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Like space strategy games? Try OGame


Published: Apr 19, 03:31 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

What is OGame?

A friend from Programmer’s Corner posted a link to a new game he had started playing. It is a web based space strategy game. Here is a quote from OGame’s website:

OGame is a strategic space simulation game. Thousands of players concurrently play against each other. To play OGame, you just need a standard webbrowser.

It is called OGame and it is a blast. You build mines to harvest Metal, Crystal or Deuterium (a gas). You have to control the level of each of those, plus Solar Plants, Fusion Plants and Solar Satellites to generate energy for each of the mines.

You also build Ship Yards, Robot Factories, Research Labs, Rocket Silos and storage tanks to hold extra resources. You build ships to colonize other planets, and missiles and fighters to defend your planet (or attack someone else).

It reminds me somewhat of Tradewars. A game I used to play back in my BB(Bulletin Board) days. You could transfer goods to other planets as well, although if those planets were not in your alliance, you paid a penalty.

The OGame link I posted (http://www.ogame.org/) is for non-German players. Why no Germans or Germanic nations? Because this game is BIG (and I do mean BIG) over on the other side of the ocean, and they already have 27 of their own universes to play in. And the powers that be decided they don’t want any of the German players coming in and stomping use little newbies into space dust.

Tips for Getting Started with OGame:


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. Wouldn’t you want to wait until all 8 Colony slots are full before you start Surrendering them? If you only have 5, and the next one you get has only 48 fields (slots), why destroy it if you have open slots for more Colonies. Just build it up with metal and crystal and after a week or so you can gain back the cost of the Colony Ship.

    Even if you had 8 Colonies, like I currently do, I wouldn’t destroy any until your largest Colonies were maxxed out (Occupied). Then, and only then, after there is no room to grow, destroy the smallest one and make another.

    After that one is maxxed out, destroy the smalled again.

    — Mark    Nov 30, 06:23 PM    #
  2. how do u increase points fast

    — sandra    Apr 4, 10:14 AM    #
  3. to get points faster you have to spend resources for every 1k(or 1000) resources you spend you get 1 point

    — Death_one    May 24, 07:48 PM    #
  4. ships also build up a big part of your fleet. i got 45 battleships and 5 destroyers and they take up a few thousand points.


    — Abyss    Jun 2, 08:43 PM    #
  5. yeah ships are a big part of your points. If you check out uni3, look for Azazel, he was first with over 3.6 million points, but didnt fleet save and lost over 1 million points over night

    — Chaos    Jun 7, 03:13 PM    #
  6. how do u make another planet

    — ella    Jun 21, 01:55 AM    #
  7. how many resources do you need to make a Colony Ship

    — coolman    Jul 3, 10:37 AM    #
  8. Colony Ship Cost:
    Metal: 10,000 Crystal: 20,000 Deuterium: 10,000. Yikes. That’s why i started raiding first. Hard to make enough for a colony ship if all you have is mines.

    Secondly, points are not what they seem. You know how so many people in your universe have an (s) after their name that keeps you from attacking or being attacked by them? This Ends At 5,000 Points!

    — Commenter from U14    Jul 3, 11:39 PM    #
  9. Hey how can I raid? By stealing debris with recycler?

    — Vader    Jul 18, 05:41 AM    #
  10. yea i was wondering how to fleet save, is all that you do mean you are sending them to another place or something.
    also how much chould i spend on defences, concidering that one of my planets i have: 500 missile lauchers, 2000 small lazers, 100 heavy lazers, 5 Gauss cannons, 20 ion cannons, and both sheilds

    — lance    Jul 22, 06:09 PM    #
  11. hey people i hav 8 colonys and all of them have real high mines, no ships and like and this is my research Espionage Technology (level 7)
    Computer Technology (level 8)
    Weapons Technology (level 7)
    Shielding Technology (level 6)
    Armour Technology (level 7)
    Energy Technology (level 6)
    Hyperspace Technology (level 5)
    Combustion Drive (level 6)
    Impulse Drive (level 5)
    Hyperspace Drive (level 4)
    Laser Technology (level 6)
    Ion Technology (level 5)

    — thecat    Aug 16, 02:55 PM    #
  12. how, do you fleet save??? thanx

    — Lysander    Aug 19, 06:13 AM    #
  13. Fleet saving is the measures you must take when a havier or more players attack you. the method to do this is either deploy the fleet somewhere else or to send it on a mission that will last more than the attack will.

    — BlueVD    Aug 26, 06:06 AM    #
  14. Is my research good for being ranked in top 1250?

    Espionage Technology (level 8)
    Computer Technology (level 7)
    Weapons Technology (level 8)
    Shielding Technology (level 8)
    Armour Technology (level 7)
    Energy Technology (level 6)
    Hyperspace Technology (level 4)
    Combustion Drive (level 7)
    Impulse Drive (level 4)
    Hyperspace Drive (level 9)
    Laser Technology (level 5)

    — Espion    Nov 7, 04:20 PM    #
  15. What use is Ion Technology ?

    — MaD    Nov 27, 09:36 PM    #
  16. First to Espion, do you really have hyperspace drive level 9?

    Second to MaD – You need Ion Tech lv 5 for Plasma Tech, plus you need it to build cruisers among other things..

    — Undertaker    Dec 24, 07:46 AM    #
  17. what i do to fleet save is:

    i started with a planet in galexy 1, then colinised 1
    in galexey 9. this way, i can send my fleet up to my other planet (1 to 9, 9 to 1) and once the attack is over, recall my fleet.

    — zepie    Jan 14, 05:58 AM    #
  18. zepie,
    that might not always be good bcause (for example) if you are being attacked in 10 min and you have to leave now and cant come back until like 4 hours later and it take 3 hours to get to a planet 8 galaxies away then you will not be able to get your fleet back very soon (counting the 3 hours to get back)

    — nooneinparticualar    Jan 17, 12:21 PM    #
  19. right first the best way to fleet save it to send a fleet from a moon to a debris feild because from a planet people can use a sensor phalanx to watch you flett and make it so thiers arrives like 1 second after yours gets back and blow you up but if you have a moon they cant do that and secondly it is better to have planets closer together because to send my fleet from 1 place to another (a different galexy) costs about 200000 deut but if it say in the same system its only like 5000 deut

    — james bartlett    Mar 13, 09:50 AM    #
  20. What’s the largest fielded planet possible in Ogame?

    — Mr. Owl    May 27, 11:45 PM    #
  21. concerning fleet saving:
    just lower the speed percentage as much as possible so they take forever to get to their destination and then recall your fleet when the attack is done. They don’t actually have to reach their mission.

    — galactus    Jul 23, 02:44 AM    #
  22. how do u colonize a planet? thanks

    — jp    Oct 14, 06:26 AM    #
  23. @Mr. Owl
    I have a planet with 321 fields

    — em    Nov 3, 05:08 PM    #
  24. how do i get enough energy really fast for this

    Graviton Technology
    Firing a concentrated charge of graviton particles can create an artificial gravity field, which can destroy ships or even moons.
    Requirements: Energy: 300.000
    Construction Time: 1s

    — Skittles    Nov 30, 09:16 AM    #
  25. the only way that you are going to get 300k energy is buy building lots of solar sat. but have your solar mine at level 30 or so, and fusion high too.

    try not to rush to this, cause you will just get smashed. you need lots of defence to help you out if someone attacks you, and some ships like destroyers, they are the best defence ship. and now the added battle cruisers really kill all the ships really quick too.

    hope this helps,

    — David    Jan 20, 11:32 PM    #
  26. Not really… I have about 80k metal per day, 40k crystal per day and 18k deuterium per day…. which still isnt that good either really.

    — Meeee    Apr 10, 01:36 PM    #
  27. Meh,

    2.1 million metal. 980k crystal, 280k deut a day.

    And thats poor.

    — Brian    Jun 13, 10:48 AM    #
  28. Meh, you people are never happy :-D
    I make 80k 40k and 14k per day with all my planets

    — mrnagy88    Jul 7, 02:48 PM    #

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