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OGame Stategy Guide


Published: Jul 23, 08:26 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

To be honest, I don’t really have a strategy guide written for OGame yet. I may write one after I get most of these tips into place. I am in the process of writing the guide. I am working on formulas right now, and should have the First Edition available for purchase soon. Once you purchase the guide, you can get all future upgrades for free!

For now, you can view all the Tips for OGame here. As I have questions and research my own answers, I publish those findings here.

Eventually, I will write a Strategy Guide for OGame. For now, just use the tips.

The big question for me is, what do I put into the OGame Strategy Guide, and what format do I use? UPDATE: The guide will be available in PDF format only.

I think within about a month, I should have enough to make a strategy guide for OGame. Most of the good tips for OGame are on the forums, but are in German, or translated from German. I don’t speak German (well, anything beyond “hi” and counting to 20), so the translation is going to have to be done by others. But I will get a strategy guide up and running soon.

If you have suggestions, please leave a comment!

UPDATE: The guide IS in progress. About 20 pages so far. I will be publishing it in PDF format, and possibly as a restricted access website. I am not sure what to charge yet. Once it is available, I will post a notice on the site, and have a sample available for download.

UPDATE: 06.16.2005 I am up to about 50 pages now, with graphics. I plan to release the OGame Strategy Guide sometime around the middle of July. It will include a couple of programs to track your colonies and resources, as well as some *secrets* to the game.


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. Put it in a downloadable .txt and on a website with navigation. good work, keep it up :) Email me when its up too :D
    — Renegade,    May 17, 02:16 AM    #
  2. use pdf please, itís universal (it doesnít matter which OS you have) and easy to print. Thansk for your work, keep going!! itís great!!
    — Capitan Beto    Jun 22, 06:40 AM    #
  3. This strategy guide looks great!! When will it be released?
    — Jamie    Jul 24, 03:16 PM    #
  4. UPDATE: Status Report: OGame Tips Strategy Guide
    Eric    Jul 29, 06:22 AM    #
  5. use pdf please, its universal (it doesnt matter which OS you have) and easy to print

    And plain text isn’t? :P

    James Stanley    Jan 7, 12:46 PM    #

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