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Banning a player


Published: May 15, 05:07 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

There are several ways to ban a player. The easiest is when they send you an insult via an ingame message.

If this happens, you will notice a checkbox that says “Ban this player”. Simple check that box, and process your messages. This will automatically ban the player for 24 hours. NOTE: You can ban fellow alliance members this way, so please be careful. Sometimes a word will trigger the filter, even thought it isn’t insulting.

For any other bans, please contact an OGame Game Operator (called a GO). Have proof of what happened (bashing, insults, pushing, etc) and the GO will investigate.

You can see the OGame Pillory (List of banned players) by Universe here. It is a good place to see how long someone is banned for, and why they were banned.


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  1. can you get them banned any other way?
    Killer260    Jun 26, 03:32 AM    #
  2. If you canít use the 24 hour message ban, then contact a GO.

    QUOTE "For any other bans, please contact an OGame Game Operator (called a GO). Have proof of what happened (bashing, insults, pushing, etc) and the GO will investigate."
    Eric    Jul 2, 08:54 AM    #
  3. ok i know what bashing is, and insults is obvious, but what is pushing?
    — Jeremy    Oct 8, 12:57 AM    #
  4. just a little note to everyone: i was pretty good in uni 7 until I got banned for SPAMMING!!!! they dont tell you about it, so be warned…

    — God of Enyart    Mar 20, 12:44 AM    #
  5. how do you contact a go?

    — bonton    Apr 24, 12:15 PM    #
  6. i wanna know after how much time an inactive player gets banned.

    — bensalem    Nov 3, 01:32 PM    #
  7. should i ban this player i’m not really sure yet though he attacked me but hes ranked 10 and i’m not even ranked

    — jhjk    Jan 4, 11:57 PM    #
  8. i would like to know the reasons to ban a player form the ogame.

    — elie    Jan 26, 04:58 AM    #
  9. I have reported someone on uni 28 for bashing (8 attacks in 13 hours) about a week ago. still no reply back though. any ideas?

    — faraway    Feb 1, 04:31 AM    #
  10. elie – it’s like your punishment for not following the rules of Ogame.

    — Kwopau    Feb 14, 06:44 PM    #
  11. How long before an inactive player gets banned?

    — unknown    Apr 18, 03:32 PM    #
  12. iíve been searching on google and this page and nothing can tell me what account sharing is! i know multi accounting is when u have more than one account on the same alliance, but then is acc sharing when u use the same account with different ip addresses? then if that is true, you wouldnít be able to use ogame on more than one computer for your account. if anyone can clarify account sharing, please leave comment.

    — Alien x22    Mar 17, 02:18 PM    #

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