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Using Fields Wisely


Published: Nov 28, 07:43 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

When you colonise a planet, you get a pseudo-random number of fields. The calculations for the fields is as follows:

Calculating Planet Size (number of fields)

The percentage is the chance you have of getting that range of fields. So for positions 1 to 3, there is an 80% chance you will have a colony with between 40 and 70 fields. The remaining 20% is the chance of more of less fields. It is possible to get 300+ fields on a colony. But you can get extremely low number of fields.

The more fields you have, the larger you can build on your planet. Each building levels takes up a certain amount of fields. As you increase your building levels your fields are used. Building defenses does not use up your fields.

Here is an example of how the field usage is calculated. This example is provided by a member of the PRGM Alliance

If I have a level 12 metal mine, level 8 crystal mine, level 7 deut. mine, level 12 solar plant, level 5 fusion plant, level 4 robotics facility, level 3 shipyard, and a level 4 research facility, I would have used 12+8+7+12+5+4+3+4=55 Fields. Even if I had 1,000 defensive structures (missle launchers, small lasers, ion cannons) my defense wouldn’t take up a field.

If you colonise a planet that has very few fields (less than 150) I would recommend using that planet as a farm. Build up your resources as high as you can, and put a level 1 Ship Yard on the planet. With the level 1 Ship Yard, you can station a Large Cargo Ship there (send it from one of your other planets). Now you can ferry resources to your other planets for research and fleet preparations.

If your planet is midsize (around 150 or so), you can build some simple defenses to keep your farm safe.

Just be sure save your resources frequently (or ship them to another planet). If things get destroyed, just rebuild them. In most cases, you won’t get attacked until you get higher up in score.

Note: The calculations used above are taken from the Help & Questions Thread at the oGame forum


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. how du u build more than 1 colonies
    — ed    Jul 29, 09:54 PM    #
  2. @ed – I updated the above article and put in a link to Building Colonies Near the end it talks about how to send colony ships.
    Eric    Jul 31, 07:34 AM    #
  3. in what order should you build things when starting a colony?
    — pky    Aug 3, 04:08 AM    #
  4. a pseudo-random number of fields.

    what is this meaning? i dont understand.???
    — raoul    Aug 13, 03:56 AM    #
  5. stupid queston: does sending 2 colony ships increase chances of bigger colony?
    — Sapivi    Aug 31, 02:49 PM    #
  6. i ve got 8 colonies and i think i got more fields then i need i mean i got a few colonies with 230 or mor fields. so my questions is am i right about haveing too much fields or wrong. does everybody start needing more fields sometime during the game?
    — mtz    Sep 2, 12:00 AM    #
  7. this might be usefull:

    pos1: average: 64, 60% between 48 and 80 fields

    pos2: average: 68, 60% between 53 and 83 fields

    pos3: average: 73, 60% between 54 and 82 fields

    pos4: average: 173, 60% between 108 and 238 fields

    pos5: average: 167, 60% between 95 and 239 fields

    pos6: average: 155, 60% between 82 and 228 fields

    pos7: average: 144, 60% between 116 and 173 fields

    pos8: average: 150, 60% between 123 and 177 fields

    pos9: average: 159, 60% between 129 and 188 fields

    pos10: average: 101, 60% between 79 and 122 fields

    pos11: average: 98, 60% between 81 and 116 fields

    pos12: average: 105, 60% between 85 and 129 fields

    pos13: average: 110, 60% between 60 and 160 fields

    pos14: average: 84, 60% between 42 and 126 fields

    pos15: average: 101, 60% between 54 and 149 fields
    — Gimor    Sep 2, 11:32 AM    #
  8. indeed it is. So the forth one is da best.
    — Foede    Sep 7, 12:51 PM    #
  9. 1. Sending 2 Colony ships will not make any difference. From my understanding, one of the ship will return.

    2. Actually, unless you’re planning on building over lvl 30 on mines and buildings, it’s rather pointless to aim for 250+ or 300+ fields for your planets…

    Level 30 Metal
    Level 30 Crystal
    Level 30 Deut
    Level 30 Solar
    Level 25 Fusion
    Level 10 Robotic
    Level 5 Nanite
    Level 10 Shipyard
    Level 10 Metal Storage
    Level 10 Crystal Storage
    Level 10 Deut Storage
    Level 10 Research Lab
    Level 4 Rocket Silo

    Total: 214

    Tell me again the point of getting 250+ or 300+ fields?
    — Phione    Sep 28, 03:00 PM    #
  10. so that you can build more stuff
    Musika    Sep 30, 04:24 PM    #
  11. Hey guys probably this is the wrong forum but are there any lists available that show the production of mines and energy plants per level (from level 1 upwards)?
    — argonaut    Oct 18, 05:54 AM    #
  12. In regard to gimor’s list, thats only the general idea of planetsizes… it lacks the 300+ by your table they dont exist…
    — Chaotic    Oct 21, 09:36 AM    #
  13. can you abandon a colony and then re-colonise the planet and then have a new chance to get a higher number of fields?
    — bok    Oct 24, 10:40 PM    #
  14. if you click on the metal mine’s name it will show you the ammount of resource produced for each level, and the ammount of power consumed…

    it will also give you a discription of the building
    — churchill    Oct 28, 10:23 AM    #
  15. i’d just like to tell phione the total cost of what you suggested:


    so, you may want to rethink that colony (unless you expect to be able to make almost 4 billion metal…)
    — churchill    Oct 29, 05:19 PM    #
  16. http://www.ogame-costs.de.vu/
    — FTS7606    Oct 30, 08:07 AM    #
  17. That’s the whole point, it’s a template for the generally accepted “maxed out” planet.
    — Jack    Nov 2, 05:19 PM    #
  18. if you have the big planets you have no chance of running out of space, and it looks good

    — Pacific Fleet the dead    Nov 4, 04:26 PM    #
  19. How do you decolonize a planet?

    — Nick    Nov 7, 08:38 AM    #
  20. Dont even bother with a level 1 shipyard on small planets. Just build your ships elsewhere and station them there. I suggest decolonizing any planet under 140-150. They are a waste of time.

    — Gokhan    Nov 11, 03:58 AM    #
  21. My point is simple. You can’t build up that high… The “maxed out” template I’ve listed takes only 214, and yet I don’t see anyone here that’s able to achieve that… :P

    — Phione    Nov 12, 10:48 PM    #
  22. I’m just curious, from where you got those statistics? What that 80% means? I colonized same 4th planet 2 times and got 1st time 37 and second time 97 fields!!! I think that those statistics are wrong. Will see what will be on 3rd try.

    — Lun    Nov 29, 08:13 PM    #
  23. It took me 3 Colonies to get one that was worth keeping. I didn’t destroy the other 2 though. Just kept them and made only mines and solar. Keep the small ones until you have 8 planets, then destroy the smallest after you max out (Occupy).

    You don’t need a research lab on a colony, so even 204 would be enough. But you might want that lab if you want to do intergalactic research, or whatever it’s called.

    — Mark    Nov 30, 06:38 PM    #
  24. Hay guys, how exactly do you “destroy”, or leave a colony, and is it even possible?

    — Joseph    Dec 14, 10:46 AM    #
  25. Joseph, just goto the target planet whilst in the Overview page, then click on it’s name (eg If you haven’t renamed a colony, click on the bit that says “Colony”), and then choose “Surrender planet”.

    — LordBug    Dec 16, 11:39 PM    #
  26. go to overview, under the commander of ogame advert, there’s your planet pictures, but inbetween it says your name and your planet name, click the planet name, you can edit the name, or destroy it

    — Guardian    Dec 17, 05:53 PM    #
  27. Go to overview, click the “Planet ‘Colony’” button (or whatever you named it), then click the button that says “surrender colony”. I wouldn’t recommend destroying them unless you’re already maxed out on colonies.

    — sam    Dec 18, 01:59 AM    #
  28. click on the name of the planet in the overwiew.. i think u cam manage from that point by urself :D

    — dimebag darrel    Dec 18, 10:44 AM    #
  29. well at the mo I’ve got Lv28 metal Lv25 crystal Lv24 duet Lv26 solar robotics 10 nanites 3 shipyard 12 metal storage 9 crystal 9 duet 9 research 11 and rocket silo 4 so tis not impossable to get

    — RED3Y3    Dec 24, 01:14 PM    #
  30. am i the only person who sees that you need about level 20-ish storage for everything when you want stuff like hyperspace engine 7, or higher level nanites, or deathstars?

    — randomperson    Jan 5, 05:04 PM    #
  31. I also think the percentage probability is way wrong: it took me 5 colony ships (colonization and then destruction) to get more than 200 fields on a planet in the 5-th spot in the system. I kept getting under 150 fields.

    — georg    Jan 7, 12:38 PM    #
  32. Yesterday, I searched a system and a planet in slot 6 was avaiable. Today, I got there again and it says: “Destroyed Planet”.

    How long will I have to wait before this planet is avaiable again?

    — The great traveler    Jan 15, 10:32 AM    #
  33. I send a colonie ship to 2:x:13 and get this planet: 5664 km ( 32 / 0 fields )

    — pfuy    Jan 18, 08:35 AM    #
  34. one of the guys in my alliances has 37 metal mine 35 crystal min and 30 duet and he is at 256 feilds used of a 261 feild planet

    — Hobo    Jan 20, 09:38 AM    #
  35. Whats the chance of getting 140 fields on a position 3 planet?
    You didn’t make it very clear, and the link provided was broken.

    — Black wyvern    Jan 24, 05:56 PM    #
  36. why not just use one colony as another home planet?

    — jarjarbinks    Feb 10, 12:17 PM    #
  37. What amount of power do you need to get level 30 metal, crysatl and dueterium mines????? and how much resources do they make an hour

    — Gp400    Feb 12, 07:37 AM    #
  38. i’m playing at www.ogame.org universe 14. What are calculations for planet size because i just got 94 fields at position 5. thanks

    — mata    Feb 13, 09:35 AM    #
  39. what is the best place to send a colony ship to???

    — Bob    Feb 20, 05:26 AM    #
  40. I have 2 colonies, 1 is close to my main but its only 96 spaces. The other is far away and is 294 spaces. I use the small one to pump small fighters out by the hour and just have them puddlejump to the main planet, as for the bigger colony, I’m just going to treat it like my home planet because its too far away to effeciently transport ships/resources

    — relam13    Feb 28, 08:37 PM    #
  41. aa did you looked? in the first words,? the best places are 4 5 6 ,

    — redisraoul    Mar 3, 05:12 AM    #
  42. i colonisated two planets one in position 4 and the other 6 but hav got 57 and 36 fields :(

    — parker    Mar 4, 09:54 PM    #
  43. you don’t realy need that many fields with a bunch of colonies. you can just ship the colonie’s res to your home planet

    — buddha boy    Mar 14, 12:27 PM    #
  44. All of my colonies have been made in (4,5,6) slots. Here are the sizes of all of them:

    286, 278, 270, 266, 190, 129, 111, 104, 96, 85, 57, 53, 46, 45, 38

    As you can see, 9 of my 15 colony attempts were BELOW 120 fields, 6 of them were within the range of 120-310 fields, and NONE of them were above 310 fields.

    In my experience, the average size of planets in (4,5,6) slots is 136.9 with a standard deviation of 94.7.

    Assuming that the chance of getting more than 310 fields is the same as the chance of getting less than 120 fields, the odds of my distribution happening by chance is 0.001953. Which is to say: 1 chance in 512.

    Am I very unlucky, or is the description of the (4,5,6) slot distribution for planet size incorrect?

    — Gilrien    Mar 17, 09:23 AM    #
  45. I used to be in MOTU in uni 4 and i had two colonies over 300 fields, so whoever said it isnt possible is wrong. one was 320 something…

    After destroying a colony it takes i think 24 hours to try and recolonize.

    position 4 is the best, and for people that whine when they get a 94 field when they went to slot 4, just destroy and send again. the planet sizes that were given in the table are AVERAGES. it is still possible to get a 20 field planet at position 4 and a 300 field at position 1.

    The table just shows what positions you are more likely to get good fields at.

    — Duck Dodgers    Mar 25, 06:51 AM    #
  46. My worst colony had 37 feilds at position 6!

    — Doglord    Mar 26, 12:15 PM    #
  47. I think I got lucky. My very first attempt at a colony was a 315. My second attempt was a 282. Both were on position #4. Universe #7.

    — BulletSeed    Apr 5, 01:53 PM    #
  48. hey i was just wondering how much does level 6 hyperspace engine costs and what is an intergalatic research center do

    — spencer    Apr 10, 07:38 PM    #
  49. So is it possible to get 300+ planets at all slots since there’s that unknown 20% for each slot?

    I think it’s 48 hours for a destroyed planet to go away

    — Kzp    Apr 20, 06:18 PM    #
  50. that is because there is literally no chance to get over 310 planet size. the max ever gotten was like 317. an intergalactic research lab at level one will add your top two research lab levels together for calculating time of research

    — alex    Apr 25, 06:14 PM    #
  51. I yust colonized planet x:x:8, and I got 190 fields. That numbers are more often wrong then right. Sometimes it’s good when they are wrong sometimes it’s anoying.

    — Klajs    Apr 29, 04:23 AM    #
  52. who need more than a planet that has 200 fields? 225 seriously!

    — Maur    Apr 29, 08:00 PM    #
  53. well up at the top of this board, someone wrote all the lvl buildings you would have at most and what the feild amount would be for those lvl’s but if you wanted a deathstar, you would need graviton tech and to get that you would need research lab 12 not 10. just thot id correct that post. The more feilds you have, the better you can be…you will always have the option of making higher lvl mines to get more res per hour. which is really good.

    — Bullet Theory    Apr 30, 10:50 AM    #
  54. Unfortunately, the information is not totally accurate. I colonized a planet in X:X:4 and got 106 fields. >_

    — TYPE-Mercury    May 10, 08:38 PM    #
  55. hey any1 no how many slots terraformers give?

    — what?    May 10, 09:18 PM    #
  56. my pos 4 colony has 306 fields… its not impossible

    — neo    May 11, 11:39 AM    #
  57. ansering what?:
    terraformers give 4 slots, 1 of them used by the terraformer itself.

    about colony sizes:
    they are like random, but theres a bigger chance of geting bigger planets in 4, 5 and 6… still random. you can get 300+ colony in 1. my smallest colony ever was on 4 and had 30 fields, while the bigger had 318… and guess what? it was on 4 too.

    time to recolonize destroyed planet?
    48 hours.

    a good number of fields:
    250+. Im expert and i know what im talking about. and some of you are right: you should only destroy colonies you have to open space for bigger ones (you need to be lucky).

    Best use for colonies:
    Make high level mines and whit carriers send the resourses to you Home Planet, where you build ships, Reserch, whatever. Make sure that wen you almost have no fields left in your Home Planet that you should have the requirements for the terraformer (IMPORTANT!), so that you can continue building there… more costly. still prfitable if you know what you doing.

    Like to raid? Look!... :
    you can use your colonies to pump resourses into your main planet, but to raid more efectively in the midlater and later game, you will need a mobile base: thats where colonies come in. just make sure you only colonize 7 planets (or 6) because you can have a total of 8 colonies + your Home Planet. those extra 1 colonies will be mobile bases. just look in the galaxy for a sistem full of neighbors you cn farm and send your colony ship there! then dont build nothing! you will use that colony as a spot where you can send your ships in to atack other players in less time and to lower the risk of someone atack your main planet because of you fleet be sitting there! after you colonize just send your fleet whit many deuterium (very important) so you have fuel to continue raiding. after that just raid like mad!

    now that was some typing… good luck everyone.

    P.S.: I once had a 289 fields colony on 2 and a friend had a 301 on 15.

    — Prix    May 11, 11:45 AM    #
  58. @ Prix

    Actually, a terraformer gives 5 fields, but uses 1 itself leaving 4 fields for other buildings. Also, the time it takes for a destroyed planet to disappear can be 24 or 48 hours.

    — jimmy    May 27, 07:02 AM    #
  59. dude the lowest colony i ever got had only 26 fields and that was in position 15!!!! If anyone had lower then please post it.

    — gobbyguy    May 30, 05:47 PM    #
  60. im in number 10 in my system i got 163 fields to useand ive used 76 so fare

    — unknown    Jun 2, 03:35 PM    #
  61. Im not an ogame commander- is there any way for me to check how many fields each of my colonies have?

    — Jordan    Jun 3, 04:35 AM    #
  62. ah dont worry i realised it says under overview

    — Jordan    Jun 3, 08:10 AM    #
  63. I’ve just colonised my first planet and its given me 48 fields. Its a pos 3 planet. My question is, is there any point in keeping it and wasting resources on developing it even as a farm? Because as I look at it even at best I could really only have two lvl 20 mines on it (remember 1 for shipyard etc)

    — Tobias    Jun 3, 09:56 AM    #
  64. is this good
    Diameter 7584 km (2 / 57 fields)

    jazzie    Jun 6, 02:13 AM    #
  65. I’ve only colonised one planet in position four… 46 fields. Depressing.

    ShadowStalker    Jun 9, 06:28 AM    #
  66. yeah iv deleted about 100 failed colonies by now! have 4 with 250+ fields at moment do so cant complain… an as you can see ill never use all that. the 214 included a L.10 research lab as well an you’ll only ever need about 3 of them so 200 is good in my opinion…

    — kenyard    Jun 12, 07:31 PM    #
  67. Who said something about more than 310 fields not being possible?

    I have a 319 fields planet. And there’s a guy who got 440 fields in his planet.

    — flamewolf    Jun 12, 11:19 PM    #
  68. funny, i sent two colony ships to points 4 and 5. one got 286 fields star, and the other got 32 XD~! i have deleted it immediatly…

    — Ran    Jun 16, 08:24 AM    #
  69. 17520 km (30 / 306 fields)
    i guess i got lucky with my first colony

    — ThorDUDE    Jun 20, 10:45 AM    #
  70. that thing about 440 is crap… the MAX with terraformers is 350. thats it an yes the stats are probably wrong above %wise but they are right in general. I usually go for spot 6 if i can find one an about 1/8 has over 250 fields.

    — kenyard    Jun 21, 06:39 PM    #
  71. I know you think this might be unbelievable,but my friend once got a colony with 4 fields! So stop whining!

    — BoomBoom    Jun 23, 03:21 PM    #
  72. I have a colony with 302fields in universe 7.The planet is number 4.Can i ask if i abandon the colony will my colony ship return to use and where do the resourses go?

    — Bobo Loshia    Jun 26, 06:10 AM    #
  73. So is it possible to get over 100 fields on a Slot 1? If so, how likely?

    — Jimmy    Jun 27, 11:59 PM    #
  74. “they are like random, but theres a bigger chance of geting bigger planets in 4, 5 and 6…”

    Then the chance of getting 300+ fields on the other planets must be astronomically low, since the chance of slot 4, 5 or 6 being large is low enough as it is.

    I’ve heard about 30 people now talking about how they got planets in slot 4, 5 or 6 with less than 80 fields, so it’s certainly not uncommon.

    — Arbron    Jun 30, 07:11 AM    #
  75. Dont worry guys, there’s plenty of big planets out there. I got depressed when i got only 76 fields on a #4. I quit colonization for a while…
    Later on, i noticed another nearby #4 open for colonization, and guess what? 262 fields. Its all random, don’t give up. (BTW, my 76 has already paid for itself.)

    — Commenter from U14    Jul 3, 02:17 AM    #
  76. ive not got enough recoures to build antoher colony ship and my first colony was 39 fields!!!!

    should i just dellete it or shoulf i use it as a very small farm.

    my planet is in pos. 1 i did it because then my solar atelites would make alot of energy per one. was this a good idea?

    — joe    Jul 5, 03:41 PM    #
  77. omg i finally found an empty four slot and i only got 78 fields!

    — harry    Jul 24, 06:38 PM    #
  78. On 4 and 5 slots I have gotten anywhere from 3X fields to 315 fields. Also, when you colonize a small planet use it as a farm until you have colonized 8 other planets and then take all of its resources and then delete it and colonize a 4-9 slot. I have gotten over 200 fields in 9 slots and they are very helpful if you have 1 or 2, build large dueterium synthisizers there if they have a low temp. I also have a friend who got 198 fields in a 15 slot. If you have one of these use it as a normal 200+ fields olony that is optimized to act as a dueterium pump. Don’t build sats if they aren’t worth it, they just get crashed with your fleet and fusion reactors may be a better source of energy in 13-15 slots…

    — Blade    Jul 25, 09:19 AM    #
  79. do you have to be a commander in order to surrender a planet??

    — star warrior    Jul 29, 11:20 PM    #
  80. i got planet from slot 6 wich have 315 slots o.O

    — Hoki FIN    Aug 5, 07:58 AM    #
  81. how to create more fields on a planet… with and without a terraformer?

    — Lysander    Aug 20, 05:16 AM    #
  82. man are you guys unlucky suckers lol

    first try(on spot 4)246 fields:)im lucky x2 :)

    — S.J.    Aug 20, 05:48 PM    #
  83. i have all 8 colonies an they all have 250+ fields.
    all in 4-6 positions
    highest i have is 319 and thats the highest iv ever seen an i know a few other ppl with that many
    happy colonising everyone.
    p.s it took me a couple of hundred attempts for all those :)

    — kenyard    Aug 25, 04:14 PM    #
  84. i just colonised my first planet in possy 5 and got 302 fields. i aint complainin

    — mox    Sep 20, 08:57 PM    #
  85. I have 5 planets in one system, the small ones are 1 and 2 and the only have solar sats, mines 17,15,13, shipyard 1 incase i lose my sats, but they dont get attacked since i move everything everyday. very valuable since they are within 1hr of my main planet with most ships.

    — J.Nuetron    Sep 21, 02:08 PM    #
  86. i myself spent about 2 weeks colonising planets…
    ive got a 158,161,163,183,243,247,247, 286 and should i delete my 2 lower planets ?

    — Tim    Sep 30, 11:56 AM    #
  87. well I got a 42 field planet on slot 4.
    but I got a 199 on slot 1.
    Anything is possible dudes!

    — Anon    Oct 28, 07:35 AM    #
  88. yeah anything is possible but I have a 300+ and that is cool but I’ll never ever fill it, I keep anything over 100 and I do fill those up so I say 120+ is what your shooting for

    — Falcon    Oct 31, 05:01 PM    #
  89. i got a 311 field planet so its not impossible

    and the lowest i have every got is a 13 field planet. crap id say

    — BUD    Nov 4, 10:13 AM    #
  90. im in number 10 in my system i got 163 fields to useand ive used 76 so fare

    — unknown Jun 2, 08:35 PM


    — SoLo    Nov 7, 01:27 AM    #
  91. Yeah here’s my slot 4 colonisation so far:
    1. 104 fields.
    2. 60 fields
    3. 87 fields.
    4. 92 fields.
    5. 56 fields.
    6. 87 fields.

    Slot 15:
    1. 199 fields
    2. 192 fields

    Soo I produce more deuterium and get a big planet, what more can I ask for?

    — Anon    Dec 3, 03:17 AM    #
  92. what more can you ask? how about a planet where solar sats actually produce energy ^^

    — tarcon    Dec 23, 03:26 PM    #
  93. Hell, my home planet has 300 SolSats that produce 30k energy overall.

    — Fox    Dec 26, 07:08 AM    #
  94. Sorry, i meant 600.

    — Fox    Dec 26, 07:13 AM    #
  95. their is really now piont at 200 and up feild planet every thing gets so expensive give ogame cal a vist and find out and get brought back to the real wold and i have a 204 feild planet and do not know what to do with it right no

    — majorpain    Dec 26, 08:10 PM    #
  96. im really annoyed cause my attempts at planets in position 4 have created planets smaller then those i attempted in position 15 and 1. My smallest planet was at position 4 and it had 9 fields :( :( :(.

    — 12345sniper    Dec 31, 01:50 AM    #
  97. These statistics are flat out wrong. I currently have two slot 5 colonies at a measly 89/70. That wouldn’t be possible if the above stats were right.

    — Roscoe    Jan 18, 04:35 AM    #
  98. sorry i’m still a noob in this game, but can you guyz tell me what those possitions mean? for example you guyz say position 4 is the best but what does that mean? can you play to position 4 or what?

    — Illu    Feb 8, 10:51 PM    #
  99. play = fly

    — Illu    Feb 8, 10:52 PM    #
  100. anyone got 300+ ever
    i got a 315 field colony some time ago and am developing it good

    — zelko fan    Feb 11, 10:13 AM    #
  101. I have hit a 319 field planet in Uni11 on slot 4 :P … so the limit isnt exactly 310 :D

    — Bosnha    Feb 13, 02:37 AM    #
  102. I have a 41 field planet and I destroyed it but it is still there do u have to get rid of all buildings on the planet before you can delete it or why is it still there

    — Mort    Feb 26, 06:45 AM    #
  103. OK, every1 has proven that you can get really dinky planets and really big planets. Stop bragging!!XD~

    — Frosch Meister    Mar 4, 08:24 AM    #
  104. lolz i’ve got a 311 planet on unvi 17 :D

    — power    Mar 4, 08:44 AM    #
  105. I’m super irritated. I built a planet earlier today, did a couple levels on mines. Now I’ve decided to abandon but, when I type in my password and hit abandon, lo and behold, the stupid planet remains. Whats going on?

    — Kate    Mar 5, 08:05 PM    #
  106. If you still have a fleet that your deporting to another planet from the planet you want to delete, you may need to wait.

    — Yutxz    Mar 7, 05:12 AM    #
  107. Wen abandoning a planet make sure you have no fleet from that planet active, and that you press the deletion button when deleting your planet, not enter.

    — Yutxz    Mar 8, 04:11 AM    #
  108. um guys, it’s called “probability.” That means you SHOULD get something in the table, or rather you have a 80%/60% chance of it. Even 20% is a pretty big chance though – 1 in 5 chance you won’t get within the “range.”

    I just got a 70-something slot 4 field.


    — algebra123230    Mar 8, 01:28 PM    #
  109. This is my fourth time colonizing in slot 4 and five. First I got 31, then 36, then 58, and now I’m praying I get something larger.

    — Yutxz    Mar 8, 06:32 PM    #
  110. I just colonised the 5th planet in galaxy 29! It only got 57 fields!!1

    — David    Mar 21, 12:15 PM    #
  111. just thought i wud post this here.

    I colonised a position 7-8 times. it was position 4 and every time it was behind 100 fields.

    can some1 plz answer as to how this may hav happpened.

    — Thecat    Mar 26, 02:01 AM    #
  112. I continually colonized and destroyed 8 planets to get one with 140 fields. All the others below 100. I really doubt those stats.

    — startrooper    Mar 29, 02:27 PM    #
  113. Yeah I have some colony’s with stats under 100 but they are good mining planets used to abandon them later on in the game but as for all of yalls charts its all wrong I have a planet in position 13 with 185 fields this was more than my starting planet … So if you have a updated “chart’‘ or “theory” it would be appreciated haha … In other words I don’t think you can predict the outcome

    — TraMason    Apr 3, 01:55 AM    #
  114. haha sorry to stuff up all your field calculations at the top of this page… but i have a planet in position 5 with 311 fields!!!! :D damn im good

    — Phil    Apr 9, 04:30 AM    #
  115. i got a 319 size planet on my 7 attempt slot 6

    — Grifff    Apr 9, 05:13 PM    #
  116. yea those stats r wrong and how much does a deathstar coct

    — Grifff    Apr 9, 05:15 PM    #
  117. sorry its cost

    — Grifff    Apr 9, 05:17 PM    #
  118. it took me 3 colony ships 2 get a 315 field planet on a slot 4. lucky me :)

    — dalgon    Apr 29, 06:35 AM    #
  119. Actually, you don’t need a colony with more than 163 fields. You’re given that at first by the people who write the game, and that should be enough to get high enough mines, etc. I’d settle unwillingly with anything above 140-150. I just colonized a number 6, and got 78 fields! :’(

    — Benocide    May 18, 03:27 PM    #
  120. I got a planet with 319 fields in slot 4 so i believe the numbers need to be changed.

    — Phil    May 21, 10:48 AM    #
  121. What is the best number of buildings to have on my home planet (163 fields)? What level shipyard, nanite, mines, etc. would be recommended?

    — Trevyr    May 30, 10:58 PM    #
  122. Trevyr— I would aim for the highest thing that you need for your ships. If I am write in thinking a level 12 shipyard is needed for a deathstar, you don’t need to go any higher. Plus by the time you get to that level you should be able to build a terraformer and increase your fields. I’d stay with a lv.1 nanite for your terraformer, but a level 2 costs 2million metal and when waiting for level 1, I got attacked with 15,000 l.fs.

    I’d say about lv.20-25 mines

    A solar planet high enough to supply enough energy for these

    Shipyard and research lab as high as need… and so on.

    — Benocide    Jun 2, 07:02 AM    #
  123. a uuu how many noobs lol
    i have 24 lvl met 23 lvl cry and 22 lvl deut my sol plant is 27
    and a few sol sat (8100)
    (benocide sad solar planet :D )
    i have lvl 2 nanits and lvl 10 ship. i will build 2 lvls of it becouse today i finished gravitons !!!
    jeeeee i was working on them for a mounts now

    the best thing is try to make bigger colonys all my colonys are bigger than my main so i can build …. and somebody sad that it is stupid to make lab on a pl that was a stupid sugestion (make at 2-3 colonys) becouse it would be good when you have Intergalactic Research Network it would half the time of the research if you have on one pl lvl 10 and on anothe lvl 12 whit the Intergalactic Research Network you will researche like you have 22 lvl Lab

    — Frost    Jun 4, 11:28 AM    #
  124. I got a planet with 96 feilds in slot 6. Can someone explain that???

    — Kaine    Jun 7, 12:21 AM    #
  125. Kaine, you were just unlucky. Try again thats what I did ( I got 96 fields on a slot 4 colony) I retried and got a 317! xD! pretty lucky there

    — Mr.?    Jun 7, 11:56 AM    #
  126. Hey does anyone know if it is worth saving for a nanite factory?

    — Nick    Jun 10, 03:03 PM    #
  127. hey i use a colony with 47 feilds as a light fighter maker should i make it a farm insteade

    adam    Jun 29, 04:40 PM    #
  128. @ Nick- If you don’t save for it, you wont ever be able to increase your field capacity and you wont cut down the construction time on your ships/defenses/buildings in half.

    — Shifty    Jul 3, 01:03 PM    #
  129. do you lose points after decolonizing a planet ?

    — s6nny anders9n    Jul 18, 12:34 PM    #
  130. I am asking, who here here thinks they have the highest lvl mines?

    — Anti-anti-noob Guy    Aug 14, 07:46 PM    #
  131. Ok what is the deal??? I’ve colonized two 4 slots and two 5 slots and gotten nothin higher than 111 fields. so far I have wasted 40k meta/80k crystal and 40k deut. AWESOME!!!

    — vegeta    Sep 18, 01:42 AM    #
  132. I colonized 2 planets.
    Position 14 en 15.
    23 and 43 fields….
    But I also have one a position 15 planet with 193 fields!
    It really doesn’t makes sense….

    — noob guy    Sep 30, 01:53 PM    #
  133. ok, people can we stop posting realy stupid comments sayin ‘ i only got 200 feilds and i want more, the stats are rong’ the stats are averages!!! il tell u what, just you keep posting your messages and wastin ur time wile i cum in an rape u with the fleet i made wile NOT makin stupid posts on a forum (...... em ironic but ok…)

    — George    Oct 17, 07:41 AM    #
  134. If you guy’s need a lot of fields go for 4, 5, and 6! I have a colony on 6 that has over 300 fields!

    — Zerk    Oct 19, 06:15 PM    #
  135. do you get better chances at getting a big planet if you send multiple colony ships to the same area?

    — gostrooper-uni 6    Oct 19, 11:42 PM    #
  136. Ogamers…listen in. There are 15 planet slots per system. Slot 1 is closest to the sun, slot 15 is futherest away from the sun.
    slot 1 planets are good for producing power from your solar satelites….but bad for dueterium production.
    Slot 15 is the best for duetrium production but poor energy output from solar satelites,because is so far from the sun.
    your best chances for a decent planet is in slots 4-6…..if you colonizes some planets in those slots in a sysytem and all of them are small try sending colony ships to 7-15…and i think you will find some of the biggest planets will be further down the 1-15 planets slot rank. i had much success in this routine of colonisation….i normally pick empty systems,but if not just use head.if you look thru the systems you will notice some of the higher ranked players have gone in and placed planets in slot groups,ie 12,13,14 or 13,14,15 and the rest of the system will be empty.thats because they would have searched the other planet slots and found them all to be too small.
    I use this method and about 30+ clony ships and eventually got 8 planets all bigger than 230,my biggest being 311 in slot 4, and a 170 in slot 15.The more fields you have the better off you will be…eventually your planet sizes become to small and you will require higher level mines,and solar/fusion reactors…..and this requires more fields…which is were the terra former comes in it can creat more fields for futher development but it cost a fortune.eventually even a terraformer can not create enough fields for you because a planet can max out even with a terraformer.
    a important note is that it would be wise to keep a planet in the first 3 slots…reason is that to research graviton technology you will require 300000 energy out put.best achieved by 6000+solar satelites,and remeber the closer to the sun they are the more effective they are.
    Oh and something to make you think even more…i had a planet in slot 8,it was 149 fields…an alliance member took it 12hours later and he got a 197 planet….in exactly the same slot.

    — The Shadow    Oct 24, 11:09 AM    #
  137. hey i have a planet in uni 2 and i found that when your slots get full its a good idea to get rid of fusion plants and get more solar because it may cost more but it saves fields

    — will94    Nov 1, 04:21 PM    #
  138. well i got on a position 4 like unnder 150 feilds 3 times then i got 315 so u just got 2 keep trying

    — anonymous    Nov 3, 06:50 AM    #
  139. hi ive just started in universe 9 and on my fourth colony ive just got 319 fields. what should i put on this planet first?

    — jackieboy199    Nov 12, 01:44 PM    #
  140. to the shadow,

    say if u did have 6000+ sats on a planet closest to the sun. and it was attacked by a decent sized fleet then how many of the sats would be destroyed?

    — annis521    Nov 14, 04:14 PM    #
  141. I have more than 320 fields.

    — SM    Nov 19, 03:38 PM    #
  142. this REALLY sucks.

    I just colonized a position 6 planet and i got 110 fields! isnt that fcked up or what??
    Should I recolonize it?

    — pk    Nov 26, 02:56 AM    #
  143. I would suggest recolonizing. Remember that just because you have a chance to get a large # of fields in slot 4-6 doesn’t mean you can’t get a very small planet. The deviation on those planets is very high. I had a planet with 88 fields in a slot 4 but recolonized it and it now has 270

    — Goob    Dec 9, 12:23 AM    #
  144. hah. idk waht the max random size is, but i got a 324.

    now i have a 324 and 319 B^) that’s in addition to my other 286 and 263.

    — mssk8r06    Dec 11, 11:10 PM    #
  145. My first colony was a slot 4, uni 25 and 282 Fields. My 2nd colony, in slot 6, 46 fields /o\

    — drtran    Dec 15, 09:35 PM    #
  146. I got my first colony. 34 feilds :(.

    — jake    Jan 1, 08:48 PM    #
  147. Quick Question:

    I recently sent a Colony Ship to Galaxy 6, as it was mostly empty, from my Homeplanet in Galaxy 2.

    I landed a Pos5 with 47 or so fields. Now should I just dump the colony?, or should use it as a base to spread out in that area?

    Opinions Please.

    — Matthew    Jan 7, 12:20 PM    #
  148. Matthew,

    Your first planet in a new galaxy is a “seeder” which you can use to develop new colonies from.

    47 fields is enough to get L10 mines and a L4 shipyard to make new colony ships.

    You can always go with solar satellites to save fields too.

    Once your seeder has grown it can start producing colony ships to spread around and then you can be more discriminating and keep the larger ones.

    This helps you stay under newb protection until you have all your colonies in place.

    — Davide    Jan 13, 03:31 PM    #
  149. 18.000 km (x / 324 Fields)
    17.640 km (x / 311 Fields)

    first time i got 32 fields on slot 4 and then 96 so i developed my 96 field planet and sent a ship from it to slot 5 and got 324 and half an hour ago i sent a ship to slot 6 (from 5) and got the 311 field one :)

    qwe    Jan 23, 01:18 PM    #
  150. Wow ive made about 6 colonies on slot 4 and have never got above 70, this sucks Ive wasted tons of recs because of this, what a waste of time, I think there should be something that highers your chance of getting high fields the more times youve tried to make a plant on the slot.

    — Lucky    Feb 20, 05:34 PM    #
  151. my second colony i made first i picked position 3 and got 75 positions =[ then i realised i had to get positions 4-6 for best results

    I go colonise a planet in pos 4 and get 119 fields! How unlucky is that!

    — froggyman    Feb 23, 11:46 AM    #
  152. You guys are pretty unlucky, my first two planets i thought they were all equel in percentage of fields but then I went a to a number four planet and got 319 fields. I wont use them for a long time. Also the planet #5 below it got like 280 something fields. :)i guess im lucky.

    I think this should we like VERY MAXED OUT planet.

    Metal: 30
    Crys: 30
    Duet: 30
    Shipyard: 12
    Research: 12
    Metal Storage: 20
    Crys Storage: 20
    Duet Storage: 20
    Robotic Factory: 10
    Nanite: 5
    Teraformer: 5
    Missle Silo: 10
    Solar Plant: 30
    Fusion Plant: 25

    — i like chma2    Mar 2, 10:17 PM    #
  153. pos4 to 6: 80% between 120 and 310 fields (215+/-95) ??? It’s big nasty p00! I had sent a colony on slot 6 and what do I get?
    Diameter 7.560 km (2 / 57 fields)
    Temperature approx. 27°C to 67°C
    Position [5:360:6]
    Points 1.124 (Rank 894 of 16.018)
    Universe 37

    — kingyomy    Mar 5, 02:12 AM    #
  154. omfg, i sent two colony ships to 4th planets and got 45 and 85 fields in the same day >:(

    — Alien x22    Mar 14, 11:16 PM    #
  155. This can’t be correct 100% because I have a planet in slots 4-6 that has 324 fields and a slot 9 that has 207.

    — Kaiden    Apr 7, 11:52 AM    #
  156. 20.000 km (238 / 405 Fields)

    Level 38 Metal
    Level 32 Crystal
    Level 32 Deut
    Level 28 Solar
    Level 12 Fusion
    Level 12 Robotic
    Level 7 Nanite
    Level 12 Shipyard
    Level 12 Metal Storage
    Level 12 Crystal Storage
    Level 11 Deut Storage
    Level 15 Research Lab
    Level 1 Terraformer (just for fun)
    Level 4 Alliance Depot
    Level 10 Rocket Silo

    Keep playing and you will need more space..

    — just an old ogamer    Apr 9, 08:50 PM    #
  157. 400 fields? I didn’t know that was possible…

    — Alien x22    Apr 29, 11:24 AM    #
  158. It took me obout 15 colony ships just to get 6 planets I liked.
    I have all of my planets with 200+ fields(one with 319 fields).
    I also have a level 4 terraformer on my main planet(20 extra fields)

    — Mister E    May 11, 12:18 PM    #
  159. Got 2 new colonies – 46 fields(slot 4) and 53 fields(slot 5)...

    — Lucky    May 23, 03:18 AM    #
  160. just an old ogamer is just an old idiot. 20.000 km? 400 fields = no. and why would you go beyond robotics 10 and research 12? useless. Only an uber-uber turtle would have level ten. turtles dont have time to go on this site, so ur probably a fleeter. with nanite 7 and those mines, building an IPM is nothing and takes a few seconds, so you wouldn’t need to store them.

    — not named bob    May 23, 05:40 PM    #
  161. by level ten i meant level 10 Missle Silo. (notice that it isn’t “rocket silo”)

    — not named bob    May 23, 05:44 PM    #
  162. i have a 127 field planet that i hate, because it’s maxed out and i know soon i will have to destroy it—- and the 2 160 or so planets after that (they are at 140+) i destroyed a 95 field planet and within a month, the colony i replaced it with, in another location, was 286 fields- and over 140 used—- i think you can never have enough fields, unless you are a total raider, in which case probably 30 is enough- you steal the rest!!!

    — not kierkagaard    Jun 9, 01:21 AM    #
  163. im sory to down many of you posters right now- but the highest level of any storage you can get is 232m metal. this is because to upgrade it costs 260m metal. so you cant build over 32 metal mine, 30 crystal mine and 28 deuterium synth.

    — E    Jun 17, 11:36 AM    #
  164. if you deleta a colony do you get the colony ship back?

    — fungustree    Jun 24, 09:36 AM    #
  165. You fools, what do you mean its impossible to max out a planet? With a little help from a terrafromer my homeplanet has 413 fields, with almost 400 of them being used. I agree though, newbies have no need of many feilds.

    — Admiral Novaya    Jun 28, 12:55 AM    #

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