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Research Labs


Published: Nov 30, 07:54 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Is it beneficial to have a Research Lab on every colony?

Not really. You can only have one research going at any given time, regardless of how many Research Labs you have.

One or two reasearch plants are ok. Since you may be able to research at ColonyX while building a new Solar Plant at ColonyZ. But each colony doesn’t needs a research plant. Especially if it has a low qty of fields. Save those fields for resource production.

Research is universal. If you research Energy Tech 7, then all your planets have Energy Tech 7. However, if you need to use that technology in building defenses, or ships or such, you still need all the requirements for that defense or building or ship.

So if you have everything to build Heavy Lasers on ColonyA, and you create ColonyB, you need the appropriate level Shipyard before Heavy Lasers show up as on option.


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  1. If you have a very small planet (say about 20 fields), I think it's good to make only Research Labs there.
    — vigil    Apr 21, 01:16 PM    #
  2. The only problem with making a small planet into a research lab is resources. You won’t be able to get enough resources stored on the planet, or produced, on a 20 field planet.
    Eric    Apr 22, 10:52 PM    #
  3. After consideration I think that making Research Lab from small planet is best idea for those players, who have all or most of colonies in one system. In that case you don’t need to produce or store resources on this planet, because you can send resources from another colony in this system.
    — vigil    May 6, 08:24 AM    #
  4. you can build while researching on the same planet, just not if you’re building a lab.
    — philip    May 15, 03:32 AM    #
  5. If you have say, level 10 Espionage on your main planet, and you get a Level 3 Research Lab on your second planet, you automatically get that level 10 research on your second planet. This is needed. So I say: Build Research Labs!
    andrew    May 21, 01:52 PM    #
  6. No all research counts on all planets weather you have a lab on it or not. Most of my planets don’t even have a lab on them and as far as I can see they count to all of the planets. Just look at your shipyard and defence. The research counts towards them so it should cont to everything.
    — Adam    Jun 7, 02:58 AM    #
  7. Build a research lab on your main and never build another again.

    There is absolutely no reason to build more research labs on second planets, becasue you already have one at home, and research can be done completely independently of everything else. It doesn’t stop you from building buildings or ships.

    Research counts empire wide. It’s a player thing. If you have lvl 8 weapons, that counts wherever you go. Your ships don’t drop their nice weapons when they deploy at a colony.

    And dude, if your planet has 20 fields it should have been killed on sight. Its hardly the size of a moon.
    — Gandalf2349    Jun 29, 10:55 AM    #
  8. Me and my friend have found that as we have multiple planets, using one for reaserch and others for mining and ships and so on works very well as we only use one planet for differing aspects and send reasorces and ships whereever they are needed, works VERY well.
    — Heffers    Jul 1, 09:27 AM    #
  9. lol you are all thinking too early think later in the game someone can easily find your homeplanet and if you are going for graviton and they see it, theres your chances blown, a colony however that no one knows where it is with lab 12 ready for graviton tech, harder to find? yes it is, also having no lab on ya home planet means that 6-7 fields put into mines or nanite level, thought about that have you?
    — Xarch Prime    Jul 30, 11:54 PM    #
  10. occasionally it is worthwhile to have more than one research lab. for example, i have distant planets that act independant of each other… i can have one set of planets collecting resources while the other has just spent on research. this way, as soon as research is completed on one planet, the other has the resources ready to start on the next big project. this is especially useful if you need to spend resources on other things at one planet that is already doing research.
    — icarus9mm    Aug 3, 03:05 PM    #
    Research labs on different planets coordinate their research efforts. Now labs on multiple planets help research.
    — DASQ    Aug 4, 02:54 AM    #
  12. @DASQ:

    Care to expand on that? As of 10 minutes ago, you only benefit from one research at a time… and that is across your entire collection of planets.

    AS icarus9mm said, having two research planets can be useful if they are very far away from each other.
    Eric    Aug 4, 07:31 AM    #
  13. INTERGALATIC research labs means you can have a lvl la somewhere, linked to others which will add 2 lvlx, meaning you can safely research things, and save fields….
    — dave    Sep 8, 06:07 PM    #
  14. What exactly do the Intergalactic Research networks do?
    — Arzada    Sep 25, 12:59 PM    #
  15. With IRN, it’s best to start building labs on every planets after the first lab reaches lvl 10 (or 12), since it’d cost less (res and time) to have 2 lvl 10 labs + IRN lvl 1 than a lvl 20 lab.
    — Phione    Sep 28, 04:06 PM    #
  16. After a shortwhile, your research starts taking days , so you need IRN which is not too expensive.400k (m) 800k (k) and something like 400 k (deu) for level 2.I have IRN lvl 2 and have 3 planets with level 10 labs. But I wouldnt really go for IRN lvl3 for the time being :D. A quick note: Any planet with less than 130 field s is a joke. Just delete it. you dont really need something with 300 fields but at least try to find smthing like 160-170.

    — Gokhan    Nov 12, 11:58 PM    #
  17. I don’t get it! My main planet has Lvl6 research – I can build heavy lasers etc. I’ve just got my first colony planet, built a shipyard and all I can build defense-wise is missile launchers.

    How do I get heavy lasers on my colony without a research lab? What am I missing?

    — Pippen    Nov 30, 12:22 AM    #
  18. You are missing Shipyard Level 4.

    You don’t need do any more research, but you do need a shipyard to build defense. As the Shipyard gets higher in level, then the weapons become availiable.

    — Mark    Nov 30, 07:10 PM    #
  19. Pippen , make sure your shipyard is at a high enough level to build the lasers.

    — MrKnowItAll    Dec 1, 01:45 PM    #
  20. Pippen dude…

    Go to your technology tab, scroll down to the defensive buildings tab and see what Heavy Lasers need besides lvl6 laser tech & lvl3 nrg tech. You need a lvl4 Shipyard there. Same goes for any other defence/ship, first check your tech tab.

    — KneH    Dec 1, 07:38 PM    #
  21. Dude, you have to get a certain level of shipyard on each planet, because a shipyard can’t be moved from planet to planet.

    I agree with icarus9mm, because if you have one planet for research, you won’t have enough resources to start another one so soon.

    — wraith65    Dec 3, 12:38 PM    #
  22. you need lv.4 shipyard on your colony as well to build it

    — randomperson    Dec 4, 03:58 AM    #
  23. If you don’t have an Intergalactic research Network, it’s pretty worthless to build research labs on more than 1 planet. If you have IGRN say level 2, then it combines the levels of your 3 highest research labs… so say you had a level 12, level 8 and a level 7, your research would be conducted in the amout of time it would take a level 27 research lab to do it. :) If you have IGRN, or are planning on researching it, then by all means, research labs on more than 1 planet is a good idea.

    — Fox McCloud    Dec 4, 11:13 AM    #
  24. Research Labs are great in the late game on multiple planets. 1st IRN is a bonus for those who are researching gravitons. At this point you need as many lvl 10 RL as you can get your colonies to hold. On the other hand, early empires only need to focus on research labs on 1 maybe 2 planets. They should be focusing more on building their mines and defenses to construct a good economy.

    — Emppalpatine    Dec 15, 07:01 AM    #
  25. I just got IRN lvl2 and had lvl12 rsrch on main planet and lvl 6 all others, so will be building up extra rsrch labs now. Research time is 7 days for some items, wayyy to long. As far as resources go I went for solar 20 on all planets and M20, C20, D15 and run a shuttle service to the main planet twice daily. Makes enough for around 15 – 20 battleships a day! Crystal seems to be the most used resource so focus on self supporting on this resource.

    — norlas    Feb 3, 04:53 AM    #
  26. While I realise that your research is system wide, does that count for weapons and armour?

    My colony shows all my research, but not weapons and armour as it doesn’t have the level 4 lab required.
    So do ships built on my colony get the benefit of weapons and armour research?

    Do I have to build my lab up to level 4 to get the bonuses?

    I may be able to build heavy fighters once the shipyard is up, but are they as good as the ones on my home planet?

    — corone    Mar 9, 05:06 PM    #
  27. yes, the research you do pertains to every palent, it just depends on how high levels your buildings are. hope i helped

    — buddha boy    Mar 16, 12:52 PM    #
  28. does it pay t reasearch ion, lazer, or plasma tech once you can get every thing? or is it a waste of time?

    — ComTeck    Mar 22, 06:39 AM    #
  29. to ComTeck

    No it doesn’t help. You can research later on for points, but that’s all.

    — Jedi Master    Apr 8, 05:20 AM    #
  30. there is a good idea for having a reaserch planet on every planet… the interplantry reaserch… after you get a few levels of this, you can use your farm planets to aid in the reaserch of other planets… right?

    — Steelsteve    Apr 14, 02:30 PM    #
  31. Thats a verry good question,one wich i wouldnt mind hearing the answer to myself dose intergalactic reasearch lab reduce research times useing the culmanative levels of the labs on all of your planets?

    — Br0ther    Apr 22, 12:21 AM    #
  32. INtergalatic research network works in such a way as to combine your highest labs levels together.
    Say if you had IGRN lv1, this would combine your top two research labs levels. So if you had level 12 and level 10, you would effectivley work at level 22 speed… i think.

    — Campicus    Apr 26, 09:04 AM    #
  33. However, you won’t get to research a technology that needs a level 12 lab if you have a level 10 lab with research network and a level 2 lab. The research network only makes researches go quicker, but it doesn’t sum up your lab levels. The summing up of lab levels serves for calculating the speed of a research, nothing more.

    — flamewolf    May 18, 07:56 AM    #
  34. does it worth research further levels to techs like laser tech, ion tech or plasma tech?

    — emanuel    May 22, 06:31 PM    #
  35. hahaha. You guys make me wonder if you are real players. Well,of course you DONT HAVE to make labs on every planet,and of course you HAVE to make labs on every planet,and yes you may not research for every technology ,and yes you may have to research for every technology. The point is that it is up to you,on what you are doing,you dont have to listen to someone else because he may play very offensive/defensive or regular ,etc,and it may be very diferent from your style of play. One thing is for sure : THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS IF YOU WANT TO BE IN TOP !!! ,sooner or later you’ll have to research that tech,or upgrade lab/building etc

    — h3r0    Jun 21, 06:42 AM    #
  36. Hey fellas, there’s one mistake about the Intergalatic research network, yes, it’s true that it takes the highest levels labs from every colony, but doesn’t mean that you will have a 22lvl lab, it means that if your principal lab (12) shows you all the researchings, and your second lab (6) shows you the researching of a level 6 lab you will do faster all the researchings that are inside the requirements of a level 6 lab.

    Sorry I don’t talk very well english. Hope you did understand.


    — Maynard    Jun 26, 06:34 PM    #
  37. umm the only resean to get RL’s on another colony is forn Itergalatic research network

    thecat    Jul 24, 03:58 PM    #
  38. “umm the only resean to get RL’s on another colony is forn Itergalatic research network”


    — Gedca    Jul 24, 11:42 PM    #
  39. “1st IRN is a bonus for those who are researching gravitons.”

    ... How? Graviton Technology takes 0 seconds to research regardless of Research Lab level.

    — Arbron    Jul 25, 08:50 AM    #
  40. i have 5 planets with a special task,one is a research world(163 feilds) another is soley a shipyard centerd(or will be i’ve just started it.)it will have massive storage facilaties and high level shipyard with a level 5 nanite fac. that is my ship world. the ones with less then 100 feilds are close to the sun and are metal/crystal based production worlds(they only produce one resource to maximize production then are devolped with terraformers(that’s the plan) to maximize mine productivity. then there is the soon to come 3,13-15 range deuterium factories. email me if you have any suggestions.

    — jay    Aug 15, 02:55 AM    #
  41. to clairify on Maynard’s statement on IRN…

    if you have a level 12 lab on one planet and a level 6 one on another planet, with IRN, and you’re researching hyperspace drive, you will not get any additional benefit from from the level 6 lab, as you need a level 7 lab for drive research.

    the level 6 lab basically doesn’t have the equipment to help in the work, so it sits out.

    ideally, with IRN, you would want minimum level 7 labs across the board, with one level 12 somewhere for gravitron.

    — chafalcar    Sep 4, 03:00 AM    #
  42. I plan to eventually have a level 10 Research Lab for every colony. That allows them all to help in upgrading IGRN itself. :P

    — Arbron    Sep 10, 01:33 AM    #
  43. so your upgrading your IGRN to upgrade you IRGN quicker

    — tazmaniac    Sep 14, 03:09 PM    #
  44. “does it worth research further levels to techs like laser tech, ion tech or plasma tech?
    thanks”, hey please answer emanuel because i want to know. does it worth to increase laser levels, does the cannons has more efficiency, because drago sim, only ask for shield, weapons, etc..

    — Pedro    Sep 15, 11:29 AM    #
  45. having labs on every planet is only useful if they are highly devoloped and you have max IRN. other wise building labs is a waste. i allmost have IRN and each planet only has a level three lab.

    — jay    Sep 24, 01:13 PM    #
  46. This is simple, if you got a colony of just 20 field, its just a waste of planets, find a bigger planet and do the research… btw u dont need Research labs on EVERYONE of your planets, just shipyards if you got a good research lab on your main planet…

    — The1&OnlySnickers    Sep 30, 11:03 AM    #
  47. HUH?

    It is beneficial to have labs on all planets. This is because you can build ‘Intergalactic research Networks’, which link all labs together.

    — Sub Zero: UNI4.org    Oct 24, 02:01 PM    #
  48. i would be dumb to make one planet with a huge lab,due to the fact that if it’s under seige any res stocked there is at risk.

    — jay    Nov 3, 09:19 PM    #
  49. It’s not really beneficial to have labs on all planets since the cost to link the last planet is 30mil metal, 51 mil crystal, and the last planet you link will only cut down heavy-duty research by only a day.

    — Matt    Nov 17, 05:03 PM    #
  50. good point but if the labs are highly devoloped say levlel 20 or beyond irn will DRASTICLY reduce reaserch time. if you have a lvl 20 lab on 9 planets and you link irn to all,that’s the quivilant of 180!! reaserch though expensive,will be far faster with a little patiance.

    — jay    Nov 24, 07:25 AM    #
  51. my IRN is level 2 and i have 2 lvl 10 research buildings but it’s still not combining

    — Gabe    Dec 6, 07:25 AM    #
  52. Wait, if you don’t have a Research Lab on any of your other planets… how can they build a Nanite Factory?
    After that you could just build a Terraformer to raise fields. Also, having Research Labs on a small planet is worthless, but on large ones you could help out with Research and not stress your Homeworld on all of it.

    — Ken    Dec 18, 04:38 PM    #
  53. dude,if you built a terraformer, id have to laugh

    — naphets    Jan 4, 10:41 PM    #
  54. “does it worth research further levels to techs like laser tech, ion tech or plasma tech?
    thanks” upgrading those techs further will not help u increase damage in any way so it isn’t really worth upgrading them further than u need to to gain other techs.

    — Zefix    Feb 3, 12:15 PM    #
  55. How does researching an energy more then level 12 helps? My produce of solar plant, and solar satellites are going to be same power!
    So why to research energy technology more then level 12?

    — Niky    May 2, 04:03 PM    #
  56. Easy, dont.

    — NPSF3000    May 3, 05:48 PM    #
  57. its beneficial to have 3 planets with reaserch lvl 12, but only if u have intergalactic reaserch network
    lets say u have reaserch lvl 12 on 3 of ur planets and then u have IGRN to lvl three
    then its like haveing one reaserch lab at lvl 36

    — Konrad    May 21, 10:16 AM    #
  58. Hey, i started reading the beginning posts and didn’t see, but I didn’t finish reading the rest so plaeze don’t be mad if this question was already answered.

    But anyway.
    If I have a Research Lab Level 12 on my main planet, and Research Lab Level 8 on another colony with Level 1 Intergalactic Research Network, Is it possible to research the Graviton Technology on the Level 8 Research Lab since I already have a Level 12 Research Lab or do I need to upgrade it to Level 12 before researching it?

    — DarkTemplar uni.16    Aug 19, 01:00 AM    #
  59. you have to research graviton from the L12 lab.

    — king_iix u-30    Aug 26, 03:41 PM    #
  60. i have lv 10-12 research lab on all planets, i do this becasue of one simple thing. research times. i want my reseraches to be done as quick as possible so being in uni 30 have irn 4 i have a lv 48 research lab but being in uni 30 it counts as a lv 96… this means that my research is done extreamly fast.
    i also have 10-12 shipyard and robotics factory on each planet

    — jamie - uni 30    Sep 18, 12:00 PM    #
  61. if you want your research to be fast, build research labs on all your planets. You can even reach level 14 or higher. Then research your IRN up to level 8. After that you’ll see how fast you can research. for example: I have research labs level 14 on all planets and an IRN level 7 and I only need 24d 3h 57m 52s to reach Weapons thecnology level 17. That will be important later on the game. Because as you pile up resources you have the chance to leave your competition behind. And tecs are really important in battle. Have fun!

    — Doctor X    Dec 1, 05:11 AM    #
  62. I agree with doctor X. Having semi-decent labs on most planets help alot.

    I personally enjoy having each of my colonies semi-independent from each other and not constantly forced to ship stuff out to my mother planet for reaserch.

    It doesn’t take that much space and they are pretty cheap to build materials .. Just get them to lvl 6 or 7 so you’ll be able to reaserch pretty much every fundamental tech. Thus, when you get an excess of materials on said planets, instead of shipping it to your motherland, just activate the reaserch and begone with it. It’s also a good way to burn up ressources when an enemy fleet is on it’s way…

    The way I see it , it ensures a bigger focus on reaserch because the funds go directly into reaserch whenever you get spares instead of being shipped, then used for something else since you get so much cash on your mainland.

    — James Mason    Feb 29, 08:14 AM    #
  63. WoW, this topic is spammed…

    Anyways, I have a question. Since doubling the level of the research lab halfs the research time, does having a level 2 Research lab on PlanetA and a lvl 1 Research lab on PlanetB cause additional reducement of time or is it determined by the maximum level?
    If not, is it determined by the planet researching at?

    — Muskar    Jun 15, 07:42 PM    #
  64. 1+2=3. The two labs will have the speed of a lvl3 lab.

    — ffsfsf    Jun 17, 10:30 AM    #

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