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Armor and Shielding


Published: Apr 12, 06:56 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Do your defenses and ships shields and armour “regenerate” after every round in a battle?

Yes and no. :) After every round of battle, your shields will regenerate back to full. Your armor is the “hit points” of your ship, and these do not regenerate during the battle. However, after the battle, any ships that took damage are repaired back to full status.

Furthermore, once a ship has lost more than 30% of its hitpoints, it has a chance to self-destruct (due to battle damage I guess).

Hull Points (hit points) and Technology

Each tech advance increases effective protection by 10% (shield and armour).

For Example: A large cargo has a base structure of 12,000. 30% damage means after 3,600 damage there is a risk of it blowing up.

Armour 5 adds 50% of the base points, so 5 * 10% * 12,000 = 6,000

Giving a new hull points of 18,000.

Your Large Cargo can now take 30% of 18,000, or 5,400 damage before there is a risk of it blowing up. This gives you an extra 1,800 points of damage you can absorb before you run the risk of blowing up.

Shield Power and Regeneration

For example: A heavy fighter (shield level 0) vs a heavy fighter (shield level 2).

Base shield is 25, so shield power is 25 + (25*2*10%) =30

NOTE: Shield is a little odd in that unless you have at least level 1 you get no shield at all if speedsim works right.

Now in battle, the first 30 points of attack power is absorbed by the shield before it hits your Heavy fighter. (each round)

Given that once you pass 30% damage there is a risk of blowing up its no guarantee of victory. But higher levels of shield and armour definatly give a nice boost to survivability.


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  1. thats what i researched for the first few weeks i played… its helped alot now as all my ships have 80% weapons 70% shields and 90% hull…

    makes it much easier to hurt others
    — david    Jun 12, 09:34 PM    #
  2. So, it is more interesting investing in shields yet they regenerate on each round…

    1st Shields

    2nd Hull

    At least for protection..

    — joslat    Nov 19, 08:33 AM    #
  3. I think it’s just best to keep resheching shields because they regenerate every round .

    — Nich    Dec 17, 07:18 PM    #
  4. The base structure of a Large Cargo is 12000 not 1200

    — Bryan    Dec 21, 08:05 PM    #
  5. yes so hull damage would go from 3,600 to 5,400 w/level 5 armour not 360 to 5,400 …. however it would be nice.

    — Elektronik    Dec 24, 02:09 PM    #
  6. I Dont know if this is the right forum to ask this but can someone explain the RapidFire? Does it mean that a bomber e.g. can DESTROY 20 small laser (or any other strucutre it has RF for) in one round or does it mean that it will simply DAMAGE 20 of them? Do the RF points get shared?for example there are 10 missle launchers and 10 small lasers left, or will the ship attack certain targets in one round (eg if it randomly hits a heavy laser then all RF for that round will go to heavy lasers)?

    — Argonaut    Dec 28, 10:35 AM    #
  7. in my battles-rounds of them shields werent fully regenerated,only like 30% of them…......weird tho..

    — tilen    Dec 29, 01:47 PM    #
  8. Actually, the hit points your ship uses in battle is not equal to its structural integrity. The structural integrity is the sum of metal and crystal you have to spend in order to biuld it. The effective hit points are calculated as 10% of the structural integrity. So, a large cargo ship with no upgrades to hull has a total of 1200 hit points and can only take 360 damage before getting the chance to blow up.

    — sentinel    Jan 2, 11:53 PM    #
  9. In response to Nich, shields often don’t do much simply because a lot of smaller ships just don’t have much in the way of shielding. Optimally, you want to send enough force to finish the job in 3 rounds. Over three rounds, armour upgrades give you more bang for your buck than shielding upgrades. Also, you typically want to conserve crystal for expensive research such as espionage and impulse or hyperspace engine tech.

    — CapnHowdy    Jan 18, 09:54 PM    #
  10. no doing 30% damage doesnt risk destruction when the ship has 30% LEFT then it may explode or at least thats what i was told

    — lord sharaku    Apr 11, 05:11 PM    #
  11. A planet that I have my eye on has no fleet, but 5 rocket launchers. My wimpy fleet can have 5 light fighters and 1 heavy fighter. I also want to send 4 small cargos. Would I just be attempting suicide?

    — Person    Jun 3, 01:36 PM    #
  12. I’m pretty new at this, but from what I’ve found, to invest only in shields or only in armor is a waste. Every time you upgrade, your shields or armor get stronger by 10% of the base strength and the price doubles. So, say you have a ship with 100 shields and 1000 armor and, initially it costs 1000 crystal to upgrade either one. To upgrade armor or shields to level 10 (this will double the power of either) will cost you 1023k crystal! While upgrading both to level 5 (this will make each 1.5 times stronger) will only cost 64k.

    — J Z    Jun 3, 01:49 PM    #
  13. Sorry, I think 64k is a little off, but not by much.

    — J Z    Jun 4, 01:16 AM    #
  14. do cruisers have the ability to knock out my sheild domes for the battle with their EMP

    — Parker    Jul 6, 11:36 PM    #
  15. No weapon or ship in ogame has the ability to disable any type of shield.

    — Mike    Jul 14, 10:48 AM    #
  16. can some1 plz explain Rapid Fire?

    thecat    Jul 14, 04:59 PM    #
  17. @jz upgrading to lvl 7 is 64k, upgrading to lvl 6 is 32k so… you were off by one lvl

    — ironpheonix    Jul 19, 10:38 AM    #
  18. can the shielddome be penetrated

    — nickgnat    Jul 21, 11:19 AM    #
  19. Yes, the shield dome can be penetrated. But Light Fighters can’t get through Large Shield Domes, no matter how many you have. As for the RF question, I’m not sure, but I would guess it would destroy 20 Light Lasers in one Round. Think about it, Bombers near the power of a Battleship, and cannot be created until pretty late in the game. The Bomber holds true to it’s name. Light Lasers can be created extremely early in the game. A Bomber should be able to wipe them out like ants against a garden hose.

    — DrDude    Jul 26, 12:05 PM    #
  20. then can’t 10 missile launchers get killed with 1 crusier? and can a cruiser kill 3 light fighters? (with RF)

    — thecat    Aug 2, 03:51 AM    #
  21. Here is an explanation of the rapidfire working. It may not be 100% accurate, but the picture is good.

    Let’s see what the fight engine does when it computes one shot for a ship :
    1) select a target randomly
    2) substract damage from target shield
    3) if shield is destroyed, substract additionnal damages from target hull
    4) if hull has lost more than 30% of its strenth, then randomly mark the ship as destroyed (with probabilty increasing as the hull looses more and more strength).

    5) if the firing ship has RF against the target, then randomly go back to step 1
    => if RF factor is 42, then it will have 41 chances out of 42 to go back to step 1.

    This gives us the following important remarks:
    1) if you are very unlucky, RF may be completely useless and the ship will fire only once.
    2) if you are very lucky, the ship can fire 100000 times without stopping.

    Both cases are very unlikely (you are more likely to be hit by lightening than to have one of those happen).

    3) in the mean, if a ship has a RF factor of 42 against another one, it will fire about 42 times if faced with only this kind of ship.

    — Etheric    Aug 9, 09:22 AM    #
  22. And another post to provide a few examples:

    – A cruiser faced with 10 LF will shoot three times per round in the mean. – But it can also fire:
    => 1 time (33% chance it does so).
    => 2 times (22% chance)
    => 3 times (15% chance)
    => 4 times (10% chance)
    => 5 times (7% chance)
    => more (multiply by 2/3 for each iteration)

    However, the fact that is shoots on a LF does not imply it gets destroyed.
    In fact, here are the characteristics of the shoot, assuming 15/15/15 attack/shield/hull factors:
    > cruiser attack: 1000
    > LF shield: 25
    > LF hull: 1000

    Thus, when the cruiser fires on the LF, 25 hp are taken by the shield, thus the hull strength is reduced to 25 (out of 1000).
    Thus, the LF has 25/1000 ( = 2.5%) chances not to be destroyed.

    That is not much of course, but let’s do the same thing with only 10/10/10 for the cruiser’s techs:
    > carrier attack: 800
    > LF shield takes 25
    > hull strenght is reduced to 1000 – (800-25) = 225.

    Thus the LF has 22.5% chances to survive the hit.

    — Etheric    Aug 9, 09:45 AM    #
  23. I have 50k points in uni 11 and my SAW is 12,12,12.

    My defence is 25plasmas, 100 guass, 1500 ligh laser

    — IcE    Aug 17, 09:37 AM    #
  24. 25 plasmas and 100 gauss alone would be worth 4950 points, and that’s with no techs, mines or the 1500 light lasers…

    Which means you are LYING, zero.

    — Jimmy    Sep 15, 12:10 AM    #
  25. maybe he has like 30 mines or summit, how would u know?i have 8 colonys and they are basically worthless but i have 16k points, jimmy.

    — thecat    Sep 29, 04:37 PM    #
  26. what’s the best defense? LL? plasma’s?

    — mithybichy    Oct 5, 08:32 AM    #
  27. if i get att by 100 Lbattleships, 50 Cru, 20 battleships

    — mithybichy    Oct 5, 08:33 AM    #
  28. “25 plasmas and 100 gauss alone would be worth 4950 points, and that’s with no techs, mines or the 1500 light lasers…

    Which means you are LYING, zero.”


    Which means I have just pointed out a completely irrelevant statistic.

    Seriously, what’s so hard to believe about it?

    -50,000 points is our allocated “limit”.

    -25 Plasma Turrets + 100 Gauss Cannons + 1500 Light Lasers = 9950 points.

    -Level 12 battle technologies (Weapons, Shielding, Armour) make a total of 11466 points.

    -Given that he has Plasma Turrets and Gauss Cannons, we can reasonably assume he has:

    Robotics Factory 2 (2.16 points)
    Shipyard 8 (178.5 points)
    Research Lab 6 (50.4 points)
    Energy Technology 8 (306 points)
    Laser Technology 10 (306 points)
    Ion Technology 5 (43 points)
    Plasma Technology 7 (889 points)

    for a total of 1775.06 points.

    So, we so far have 23191.06 points. That’s less than half the allocated limit of 50000, and we can put the rest toward mines (including a higher Robotics Factory, since no one ever sticks with level 2), which can get somewhat respectable with a ~27000 point margin.

    Therefore, next time, please THINK before you shoot your mouth off.

    — Arbron    Oct 10, 09:57 AM    #
  29. “Therefore, next time, please THINK before you shoot your mouth off.”

    yeah, i agree a lot of people on this site tell tales

    — adoy    Nov 15, 02:36 PM    #
  30. does hull upgrade your defenses too?

    — valar    Nov 25, 03:52 AM    #
  31. yes hull upgrades your defenses

    — jamess999    Nov 26, 08:58 AM    #
  32. But Still, is it still Profitable to Invest in Armour upgrades?

    Or is it a Waste of Metal?

    — Brickwalker    Dec 2, 01:09 AM    #
  33. Its better to have shields very high then ya weapons and finally hull if ya got enough firepower to kill em and shields to protect you and reguvinate then armour dont matter.

    — The unknown    Dec 8, 12:11 AM    #
  34. Is it so that with every level of shielding your defence and ships get 10% more effective like with hull and weapons?

    — Wouter    Dec 11, 08:36 AM    #
  35. Hang on a sec guys… Ok yes its nice that shields reguve. each round but think about how much armour vs shields your typical ship has. A battleship has 6000 hitpoints and 200 shields… That means every level of armour tech adds 600 to the defense each level of shielding adds 20!!! Now go reconsider how much you want to pump into shielding?!? Nearly every vessel has much higher hitpoints than shields hence armour for me is a much more effective use of money… As someone cleverly pointed out though upgrade both as the costs don’t make it effective to only do one tech…

    — Talyn    Jan 4, 12:36 AM    #
  36. Can’t find any info on this at all, Does increasing you Laser, Ion and Plasma Tech add to power to the respective weapons. i,e I have Lvl7 plasma and now have Turrets on most planets, what effect if any does it make to take it to Lvl8

    — Derek    Jan 29, 09:31 AM    #
  37. whoa! battlecruisers on ogame, tell me how to use them! brand new to universe 9 on .org (jan 30, 07)

    — brendan    Jan 30, 07:46 AM    #
  38. First of all, brendan, there is an entirely new article for Battlecruisers. In my opinion, speed rulz, so Battlecruisers rule. Battlecruisers are fast and furious, remember that. Only downside is low cargo capacity- not that it matters. Who wants cargo on a warship? (that’s what Large CARGO ships r for doi doi.) Second of all, Derek, stop increasing ur tech on that. To my knowledge, after level 7 Plasma Tech is useless. Same with level 12 Laser Tech and level 4 Ion Tech. Lastly, @mithybitchy, there is no best defense made up of one type of gun. You need as much variety as you can get I have found. Besides Rocket Launchers, every gun is useful. For example, Light Lasers are fodder, Ion Cannons shield all of your other guns, Gauss Cannons are the big main guns doing the most damage, and Plasma Cannons aren’t better than Gauss Cannons, but for some reason most people think that they are. So, all Plasma Cannons are useful for now is scaring off intruders. If u don’t believe me, check out this article: http://www.ogametips.com/111/why-use-big-guns-in-your-defense Sorry it isn’t a link, I’m too noobish to figure out how to do that :P

    — MusicMan    Feb 19, 06:05 AM    #
  39. Hello, anyone can help me with combat formulas? i’m trying to develop a combat simulator..
    thank you

    — Rui Leal    Apr 3, 01:04 PM    #
  40. hey arbon there is one thing wrong with that i calculated it all and my info said it would be near 48790 points or somewhat

    — l0l    May 6, 10:15 PM    #
  41. If I’m not mistaken the note is wrong (or correct, because speedsim is wrong), when I couldn’t research shield yet, it still stated it in my battle reports that my shield absorbed damage.
    NOTE: Shield is a little odd in that unless you have at least level 1 you get no shield at all if speedsim works right.

    — Present    May 25, 12:51 PM    #
  42. So, here’s the thing.

    To anyone who thinks that it isn’t very important to invest in weapons/shields/armor, consider that once you have a fleet of ~400 battleships and 150 destroyers like me, the extra hit points gained is pretty huge. For the destroyers, one level of armor gives you 1100 hit points, and if you multiply that by the 150 ships, it gives you a total of 165.000 hit points to spread out damage among just the destroyers.

    With all of my techs at 12, I can take out anyone with up to 1000 LL for fodder, plus gauss and plasmas and everything else, without losses, and while only using destroyers, the tech levels make a huge difference.

    And the 2kk metal that armor 12 costs is almost negligible compared to the huge benefits that it holds.

    — The Red King    May 31, 12:19 AM    #
  43. @Present:

    Your ships already have shields; the shielding research improves them.

    RL’s are just as useful for fodder as LL’s are, since Destroyers have RF against LL and Cruisers have RF against RL and Bombers have RF against both.

    — The Red King    May 31, 12:24 AM    #
  44. I’m am currently looking for somebody to raid and the person I am thinking of raiding has 34 light lasers, 8 anti-ballistic missiles, and 2 rocket launchers. I currently only have 2 heavy fighters and two cruisers in my fleet. Is that enough to defeat him without sustaining enough damage to make the whole trip unprofitable? If so, how many ships might I need?

    — Joe    Jun 16, 04:29 PM    #
  45. @Joe

    your just going to get owned


    — jolly boy    Jul 25, 08:54 AM    #
  46. Rapid fire- I believe rapid fire means say, you have one ship vs. 22 light lasers. Lets say that the ship can kill a LL in one shot. Let’s also say that the ship has 22 rapid fire vs. LL. I think that All of them will be destroyed. Basically, I think that rapid fire means that the ship shoots extra times, and for 1 rapid fire, it shoots 1 extra time. I also think that if the target is blown up, it will move onto the next one so long as they are the same type of target and there is still some RF points left.

    Me    Aug 22, 01:39 PM    #
  47. MusicMan, PTs are stronger. yes, they are way more expensive but they are scary and they are probably really useful against the Deathstar.

    The Red King, RLs have a horrible resource-to-efficiency ratio, unless you count the 3:2:1 ratio. LLs have the best ratio of all the defenses and maybe even the ships, unless you count rapid fire.

    Me    Aug 22, 01:46 PM    #
  48. Armour tech is very valuable because it makes your defenses more resistant to incoming missiles. On the other side, weapon tech makes YOUR missiles do more damage to other people’s defenses.

    — Trevyr    Dec 22, 05:05 PM    #
  49. RF works by a formula, the formula is (100-(100/x)) X = Rapidfire
    A cruiser has a RF of 10 vs ML. So therefore (100-(100/10))=90% chance to fire again. It does not mean it will fire 10 times.

    — RF    Jan 28, 04:24 PM    #
  50. Rapidfire only happens if the target it shoots at is destroyed (and the ship has RF against that type of target). Then it has a (100-100/x)% chance to fire again at a random target. If the next target is destroyed and it has rapidfire against that, it has a chance to fire again.

    Only it’s slightly nuanced from evidence: Ships are only destroyed at the end of the round – I’ve had 4 cruisers fire 22 times at one rocket launcher (the only enemy unit remaining!).

    Basically if
    a) You have rapidfire against the ship you last fired at
    b) The ship you last fired at is to be destroyed at the end of the round (Even if the ship only damaged it then another ship finished it off in the round)
    c) You pass the random % check

    Your ship fires again.

    — Random5    Feb 6, 10:47 AM    #
  51. Hull/Shields/Weapons are extremely important parts in battles. Whether you are a Turtle or a Fleeter Shields/Hull/Weapons play an extremely important role in coming out on top(Winning). If you have strong enough S/H/W it may just give you the extra boost you need in order to defend yourself against attacking fleets or attacking defenses.

    Its a valuable tech to have if you want to reach it to the top.

    — Hassassin    May 31, 09:03 PM    #

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