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Custom Skins for OGame


Published: Aug 9, 06:30 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

What are Skins?

As you already know, OGame is a browser based space strategy game. It uses a default scheme to show the fonts and colors.

However, you can apply a custom skin to your account. Skins can be loaded locally or stored on a remote server. Local skins load quicker. Currently, you cannot use local skins with any Mozilla based browser (such as FireFox) or with Opera.

What do Skins do?

Skins do not make the game any faster, nor do they add/remove functionality. They are solely there to change the look of the game. Depending on the server that is hosting the skin, they could slow down the screen loading slightly.

Applying a Skin

The best way to fully apply a skin is to log out and then log back into OGame after applying a skin.

I use the “Brace” skin. It adds some nice pictures for some of the resources and planets, and adds a bit more color to some of the tables. Making them easier to read (for me anyhow).

Removing a Skin

If you do not like a skin, and want to revert to the default, then simply delete the path to the skin and save the changes. Again, you will want to logout of oGame and then log back in to see the full changes.

Where do I find Skins?

Do a Search on the OGame Forums

Here is a forum thread with a large collection of skins available

Here is a the forum thread on how to use local skins.

And a mini-tutorial on using local skins.

There are also some links to skins there.

Note: If you apply a skin, or change your password and the screen goes white, remove the 0 from the ‘Skins Path’ box in your Options screen, then logout and log back in. That will reset the skins properly.

FireFox Local Skins

This was posted on the forums as a method to get local skins to work in Firefox.

You need to do some tampering with Firefox to get local skins to work properly.

1) Convert the skin folder location into a URL-type location; change slashes to backslashes, and add file:/// in front of it. E.G. if your skin is located in C:OGameSkinsmyskin

You need to put file:///C:/OGameSkins/myskin/ in the skin location box under options.

2) Type about :config into your address bar to bring up the options screen; find the value security:checkloaduri and set it to FALSE. Your local skin should now be working properly.

Note: I have no idea what the other consequeneces of step (2) may be, so try this at your own risk. I assume it’s just some flag which prevents sites accessing local files, but it could have security/virus implications.

UPDATE: I have updated the above links. They should all work now. :)


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  1. your large database of skins no longer works i think the link is to old. Seems the host didn’t want to have so much traffic anymore
    ZeusCalius    May 12, 03:25 PM    #
  2. the skins on your website are not working for me
    kiefer    Aug 7, 03:48 AM    #
  3. me to it dose not work i think you have forgot the update on the website
    kiefer    Aug 8, 03:21 AM    #
  4. :)

    — isolatedpurity    Aug 8, 06:37 PM    #
  5. At this point in time there are no worms/viruses which exploit the loading of local files, but that’s no guarantee for the future.

    If you want to use local skins with Firefox/Mozilla, upgrade to Firefox 1.5 or Moz 1.8. The new versions allow you to specify this setting on a site-by-site basis, so you can let ogame.org (but no one else) access local files. Specifics on how to do this are here:

    Local Pages in Mozilla don't work!
    — Violence Jack    Oct 18, 04:10 PM    #
  6. there’s a load of ogame skins here. darksilence is probably the best.

    — -=[ Lee ]=-    Dec 29, 04:20 PM    #
  7. how do you set up a skin on a web page so you can use it for ogame

    — anubis    Mar 24, 04:36 AM    #
  8. the best selection of skins is if you delete the url of the skin in your options section and click save. then under the skins option will appear a drop down menu

    — Ed    Mar 27, 09:33 AM    #
  9. I just got firefox,
    i am trying to use my own local skin.

    I have tried your method for firefox above, and alos that found on http://ogame.wikia.com/wiki/Local_skin i have done all the things shown on here and there and nothing is letting my skin work.

    if you could give me a way to make it work it would be good! thanx :)

    rocket    Apr 17, 06:11 AM    #
  10. if you have firefox you can install the foxgame.. it’s very cool it gives you a lot of things :D… it seems to me that firefox its used a lot by ogame players :D:D
    heres the adrees to get it:

    — BrownSugar    Apr 28, 05:58 PM    #
  11. Where do I find some skins?
    This pages don’t work…..

    — Freakky    Apr 29, 12:23 PM    #
  12. i have a skin:

    C:/ my documents skins

    how do i upload it so i can use it?

    — Aid    May 9, 10:51 AM    #
  13. I have a skin with no banners, i found this out by mistake, it is pretty good aswell, here it is….


    just paste it on the skins address and log off, the log on it will be working…

    cardina    Jun 1, 01:46 PM    #
  14. how do i put skins on a web site so i can use them on a anoter computer

    like the epic blue skin

    — ben    Jul 13, 06:26 AM    #
  15. where is the star wars skin!?!?

    — someone...    Aug 7, 07:49 PM    #
  16. so what program would i need to change clors of some pics in premade skins? like epic blue to red? caus i only have paint a basic image program.

    — jay    Nov 24, 06:12 AM    #
  17. all the links looks offline

    — RazielLycas    Jan 13, 02:54 AM    #
  18. How do i create my own skin?

    — Shawry    Oct 14, 11:03 PM    #
  19. i don`t like the picture of one of my planet…is posible to change it?

    — DoomBringer    Nov 12, 06:25 AM    #
  20. does anyone no any other sites wre i cn download skins from except this is the only one i can find

    — lostmywings    Mar 25, 08:17 AM    #
  21. I’m sorry Doombringer, but the Rosie O’Donnell nebulae was named for a reason…

    — Nero    Aug 8, 04:53 PM    #

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