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Moon Ratings, Deathstars and Lunar Bases


Published: Apr 13, 08:08 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

When your in the Galaxy screen, if you hover the mouse of the M (for a moon), you will see some numbers. Something like this:

Moon S:8366 T:8

The S stands for the Size of the Moon, and the T is temperature. So in the example above, the moon has a maximum size of 8366, and a temperature of 8.

Moon Temperature

The temperature on a moon is useless data. It does not affect anything, since the temperature used to calculate how much energy a Solar Sat produces is not that value, but the one on the Overview page.

Moon Size

The size information is important. This tells you how many possible fields a moon can have (derived from a lunar base) and what the chances of a RIP (a deathstar) has in destroying your moon. Deathstars are the only ship that can destroy a moon.

Moon size is a random calculation. There is nothing you can do to control the size of the moon. According to a recent thread on the OGame Forums, you can influence the moon size by creating a larger debris field. A 20% chance at a moon will guarantee a 8,000+ moon size.

Destroying a Moon with a Deathstar

The chance to kill the moon is:

(100-sqrt(moonsize))*sqrt(number of deathstars)

The chance, that the deathstar is killed is:


For now, I am not going to calculate these values. You can do so on your own.

UPDATE: Ok. the calculations above give the following results for my moon.

(100 – sqrt(8366)) * sqrt(1) = 8.5 – Round that to 8%

So a single Deathstar has an an 8% chance of destroying my moon. You would need 140 Deathstars to have a 100% chance of destroying my moon.

However, based on my moon size (of 8366) there is a 45% chance of my moon destroying the Deathstar

(sqrt(8366))/2 = 45.7 or 45%

NOTE: I updated the above function to show the square root (sqrt) instead of Radical. Makes it a bit easier to understand.

How many Fields can a Moon Have?

The calculation for how many fields a moon can have is: (S/1000)^2

In my example above (with my moon), S = 8366, so:

(8366/1000)^2 = 69.989956 = 70 (round up)

I can have 70 fields on my moon. Remember… each Lunar Base adds 4 useable fields to your moon. If you want to keep building more Lunar Bases, you need to save one field from each build. So I would need to build 24 Lunar Bases before I could max out the size of my moon. Considering that each Lunar Base doubles in cost, and a Level 5 Lunar Base costs 320,000 Metal, 640,000 Crystal and 320,000 Deuterium, you can see that having a level 24 Lunar Base is quite out of the picture.

Once you have a moon at a position in the Galaxy, you can never have another moon there. So if that moon was destroyed (either by Deathstars, or by a player deleting a planet) you cannot get another moon there. Not a bigger one, not a smaller moon. NONE!

UPDATE: There USED to be a bug preventing a new moon from forming (assuming you have a debris field adequate), but it is now fixed. So if a moon is destroyed you can get another moon. The next moon is of random size, so it could be bigger… or it could be smaller.

Moons do not aid your main planet in any way during an attack on the main planet. They are very useful as a place to send a fleet or resource quickly to avoid a crash. Just be sure to not leave the fleet and/or resources unattended.

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  1. well i wanna ask what radical(x) function stands for (mathemathically). it is used in your deathstar moon destruction probability calculation.

    — yo! sup?    Jun 22, 07:58 PM    #
  2. I donít think that the maximum moon size is 8366, I have seen one moon with the size of 8888 and another with the size 8660.
    — Anonymous    Jun 23, 01:42 AM    #
  3. I donít know why the called it the radical function, because almost no one knows what that is. But itís radical(x) = x^(0.5) (square root).

    And he meant the maximum size of that one particular moon, not of moons in general.
    — Aurrin    Jul 1, 12:43 PM    #
  4. Is It possible to get a bigger moon on the same planet?
    — Gavin    Jul 11, 07:13 AM    #
  5. Does anyone know whether the size of the moon depends on the amount of debris left after the attack or is it totally random?!
    — norbiq    Jul 19, 10:54 AM    #
  6. If you have a 20% chance or higher than you are guaranteed a moon with a size above 8000. Largest moon size is 8888.

    — Aflicted    Dec 21, 07:11 PM    #
  7. Iím sorry, largest moon size is 8999. MY mistake.

    — Aflicted    Dec 24, 02:38 PM    #
  8. I just got a moon. A few minutes ago it had 16 fields, now it has only 1. Why did it change?

    — Someone    Feb 9, 03:58 PM    #
  9. ok
    when someon send Deathstar to destroy my moon can i defende my moon by fleet? or deathstar don’t come in conflict with fleet!

    — masjtorbata    Feb 11, 07:03 PM    #
  10. i’m pretty sure that you have to have defenses on your moon rather than by fleet. maybe i’m wrong, but i think you can also send ships to your moon

    — buddha boy    Mar 16, 01:04 PM    #
  11. I know you can send espionage probes to your moon at least. I can’t count the times I’ve been spied on by a moon.

    — goronhead    Mar 24, 06:08 PM    #
  12. Thanks for the info dude :)

    — Bin    May 9, 07:01 PM    #
  13. You can deploy ships to your moon or attack or transport to other moons just like planets. Also to get defence you must buld a shipyard on the moon.

    — Odin    May 29, 10:22 PM    #
  14. i have a moon now but it has only 1 field =/

    — -shadow    Jun 2, 01:38 PM    #
  15. how much do deathstars cost per ship??

    — Abyss    Jun 2, 09:53 PM    #
  16. To Shadow: You need to build Lunar Bases to increase moon fields.

    To Abyss: I believe it’s 5 million metal, 4 million crystal and some amount of deut

    — Kramer390    Jun 9, 01:58 PM    #
  17. how many light lasers does it take to destroy 1 deathstar? or is it possible

    — freebird    Jul 8, 06:21 AM    #
  18. i dont get what the ^ thing in the calculations means. :(

    — red robot master    Jul 9, 09:15 AM    #
  19. This is my fifth attempt. I lost 5 fleets totally 40k points. No moon. Nooo Mooonnnn…

    — I want moon    Jul 9, 09:51 PM    #
  20. If you want a moon build 1667 light fighter and have someone attack you or ask someone who is in that trade, therer are several peeps in each uni who give moons, even uni 21 had a moon a couple weeks ago, coords 1:1:2. Make sure to harvest the LF DF…

    — Blade    Jul 25, 10:29 AM    #
  21. I must not understand something…or the whole moon base requirements are totally out of scale when compared with the timeframe of this game…

    moons regularly offer sizes which lead to 70 + potential fiels up for development (mine has 75 potential fields) yet to usethese fields I would have to build a moon base level 23 … the cumulative cost of such a base is … 1,342,177,200,000 ressources (at this level who cares about the metal/crystal/deut split) yes that’s 1 trillion 342 billion blah blah blah ressources… the combined time required to build such a base is 8,990,008 hrs or 374,583 days …that’s a 1026 years… and this is assuming max robotics factories at every moon base level … I know they think we’ll play this game for ever …but come on … how long did they think this through before implementing such numbers ?

    Shouldn’t it be better to simply make moons smaller ? or for each moon base level to give more fields ? which ever way its just plain ridiculous toeven contemplate developping a moon very far…

    — Tas Devil    Jul 25, 05:58 PM    #
  22. well.. if you made moons smaller then the chance of destroying it with the deathstars would increase so that is a bad idea.. but.. yea.. i agree it is lame that you really can’t use all the space.. but what the heck.. you can’t build alot stuff on the moon.. so what would you need the 20 last space for?

    — sheeepii    Aug 14, 09:17 PM    #
  23. I am basing this on the assumption that you can build nanites there,so if you have a level 6 nanite and max robotic then it would be about 16 hrs.

    — Leon    Aug 30, 04:59 PM    #
  24. i don’t understand this: according to the formula for getting chance of moon destroying the DS, there is the same chance that the moon destroy the DS, no matter if there is only one DS, or more
    is it possible?

    — Puni    Aug 31, 11:17 AM    #
  25. You said that the max size is 8366. That cant be right…I just got one thats 8944. Did they change it?

    — Frost    Sep 6, 05:52 AM    #
  26. No they have never had it like that, he just said that that was the size of his moon he was using as an example…

    — Blade    Sep 8, 06:01 PM    #
  27. ppl, the max fields u can have on a moon is 81.

    just thought u outta know :)

    — thecat    Oct 6, 10:33 PM    #
  28. how do you colnize a moon ive try sending colney ship there sevrel times but the option of colnization as a mision is not shown.

    You don't colonize a moon. You earn one by getting fleet crashed (or defeating the attacking fleet at your planet). See the tips on "Getting a Moon"~ Voidhawk

    — runescapeguy    Oct 10, 09:05 PM    #

    a lunar base gives u 2 or 3 fields, right? build a robot factory and leave only one field. then, instead of building another level of lunar base, fill the last field with some other building u want. then, deconstruct a level of robot factory and build a lunar base there. nice if u dont yet have robot factory above level 5. doesnt cost much, and buys u some time

    — De Emperor    Jan 2, 06:34 AM    #
  30. “A 20% chance at a moon will guarantee a 8,000+ moon size.”

    this isnt true.. the moon size is rendom

    — uni13.org    Jan 11, 01:44 PM    #
  31. If the moon size is random than we can have 1% chance and get the moon that have over 8000 fields or we can have 20% chance and get the moon that have about 4000-5000 fields! I dont agree.

    — war-lord    Jan 19, 12:26 PM    #
  32. “Remember‚Ķ each Lunar Base adds 4 useable fields to your moon.”

    It’s 3 fields actually.

    — Nerve    Jan 29, 02:46 AM    #
  33. hes right you started with 1, used that to get a lunar base and were left with 4 feilds in total

    — JAzz    Feb 17, 09:01 AM    #
  34. @uni13.org The moon size appears to be somewhat random, but out of my 4 moons from a 20% shot they are all over 8000 in size. My one from a smaller (accidental) shot is around 5500. Do you have evidence to the contrary?

    Note that the size of the fields it displays is REALLY BUGGY! (How many obvious bugs are there in this game? sheesh! amateurs) Don’t trust it, add them up yourself before making a costly mistake. And remember each Lunar Base level takes up one field

    — Dr Evil    Mar 19, 04:12 PM    #
  35. Well it took me 7 tries to get a moon. Each time wasted 1667 LF. The formulas up top work really well. For me just copy it into google and fill in your information. Press search and instantly you have an answer. I find that much easier than getting a calc.

    — joe    Mar 19, 04:33 PM    #
  36. I just unlocked graviton and was thinking of building a deathstar to go moon hunting but according to the formulas above it would take an army of deathstars to actually destroy a moon.

    also based on the formula for the chance of losing the deathstars, am i correct in saying that it doesnt matter how many deathstars actually attack the moon you may just loose them

    — thepinkavenger    Apr 15, 03:46 PM    #
  37. My moon have 9223km, i never can fill it….

    — Heman    Apr 17, 11:01 AM    #
  38. Can I attack myself to get me a moon chance?? Or does it have to be another player??

    — Ivalice    May 16, 01:19 AM    #
  39. Ivalice, why don’t you try to attack yourself and see what happens?


    — MorgueFLB    May 16, 04:55 AM    #
  40. For sensor phalanx is important an energy, and deuterium helps to create it!
    Can i make solar satellites to made an energy? and for what do they used at the moon?


    — Niky    May 21, 12:54 PM    #
  41. I have 3 moons at my homeplanet

    — Crazy Warehouse Guy    May 25, 03:24 AM    #
  42. I have a moon with 3872km. That makes it only 15 places top. blah! never mind – that moon was made from 20 Cruisers and some other ships. And it is not supposed to have your moon totally built-up. Later on moons come often *once you have one DS you have enough regular fleets to make moons. You cannot attack yourself. Size of DF effects MOONSIZE directly. Once granted, it is not ment to be destroyed. You can’t build nanites on moon. You are not supposed to colonize the moon, you are supposed to build Lunar Base. Yes there are lot of bugs Phalanax uses deut, not energy, nothing on moon uses energy. DS can be destroyed by fleet or defs. Acctualy, DS is vulnerable to large amount of small ships. And DS is never sent alone to attack. DS is more cargo storage (it can recieve 1mil res) or defensive structure than attack vessel (8h to nearest planet). They are used for intimidation, not warfare.

    — Chronos    May 25, 06:40 AM    #
  43. I have 3 moons at my homeplanet

    Crazy Warehouse Guy
    you dont have you can get just one moon on one pl.

    — Frost    May 27, 04:41 AM    #
  44. can you unlock nanite factory on a moon?

    — Angry Tracker    Jun 7, 03:15 PM    #
  45. I got a very lucky moon, was fleetcrashed as a newbie and got a 5,000 km moon on a 3% chance. The temperature doesn’t mean anything? I was hoping that the (majority of moons) moons with a negative temperature were actually moons… I’ve heard rumor that a deathstar in orbit of a planet would appear as a moon on the galaxy screen, is that true? What would their temperature be? Would it always be the same for that death star?

    — Revan    Jun 8, 01:37 PM    #
  46. The moon I just got is 8944km….just throwing that out there since there was debate about max size.

    — Skyking    Jun 19, 11:10 PM    #
  47. Alright How is it that the Biggest moon Size that you can get is 8366, When My moon Is 8602.

    — Brad    Aug 8, 04:12 PM    #

    — xan    Aug 27, 02:24 PM    #
  49. A deathstar orbiting a planet doesn’t make it a moon, a deathstar is part of a fleet. And yes, if you posters ACTUALLY read the words he put up, you might not think that that is the maximum moon size.

    — zakarocco    Sep 3, 04:54 AM    #
  50. hi i jst want to ask one thing… if i attack a moon(tats defenceless) wit a deathstar.. is there a chance tat the moon might not be destroyed? also IS THERE A CHANCE TAT I MIGHT LOOSE MY DEATHSTAR.. EVEN TO A DEFENCLESS MOON??? n lastly… does destroyign a moon create a DF???? plz plz plz advice..

    — rishi    Oct 1, 03:30 PM    #
  51. If you have a moon, can you increase the size of it by basically making another debris field from the same planet? Plz tell me! :)

    — Moo    Oct 7, 12:41 PM    #
  52. Is it just me or is the thing that shows the number of fields that the moon has is really glitchy? sometimes is says I have 0/1 fields – i haven’t developed anything on it yet; and sometimes it says 0/21 fields. Is the 21 fields the max number of fields I can have if i develop enough lunar bases?

    — Moo    Oct 7, 12:57 PM    #
  53. can someone attack your moon

    — blak    Oct 11, 06:02 PM    #
  54. Are people here mostly retarded?Or they are just asking retarded questions?

    — Dex    Oct 22, 05:02 PM    #
  55. Lol, both maybe, I think they just need to READ THE ARTICLE FIRST!!!!

    — The Shadow    Oct 23, 12:54 AM    #
  56. Lol. I just thought I’d point out to the guy talking about making smart posts, and who used capital letters..that it’s you’re…not your….^^

    — amAzing    Nov 4, 08:43 PM    #
  57. “well i wanna ask what radical(x) function stands for (mathemathically).”
    “I donít know why the called it the radical function, because almost no one knows what that is”
    “i dont get what the ^ thing in the calculations means. :(”
    Wow. Thanks for making my day.

    — Lmao    Nov 12, 08:14 PM    #
  58. 1. ^2 means times itself
    2. No, you cannot build a nanite on a moon
    3. As of the last update you can now launch interplanetary missiles
    (IPM) at moons where previously you could not.
    4. Of course a moon can be attacked. Use some common sense people.
    5. Once a moon is created you cannot increase its size.
    6. Yes, you can lose a deathstar to an undefended moon ONLY if the moon is destroyed. It can kill the deathstars as it blows up.
    7. Destroying a moon does NOT create a debris field adn just in case you ask destroying defenses do not create debris fields either.
    8. You cannot attack yourself. Silly question. Be proud of yourself.
    9. Each level af lunar base gives 4 extra fields. One of which it uses for itself. All moons start with onyl one field no matter what is reported in the overveiw.
    10. The largest moon in theory per the programing is 9000km. The largest I have seen is 8888 km.
    11. Tas devil is right. To build a moon to 72 fields would be a level 20 lunar base which would cost 83,886,080,000. This is not reasonable.

    — Matej    Dec 21, 10:47 AM    #
  59. Oh, to end the debate.. You must have authorization from a game administrator to destroy a moon, and you MUST have at least 3 deathstars.. In other words.. The calculations, were a waste of time, because you don’t need them.. There.. Debate ended? Just kidding.. I may be wrong about this..

    — Scooter    Feb 8, 02:32 AM    #
  60. Scooter you are 100% wrong. you do not need authorization from a game administrator to destroy a moon; you do not need 3 deathstars to destroy a moon.

    — rav    Feb 24, 05:15 PM    #

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