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Building while Researching


Published: May 15, 04:48 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

You cannot upgrade a research lab that is current researching something.

You can upgrade other buildings on that planet, or upgrade a Research Plant on another planet. It isn’t very beneficial to have multiple Research Plants though, since you can only have one set of research going at once.

Building a second research plant is really only useful if you plan on destroying your first one. Either to start a new colony, or to reclaim some of the fields.


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  1. You can’t build a research lab on ANY of your planets while research is going on….at least not in my experience…
    — Willis    Jul 28, 08:24 PM    #
  2. if you get Intergalactic Research Network then the total levals of your labs is used
    e.g: you have 4 lvl 3 labs on differnt planets you can do Graviton Technology
    — m8x115    Oct 23, 03:15 PM    #
  3. Yeah but if you are getting Intergalactic Research Network, your at level 10 anyways, so that is kind of redundant… Only really helps if you wanna research tech REAL fast, but its still pretty expensive once you get up that far anyways

    — NoVaRuneshade (ogame Forum Name)    Dec 28, 10:45 PM    #
  4. the IRN is pretty useless ‘cause all it seems to do is make it so that you can do stuff fom multiple planets fast. then again, if you’re on only once every day or so, you don’t really need it at all

    — buddha boy    Mar 16, 01:09 PM    #
  5. Yeah, but when you get higher up and your waiting four days for some research… this really helps. It costs less to make two lvl 10 labs than to make one lvl 20 one…

    — jaireth    Jun 8, 02:57 PM    #
  6. if you research weapons technology dose it upgrade your deffence weapons same for shield

    burnout3    Sep 7, 09:00 AM    #
  7. Pretty sure I havn’t been able to upgrade my research lab on my colony while my homeworld was researching.

    — Lexang    Dec 7, 05:40 PM    #
  8. the IGRN is very good and i plan to use it when i start graviton tech wich will be real soon i hope

    — majorpain    Jan 3, 09:18 PM    #
  9. you cantupgrade your research lab while your researching new technologies, but you can upgrade your buildings. simple….

    — Dennis    Feb 9, 04:08 PM    #

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