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Building Colonies


Published: Apr 13, 07:31 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

If I build a new colony, are my resources pooled?

No, you have to transport them from planet to planet. That’s why the closer the colony, the cheaper the shipping costs (and transport time).

My first “farm” colony in oGame only has 47 fields. I put no defenses on the planet. All it does is produce resources which I ship to one of the other colonies. It it gets attacked, it won’t lose that much, since it doesn’t have much at any given time to lose. All of the fields are mines and power plants.

Eventually, I will delete that planet and colonize a new one, since you have a max of 8 colonies, plus your home planet.

Getting Larger Colonies

After you get your planets and mines to the point where you can create colony ships easily (meaning the cost isn’t detrimental to you), then you can start attempting larger planets. The field cost is random, so you may have to try 5 or 6 times before you get a big planet. Right now, I keep anything over 230. Later, when I have 4 or 5 200+ planets, I will only keep everything over 300. Trying for all 300’s is a waste of time and resources unless you really want it.

Phione posted this as a comment over here:

unless you’re planning on building over lvl 30 on mines and buildings, it’s rather pointless to aim for 250+ or 300+ fields for your planets…
Total: 214 Fields

  • Level 30 Metal
  • Level 30 Crystal
  • Level 30 Deut
  • Level 30 Solar
  • Level 25 Fusion
  • Level 10 Robotic
  • Level 5 Nanite
  • Level 10 Shipyard
  • Level 10 Metal Storage
  • Level 10 Crystal Storage
  • Level 10 Deut Storage
  • Level 10 Research Lab
  • Level 4 Rocket Silo

You cannot delete your home planet. Every home planet has 163 fields, regardless of what position it is in. So you can have everything over 300, except your home planet.

Building New Colonies

To create a new colony, send a Colony Ship on a “colonization mission” to a unused position somewhere in the galaxy. It will create a new colony there. Your colony ship is destroyed when a new colony is formed.

Any resources you send in the Colony Ship will be lost. If you want to support your Colony Ship, send cargo ships AFTER your new colony has been created. Any ships sent with the Colony Ship (in the same fleet) will be returned.


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  1. What if you wan’t to keep only 200+ planets? do you keep the home planet? or deleat it? If you deleate it what would happen?
    — Kotoblichin    May 17, 06:04 PM    #
  2. Please read the Deleting and Renaming Colonies tip. I updated the tip above to reflect this as well. You cannot delete your home planet.
    Eric    Jun 13, 07:16 AM    #
  3. i keep trying to colonize my moon or another planet, but it keeps telling me “fleets could not be sent, planet uninhabited or can be colonized”

    can you please tell me how to colonize a planet?

    thanks a bunch
    — Mouse    Jun 27, 02:05 PM    #
  4. Mouse: Are you using a Colony Ship? It can only be sent to an empty position in the Galaxy Map. You cannot send it to an existing planet or moon.
    Eric    Jul 2, 07:57 AM    #
  5. Ok this is called building colonies, yet it just tells me about fields. How exactly from having only a colony ship, build a colony?
    If you can only send it to an empty position on the galaxy map, then how does that work? colonies arent floating around on a random spot in the galaxy are they? This doesnt make any sense at all.
    If you dont add this, rename it to Colony fields or something, not “building colonies”.
    — Stephen    Jul 11, 03:40 AM    #
  6. Stephen,

    I would think that you would take people to start a colony on a colony ship…

    Just because the spot is empty doesn’t mean that there isn’t an uninhabited planet waiting there for your people. I would also guess that the colony ship would carry all the things needed for your new colony to survive. IMHO thats why you don’t get to keep the ship once you land. Think “transformers”. I bet the ship turns into houses for the workers who make your mines and such.
    — jeal    Jul 28, 04:52 PM    #
  7. How many colonies can you have at once? Is there a limit?
    — frosty    Aug 23, 08:04 PM    #
  8. frosty@

    it says right there… max of 8 colonies plus youre home planet… read before asking questions…
    — Amonimac    Aug 27, 07:11 AM    #
  9. How far apart would you recommend colonies being? Should they be in different solar systems but the same galaxy, or should I place them in different galaxies.

    Thanks in advance.
    — johnny6    Aug 27, 10:22 AM    #
  10. Does the position of the colony in a system effect anything other than temperature (ie. energy from solar satellites?)
    — Dan    Sep 2, 07:47 AM    #
  11. Can my home planet be captured, destroyed or damaged in any way???

    I am very new at ogame and i don’t want to have to strat over!!!
    — Illusion    Sep 23, 11:08 AM    #
  12. @Dan

    The further down in position the colony is, the more Deut is mined.
    — Zack    Nov 1, 05:55 AM    #
  13. This is titled Building Colonies, and while it gives the way to, it doesn’t give any advice on it. When should you build a colony? When you have level 20 mines, level 15 mines? Where should you build a colony? Far away in a remote solar system, in the same solar system, in position one or fifteen or the middle? How many resources should you send to help it? Stuff like that.

    — Zack    Nov 3, 01:10 AM    #
  14. if i want 2 build a colony on a colonised planet that hase no defence, what must i do? i keep atacking it and robing but can’t build a colonie on it

    Kozmos    Nov 4, 08:16 AM    #
  15. To Zack: There is no set time when u need to build a colony. When u have the resources to build colony ships, build it and colonise. colonising a closer planet is better since the transportation costs is less and shorter time. Colonising a far system is just the opposite. Which position u want depends, planet closer to sun produce less deu but solar sats are more effective. Farther planet produce more deuterium but solar sats produce less energy. Which position u pick also affect the planet fields u are going to get. If u want it to develop faster and quickly, send more resources to it but don’t sen soo much until u neglect development on other colony

    — jarod    Nov 8, 06:28 AM    #
  16. Once the planet is colonise, there is no way u can colonise it

    — jarod    Nov 8, 06:29 AM    #
  17. would it be a smart idea to build a colony that’s main focus would be to build resources only but thats in a somewhat deserted part of the universe and far away from the rest of your colonies? Or would that just be a dumb idea because it would be a pain to move all the resources from that planet to the others?

    I personally think it would be smart because in deserted parts of space you are less likely of attack. I have a colonie in a somewhat less colonized part of space and it hasn’t been probed in months. I’d like your opinion.

    — max    Dec 14, 08:54 PM    #
  18. is it possible to colonize a moon if not how do u build lunar bases?

    — sam    Dec 15, 05:33 AM    #
  19. if a moon is there it is colonized by the person that has the planet on that position

    — player!! :D    Dec 23, 04:22 PM    #
  20. How much Colony Ship costs?

    — Pazific    Dec 27, 09:18 AM    #
  21. 10k metal, 20k crystal, and 10k deut

    — alex    Dec 28, 04:13 PM    #
  22. would you recomend bulding out post in far off gal

    my main is in 1 and i have out post in 2 and 7 that i am building up like they were main planets

    the rest are all farms

    is this dumb or a good idea

    — overlord    Dec 30, 03:21 AM    #
  23. with my colony ship I send resources to help a quicker start, but they vanish at destination and begin at this new colony with standart res (I guess 500m, 500k, 0d). WHYYY?

    Shall I send the colony ship without res?

    — kudretabi    Jan 3, 09:16 PM    #
  24. @ kudretabi.

    If you send a colony ship with resources they’ll vanish in the colonizion process, Once you get the planet colonize you start off with 500m, 500k and 0d. So if i were you i’ll send my Colony ship without res send a S cargo ship after you launch it

    — King Vegeta    Jan 6, 06:59 AM    #
  25. @ overlord
    Don’t send any resources on your colony ship unless you want to transport them. If you want to colonize a planet, everything sent onboard will be lost! You have to sent a cargo ship a little after the colony ship.

    — jvtm    Jan 6, 11:09 AM    #
  26. Yes, colony ships disapear after they colonise a planet, that means the resources disapear with it. Send cargo ships with ur resources AFTER u colonise the planet or u will lose all the resources u sent with the colony ship.

    — Dannyboy    Jan 7, 08:00 AM    #
  27. how far appart do you suggest colonies be apart from each other? i have no large colonies near me

    — SolarPumpkin    Jan 7, 07:46 PM    #
  28. once you hav a colony and its too small how do you get diff one?

    — xolren    Jan 8, 01:27 AM    #
  29. i dont no how to clonize a planet i click on an empty space it just says inhabited on nothing when i click on a planet and click colonize it says planets already colonized what do i do?

    — Priyan    Jan 8, 11:17 AM    #
  30. @xolren
    to get rid of a colony, go to the overview page, switch to the undesirable planet and click it’s name (right above the picture of the planet). it’ll bring you to a screen where you have a choice to rename it or abandon it. but you probably shouldn’t get rid of a colony until you need the space for a different one (max. of 8) because you can use the bad colony for mining. you aren’t loosing anything from having it build up resources that you can send to your home planet.

    — Alien - Uni 5    Jan 9, 01:33 AM    #
  31. How about a abandonned plannet. If i go to the galaxy menu it will show a “destroyed planet”. What if I send another colonization ship in lets say a week, will it have the same ammount of fields? Since it has been destroyed before I wouldn’t think so. . .

    — EddyP    Jan 10, 02:20 AM    #
  32. If you delete a colony and recolonize it later, it’s random how many spaces it has, but planets 1-3 and 12 – 15 have the lowest, 10-11 have the second lowest, 7-9 have the second highest, and 4-6 have the possibility of the highest fields. and about the destroyed planet, you can send a recycler to it to reclaim the resources you had on it, but you can’t colonize it until it’s just a blank section in the galaxy view.

    — Alien - Uni 5    Jan 10, 12:29 PM    #
  33. I have noticed that someone has destroyed a planet in my system. When I try to send a colony ship to colonize it, I get a message that sez ” planet is allready occupied”. How long a time do I have to wait for it to be colonizable??

    — GOLIATH    Jan 17, 07:16 PM    #
  34. Quote:
    [Later, when I have 4 or 5 200+ planets, I will only keep everything over 300.]
    What for? Are you that rich that planets with 260+/- fields are to small for you? ;-)

    Yashin    Jan 22, 08:57 AM    #
  35. How do you get all the lunar bases?
    Do you need a moon or something?
    Please help,

    — Soronnet    Jan 30, 07:22 PM    #
  36. Ok so I dont get how defending colonies works say I have level 10 mine level 10 crystal and level 5 Deuterium and no or little resources on the planet …. what do I need to defend it ? ( assumeing I keep the resources empty on the planet )

    hellzno    Feb 1, 12:20 AM    #
  37. is any other ways to get planets than colonizing?

    — kili mon jaaro1    Feb 1, 08:11 AM    #
  38. to defend a planet u have to build defense “buildings” or ships
    Eg. missile launchers and light fighters

    — matriarch    Feb 4, 08:43 PM    #
  39. I know this sounds like a dumb question but in the galaxy menu when the cursor is over 1 of your colonies or if you are going to send a ship to it therer is the option “deploy” or “deployment” what does this mean?

    — Dave    Feb 6, 04:16 AM    #
  40. i just destoyed 1 of my colonies cuz it only got 47 fields…
    in the galaxy view it now sais:
    destoyed planet.
    how long do i have to w8 before i can colonize it again?

    — yourhell    Feb 7, 01:59 PM    #
  41. Is it possible to send ships to your colony? Like I mean if I wanted to send some fighters to stay on the colony could I do that?

    — Jagflame    Feb 18, 08:48 PM    #
  42. yes Jagflame you can do that, you only have to select your ships you want to send,
    enter the coos of your collony and send them with the mission “deployment”

    yourhell    Feb 20, 09:19 AM    #
  43. i have a colony with no more romm and i cant build cargos to transport the resources to my home planet. this is a classic newb mistake. is there any way to solve this problem?

    — cubano    Feb 21, 10:27 PM    #
  44. Quote from article:

    “Right now, I keep anything over 200. Later, when I have 4 or 5 200+ planets, I will only keep everything over 300.”
    Those sentences above are big nonsense. Does it’s author even dream how much things cost on 270, 280, 290… field… Incredible expensive. He wont ever fill them.
    Please be realistic – those ogametips read also newbies and someone might believe that it have sense destroying colonies with let’s say 180 – 190 fields and searching fro colonies with 300 fields. It doesn`t of course. Whoever wrote this… he probably just try to be cool.

    Sorcerer    Feb 23, 01:25 PM    #

    — Dafydd Lewis    Mar 2, 07:41 AM    #
  46. How much deut would it cost me to send a colony ship from gal 1 to gal 9? or gal 1 to gal 7?
    If you could give me a break down of the costs, that would be appreciated (ie: cost deut for traveling across solor systems, gal, or both.)

    — Jeff    Mar 3, 06:23 PM    #
  47. I have a colony with 62 fields.
    I don’t know what’s the best, destoying it or building mines on it. BTW i’m a newbie, score: 2217. please give me an answer

    — Dctr.J    Mar 4, 10:18 AM    #
  48. The fleet reaches new planet X:XXX:X, and concludes that the planet can be colonized. Shortly after landing on the new planet, notification from the Homeworld reaches the settlers. There are riots back at home due to the size of the empire. The settled immediately return to the homeworld for safety reasons.

    how did that happen?

    — JLLI    Mar 5, 03:05 AM    #
  49. dude !!
    you can’t have more than 8 colony’s !!!

    yourhell    Mar 8, 12:41 PM    #
  50. i got 36 fields at spot 4!after burning deut.to go to another galaxy!uni 15,gx5

    — ilko    Mar 10, 11:59 AM    #
  51. what tha heck is this building anyway
    ive got an alliance deposit in an account in universe 6 and im from portugal

    — unknow    Mar 12, 03:32 AM    #
  52. Excuse my dumbish question but i am sending cargo ships to inactive planets and getting very nice resources. Is it better than colonizing, if not why colonizing better?

    Thanx in advance.

    — rexmont    Mar 12, 03:35 PM    #
  53. which gets more points or which gets the most buyin ships and def or getting research or mines i am not sure what to buy to gett more points or points faster

    — tiffany    Mar 29, 06:36 PM    #
  54. Say I colonize a planet and get only 40 fields. I destroy it. If I go back and colonize it again, will I get the same 40 fields or is the number of fields recalculated?

    — La_PaRCa    Mar 31, 12:32 PM    #
  55. the amount of fields is always randomly chosen each time you colonize that planet.
    i colonized a nr4 6 times in a row and each time i got less than 150 fields !!!

    yourplace    Apr 3, 06:45 AM    #
  56. Ok, I have figured out an important fact. To build 2 battleships a day, you need 3333.33 metal per hour and 1666.66 crystal per hour. To achieve this and the shipyard level only takes 75 fields. In that is:Level 19 metal mine, Level 17 crystal mine, Level 19 Solar plant, level 7 duet synth, level 4 fusion and 4 solar satellites.

    — relam13    Apr 5, 06:56 PM    #
  57. why should we care about this?
    i mean, if you want to build Bships then you better w8 until your income is a bit better then
    19-17-7, then if you want to build some, you just, build some !

    i mean with that that low lvl players shouldn’t keep spending all their res on something that is (for them) so expencive, you better invest those res in some better mines and later, you don’t have to calculate this kind of shit anymore !

    yourhell    Apr 7, 01:51 PM    #
  58. if you colonize a planet with very little field and then destroy it can you colonize it again and will it have more fields or the same?

    — Daigongen    Apr 9, 07:59 AM    #
  59. plz read the previeus post before you say something like this, it clearly marks your lack off intelegence…

    yourhell    Apr 10, 07:38 AM    #
  60. Do I lose fields when upgrading a technology in the research lab?

    — azrdszfffffvvxcfgv    Apr 13, 03:59 AM    #
  61. No, you don’t lose feilds on anything but buildings

    — Nathan    Apr 13, 10:59 AM    #
  62. planetsize:

    pos1: average: 64, 60% between 48 and 80 fields
    pos2: average: 68, 60% between 53 and 83 fields
    pos3: average: 73, 60% between 54 and 82 fields

    pos4: average: 173, 60% between 108 and 238 fields
    pos5: average: 167, 60% between 95 and 239 fields
    pos6: average: 155, 60% between 82 and 228 fields
    pos7: average: 144, 60% between 116 and 173 fields
    pos8: average: 150, 60% between 123 and 177 fields
    pos9: average: 159, 60% between 129 and 188 fields

    pos10: average: 101, 60% between 79 and 122 fields
    pos11: average: 98, 60% between 81 and 116 fields
    pos12: average: 105, 60% between 85 and 129 fields

    pos13: average: 110, 60% between 60 and 160 fields
    pos14: average: 84, 60% between 42 and 126 fields
    pos15: average: 101, 60% between 54 and 149 fields

    The fieldnumbers are posibilitys, different numbers are always possible

    — Fialho    Apr 15, 10:08 AM    #
  63. 17400 km ( 48 / 302 fields )

    well its my colony.. in pos6 :)

    approx. 20°C to 60 °C
    Position xx:xxx:6

    — Fialho    Apr 15, 10:10 AM    #
  64. No body can make level 25 fusion. It is impossible. What are you talking about? it needs 1.204.432.960 (yes billion!!) metal 481.773.184 Crystal and 240.886.592 deut. No need for planets over 200 in this game… also 30 level of crystal mine is really hard to make.

    — Ozgur    Apr 27, 04:37 AM    #
  65. okay i dont get this.. ive read all the posts… how do you get cargo ship to stay on the colony once you send it out there?... cuz ive tried.. and it says it will be back … but i want it to stay…. ive tried deploy and transport

    — Maur    Apr 27, 04:05 PM    #
  66. nevermind… when u put deploy, it’ll stay… wehter or not it says renturning… it will just stay at the place u sent it to

    — Maur    Apr 29, 07:07 PM    #
  67. i sent a colony ship out in uni 18 and it was my first attempt. guess how many fields it had, a huge total of 311 fields.

    in my uni 4 account i had less luck i have sent out a grand total of 5 colony ships(yes 5) to positions 3,4,5 all getting less than 50 fields.

    in my opinion it is more luck than anything. it’s the same with moons sometimes pepole get 2 or 3 20% chances and still get no moon

    — ogame player    Apr 30, 10:22 AM    #
  68. Thought you guys would like this one.

    Position 4 opened up in my system last week and I have been trying to colonize it since then. So far my fields have been; 63, 57, and just now 42. Guess I’m going to try again.

    — Mike    May 15, 08:20 PM    #
  69. hear this, i have colonised
    a first nr4 7 times and a second nr4 6 times and everytime i got less than 100 fields !!
    my 14the try gave my 294 fields !!!!
    o jeah, i colonised a nr5 to, i gor 260 fields…:D

    yourhell    May 17, 02:08 PM    #
  70. Well the fourth time I colonized Position 4 I got 282 fields. I guess it is really just a matter of luck. Good luck everyone!

    — Mike    May 18, 09:30 AM    #
  71. i sent a colony ship in a colonization mission its still 10mins to go but it says that its coming back is it ment to say that?

    — andre    May 19, 12:05 PM    #
  72. lol i colonizated a ship at place x:xxx:6 and is has only 46 places :s

    — greg    May 26, 02:54 AM    #
  73. let’s say that i have the max nr of colonies and my “mother”planet…if i destroy the mother planet can i make another colony???

    — akeron    May 28, 04:30 PM    #
  74. u cant destroy the mother planet

    — .    Jun 1, 10:31 AM    #
  75. am i the only one who’s realized this: as long as there’s twelve or more fields it doesn’t matter, just transport deut from other planets to let it build a level ten robot factory, then (after researching level ten com tech on another planet) build a nanite factory, then build a terraformer, and… voila! you have as many fields as you need!

    — ragnaroks bringer    Jun 4, 12:04 PM    #
  76. thanks ragnarocks, i always wanted to know whatc the terraformer actually did :)

    — Nevyn    Jun 4, 08:16 PM    #
  77. looks like someone doesn’t know how much a terraformer costs.
    i’dd rather build 100 colonie ships and keep trying to get above 200 fields then to build me an extra 50 fields.
    its only a tiny bit usefull in the verry late game, on your main planet that is, but what the heck, i use my biggest colonie as my main planet, and my main as a colonie ! :D

    anonymous    Jun 11, 02:56 AM    #
  78. A planet near me has no defence and i keep getting their resources and taking it back to my land but can u capture the planet?or at least Can u destroy other peoples planets and then build a colony there?

    — Omer    Jun 15, 01:57 PM    #
  79. You cannot destroy or capture a planet that does not belong to you.

    It would seem that, with regards to colonizing planets 3, 4, 5 and 6, that they CAN provide lots of fields, but have a very low chance of doing so.

    Inversely, this is how my more successful (with the exception of the last one) colonization attempts have gone:

    Slot 15, 193 fields.
    Slot 15, 180 fields.
    Slot 15, 199 fields.
    Slot 15, 24 fields.

    Varies, eh? However, in my experience, slot 15 is actually a very solid choice on average.

    — Arbron    Jun 30, 06:19 AM    #
  80. ok all i want to know is how do you find an empty spot to start colonizing??

    — john    Jul 4, 07:55 PM    #
  81. Go to galaxy view and search for empty positions

    — Unknown19845    Jul 5, 12:48 PM    #
  82. ok i have a choice. pos 5 or pos 6. it is going to cost a load of deut to transport there so i should make the best decision.

    — Keegan McNally    Jul 6, 10:56 AM    #
  83. Keegan what you need to do is go tothe closest one to your home world distance matters.. if it isnt in the same system then i say 5 because its closer to the sun and you will get more energy there..

    — Darkpriest667    Jul 7, 06:48 AM    #
  84. how do people go back to being newbies
    and how can some one with 40 battleships go back to being a newbie

    — enterprise    Jul 10, 09:07 AM    #
  85. If you abandon a colony what do you get out of it? Do you simply lose al the res invested in the colony ship?

    — GeoLeo68    Jul 12, 09:52 AM    #
  86. Back to a previously asked question that no-body has answered…..

    I just destoyed 1 of my colonies cuz it only got 47 fields…
    in the galaxy view it now sais:
    destoyed planet.
    how long do i have to w8 before i can colonize it again?

    — yourhell Feb 7, 02:59 PM #

    Anyone have any ideas?

    — Jimbob the 3rd    Jul 13, 01:55 PM    #
  87. 24 to 48 hours

    — dazza3000    Jul 22, 12:41 AM    #
  88. what is a colony? what is the best ship?

    — The emperor    Jul 30, 07:48 AM    #
  89. To: The Emperor

    A colony is a planet that some one has added to their Empire by sending a colony ship to it.

    No-one can colonise any planet that is not blank in galaxy view.

    An enemy planet cannot be colonised, whether weak or not.

    An ally’s planet cannot be colonised, whether weak or not.

    A destroyed planet cannot be colonised until it dis-appears from galaxy view.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Where you put your colonies is up to you.

    If you want to use them as recource makers, then put them near the planet/s you want to supply.

    If you want to make them as a safe place for fleet / recources then put it far far away from your home planet (so that no-one can find it) and in a relativly uninhabbited place.

    If you destroy one of your colonies, YOU CANNOT DESTROY YOUR HOME PLANET, and want to replace it in the same place, then apart from having to wait for the destroyed planet to go away, it’s just like the first time you colonised that planet. EG: YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO GET!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Terraformers are irritating, as they only give you 5 more fields.

    However, If you have one more space and want to upgrade your mines one more level each, and you have a nanite factory, then a terraformer is for you.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Can’t any of you read?

    Yourhell, I completely agree with you. These numskulls are asking the same questions three times per section.

    Thick as two planks they are.

    — Jimbob    Aug 1, 08:04 AM    #
  90. what would the fastiest way to get minerals with out spending all your money on the buildings

    — danzeman    Aug 3, 02:02 PM    #
  91. if u have a robotic factory lvl 2 and a shipyard lvl 5 and u deconstruct the robotic factory, do u get the feilds back for the shipyard aswell? or do u have to deconstruct it separetely?

    — Anon    Aug 10, 02:29 AM    #
  92. thank you for your input Jimbob, it felt like i was the only one with an IQ of more than 50 here.
    so thank you for proving me wrong.

    and danzeman, the easiest way is to keep asking res from the members in your alliance, wich will propebely give you less than 50 metal, a crystal or 3, and later a kick out of the alliance and a list with stupid question you
    SHOULDN ‘T ask in ogame tips topics becouse they kill your reputation.

    good enough?

    yourhell    Aug 11, 07:25 AM    #
  93. I have several questions.
    1) Can Colony being attack and stolen properties form it?
    2)Are you suggest to locate all the fleets, metal, crystal and deuterium in one or more of our colony in order to avoid fleets being destory and properties being stolen?
    3)If colony can avoid being attack, then there is no need to FS?
    4)Whether Colony require defense?

    — Bettleman    Aug 11, 09:15 AM    #
  94. to colonise a planet the only way you have is to choose the first the planet place in an empty one and then, in the fleet section send a colonyship at that coordinate (without transport any resources ‘cause when the ship arrives to destination they would be deleted)

    — greg byankee - uni22    Aug 23, 07:49 AM    #
  95. I sent a colonizing ship, while i was waiting the cargo ships from the colony i was to destroy to
    arrive.Meanwhile my ISP went down and colonizing failed because i could’n destroy my ancient colony
    in time. But now, on the slot i wanted to colonize show “Planet”, no name for owner and the inactive
    tags”(iI)”.Can i try to recolonize that slot again? How soon? And how long to it? (I’ve read the
    forum and nothing to it…)

    — Quiroch@    Aug 26, 09:26 AM    #
  96. I recall that (iI) players are inactive for 28days. Only after 40days are their planets removed for inactivity. Once the slot is vacant again you can colonize.

    — W3STY    Sep 1, 08:09 AM    #
  97. how long does a destroyed planet dtay like that untill it becomes vacant

    — bob    Sep 30, 01:40 PM    #
  98. I have one question about the feilds of a planet, with the Terraformer, wouldnt more buildings be built on a planet than the feilds allow?

    — Nick    Oct 9, 10:37 AM    #
  99. ye you can build more then you normaly can . I have a question to should i keep a clony that only has 114 fields and is on slot 4

    — paul    Oct 23, 03:26 AM    #
  100. is there anyway to know how many fields a planet before u colonize it?

    — jack    Oct 24, 07:10 PM    #
  101. there is no way to know its all luck

    — paul    Oct 25, 06:53 AM    #
  102. Paul you might aswell keep it, fill it first atleast.

    — Anonz    Oct 30, 05:36 AM    #
  103. I’m disappointed there’s no scope for invading other players’ colonies. Is this true? I suppose all you can do is bully them to the extent that they quit – then you can colonise their planets. Either that or send them messages demanding that they destroy the colony themselves >:3 rawr.

    — Hokum    Nov 5, 02:39 AM    #
  104. HAHA the very first planet i colonises was 279 fields OH YEAH and now i got it filled and its producing millions each day. its producing around 3-4 deathstars a week

    — The unknown    Dec 9, 03:37 PM    #
  105. I was just wondering how many fields a terraformer can add to your main planet.

    Phalanax    Dec 12, 05:45 PM    #
  106. I once heard that building a planet in slot 1 was a telltale sign of an attempt at Graviton Research. How can that be?!

    I made a colony in slot 1 with only 34 fields. How is that going to help me research Graviton Tech?

    — Ryutso    Dec 16, 02:29 PM    #
  107. HAHA the very first planet i colonises was 279 fields OH YEAH and now i got it filled and its producing millions each day. its producing around 3-4 deathstars a week”

    I highly doubt your planet is making 3-4 RIPs a week, let alone even one.

    — Mike    Dec 17, 07:11 AM    #
  108. i harvisting a giy who is inactive!!!

    — chris    Dec 19, 11:04 PM    #
  109. these tips are really good. i struck gold with 2 of my colonies. one has 319 and the other has 270 so i can make huge resources!!

    — King Harooo    Dec 26, 02:40 AM    #
  110. you realise a lvl 25 fusion plant costs over a billion metal?

    — Arsarcanum    Dec 26, 05:32 PM    #
  111. What about sending multiple colony ships? I was told if you send several at one time the planet fields will be larger? Is this true?

    — Bob    Jan 4, 08:57 PM    #
  112. Any body monitoring this site?

    — Bob    Jan 8, 02:58 PM    #
  113. @Bob

    I have never heard of this method. When you send 2 colony ships i would think that 1 would form the planet and the other 1 would come back to the planet you sent it from.
    Give it a try and see what happens.

    — Psychosquirrel    Jan 13, 03:27 AM    #
  114. um pllz

    can any1 help me out?
    there’s this empty slot that says planet

    but when i try to colonize it, it says that that spot is already taken =.=

    any suggestions?

    helooooooooooooooo    Jan 17, 09:09 PM    #
  115. has anybody ever got over 318 on a colony?

    — el diablo    Jan 24, 04:02 AM    #
  116. When I first started playing about 6 months back I read on the tutorial that the solar sattelites work better in the lower postions and the deterium sythesizer works better in the higher positions, is that still true?

    — Jordan    Feb 27, 03:27 PM    #
  117. Yeah, 319! :)

    — David    Feb 28, 11:12 AM    #
  118. i have a planet with 319 fields also!
    and i believe that it still holds true farther planets give more duet.

    — anonymous user    Mar 4, 07:14 PM    #
  119. i guys! just a little question, i think u can give me a little help: in average, a person who starts a new universe, how many time, (in average, dont forget that) does it takes to get all 1+8 colonies?? a “regular user”, a person who dont even attacks to much…..do i made my self clear??? how many time did you take to get 9 colonies? answers apreciated:D thks!

    — ahdespot    Mar 20, 12:21 AM    #
  120. ummm…. is it just me or will the little plan the author posted not have enough storage for RIP...
    Second I believe the fact that putting a level 25 fusion on the planet is to say that that planet is maxed out… it’s hard enough to get 25 on there, you won’t be going that much beyond 25 fusion… or level 30 mines…

    — ichigo    Mar 21, 02:30 PM    #
  121. please help me i have no metal no oil as i like to call it only crystal!!!! plz help!

    — kramer republic    Mar 21, 04:35 PM    #
  122. Whould i lose some bods if i leave that planet?

    — Danijel    Mar 28, 02:20 AM    #
  123. I understand that the only way you can colonize another planet is to send a colony ship to an empty spot…but I dont see anywhere/button that says where I can do the task at hand.

    Can you guys please help me out? If some of you experienced players can help me that would be great.

    The most helpfull thing you can do for me right now is to give a run down, step by step on what I should do.

    – MeNimrod
    — MeNimrod    Apr 6, 07:22 PM    #
  124. whats the lowest field count anyone has started with? mine is 18..

    — Gaka    Apr 17, 01:19 PM    #
  125. Kramer rebublic
    if you just leave the planet for a couple of hours(dats if you have rubbish mines) then you will get metal and crystal

    — splat uni 19    May 17, 01:30 PM    #
  126. Err.. Ya I was gunna ask if there was an optimum range for duetirum and solar stuff to… It seams logical (Closer planets = more powerfull light, Mid-temp planets more liquid water, not steam or ice…)

    — blobzor    May 24, 05:56 AM    #
  127. @ MeNimrod—
    Say you have home planet [2:57:6], and you want to colonize empty slot [2:57:5]. The first thing to do is build a colony ship (look in technology lab for requirements). Once this is done, go to ‘fleet’ on the left side of the screen. Put a ‘1’ in the box next to ‘colony ship’ and click continue. Input [2:57:5] in the boxes next to ‘target’ and click continue. Click the bubble next to ‘colonization’ and click continue once again. Your colony ship is on the way and will colonize the planet unless somebody else gets there first. On the overview screen it will tell you an arrival time and a return time. Just ignore the return time. (I think it is a bug)

    — Trevyr    Jun 4, 05:37 PM    #
  128. One of your fleets from planet Metal Militia I [1:179:4] reaches planet [1:179:3]. Its mission is: Colonization.
    2:54:17 One of your fleets returns from planet [1:179:3] to planet Metal Militia I [1:179:4]. Its mission was: Colonization.

    it’s an empty slot why is the fleet coming back then..?

    — Brandon    Jun 6, 07:05 AM    #
  129. omg sorry lol, I read all the comments except for the last one..

    — Brandon    Jun 6, 07:08 AM    #
  130. How many days does a planet last after the person has been inactive i have someone in my alliance with a colony in a realy good spot and he has been inactive for 30days i want to know how much longer he will last

    — Little Astroman    Jul 3, 07:08 PM    #
  131. Re: Little Astroman

    A question the same as yours was addressed earlier in this forum.

    The answer to your question is:
    After 40 days of inactivity the system will automatically delete the planet.

    — boudin balls    Jul 4, 09:15 PM    #
  132. fuck off you all are noob who have to look at this page for help to a game that is as easy as 1 2 3 noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs noobs

    tom    Jul 11, 03:39 AM    #
  133. that might be a little on the harsh side

    — loly boy    Jul 25, 04:54 AM    #
  134. I think that lvl25 of fussy is silly and level 10 deut silo too and u need at least 6 lvl missile silo when you have 30 lvl crystal mine. And metall mine can’t be equal to the crystall mine so add 4-6 levels to it. In this case you will get 200 fields. So you can have all your colonies 190-200 fields and with terraff you will get fields for you.

    — Hussein    Aug 6, 03:02 AM    #
  135. Ok, just a few things, if you guys want large planets I suggest going onto galaxy 3 or galaxy 4, where not many planets are inhabited, and then keep sending out colony ships to the 4 5 and 6 slots, and in no time, you’ll have 8 planets 280+ but this may be hard if you’re home planet is far away, but in the end, duet won’t be as much of a factor.

    — Kratos Uni 13 WRL    Aug 20, 11:51 AM    #
  136. Tom, the word Noob gets annoying very quickly, much like you. Why don’t you try and be nice.

    — Anti-anti-noob Guy    Aug 31, 01:14 PM    #
  137. I have colonies in 4 galaxies from 1-4(still 4 colonies).I’m building them as separate planet systems,with all the defense and ships.That way I’m less vulnerable and I can get resources from the inactive players in 4 different galaxies.But many people prefer building colonies very close to each other,which I think is not a very good strategy.They only want them to work as farms.They are more likely to probe by the same raider and then attacked when you have them closer.Anywayz different strategies of different minds :p PO

    — Dr Acula    Sep 7, 08:47 PM    #
  138. I personally like to keep my colonies close together, I dont see the point in having colonies so far apart they cant work 2gether. If u hav them closer its so much quicker to transport res around. It’s true u can get raided more easily but if u transport/spend ur res often, build enough defense and dont leave big fleets on them then u wont get attked anyway…

    — The Shadow    Oct 21, 03:41 AM    #
  139. i find the web site very usefull and the new letter thanks

    uni 9

    — Barney    Nov 21, 01:23 PM    #
  140. I can’t believe the amount of morons on this who don’t read anything before they ask questions… why aren’t this posts removed?

    — Lanke    Dec 3, 02:41 PM    #
  141. I’ve just got a colony right next to my crappy home planet(X:XXX:10). What should I do with it?

    — no-one    Dec 17, 01:41 PM    #
  142. That depends. How many fields?

    — jake    Jan 1, 08:50 PM    #
  143. ...what does that say about u Tom??? i mean if we are noobs because we are reading this then doesnt that make u a noob as well. i mean the only reason you would read this is if you wanted help, which according to u makes u a noob. so that makes you a self-hating noob. That is all.
    for those of you who are too stupid to figure out what that is (and based on some of your responses there are a lot of you), it is a window

    — Bob    Feb 9, 10:19 PM    #
  144. i thought that planets 4-6 were the biggest for colonies, but both of my new 4th planet colonies only have 45 and 85 fields. am i wrong about 4-6 being the biggest planets??

    — Alien x22    Mar 11, 04:42 PM    #
  145. hey this is going to sound stupid but i am trying to research level 2 impulse i have the right amount of resources but it just wont let me upgrade? any help please

    — swifty    Mar 11, 07:43 PM    #
  146. No, sometimes u get low colonies but usually u get big ones (Over 200)

    — Qwerty    Mar 26, 01:13 AM    #
  147. i have a doubt. i have read that the size of the colony depends on the position of the planet. Thanks.
    I have read as well, that if you send a cargo ship with your colonization ship, your resources are lost.
    My doubt is that if you send a cargo with resources with your colonization ship : ¿ will it increase your oportunity to get a bigger planet ?

    — WOLVERMANU    Apr 4, 08:40 PM    #
  148. To Allien22: maybe you have a problem with your energy, you need to have energy positive to research. i hope i could help. See you.

    — WOLVERMANU    Apr 7, 06:28 AM    #
  149. You can build colonies all in the same galaxy to start with. And if a colony is low on fields you can still keep it for the time being. You only build mines on it to ship resourches to your home planet. When you have desend mines on your home planet and some desent tech you can always destroy a colony wait 48 hours and try again for one with more fields. If you only gonna use it for farming why do you need 200+ fields. Later in the game when you are proper developed you can make a new colony and build it up very fast. If you use a commander (also you support the game with a commander) you can try to get a 200+ colony, then ship resourches and build it up in a week. All i mean is that if your just starting you dont need 200+ fields colony’s you need farms that are close to your homeplanet so you can build up and later on start getting better more remote colonies

    — Sparka    Apr 22, 08:46 AM    #
  150. If somones colony has a moon and they abandon the colony and I then colonise the abandon plante when the slot becomers availble will I get the moon aswell? I’m askin becuase i can currently see a “destroyed planet” and its moon is still visible will this disapear when the slot becomes availble or can i colonise it and gain ther moon?

    — Riddick    Jun 30, 03:07 PM    #
  151. ok from what i have seen and with my experences, i play on the usa server 101 (andromeda) and you can send cargo ships to the planit on a coloznizing mission with the colony ship. then after the colony is created the cargos drop off the res and return to where you had the colonizing come from (meaning where the fleet was sent out from). but if you destroy the planit that you sent the fleet from it becoms a deployment for the cargos

    — logandrew    Aug 19, 05:03 PM    #

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