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Is EVE Online worth it?


Published: Nov 15, 05:25 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

WHAT! $19.95 a month to play! You have to be joking!

No, I am not. Everquest, Everquest II, Planetside, Dark Age of Camelot and World of Warcraft all charge monthly fees. So do many other MMORPG type games. Star Wars Galaxies comes to mind as well.

Yet none of them have the unique gameplay and theme that EVE Online does.

Getting Started – The Download

To get started playing EVE Online, go download the EVE Client

Getting Started – Register

Next, you need an account with EVE Online. Click here to register for a free 30 day EVE Online Account.

Getting Started – Playing

Read the extensive EVE Online FAQ for more information on the game story, and playing tips.


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