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I now have a moon


Published: Apr 13, 07:06 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Well, with thanks to the commander who crashed my fleet, I am now the proud (and smashed) owner of a moon.

I managed to take out about 1/3rd of the attacking fleet… but that was like 1/10 of the attacking power, so you can guess what happened.

I will be reporting on the moon features soon, so stay in touch!

Ok. First thing you need to do, is ship in some supplies. That means Metal, Crystal and Deutrium.

The second thing you do, is start building a Lunar Base. These things are expensive, and take a LONG time to build. But, they open up more spaces for you to build more improvements, so you have to build them.

Oh, and remember the dude who crashed my fleet to give me the moon? He already raided my moon for some deutrium I had sitting there. sigh Guess I will not keep much surplus on the moon.

UPDATE: My moon is doing better. I now have some defenses going, and some shields. I decided to concentrate on building the following: Lunar Bases, Sensor Phalanx and Ship Yards. The storage depots and robotic factories are a waste of fields. My moon is rather large so I can build quite a few things if I want to take the time to build enough lunar fields.

UPDATE: Robotic Factories are quite useful. Especially when your looking at shaving of 5 days worth of build time for a Jump Gate!

UPDATE: I now actually have 3 moons (and trying to earn a 4th). I have 3 jump gates as well, so moving fleets around is pretty easy. I want a 4th moon at my home planet so I can build a jump gate there.

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  1. The storage depots and robotic factories are a waste of fields.

    Actually robotic factories are a very good idea, alot of players upgrade them to level 6 before building any other buildings, simply because the lunar bases will start takeing a very long time to build, and a jumpgate would take 100 days.
    I would personally build
    Lunar Base 3
    Phalanx 1
    Robotic Factory 6
    Now start upgradeing your phalanx, and leave a slot open for jumpgates at the end, as you might want them some day.
    — Ninja    Jul 27, 04:35 PM    #
  2. Urm . . . . thts not true seeing as when you get a moon you have only 1 field so only idiots would build a robotics factory first

    — Legend Killer    Feb 11, 08:41 AM    #
  3. how do i get amoon

    — CHris    Apr 14, 09:11 PM    #
  4. What happens if you have your planet fully occupied. What shall I do?

    — Leo Lourie    Apr 16, 02:05 PM    #
  5. Your moon is separate from your planet. I’m currently in a moon exchange program with a friend. My first chance was unsuccesful, and I hope to get a moon from subsequent attempts. I might do two moon trading things to speed up the moon chance. This is the best way to get a moon, as losing your fleet isn’t nice.

    — Black Wyvern    Apr 22, 01:21 AM    #
  6. so how do you get a moon.

    — Zal    Jul 29, 10:42 AM    #
  7. hey with the jump gate, what is the point of getting it 2 level 2?

    — thecat    Jul 30, 03:09 PM    #
  8. i got fleet crashed weak (12 battleships and some other stuff) and got a 2% chance moon and it sucks. im not goin to do anything with it xcept for maybe fleet saving last minute until 10000 points cuz things arnt worth it till later. so newbs like me wait!

    — uni17 noobie    Aug 18, 05:46 PM    #
  9. A moon is gained when a chance event occurs, having to do with Debris Fields. After a battle, any destroyed fleet ships are left in space in a Debris Field. If this Debris Field has 100,000 resources (Metal and Crystal), than there is a 1% chance that a moon will be created then and there. The chance goes up by 1% for every 100,000 resource in orbit, to a maximum of 20% chance. If the moon is not created instantly after the fight, it will not occur and you should try again.

    — Whesker    Aug 23, 02:38 PM    #
  10. “Urm . . . . thts not true seeing as when you get a moon you have only 1 field so only idiots would build a robotics factory first”

    You can’t build anything until you have a Lunar Base anyway.

    — Arbron    Sep 9, 02:46 AM    #
  11. Robotics factories help as much as NANITES when it comes to Jumpgates. When I got a moon in Uni 5 (second in total experience) I made note of how long it would take to build 1 Jump Gate, without any robotics – 100 days. In uni 19, where I had robotics already on my moon, I added another to lv 5, even though i’d have only one space left, to shave down the time of a JG from 20 days with lv 4 robotics to 16 days 16 hours with lv 5 robotics.

    Robo lv 4 = 480 hour JG
    Robo lv 5 = 400 hour JG

    The robotic factory is a marginal factor, however – the higher it goes, the less it reduces it – the most time reduction occurs in the begining, where I think lv 1 cut the time of JG by as much as 40 days, etc.

    Oh, and to answer someone’s question for the purpose of further JG levels – points. Pure points. On a safe 20% moon, there’s very few people who’d risk RIPs to destroy it, so that extra 16k points are, for the most part, safely invested. (This is true at least of the modern unis – i have no idea how things function in the oldest OGame unis, where they have attacking fleets of 855 RIPs and fleets that kill 155 RIPs… o_O)

    — ChronoSquare    Sep 16, 12:16 AM    #
  12. when i was a noob i attaked some one at randome (and got my fleet smashed) and he got a moon on a 2%. I was like omg y cant that happen to me?!

    — nuke    Sep 21, 12:45 AM    #
  13. Do you have 3 moons around the SAME planet or around three of your planets?

    — Richard Riddick    Sep 24, 08:21 PM    #
  14. Can you have 2 moons around a single planet? I already have one and I’ve got another 20% chance and no moon. I’m wondering …

    — konnor    Nov 16, 10:42 PM    #
  15. Golly, read the tutorial! It will REALLY help! But for your convenience, no you can NOT have more than one moon around a planet.

    — Parasol Kirby    Dec 1, 02:47 PM    #
  16. a robotic factory reduces the building time like this:

    Every building has a “basic building time” the robotic factory multiplies that with 1/(level+1) so when you want to build a building that would take half an hour, with the robotic factory lvl 1 it would multiply it with 1/2, so 30*1/2 is 15 minutes.

    — ikkuh    Dec 19, 10:25 AM    #
  17. ok i just got a moon today and since i’m not too far in the game i just thought since i’ve heard that all moons do is take lots of resources is would just leave the moon alone for now and work on defences and rebuild my fleet. is this a good idea?
    uni 18

    — teh27    Jun 17, 11:24 AM    #
  18. can there be more than one moon per planet?

    — mikeccuk2005    Jul 29, 07:29 AM    #
  19. @ Mikeccuk2005

    No, there can not be more than one moon per planet. It would help if you read the tutorial and other posts before you post.

    — Lone Wolf    Aug 22, 08:09 PM    #
  20. how to get a moon—- aproximately 1674 light fighters will get you a 20% chance of a moon. So get your Light Fighters and moon shot with friends!!

    — me    Aug 31, 01:53 PM    #
  21. actually you can get a 20% chance with:
    1667 light fighters or
    1667 small cargo or
    112 battleships or
    556 large cargo or
    667 heavy fighters or
    6667 probes
    Anything else is not recommended because it costs deuterium to build, and deuterium does not go into a debris field and therefore does not increase your chances for a moon.

    — Trevyr    Sep 17, 06:08 PM    #
  22. i dont get it, if u get a moon can u get another one on the same planet

    — The Turk    Oct 20, 05:10 PM    #
  23. Can you jump gate with Alliance members ? Can you use an alliance depot for a stop from 1 galaxy to another, instead of building a planet between your own 2 galaxys.Thanks

    — Jic    Nov 17, 07:01 AM    #
  24. @The Turk: READ THE WHOLE POSTING! lazy f***

    — jac    Dec 11, 03:19 PM    #
  25. answer to the turk:-

    you can only get 1 moon on eack planet you have.

    answer to jic:-

    you cannot use a jump gate with alliance members. you need 2 moons of yours to use the jump gate otherwise its useless.

    — rav    Feb 24, 04:07 PM    #
  26. Just a simple question to jac: can I have two or more moons at the same planet?

    And another, maybe more difficult for anybody: I’ve found this order on a site linked to this site – is this a recommendation of higher level players, is this REALLY a good idea to bulid the following order? Takes too much to get higher levels of LunarBase.

    # Lunar Base 1 (1/4 fields used) # Robotics Factory 1 (2/4 fields used) # Robotics Factory 2 (3/4 fields used) # Lunar Base 2 (4/7 fields used) # Robotics Factory 3 (5/7 fields used) # Robotics Factory 4 (6/7 fields used) # Lunar Base 3 (7/10 fields used) # Robotics Factory 5 (8/10 fields used) # Robotics Factory 6 (9/10 fields used) # Lunar Base 4 (10/13 fields used) # Robotics Factory 7 (11/13 fields used) # Sensor Phalanx 1 (12/13 fields used) # Lunar Base 5 (13/16 fields used) # Sensor Phalanx 2 (14/16 fields used) # Sensor Phalanx 3 (15/16 fields used) # Lunar Base 6 (16/19 fields used) # Sensor Phalanx 4 (17/19 fields used) # Sensor Phalanx 5 (18/19 fields used) # Lunar Base 7 (19/22 fields used) # Sensor Phalanx 6 (20/22 fields used) # Sensor Phalanx 7 (21/22 fields used) # Jumpgate (22/22 fields used)

    — LLL    Mar 31, 07:49 PM    #

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