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Raiding other Planets


Published: Jan 4, 07:05 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Raiding Benefits

In 3 raids over the past 2 days I have netted 350K resources from 2 different players/planets. This change from colonization to raiding has made me realize I should have started sooner, and I would recommend it to everyone else following this guideline:

Know yourself

The first thing to do is know your own limits. If you start raiding how much capacity do you have for plunder? If you don’t have enough you might want to build more cargo ships. Also know what size fleet you plan to attack with. If you have recyclers, be sure you have enough to pick up any leftover debris.

Know your target.

The first step is to familiarize yourself with your target. First, I don’t recommend attacking anyone in a major alliance. Check up to 10 systems away in either direction and find the unaligned guys. Also, if you see an alliance symbol you aren’t familiar with, look it up in the statistics page. There are a lot of alliances with only 1-2 low level players in them. Once you find your unaligned players, check the top 1500 and see where they rank. If they rank close to you or don’t show up, send an espionage probe to judge their defenses. Sending a fleet of probes will get you more info. I generally send 5, but 2-3 should suffice.

Pick the right target.

What I would not have believed, but have found is that there are a lot of players out there who stock resources and leave them on planets completely undefended. You might not believe me, but I hit a guy with 80K Metal/Deut and 110K Crystal that didn’t have a single missile launcher on the planet. Those are your targets. If you can see their fleet all the better. Planets with Cargo Ships are worse targets than planets without because they might take their resources and run.

Use SpeedSim

SpeedSim is a simulation software you can download from the Speedsim Website. Use it to determine the outcome of a battle before you get there. Last thing you want is to send a small (or large) fleet in and get wiped out and gain no profit.

Use Raksim

Raksim is a missile simulator that you can use to see how much damage your Inter-planetary missiles will do. Or see how many IPM’s it would take to destroy someones defenses.

You can send your IPM from the Galaxy view. You will see a message at the top of the screen showing your missile status. Next to the “Spy” icon (for each planet) is an icon to launch a missile. Click the missile icon and you can send your IPM’s. If you do not have the missile icon, then your missiles are too far away to attack the target.

Send the recyclers first.

Always send recyclers ahead of your fleet. They will take longer to get there. If you do not have recyclers build them. If you do not have the technology for recyclers, find planets with no defense, or extremely little defense and make them a high priority to spend the plunder on. If you try to send them and “Collect Resources” is not an option, it means the planet has never been attacked to create a debris field. Attack it with a single espionage probe that will get blown out of the sky and you now have a debris field.

Send the right fleet.

You can get away with a max 50% of the resources per attack. To be efficient, you should send enough cargo ships to get that. Make sure your fleet is big enough to overwhelm your opponent. Remember, while you are flying there he can see you, and could build some extra defenses. Don’t ever send cargo ships by themselves or you might find they build a few missile launchers and wipe them out.

Don’t attack to frequently.

The idea here is to raid and get more resources. If you just took half his available resources, and you attack again, you will only get half that. Instead, find other targets to attack as well, but make a note of this one. Later you can come back and get the resources again. At most you can attack the same player 3 times in 24 hours. It’s not recommended to do that though. Additionaly, the more you raid a guy the more he will start trying to defend himself. So, take it easy. Besides, remember this is a game, and let the other guy have a chance to play too (not to big of a chance though). I strongly recommend you don’t raid the same player more than once a day.

Send those probes

Make sure you have a complete scan before you attack. If you only see the enemy fleet, but can’t see his defenses, you better scan again. You don’t want your fleet blown to pieces because you didin’t realize that the enemy had 30 plasma cannons, and 1000 small lazers that you didn’t know about. Raiding can allow you to recieve a lot more resources, if, and only if, you go about choosing you targets wisely. You should send another full probe about 5 minutes before your fleet hits. Then you can see if the target ‘saved their resources’ or not.


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. First off – this is a nice little how-to to get over the first couple thousand points.
    One major point though:

    The safety scan 5 minutes ahead will serve you badly if your enemy has a little sense. If he does, and additionally, if he has another planet with some major fleet in the vicinity, he’ll time the arrival of this fleet to within as little as one second of your attack fleet’s arrival. The result is, of course, sudden and unnecessary death. Try to figure out how much time you need to send the probe, get the results and recall your attack. Get this time as low as possible. Time your scan so you could just get your fleet out if need arises. Remember: You’re not the only one with a brain in this game.
    — NormalityBytes    May 24, 07:03 AM    #
  2. anyone know anything about how to predict what damage the interplanetary missiles will do?
    — david    Jun 24, 09:47 AM    #
  3. i have 4 guys right by me that ALL have been off for 4 weeks. will they be upset after they come back to find that they have no res? i hope that they don’t figure out that the others got canned, too. they could gang up, but then again, they only have L1 metal mines. i don’t see how that werx as i have over 500 pts.
    — dean    Jul 7, 08:12 PM    #
  4. I have found that a usefull tactic myself, with one minor change, I simply start scanning through solar systems in one direction or another from my planet, and write down the coordinates of all the unaligned players, till I got about 30 or so, then I probe them all, and any planet with over 100K resources I keep the espionage report and attack. The rest I delete.
    Now, I know it seems like probing 30 or more planets seems like alot of work, but the whole process should only take you 20 minutes and you will be left with enough targets to satisfy your fleets ability for at least 2 days.
    — Badger    Jul 10, 10:16 PM    #
  5. This is for david who post a question about predicting damage done by the interplanetary missisles. Below is a link to the online simulator (similar to SpeedSim):

    — norbiq    Jul 19, 09:50 AM    #
  6. I updated the article above with a section on RakSim. It has both a downloadable and online version.
    Eric    Jul 23, 08:34 AM    #
  7. hi cqn i qsk you whqt do you need to raid a planet. i didn t saw what do you need .can you plz send me to my mail ????anybody
    — redisraoul    Jul 27, 03:55 AM    #
  8. I know what you mean when you say there are people out there with stacks of resources on a planet and no defence. I found a guy with 200k metal, 180k crystal and 150k deut and similar values on 2 other colonies of his, with 1 missle launcher between the 3!
    — fahog    Sep 2, 07:16 PM    #
  9. Isnt it better to raid Inactives as they wont retaliate?
    — Alex    Sep 26, 02:38 PM    #
  10. inactives are fine, but they are attacked every now and then and/or they don’t have developed mines, so that wont help you much later in game
    — Tiho    Nov 1, 02:33 PM    #
  11. Sometimes you get lucky and find inactives with high-level mines and no defenses. Or moderate defenses that you can destroy with IPMs and then harvest daily until they are deleted.
    Eric    Nov 1, 08:42 PM    #
  12. i found a guy with 2.5mil metal and more than level 20metral mine, but his defence, over 120 gauss cannons,700+heavy lasers,so on i think it’ll ake way over 20missiles to get them, but the reward (after spending loads on missiles)will stil be good, it’ll take over a week to prepare thouh:(

    — Guardian    Dec 17, 06:18 PM    #
  13. there are 2 planets near me, one with level 20 mines, the other with level 15 mines, both have no defence and have been inactive for over 2 weeks. an easy 150k of each resource per day!

    — lee    Dec 17, 10:56 PM    #
  14. What determines how much resources you would yield from a raid? It’s like I just attacked someone who had 100k of everything.. and i brought back 23k of metal and less than that of crystal and deut. I don’t understand why. Can someone help??!

    — DaWombat    Dec 18, 07:12 PM    #
  15. you probably didn’t sned the right amount of cargo ships. You can get up to 50% of all res on a planet, I believe.

    — alex    Dec 19, 05:04 PM    #
  16. How long after you attack a planet does it take the defender to rebuild his/her defenses?

    — Mazer    Dec 22, 12:27 PM    #
  17. This question may have been answered before but does anyone know if a single IPM attack counts as raiding if the missles are not escorted by an attacking fleet? (=only defenses get destroyed, no fleet involved)

    — Argonaut    Dec 28, 09:24 AM    #
  18. how does one deploy a IPM? I can’t seem to locate the way to

    — Zim    Jan 3, 07:33 PM    #
  19. Does anyone know if a player can keep on raiding when his storage tanks are full?

    I understand that mining stops once the storage tank capacity has been filled but can one keep on raiding and increasing the resources for a specific building or research? From my experience, the resource figures become red but keep on growing above the maximum tank capacity. Maybe the cargo bays of the cargo ships count as temporary storage capacity… Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

    — Skipper    Jan 4, 08:56 PM    #
  20. Is it possible to take over someone elses planet?

    — Bob    Jan 5, 03:12 AM    #
  21. As an answer to your taking over a planet no yo cannot but you can caused someone to surrender their plaet if they are tired of being attacked this destroys the planet but it is te defenders choice not yours good luck on making another surrender his planet though.

    — Airforce man    Jan 10, 11:20 AM    #
  22. I got that (resources going above storage capacity) too, and at the time i didn’t have any ships for extra cargo or raiding and no one was sending me resources.

    — Timmy    Jan 14, 12:41 AM    #
  23. I attacked a planet but the owner hadn’t been on in a while and doesn’t play anymore. My fleet that attacked isn’t on route nor at my planet.

    — berto000    Jan 18, 07:14 PM    #
  24. dude… I no this seems like a stupid question but do u need any sertain ship to invade and do they hav 2 be online?

    — Dave    Jan 23, 02:10 PM    #
  25. This cant be more true, raiding is so easy, especially on inactive players

    — relam13    Feb 3, 07:08 PM    #
  26. hey you guys ever do triple wave raids? like for example to get all of his 50% of resources you need 12 cargos, so the second wave you send 6 and the 3rd you send 3, i do it sometimes cus good targets are hard to find, too many level 1 mines…:(

    — ZZZ    Feb 6, 09:52 PM    #
  27. First: no, they don’t have to be online, that’s why the fleetsave.

    Second: If you are not so strong, you’d better attack only innactive players.

    Third: ups! Yes, sometimes I do attack more than once the same target, but it’s supossed that might not be.

    — Freud, Uni 6    Feb 16, 10:29 PM    #
  28. what i do i get inactive guys with nice mining weak defense make a note of them, and keep searching for new raidable planets after i have a nice fleet i just follow the common sense it can really give you resources.

    — cubano    Feb 21, 10:24 PM    #
  29. Do you have to destroy the defender to be able to raid him?

    — darkeldar    Feb 23, 04:29 PM    #
  30. Quote:”First off – this is a nice little how-to to get over the first couple thousand points.
    One major point though:

    The safety scan 5 minutes ahead will serve you badly if your enemy has a little sense. If he does, and additionally, if he has another planet with some major fleet in the vicinity, he’ll time the arrival of this fleet to within as little as one second of your attack fleet’s arrival. The result is, of course, sudden and unnecessary death. Try to figure out how much time you need to send the probe, get the results and recall your attack. Get this time as low as possible. Time your scan so you could just get your fleet out if need arises. Remember: You’re not the only one with a brain in this game.
    — NormalityBytes May 24, 09:03 AM # ” The 5 min scan will make little difference in whether they build defences/fleetsave/bring a large fleet since they are able to see that your fleet is going to attack anyway after you have sent it

    — g    Feb 25, 11:37 AM    #
  31. if you find a weakly defended planet with good mines, click personal message, it will tell you the coordinates of thier homeplanet as weel so theres another possible hit, and you can see what they may try and get revenge with

    — adam    Mar 14, 03:18 PM    #
  32. how could you destroy mine because i can’t get pass them when i’m attacking and i don’t want to lose any ships to mines

    — brandon    Apr 16, 06:39 AM    #
  33. Another suggestion:

    If your espionage level sucks, whether it’s at level 2 or 3, whatever. Chances are you hardly ever get any information other than amount of resources. Just send one spy probe to attack the planet and if you win the battle it’s safe to send your fleet in. This is only good for those starting out very early though.

    — Pax    Apr 21, 08:55 PM    #
  34. I have been raiding my inactive neighbours for over 15 days now. About 4 or 5 of my neighbours. And guess what, their still inactive. But their mines are working… at least for me they are. And they produce so much I raid them 3 or 4 times each every 2 days. Should have starded sooner though… they’ll apear or disapear soon. I still dont know wich I prefer, if you know what I mean.

    — Isarma    May 3, 06:42 AM    #
  35. I espionaged some one who wasn’t there for a month and found he had no defenses then attacked him. All of a sudden five light laser appear and blow up my cargo ships when they got there!!!!!! I then check him on galaxy but he still hasn’t logged in!!!

    — Ulrich    May 8, 06:58 PM    #
  36. uh, well, oops. I attack the wrong planet!!!

    — Ulrich    May 8, 07:04 PM    #
  37. Is there an english version of raksim? or how do I regester to get to it? I don’t speak German and can’t seem to understand how to register on the page listed in the link above. Thanks.

    — Talonheat    May 24, 06:59 PM    #
  38. Can you send supplies to another planet to give to another player? I am so low on metal and crystal – could he seld a cargo ship to my planet and drop it off?

    — Monday    May 31, 02:36 PM    #
  39. Do you need recyclers? I have a (Lame) Fleet of 4 small fighters and 2 cargo, the planet im going to attack has nothing, will i get anything?

    — JT    Jun 2, 08:23 PM    #
  40. you dont need recyclers but thy help for hervesting toget some easy metal and crystal for some duet

    — red dead uni 4    Jun 3, 02:55 PM    #
  41. Well One thing I do is I’ll either start at solar system 1 or 100 and work my way up or down through the ranks deleting all ppl with low res I rarely spy on inactives cuz I have already and they don’t have good res I spy on people that are active and sometimes even tho they might not have a lot of res it’s their fleet that I destroy (my fleet used to hav over 78 bs’s before I was attacked b a guy ranked 45) and I send recyclers to pick up the res I make out his fleet which usually for me is like 80k+ metal and 60k+ crystal

    But if the planet has like no res don’t attack it even if it does have a little fleet I might do that but the people that I’ve fleet crashed also did have some res so the res I got was a good amount

    Also people can’t be sending you a lot of res they can send you some but not constantly and tons of it becuase then they will be banned for pushing

    — Deaths Row    Jun 6, 07:40 AM    #
  42. i am points 5000+ and i need to get some room on my planet. ( note i play the french version)

    i have lev 18 metal mine
    lev 16 crystal mine
    and lev 16 deuthérium synthétisor

    3 recyclors 15 small transports an 8 big transports, 380 small fighters an 40 hard fighters, 25 cruisers, 2 batalle ships,

    i need room on my main planet and i need lots of resources. i have 420k metal, 65k crystal an 720k deuthérium, but i will need more soon after i research the nanite stuff. Can someone (who is in unovers 28) tell me werre to get more resources???.

    my name in the game is : Pashie 14

    thx for ur help…

    12800 km ( 101 / 163 cases )
    Pashie 14    Jun 9, 08:33 PM    #
  43. the onlhy way to go is fleet crash, you fleetcrash a guy with 50 BS and you have urself 600K metal and 300K crystal. try to get 4 times as much BS than the defender and youll always win.

    — viper    Jun 12, 03:15 AM    #
  44. Sorry for my english I’ll try to explain what you should to do to get huge amounts of resources every day.Most of ogame players think that inactive planets don’t have good res. And it is true because they are simply to late in raiding these planets.The key is to find new inactive planets of poor players just minutes after midnight (its time when normal planets turn inactive after 7 days,its like that on polish servers).Why poor players? Because they have nooprotection for most of other players so resources are safely accumulating over 7 days! Other poor active players may simply not have a single transporter or fleet to destroy a few lasers and raid these planets.So after 7 days there may be up to 300 k of res! Check it out yourself! All you have to do is note all of noobprotected planets in your neighbourhood and check minutes after midnight if some of them turned inactive.You would be surprised how much of res there can be!

    — simon    Jun 24, 09:33 PM    #
  45. I rarely spent fleetslots to do a check up scan. I send as little fleet as possible, sometimes as less as just SC & 5-10 HF’s(they have the same speed @ inpulse5 or above, LF are a tad slower).

    If they get killed, no big deal, in the mean time another fleetslot gets me 10-20 or even 30 SC’s full of res to compensate for the eventuale loss.

    Since i’ve only been shot down 5 times and ended up in a draw twice as much, the ammount of ships lost compared with the resource gain is petite.

    Main research is about armor(to keep ur SC intact as long as possible) and ever increasing engines, especially impuls&hyper. I try to get to my targets in less then one hour _

    My key is to scan, see and raid. No matter the score, the alliance etc. Since i’ve been ranked 2nd for over 3 months with a few week on #1 in my universe, it’s pretty effective, but it eats up a lot of time, and many people WILL hate you for it :P

    — rey nemaattori    Jun 30, 04:21 PM    #
  46. I found a guy with two planets, one which had a moon only one system away from my house who’s been inactive for about 2 weeks as far as i remember he never had a missle launcher or anything. and his energy is over 4000. all i do is raid each planet 1-2 times a day and get about 120k+ resources mostly metal, but still good

    — Sean    Jul 6, 07:07 PM    #
  47. How to get around the 50% maximum resource stealing limit for an attack:

    Send several waves of attack. The first wave will steal 50% and subsequent waves will halve that further like so:

    50% + 25% + 12.5% + 6.25% + 3.125% + 1.5625%

    There, you grabbed 98.4375%—basically 100%—of the planet’s resources.

    (Note: given that the new rules have extended the bashing rule to 6 attacks maximum, the above strategy may apply. However, using the old system—3 attacks maximum—you may still steal 87.5% of the resources with 3 waves.)

    — Arbron    Jul 13, 02:17 PM    #
  48. If some one tells u that their going to raid or u find out, just use up all the resources and tell them that u did. They wont bother raiding!

    — Renat    Jul 16, 10:28 AM    #
  49. Hi all,
    i was wondering, I just began raiding this week and my first target was another guy right next to me. i raided him and he got fleetcrashed. i was going to leave it at that, but he got his alliance involed and they sent some esp probes (which i killed) and a sloppy light fighter fleet. these all failed, but now in revenge im raiding the guy once a day and asking my alliance to take out his alliance. am i doing this right, or am i going overboard

    — dazza3000    Jul 22, 01:07 AM    #
  50. I was just wondering if i raid someone, how long will it took it to go there and come back…and can they be hit/destroyed?and what kind of people or planet should i raid?and does anyone want to trade?with metal for crystal?and can we trade deuterium?

    — hummah2004    Jul 24, 03:02 PM    #
  51. @dazza3000
    What you’re doing is fine but make sure you don’t break the bashing rule.

    If you plan on having a war then post it at the forums at the approperate board…

    — eithel    Jul 25, 08:41 AM    #
  52. is the bashing rule planets or peaple for example can i batter some guys planets 5 times each or just the guy 5 times as i am unsure

    — carr    Jul 28, 08:02 AM    #
  53. good idea, but one thing. What if your probe gets discovered! It could give them warning so give them time to relax, but not to much time!

    — The emperor    Jul 29, 01:28 PM    #
  54. If you are involved in alliance war when the war stops? I mean, the war can’t go on forever, right?!

    — Aredhel    Aug 3, 02:32 PM    #
  55. is it just me or is every other post from a noob
    ((geez they got to make a new player thing for this game))

    — S.J.    Aug 18, 07:27 AM    #
  56. just about those probes it’s small tip but they work like that: 1probe, then if u didn’t get enough info 4probes, then 9,... and so on …

    sending 5 probes won’t give u more info than 4 so why risking losing that one extra? regards ;)

    — polish_student    Aug 21, 06:43 AM    #
  57. im still pretty small, but even so, i raided this guy too much one time and when i checked after the last attack, he was in nooby protection mode

    — dood    Aug 27, 09:37 PM    #
  58. Man.. i’ve got a problem. im coming out of nooby protection every two weeks and then this guy with 200BS missles all my def and raids me with 200 battleship. he always has 2 many missles for me to block. i keep tryna fleetsave but hes got phanelax. i kant advance anymore what do i do. and please give me options other than “talk to him”

    — dazza3000    Sep 1, 04:05 PM    #
  59. if u cant advance at all, that might count as bashing. u might wanna tell a GO

    — dood    Sep 2, 10:16 PM    #
  60. how do yuo predict what the out come of a battle will be is there like as imulator you could make ?

    — bob65    Sep 8, 08:21 PM    #
  61. Intergallactic raiders!
    Please advise how to search a players rank quickly as I’m new and looking for my first target. I can’t risk upsetting anyone as my fleet is one cargo ship ! On the menu search option it has a column for rank but it’s always blank. An attack with an espionage drone may provoke response attacks so I need to know they are lower rank than I.
    Also, is it better to try to join the highest ranking alliance possible, or should I try to ensure they have members close by, and how close should this be?

    — Lord Z    Sep 10, 10:17 AM    #
  62. i’m still a newbie in dt game but where can i see if the player in active or not

    — marko    Oct 29, 03:18 AM    #
  63. Want to here a funny story ?

    I was flipping thru the soalr systems wen I came acrooss this planet I said heck with it and sent some esbionage probes out to see wat he got , the report came back and said that he has 100k metal , crystal and Deut.
    Not one defence . But you see I had a delema I have not built any any war ships . but had alots of cargo ships . SO I made a big bet and sent all my cargos to go and take his resources . Let me tell you it was hard to sleep knowing that you sent 20 large cargos to capture res. un protected . so in the morning I wake up and go see wat happened .

    The funniest thing I captured all his resources . And my cargos did’nt get a scratch !! LOL

    — chad    Dec 9, 03:25 PM    #
  64. i found a guy w/ 212+ missles so i nuked him with 3 ipbm’s and got a total of 200k crystal/metal

    — ironwall    Jan 24, 02:22 PM    #
  65. I want to know, what kind of fleet is the best to Raid other planets.

    I mean.. the first NOOB COMBINATION.

    For an example:
    5 light fighters + 3 cargos and spy with the Espionage Probe…

    Plz, answer me :)

    — Clark    Jan 25, 05:27 PM    #
  66. I want to know, what kind of fleet is the best to Raid other planets.

    I mean.. the first NOOB COMBINATION.

    For an example:
    5 light fighters + 3 cargos and spy with the Espionage Probe…

    Plz, answer me :)

    * * * * *    Feb 25, 02:25 PM    #
  67. okay dude. above me

    if your a n00b and want a good combination.

    for one. start by getting at least 15 Light fighters. then you can kinda Hold your own, then Have 5 Small Cargos and go search for peeps with say 10 RL’s.

    But personally I wouldn’t recommend Raiding until you get the Heavy Hunters. they make life easyer.

    The Fun of OGame kicks in when you have 300 Battleships going into Battle against a large fleet of enemy Battleships, and Speedsim shows that its anyones battle.

    The wait for things like that are painfull, but rewarding! ;)

    — Chancellor Palpatine    Mar 10, 06:27 AM    #
  68. I just attack people who are inactive, cause they don’t have last-minute-arriving-fleets and can’t build defense while my fleet is traveling to them cause THEY’RE NOT ON

    — Krahhl    Apr 19, 06:10 PM    #
  69. when attacking inactives, make sure you only attack ones that produce deuterium or have a large stockpile of metal or crystal, if you use too much deuterium to get somewhere that has no deuterium production at all, the farm might be too inefficient for use.

    — gaka    Apr 20, 11:57 AM    #
  70. I raid inactive planet which i know have no fleet with my pathetic fleet of 4-5 LF and 1 SC
    (I leave 1-2 LF at my home planet so some1 doesn’t probe raid or cargo raid my stuff)

    — blobzor    May 26, 02:15 AM    #
  71. my best raid…. lol

    Saldiran Oksbad (1:353:11)
    Silahlar: 0% Kalkanlar: 0% Zirh: 20% Tip K.Nakliye H.Avci
    göster. 1 3
    silahlar: 5 50
    kalkanlar 10 10
    Zirh 480 480

    Savunan mehmetatasoy (1:360:12)
    Silahlar: 0% Kalkanlar: 0% Zirh: 0%
    yok edildi

    Savasi saldiran taraf kazandi!
    Ele geçiriyor
    2.575 Metal, 2.574 Kristal ve 0 Deuterium

    Saldiran taraf toplam 0 ünite kaybetti.
    Savunan taraf toplam 0 ünite kaybetti.
    Su an bu alan koordinatlarinda bulunan : 0 Metal ve 0 Kristal.

    (It’s Turkish)

    — blobzor    May 26, 06:07 AM    #
  72. can i raid a moon?

    — Jur@    Jul 14, 09:35 AM    #
  73. hi if i raid someone and i bring recyclers in fleet wouldf they automaticly resycle afetr batle or must i send em like seperate just after fleet leave? and if so how do i send em if there no debris yet?? and what is rapid fire

    — jak    Jul 26, 06:10 PM    #
  74. When using spy probe sometimes I see Defense and Fleets subject but no data. Other times there are no Fleet and Defense subjects lines. Which means no defense and fleets and which is not enough Esp tech?

    — Daz    Aug 24, 08:14 AM    #
  75. If you see the bars, but there’s no data, you scanned successfully and they have nothing. If you don’t see the bars, you need more tech or probes.

    — Mushironsha    Aug 26, 06:14 AM    #
  76. @ Mushironsha
    Thanks. Thought there was bit too much Res to be left undefended.
    Do people really leave accounts inactive for 28days and then return or do you think the’ve got bored abandoned ship.

    — Daz    Aug 28, 06:51 AM    #
  77. who cares about tactics and probing seconds befor an attack you wont have time too recall, just hit, run and hope for the best, you lot are to into this game

    — common sense    Sep 16, 02:38 PM    #
  78. Question: When my friends raid, they say it sometimes says Reward: +Robotics, or Reward: + Armor. Does this mean after a successful raid you can steal the enemy’s technology?

    — Jason    Sep 18, 10:27 AM    #
  79. hi…. im quite new…..

    what would be the best fleet to attack with and what is the best way to go about attacking?

    thanks :)

    the flying eagle uni 6    Sep 24, 07:46 AM    #
  80. Is there a way to tell your fleet which resources to pick up first or most of? If I want Crystals more than Metal, can I tell my cargo ships to pick up all the Crystal first?

    Thanks for helping out all the NooBs!

    — Wyzeguy    Oct 9, 12:23 PM    #
  81. heres some advice for all the noobs out there. build a couple of large cargos as soon as you can and search for planets with enough resources to fill them up and with no defences. you will be surprised how many players just leave undefended resources. its worked great for me so far

    happy hunting

    ps. get your esponiage up as soon as possible

    — common sense    Oct 23, 12:55 PM    #
  82. a few days ago i raided someone with 500000 metal 200000 crystal and only 35000 duet but still no defenses so i sent some large cargo’s and it was assume

    — willydezze    Dec 1, 11:33 AM    #
  83. Is this a good idea for raiding?

    First I’m attacking the guy with 15 battle ships 5 bombers and 5 cruisers.

    Then hoping ill win :D

    I have it set up so like 3 mins later I have like 12 receylers coming in and at about the same time I have 5 more large cargos coming in to take more resoucres and escorting the cargos is 10 heavy fighters in case he builds up like 3 rocket launchers in the time.

    Also, I was woundering if I should attack the dude right before I go t school or like at 12 PM

    — Bob The Builder    Dec 2, 09:09 AM    #
  84. I have sent an attacking fleet. I am trying to send recyclers to pick up the debris which will be there after the battle. However, I am unable to, and given this message:

    “Planet is uninhabited and should be colonized!!”

    I am certain I am sending the recyclers to the proper coords, and certain that I am sending it to the DF. It is as if it wont let me send the recyclers there since there is no DF currently there. From the advice given above, it seems you should be able to. Any help?

    — Cap'n Scab    Dec 6, 02:20 PM    #
  85. n/m. Maybe I should read thoroughly before posting next time :P

    — Cap'n Scab    Dec 6, 02:45 PM    #
  86. when you raid someone can they find out who attacked them

    — dell    Feb 4, 01:17 PM    #
  87. Hi. Im fairly new to ogame, i was just wondering. when you attack a planet, what is the countdown timers on the overview page? Anyone help me please?

    — Dean.k    Mar 1, 12:58 PM    #
  88. I found this article on raiding inactives pretty useful:


    “The Ultimate Guide to Raiding Inactives”

    Lucas    Mar 9, 08:56 AM    #
  89. If there is an planet in my attack range and player in that planet not having any defence and attack units,
    1- When I am sending this planet transport units, shall I send them transport or attack mode for transporting resources to my planet?
    2- Do I have oportunity select the resources for transport to my planet?
    3- Does the return order will be given to my fleet in the foreign planet by me?
    Thank you as advance.

    — nautiboy    Apr 1, 07:08 PM    #
  90. “Don’t ever send cargo ships by themselves or you might find they build a few missile launchers and wipe them out.”

    Whats a “missile launcher”? how do I build them? I see “rocket launchers” but no “missile launchers”

    — Der    Sep 3, 11:56 PM    #

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