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Moon Buildings


Published: Oct 31, 07:23 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

A moon gives you another colony to build on.

But it is not a standard colony. For starters, you can only build a limited selection of buildings.

You can build the following on your moon:

The Robotic Factory

While these are great for your normal colony, they aren’t very useful on a moon. Your moon has a limited number of fields that are accessible. And the cost for build new Lunar Bases is astronomical. So don’t both with a robotic factory. Robotic Factories are essential on a moon. They drastically cut the build time for your Jump Gate and Lunar Bases. They can be deconstructed later if you need to recover some space. Your buildings will just take longer to construct.

The Shipyard

These are really only useful for building defenses on your moon. It is easier to build your fleets on a planet that can produce resource. Since your moon cannot produce resources, you have to ship everything in. You might as well just deploy your fleets to the moon. Having good defenses can be quite useful on your moon though… so I would suggest building the Shipyard to level 6. Defenses are pretty much worthless on a moon. You can’t really build your defenses up high enough to make a big difference… so don’t bother with a Shipyard.

Storage Tanks

These are pointless. Materials do not rot when sitting on the moon, and since you don’t produce resources, there is no need to have storage tanks. Just overload the moon as needed (be sure to fleet save often so you don’t get burned).

Lunar Base

This is your core building on your moon. Each new level of lunar base gives you four new useable fields. There is a maximum number of fields you can have on your moon (based on its size). Remember to save one field for the next Lunar Base. So you essentially have three useable fields per level of lunar base.

Sensor Phalanx

This is a very cool feature of a moon. And it is a building unique to a moon. With a Sensor Phalanx, you can see all fleet traffic within your range. And the target of this scan doesn’t know they are being scanned. Rumor has it that moons are a blind spot to a sensor phalanx. So fleet traffic too and from your moon is not noticed by the Sensor Phalanx.

Jump Gates

I can’t say much about these yet, since I don’t have one. From what I have been told, you need two of these (on different moons). They allow you to warp your fleet instantly from Moon A to Moon B for a very minimal Deuterium cost.

There is the overview of the Moon Buildings. I will fill in more details as I get them, and I will cover them extensive in the OGame Strategy Guide.

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OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. how do u find a moon?
    is it just the same as colanising a planet?
    sodman    Jun 16, 11:17 PM    #
  2. When a huge battle is taken a lot of trash remains in the orbit of the planet creating a (samll) chance to create a moon.
    Jordi    Jun 29, 07:58 AM    #
  3. ... U get a moon from DF after a battle.

    When u get a cr at the bottom if something got destroyed you will get something like this.

    At these space coordinates now float 1682700 Metal and 852000 Crystal.
    The chance for a moon to arise from the debris is 20 %
    — Shiki    Jun 29, 10:09 PM    #
  4. does colonising a moon count as one of the 8 colonies you can have?????
    — wingzero    Jun 30, 08:07 AM    #
  5. wingzero: Colonizing a moon does NOT count as one of your 8 planets. So it is possible to have:

    1 Home Planet
    8 Colonies
    9 Moons

    The chances of that are slim, but it is possible.
    Eric    Jul 2, 08:39 AM    #
  6. What I donít get is how do you get a lunar base. you need a moon to get one so how do you actually get your own moon. canyou colonize other peoples or your own moon?
    — Leo Lourie    Jul 7, 03:20 PM    #
  7. Leo: read comments #2 and #3. The only way to get a moon is by having a large enough debris field. You get a chance at a moonÖ

    Your highest chance is only 20%. And all the debris has to come from one battle.

    And you can only build on your own moonsÖ just like you can only build on your own colonies or planets.
    Eric    Jul 7, 06:50 PM    #
  8. Moons can also be used as a place to build deathstars and then storage tanks become usefull. Such as you dont have much storage on the planet so you build storage space on the moon and slowly take storage over to it where then it slowly builds up to enough to make a death star. I dont have enough storage space on my planet to build a death star. O how badly i want a moon.
    — Joshua    Jul 14, 09:38 PM    #
  9. There isnít any point in storage tanks on a moon. The resources do not rot, and since the moon canít produce resources of its own, the purpose of storage tanks is gone.

    By the time your ready to go for Graviton and a Death Star, most of your planets will be 250+ fields.
    Eric    Jul 17, 04:51 PM    #
  10. My question is about Sensor Phalanx. I have it level3. But i acnt see other people ship count in their fleets. I can only see time and coordinat. How can i see the number of ships in a fleet. Is it about my spying level? My spy level is level 6.
    — kahve    Sep 18, 07:21 PM    #
  11. If you arenít supposed to buy robot factories, then how are you going to get the shipyard? And, I would also add that robot factories are really useful on a moon, as they work like a nanite factory (divides building times in half, but doesnít effect the shipyard production [I am not sure about that, because I havenít built a shipyard on my moon yet]).
    — Jebediah2    Oct 5, 07:28 PM    #
  12. ya thats because shipyards speed up ship production.

    also, about warp gates, transportation is free and instantanious, but can only be done once every hour. and no res, only ships can be transported. I am about to be able to build a jump gate in 32 hours, so Iíll see how much it costs
    — Japheth    Oct 9, 03:08 PM    #
  13. Rumors said that a phalanx cannot see a fleet station from one star to the other. Is it right?
    — edmond    Oct 11, 06:01 AM    #
  14. I disagree about Robotic factories being useless on a moon. If you build your first lunar base level, it takes 1 day. Build the second level, it takes 2 days, etc. If you build Level 1 lunar base, then a Robotic factory, THEN level 2 lunar base, it only takes 1 day instead of 2. Same deal with Phalanxs. If you donít build a robotic factory or 2, it will take forever to build those higher level phalanxes and lunar bases in higher levels.
    Jim Williams    Oct 30, 08:33 AM    #
  15. I completely disagree about shipyards. Defenses built on a moon canít be destroyed by a missile attack. Actually defenses on a moon are very useful and I strongly suggest to build them and move your fleet on the moon.

    — Carlo    Nov 4, 08:12 PM    #
  16. if my planet has a T next to it what does it mean?

    — Nick    Nov 8, 09:13 AM    #
  17. do u hav 2 hav a moon 2 make a deathstar?

    — brett    Nov 22, 12:42 PM    #
  18. Hey, I’m not exactly sure how to use my Sensor Phalanx. Is there anything special I need to do, or does it just report when a ship is going by?

    — Noah    Jan 4, 04:29 PM    #
  19. Hi, I would like to know when a moon is formed do we need to colonize it or does the planet within this coordiante becomes directly the owner?

    — GuessBoy    Jan 6, 10:51 PM    #
  20. The moon belongs to the planet that it orbits around. In other words, if an attacked lost his whole fleet, and all of the debris were his, the moon (if one formed) would still be the defender’s.

    As for the phalanx… I don’t have one, but the way to use is thus:
    -Go to your moon’s overview (very important to do this from the moon!)
    -Click on galaxy view
    -You should be able to click on a planet’s name, and a popup will appear, bearing pretty much the overview screen of the planet. Keep it open, because it costs 5K deut for each scan.

    — Taran Wanderer    Jan 7, 09:29 PM    #
  21. Err… Lunar base gives you THREE new fields, of which it takes ONE leaving you TWO USABLE FIELDS per lvl; About Phalanx: go into galaxy menu, click on a planet, and you should get rid of 5k deu being given a nice report of the fleets on the planet instead. It does not show the coming back fleets on mission “deploy” (afaik it was “deploy” in english version ;)). Also it’s range: (levelOfOurPhalanx)^2 – 1; Teleps: get a few eco colonies in 8th galaxy (4-6), moon with a telep, and a colony with moon in galaxies 1-4 or where you want to, put teleps on each, and you’re the god ^^ If it gets to messy in the 1-4 galaxies, where you raid and destroy other fleets, simply go on vacation to 8th galaxy :D Quick, nice and easy ;) Of course, you have to do it in the later part of the game (you need about 400k – 800k pts, if you do not want to put all your res income into such a project – and that would be extremely risky!)

    — just a guy    Feb 5, 09:43 PM    #
  22. HELP ME

    — Valtauring    Mar 10, 10:23 PM    #
  23. i dont understand how to build a colony on a moon

    — Daigongen    Apr 7, 08:44 AM    #
  24. You cannot build a colony on a moon…1 more time:

    - If you get attacked a moon CAN be formed from the debris that comes from the attack! (You loose your fleet, or the attackers loses his)

    – The chances are 1% per 100.000 debris! But you can’t get more then 20%

    - If you have a phalanx: Go to “Galaxy” and hover your mouse over a planet and click “Phalanx” You’ll loose 5k deut and see his/her fleet activities.

    – You cannot colonize a moon, either you get one from an attack..or you don’t!

    - When you have a moon each lunar base will get you 3 NEW field, you always have to keep 1 field open for a new lunar base so you can build 2 buildings, then you have to build a lunar field again.

    – The range of a phalanx is: (PhalanxLVL)≤ -1 so when my phalanx is 3 i’ll have: 3≤ -1 = 8. So 8 ranges in your galaxy you can scan…
    Patrick Nijkamp    Apr 11, 02:12 AM    #
  25. Hi. I used ti play in uni 9, but now i am playing in uni16. I’ve heard players gather a huge fleet and group at a planet and he destorys it himself. If he does this can he form a moon?

    — Kai    Apr 12, 03:04 PM    #
  26. so you must have a battle happen in one of your planets to get the moon am i right

    — austin    Apr 26, 11:38 AM    #
  27. how much does lv1 phalanx cost?

    — R.Z.K    Jun 16, 07:20 AM    #
  28. Sensor Phalanx level 1 costs 20,000 metal, 40,000 crystal and 20,000 deuterium.

    Building defences on a moon can be very useful if you use it intelligently. A moon cannot be scanned with a Sensor Phalanx, nor can it be attacked with IPMs. These two qualities make it the ultimate base. The only slight hurdle is the fact that a psycho rank 5 player can attack it with 10 Deathstars and destroy it, although most wouldn’t because a large moon is guaranteed to destroy any incoming Deathstars anyway.

    — Arbron    Jul 2, 03:48 AM    #
  29. How much does Jump gate cost? I’ve already got a moon & are getting a friend to fleetcrash into me, so yeah. Any number would be nice

    — Shadow    Sep 18, 01:18 AM    #
  30. awww man they need 2 make a nanite factory on the moon possible. because if ur in system x-250-x, lvl 16 phalanx takes a year 2 make….... so if u do that, u can scan every person in that galaxy:) but they need nanite

    oh yea, with that they will have 2 take off terraformer on the moon… cos that would kill the lunar bases point.

    — thecat    Sep 26, 04:21 PM    #
  31. Ok so there is a thing they call the sensor phalanx. Cool beans but what aboot the range… how far can a level 1 scan and so on an so on

    Mandla    Jan 23, 10:25 AM    #
  32. do u have to have 2 JG’s for em to work??

    Yes, you have to have at least 2 Jump Gates. You cannot jump to someone else's gate either. ~ Voidhawk

    — joe    Feb 11, 11:35 AM    #
  33. you guys are stupid

    those are the moon threads on ogame…. god and you guys actually play ogame and have no clue

    — Arbs001    Mar 6, 11:39 AM    #
  34. hey people i believe that the lunar base shud make 4 fields, not three! also they need nanites as i said earlier.

    how do we speak with the ogame team to ask if these things can be made possible?

    — thecat    Mar 30, 05:52 PM    #
  35. you can build nine buildings on a moon
    1.lunar base
    2.jump gate
    3.Sensor phalynx
    4.Metal storage
    5.crystal storage
    6.Deutrium tank
    8. Robotics Factory
    9. Alliance Depot

    — Brett    Apr 10, 12:40 AM    #
  36. technically 6.
    no1 builds storage, so y put them on, i wonder?

    — thecat    Jun 3, 02:44 AM    #
  37. 2 questions:
    —What does an alliance depot do?
    —Are alliance depots available in all universes, or just the higher ones?

    — universe 17 man    Jun 3, 09:32 PM    #
  38. this is kind of a pointless question but i noticed that the lunar base takes up energy…does that have any relevance at all or is it just pointless?

    — Mark    Jun 28, 10:40 PM    #
  39. The Robotics Factory works exactly like a Nanite Factory on a moon.

    — Moozipan Cheese    Jul 28, 06:35 AM    #
  40. Robotics Factory works the same as it does on planets. The building time is reduced by 1/(lvl+1). So lvl 1 reduces time by 1/2, and lvl 2 reduces it again by 1/3. So if you have a lvl 10 Robotics Factory before building a jump gate, it would be: initial time-1/2-1/3-1/4-1/5…-1/11. Or you could also use this formula: time*(1/2)*(2/3)*(3/4)*...*(10/11), which is still pretty useful.

    Someone asked how much the Jump Gate costed. It’s 2 mil Metal, 4 mil Crystal, 2 mil Deut. Also the Phalanx starts at 20k Metal, 40k Crystal, 20k Deut, and each amount doubles with each lvl

    — 73h_m1k3    Sep 18, 07:27 PM    #
  41. I donít mean to bug you, but I have a question, two really.

    1. With the Phalanx Iím getting where the fleet is coming from and going to, but thereís no info on the types or numbers of ships in the fleet. Is there a way to get that info. at some point? If so what tech or building level do I need.

    2. Will any defenses on a moon help defend it from being destroyed or do the Deathstars attack the planet directly some sort of way avoiding the defense weapons build on the moon?

    Thanks for any responses,

    — mjryan    Oct 10, 03:20 PM    #
  42. to mjryan,
    before a deathstar can destroy your moon, it must first knock out all of your defenses, at least that’s what I’ve been told

    — nogame    Nov 29, 10:58 AM    #
  43. wats fleetcrashing

    — dell    Feb 4, 01:37 PM    #
  44. to mjryan & nogame:

    yes, a Deathstar must attack any fleet or defense on a moon before it can carry out a Moon Destruction mission, so it could be a good idea to get a lvl. 2 Shipyard on your moon and build up a bunch of Rocket Launchers to protect you from DS’s, as people will have to send more and have a greater chance of them loosing their fleet

    — genius_man16    Apr 8, 07:37 PM    #
  45. shipyards can kind of be useful my cousin has one level 1 because he had nothing else to build and when he wasn’t looking i built a solar sat because moons with energy are cool and yesterday he pmed me and told me that the soler sat killed an espionage probe!

    — bobkev    Jun 13, 08:07 PM    #
  46. how do u fleetcrash?

    — oezn123    Aug 14, 02:23 PM    #

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