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Common Terms in OGame


Published: Oct 14, 08:06 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Here are a list of some of the common terms used in OGame.

If you have some to contribute, please post them as a comment. I’ll move the really common ones into this thread.

Last Updated: 10.14.06







Many thanx to Black Wyvern for supplying a list of popular terms and phrases.


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  1. i don’t know if you guys use this but for misc how about REZ for resources

    — nisaren    Jul 27, 04:23 PM    #
  2. how about safety-a esp probe launched just before an attack arrives….

    and if someone says you’re pwn’ed….thats bad.

    — Jeff Howard    Jul 28, 06:45 PM    #
  3. just a quick question.. kinda new to to the game and what does it mean in the galaxy view when it say (43min) for example?

    — Levi    Jul 28, 07:35 PM    #
  4. if by somones name is (43) then they been off for 43 mins same on da buddys list.

    im pwnage

    — bommaboy    Jul 28, 08:18 PM    #
  5. What does an asterix next to their name mean? I thought it meant they were online but then in some cases I know that’s no right but there’s still an asterix.

    — Hally    Jul 28, 09:06 PM    #
  6. The * and the minutes all relate to fleets coming or going for example if there was 43 beside someone in the galaxy;
    1. either he had a fleet returning or leaving 43 minutes ago

    2. He was spyed on 43 mins ago

    3. I’m not sure about this one but i also heard someone say it also shows if someone was phalanxed 43 minutes ago.

    The asterix is just showing that a fleet or ship has disturbed space around that planet very rerecently too recent to bother putting the number of minutes on it

    — fat tj    Jul 30, 05:41 AM    #
  7. You are close…
    It means…
    1. They have sent out a fleet 43 minutes ago.
    2. Someone has probed or attacked them 43 minutes ago.

    The asterisk (*) means that withing the last 15 minutes number 1 or 2 occured.

    Phalanx does not cause activity on the planet, also returning fleets do not cause it to show activity.

    — Nimby    Jul 31, 03:44 PM    #
  8. Thx guys! i was soo confused couldnt find that stuff anywhere :D

    — Levi    Jul 31, 08:21 PM    #
  9. Logging on produces an asterisk as well. It’s a nice way of telling if someone is back online or not, if used correctly.

    — Black Wyvern    Aug 6, 04:57 AM    #
  10. i’m not sure
    could ‘GLOTR’ be a term
    ‘Good Luck On The Rebuild’

    — Madd Dogg    Aug 8, 06:45 AM    #
  11. I read on wiki somewhere the term “Demon Freaked” which is supposedly when one player is bombarded with more IPMs than he can count.

    — imprisoned243    Aug 10, 11:16 AM    #
  12. is turtle a term that fits in here? someone with huge defences…

    — baloe    Aug 20, 07:32 AM    #
  13. what does FIRST’ mean?

    so many people said that to me when i was a defender in a top 10 HoF.

    — joe    Sep 4, 10:21 PM    #
  14. what is a debris field and what should i do when i have one beside me?

    — raz    Sep 8, 03:43 AM    #
  15. What does the letter “s” or “i” in player status mean?

    — MM    Sep 14, 10:37 PM    #
  16. “s” means that player is more powerful than u. “i” means that player has been inactive fro some time (i 4got how long). “I” means they have been inactive for a long long time.

    — Nuke    Sep 21, 01:57 AM    #
  17. and “v” means vacation mode is on for that player

    — nuke    Sep 21, 01:58 AM    #
  18. DF 4 debris field…. lolz

    — thecat    Sep 28, 10:06 PM    #
  19. and “n” is for someone who is inferior to you – “newbie”

    — nobody    Oct 11, 10:27 PM    #
  20. what exactly is ACS defend?

    — Adam    Oct 13, 10:43 PM    #
  21. the little i means they’ve been inactive for 2 weeks, and the big I means they’ve been inactive for 4 weeks.

    — Chafalcar    Oct 20, 11:33 AM    #
  22. wats “noob” or “n00b”

    — Olivier Twist    Oct 25, 07:33 AM    #
  23. Noob is an inexperienced player, in other words a crappy player.
    Newb is someone who’s new.

    — Anon    Oct 27, 02:57 PM    #
  24. what is a HoF? what do you do to get it

    — illusive chicken    Nov 19, 10:41 AM    #
  25. The number that is next to a persons name in galaxy view tells you when there was last activity on that planet. For example: being probed, attacked, building started, research started, and so on.

    — Criz    Apr 19, 12:12 PM    #
  26. lolz

    — Noob    Aug 25, 05:09 PM    #
  27. could this post be updated with all the ship name things because the ship section is very short

    — ben    Sep 17, 07:10 PM    #
  28. IMPORTANT SUGGESTION: Either duplicate this or make it the very first topic, or EVEN it’s own link on the left. I’m brand new to the game and I read most of your tutorial, and didn’t know 80% of the acronyms.

    — Illson    Feb 10, 02:38 AM    #
  29. Whats “atm” everyone always says it but i dont know what it is…

    — Paul Wall    May 22, 02:55 PM    #
  30. atm stands for at the moment

    — Josh    Jun 10, 12:53 PM    #
  31. What does Ogame stand for ???

    — Fireheart    Jun 14, 05:41 PM    #
  32. I have heard this a few times from some experienced players, however, i am not sure if it is correct. Ogame- the O stands for planet, and game is because it is a game.

    — Maximus    Jun 18, 03:13 AM    #
  33. lolz… “O” stands for planet… right…

    — Trevyr    Jun 30, 08:16 PM    #
  34. maybe “O” stands for urm…omazing? :P

    — rocket1615    Sep 12, 03:44 AM    #
  35. Alright, you might make a new category. Here are online resources and indexes which should be mentioned:

    War/CR Boards

    and others if you can find them.
    -deadlysilenceil [jupiter]

    — deadlysilenceil    Apr 23, 02:36 PM    #

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