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What to do when you're being attacked


Published: Oct 24, 07:24 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Don’t be a farm!


Is this you?

In OGame, “farming” is when a player raids other players with weak defenses/fleets and a lot of resources. Every day you raid the person and “harvest” the resources they have raised. Obviously, you don’t want this to happen to you. But, there are a lot of things you can and should do before posting a lame crybaby “helpme” topic Baby on the Help & Questions board. Here are just a few:

Check to see if the other player is really bashing.

You can attack someone else a lot without it qualifying as “bashing.” There is another topic by bibob (click me) that describes the bashing rule. In case that’s not enough, I have also made a re-explanation of the bashing rule that I will put in my next post. Scroll down to Click THE BASHING RULE YET AGAIN see it.

Use your resources!

This is just basic common sense if you ask me, but a lot of people don’t seem to get it. The reason people farm is for resources. The more resources you have the more profitable you are, and the more people will want to farm you. It’s amazing how many people just let their resources pile up, unused. If you have enough money for an upgrade or research that you know will come in handy someday, what the hell are you waiting for? Upgrade already! You should try to have as little excess resources as possible. Make it a point to use up as much as you can before you go offline at the end of every session.

One good way to use up excess resources, especially at the beginning, is to just spend whatever you have left on defences whenever you go offline. That way, even if you get attacked it’ll be that much less for the other person to get in a raid. You can also build ships, but be warned: other players can collect resources from destroted ships, too, so if you build a decent-sized fleet make absolutely sure to…

Fleetsave when you’re offline

Fleetsaving is when you send your ships away from your planet to protect them. While your ships are traveling somewhere, it is impossible to attack them. Every time you go offline, figure out the number of hours you’ll be gone and send your ships on a mission that will take that many hours. See my OFFLINE FLEETSAVING section further down.

Fleetsave when you’re being attacked

At some point, you’re going to be attacked by someone too strong for you to hold off. Even if you can’t destroy the fleet, you can still make sure they won’t get anything when they do hit you! See the topic by Archain or my PRE-ATTACK FLEETSAVING section below.

Build defenses

This can useful but don’t count on them too much. No matter how much defense you build, the other person can always build more ships. Maybe a lot faster than you can build defenses. But it’s still good to build some. Early in the game, especially, a lot of people will attack without even knowing what your defenses are—it’s always fun to log in and discover someone has just had 3 heavy fighters destroyed in one round. Smile And like I said before, bulking up your defenses is a good way to use up excess resources when you go offline, even if they are destroyed, at least it’s more resources that your attacker won’t be getting.

PM the attacker

You’d be surprised how often this works. Yes, OGame is a competitive game but not all the people who play are total jerks. If you tell them that their attacks are making it impossible for you to advance, and ask them nicely to let up, there’s a decent chance that they’ll be willing to attack you less—or maybe even stop attacking you entirely. After all, there are always plenty of other planets in the galaxy. Anyway you don’t have anything to lose by trying.

DON’T send them insults or empty threats. If they’re farming you, chances are they already know what you got, and they know it’s not nearly enough for you to get them back. If you call them a *ing ** ******** **** ******** and threaten to attack them with 20 death stars from “your other planet” not only will you look like an idiot, you might get banned for sending an insulting message.

Turn down/turn off your mines when offline

This is kind of a desperate measure. But, if you are getting attacked every single time you log off, this might help stop it. If you reduce the amount of resources you put out when offline, you can make it unprofitable to invade your planet. If you do this for awhile, the person who was farming you will stop, and probably forget about your planet. Then you can start building up again.

Go into vacation mode

This is an even more desperate measure, and some would say is abusing the system. But the option is there. When you go into vacation mode, it is impossible to attack you. If you are in vacation mode, anyone attacking you will have to stop, and chances are very good they won’t check your planet again for a long time. However, remember that you have to turn your mines down to 0% so you will earn absolutely NO RESOURCES while in vacation mode. Also you can not turn off vacation mode for at least 48 hours. So think carefully before you use this.

CAUTION: Vacation mode only stops attacks that are launched after you go into it. That means that if someone attacks you, and you go into vacation mode hoping to stop it, not only will the attack still go through, but you will be unable to log back in and fleetsave.

Contact a GO(Game Operator)

Do this when you have no other options. If the situation is really extreme (for example, if you’re being attacked twice daily by several members of an alliance) then it may well be necessary. It is against the rules to attack someone to the point where they cannot advance, so a GO might intervene if you can show them this is happening. But make sure you have tried other options before you do this—please don’t waste the GOs time when the only problem is you playing OGame very crappily.

Contributed by Hefty Smurf from the OGame Forums.


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  1. is it ok to farm people who donít appear to have played in months?
    — sobek    Oct 31, 12:23 PM    #
  2. Do you mean morally or strategically? If former, yes, because they donít need those resources anyway. If the latter, probably yes, but try to spy on them beforehand, of course.

    — Vedran    Nov 3, 03:38 PM    #
  3. And people that arenít there canít hold a grudge. Or call for help. Or any of the things an active player can do. I fleetsave when I get offline, and those are the planets I send my fleet to, so they canít make enough defense to destroy my fleet while it takes three hours or so to get there.

    — Zack    Nov 5, 10:49 PM    #
  4. Another strategy is to produce and research something else until your cargo arrives. Lets say you are trying to build something like nanite lvl 2 that requires 2 mil. m 1 mil. k and 200 d. That kind of resources makes you a nice target for your neighbor planet with say 500 command ships who spies on your planet constantly :). Let s say you have managed to transport 3/4 of the required resources into your planet and you need 3 more hours for the remaining resources. Just go into production of something like metal mine lvl 25 and research something. When your shipment arrives, cancel the production and research and build what you were intending to build.

    — Gokhan    Nov 12, 11:20 PM    #
  5. Well, what we can do if we r restricted for playing becouse we (3 of us) playing on a same computer well network with same IP address?
    We was held down as multiaccounting!!

    — thunderpuss    Feb 20, 09:29 AM    #
  6. Is there anything I can do if the enemy simply wants to bash me instead of steal my resources?
    I do fs and spend my recources and negotiations do no good(he knows im online and I will fs)
    He keeps sending hundreds of bs to me and my defences do no good. He doesnt violates the rules but its really bothering me.
    Is there anything I can do?

    — Baby    Mar 16, 10:22 AM    #
  7. no

    — Turbo    Apr 5, 12:48 AM    #
  8. Move elsewhere. Keep old planets, so he doesn’t suspect something (turn off mines). Surprise him one day with a powerful counter-army and reap the resources.

    — anonymous    Apr 6, 11:17 PM    #
  9. What if you only have one planet? how would you move somewhere then?

    — Monkey Chief    Apr 26, 01:10 PM    #
  10. well i say colonise a planet on solar system 483 or summat like that then if u get attacked u can fs to there build ur fleet up and blow em ta hell (oh and send em a message sayin like “and thats for you”)

    — ash    May 22, 02:09 PM    #
  11. this is what i did 5 times i found about 10 planets throught the galixies that havent been used in about amotnh and i took the chance and sent all my resources to those planets i attacked and took them back within a week and i got aroudn 20 thou extra from each planet lol

    — 0-38$#jd    Jun 16, 05:29 PM    #
  12. Baby, is there actually a reason that they does this?
    They might have a grudge against you in real life.

    However, there is one thing you can do.

    Join a powerful Alliance!
    There’s bound to be one that will understand and let you in. Maybe that will stop your enemy if his army gets destroyed by a powerful fleet from someone in your alliance.
    No harm in trying.

    — Jimbob    Jun 20, 02:03 PM    #
  13. if ur in uni 9 you can join ice nation they will help ya

    — death    Jul 10, 02:46 AM    #
  14. i agree with jimbob, joining an alliance is probbubly the ebst thing you could do.

    — hung    Jul 31, 02:18 PM    #
  15. tell him you will find him and kill him. hypothetically of course

    — large al    Aug 7, 12:07 PM    #
  16. If you are being attacked regularly and it’s a fleet you cannot handle. Then use the fleet save procedure. It’s not difficult at all. Every time you see an incoming attack spend…any rez you have left over ship off into your fleets…At the end o the day if he has to fuel all these ships and he picks up nothing more than 400 metal and crystal, it’s not really profitable you have to make yourself unprofitable to deter the attacks…At least it will be good practise for later on in the game

    — Xion    Aug 9, 08:46 AM    #
  17. You could set a bounty on the person that attacks you and he might stop if he keeps getting attacked.

    — jimagine    Sep 23, 07:27 PM    #
  18. even better, just message them. Most ppl are cool. There was this one guy who would pwn me w/ 1700 bships whenever i had a decent fleet. I messaged him and said “nice hit”. He still hits me, but not as often, and i know a bit about him now. Now hes been givin me help and even offered to help against another guy (both r in top 50) who had just crashed me. Ud be surprised how much a little bit of kindness and understanding does.

    — bubtheinsane    Sep 30, 05:19 PM    #
  19. i don’t know if i should keep my fleet on thr planet and defend it or fleet save them?

    — asdw    Oct 9, 01:05 AM    #
  20. If you have level 8 espionage tech you can see exactly what they are sending at you.
    Or level 4 tech you can see the number of total ships with the kinds that are being sent.

    — Mr No one    Nov 9, 11:16 PM    #
  21. anyone in uni1? if so look out for vengance he farms alot.

    — jay    Nov 24, 06:30 AM    #
  22. hi im kinda new in the game, i now have 6100 points but theres this guy with about 30000000 points who keeps destroying everything i build…what should i do?

    Fastwields    Dec 19, 08:26 AM    #
  23. stab him with a fork

    — me    Dec 21, 05:22 AM    #
  24. is there a good strong alliance i can join who are english in universe25 and take on player with only 7k points p.s new to this galaxy only

    — padawan wolf    Jan 15, 11:14 AM    #
  25. Hey, how much can each technology go up to. For example, Can Weapons technology go up to level 100 or is the maximum 12?

    — Chconutz212    Mar 17, 09:00 PM    #
  26. i think it can go to unlimited provided you have the stinking resources lol for lvl 100 it would be like 5 million metal resources and fastwields it would be like 30 million points so i think you are lying but anyway all you do is ask a go if it’s really severe or you can always fleetsave your resources and make sure you build some really good defence so it can be a bit of a struggle for him or message him some ppl are cool you can also go to vacation mode or turn ur mines off when you are offline

    — l0l    Apr 13, 08:24 PM    #
  27. everyone there is like a rank 60 player that was attacking me with 5000 cruisers just cause i was saving for hyperspace drive lvl 6 and he kept attacking me but then i messaged him and asked him to stop now we trade with each other we are on a buddylist so just to tell people who have not tried this let me tell you, Try it, it really helps.

    l0l    Apr 24, 11:43 PM    #
  28. He is going to know when you are online, then attack you^^^....Nice One ;)

    If someone attacks you why do you let them, leaving resources about all day means you deserve to be attacked

    — VaI    May 15, 05:28 PM    #
  29. fleetsaving is stupid, even if u have big fleet ull use so much deterium, instead build defenses and dont let ur resorces pile up. its the non-cowardly thing to do

    — ZeUs9471    Jun 7, 05:00 AM    #
  30. what i have found because i am a farmer is that if you are getting attacked dont ask them to stop.because then they will taunt you by attacking you with 1 light fighter and 1000 large cargoes. just stop makeing rescources. turn off everything and only alow like 480 metal a day

    — will94    Jun 13, 06:47 PM    #
  31. ya, i totally agree i once was attacked by rank 2 player in universe 4 asked him nicely he just recalled his fleet , all you need to do is ask decently without insulting the player for attacking you and you know what he may even recall the fleet

    — harish    Jun 17, 11:00 AM    #
  32. hi,ive been playing for about two months now and this game still considers me a newbie,id like to have the newbie thing taken off of me and ima not shure how to do this,ppl attack me,but i cant attack them back

    perry    Jul 4, 03:36 PM    #
  33. That’s not meant to happen-the newbie thing stops you attacking strong people, but its also supposed to stop stronger people attacking you

    It’s only 5000 points to get to the level where you can attack anybody you want (if your fleet is strong enough)

    If the problem keeps up, contact one of the GameOperators in your uni and ask them

    — fishman    Jul 12, 11:16 AM    #
  34. ya man im in universe three and the noob protection really helps
    its just there was this one guy just barely past noob protection with 100 rocket launchers as defence i attacked and sent him back to noob protection.

    will94    Jul 18, 07:48 PM    #
  35. well defeating 100 rocket launchers would be very easy i have 100k points now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me hear a w00t!

    — l0l    Sep 15, 04:29 PM    #
  36. dont +real life threat him i did it once and very subtly i said if i were ever to meet you in real life you would meet no one ever again i got banned

    — anonymous    Oct 20, 04:07 PM    #
  37. One thing I Did when i was getting bashed by someone literally 10 times my points, who was just shooting IPM’s at me for fun (and trying to fleetcrash me constantly) was first message him kindly and inform him that he won’t make money. After that didn’t work, i found the nearest guy ranked in the top 100’s, and PM’ed him, Making him a sweet deal to fleetcrash the basher. U’d be suprised how willing higher ups are in helping someone getting rocked for little reason… mostly when they make bank out of it.

    End of the story: he got fleetcrashed because of me and lost everything. I finished it off with a PM stating: “there’s always a bigger fish”

    — Maleus    Oct 21, 09:49 PM    #
  38. In uni 6 there is an alliance called GLY who specialise in protection. About how much would a bounty cost on a person who attacked me with 150 battlecruisers? I dont want to go on the forums and offer 10.000 metal and look a comlete pr*t

    Gundog    Oct 23, 05:06 PM    #
  39. i wish PT ogame one day makes tips like these its rly good :)
    im looking for a experienced player to teach me to pro play plz;)

    — DeathKnight    Nov 14, 05:41 AM    #
  40. I was raided by this guy and I lost all the resources I needed to upgrade. I read many topics here and decided to PM him and ask him nicely to stop raiding me. I heard that most people would let off the attacks. But, he said that he would temporarily stop attacking me if I gave him metal. What do I do? Do I comply and constantly give him metal or try other things?

    — anonymous    Nov 30, 05:39 PM    #
  41. I keep getting fleet bashed by a player 33 times more points…. 1.214.992 to my 52k. He attacks me every two to three weeks. He is even using his phalanx to know when my fleet returns from FS and attacks so it happens 1 sec after they return. And he launches on the rebound leg, so there is nothing I can do. And no I don’t have resournces which compensates his 1600 ship expenditures… but his is an inherited acount and he whined about starting with only 200 BB’s and 1+ Mil points. Freak’n sucks.

    — Splitpi    Jan 10, 10:57 PM    #
  42. if someone keeps hitting u relentlessly like that let them take out all defenses since u dont have many anyways and fleetsave when u r on line and see him coming and stay fleetsaved when offline and like others said build planets elsewhere bide your time and keep getting stronger and getting a bigger fleet then pay him back eventually if hes wasting a fleetslot duet and ships hitting u for nothing then hes probably not growing as fast as he can and u will catch up eventually. joining a strong alliance helps too and also mabe build a secon or third planet in missle range of him (as far away as possible) with no defenses and build up mislle silos and missles and take out all his defenses when u can and pay him back ive done that too to stronger players who stubbornly wont stop and it works

    — madmax65    Feb 18, 12:39 AM    #
  43. You might think about messaging your attacker.
    I got raped by this top 75 player and his 31 deathstars, i messaged him about how feeble my fleet/defence were(it was not that small a fleet, 50 destroyers, 100bs, 50bc, 400guass, 150pc and i never even broke his shield once) and we had a right laugh about it, i am now in his alliance and he even scopes targets for me occasionally(i cant sign on ogame that often)

    — Ajunta Pall    Mar 4, 04:13 PM    #
  44. look it is enough usually to see when the atackers fleet arrives, than a minute before make a fs+rs… he’ll take 0 0 0… thats pretty much like a message don’t attack me… if you do it to him more than 2 times, he’ll probably never attack you again…

    if he attacks you just because he is a jerk probably the only option is to find help from a better player/alliance…

    i hate to PM someone just to stop attacking me…
    i do a fs+rs a minute before and then send him a PM saying nothing more than “muahahhahaha, please come again…”.

    — sphynx    Mar 11, 06:04 PM    #
  45. hehe fleetsaving is good…
    I was farmed for a while…joined an alliance and it turned out a few others were getting farmed…
    the problem was that the guy was a turtle with a huge fleet…
    so, one day our alliance got together and gathered all of our RIPs together (about 150) and attacked the guy xD
    he quit the next day…

    — longhairguy-eo    Jun 9, 02:32 PM    #
  46. What if you haven’t been attacked in 1/2 a year and you are just wasting deuterium by fleet saving?

    — bendubeast    May 6, 07:54 PM    #
  47. Ajunta Pall makes my fleet look feeble

    — bendubeast    May 6, 07:55 PM    #

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