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General Overview Using SpeedSim


Published: Apr 19, 03:33 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

SpeedSim is an excellent tool to project the outcome of a battle for oGame. It allows you to paste in the Espionage Report, and your Fleet list and will then project the outcome of the battle.

It will tell you your chances of winning, the chance for a moon, the amount of resources you will get, and the amount of debris left behind.

UPDATE: The INI file provided below is now available from the English SpeedSim Site. I sent the INI file to them, and they have included it for download.

There are two drawbacks to using SpeedSim.

You can download the full SpeedSim from the original developers here (in German).

Or the English download page for SpeedSim here.

Be sure to load my English INI file after you install SpeedSim, since you want mine to overwrite the original. My INI is now included with the English download, so you do not need to override the original with this file.


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  1. Hi, I have downloaded the speed sim but i cant get it to even load properly i keep in getting a message saying error missing unicode text

    — Nathan    Jan 12, 10:13 PM    #
  2. top tool

    — kossy1420    Apr 24, 11:00 AM    #
  3. ¿Dónde encuentro un tutorial para el speedsim?

    — vayavaya    Jun 29, 12:06 PM    #
  4. Where can I find a tuturial for speedsim? Thank you

    — vayavaya    Jun 29, 12:08 PM    #
  5. what is rapidfire?

    — Jinouchi    Jul 10, 07:29 AM    #
  6. ogame is some of the best games!!!

    — NoName    Jul 10, 06:08 PM    #
  7. SpeedSim is the best.

    Before I used drago-sim.de, but SpeedSim is much better :D

    Jelle    Jul 11, 04:06 PM    #
  8. Irgendwie check ich es nicht mit dem Runterladen!!!

    Könnte es mir jemand erklären?

    — Generl Christian    Aug 14, 03:10 AM    #
  9. a speedsim tutorial is on the official site of speedsim but is in detusch

    — greg byankee    Aug 21, 09:41 AM    #
  10. Speedsim is not calculating right results the results are totally diffenren then in the game, Specially the Debris field is n ot the same like in the game

    — AirHunt    Feb 9, 03:46 AM    #

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