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OGame Hacks


Published: Jul 4, 05:09 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

I was checking my statistics for OGame Tips the other day, and I noticed several hits of people looking for OGame Hacks.

Now, my question is… WHY? Why do you want to try and hack something like OGame? I mean, I could understand wanting a trainer for a single-player game, but cheating with an online multi-player game? Come on!

Using any hacks, cheats or exploits in OGame will get you banned. Don’t ask me how, cause I don’t know. But if you check the pillory, you will find people occasionally banned for cheating, bug exploits, etc.

The only two things that would really be of use to hack in OGame are either resources, or time-to-build. And either of those can be accumulated if you play well and pay attention.


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. I donít need cheats. I need information, espionage and database application, those will be my assistant in oGame and will offload from me all this crapy and dumb mousework.

    1st. I want EW (Early Warning) system. I canít be online all the time and my work load is unpredictable, so if fleet save ends before Iím able to control the bridge, Iíl loose. I feel myself very stupid in such cases. So, SMS-ng or emailing will be the solution.

    2nd. Espionage and galaxy listings are ugly, and exploring the galaxy is very boring. I want the automated collection of the planets or players data automated.

    3rd. In my uniís (the ogame.ru) there is no construction queues, advanced messaging and other premium features available. Itís boring and time-ineffective to develop colonies without these.
    — Ogamer    Jul 26, 01:13 AM    #
  2. lol

    I think that is so silly, looking for cheats for Ogame!!! l

    — Crack Shot    Nov 4, 10:51 AM    #
  3. So, just because you think itís silly, means that no one is really doing it? Get real. This is a glaring warning sign here. The fact that people are searching for cheats, means people ARE cheating, and hacking the game database. Now is the time to be wary, instead of after the disaster.

    Ghent    Nov 8, 12:07 PM    #