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The Bashing rule (Yet Again)


Published: Dec 20, 02:41 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

UPDATE: READ THIS! As sandmanfvr pointed out, this is based on the OLD bashing rules. So the 30 minute rule is wrong. If it is more than 6 attacks in 24 HOUR PERIOD, then it is bashing. Here is the link: http://board.ogame.org/thread.php?threadid=125509

Voidhawks Comments: If your espionage probes are detected during a spy mission, they get attacked. This normally does not count as an attack. If you spam enough spy missions, you could get punished for bashing. How many spy missions is too much? That’s a gray area… that number varies depending on which GO(Game Operator) you ask.

This has been explained before but a lot of people have trouble.

There is even a topic but with all due respect to bibob I think it’s still a little difficult to understand. So here I will try explaining it again in the hopes that it will be helpful… but maybe I’ll screw it up even worse :P

The bashing rule is often explained as, “you are allowed 3 attacks per day.” That’s a little confusing, rather than “attacks” it might make a little more sense to call them “sets of attacks.” You are allowed 3 sets of attacks, of 3 attacks each. And in each set, the 3 attacks must reach the planet within 30 minutes of each other. As long as the attacks hit the planet within 30 minutes of each other, they count as “waves” of the same “attack.”

For example, let’s say we have 2 people—Player A and Player B. If Player A attacks:

At 6:33
At 6:45

At 10:12
At 10:17
At 10:35

At 13:11
At 13:44

Player A is not violating the rules. The blue, orange, and green groups are all within a half hour of each other, so they count as waves of separate attacks. But if Player B counter-attacks like this:

At 15:22
At 15:45

At 17:11
At 17:38

At 17:52

At 20:31

That would be bashing and Player B could get banned. The red attack is more than a half hour after the first orange attack, and the green attack is more than a half hour after the red attack, so each counts as a separate “attack.”

There are two exceptions allowed. One is if your alliance has declared war on another alliance. Note that this must be posted in the forum and acknowledged before you can attack. And no, you can NOT declare war on an individual.

The other exception is if the other user sends an offensive message. Notify a GO and if ask them for permission to attack beyond the bashing rule. But you must get a GO’s permission BEFORE you attack.


It is impossible to attack fleets when they are en route to a mission. So every time you go offline, figure out the number of hours until the next time you plan to be online. Then send your ships on a mission, and adjust the speed of your ships so they will get back at the same time as you will be online next time. This will make it impossible to attack your ships until you get back.

I recommend sending your ships on transport, harvesting, or deployment missions.

Transport missions are where you move resources from one planet to another. Enter the number of each type of ship you want to save and click “proceed.” Then enter the coordinates of the planet you want to send them to. If you have colonies you can send them to your own planet; otherwise you can send them to another player. After selecting the coordinates, set the speed of your ships. The lower you set it, the longer it will take. When you select a percentage, you can see the amount of time it takes to travel one way to the destination planet. Since transport missions are round trip, you should set the speed so that it will take about half the time you will be offline to travel 1 way.

For example: If you will be offline for 11 hours, set it for whatever is closest to 5 1/2 hours. Then click “proceed” again. Select “transport” as your mission type. Then, select the number of resources you want to include. Remember, you will be giving the resources to the other planet, so don’t put in a lot unless it’s your own planet or you’re trading with the other person.

NOTE: Be very careful if you use another player’s planet. That person will know exactly how long your fleet will be gone, making it easy to raid you or destroy your ships. So make sure you only use this method if you really trust the other player.

Harvesting missions are only possible if you have recyclers. As above, choose the ships you want to save but make sure there is a recycler included. Select a planet with a debris field around it (check the Galaxy menu and look for a planet with “T” next to the number) and set the speed. Also make sure you change the menu next to the coords from “planet” to “DF” (for “debris field”). As above, you want to set it for half the time you’ll be offline. Click “proceed” again. Select “harvesting” as your mission type. You can also load up resources in your ship—they will be protected along with your ships. But make sure you leave enough room to harvest whatever is in the field you’re going to.

Deployment missions are only possible if you have colonies. Again, select the ships you want and click “proceed.” Then select one of the planets and set the speed. Deployment missions are one-way, so set the mission to take the amount of time you’ll be offline. Do NOT set it for half the time! Make sure you fill your ships with as much resources as they can hold, because those will also be protected.

It is also possible to save your fleets with espionage missions, but I do NOT recommend this unless if the planet is inactive (has an “i” next to the number). Otherwise, you run a risk that the planet will be strong enough to catch your fleet and destroy it.


Archain made a great, easy-to understand thread explaining how to do this, and I think it covers everything very well CLICK NOW AND READ ARCHAIN’S TOPIC ALREADY!!!

Did you read it? Good! The only thing I want to comment on is where he says:

Send your fleet out as close to the attack time as possible. If you are being attacked in one hour, and you can be on in one hour, wait until there are only 1 or 2 minutes before the attack, this will allow for the maximum in saved rescources if you leave your mines on.

I’m not sure about this… be careful about sending your ships out too late. A lot of people like to send them out seconds before the enemy fleet arrives. This is because people will usually espionage just before an attack hits, to make sure you haven’t cleared out your resources or sent in a bigger fleet. If you send it out right before the attack hits, they won’t cancel the attack.

But it’s also very risky. The fact is, lag can (and does) happen. There could be delays in the server, or delays in your connection. Or something could go wrong with your keyboard. Or you could accidentally log yourself out. Or you could get logged out automatically because you haven’t done any activity on your account. A lot of things can happen, and remember, the longer you wait the higher the risk. Definitely do not go under the recommended 1 minute. If it’s a big fleet, I like to fleetsave five minutes before, just for my own peace of mind.

OK, that about wraps it up. I hope all this is helpful for people :)

Contributed by Hefty Smurf from the OGame Forums.


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  1. i wanna ask something. if i send a spy and it is destroyed, does this also count as an attack?
    — kazuki    Oct 29, 06:49 PM    #
  2. Sorry this may sound like a redundent question. But does sending an espionage probe count also as an attack?

    — LadyDragon    Nov 3, 10:40 PM    #
  3. I was spying on a guy i know and he detected the probes. He lost some solar sattelites when the probes attacked and he got so angry he left my alliance and started a war. Be careful when using probes, they can start wars, as i found out the hard way.

    — Mandalore    Nov 30, 03:39 AM    #
  4. I sent a probe to a far away planet then it never came back

    — Rohane    Dec 21, 05:07 PM    #
  5. if you read the top of the page it says that unless you are sending massive amounts of probes in you should be ok, use them to probe and you wont get in trouble, use them to be a 13 year old nuisance and you might get banned

    Tovrin    Dec 30, 11:41 AM    #
  6. Hi, can someone please explain what deployment involves?? thanks

    — Panther    Feb 7, 12:37 PM    #
  7. U cannot talk about players: A and B. Talk about planets A end B, because u can attack 15 times player B if this player has 5 colonies (3 times/colonie)

    — zlaurentiu    Feb 14, 06:24 AM    #
  8. is it possible to get banned for bashing an inactive player?

    — R-110    Mar 19, 01:22 PM    #
  9. if you are getting constantly attacked, how do you report the person?

    — goronhead    Mar 28, 08:30 AM    #
  10. @panther a deployment mission is where you send your fleet to one of your colonies and it stays there.

    @r-110 i think you can still get banned for bashing an inactive, not sure though

    @goronhead contact a GO and they will sort it out

    — fearthereaper    Apr 29, 04:40 AM    #
  11. does the rule apply in an alliance war?

    — fearthereaper    May 16, 01:20 PM    #
  12. @r-110 inactive players won’t report anything

    theherolink    May 20, 01:10 PM    #
  13. hi ive got a question, if you attack a person 4 time in 10 mins does that mean you are already on your second set of attacks?

    — thereaper    Jun 7, 03:18 PM    #
  14. This article has been outdated by the rule changes if i understand them right—example above now DOES count as bashing?

    — Dr Evil    Jun 18, 12:07 PM    #
  15. According to new updated rules, it says you are allowed SIX attacks in a 24 hour period. Does that mean 6 fleets or 6 attacks in the 30 minute periods?

    — A confused guy    Jun 23, 10:40 PM    #
  16. i got attacked by 2882 probes or something and on the same planet 6 times does it count if you attack 6 times or attack more than six times like if youe already attacked 6 times and attack 1 more

    — kor o kovash    Jun 28, 02:47 PM    #
  17. does attacked everyone of his/her planets 3 attacks a day ok? or does that just count per planet?

    — zender    Jun 30, 03:42 PM    #
  18. so wait… the GO’s don’t have access to the attack logs? so the player would have to report bashing for it to be bashing right? because i have been trying to kill this one inactive player for like a week or two, he has no defenses, but i don’t dare to send more than 6 fleets at him per day and i wanna know if i can send more than that and get away with it because he is inactive…. if that all makes sense….

    — DeathAngelX    Jul 26, 11:33 AM    #
  19. its all crap if you ask me. people should be able to attack whenever and however they want. the newbie protection makes sure people who arent as strong donít get hurt so its all down to gamesmanship. this just makes it too easy if you ask me.

    — large al    Aug 4, 08:55 AM    #
  20. the newbie protection is alright i mean, its a good idea to try and help promote new people to join up. But if they go inactive for over a month, and they are still considered newbies, then they should get that newbie protection revoked because then they are just taking up valuable planet and server space. So again i just gotta ask, do the GO’s have access to the attack logs? or is it like automatically sent to one if you bash someone?

    — DeathAngelX    Aug 4, 12:33 PM    #
  21. @large al, Makes the game too easy??? It balances the game and allows people to actually play instead of being pummeled time after time…It’s very off putting having a raid of one guy you know you can’t defend against, then hey…you loose you rez’s and any defence that you could of used. It’s a never ending downward spiral into helplessness. The only way you can get out of such a prediciment is to turn your mines off and basically have nothing available to him, that way he has nothing to destroy and he just wastes deut flying to your colony picking up the normal 20 units of metal and 10 units of cyrstal your colonies produce an hour…Sorry but i’ve been in this situation before and know what it’s like

    — Xion    Aug 9, 08:31 AM    #
  22. using this bashing article, i managed to find out how to harvest a DF!!!! thanx a bunch

    — nevsven    Aug 23, 08:59 AM    #
  23. large al:

    There are some people who have jobs and cannot sit at the computer 24 hours a day… This means that even with fleetsaving, to be able to get a reasonable amount of resources in a reasonable amount of time, they are going to have to keep their mines on while they are away from the game. Newbie protection allows players to build enough mines so they can play the game at a pace faster than one SC a day “building power”.

    The bashing rule gives the the upper echelon players the same protection.

    Please realise that all players are different in this respect before posting.

    — Anonymous    Sep 29, 02:58 PM    #
  24. if you sent your esp. probe out to far away place it most likely got scanned and detected and probably destroyed.

    — 007-wolfenstein    Oct 23, 05:38 PM    #
  25. The 30 minute rule is wrong. If it is 6 attacks in 24 HOUR PERIOD, then it is bashing. Here is the link:


    — sandmanfvr    Dec 19, 07:31 AM    #
  26. no wonder ppl are getting confused about the rules you keep getting the rules WRONG and thats whats confusing ppl

    — emoninja    Dec 21, 03:51 PM    #
  27. Hey emoninja

    They didn’t “get it wrong” — the rules changed.

    — MMM    Dec 22, 03:04 PM    #
  28. thats right its not like they gonna get it wrong… they thrink all this stuff over even before they think of putting it in the rules….

    and if u attack somebnody more than 6 times its considered bashing…. u can stop at the sixt time and it probably wotn be considered bashing…

    but i agree with the person that said that bashing should be taken out.

    newb protection is good enough as it is.

    — UPS-AmPissedOff    Dec 22, 03:25 PM    #
  29. With the new rules, can you send 6 multi-wave attacks to a given planet without bashing? Is there a maximum number of waves you can send in an attack, or is it solely based on your Computer level? (i.e. could you send 10 waves in 1 “attack”, and do that 6 times per day?
    Also, if you’re in an alliance, can EACH of the alliance members attack the same planet up to 6 times per 24 hr. period, or would this be bashing?

    — SL    Dec 22, 03:27 PM    #
  30. no i think all members attack 6 times in a 24 hour period would not be considered bashing.

    — UPS-AmPissedOff    Dec 22, 03:50 PM    #
  31. Hey, how do u turn a mine off?

    — qwerty    Dec 22, 09:14 PM    #
  32. Qwerty, You can either reduce the output by selecting a lower percentage for the output (from 100% to 0%) or if you want to turn off all mines, you could also reduce the power output of your Solar, Fusion and Solar Satellites, again, from 100% to 0%. These controls are on the Resources window.

    — SL    Dec 22, 11:23 PM    #
  33. It is 6 attacks to any player in 24 hours!

    Regardless of how many planets he/she has, or fleets caught en rout…you can only attack one player six times in a 24 hour period.

    I mean it is not that hard to understand…if the rules stopped changing.


    — beresford    Dec 25, 09:58 PM    #
  34. @anyone that says the bashing rule should be removed:
    say your an average player, you finally get up to about 50k points when all of a sudden you fleet is crashed u drop to 25k points so go into vac mode for a month (you need time to absorb the blow). you have little or no defense on your planets. a skilled person you managed to raid a few weeks before (u entered vac mode) reads on the forums that you have been crashed, he has recovered and now has 350k points with a fleet. he goes about destroying you (as soon as u come out of vac mode). he finds the location of all you colony’s, and raids them continuously. he destroys any defense you can make and if u try and build up even a small fleet he phalanx scans you. he doesn’t care if the attacks are profitable he raids like crazy (25 times a day on each colony, you only have 3) it is a non ACS uni. what can you do if the bashing rule is not in effect.
    answer: nothing (well not one hundred percent true but having to recall-deploy save a single LC to fleet save is ridiculous)
    that is why we have the bashing rule

    — ryan    Dec 26, 02:02 PM    #
  35. Hi I’d like to know how do I turn the “newbie” mode on. And how many points do you have to have to be able to use it,

    — andres    Dec 30, 10:42 AM    #
  36. i had a bunch of light lasers and a dude attacked me with three light fighters and my defenseses did nothing what went wrong??

    confused    Jan 3, 04:43 PM    #
  37. I guess i can say im a newbie. Ive been playin for like a week but when you attack if you beat the defenses do you get resources too?

    — Gil    Jan 5, 01:41 PM    #
  38. Lol, and how do you report some1??? Cuz i got loads of ppl i want to report, at one point in the game I had like 28 Light Lasers, 40 Rocket Launchers, 10 Heavy fighter, 30 fighters on one planet, suddenly each time i try to log on if says page cannot be found, but it gets even better!!! When i can finally log on again 2 weeks later, it seemed that some guy attacked me 6 times a day and blew up everything i worked so hard for!!! Well Well well, seems the newbie protection didnt stop him from killing me so easily, wat im saying is that i doesnt matter, the puny protection hardly helps, it didnt help in that case, and now someone expects me to show respect to ppl after that??? Fat Chance

    — Life is Hard    Jan 6, 01:54 PM    #
  39. @Life is Hard The noob protection doesn’t mean you can’t get attacked. It means you can’t get attacked by someone with more than 5 times as many points as you or someone with less than 1/5th the points you have.

    — Vilya    Jan 7, 03:28 PM    #
  40. this is sort of unrelated, but there is this guy that keeps crashing me. it doesn’t count as bashing, cuz he only attacks once a day or so, but he’s threatening me with continuous crashes unless i join his alliance. i read and re-read through the rules, and there’s nothing specifically against it, but can i at least get him reported for threats or extortion or something?!?

    — vader_is_my_homie    Jan 10, 07:53 PM    #
  41. @vader

    I don’t think that kind of behavior is acceptable.
    My adive would be to contact a GO and explain what has been happening.
    I’m sure they will do something about it.

    Anyway what uni you in?
    If your in uni 22 contact me (psychosquirrel) and we’ll smash him!!!!


    — Psychosquirrel    Jan 13, 03:33 AM    #
  42. if your in channel 27 ill smash him for you if you want me to!!!!!!

    Vg elite    Feb 15, 02:50 PM    #
  43. The new bashing rule is in fact now 6 attacks on a single planet within 24 hours is permitted. So say the person has 8 planets, you can attack each planet 6 times in 24 hours , so that ends up being 6*8 so 48 times on that person. You could essentially attack some people 54 times, 6*9planets. Exact wording of the rule minus the exceptions part, which deals with wars.

    Attacking a planet or moon more than 6 times in any 24 hour period is considered bashing, and is not allowed. – Moon Destruction missions count as attacks under the bashing rules.

    — Drew    Mar 3, 10:41 PM    #
  44. Sorry if this has been posted elsewher, but i was wondering about what happens when more players attack a single/more enemy planet/planets.
    My question is: is it possible to receive more attacks than the bashing rule allows if they come from different players?

    — also confused    Mar 26, 03:00 PM    #
  45. I’m not sure whether this has been answered, but do multiple attacks against the same person, different colonies count as bashing? And, you can attack multiple people in a day right?

    — ClydeBaneheart    Jul 5, 10:42 PM    #
  46. @ClydeBaneHeart

    Yes you can attack different colonies belonging to the same person-Drew talked about it further up

    And, yes, you can attack multiple people in a day

    — fishman    Jul 23, 01:16 PM    #
  47. Is the rule “in a 24 hour period”, 24 hours from the first attack….or is just “24 hour period” mean in one day (could attack the times late in one day, then start the attacks again the next morning….two seperate days, but within a 24 hour continuous time period)?

    — confused as well    Jul 24, 11:20 PM    #
  48. I spied on someone who blew up their planet before it arrived and my esp probes didn’t come back. :(

    — samit    Aug 25, 06:36 PM    #
  49. i reccomend sending your ships on deployment at 10% speed then recalling them.. recalled deployment does not show up on phalnax.. your fleet dissapears in mid air.. and.. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE.. A DESTROYED ESPION IS NOT AN ATTACK.. it is just your stupid mistake of sending a probe in to spy on someone who is higher in rank then you.. they probably have higher espi tech.. they have every right to defend.. ITS NOT AN ATTACK.. clear enough?

    — DETHBREATH    Oct 23, 05:38 AM    #
  50. would i be right in guessing that missile strikes count as attacks?
    coz im sure ive been hit more that 6 times in one day

    — menace2society    Nov 7, 11:58 AM    #
  51. for the guy who asked what deployment is. It is when you send your ships to another planet and they do not return unlike transporting. They stay on that planet

    — Om3ga2pk    Nov 14, 05:19 AM    #
  52. how do you distroy a planet im mean like not your 1 sum2 eleses

    — luke786    Nov 29, 01:30 PM    #
  53. Wait, so CAN you bash inactive players?

    — Ambitious    Dec 9, 05:16 AM    #
  54. yes u div you CAN but only if he is over 1 month inactive

    — luke786    Dec 11, 12:07 PM    #
  55. the link to the guide on the PRE-ATTACK FLEETSAVING
    by Archain is not working.

    — dude    Jan 6, 08:52 PM    #
  56. If there is an planet in my attack range and player in that planet not having any defence and attack units, !- When I am sending this planet transport units, shall I send them transport or attack mode?
    2- Do I have oportunity select the resources for transport to my planet?
    3- Does the return order will be given to my fleet in the foreign planet by me?
    Thank you as advance.

    — nautiboy    Apr 1, 06:46 PM    #
  57. why all this complaining about bashing rules…Bashing rules are important so players have a chance i only attack a player maybe once or twice and if they are 100 ranks below i wont hit them its a rule i play by it makes you a good player instead of pirating the weak!!!!
    If anyone reads this is in uni 16 and wants to talk look for dan1989

    — spartan    Apr 23, 01:25 PM    #
  58. I’m curious about inactive players. Does it count as bashing if you repeatedly attack an inactive, because it wouldn’t make any difference to them. Also, do moderaters only know about bashing if the victims report it? It so, then inactives could be bashed with no consequences

    — Alien x22 (Universe 23)    Apr 24, 10:48 PM    #
  59. sorry guy, wasted time, this is completely false. the rule is set in writing by ogame and is very simple: “You are not allowed to attack any given planet or moon owned by a active player, more than 6 times in a 24 hour period.” there are not exceptions or sub definitions. what you have is made-up.

    — zerocool    Dec 8, 06:57 AM    #

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