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Scanning Tactics - Don't give away your planets


Published: May 17, 06:43 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Submitted by Dan from DMG Design and Development

So I logged on to check oGame and make sure I wasn’t getting attacked
or something. I was scanned 5 times (all planets were out in galaxy X). As
it appeared in the overview it appeared to me that two different players
had scanned me. One from 4:x:x and the other from 5:x:x.

So as usually I check to see who the people scanning me are. Tuned out
that both planets were from the player “SpaceDud” (from ABC). Then it
dawned on me that if you’re going to scan someone you’re best to *only
scan them from one of your planets* (preferably from your main planet).
If you scan someone from multiple planets (especially at one time)
you’re giving away your planet positions so they doesn’t have to
look far to find you.

Plus if you scan from your main planet then you’re hiding more info. If
I scan you from a planet other than my main planet, you can do a search
on my user name and then click to send me a message, my main planet
location shows up there so you’d have the location of another one of my

Also for players who group their planets – for me a group in galaxy X and
another in Y. If I scan you from a planet in both those systems you’d be
able to find all my planets at once. If I just scan you from my main
planet… you may never know I have planets out in galaxy X.

Just some thoughs about how scanning can give away your position and
how to be smarter about it.


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  1. all my planets (except 2) are in the same system… makes it quicker to transport resources from my mines (colonies) to my shipyard (homeworld)
    — david    Jun 12, 09:26 PM    #
  2. Having all your planets in the same system is nice in one aspect. It makes the transporting (as David above mentioned) easy.

    However, it also means that if someone finds one of your planets, they have all of them. Which means you can now get smashed pretty easy. It also means your attack base is rather narrow. You only have a reasonable attack radius from one planet, and if you put all your planets in the same system, your radius overlaps. It is better (especially in the higher game) to spread them out.
    Eric    Jun 13, 08:10 AM    #
  3. Is there formula for you to work out the counter-espionage
    — Buster Blitz    Jun 26, 01:25 PM    #
  4. all my colinies are absolutly distances away from each other, i have one in galaxy 1 and another in 5, this means that if someone descovers one they are miles away from my other. it also gives me a good set of platforms to strike anywhere from as i have a bigger strike radius. (This might not work for everyone, but as my dute mines are high enough i can afford it)
    — Heffers    Jul 1, 09:39 AM    #
  5. how can u choose wiich galaxy ur planet lies in?
    — Devin    Aug 13, 09:25 PM    #
  6. to devin u can choose whcih galaxy ur planet is in by colonizing a planet in a certain galaxy
    — Stormthorn    Oct 9, 02:09 PM    #
  7. But when you say scaning… you mean look from the galaxy page?
    — Slayne    Oct 14, 04:38 PM    #
  8. when i first started building colonies i had them all in the same solar system, only problem was they were all probed together. now i’ve started to spread them out over galaxies and solar systems and if they’re probed, t’s only one of them instead of all.

    — -=[ Lee ]=-    Jan 7, 10:14 PM    #
  9. What if you fill up a solar system with your ally mates? all 15 planets… There shouldn’t be problem with someone attacking you?!

    — blastbozz    Feb 20, 04:07 AM    #
  10. WRONG, they will all be probed and most likely attacked. Someone could easily make a colony 1 system away and get ya

    — Turbo    Apr 5, 01:52 AM    #
  11. LOl i did that and we never got attacked, me being ranked somehting insane like 42 helped =D

    — Uglamator    Apr 5, 08:04 AM    #
  12. it’s very useful to builb a few planets away from the main one, specially if you want to build BS or D without being destroyed! it’s just an example, of course. having planets
    located in far way places will dramaticly reduce the chance of being “disturbed”...

    — Moff Tarkin    Apr 7, 07:10 PM    #
  13. For me best stateg. is…main planet,3 supporting planets…mine are 1:30h away from each other,one ss interval.4 planets toghether as one…main one produces all,the others mines and plenty of cargos to save in case of attack,no defenses,main-many defenses,missiles…they will give me a moon in case of attack so ATTACK,fleet is built there,ALL...then 2 pairs of colonies,separated for like 100ss ind dif. gals,where i can reach ALLgals. those 2 support each other. So the main and other 3,scan at will even if they are together,they wont find nothing to raid,attack be me guess u can try,power is concentrated there.

    — Someone    May 24, 09:33 PM    #
  14. what i did was have 2 planets in the system so that one give reasources to the other

    and i spreat my self out like i have twin planets in 10th galaxcy.

    i wonder is it a bad thing to go in remote places?

    — seamtress    Jul 26, 02:44 PM    #
  15. To Slayne:

    When these people say ‘scan’ they mean with Esp. Probes.

    Scanning through every system in galaxy mode is time consuming and even takes deuterium. Trust me, it’s boring. (I speak from experiece).

    However, if you / your enemy has a moon and, therefore, a phalanx scanner thing, then everything starts getting very difficult, because it can follow any fleet anyone sends and can find planets that no-one would expect to be found.

    (again I speak from experience and I don’t have a moon)

    — Jimbob    Aug 1, 09:22 AM    #
  16. lolz the guy didnt no what scanning was.. lucky he wasnt a freak at ogame like Kim Jong Il

    — thecat    Aug 16, 03:43 PM    #
  17. I have all planets concetrated except 1.That far far far away planet is refuge to rescue my resources and fleet if i am atacked simultaniosly!

    — Paladin    Jan 9, 09:39 AM    #
  18. If you group your colonies to reduce transport times just remember to leave a colony slot free, this way you have a mobile attack base and bypass the problem of a small attacking radius.

    — faraway    Feb 1, 07:01 AM    #
  19. idont care

    — tesdf    Feb 16, 11:18 AM    #
  20. how do u get moons ?

    — n.u.f.c - fan    Mar 6, 01:38 PM    #
  21. get your fleet raped…
    1 mil debris is a 1% chance, up to a max of 20%. you can do calaulated moon shots. 1667 light fighters usually does the trick but you have to ask the GO’s first and there’s only a 1/5 chance so it can get expensive…

    — Cerberus    Apr 25, 06:15 PM    #
  22. One Good tactic I have found is to have a planet out ion Gal 9 or somthing.

    as alot of players will put planets out there as remote research bases and fleetbases. I have made many a Fleetcrash from these fools who think that being out there will protect them.

    — Mr X    Apr 28, 06:51 AM    #
  23. With spreading planets out, you might say that having them far away so they can’t be found is better, but if someone really wants to find you, they will.

    — Benocide    May 20, 04:39 PM    #
  24. your gay

    dsfg    Jul 15, 02:07 AM    #
  25. I say that it`s ok to have your planets close to each other in the beginning, and when you rank up yuo go for bigger planets and spread them out.

    I also think that if you have a planet with only cargoes and mines is useful always transport away the resources!! They won`t have anything to attack, and since you only have mines and power generators, your not wasting fields which become more valuable when you rank up!

    — Rakchi    Aug 26, 06:09 PM    #
  26. thats odd

    “1 mil debris is a 1% chance, up to a max of 20%”

    i lost 16 mil and my opponent lost 1.5 yet i got a 20% chance.

    shouldn’t it have been 17 maybe 18% according to what you said.

    — Anthony    Dec 22, 07:09 AM    #
  27. No, he was way wrong. 100k debris is a 1% chance so 2 million debris is a 20% chance.

    — shadeslayer42199    Jan 12, 06:42 PM    #
  28. there is really no point in trying to hide your planets with tools like oscan out there. once i have a name, i just plug it into oscan and it tells me where all your planets are if they’ve been seen by anyone else using oscan. i use this all the time if i find an easy target. i figure if he’s an easy target on one planet, he’s probably an easy target on most of them.

    — robr    Feb 8, 02:13 PM    #

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