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Saving your Resources


Published: Nov 21, 07:12 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

I play a cool game called OGame

The latest bit of information I received concerns your saving your resources (a fleet save).

How to Save your Resources

The Results of Saving

If anyone attacks your planet while you are away, you may lose the battle, but you will not have any resources to lose (or very few, depending on how fast your mines create the resources).

NOTE: You can also send your fleet away on a recycling mission. Just pick a location to collect debris, and use the same instructions above about choosing the distance and speed. Just make sure you have at least 1 Recycler in your fleet.

There are also other ways to save your resources beyond a recycling mission.

  1. spy on a weaker person.
  2. attack a weaker person.
  3. send it on a trade mission and call it back before it reaches the target. (the target can be an enemy planet). NOTE: If your fleet lands on the target planet, it WILL DEPOSIT the resources carried!

Saving your resources this way is a very common practice, especially in the higher levels of the game. Building your defenses is a nice compliment to saving your resources, and can help you save your planet from a nasty bombardment.

When you recall your fleet, they return at the same speed that they were sent out at. There is no way to change the speed of a fleet enroute.

Invisible Fleets

Nobody can see a mission that is harvesting if you follow these guidelines:

  1. A Sensor Phalanx scans a target. You cannot scan a Debris Field, so you cannot see that destination.
  2. A Sensor Phalanx scans a target. You cannot scan a moon, so you cannot scan the departure point.

So, if you send your recyclers from a moon to a debris field, then they cannot be scanned by a Sensor Phalanx, and are thus invisible.

NOTE: I have included multiple methods of saving resources and fleets in my OGame Tips Strategy Guide.


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. this doesn’t seem to work. I lost all of my resources because they simply got dumped onto the person and my fleet returned empty handed.
    — rob    Jul 10, 07:47 PM    #
  2. Please see the NOTE on Item 3. You have to make sure you recall your fleet before they land on a trade mission, or it will drop off its resources there.
    Eric    Jul 13, 05:41 AM    #
  3. Hi i was just wondering how you do a recycling trip? Do you send it to transport or attack?
    — John    Aug 10, 12:30 PM    #
  4. @John – I updated the Recycling those Debris Fields article. You need to send your recyclers on a harvest mission.
    Eric    Aug 11, 05:44 AM    #
  5. So fleet saving is just saving resources? i thought it was something else, like saving your fleet… Please clarify this for me, thanks a bunch.
    — Mat    Aug 15, 01:23 PM    #
  6. Well you send your fleet WITH your resources, and your fleet goes the same speed as your large cargo ships AKA VERRRRYYY SLOW… So your fleet stays together with it’s resources and will return as it left
    John    Aug 18, 12:46 PM    #
  7. i was wondering.. when i send all my ship at 10% speed.. they return at the same speed when i call them back? or normal speed?
    — Hernan    Aug 24, 01:25 PM    #
  8. They return at the same speed.
    Jordi    Oct 24, 12:39 PM    #
  9. Can a Moon see my fleet at Recycling mission??

    — SA    Nov 19, 09:28 AM    #
  10. I would do it in groups about 5 min apart so if he does do a moon hit on you he cant get your hole fleet. one one group of it.

    — RingMaster    Nov 26, 12:53 PM    #
  11. hi, this is irrelevant to the subject but how many colonies can you have including your main one?

    — The Undertaker    Nov 27, 03:06 PM    #
  12. Nine is the magic number

    — Super Villain    Dec 15, 06:33 PM    #
  13. how do you fleet save?

    augustsus    Dec 18, 07:51 AM    #
  14. I was wondering(it hasent got anything to do with this but…)If I send an espionage probe and somebody else counter espionages what happens(im new)?

    my clan site-its on runescape    Dec 21, 01:55 PM    #
  15. Hey what happens if you load up your cargos (and recyclers as they have cargo space) to the brim with resources (no room left) and you send them to a debris field to harvest. Well how can it harvest anything if your ships are filled all the way up with resources already?

    — Ray    Feb 1, 05:45 PM    #
  16. If I leave my death star parked in orbit around my planet, and I get attacked, will my death star fight, or will it just sit there and take hits without shooting back?

    — Gilrien    Feb 24, 06:28 PM    #
  17. @augustsus

    simply send your fleet with as many resources as possible at a low speed to a far away palnet, then recall them when they’re almost there

    @my clan site-its on runescape

    the probe gets destroyed


    nothing happens since they don’t have any cargo space. they try to, then come back
    — buddha boy    Mar 14, 12:25 PM    #
  18. Gilrien u have a deathstar and u still dont know that ur fleet can be used for defense too ? of course the deathstar will fight

    LeoMasteR    Apr 1, 10:55 PM    #
  19. if i fill my fleet with my resources and then send it on an attack mission, will it not dump any on the planet im attacking and come back safely?

    — justi    Apr 13, 10:42 PM    #
  20. if i build up my stockpile coz im saving up for hyperspace engine 4. will i be safe from attackers?

    — fearthereaper    Apr 28, 12:55 PM    #
  21. Can debris be taken witouth attacking a oponenet? You yust send recyclers and they take the debris???

    — Klajs    Apr 29, 04:26 AM    #
  22. yes, you can take de debris without attacking, in fact, when you ONLY take the debris you don’t even atack

    — Asagath_84    May 15, 04:18 PM    #
  23. recycling rocks – its just stealing with no risk

    — nath    May 16, 08:02 AM    #
  24. A phalanx can see a fleet going to a DF if it hasnt been sent there FROM a moon. THe best way to fleetsave is by carefull useing deploy mission. Calculate it out to go where u want when you want it. Then if u get phalanxed, recall hte deploy mission and then the fleet is safe till it returns.

    — Kickstart    May 18, 09:34 AM    #
  25. are u shure? i think if u sent your fleet from a moon to a DF u can’t get phalanxed…

    — candyboy    Jun 9, 05:47 AM    #
  26. Justi: if you send your fleet on an attack mission, unless some ships get desroyed, then your recources are safe. However, you will not get any recources from the planet you are attacking.

    — Jimbob    Jun 17, 07:54 AM    #
  27. Fellow Players … I have been under heavy attack from deathstars … like around the clock. What is a proper defence against a death star??

    — Command 5    Jul 17, 08:29 AM    #
  28. Another good way of fleet-saving is that You can send Your whole fleet (with the resoueces) and 1 esp. probe to an inactive players planet on an espionage mission. This is useful if there are no DF’s near You, and You dont want to spend the deut. on flying far.

    — Dave    Jul 21, 01:56 PM    #
  29. do you find it hard not to want to yell at the people when they ask a question that was answered in the above text, and they just dont want to read it through, just a question as I find my self yelling atmy screen about how thay should read the above text

    — me    Jul 27, 10:06 AM    #
  30. @Dave
    Sending the fleet on an espionage mission was what I used to do.. you’re right, it works on any planet and you can send resources with it and get them back. However, it goes horribly wrong if the person you’re espionaging deletes their account.. your fleet will be recalled automatically, and will return early (if it wasn’t already on the return).
    It might sound like a small risk, but I just had my whole fleet crashed because of it. Losses of about 10 million :-/

    — EJ50    Aug 9, 03:15 AM    #
  31. @EJ50
    That’s what is called learning the hard way ;-)
    Lucky enough, you did not loose much. You could have continued doing this mistake for months, and then you would have lost hundreds of millions.

    — Etheric    Aug 28, 08:06 AM    #
  32. hi all.
    one thing been bugging me since a long time. suppose i dont have enough RC, say 2 and a guy to next me is heavily destroyed, leaving about 200k of metal and crystal in the DF. it will take me about 1h30mins to get the res. can i send LG along with my RC to get more res from the DF?


    — strife    Aug 29, 06:28 AM    #
  33. hey people can u send cargos WITHOUT RC’s to DF’s? oh yea if u want RC 2 slow down ur fleet then jdt put ur flight speed down. Saves deut and goes same speed.

    — thecat    Sep 5, 12:20 PM    #
  34. This page is completely misleading and is not effective. I followed the instructions in the first section “How to Save Your Resources”. I sent my whole fleet on a harvest. When it returned it was massively attacked 4 seconds later and I lost 38 million res. It is just wrong to recommend this way of fleetsaving. And I paid a steep price for using this advice. Now I’m suspect about these tips. Hey author – how about updating this?

    And now, more importantly, how do you effectively fleet save? Is the only way to avoid attack to deploy and then recall??

    — dude    Sep 7, 10:37 PM    #
  35. @ dude

    omfg ur fleet probably came back because the guy killed the planet…. when u recycle it takes time AND ur fleets wont get attacked…

    unless a deathstar magically appears oput of it….. and that wud NEVER happen.

    — thecat    Sep 17, 03:03 PM    #
  36. my fleet was returning from a harvest mission and it got fleet crashed. any ideas how this happened?

    — phil    Sep 21, 10:16 AM    #
  37. I just have a ques. about fleets and planets.. i was wondering if it was possible to send my fleets to my other planet, for keeps! Because im abondoning my colony, and im afraid that i’ll loose my fighters!
    Is it possible in any way?

    — The1&OnlySnickers    Sep 26, 08:40 AM    #
  38. of course The1&OnlySnikers.
    send ur ships on a deploy mission…

    — thecat    Sep 28, 04:13 PM    #
  39. phil: someone most probably scanned your planet and saw what time your fleet was returning, then they send their fleet to arrive 3 seconds of so after yours so they destroy your fleet while you don’t have enough time to send it away again..

    — mgshadowhunter    Sep 30, 07:08 AM    #
  40. everytime i try to send my recyclers to a debris feild of my own colonies i get told my planets arent colonized and i cannot send it

    — saundy    Dec 14, 01:34 PM    #
  41. don’t send your fleet with attack order when saving resources. otherwise the resources will get deleted.

    — 12345sniper    Dec 23, 02:30 PM    #
  42. For me is very important the Fleetsave, because need to have fleet, is essencial for Ogame

    Renato Freitas    Apr 6, 07:22 AM    #
  43. Can you see this?
    I’ m portuguese, the ogame is game spectacular that become the people more happy!

    Renato Freitas    Apr 6, 07:30 AM    #
  44. updadte your news letter! vaction mode shuts down your production and i’m going to lose 3 days of supplys. your news letter sucked. add in common sense for a change =(

    — shamrock14    Apr 17, 07:11 PM    #
  45. when u get more ships, it becomes quite difficult to fleetsave because u need a lot of deuterium. . . and if u dont have much deuterium u cannot fleetsave…

    — wix    May 23, 04:18 PM    #
  46. Ok. So if I send my fleet with resources (and 1 recycler) on a harvest mission, and if the fleet actually reaches the debrie field before I have a chance to recall it does it deposit all the resources into the debree field or do my ships not deposit the resources and harvest the deree instead? This ones been bugging me for awhile now and I need to know so I don’t lose any large amount of res soon. Thanks

    — Kaine    Jun 14, 12:31 PM    #
  47. Hey
    Im a complete beginner but i have a question, why is it SO necesarry to fleetsave or resource save, cant u just leave ur ships and ur resources on ur planet??

    — Johny    Jun 19, 01:34 PM    #
  48. They fleet save cuz if they dont they get atacked by big ass fleets and all that they have, they loose..

    And i have a question of my own. why is it when i try to send an espionage probe to my friends planet to spy on him :), it wont let me, cuz it sais “error, not enough cargo capacity”

    i tought espionage probes dont even have cargo at all. Is this a glitch in the game or what?

    — FLN    Jun 23, 02:02 AM    #
  49. you can but the thing is that esp does have cargo room every ship does so that it can carry some detu to use

    — kane    Jul 6, 01:51 AM    #
  50. @ command 5

    use plasma against death star.

    ps. soz im a bit late

    — jolly boy    Jul 25, 08:30 AM    #
  51. If I go on vacation mode, will i still make resorces?

    — Jake    Aug 13, 05:12 PM    #
  52. I’ve been reading these peoples messages for awhile now, and I just have to shake my head and wonder at the illogical thinking of some people..

    Read the whole page before you post a question..

    — Paul Benden    Sep 6, 01:51 AM    #
  53. Questions Questions, the instructions above are plain and simple, read them!

    — Rack    Oct 4, 12:09 PM    #
  54. should I do this even though if I have less then 20k total resources even if I leave it on for 2 days?

    alphasigmafire    Oct 8, 12:16 AM    #
  55. @ alphasigmatard

    The thing with Ogame, is that resource mines actually MAKE resources, so it will keep becoming a larger number, are you following this? Good. It even carries on making resources when you log off. AmAzing, eh? So, you log off with e.g 20k metal, go and touch yourself for a couple of days, come back, log on, and guess what? The number will be bigger than it was before! Genius. So yeah, res and fleet save when you log off.

    — DingAz    Oct 9, 06:34 PM    #
  56. hey what i have found is that 1 solar plant equals 1 metal mine and 1 crystal mine.

    while 1 fusion reactor= 1dewt mine

    — will94    Oct 20, 01:38 PM    #
  57. no ur realy quie wrong

    — anonymous    Oct 26, 03:25 PM    #
  58. heh. what if you close down your mines while you go offline? wouldn’t that make more sense rather than fleetsaving? I mean, if somebody spied on you and sees nothing…you would have nothing to worry about, right?

    — dexter    Dec 7, 06:56 PM    #
  59. technically, yes that is true UNLESS you have ships. Crazy as it sounds, people DO crash ships to recycle the debris field and get profit.

    Also, if you fleet save, you can effectively make 2x as much as you would if you turned your mines off at night.

    Also, what if you are saving for an expensive research such as hyperspace drive 7? Even if you turn your mine production down to 0%, you still have a BIG PILE OF RESOURCES sitting on your planet.

    People! Face it! In ogame, fleetsaving is pretty much a fact of life, unless you are an uber-turtle.

    — Trevyr    Jan 4, 04:07 PM    #
  60. That is true, in universe 33 i get espionaged by about 10 high level people each night who are all looking for fleets to crash.

    — 12345sniper    Jan 10, 09:03 PM    #
  61. You people are seriously fucking retarded.

    just quit the game. you fail.

    sseriously, “turn your mines off when offline?” that is the dumbest shit i’ve ever heard. go be an hero.

    better, level your mines really high, then leave them for a few weeks. i’ll watch over em ;)

    — Anonymous    Jan 28, 12:31 AM    #
  62. if i send a cargo ship with resources and a colony ship on a mission to colonize, will the resources from the cargo ship be dumped on the new planet?

    — jimbob99    Mar 3, 07:20 AM    #
  63. nope

    — Trevyr    Mar 22, 03:46 PM    #
  64. hi
    if i hav all my mines at level 30 how much will i get a week?

    — Dark Mist    Mar 30, 04:11 AM    #

    — hehe    Apr 3, 01:02 PM    #
  66. Thats the top of stupid questions. Ha ha

    — Maos_Frias    May 7, 05:03 PM    #

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