to quote the text… or it would be if you READ IT CAREFULLY!)

    3 – What counts for debris? Only the stuff that is destroyed “in space” such as your spaceships and such. Defense systems don’t count. Resources inside Cargo Ships don’t count.

    4 – There’s no such thing as a formula for getting a moon. You either have the conditions to have 20% chance to form a moon, or you have less (or none). 20% is the LIMIT, and even if you have 20%, it’s not 100% (well, duh…). So basically, there’s no formula!

    5 – You cant ADD up percentages after you’ve had a million battles and whatnot… The process of creating a moon is INSTANTANEOUS, it either occurs immediatelly after the battle, or it WILL NOT OCCUR even if you sit staring at your monitor…

    Please… for the love of the game and our sanity, read the text before posting any questions… we will all thank you :-)

    — Twilet    Mar 31, 02:56 PM    #
  35. lol i noticed noone bothered posting a stupid question after that. gave me a good laugh

    — Oszero    Apr 6, 05:23 PM    #
  36. Why are the moons so important? What are their benefits?

    — andy    Apr 13, 02:16 PM    #
  37. huh…....moons are good for possibly hiding fleets on..storing res on or using to get to diff galaxies faster via ‘jump gates’. They aslo have the abilty to Phalanx other players, which allows you to see what fleets they have in orbit coming to or going from that planet. It is like spying without them knowing. This topic was started by someone saying they got a moon off of a 4% chance. all I can say to that is wow…just wow.. Ive had a 13% and a 16% and my last one was a 20% chance and I still havent gotten a moon for that planet yet….lucky

    — Bullet Theory    Apr 30, 11:43 AM    #
  38. Great thread…
    There is one question there that hasn’t been answered..
    If a planet has previously had a moon under a previous owner, does this effect the ability of the planet to create a moon for the new owner. ? I think it probably doesn’t make any difference, but several people are suggesting it does, so what is the correct answer?

    — Rory    May 10, 03:30 AM    #
  39. i heard that if someone else periously have a moon and destroyed his planet, i recolonize it, will i get the moon he had before or i just dont get anything.

    — R.Z.K    Jun 19, 07:35 AM    #
  40. my m8 has two moons 1 on his main planet n 1 on 1 of his colonies but they were both 20% so does that mean u need a 20% moon chance??????

    — martyn    Jul 8, 07:42 AM    #
  41. And the ‘I ask a question without reading the OPs post’ Badge goes to Martyn … shame shame shame

    — Tas Devil    Jul 28, 06:40 AM    #
  42. it says i have 9% chance of getting a moon.. is tat lik enough to get a moon?
    wat % chance do i need to get a moon?

    light    Jul 29, 01:27 AM    #
  43. heyy- lik 2 days ago i had a DF with bunch of resources and now my DF is gone.. wat happend??
    i dont see anything on my DF slot- nothing- wat happend??

    light    Jul 29, 07:01 PM    #
  44. any chance is enought to get a moon but the higher the chance the better

    and “i had a DF with bunch of resources and now my DF is gone.. wat happend??” people recyled it

    — death    Aug 8, 02:25 AM    #
  45. the chances of getting a moon is something like this. you buy 100 ping pong balls for every percent you earn in one battle you write moon on the ball. for every other ball you write nothing. put all the balls in a hat and if you get one saying moon you’d get a moon the chances are you won’t get one saying moon

    — asdw    Oct 8, 12:29 AM    #
  46. why dose it have to be so hard to get a moon? I mean i know all the bluidings that can only be buildt on a moon ofer denafits but is it all worth it.

    — runescapeguy    Oct 11, 07:54 AM    #
  47. lo theres 1 thing im missing out if u have a moon sized debries field dose it become a moon after the battle or do you need to send a colony ship to the moon sized df?

    — rndm    Oct 14, 04:28 PM    #
  48. it automatically becomes a moon. it will say so in the battle report.

    — asdfgasjkfhdlkagfaioyw    Oct 14, 09:14 PM    #
  49. lol cause there was 6 million resoures in the debris field and i got no moon

    — lol    Oct 24, 03:53 PM    #
  50. to get a moon im going to build solar sats and wait for someone to attack me and make a debris field. Is it worth the cost of the solar sats?

    — jimagine    Oct 26, 05:40 PM    #
  51. well Solar Satellites are more cost efficient, seeing as solars only have metal (dueterium doesnt go into debris remember!)
    So you’ll be getting 30% of each 2000 metal which is 600.

    — Anonz    Oct 30, 06:43 AM    #
  52. solar satellites are made of 2000 crystal and 500 deuterium, no metal at all. its completely not worth it unless you just researched graviton.

    — asdf    Oct 30, 01:12 PM    #
  53. instead of sats why not do probes? they the cheapest

    hehe    Nov 14, 09:12 AM    #
  54. with probe its more difficult i suggest u try 2*20 % in same planet with 1667 lights and enjoy ur moon

    — nightprince    Dec 3, 12:10 PM    #
  55. ok so if I get attacked twice, and each time I have a 20% chance, this means that all together I have 1-(1-0.2)^2 = 36% chances of getting a moon. So by suffering 20 20% attacks in a row I would have 99% chances of succeding right?

    — Larz    Dec 12, 04:58 AM    #
  56. This is by far the funniest thread on this site. Maybe explaining how percentages work might help but then, not a lot of people seem to be reading the text :)

    Anyway, the chances do not “stack”, you can have between 1 and 20% chance to have a moon formed each battle (whether you do and how big a chance it is depends on the building cost of ships destroyed). Two battles leaving 2,000,000 resources at your planet mean that you will get two 20% chances at moon, independent of each other. At the end of each battle the server generates a random number between 0 and 1 and if it’s equal to or less than .20 (20%) a moon is formed at the planet where the battle took place.

    — Wuss    Dec 23, 03:41 PM    #
  57. will the size of the DF affect the size of the moon

    — Jaymie    Jan 16, 07:19 PM    #
  58. @ Jaymie
    The larger the DF wen a moon is created the larger the moon will be (to a maximum of about 9000km in diameter) i haven’t seen 1 any larger than that. the bigger the % of a moon wen it is created the bigger it will be!

    — Zefix    Feb 12, 02:50 PM    #
  59. There USED to be a bug preventing a new moon from forming (assuming you have a debris field adequate), but it is now fixed. So if a moon is destroyed you can get another moon. The next moon is of random size, so it could be bigger… or it could be smaller.

    — Zefix    Feb 12, 03:04 PM    #
  60. When graviton research is done and I have 6000 solarsatelites, I want an (lower ranked) alliance member to destroy them, so I get a moonchance. Is this attack subject to pushing?
    I mean, do I have to pay him anything? It is his own fleet, which is not destroyed by the attack (no defense on planet). The only cost for him is the deuterium – do I have to pay him for that? Am I allowed to collect the debris field myself, or is it only for the attacker to collect?
    I don’t want to get banned for violating the rules, but I find the pushing-rules unclear regarding solarsatelites/graviton-research. Could someone clarify for me?
    Thanks in advance.

    — NetRanger    Feb 13, 09:22 AM    #

    De Emperor    Feb 20, 04:19 AM    #
  62. larz not necessarily because u get the 20 20% in separate times so u may fail those 20% all the time

    — orcarina2    Feb 25, 03:24 PM    #
  63. and if there’s a big chance of moon and i get it the debris will be there and I could collect them or they disappear when the moon appears?

    — maxtor    Mar 17, 04:57 AM    #
  64. Not to seem insensitive but…what a collection of unbelievably lazy people! Eric you’ve got incredible patience and thanks for the ORIGINAL post which answered 98% of all these questions.

    — mattycanread    Apr 17, 04:32 PM    #
  65. 1. After a battle if you have a moonchance you get either a moon or a debris field, not both (in other words, if you get a moon you don’t get a DF).
    2. They changed the cost of the battleship, 45k metal and 15k crystal, so it has the same ratio of metal to crystal as the light fighter.

    — No one    May 11, 10:58 PM    #
  66. Can I attack myself to get amoon chance??

    — Ivalice    May 15, 03:05 AM    #
  67. no…. thats like saying kill my own troops for no reason

    — thecat    Jun 12, 03:49 PM    #
  68. Ah, yes. I couldnt get online for a few days, and had my entire fleet crashed. Only a 2% chance, but I got it =P

    Unfortunately, he got all the debris…

    — Xenomorph911    Jun 25, 12:56 AM    #
  69. Man, didn’t anybody take Algebra yet? Yes larz, if you have 20 20%, you will have a 99% chance of getting a moon on one of those times. Let me put it simply for you people who are too lazy to think. (Kind of like the people who are too lazy to read. :P)

    There are 100 marbles in a bag, 20 of them are red. If you pick a marble out of the bag twenty times, what are the chances that one of them will be red? 99%!!! :O BTW, you would be replacing the marbles each time you didn’t get a red one.

    — yippee2393    Jun 30, 09:16 PM    #
  70. lolol @ wuss

    [Anyway, the chances do not “stack”, ] somebody plays Magic :D

    and Yippee, no. as wuss plainly described, no two battles stack over one another. recalibrate your theory into: “if i had a bag of marbles, with 100 marbles in each bag, all of which except one are marked black [the one being red, let’s say], what’s the percent chance that i pull out a red marble?” now do this problem 20 times, and you come up with the same percent chance, 1.

    now if you multiply the number of marbles by 20, and can reach into the bag only once, you get a 20% chance. in terms of ogame, if you put an infinite amount of marbles, you still get a 20% chance, so don’t overdo it.

    oh, and stay in school.

    — Dragonslayer    Jul 2, 06:38 AM    #
  71. resources in the ships(destroyed ships) count toward the debris field or not?

    — mikeccuk2005    Jul 31, 05:57 PM    #
  72. Dragonslayer, shut up. yippee is right. 20 attacks at 20% each you should expect 4 moons. schools out

    — schmoopy    Aug 24, 11:42 AM    #
  73. what is better for getting a moon – 1 chance of 20% or 20 chances of 1%? How big a moon will be and what a factor is there for a moon size?

    — Alek    Sep 1, 03:21 AM    #
  74. Let’s end this once and for all, shall we?
    Moons are a CHANCE thing.
    Chance (as generally described by a dictionary) is something relying on luck, not skill.
    The % can be between 1-20%. In that range ONLY, will you get a CHANCE to get a moon.
    I hope this clears things up (again for the umpteenth time :)

    — TheMacOne    Sep 11, 10:48 AM    #
  75. how do you fleet crash to get a moon. I know the %‘s but how do you actually crash your fleet

    — anyone    Sep 12, 12:25 PM    #
  76. You cant crash your own fleet, (unless you attack someone that way outnumbers you, which is stupid because you will NOT get a chance to get a moon because its on their planet)the only way for you to get a chance of getting a moon is to have your fleet crashed (by friend or foes fleet) OR to destroy an attacking fleet (which rarely happens) either one MUST take place on your planet which you wish to get a moon on!!! this is the only way of getting a moon…
    I hope this clears of few things up =)

    — The Shadow    Oct 21, 04:59 AM    #
  77. Freaking hell, I lost my only fleet and I don’t even now how the hell the attacker lost so little, there 3 million units to my 8 million when my fleet and defense were almost as powerful as there. It doesn’t make sense, and what sucks most is “The chance for a moon to be created is 18 %”, 18 out of 20 and I still didn’t get a moon.

    — Saber    Nov 23, 03:16 AM    #
  78. Saber, its not 18 out of 20 its 18 out of 100, or less than a 1 in 5 chance (20% is 1 in 5 chance)

    — moz    Nov 23, 06:01 PM    #
  79. I was wondering one thing. since your debris field remains out there, if you get it so there is like a 18% chance and you don’t get a moon can you maybe get attacked over and over by 1 ship at a time and each time it adds to the debris field you get another 18% chance?

    — War    Feb 19, 10:16 PM    #
  80. If u get attacked and you get a 18% moon chance and you dont get a moon. then someone attacks you, the percentage dus not add on but the debris does. it starts a new percentage.

    — rav    Feb 24, 04:57 PM    #
  81. I now know as a n00b (with a basic understanding of counting from school) how to get a moon – i have had a smile on face for last 20 mins reading this thread – please respect the people in the the know and read first !!

    — Cookie    Feb 27, 04:34 PM    #
  82. 90% of people in this thread are thick. Either learn how to read or just dont even bother. I have read right through this thread and i have laughed all the way through it. EVERY moon question has been answered. Maybe with the exception of one. Using light fighters (koz its easier) how many light fighters are needed to create a 1% chance, 2% chance, 3% chance, and so on to 20% chance. Just a single chance, none of this 2 20% chance stuff.. This thread still is hilarious to read. someone get a clue..

    — Cloud    Mar 28, 06:00 AM    #
  83. Oke once and for all;

    1 You can only have a maximum 20% change to get a moon. Any resourches more than equal to 20% is a waste.

    2 1% equals 100.000 resourches.

    3 84 light fighters or 6 battle ships equals 1 %.

    4 A moon forms right after the battle and it will say so at the bottum of the battlereport. If it does NOT say so you wont get a moon.

    5 Iff your fleetcrased changes are they send recyclers so iff you dont get a moon there is no DF left.

    6 You can build a phalanx and jumpgate on a moon. And you can fleetsave from a moon to a debrie field so your fleet cant be phalanxed so its invisible as long as it is in transit.

    — Sparka    Apr 22, 10:35 AM    #
  84. you all suck

    — bob    May 26, 10:18 PM    #
  85. wow this is just frakin pathetic people you get a 20 % moon chance period at the highest thats all there is to it it will say if you got a moon or if you didnt…

    — Zetsway    Jul 3, 12:41 AM    #
  86. Dragonslayer, yippee2393 is right, assuming he means after those 20 moonshots at 20%, you have a 99% chance of getting a moon on at least one of those tries:
    1 – 0.8^20 = .99 (nearly).

    — mathguy    Jul 12, 02:42 PM    #

* * * * *

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