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WARNING! OGame Phishing Scam


Published: Aug 26, 05:33 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Apparently there is an email going around. This email asks you to send your account information, including your password to: ogame_password@myway.com

This is a SCAM! Here is a quote from Cassandara… one of the Administrators from the North American OGame forums:

Ogame NEVER asks you for ANY passwords! Please do NEVER answer to such emails. Ogame does not need any passwords. ~ Cassandra Vandales – OGame Forum Moderator

So remember, just like all the other phishing attempts, do NOT give out your password via email. It doesn’t matter if they want your OGame password or you bank account. Don’t send it, and your safe.

You can read the original forum thread about this OGame Scam here.


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