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Solar Satellites


Published: Oct 31, 07:30 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

This question is asked quite frequently on the oGame forums. But it is a good question, so I will answer it here as well.

How do I launch a Solar Satellite?

Just build them in your ship yard. They automatically deploy around your planet. You can’t control them. They are there until they get destroyed.

How much energy do I get for Solar Satellites?

IMPORTANT Be sure to click Calculation on the Resources screen before checking your energy output. It ALWAYS says 50 until you click Calculate. Then you will get the correct amount (based on the formula below). If you have OGame Commander, then the calculation is normally correct the first time.

Here is the actual formula used to calculate the energy produced by a Solar Satellite in oGame:

Energy output per solar satellite of that planet = (MaxTemp/4)+20

To find your MaxTemp, go to the “Overview” section for each planet and look at the Temperature field. It should look something like this:

Temperature approx. 1įC to 41 įC

Take the number in bold on the right (that is the Max) and plug that into the above formula. Remember, all results are rounded down.

For instance, on my home planet, I have a MaxTemp of 37.

37/4 + 20 = 29

On another planet, I have a MaxTemp of -41.

-41/4 + 20 = 9 (9.75 and rounded down)

On the first planet, I would use Solar Satellites as a tertiary (third) energy source (After Solar Plants and Fusion Plants). On the second planet, I would not. They are not cost efficient.

Remember, when being attacked, Solar Satellites are almost always destroyed and have to be rebuilt before they will produce energy again.

You can use the input form below to calculate your energy production:

Planet Max Temp:

The energy produced by each satellite, with a maximum planet temperature of '; echo $maxTemp . ' is: ' . $energyProduced . '.

'; } ?>

You can find out how many Solar Satellites you need for Graviton with some simple math. You need 300,000 Energy for Graviton. So divide 300,000 by the amount of energy you get per satellite. That is how many solar satellites you need.


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  1. As of today, the production of a SolSat has increased pretty much. My 8 sats produced 280 before, but sinds today ( 20 aug 2k5 ) they produce 400Ö
    So an increase from 35 to 50 at a max temp of 60Ö so the formula changed with the new version -> 0.70b
    — roebfromtheblok    Aug 20, 07:16 AM    #
  2. The formula itís the same. Itís just a bug when you watch your resources for the very first time. Just recalculate your resources and you will get 280, the right value.
    — sandy    Aug 23, 06:34 PM    #
  3. Iím not so sure the formula is still the same. My single Sat is calculated (and recalculated) at 50 with a max temp of 37. By the caulcation I should be producing half that. Maybe itís now 50 energy across the board.
    — canda    Sep 27, 09:03 PM    #
  4. Question one: Are there any planets out there cold enough to produce zero, or possibly negative energy(max energy being -80)? (If so, thatís retarded on Ogameís part)

    Question 2: How much energy can solar sats max out at? Iím thinking 50, but that would require a max temp at 120.

    Just wondering.
    — dot dot dot    Sep 30, 05:18 PM    #
  5. I have 3 satellites with my temperature: approx. -6įC to 34 įC. They, altogether make 84 energy. If I divide this by 3, I get 28. The amount is rounded down, so instead of 28.75 that I should get according to your equation, I only get 28 per satellite.
    — Liefizul    Oct 2, 01:17 PM    #
  6. dear dot dot dot

    negative engery? be real, its called not-producing-energy-at-all
    no offense
    — snype    Oct 6, 11:34 AM    #
  7. you dont need a max tempreture of 120 to produce 50 energy my one plantet has 118 energy and each sat produces 50 energy
    — master gush    Oct 18, 07:42 PM    #
  8. my planets max temp is only 8 degrees :( so i can only produce 22 energy per sat
    — elmo    Oct 21, 04:49 PM    #
  9. How many solar sates do i need to get a Death Star.My planet`s 9th
    — Magnum    Oct 24, 05:13 PM    #
  10. Same one of my colonies has a max temp of 116 and each sat makes 49 energy so I think the formula is still valid.
    — Tk3997    Oct 26, 09:20 AM    #
  11. I have a max temp of 123 on one of my planets so I get 50 energy from each satellite. I doubt there is a max temp higher than that, so itís probably the max energy solars can give.
    — Shotif    Oct 29, 10:38 AM    #
  12. How many sates do i/u need for a Death Star at a planetion the position 9.
    — Magnum    Oct 29, 12:54 PM    #
  13. how do I launch the solar satellite?
    — hacker4life    Oct 30, 06:02 AM    #
  14. I am confused, the gravitation tech says 300,000 energy required not 3,000 what am I missing?
    — Shylood    Oct 31, 10:24 PM    #
  15. So when are satalites cost ineffective, and when are they to be used as primary/ secondary/ tertiary power sources?

    — DarkArconio    Nov 7, 05:09 PM    #
  16. I have a planet that has a max temp. of 126 and my solar sats produce 51 energy, but I have only 36 fields so itís no real bonus

    — Shadow    Nov 22, 11:34 PM    #
  17. My planet has a max temp of 65 but my 4 solar satellites make 200 energy :)

    — lordcrummo    Nov 28, 02:04 PM    #
  18. i only get 29 energy per sattelite, my planets top temp. is 37C.

    — lee    Dec 17, 11:33 PM    #
  19. I canít see how temperature directly affects the energy gained from solar satellites. The temperature of a planet is based on the solar energy it receives, AND atmospheric conditions. So cold planets should be able to get good solar energy. But the thing is, cold planets are far from the position 1 (closest to the sun). Which means they get less solar energy. >.>

    However, they should still be more effective.

    Hopefully cold planets solar satellites will be made better in a future update. :P

    About graviton, thats crazy, 300k energy. I would suggest doing this on a position 3 planet especially made for it. On a higher number position, you would have to buy 2-3x more solar satellites. Station your fleet there for the satellites protection during the building of them.

    — Black wyvern    Dec 30, 01:48 AM    #
  20. i wouldn’t bother using solar satellites until you need them for gravitation research. if you’re attacked, they all die and you have to rebuild them. i would just use solar and fusion plants.

    — Alien - Uni 5    Jan 9, 02:59 AM    #
  21. I dont see the point of building fusion plants because they get rid of your deut which u need for rech and ships and high level buildings

    — aberon    Jan 21, 01:32 PM    #
  22. ...Uh…not to rain on someone’s scientific rant, but it’s a solar “satellite,” so atmospheric conditions are probably pretty darn irrelevant. Furthermore, planets in distant orbits definitely recieve less energy than those in inner orbits.

    Meh, nevermind…

    — Random    Jan 27, 11:40 PM    #
  23. Yeah, one of my colonies has the temp range of -81 to -41 degrees, I havent tried a solar satelitte yet, but I’m going to soon

    — relam13    Jan 31, 07:48 PM    #
  24. In the later part of the game (400k- 800k pts and more): Solar Sats rock: simply get 4-6 eco colonies in 8th galaxy, then you don’t even need to put defence, and you can easily leave 400-500 sats. Then 2 – 3 moons with teleports and it’s tip top:) Of course def would deacrease the chances of destroing the sats ^^. But they are defenitely my second energy source: fusion cuts on the deut, witch is priceless. Even though I do not fly that much, it’s more beneficial to keep it and then sell to top10 players, who just swallow every piece of it, and then put some of the res in def and sats, rather than going into fusions. That’s my point of wiev.

    — just a guy    Feb 5, 09:30 PM    #
  25. i have a problem trying to log on into my account. whenever i log on, the screen says to deactivate my IP-check at options menu, but on the place where i am suppose to go to options it tell me it cannot log on
    please email me backfor a reply

    — liger009    Feb 11, 11:21 AM    #
  26. I have another strategy: At my colony planets, which all have about 65 energy, I just build my fusion plant high enough to produce it about 500 energy and I turn it off.
    Then I just produce solars and if they are destroyed, I turn my fusion on until I rebuild my solars

    — ceasar    Feb 15, 11:26 AM    #
  27. mate, i dont think u can get 300k energy from fusion and solar plant. do u no how expensive that will be???? its better to get solar sats, and i high defence, dats y im doing it on my main, to ensure sfety of my high defence. even though it is in position 11, wen im finished i can easily just work on my mines and upgrade my terroformer to get more fields.

    — tom    Feb 16, 08:56 AM    #
  28. The calculator, for -41 as MAX TEMP, calculates 10 energy. In the example right above, a max temp of -41 gives 9 energy. That’s pretty nutty.

    — Jess    Mar 4, 01:03 PM    #
  29. only with my solar and fusion plants, i’ve got 8k energy…
    And to upgrade :

    – my solar plant : Metal: 2.840.756 Crystal: 1.136.302 – my fusion plant : Metal: 1.874.066 Crystal: 749.626 Deuterium: 374.813

    So imagine the price to have 300k energy…

    Zerstorer    Mar 11, 05:03 PM    #
  30. hey you guys, could you guys do me a favor by telling me what the heck a fusion plant is for? i really don’t know.

    — jedivictor    Mar 28, 07:26 PM    #
  31. wow ceasar thats a great idea im gona do that .
    anyhow how can i trust the top 10 ranked players? how do i no they rnt gona turn there fleet around and stop them from sending me res for deut. for some deut is priceless but for me its pointless! i get so much from farming and ocasional raids i have like 500k on all my 5 planets all the time! i ask to trade but nobody does is it a universe 5 thing or wat?
    02/04/06… wat a cool date!

    — jimdanco    Apr 1, 07:17 PM    #
  32. lol

    — Commisar Gaunt    Apr 14, 02:11 PM    #
  33. I got the short end of the stick… My planet’s in the 6 position and my temperature is 63. Less Deut and less solar power. What will ever be a good solution for me?

    — Isarma    Apr 16, 04:51 PM    #
  34. Ceasar’s advice up there is excellent.

    Each level solar plant creates enough power to support one metal mine and one crystal mine. Therefore, a level 10 solar plant can support a level 10 metal mine and a level 10 crystal mine.

    A fusion plant creates enough energy to supply 1.5 deuterium mines. So a level 10 fusion plant can support a level 15 deuterium mine.

    So build up your fusion plant enough to support ONLY your deut mines, but leave it turned off. Then create enough solar sats to provide energy for your duet mines (and also make sure there is enough defense to keep casual attackers away). If your solar sats get destroyed, just turn on your fusion plant until your new solar sats are built, and then turn it off again.

    If you live in a dangerous part of the universe, or are at war, the expense of constantly rebuilding your sats might make this a bad idea. Only you can judge your situation.

    — 12_Centuries    May 4, 01:28 PM    #
  35. Firstly, a solar sattelite can produce more than 50, second I have a colony with 125 degrees so I get 51 power.

    — Aurum    May 12, 04:43 AM    #
  36. I get 30 Power points per Sat i would need around 10,000 Solar sats to get 300k energy that would cost me 20million Crystal and 5million deut so i would have to either Raid like crazy or wait five years for my mines to produce that amount and then pray that i dont get attacked. by the end of it all i get is a death star that can only travel at 100 speed compared to a recycler that travels at like 2000 and that i would consider slow so by the time u get round to actually attacking anyone they will have a defence big enough to kill u seems like a fruitless persuit to me. but if u think its something u want to do then i would suggest labouring it out and just bulding up your solar/ Fusion plants and try and raise at lesat 100k in energy i know it will cost more in the long run but u will have 100k energy that cant be lost no matter who attaks u so u could later build up your mines to match the power u have and u would never really need to attack anyone again.

    — Dum Dum    May 15, 06:53 PM    #
  37. dum dum’s got a good point…

    — ash    May 22, 03:28 PM    #
  38. yeah, but at least when the sats are taken out, u get a chance of gettin a moon

    but it all depends on the player

    — tyr    May 22, 03:49 PM    #
  39. are solar sats protected by shield dome?

    — aha    May 23, 08:37 PM    #
  40. actually theres no certainty in getting a moon i know someone who had a 20% chance of getting one after a fleet crash and didnt get it so dont bank on your sats being taken out giving u a moon. As for the the Solar sats will be first to go in an attack if someones attaking power is over the ammount the sheild dome can absorb then they will be taken out with out much of a struggle. thats why u will require a huge defence as the top guys will be smelling fresh meat from a mile away and will have what it takes to break pretty much any defence down.

    — Dum Dum    May 24, 09:06 AM    #
  41. if i upgrade energy tehnology to a higher level, my solar plant will produce al larger amount of energy?

    — remoter    Jun 2, 04:42 AM    #
  42. no it doesn’t, the energy research is just to discover new ways off creating and using energy.

    you could suggest it on the ogame forum under suggestions but it has probably been suggested before.

    — Aza    Jun 3, 03:55 AM    #
  43. To all those who are considering attaining 300,000 energy using only Solar Plants and Fusion Reactors…

    I’d suggest you adjust your train of thought. A level 50 Solar Plant on its own provides 117,390 energy. Upgrading from level 49 to 50 costs almost 32 billion metal and a bit under 13 million crystal. THAT IS ONE LEVEL. I’m not even gonna try adding up a) the combined cost of the levels below that and b) the cost of an equally upgraded Fusion Reactor.

    In short, it sounds like a nice little guaranteed way to get Graviton Technology on the surface, but it’s so horrendously impractical that it’s just not worth it. It takes longer AND costs more than the Solar Satellite method, and the tradeoff is an untouchable energy supply… which would consume pretty much an entire planet on its own in terms of field usage, leaving no room for closeby mines. That means you’ll have to ship resources in, and that further lengthens the process…

    — Arbron    Jul 1, 01:43 PM    #
  44. Arbron is right. I’m a low lvl noob and even i knew it was a bad idea.

    PS: my Homeworld has a max temp of 60 but my sol sats produce 50energy. is this normal or a glitch

    — Dazza3000    Aug 16, 02:43 AM    #
  45. @ Dum Dum
    ur name says it all. get more colonys dummie cos on mine(i kinda suck) i hav lvl 18 crystal and 13(500 deut) deuterium synthesizer AND i have 8 of them. to get graviton with just 1 colony working on it is so pointless. oh yea also with energy, to get none you wud have 2 have a max temp of -80.

    — thecat    Sep 1, 06:20 AM    #
  46. well iīm trying to research graviton tech right now and after reading A LOT of comments and tips everywhere around the best method to reach 300K energy is:
    1) create a colony with at least 120į temp so each solar sat will give you 50 points of energy (the max energy you can get of a sat, although someone said he got 51, must be an unique case)
    2) build nan fac lv 2 so each sat will take 55 sec. to be built (4 days total to build the 6000 you need)
    3) build some def but expect to be attacked anyway sooner or later because the crystal debris of such number of sats is very tempting and no matter the attacker get destroyed at last your sats (shield strenght = 1) will be blast quicker and will drop to the DF a giant amount of crystal which make any hit a good boot no matter how many def you have
    4) transport the 12.000.000 cry and 4.000.000 deu all together (640 large cargo) and start building

    -avoiding attackers is IMPOSSIBLE, every hit is rentable for them
    -the plants method is IMPOSSIBLE, it takes an incalculable sum or res
    -good news: huge and several possibility for moon

    this is the best i got, any sugestions?

    — fisuman    Sep 8, 12:59 PM    #
  47. actually theres no certainty in getting a moon i know someone who had a 20% chance of getting one after a fleet crash and didnt get it so dont bank on your sats being taken out giving u a moon. LOL Dum Dum are u dum? :D well u can only get moon by luck lol if he goes liekt hat all time he will soon get a moon…. my friend got a moon ona 2% chance and thats luck!

    — TheAnimalKing    Sep 12, 11:18 AM    #
  48. i’m seeing people talking about their temperatures. i have a clolony that has a max temp of 186ļ and still my solar sats only produce 50 energy.

    — Jaxxx    Sep 13, 11:44 AM    #
  49. jaxxx tell me how u got that max temp…co the max temp u can get is 125.

    if u dont tell me, i will turn u into a bear and make u hibernate!!! muhahahahahaha!!!!

    — thecat    Sep 28, 07:41 PM    #
  50. i have solar satellite and some ships available in my shipyars and i have enough resources but i can’t build them ???

    — xxxxx    Nov 1, 10:20 AM    #
  51. If you cant build them, then you simply do not have enough to build them. They cost 2000crystal each, make sure you have that. If you have enough resources, go to your shipyard and look to the right of solar sats. If there is a field with a “0”, then replace the zero with the number of solar sats you want to build. Go to the bottom of the page and hit “send”. After that it just takes time. They willl lauch on their own and will also be destroyed first whenyou get attacked.

    — Smoker    Nov 29, 02:39 PM    #
  52. lol

    — terryor    Nov 30, 11:33 AM    #
  53. If you want to go for Graviton then what you wanna do is make sure you got huge mine levels. like lv 30 metal, 26 crystal and around 24 deuterium, that way you’ll make big resources per hour, then sink all your crystal and deuterium into satellites and your metal into rocket launchers because you will need big defenses on your planet before you go for Graviton, this method worked for me, i got Graviton in a couple of days because i managed to build so many rocket launchers, in the end i had over 30k rocket launchers and got Graviton within 3 days of starting to build the satellites.

    — Undertaker    Dec 24, 09:04 AM    #
  54. Undertaker, u hv a point, but i dont think rocket launchers’re gonna do much good for defence!!!
    Try the bigger guns!!!!
    Like plasma cannons

    — OriHara    Jan 5, 02:39 PM    #
  55. @thecat:max temp is not 125, my colony in slot 1 has 127…..im not sure what max is thou

    — pothead    Jan 7, 07:31 PM    #
  56. ur all insane

    shamrock14    Mar 29, 08:38 PM    #
  57. Yh. I have a max temp of 126. A bit trivial but it proves whoeva sed max – max temp woz 125 rong lol.

    — Thou Hair    Apr 1, 11:56 AM    #
  58. Your calculator isn’t working for me.

    — Aleph    Apr 14, 10:33 AM    #
  59. make a defense that regardless of how many sats you make will never be profitable to attack. plain and simply and i suggest light lasers as they are better than rockets….but thats only if you have excess crystal

    — bored teen    Apr 21, 09:52 PM    #
  60. I really like fisuman’s method of getting graviton. Another thing you can do while saving up the 12 mil crystal and 4 mil deu is to buy expensive research or buildings (i.e. nanite factories) and then cancel them before they complete. You will get full res back and the resources you spent will be in effect ‘hidden’ while the building or research is in production.

    — Trevyr    May 30, 09:37 PM    #
  61. just a tip for hitting for graviton(this also helps with high as espo tech)
    when you’re building the sat for grav, TURN THEM OFF! that way, if they can’t see your fleets, then thay think your a noob and forget about you.
    if you already knew this, yay! if not, then, wel hooray!

    — thecat    Jun 8, 06:44 AM    #
  62. I love the way ppl talk about luck on moons, cos when i first started with some friends, my mate got attacked just outta noob protection, got a 1% chance moon and fell back into noob protection so a moon in noob protection = ftw

    — m4a1ster    Jun 26, 07:12 AM    #
  63. does it really make solar sats invivible to esp probes if you turn them down to 0%?

    — aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa    Jul 5, 09:27 AM    #
  64. actually making graviton on a advanced colony is cheaper, bcz you dont need to waste resources on labs or nanite factory as you will keep the planet, but if you make it on a 1 position planet the points will be lost.

    also if you get a moon you will keep it, plus when the sats are destroyed you get more in the DF

    only downside is that you produce less per each sat
    but if you count the resources you can save by making it on your main planet(or a very advanced planet) you will spend less resources in the long run

    — Unown    Jul 8, 12:02 AM    #
  65. Undertaker, u hv a point, but i dont think rocket launchersíre gonna do much good for defence!!!
    Try the bigger guns!!!!
    Like plasma cannons

    lol oriharra. If you have only a small amount of plasma cannons, the sats will just take all the spread dmg. The point of having so many RL is
    1.) You dont need the metal, and it wont interfere with your sat building

    2.) You need a ton to use as fodder, so less of your sats die.

    — deawa    Aug 12, 12:22 PM    #
  66. I have a planet 14 for deut and I needed 36 energy so I had to build 4 solar satelittites giving 9 energy each. But my Temperature is -88. Oh well. :)
    I build a solar satelite on my planet 6 andd got 36 energy. It is sooo cool.

    — samit    Aug 25, 08:03 PM    #
  67. when i got gravition on uni 1 me and a freind sent 1667 lf to each others planets 2 make moons this kept my points down and after the ss were destroyed i ended up with 3 moons from 1 day

    — anonymous    Nov 3, 07:27 AM    #
  68. I was wondering, if a person has 11,000 power, his solar plant is on 24, which produces under half of his total power, with almost 250 solar satelites, Would i be able to take the solar satelites out and to disable his defense before my main ships get to his resources? I have under 50 of the powerful ships each with a few large cargos.

    — Jesse    Nov 7, 02:15 AM    #
  69. ahhhhhhhh man i did it right and i only get 23 per satilite because 12divided by 4 is 3 and plus 20 so =( 23

    — nick    Nov 25, 01:19 AM    #
  70. Oh. My planets max temp is 64 degrees so I can get 36 energy/ satelite. However, I cannot build them. (I’m still a noob)

    — Lawrence    Feb 20, 08:06 AM    #
  71. we are told in most forums to read the above… what did most of this thread have to do with anything but showing off ? Does anyone remember the threads name ? Was it answered? Not for me – a n00b i would like to know the benefits of solar satellites…

    — Cookie    Feb 27, 05:12 PM    #
  72. I’m not entirely sure that there are any planets out there with a maximum temperature of below -80.

    But I’m a n00b. It’s why I’m here. I need some halp.

    — CB    Mar 11, 07:20 PM    #

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