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Rebuilding Defenses


Published: Jul 4, 05:01 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

I play a cool game called OGame (You can read my initial strategy and review of OGame if you want.

The latest bit of information I received concerns your defenses.

Apparently, there is a chance that 70% of your defenses lost will be rebuilt. What ones are rebuilt is random, it could be shields, missiles, fighters, gauss cannons, etc. You could get lucky have have your big defenses rebuilt, or you could have all your puny little light lasers restored.

But either way, it is a good thing to keep in mind.

If you want some tips on building defenses, and a good defense strategy, then I suggest you click here.

UPDATE: Any defenses destroyed by Inter-planetary Missiles will NOT get a chance of being rebuilt.


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. There used to be info on this link regarding the suggested configuration for optimum defenses.

    All I can remember is 1 Big Laser for each 4 Small Lasers, but the link appears to have been changed.

    Can you post it again so i can copy it to my pc?
    — Arturo    May 6, 02:55 PM    #
  2. I updated the article above to include a link to the Building Defenses article.
    Eric    May 15, 03:57 PM    #
  3. This is a little off topic but the best place I could find. If your in the process of builiding say, a crystal mine, when you are attacked and defeated, will the production of the mine be destroyed?
    — Kris    Aug 31, 01:21 PM    #
  4. Nope. Only defenses can be destroyed, mines can never be destroyed.
    — GeneralERA    Oct 19, 11:10 AM    #
  5. The miners protect the mines. ;)

    Can IPBM’s kill fleets?

    Is the 70% applied to individual defenses?

    Like 0.7 chance that this one MS will be rebuilt.

    Or more like 70% of MS will be rebuilt, 70% of SL will be rebuilt.

    — Black wyvern    Dec 30, 01:01 AM    #
  6. @Black wyvern

    The 70% applies to each individual defense unit.So you may have all rebuilt or none or anywhere in between. IPBM’s can target planetary defenses only, not fleets.
    — Quincy    Jan 2, 11:22 PM    #
  7. i just build a bunch of the cheapest defenses and a few heavy ones

    — buddha boy    Mar 16, 12:06 PM    #
  8. OMG you guys actually make defences??
    I’ve played in 4 different universes and never ever made a single rocketlauncher. the key is to do fleetsaves and never leave your acc alone. you have to connect now and then, check out your acc then FS and you don’t have to have ANY defences.
    even better. SPEND THE RESOURCES. Noone will attack the planet without resources and fleet.

    MorteTM    Apr 27, 04:31 AM    #
  9. Well, that’s easy to do if you have no life… because most people cant be on the computer for 24 hours a day. And during that time that we normal people arent online, we are at risk of anyone crashing our fleet, which is why we use defenses. With my defenses I can hold up to 20 million metal and 10 million crystal and still not be profitable! 10K rockets, 12K LL, 2K HL, 1300 GC, 1K IC and 350 PT

    — Kramer390    Jun 9, 12:51 PM    #
  10. hey, how much do interplanetary missiles cost?

    — mgshadowhunter    Jul 19, 11:48 AM    #
  11. anybody who thinks defense is pointless is stupid. Defense is the best thing to build. i agree with kramer390 and i build defense like mad. i have no fleet and i am completely stable. i never need to attack anybody b/c i make plenty of resources. plus, i can leave my 15 million plus resources on my planet without fear of being attacked.

    also, if somebody stupid enough was to attack me, i wouldnt lose any points, no fleet=no point loss

    — Jacob    Jul 31, 12:11 AM    #
  12. I would have to agree with both Kramer and Jacob, defenses are imperative to a sucessful empire.

    — Maximus Aorelus II    Aug 21, 03:51 PM    #
  13. Fleet saving is not enough, because a Moon can find when does the fleet return, and crash it before you have the time to send it again. But if you have defenses, then it needs compete with them too.

    If you can stand by the monitor 24 hours a day, and are ready for fighting 24/7/365, then you can climb to the top with fleet and wars. Otherwise, you need go slower, make defenses, and just enjoy the game at your own pace.

    — manolo    Sep 29, 11:33 AM    #
  14. a lv 99 nanite takes 6-12 hours to build lol but look at the price

    — lol    Oct 24, 03:07 PM    #
  15. yeah but if you have that lvl nanite then everything takes 1 second to build!

    — the gman    Dec 6, 04:58 PM    #
  16. The dud that thinks defense is non important: With out defense you cannot make any res while you are offline, with defense you can let you mines work to thier hearts content. Unless you think the millions you can get from mines a day are usless…

    “shields, missiles, fighters, gauss cannons, etc.” Fighters? we are talking defenses not defensive fleets.

    “no fleet=no point loss” You havn’t figured this out have you? Points are 1 point for every 1k res you spend. So if you lose 1 RL you lose 2 points not non.

    — NPSF3000    May 3, 05:30 PM    #
  17. 10 Missiles from planet turkun intikami [x:xx:x] on your planet tasty [x:xx:x] hit!
    8 attacking missiles were destroyed by your anti-ballistic missiles.
    Defenses hit
    Plasma Turret 11( -11 ) Light Laser 578( -49 )
    Gauss Cannon 23( -0 ) Heavy Laser 140( -0 )
    Rocket Launcher 1004( -0 ) Anti-Ballistic Missiles 8( -0 )
    Small Shield Dome 1( -0 ) Ion Cannon 30( -0 )
    Interplanetary Missiles 2( -0 )

    How did 2 missiles, (doing 12.000 damage each) destroy 11 of my plasma turrets?!?!?!? (which each have a structural integrity of 100.000!!!!)

    wtf! Phil

    — Phil    May 10, 03:10 PM    #
  18. Cos thats what ‘missiles’ do….plus thats attack strength if he had lvl 0 weapons…

    I once met this guy who was a turtle and got attacked, he had 10000 RL and loads of other stuff but he got beat, only 1 RL got rebuilt plus all the other stuff he lost.

    — VaI    May 15, 05:38 PM    #
  19. ogame is disease !!!!!

    — sevcenko7    Jan 1, 04:48 PM    #
  20. @Phil: the “HP” of a defense/ship is only 1/10 of the structural integrity.

    — HCY    Apr 13, 01:28 AM    #

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