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What Changes In OGame Would YOU Like To See?


Published: Aug 9, 09:32 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Subject says it all. We’re putting together a list a feature requests, say your top 5, to submit to OGame.

What changes would you like to see in gameplay?

Any things with the game navigation/layout confuse you?

Also, if you don’t have a unique request, please comment on the previous requests other users make, as a way to “vote” for your favorite requests.

Then, we’ll put together a final statement and send it over to the developers at OGame, hopefully for some change for the better.


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  1. we should get a bigger chance for getting a moon

    sandman    Aug 9, 09:49 AM    #
  2. some new ships would be nice, i would also like it if they changed the names of ships around.

    — automat kas    Aug 9, 09:54 AM    #
  3. % tabs that allow you to select exact percents, not just intervals of ten. This is both for resources and fleets.

    — The Executive    Aug 9, 09:54 AM    #
  4. I completely agree with the percentage idea! Specially when it comes to fleet speed, the time gap between 10 and 20% it’s huge!

    — Slat    Aug 9, 10:18 AM    #
  5. A longer period in which you can read new messages. I am aware that with Commander you get messages permanently. Could you not keep messages untill next login/message view… It is slightly annoying when you’ve left OGame for a holdiay, and come back to 70 odd new messages which you can’t read

    — kaaj    Aug 9, 10:21 AM    #
  6. The number of alliances should be limited or at least limit the number of people per alliance.

    — Guilty Spark    Aug 9, 10:22 AM    #
  7. ACS Harvesting wold make easier to share the resources collected in a batle

    — hassuna    Aug 9, 10:32 AM    #
  8. I agree with all of the points already stated, since I am still new to the game, I am forever getting attacked, I would like to see a scale put in place, so that you can only attack others that are in the same points range or higher for example. Also, I would like to see the times it takes to build things reduced. Lastly, I would like to see the easing up of banning people if they accidently report a message.

    DItch    Aug 9, 10:45 AM    #
  9. i think that a ship betwin the cruiser and the hf would be nice like a gunboat or something like that and how about space station

    — jon    Aug 9, 10:54 AM    #
  10. I think you guys should bring the alliance combined fleet system to the other universes… like 12. and i like the space station idea. maybe have a couple of different types

    — walters    Aug 9, 11:06 AM    #
  11. I agree with the statement made about messages, i think that Commanders should be able to store 100 messages and everyone should be able to have 50, Commanders currently are able to see 50

    — Marc    Aug 9, 11:13 AM    #
  12. Posted by walters:
    I think you guys should bring the alliance combined fleet system to the other universes… like 12. and i like the space station idea. maybe have a couple of different types

    I totally agree, maybe have a vote on which older universes should have ACS, like 10 for example

    — Marc    Aug 9, 11:14 AM    #
  13. Well I suggest a new mechanic for getting a moon! It is so rare, depends heavily on luck in addition it can really alter balances.

    I agree with narrowing the range of players who can attack you. It’s a bit wide.

    The layout is good but it can be better (like with a commander !)

    Many things can be applied to the game to have a little bit more streatigy. Alliances should be more organized and more serious and may be more open!

    — FireStarter    Aug 9, 11:24 AM    #
  14. A couple of improvements seem pretty obvious to me.

    1/ You should be able to make a moon. Get a tech levele high enough, add enough resources (say 6 million), and go build it.

    2/ In game messaging is very poor, how about a chat window.

    3/ Be nice to have more ways to cooperate in an alliance. (improving the messaging/chat system woul d be a help). How about a trading bank for resources?

    — FalseData    Aug 9, 11:41 AM    #
  15. My suggestion is really simple. We should be able to leave some resourses for an alliance member to pick up instead of me delivering them. That would use his fleet for the resource he wants.

    — Joab    Aug 9, 12:11 PM    #
  16. a friend of mine suggested a while ago when you get attacked you should get your fleet back and all the resources back, then i told him that will never happen and also maybe a double speed on uni 17 and acs defend

    — goldeneye    Aug 9, 12:11 PM    #
  17. put acs’s in the older unis. and if an alliance makes a wing that the main alliance leader and some other people can send circ messages the the wing. i think it would make things alot easier.

    — crazy tom    Aug 9, 12:31 PM    #
  18. Inter Galactic Research Network – It seems more like a bug to me. If you didn’t develop Research Network yet, Research Lab has nothing to do with researches in progress on other colonies. You should be able to build R-Lab unless it’s occupied with research. It’s just a building after all. Same goes for researches, they shared between colonies because your fleets flying between them, and how possibly one research can keep the rest of nine Labs from building, or researching if you don’t have R-Network Tech developed? This is clearly a bug, there are no other explanation. It has to be changed.

    — Zero-G    Aug 9, 12:45 PM    #
  19. Messaging system is a disaster. Poorly done. Time messages remain there, not adjustable list of messages and messages layout, color, size. Communication within alliance is no better. If it’s so hard to create and maintain if think services like Google would be happy to help.

    — Zero-G    Aug 9, 12:53 PM    #
  20. Widen number of choices in the game. There are two main courses so far – Raider and Farmer. Think what addition of Trader will do to the game. And the mix of any of this choices will greatly improve game play. There is not much needed to make this improvements. Two additional ships will do the trick:
    (a) Trader’s Dream – 500 k cargo space (minimal trades usually go in this size) , reasonably high speed, ability to contact another trader ship in mid space for res exchange.
    (b) Farmer’s Dream – big cargo (250k – 500k), ability to collect res from one or two colonies in sequence.

    — Zero-G    Aug 9, 12:55 PM    #
  21. Percentage scale for fleets and resources. Has to be changed. Those huge gaps between available choices. We should be able to choose precise amount of percents we need for tasks at hand.

    — Zero-G    Aug 9, 01:00 PM    #
  22. There should be more % options for fleet speeds near the lower percentages – eg a 15% would be particularly useful as the time difference between 10 & 20% is ridiculous.

    I also think the ingame chat system could be updated to improve play.

    Any new free-for-all ships/buildings/researches would always be welcome too – to add a little more variety & depth perhaps?

    — Blight    Aug 9, 01:06 PM    #
  23. => Space Station Idea is SUPER !!! It will benefit Raiders as well as Farmers and especially Traders. And will surely be very beneficial to general game experience. My respects to (— jon Aug 9, 09:54 AM) and (— walters Aug 9, 10:06 AM) Brilliant Idea!

    — Zero-G    Aug 9, 01:11 PM    #
  24. man id perfer if we had the build list where as soon as 1 thing is done it mives on to the next automaticlly i mean honestly thats how world production is why not ogame and some new ships would be nice like espinage phrobes with some fire power or solar satilites that defend themselves ???

    oh and as for the messages put a small button off to the side that says store in folder or sumtin not like the notes but like war documents all in 1 file not a billion notes uve made

    and as far as im concerned a space station thats almost like a moon if u dont have 1 and include a fleet depot at ever universe

    — Bounty_Hunter    Aug 9, 01:18 PM    #
  25. I saw a lot of usefull sugestions here so i’ll ad a fiew more.Stating the fact that this game is entirely based on TIME a more efficient or proper management for IT would be incredibly useful !For example what another player said the percentage time(%) should be adjusted, even by giving aditional time for the flet to fly(for a longer period on deployment in same solar sistems),especially useful when fleetsaving.Another fantastic thing would be SOUND or even SMS alerts when someone is atacking you and i think all players do agree with this one:D A nother interesting ideea would be to allow phalanx(building) to be destroyed in atacks (level by level)or alter for a period of time it’s functionality because phalanx is way to much of an advantage for players.More fields on the motherplanet would be nice.Somekind of Building maby a Space station/Battlestation as someone said) or a speciall shield(powered up by deutherium or a mix of minerals) that allows you to lose just half of your fleet in phalnx atacks because losing it all in one shot it’s damn’ painfull considering how hard it is to build a huge fleet.In adition maby some new ship or ships not only battle ones:)or even new interesting buildings

    — Octane    Aug 9, 01:52 PM    #
  26. To change the format of messaging on the overview page.
    i.e Return and arrival times on the same row not separate!

    Pie Ruler    Aug 9, 01:54 PM    #
  27. how about for each lvl of the space/battle station you so much % of attack increase to you fleet or something like that and you could upgrade it with weapens and stuff

    — jon    Aug 9, 02:19 PM    #
  28. Zero G is spot on about the trader idea. Take some tips from Privateer 1 & 2. What about a monetary system to regulate trade. Perhaps the addition of a luxuries mine (diamonds, gold, rubies) used to trade for goods among neighboring players?

    AbecedariusRex    Aug 9, 02:26 PM    #
  29. New Trade Ship – Price of a Colony Ship, Cargo space of a Death Star, + deut consumption and speed of a Spy Probe.
    Messaging is a joke, it’s simply terrible.
    Main menu on the left side should at least lights up when new message arrives. Same about Overview pane, it have to refresh itself every minute or so.
    More live or dynamic would be great.
    Look at games that around for years, learn from them.

    — Gamer    Aug 9, 02:27 PM    #
  30. Also, is there an easier way to download skins? It’s rather cumbersome right now to change the look of the game.

    AbecedariusRex    Aug 9, 02:31 PM    #
  31. I like the idea for better moon chance.Hard to get them as it is.Also like the idea of phalanx being able to be knocked down.These make it way to easy for older players against new ones.Love the idea of a battlestation.Would change the game alot.Also think the message system needs to be looked at.

    — Mars    Aug 9, 02:34 PM    #
  32. 1. Jumpgates: They need the same kind of interface as the fleet selection screen – select all by type or the entire fleet.
    2. Fleet speed with 5% increments would be a benefit as described above.
    3. Moon destruction is far harder than getting a moon, a more even balance is needed.
    4. Activity stars back to planet level – ninja attacks are now nearly impossible

    — frostybloke    Aug 9, 02:43 PM    #
  33. I think it should be made easier to send circular messages, as it is you have to go to the alliance page and click send circ message. maybe if that option was put on the messages page. and also you should be able to reply to a circ message like you can with the PM’s

    — vonluegin    Aug 9, 02:44 PM    #
  34. I think the number of fields available on a planet could be displayed along with the METAL, CRYSTAL, DEUTERIUM, ENERGY panel.

    We should also have the return time for fleets displayed on every page.

    NOOB Protection should be extended.

    Cost of ships should be reduced.

    — pyro_mo    Aug 9, 02:48 PM    #
  35. Also i highly agreey with anyone that says there should be more ship types and building types, that would make the game far more interesting! and also i like the comment by pyro above. ships should cost less. You can raid for an entire day sometimes and only get one battleship, 1 bomber and maybe a crusier. At least that is the way it is when you on a lower level

    — vonluegin    Aug 9, 02:53 PM    #
  36. iam telling you somthing in betwine the hf and the criuser like a gun boat or somehing and how about a carrier

    — jon    Aug 9, 03:09 PM    #
  37. They HAVE TO make it so that people who are in the top 200 cannot attack people right out of noob protection. I just got out of NP and it is incredibly frustrating to be attacked by fleets that you have zero chance of even drawing with. Without new players, this game will die, and this type of thing will make new players exit rapidly.

    Another thing I would like to see is being able to send a fleet to attack from one planet, and then have it return to a different planet after the attack. It’s silly to have to go back to the original planet.

    — Chris    Aug 9, 05:25 PM    #
  38. I would add couple of things.

    1) we should be abble to make lists of friends so we make our own trading prices.
    2) i agree on reduces prices on ships
    3) my opinion is that jump gate should be able on any planet not just on moons
    4) Solar Satellites could be send somewhere in case if you are under attack
    5) there should be are trading of technologies for somebodies resources or technologie
    6) there should be a buildings of reduces the prices on building and other stuff(of course it wouldnt be that cheap)

    — some guy    Aug 9, 05:26 PM    #
  39. Alright, this may sound stupid,
    but I think there should be ground forces in this game. Their main purpose could be to destroy defenses and could work like this:
    Light infantry, cheap weak units armed with just a weak laser rifle.

    Heavy infantry, stronger than light infantry, but more
    expensive. Armed with a rocket launcher.

    Hover tank, much stronger than heavy infantry, but much more expensive. Armed with a cannon for taking out defenses and anti -air, and a machine gun for taking out infantry.

    Anti-air, more expensive than heavy infantry, but cheaper than the hover tank, it uses it’s ion cannon to destroy fighters (who can also attack ground troops)

    And of course, the unit that brings ground forces to the enemies planet, the lander! It costs around the same price as a large cargo, and can hold up to 50 infantry, 25 Anti-air, or 10 tanks.

    Alright so there’s my idea. Feel free to bash it if you want, since it was just a spur of the moment thing.

    — pigsdofly    Aug 9, 06:40 PM    #
  40. I have one!

    I think that you could put a virus technology and antivirus technology! Their purpose will be that you could send a virus to your enamy and have a chance that his defanse sistems collapse, so if you attack him he will be crushed! He can research antivirus to defense him self! Thats a great idea!

    — Enforcer    Aug 9, 08:11 PM    #
  41. I would like to see some kind of satellite defence.
    like a satellite that helps protect your planets and ships

    — Mike4    Aug 9, 09:37 PM    #
  42. instead of shield domes… make shield buildings… Each level you upgrade the building, the more shields you get.

    — Mv3    Aug 9, 11:29 PM    #
  43. new ships would be nice as said by “automat kas” but don’t change the old names around also make a moon easier to get , maybe have the espionage reports also include the size of the planet, i really like this one, how about something like a ship or technology that allows you to attack and take over an opponents planet and turn it into one of your colonies, but make it ridiculously hard to get otherwise total chaos.

    — Taylor5    Aug 10, 12:14 AM    #
  44. I agree with some of the most basic request, such as better percentage control, an improved message system, and while I think that new ships/buildings/techs sound like a good idea, I don’t care for any of the mentioned ones, the virus anti-virus sounds cool, but it gives strong players an even greater edge over the weaker ones, maybe if it cost a bunch of resources to shut down each defensive structure or something it would be better (of course apply the odds game that ogame is founded upon.)

    The Battle sations sound cool, the infantry idea is okay but needs work, but for both of these if they were to become part of the game, I hope that the designers would take care as to make sure they all fit. ( also these units would almost have to be in new universes only, as it would wreak havoc on bigger accounts for the first couple of days. (at least for those that didn’t have the resources sitting around.)

    as for decreasing the times, and prices for eveything, or granting greater noob protection, disabling phalanx, jumpgates on planets, changing moon chances, and these mirical ships (cargo space of a deathstar, moves like a esp. probe!!) I’m against all of these things, they are what makes ogame, ogame.

    I really like the ideas of a resource trading center (maybe even just a message system within x systems of your planet), I like the idea of a resource pick up for alliance members, a betting system on alliance wars might be cool. And the ability to send a larger allaince member resources following a fleet crash would be nice also. Also I really like the idea of ships being able to accomplish several raids, and dropping the resources on which ever planet the player chooses.

    :) (quite opinated aren’t I?)

    — SupermanII    Aug 10, 12:30 AM    #
  45. Hey, I have read everyones requests and all of them sound pretty good. Some however create a huge gap between the powerful and the weak. The moon being easier to get is a horrible idea, every system would have a moon in it.

    Anyways My Ideas Are:
    1)More ships to choose from (shielding ship, radar jammer for probing, stronger bomber, another backbone ship like Battleship

    2)upgardes (totally new part of game) Buy and equip ships with different weapons that suit intended mission, armour type for faster speeds or slower speeds, CLOAKABILITY?

    3)Hijack ships from moon (tie in with phlanx and perfect timeing of interception)

    4)ground troop tansport IDEA, OMG awesome idea.

    5)Spy idea, plant spy on someones planet get resource, building updates undetected (obviously time limit on this spy would apply, increased by a research level? Also a way for defender to be able to detect/destroy spy

    In the end ogame is a great game but it never hurts to add new content to the game as long as it benefits all players (rank and type)

    — Mullaney500    Aug 10, 02:43 AM    #
  46. I have had Commander before. and it is a nice thing. but it cost to much and it makes it not worthy the money to buy it.

    and more ships please!!!
    and it is also difficult to read all messages. So it would be nice of them to make that message list free only. we don’t need the rest.


    — thugaz    Aug 10, 03:41 AM    #
  47. changing the ship names would just make it confusing, more ships would be fun, and alliances should stay the same, its fun taking on a HUGE alliance because generally most of them r weaker players.
    Also another structure/research called ‘Market’ or somthing which lets you trade resources for something else, maybe the higher the level the more u can trade and at better rates.. its just annoying having millions of metal u cant spend because u dont have crystal.

    — DemonSpirit    Aug 10, 07:29 AM    #
  48. You can diversify the production of the energy…..using let`s say spaceships and other forms of energy that can be “stolen” when you atack a planet U can “steal” some factories if you like…..but that costs you the consumption of the deuterium of course +200% or so…...and U can add new resources.

    — Sorin27    Aug 10, 07:37 AM    #
  49. it would be nice if gameforge would make a short 3D movie with the battles between defender and opposant.

    Cortana    Aug 10, 10:08 AM    #
  50. 1) Messaging system fix/upgrade/improvement.

    2) Adjustable percentage scale/10%/5%/1%,

    3) More ships shielding ship, radar jammer for probing)

    4) Market building, with rates calculated daily by 0Game.

    5) Research Network bug fixed.

    6) Did I say about messaging system

    — Dave    Aug 10, 10:50 AM    #
  51. see in rapport what you attacked with, even if the fleet is destroyed in the first round

    — solatio    Aug 10, 03:37 PM    #
  52. one big update that they should do is for ships to go to multiple destinations and stop where the player decides. This would help raiders so they can attack multiple planets by just typing the co-ordinates of all the planets they want to attack at once and then the ships go to every co-ordinate before coming back to where they were launched. Though doing this will cost a lot of deut. This would also allow faster trade between the player’s planets.

    — Techila    Aug 10, 05:00 PM    #
  53. i like the idea of a space station and the idea that you can send solar satilites. it sounds good too. also i like the idea that you can have ships go do something and come back to a def planet. also i like th idea of cheaper ships and higher shild levels

    — mimim    Aug 10, 09:27 PM    #
  54. How about a more realistic destroy resources option?

    For example in the current setup it costs to tear something down, a net loss all around.

    In the real world this is never the case, a company that tears down a building recycles all of the materials for profit.

    Perhaps something like this:

    Keep the current costs for demolition, it does cost money to destroy something.
    But after it is destroyed, say a day or so, you recover a percentage of what it took to build as recycling income. for high crystal items there should be a pile of crystal available (already refined and just in need of re purposing), and metals don’t suddenly become permanently unusable after they have been used to build something.

    Just a thought.

    — Pope Todd    Aug 10, 09:48 PM    #
  55. I also think they should make a video or something on each battle.

    — Nizmir    Aug 10, 10:29 PM    #
  56. i like the idear of new ships but what would be nice is something like a spy ship that go’s to a planet and steals resourses but dose not attack them head on

    — billzo    Aug 11, 12:28 AM    #
  57. i realy like the idear pigsdofly Aug 9, 05:40 PM had about ground forces i think it is a great idear

    — billzo    Aug 11, 12:29 AM    #
  58. Conversion building that would convert resources from one to another, by using resources or energy. Or some new mines from where we can make resources from a technological process.

    — okidoki99    Aug 11, 04:38 AM    #
  59. I think that after a battle 70% of your fleet should be rebuilt like your defense. Also since uni 30 is double speed the ships should have 2x the cargo space, attack strength, and so on. You should also be able to make more than one stop with your fleet at a time. Also the Messaging system need huge improvement, such as an im window and voice chat conferences so that acs movements would go much smoother and quicker. And as others said the percentage for fleet speed and resource production needs to go by ones not tens so you can get the most out of your fleets and mines.

    — Nitro    Aug 11, 04:49 AM    #
  60. all of these ideas r good but dont kill the weaker players cause otherwise the game will die and in years only people will be us playing as oldies. i think there should be a biuld que like u get on commander

    — benruelz    Aug 11, 05:01 AM    #
  61. I forgot to mention that there also should be more new ships. I mean the leap between heavy fighters to cruisers to battleships is kinda much. A few ships between there would be nice such as gunships and such. There also could be more defense because there isn’t a good variety of defensive objects to choose from. Maybe a few more options more powerful than plasma turrets and something between the heavy lasers and ion cannons and the gauss cannons. There just needs to be a better variety of ships and defenses. Oh and one more thing. A resource Converter or just Converter. You can chose what you want to be converted and what it gets converted into. For example: metal to crystal, deut to metal, or metal to crystal and deut at the same time and each level increaces the amount you can convert per hour or if you dont want to convert don’t enter anything into the conversion fields.

    — Nitro    Aug 11, 05:03 AM    #
  62. ok first thing, — pigsdofly probably had the sweetest idea in this forum with the ground units cept if the attacker had more ground units than you had defensive ground units would you like DIE? or maybe attacking units and defending units could be the same thing. I like the idea of bigger carrier ships, more ships would be nice too, so would be different defensive tools.

    One thing I’ve always wanted to see like a population/workers sort of thing.. nothing extreme, but like where it says feilds it might show like a population thing as your planet grows bigger. The messaging system could be better I guess but that’s not my biggest concern cause not everyones on the same time you are but how else would you people want the messaging system… like AIM or MSN!?

    The market idea, or like spacestation would be great. Maybe a spacestation for every 10-15 solar systems where suppose you put 400k crystal in your trading room or auction house, and someone wanted it, so they leave 800k metal or 600k metal depending on how much they wanted in your ‘trading room’ and you can pick it up.

    You can’t change things like reducing prices.. that’s just stupid, there’s a reason ogame has this, and imagine if we did lower prices, the big dogs (top ranks) would crush everyone. We could always add to the game but we can’t change something in the game that already exsists because it annoys some people like wtf, moving solar sattelites?. I think videos would be cool, but would be difficult to do well…

    I also like that combining fleets or that thing where maybe one alliance member attacks a planet and maybe its an alliance war, so they can share resources.

    I think some new research would be cool, nothing stupid like virus’ but how about maybe something like a death ray??? possibly black hole stuff?

    buildings are fine, but I think some new missles would be nice, some that either help other missles do something, maybe missles that take out certain defenses, or help when ships are attacking? I know people would just mass those but there’s always a limit depending on your number of missle silo level.

    I think its fine that if you build something and you want to tear it down, its your mistake and you should have to pay for its distruction.

    I think music would get annoying… I can just picture it, but maybe some epic battle music if we ever get videos?

    but yeah the unit idea is so beast.. like you could be a government and have people help fight off fleets or idk.. that’s kind of stupid, but if you broaden it, it could be cool. how about when you click on your metal or whatever mine, you kind of see like a mini 30 second loop clip of workers working, possibly pictures or like whatever.

    I definetly think you should beable to change the overview settings like you know, I like a bit of change here and now..

    — Kratos Uni 13 WRL    Aug 11, 05:22 AM    #
  63. I think that fleets should be sent to two or more targets (for example u should start on planet 1, move to planet 2 and end your fly on planet 3),fleet should have some exact time in which it is ready to move from planet to planet too

    — petinox    Aug 11, 06:40 AM    #
  64. i would like to be able to click on the planet number on the overview screen so as to be able to do a safety probe timed almost perfectly to help prevent a ninja when i am attacking a planet. this would assist players who do not have moons and cant do a safety phalanx. perhaps by “right click of mouse”

    — gavin    Aug 11, 07:52 AM    #
  65. i think that when an esp probe leaves a planet, it shud leave an agent or something to keep tabs on the planet, but at the same time it shud b easy 2 detect the agents messages leaving ur planet – to make it fair

    — PX Andreas    Aug 11, 05:32 PM    #
  66. I think it would be good if you could actually send ships to a friend or ally just like trading resources to them. For instance they have just been crashed and you have 1000 battleships, you could send them 100 or whatever you choose too.

    — Insurgent    Aug 11, 09:47 PM    #
  67. There is a proposal for trade, market system in “Most wanted suggestions”, it gets good support from players.

    Someone mentioned real life logic, well, the best response from OG you can get is that OG has nothing to do with real life logic.

    In my opinion current setup with messaging, buildings cue, alliance, etc. is just a push toward buying Commander and officers.

    Besides I checked out forums from Pirates and some similar to OGame games and found that they have those features we’re talking about and much more.
    If Ogame had a wish to make this game better it would, easily, long ago.

    Also check out approved ideas section in the forum , the work people done to propose new ships, buildings, called GAME DEVELOPMENT, not proposals or ideas. They should be paid by OGame for work and time they’ve wasted developing for OGame.

    Another thing is account delete option, seven days delay to delete account is a psychological trick to keep you playing. One more button needed to make it fair, delete in hour or so.

    — Zero-G    Aug 11, 10:15 PM    #
  68. One change that I would like to see is not to open`any new Uni’s. Instead they should encourage players to go back and fill the existing ones. That way there would not be so many empty spaces. This will in turn stop many of players who have played ogame for a while and grown to understand the basics of ogame realized that they will take forever to reach certain levels.Many players leave there existing unis as soon as a new uins opens. By starting in a new Uni players think, and are probaly correct by starting right on the 1st sec the new uni opens they now have an equal opprotunity to raise to the top.
    It seems some people have fogotten that is only a game that is meant to be fun…

    — Peter    Aug 12, 08:56 AM    #
  69. i think that new ships would be the most obvious upgrade in the game, carrier ships would be an even better idea it would add more strategy in the game, these ships could act as a semi-planet and should have maybe a few available missiles that could be built on them or something. there should be a certain number of ships stored on it and that number could be upgraded with a new technology, these ships should not be invisable but vaunrable to attack to limit their use and also add fun to the game

    thx :D

    — ZeUs9471    Aug 12, 05:53 PM    #
  70. a research upgrade to give ships a cloaking mode would be very helpful. Likewise an upgrade of research to allow you to detect cloaked ships would be necessary.
    An aggressive nanite ship to take out apponents electronics to render almost everything paralysed for a period would make attacks mreo profitable with no defences to hinder you!
    Finally, to facilate jumping huge distances, how about worm-hole technology. Obviously huge investments in research would be required and perhaps a new space station to opperate the worm-hole.
    Something to think about!!!

    — Jamie    Aug 13, 06:40 AM    #
  71. ANd what do you think about probes who can tell you what size is the inhabitad planet? I mean that you send a probe and it comes back with information how big is the planet that you want to colonise and how many fields are there! Think about it!

    — Enforcer    Aug 13, 08:26 PM    #
  72. An idea i come up with is that, if a person is getting attacked then the defender could send its fleet to meet the attacks fleet before it gets to the defenders planet, this could swing the outcome of the attack. Just a idea,

    — snifferfrog    Aug 14, 11:10 AM    #
  73. Yeah, I think that having percents to help with resources and fleets, and also a few space station designs would be cool.

    — Anti-anti-noob Guy    Aug 14, 12:37 PM    #
  74. heres the top 5 things i think of so far
    1 new ships
    2space station
    3new missiles
    4esp probe that tells you size of plante
    5and last Conversion building that would convert resources from one to another, by using resources or energy. Or some new mines from where we can make resources from a technological process

    — jon    Aug 14, 03:28 PM    #
  75. Conversion building seems dumb, sounds like alchemy in the dark ages. (Changing lead to gold…impossible) But the rest sound good, jon. Unspecific percentages, I think is the most annoying thing in the game. And a better message system would really help. An IRC with a channel for each alliance would be cool too, but it’s not a biggie.

    — yippee2393    Aug 14, 04:08 PM    #
  76. The TOTSE Alliance made a thread on this. Here’s a list of suggestions we made; more should be coming.

    More Alliance options to cooperate with.

    More planet pics; and remove the ones with moons and/or remove the moons. That can be confusing.

    Lesser transport time between moon and planet orbited.

    Lunar bases cheaper.

    Possibility to salvage whole warships damaged in battle.

    More or a variance; not just 30% always debris salvageable, up to 90% to less than 10%. I don’t think that would be a thing that is permanent, you can salvage some, some times salvage more.

    Damage from debris possibly damaging ground defenses, motivation to harvest.

    Moon formation not instant, it takes a few hours to form a moon or a df.

    Being able to take planets in raids

    More than 9 worlds to colonize.

    being able to name warships.

    Being able to destroy worlds with Death Star attack

    More ship types

    Increase shielding, shields seem much weaker than armor, maybe that’s due to me being a Star Wars Fan where armor is much weaker than shields in the SW universe so…..

    More than 15 spots.

    Being able to ACS defend without spending deuterium while orbiting; that doesn’t happen on your worlds what’s the difference.

    Oh, being able to curse in ogame….

    No Pushing Rules.

    Allowing defenses to have rapidfire.

    Allowing you to salvage your ships destroyed in combat completely (as well as salvaging and capturing enemy ships)

    Popular support options for your worlds maybe?

    System slots aren’t as standardized; and allowing you to havw more than one moon.

    Being able to build orbiting battlestations

    Being able to build more than one planetary shield and/or stronger planetary shields. They seem weak.

    Making moon formation easier in chances; but more ships must be destroyed for higher chances; say more than 300,000 percent for one percent but you can build up to thousands of large ships crashing for almost guaranteed moon; that seems logical in real-life.

    Debris naturally clumps together anyway.

    Being able to have more than one moon.

    redo the newbie protection maybe…....

    comp tech affecting fleet size as welt rather than number; modifying a warship (large one, certain class or above often) for more res to be a flagship tends to nullify that. For ACS attacks, the largest or most advanced flagship leads or all ships benefit from more than one “flagship”; it could be an advantage in combat or sometimes could be a disadvantage if conflicting orders are made; or people mess with each other in combat. IT can be a good thing if your fleet is divided.

    You can have your fleets slow down when you’re transporting; and when you send other ships fleets naturally wait and assemble at some point in outer system to wait, or to nearby alliance world or empty spot to rally until all ships are sent. no deuterium spent on that when waiting/holding positions…or very few deuterium use.

    you can hold your fleets over uncolonized worlds; no cost to keep it there.

    You can move a fleet to a friendly world, then send fleet to enemy world to deal with problems with that.

    Things dealing with finding enemy worlds as well, you can pay someone res to find it, or you have an intel thing to find enemy worlds and fleet movements, less accurate but cheaper than probes and it gives things about other alliances, etc.

    Oh, and change the look of the moons….I don’t think a moon formed from battle debris would look the same as a moon formed from rocks and such naturally coalescing, say the way Earth’s moon…and the entire Solar system formed.

    Oh, and I forgot: Gas Giants included, more often in the outer system then inside. Other than the steady rise in deuterium production the further out Gas Giants have GREAT deuterium production…but shitty metal mining.

    And inner worlds, say slots 4 inside the small ones like Mercury would tend to have increased metal production…unless they’re gas giants,

    Maybe you should be allowed to mine a certain portion of the moon for salvageable debris, etc. a certain percent gets mined out, the salvageable debris. Send recyclers to get to it? Or mining id much easier/faster (as I said, moon formation would be easier in chances but many more ships have to be destroyed to get a good chance at a moon. Above a certain limit moon formation is guaranteed and the size affects available spots…

    oh, you can’t mine deut on the moon unless possibly it’s orbiting a gas giant where the moon’s gravity could possibly siphon off some…

    Oh, and some planets start out with moons that can be mined.

    Hmmm…should planets have set mining limits; as in you can mine all the metal off or it it infinite? infinite I say!

    I for one would like custom “shortcuts” in the fleet process.
    Kind of like how you have your own planets listed, but well, add whatever planet you’d like. It would be good to trade with alliance members or inactive planets you farm occasionally.

    Empire view…

    wouldn’t really make it better, but it’d be cool if u could like, get a view of your planet, w/ all the buildings and such, and like, as u improved them they got bigger, or looked different or something.
    just seems like it’d be cool

    Anti Shipping Missiles

    Real Time Fights

    >500 chars in a message

    Star Wars Fan    Aug 15, 12:56 AM    #
  77. I played another browser spaceship game briefly – it had features ogame could benefit from.

    - Being able to select the return destination of your fleet (as different from the point of departure)

    - Be able to send fleets to pick up resources rather than only being able to transport them.

    I also liked the idea of an alliance trading bank as someone above mentioned, if it could be worked.

    — Oussebon    Aug 15, 03:09 AM    #
  78. Star wars fan, there is one problem in ur gas giant theory, it is impossible to build on a gas giant because it is made of gas, that wud call for a completly new building technique, eg. floating platforms

    — PX Andreas    Aug 15, 05:46 AM    #
  79. you should get a inscreen live message system because its so hard to co op with otheres in the alliance

    — Turkey66    Aug 15, 06:15 AM    #
  80. Oh well nice ones:) now i must say that fleet recovering is crucial!like someone said above we should be able to regain at least 60% of the fleet back(defences can be recovered why CAN’T SHIPS be?)! Fleetcrash is the most encountered and wide spread reason why all ogame players leave universes.Just think of that a little bit…if all players could regain a major part of their fleet they wouldn’t have to leave. fleets are very difficult to build for ex talking about lets say 3000 Battleships they take a huge load of minerals and time to be build…and someone comes and destroys them all just in one second?...just pathetic!a nother briliant thing would be to be able to cahnge the destiantions and courses of ships,making them to be able to return in locations diiferent than the one that they started from.Sound alerting when being ataked would be INGENIOUS .I just hope someone will take seriously our calims it would be sad that all this good ideeas would just remain IDEAS:( Ogame developpers please take us seriously!

    — Octane    Aug 15, 07:28 AM    #
  81. I think that a black hole generator would be an amazing idea, where it takes a ton of materials JUST to research it and a ton to build a black hole generator. It should be the counter to the death star and it has rapid fire against every ship

    Fleets should be able to be repaired and there should be a bunker building that takes a lot of resources but has amazing shields and integrity, and the more you upgrade it the more ships you can store in it to protect them from a possible raid. This would help greatly if you have a colony ship waiting for departure once you find the right planet.

    There should be a way to increase mine’s production beyond 100% all the way up to 200%, however, if you take it up to 200%, you cannot bring it down until a day has passed and after that day you might find your mine downgraded but you have a LOT of resources! A flaw would be taking advantage of the 200% and then rebuilding, so a time period depending on the mine level should be waited before it can be rebuilt, during that time period the mine turns off to 0% but still consumes energy. It would create a possibility of more strategy and risking everything.

    There should be a spy ship which is bulkier and slower than a spy probe but can stay stationed around the planet for a period of up to two days, during that time the ship will give info on what is being built/researched.

    I think it’s stupid that you start researching something on one planet, and you go to a planet that has no research lab at all and you can’t build because it says: operating
    kinda stupid

    I say noob protection should not be extended, however, lets say somebody ranked number 100 wants to attack somebody ranked 5000 in a universe, the latter has no chance at all to survive however this is within game rules… I think you can only attack those who are within 1000 ranks of yours and if they can’t attack you, you can’t attack them.

    Those are my two cents

    — RAWRIAMSPOON    Aug 15, 09:31 AM    #
  82. “PX Andreas:
    Star wars fan, there is one problem in ur gas giant theory, it is impossible to build on a gas giant because it is made of gas, that wud call for a completly new building technique, eg. floating platforms”

    ooh…thank you; that is true. You could have floating gas platforms to harvest the deut.

    Star Wars Fan    Aug 15, 10:17 AM    #
  83. Of course, new message system is extremely important. If you can’t increase the 500 letters quota, be able to see Buddylist and Alliance members’ e-mail or msn or aim.

    Second thing : Graviton Tech = Black Hole tech !! It means that Death Stars are creating Black Holes, besides, you cannot shut down one or you’ll see your planet aspired in black hole and reduced to a cherry…
    So let’s keep Death Stars like they are, Research Techs are enough, but :

    Third thing : CHANGE the bug with research all over all Labs in Empire : stupid and useless to be unable to increase lvls or Researches on other planets…
    Ah, and Intergalactic Research Network adds the Levels of 2 Research Labs (eg Lvl 10 and Lvl 8, always your highest) then 3 when you develop IRN. Consequence : reduction of research time. I say it’s too expensive for what remains to research… (Graviton Tech and some optimisations of fleets as Weapon, Shield, Armour Techs etc.)

    Fourth thing : I’m not asking to extend Newbie protection, as Fleetsave is really useful and necessary but can’t we just change the percentage speed panel (when sending fleets) by a time panel ? (eg : come back in 1h, 3h, 1d, 7d, etc.).
    If not, then reduce the range of attacks available : a player ranked 272 (out of 3500) hitting me a 1150 and so ? Crazy unfairness.

    Fifth thing : Direct consequence : the lasting sats that would phalanx slowly are a great idea ! (RAWRIAMSPOON Aug 15, 08:31 AM) It would help when you don’t have Sensor Phalanxes…

    Sixth Thing : Kinda stupid, but why are there Storage Buildings on Moons ???!!! Take them out, they are USE-LESS !

    Seventh thing : Spacestations (fix on some slots of some systems) that would be marketplace and fleetstops would be nice. For me, it was the most important idea.

    Eighth thing : indeed, be able to send fleets on empty slots before sending out somewhere else. Just show (eg on the slot number, made bold or italic) that fleets are resting there. The fleet is inattackable, but completely unknown and that cannot be known by Phalanx or Espionage… but they could be lost and destroyed by meteors if left too long.

    Ok, so I hope that these ideas will sound nice at GameForge

    — Vixserl    Aug 15, 01:44 PM    #
  84. i agree with most of what RAWRIAMSPOON sayes and what some of the others said like the person that was talking about ground armys they could be build a division at a time the tanks could be built a regement at a time and so on there needs to be some new ships ,buildings and defences that would make ogame much more fun.

    — gamer9000    Aug 15, 10:04 PM    #
  85. there should be an orbiting jump gate that can be used up to 10 times in 1 hour and any one can use it. but it requires so much power to use and make it to were if u quit providing power to it no one can use it. also make it to were any one can transport resources threw it. but make it to were u can deside if that person can use it or not. it could cost 200,000metal 200,000crystal and 100,000deut or more. something like that

    — gamer9000    Aug 16, 12:15 AM    #
  86. Production queues for buildings. If you can set up a queue of ships or cannons to be built, I don’t see why buildings should be any different. Same could go for research. If the research labs were anything like realistic you’d be able to research multiple things in one lab, let alone on multiple planets. Or maybe IGRN upgrades could allow you more research ‘slots’ or something like computer technology does for fleets.

    — Neoptolemus Prime    Aug 16, 03:36 AM    #
  87. Hi
    I think you should limit the rank for the attack. By that i mean 200th on the rank shoudnt be able to attack lest say ppl over the rank 1000 becaouse it to easy for him to destroy them. Or people at the rank of 1000 shoudnt be able to attack ppl on the rank 2000 or so
    thnx :P

    — Swordi    Aug 16, 08:46 AM    #
  88. ok you guys i think we got a lot of good ideas but we stle need to name the new ships we went to give the ogame guys a idea of wat we went in the game so wat new ships do we went ???

    — jon    Aug 16, 03:04 PM    #
  89. an orbiting battle/trading station that could also move like a ship an alliance member can build it and station it at an allies planet. it can be upgraded by anyone in the alliance and it can have plasma ,laser ,ion ,and gauss weapons on it. it could also have a small dock that can hold more ships with every upgrade. it could also be given to other players to help them. but any one in the alliance can use it but they can not transport it to a different planet. they can only use it at its postion that the courent owner has it at. any one in the alliance can send resources to it and ships can be given to others if they are at it or can just be sent to it to defend. it would have combustion engions.

    it could cost around 500,000metal 400,000crystal and 200,000 deut or more not counting the cost to build weapons on it.

    the ships that could destroy it
    100,000 BS
    15,000 destroyers
    20,000 BC
    500,000 cruisers
    2 death stars
    any thing else wouldnt do much to it a ship like that would be really useful and nice to have a round.
    something like that.

    — gamer9000    Aug 16, 04:49 PM    #
  90. they should build a mine missle. it could be launched in to orbit and explode making a mine field. it could be build when the missle silo got to lvl 3 or 4

    — gamer9000    Aug 16, 05:36 PM    #
  91. There should be space battlestation, and players should build defences there instead on mainland. Every battlestation upgreade would add space for turrets. And on planet surface it should be like this: player can only build 10 turrets at 1 occupied field{ if you planet have only 20 fields occupied then you can build 10*20=200 turrets of any tipe maximum} and, its time to change pictures for ships.

    — Arthour    Aug 16, 07:03 PM    #
  92. i think that your colony ships should beable to hold more resorces

    — ben haro    Aug 16, 09:42 PM    #
  93. it would be nice if the game turned 3d

    — kenny    Aug 17, 08:13 AM    #
  94. here is what i want

    1.a spacecraft carrier
    2.more races
    3.defense platforms
    4.constant control over fleets
    5.restrictions that allow players to only attack other players of comparable net worth.
    6.cultural influence

    — weirdalwashere    Aug 17, 12:05 PM    #
  95. More than 15 SPoTS IN THE SYSTEM, that’s what I meant.

    and being to have more than 9 worlds in your dominion

    — Star Wars Fan    Aug 17, 02:48 PM    #
  96. Oh yeah; emove that bug that has res sent on Colony ships lost when they colonize a spot but instead it is sent and deposited on the world.

    — Star Wars Fan    Aug 17, 02:51 PM    #
  97. I like the gunboat and space station ideas

    also when i mean satellite defence i mean like turrets in space that are your first line of defence

    — Mike4    Aug 18, 12:36 AM    #
  98. Also Different tips of turrets like

    tractor beam one that take asteroids and throws them at ships

    last you can build as many as you want

    — Mike4    Aug 18, 12:42 AM    #
  99. ok here is a list of ideas i like
    + virus and anti virus idea
    + spacestation
    + other ships
    + more percentages (maybe goes in 5% intervals, or even better choose whatever percentage you want.)
    +improve the messaging system
    +building, fleet and defence production queues would rock.

    ok alot of the other theories for things are scientifically unsound but then loads of stuff in ogame already is so none of the stuff has to be plausible in real life. (black holes, building on gas giants).

    altnavva    Aug 18, 06:37 AM    #
  100. (for the queues i meant if we could have all 3, we have 2 of them)

    — altnavva    Aug 18, 11:58 AM    #
  101. I agree with most of above they should have an ally depo or summert like a spce staiton.

    And a inter 5% for fleet times would be good. But the one thing i’de love to see is the ability to move your soler sats!

    i like the virus idea. i like it alot! sooooo koooolll! and the some new ships or maybe a def like a graviton cannon wich is the rival of the dethstars!

    like in WoW (world of warcroft i don’t pay it my m8 does and i’ve picked a bit up on it) you can’t attack anything too far below your level, or in this case points. i just got out of noob protect and the best person in uni 15 (hogar) hit me with a massive fleet just 4 fun!
    Oh i say the use of building queue would be very good.

    I wish they had summert like a carrier so it would be like carry nearly all you fleet but it’ed have little wepons but massive def and massive sheilding and when it’s destoyed you fleet comes out and fights the attacker. (or defender)

    they should build a mine missle. it could be launched in to orbit and explode making a mine field. it could be build when the missle silo got to lvl 3 or 4

    — gamer9000

    I AGREE TOTALY! a mine feild and/or maybe you could have S.A.Ms(surface to air missles) and you could launch em when a fleet is close enough and the DF you go over the planet they were passing!

    A short like battle scene optional would look cool like a desthstar destoying 200 lightfighters and 200 RLs then destorying a cunk of the planet/moon would lllloookkk ssssoooo kkkooolll

    i talk too much…

    — Luna    Aug 19, 02:51 PM    #
  102. Well, firstly Voidhawk, I think you should have a quick clean up of this thread, since it is now totally massive…

    Secondly, I haven’t had time to read all of the ideas, a good few of the ones I have read are decent, but too many are simply not going to happen. Please check the ‘Dead-End Ideas’ section on the official OGame forum.

    The only idea that I personally think should come in to effect is already posted on that forum: Alliance leaders should have a ‘Create Wing’ option, allowing them to lead the wing and the main alliance without having to appoint someone else, and without the wing being separate.

    That’s the gist of it anyway. Anyone who thinks it’s a good idea should find it on the OGame forum and vote for it. It’s in ‘Most Wanted Suggestions’ as ‘Alliances & Wings’.

    Help make !ndystars dream a reality!

    — The Dragon Reborn    Aug 19, 06:07 PM    #
  103. spactial diruoptions inbetween galaxys. some speed up ship transits or slows. some that damage or some that tmporarly upgrade armor/shild/weps. nebulas technecly. its not all perfect space.

    — Simon    Aug 19, 09:04 PM    #
  104. 1.mulitple planet targeting

    2.smaller range of attacks so rank 1 can’t attack rank 6000+

    3.space stations for trading

    4.better messageing system

    5.better chance of more fields/better moonchance like 75k=1%

    — zordakmaster    Aug 20, 05:36 AM    #
  105. there are some great suggetions here guys, i espcialy like the idea of a space station.

    what i would like to see is a more developed message system, which includes folders to store categorised messages.

    — kazam    Aug 20, 05:37 AM    #
  106. heres my ideas for ne ships
    missile boat
    gun boat
    fighter bomber
    plantary bomboredment ship
    repair station

    — jon    Aug 21, 03:45 PM    #
  107. I read some of the comments and I TOTALLY agree with the need for better ingame messaging! And some sort of alert when a new msg arrives would be most helpful, as someone also mentioned. An ingame chat would be great. I agree with the sound alert when at attack is launched against you too. Unless you refresh your screen you don’t know you are being attacked, so either a sound alert or have the screen automatically refresh when something new has happened like an attack or new msg. I also agree with being able to pick up resources instead of having to have them delivered…and that should include being able to pick them up from your own planets. The percentage option would be great too because there really is too much of a difference between 10 and 20 percent especially when fleet saving.

    — Ardala    Aug 22, 12:28 PM    #
  108. I recently was attacked and My destroyed Fleet allowed me to Get a Moon. Anyway, what I would like to be able to do Is to be able to Link an Allies Jump Gate with yours, Meaning you don’t have to have 2 Moons for the Gate, So you can tell a fleet to travel to Planet, Using your Allies Jump Gate as a Shortcut.
    Other than that, I at least would like to be able to Transport Resources through the Jump Gates.

    — Icarus    Aug 23, 09:25 AM    #
  109. Hey i was thinking that you should be able to build one (or a few) custom ships to act like your flagship, may sound a little too much but you could give it the exact firepower you’d want. It should be based on a ship , like a custom battleship or a custom cruiser, not an entirely new ship. That way, you could have a custom ship made exactly for your needs.

    Anyway, i think the space station is a great idea, you should be able to build defenses on it. Shouldn’t be that strong (not even close to rivaling the death star). The message system defiantly got to be changed. Fleet speed intervals should be at 5% or even 1% if possible.

    — Kilroy    Aug 23, 04:44 PM    #
  110. It would be a great idea to have a “Building Station.” This ship would let you turn your own Debris Field into something useful. Let’s say there are about 45,000 Metal and 15,000 Crystal (the exact cost of a Battleship) floating around your planet. All you would have to do is click on “Building Station” on the menu to the left, then you would be able to see all the kinds of ships you could make out of your debris field. You would type “1” next to “Battleship” and then you would click on “exectue.” The building station would do all the work for you instead of having to send your recyclers all the way to your debris field and back. Like this you would save valuable minutes! Besides, nobody would be able to attack the Building Station becuase it would always be away from the planet around the Debris Field zone! Of course it would take about a million Metal, 500k Crystal, and like 300k Deuterium to build this ship, but it would never be destroyed and it would be worth it when someone attacks your planet and fleetcrashes you! Oh what a great Building Station!

    — Cesarinni!    Aug 24, 12:49 AM    #
  111. I’d like to see a device that you can build on planets that can convert one resource into another. Kind of lke the Fusion reactor does i guess but probably at a higher cost

    — Robob    Aug 24, 05:07 AM    #
  112. I would like to be loged in everytime i open ogame or refresh my browser. They should have a choice if you want to be rememberd.

    — LIQUIDFIRE    Aug 24, 06:13 PM    #
  113. Actually it would be better if the “Building Station” was called “Factory Station.” But that’s a great idea, I’m all for it!! :D

    — Deutcrazy    Aug 24, 07:12 PM    #
  114. I would like to see alot of the updates on other universes to be applied to universe 9 e.g. the ally depot being able to send your fleet to protect an ally ( uni 9 www.ogame.org) thanks

    — seb    Aug 25, 11:11 AM    #
  115. When you do a update on a research and if you go to another planet you should get to do another one instead of waiting.

    Like updating your weapons on Planet 1 and updating a Drive on planet 2.

    — LIQUIDFIRE    Aug 25, 03:13 PM    #
  116. 90% of these suggestions are just noobs that want to make it harder for decent players to attack them…

    — Avalon    Aug 25, 07:25 PM    #
  117. all i what is the ally depo in ALL unis.

    — Sylux.    Aug 26, 07:56 AM    #
  118. I got this crazy idea of the Building Factory a few days ago. I’m imaginative and it just flashed in my head :D. Then I saw this great advantage: If your entire fleet that you worked months for is completely crashed, even your recyclers, you’re not going to be able to get all that debris, just a very few minutes away from your planet. On the other side, if you got the Building Station, you can build up 30% of the fleet you had, and then raid other planets with it. I think that if we used this ship many people wouldn’t quit just because their whole fleet was destroyed. I really like the idea to call it Factory Station, so I’m going to call it like that.

    This would be my in-game explanation of the Factory Station:
    This giant ship is equipped with the best-developed shield there is. A new form of recycler, and also the best fleet rebuilder. Due to its capacity of rebuilding ships straight from the debris in half the usual time, this ship is of invaluable importance to many empires at war. It’s defense is fearful due to its 2 powerful Plasma Turrets and 10 Gauss Cannons. Also, this ship is amazingly hard to destroy mainly due to its orbital route, which is almost always far away from the battle zone.However, there is always a 3% chance that the Factory Station will be involved in battle, and therefore there are possibilities that it can be destroyed.

    Shielding Techonlogy: 7
    Plasma Techonology: 6
    Shipyard: 9
    Combustion Drive: 6
    Robotics Factory: 7

    Metal: 1,100,000
    Crystal: 550,000
    Deuterium: 300,000

    — Cesarinni!    Aug 26, 01:33 PM    #
  119. I’m open for any additions and suggestions for my Factory Station! :D

    — Cesarinni!    Aug 26, 01:58 PM    #
  120. oh yea

    birdman    Aug 26, 02:08 PM    #
  121. Go factory station!!!

    — Eoghan    Aug 26, 02:09 PM    #
  122. Hmm. THe building station has some interesting possibilities, I’d put my money on that one.

    I also agree that in-game messaging needs a serious overhaul somehow, some of us just ignore it and use IM instead, unless a circular message needs sent. Serious sign of an in-game deficiency.

    — Seandacht    Aug 26, 02:34 PM    #
  123. i like the idea of the factory station myself as i have once quit due to the continous loss of my fleets.

    — jrich666    Aug 26, 02:58 PM    #
  124. I like the idea of the factory station, but it shouldn`t have a percentage in which it could get involved in a battle. It`s to different of the other ships.

    — Rakchi    Aug 26, 06:19 PM    #
  125. Maybe 1 or 2 percent would be good? I do this because there has to be some competence in this, that’s what makes ogame, ogame. The Factory Station itself has got some power in it, and it wouldn’t hurt very bad if there was 1 time out of 100 when it gets involved in battle.

    — Cesarinni!    Aug 26, 08:37 PM    #
  126. The best that ogame could do is put ACS defend and attack and every universe!!!

    — Rakchi    Aug 27, 01:23 PM    #
  127. I think the factory station will kind of ruin the point of war. Wats the point if u cant destroy (at least not that easily) the enemy’s fleet? Try to look at this from the attackers point of view, see wat i mean…

    — Kilroy    Aug 27, 02:06 PM    #
  128. It won’t ruin the “point of war.” I think the factory station would be good for both newbies and experiences player because it would let them rebuild 30% of their fleet. It just helps people, besides, like I said, many people just won’t quit right away just becuase their fleet was destroyed and they can’t raid anymore. This ship would at least let the players recover!

    — Cesarinni!    Aug 27, 07:05 PM    #
  129. I would like to see the jumpgate page look just like the fleet page. Where you can select max for a ship and at the bottom select all. Its a bit of a pain to have to manually put the numbers. Would also like to see one star system implemented and left not changed every so often. A new ship would be cool to.

    — LadySadistic    Aug 27, 10:44 PM    #
  130. BattleStar Galactica!!! WOOT

    Also, a sattelite that defends, or an International Space Station

    — Cal50an20    Aug 28, 09:03 PM    #
  131. I think the Factory station should NOT require robotics factory level 7, but everything else.

    it should still be constructed but very slowly (maybe an entire month without any robotics factory) cuz some people don’t have rf cuz it causes trubble.

    ogame needs to be more realistic with more astronomical elements such as orbits slingshots and positions.

    pyro_mo    Aug 29, 09:11 PM    #
  132. ok good input, nice job, the space station is an excellent idea….but an alteration to it….instead of having it just be leveled up why not be able to build quite a few but it requires a building in order to build it..

    like this

    space station depot lvl 1 makes 2 or 3 avaliable lvl 2 goes up to 5 or six and so on and so forth..but with every space station you can level up…each one can become more powerful as well as the initial building of the space depot…

    now as well as that idea i have one more. why not have an alliance bank…at the alliance page people can invest into the bank and have it raise funds that anyone of the members can partake in. but can only take out a certain amount per week….that way instead of having the weaker players have to beg and plead for help we can just allow them to take out a loan or a withdrawl….in which if they need more than the bank will give them they can always ask the traditional way…but as well as that it will make some resources on its own but not much…and that way since we are all friends just build one or two large cargos and deply them tothe bank and thenever you need the resources trans port the stuff to ur planet… (feel free to edit the last part down)

    ok a few more…a market. one that will trade metal for crystal or deuterium for a dis advantaged cost that way they cant just trade straight accross such as

    4 metal should get you 1 crystal

    1 crystal should get you 3 metal

    6 metal shall get you 1 deuterium.

    and one deuterium should get you 4 metal…tha way it makes you sacrifice some materials in order to get something you need.

    i dont know about you guys but i constantly have i dont know 2 mil metal and 100k crystal and i need more for fleet or even technology

    now this one was suggested to me…but its pretty good…spies…i beleive that unts like esp probes but more costly but alot slower should be able to steal some resources from an enemy base such as 100 to 200 metal or crystal..not anything to really be worth while but giving the chance for the probe to have some return or worth even if it turs out that the planet is a dud…but no messageing system so your not flooded with spi info…but the more you esp tech is the more likely that the spy will be destroyed and the resources that went into it is now broken down and given to you…and again no message is nessacary except to the sender.

    one technology suggestion.

    this one is said above and i liked it. something that since the intergalactic research network and nanite factory help to reduce time expenditures how about the cost by 3, 5, 7 or even 10 percent not enough to be huge but enough to make it worth something…

    there that is all ( i dont like the ground forces idea too much)

    one more a trading depot for the alliance to meet in and just tarde and talk…chat system plus trade

    — lancelot    Aug 29, 11:57 PM    #
  133. crap one more how about being able to give units to allies…but only light and heavy fighters…?or anything…but ive always wanted to give some recycleers or cargos or something like that to another player…but what bout only transport ships no attack ships….o and colony ships…that would be good.

    — lancelot    Aug 30, 12:04 AM    #
  134. more planet space so you can build more building.

    — sargentlane    Aug 30, 10:57 AM    #
  135. I like the ideas of more ship types and planet spaces, and maybe there could be a ship designer, where better guns engines and shields cost more resources and u could make custom ships

    — bobomb111    Aug 30, 11:59 AM    #
  136. A built in IM that lets you talk to your buddys as well as your alliance members when they are on. New Ships. New Tech, and New buildings, Like a Tesla Reactor for energy aswell as more planets being alowed.

    — Royce    Aug 31, 01:53 PM    #
  137. I think there could be new ships.´
    And it would be good if we get more chances of moon.
    And the messanges shouldn’t be erased so fast.

    — Zé    Sep 1, 11:09 AM    #
  138. there is alot of good ideas here but most wont work. but what about an option of telling your ships exactly what u want them to attack. for example say u send 100 of every type ship you have to attack a planet. u can tell ur crusers to attack,say,the HL and ur LF to attack the LL that way u wont have ur most powerful ship attacking a light laser or ur light fighters attacking plasma cannons

    — -xyz-    Sep 1, 01:37 PM    #
  139. i agree with the idea of building time reduced, and a narrower range of who you can attack. because i just got over 5000 points and i was attacked with over 400 cruisers. i had lots of ships, but not many defences. they should make it over 10,000 points any1 can attack, not 5000

    — MatrixHunter66    Sep 2, 02:25 AM    #
  140. i forgot how about telling ur cargo ships what u want them to collect on a raid. say u attack aplanet with 400,000m and 400,000c but u only have enough carco space for 300,000 units.but u want as much crystal as possible, so u say u want only crystal and….tada instead of getting 200,000m and 100,000c, you,ll get 300,000c

    — -xyz-    Sep 2, 01:01 PM    #
  141. i agree with the idea of building time reduced, and a narrower range of who you can attack. because i just got over 5000 points and i was attacked with over 400 cruisers. i had lots of ships, but not many defences. they should make it over 10,000 points any1 can attack, not 5000

    building time reduced: build nanite or robot factory, what about fleetsaving?

    fedor    Sep 3, 02:02 AM    #
  142. i like the market idea lancelot came up with.
    (nine posts above (not thelast on he put the second one.))

    — Sylux.    Sep 3, 05:09 AM    #
  143. How about make it that you enter a number of ships you are prepared to lose in a battle and once you have lost this many you can withdraw from the battle and so you don’t have to fight to the death like a camacarzie. This would be good in case somebody you were attacking built up their defences between you sending the fleet and it arriving.

    — Tsd    Sep 3, 05:13 PM    #
  144. How about make it that you enter a number of ships you are prepared to lose in a battle and once you have lost this many you can withdraw from the battle and so you don’t have to fight to the death like a camacarzie. This would be good in case somebody you were attacking built up their defences between you sending the fleet and it arriving.

    Also how about a bank planet run atomatically by ogame managment so you send your ship to the nearest bank planet with you res and trade it for the res you want using the officail trade ratio 3:2:1

    — Tsd    Sep 3, 05:20 PM    #
  145. What about a popup menu which shows minimum number of recyclers required for a large harvesting, cuz sometimes we forget.

    pyro_mo    Sep 3, 10:57 PM    #
  146. i got a little bored. so i wanna say this:

    THEY NEED NANITES ON THE MOON!!!! with the ability to destroy them, shouldnt it be allowed to atleast be developed over like a month, not 10 years? while this will hugely promote moon turtling, i would rejoin mainly for this reason. :)

    — thecat    Sep 4, 04:56 AM    #
  147. and also, they need to put 4 fields on moon bases plz

    — thecat    Sep 5, 01:50 AM    #
  148. firstly the option of telling ure ships what to attack wont work coz the idea of fodder would die and everyone would just have hundreds of gaus canons and plasma turets

    but we should be able to get an exact percentage of speed we want our ships to travel at because there is a big difference between 10 and 20 percent and this would help fleetsaving, people with sensor phalanx and the overall accuracy of the game

    also i think everyone is missing the idea of new ships and defence, maybe a transport ship for ure fleet which could put in someones galaxy or system (not on planet) from which u could launch attacks and build a few ipms, should be able to hover in orbit of any fleetslot, a person can attack this ship if in orbit. when ready u would simply get the ship to take fleet back home, there should be research to increase the transporters cargo of how many other ships it can take, deuterium consumption should be high, it should have no attack except for the one of ure fleet

    many more things u can upgrade about the fleets this is just a detailed sugestion

    — ZeUs9471    Sep 6, 08:34 AM    #
  149. lol keep the moon chance at small chance coz i dont think noobs have any purpose for them

    — ZeUs9471    Sep 6, 08:36 AM    #
  150. here are my top 5 suggestions

    1 – Carrier ship for ure fleet (already explained)

    2 – exact percentage of ure fleets speed not by 10,20,30 %

    3 – New defences

    4 – changing the return destination of ure fleet from the planet it was launched

    5 – a ship that is between the strenght of the destroyer and deathstar

    — ZeUs9471    Sep 6, 08:51 AM    #
  151. I just say that we can’t ask for something out of the ordinary, because that destroy the balance ogame.

    — Rakchi    Sep 8, 11:14 AM    #
  152. look i luv the i deas but this would take like 2 years to incorerate this stuff like smaller items like the heavy fighter getting rf against rocket launchers

    — adam    Sep 8, 09:26 PM    #
  153. ok you guys heres the best idea i think of so far its the make you own flag ship you start out with it being a fighter than you can keep upgradiing it to a corvet than a cruiser than so on and so on and yu get better weapens and armor and better crews to the point that its some ship bigger than a star destroyer and is alsome but it take so much money to move it that you need to keep it at a planet

    — jon    Sep 9, 03:16 PM    #
  154. 1) the frist thing i would like to change in newbie/storng ratings. in uni29 well over 1/2 is storng players. that should be change to 5 categorys.
    2) i like there to be some kind of ‘quest’ as there is not much more for me left to do.
    3) dont banned players for 30 odd years, ban them add delete there planets. as there not going 2 play it in 30 years time and there are not alot more planets left.
    4) on defences it does not say how much damage it does 2 all the ships.
    5) a new ship is needed in my eyes. like some thing from star terk.
    6)there should be differnet races and u should be able to choose 1.

    — payney992    Sep 13, 03:38 PM    #
  155. we should get upgradeable solar sattelites. rite now they just sit and die. they should get a weapon and some decent armor and make 20% more energy and all you need is something like energy level 3 or weapons level 5 or something

    — watever    Sep 13, 06:51 PM    #
  156. also we should get the ability to upgrade ships weapons so u can have battleships equipped with plasma turrets or a mini graviton beam on the destroyer.

    — watever    Sep 13, 06:54 PM    #
  157. A portable jumpgate. an interstellar jump gate so if u just want to bash an enemy you can send it in and it has half the speed of an espionage probe but twice the deut consumption of a destroyer so its a fast way to get to planets but u cant use it to get back if ur holding resources

    — watever    Sep 13, 10:47 PM    #
  158. I would like a better building function, you get more resorces starting from level 20. You shouldn’t get banned for 30 years make it a few months because I think a person would learn by then, and if its survere just delete their planets and accounts straight away.

    — Shawry    Sep 15, 08:49 AM    #
  159. just been looking over everyones ideas some are ok like the speed one, but the one of the moon chance NO, most people do not need moons im, fairly weak but i have no need of a moon at the moment, i think the rules should be chaged a bit so you can put a bounty on some ones head that would be great. and you should have a ship called a mobliue attack station these ships have a huge cargo hold and can put small hips inside of them like LF, HF and cruisers. and these have a low deuterium useage and these orbit someones planet and your can send waves of attacks from it. well thats my idea

    — george_1234    Sep 15, 09:20 AM    #
  160. i kinda had the same idea george. but i was kinda thinking you could have a 5 million cargo hold, low speed, high deuterium consuption but holds up to 3 destroyers, 20 battleships, 10 battlecruisers, 50 cruisers, 200 heavy fighters, 500 light fighters, 200 large cargos, and 50 recyclers. and it has about 5 times the power of a destroyer but not really meant for battle and have a really high cost. but thats just me

    — watever    Sep 15, 04:00 PM    #
  161. So can we know the time when all these bright ideas are going to be put into the game? If you can’t tell us the right time, an estimate would be ok, thank you!

    — Nice_dude    Sep 15, 07:48 PM    #
  162. Also, it would be nice to be able to share your battle reports with your allies and buddies, that would be a great way of sharing your adventures!

    — Nice_dude    Sep 15, 07:55 PM    #
  163. they should make 2 new ships one of them used to shutdown defenses not destroy them and the other used to capture enemy ships

    — gamer9000    Sep 15, 08:10 PM    #
  164. Some of these ideas are good, but some REALLY SUCK. For example: people say they want it easier to get a moon, but they contradict themselves by saying that they are too big of an advantage and should be able to shut them down or reduce level of phalanx. Moons are meant to be a high aspiration and a rare occurance. They are very powerful, and therefore, very hard to get.
    —Black hole ship that destroys deathstars: a deathstar IS a black hole ship. read the definition! (artificial gravity)
    —Cheaper ships: no way. cheaper ships would create a larger gap between stronger players and newbs. Is that really what you want?
    —Longer newb protection: If you are smart about it, you will not get attacked when you are out of NP. I think everyone should go through a stage where they get crashed once or twice and learn the value of fleetsaving and making yourself unprofitable to attack. I know I did.
    —All these things to reduce ship losses (factory ship, etc.): WHY? If you fleetsave and always keep your ships and resources hidden away, nobody will attack you. This game favors smart people. Smart people fleetsave. Stupid people don’t fleetsave, and instead, dream up ideas that would make them lose less in battle.
    —Resource converters: It’s called trading. or build up your mines to a higher level.
    —New ships: yes definitely! one or two new ships would be nice. Don’t make it like a super-ship though, or one that gives a huge advantage. Just another backbone ship and another support ship. (or maybe an even larger cargo ship)
    —Giving ships to other players: I like this idea.
    —Rapidfire on defenses: good idea. why didn’t gameforge think of that?
    —No pushing rules: I agree. I hate pushing rules. They should set up a system where you can pay bounties, such as ‘nuke this guy and kill his fleet and I will give you 400k metal and 200k crystal’
    —Also 5%, 15%, etc. would be nice for ship speed.

    — Trevyr    Sep 17, 12:03 AM    #
  165. The ability to set a departure time with pre-defined instructions and cargo would help.

    How about a uni that has a yearly end of life event so everyone starts from scratch and there’s winners at the end of each year. Most points, Most equity etc.

    — Daz    Sep 17, 08:48 AM    #
  166. Trevyr, you can keep your thoughts for yourself since the idea of the Factory Ship was not stupid, you’re just the one that wants to call me stupid, but I would really like saying that on my face. People write ideas because they know they’re gonna help, or most of them. At least I know that my idea would work, not like someone who just critizises and doesn’t give a single idea. Something is better than nothing you know..


    — Cesar    Sep 17, 08:41 PM    #
  167. Dude! It would be totally awesome to have like a “Trade Center”. Like when you want to trade with somebody, you have to put the resources you’re going to give and the other player too. Like you can see what he’ll give you and he’ll see what you give him and you can either click “agree” or “disagree” so nobody could scam anybody. Cos if you send resources to a noob and he doesn’t send resources to you back, you can’t get him banned. Both players have to agree with the deal so it can be done. When both players agree, you could send your cargos to an admin’s planet which would be unattackable to everybody, this would be the Trading Center, and your ships would automatically pick up their part of the deal. The mission selection would be “Pick-up goods” or something like that. Also, when both players agree, the resources they agreed on trading would automatically be sent to the Trade Station Planet.

    — Nice_dude    Sep 17, 08:57 PM    #
  168. Sorry I meant Trade Center, all the “Stations” ideas got stuck to my head :P.

    — Nice_dude    Sep 17, 08:59 PM    #
  169. It would be great if networked research labs could share resources, as well as brain power. If I have 70,000 crystal on one planet and 60,000 crystal on another planet (and both planets are networked together) then I should have 130,000 crystal to do research on an area.

    — Researcher    Sep 17, 10:19 PM    #
  170. I was thinking of a scrap yard. A new building which allows the players to turn their ship back into resources. Although you don’t get the whole percentage maybe about 60-70 percent I dont know but something near there. Also that the scrap yard has a ship deconstruction like the shipyard it takes time to construct a ship well a scrap yard should also take time to deconstruct a ship back into resources. Another thing that I would wish to be implemented on the game is a cancle button in the ship building. Just incase someone makes a mistake and wants his resources back. So you get the flow?
    Hope so and I hope these ideas are good or complementary

    — Squall    Sep 21, 12:21 AM    #
  171. small and large boarding ships to steal others ships. they have 2 power and 70,000 structural and 300 shields and a small can take cruisers and battleships and larges can take anything cruiser or larger except deathstars

    — watever    Sep 21, 01:08 AM    #
  172. Alright, i read all the comments, wow, that was long! I think the game needs to become more intresting, a lot of members just leave after playing a month or so, I have a few sugestions.

    1: Bring ACS to all servers – it isn’t fair for the rest of the players in other Uni’s
    2: Messinging system upgrades – its just too poor
    3: Some type of trade between computer and player – Market?
    4: Random events in the game – NPC foes invade galaxy?
    5: New races – i.e: Aliens, Undead thingies? (Necrons form warhammer) ...?

    1: Bomber Fighter – 200 Damage, 120 fuel usage, slower – Self explaintory
    2: Repairer – recyles stats or so – during a fight it acts as a repairer (increases survival rate)
    3: Carrier – 110 Dmg, 15K speed, 300 deut usage – Transports 20 LF, 15 HF and 15 of my BF. This will make others also use fighter class ships more then only capital class.
    4: Battle station – Cruiser stats or so – Holds a planet hostage until removed from planet and collects 25% of products from the planet. Also holds fleet there until destroyed or leave

    1: Anti-virus tech – costs 1/3 of virus tech – explained before
    2: Virus tech – costs 3 times more then Anti-virus tech – explained before
    3: Jamming tech – same as esp tech – so that other players cannot spy on you
    4: Dark power tech – ??? -enables Omega station

    1: Omega station – requires dark power tech, provides power and enables new missiles – Always need new souces of power
    2: temple – religion – creates moral in the game, creates min damage and max damage thing

    1: Omega missiles – ??? – destroyes ships
    2: Marine Ship – expensive – takes over some ships that attacker sends (normally might be destroyed otherwise)
    3: Portable shield dome – 100K metal, 100K crystal, 50K deut – used for solar satilites
    4: Duel ion cannon – double price of ion cannon, 2x dmg, 3x Shield, 2x defense – because ion tech becomes irrelivent after level 5, at least take it to level 7.

    I know some of my ideas might be far fetched but wouldn’t it be fun if more things were enabled with a text based game? I have more ideas but i rather not say at the moment.

    — -D00M-    Sep 23, 01:34 AM    #
  173. if theres an attacking fleet and you send out an attacking fleet to the attacking planet the 2 attacking fleets would attack each over at mid space so that the attacking fleet from the enemy planet might get destroyed before it hits your planet getting your defence destroyed

    — Dragon King    Sep 25, 09:37 AM    #
  174. I would like to see something like `Black Market` people could sell the ships or defensive turrets for 20 or 30% of normal coast. For me that would be realy useful. There should be limits of course, smth like `Today kingdom of ParamParam interested in Heavy Fighters and Heavy laser turrets they are willing to pay you 25% of original price.`

    — Arthour    Sep 26, 01:50 PM    #
  175. Being able to load defenses and solar sat into cargo ships like 500 cargo units for a rocket launcher woulkd be good

    — fishman    Sep 26, 05:54 PM    #
  176. lol something like a market or races would take like 2 years to incript

    — ZeUs9471    Sep 26, 08:05 PM    #
  177. The comment that I am reading that makes the most sense is the range of players you can attack. I can’t believe that right out of noob protection I got obliterated by a player ranked around 20. I would like to see a range of 400-500 meaning if you were ranked 800 you could attack and get attacked by players ranked 400-1200. This would keep those top players battling it out with other top players instead of ruining the game for beginners.

    — Monkey    Sep 29, 07:15 AM    #
  178. i read all these ideas there all pretty. when exactly is the list gonna be sent to them makers tho? jw

    — walters    Sep 29, 12:24 PM    #
  179. i think there should be the ground trupppers and
    you should be able to equip ur ships with different sorts of weapons

    — person    Sep 29, 03:58 PM    #
  180. whenever you log off and leave your ships on heaps of attack missions, the next day you log on and there are all these battle reports and you dont know if you where attacked or not, so instead of having to go through all those battles you should have your battles in a different color and any attacks on you should be coloured differently as well!!

    — ZeUs9471    Sep 29, 09:38 PM    #
  181. Message system must improve, sad. Make Jump Gate on planets, really expensive like 100k Metal, 150k Crystal, 200k Deu. Make more things cost deu, I always have too much!

    Wasted29    Oct 2, 10:50 AM    #
  182. i agree with adding diferent weapons to ships so you can have a diferent section and you require x lvl of ship yard and research lab to make diferent weapons and add x amount of them to the ship but to many makes it go slower and it can only go up to the cargo space so the waepons would take x amount of that off that would make a battle even harder to win or to loose due to diferent weapons,
    Nice idea “person” altho the ground troops am not so shure on

    and yea when does this get sent?hope its soon cant wait for these changes to be made

    — Dragon King    Oct 2, 12:28 PM    #
  183. i think we should to trade and i think we should be able to build as much buildings as we want

    — Cyberpus    Oct 3, 09:24 PM    #
  184. Most of these ideas would greatly improve the game, they really should add alot more ships, examples: Flack cruisers- to take out figters- Gun boats- smaller then a fighter- so on…

    — jake    Oct 3, 09:35 PM    #
  185. Well basically i think id be a cool mechanic if we could send cargo ships with our recyclers so that we could hold more, but the speed would depend on how may recyclers you have. Thanks for taking our thoughts into well thought. Peace, and thanks guys.

    — FlapJackFighter Universe 3    Oct 3, 09:59 PM    #
  186. I’m sorry I can’t agree with you there FlapJackFighter, because then you could just send one recycler and using the cargos is less deut, bigger speed and bigger stocking amount.

    — Willi@m    Oct 5, 10:12 AM    #
  187. How about a technology which can increase the ressources you can stock on your cargos ?

    — Willi@m    Oct 5, 10:14 AM    #
  188. some new ships would be nice.end schips,

    kansloos    Oct 5, 05:57 PM    #
  189. 1. I LOVEEE the ground troops idea. That’d be pretty awesomeeee.
    2. Space station, love that idea too! _
    3. A few new ships would be nice, and new researches
    4. Reduce in prices of defenses and ships would also be nicee. _

    — Jay Chu    Oct 5, 08:33 PM    #
  190. also a little movie of the combat report

    I thought about the ground troups but what help would that be when fighting another planet ?

    — Willi@m    Oct 6, 12:28 PM    #
  191. when exactly will this statement be sent to the developers

    — common sense    Oct 14, 08:09 AM    #
  192. It also would be nice to have extra ammo ability for defences, like when you activate this you pay some amount of money, that depends on how many turrets you have. This abilyty could last like 2 or 3 hours, and it would affect defences by adding some % of extra damage for light turrets, and granting double shot for heawy turrets. That way defences could be actualy worth something.

    — Arthour    Oct 14, 01:45 PM    #
  193. Also i would like to see option `Prepare for Battle` By selecting this option all planetary defences and ships on orbit would `freeze` for 2 hours, that means you cant move anything for 2 hours but every unit gets +15% firepower and sheald boost. All mines would stop producin resources for these 2 hours, and for that defences would get +50% armor boost, that would make defences worth something.

    — Arthour    Oct 14, 02:17 PM    #
  194. I like a couple of the proposels, but many of them are not worth anything. The idea of a market was good, bu not one where you trade res with ogame, but one where you can put your res up for sale, and other players can buy them. Somehting like an ogame ebay. The moonshot should be moved up to fifty, because it sucks when you lose 35000000 in res and your moonshot is only 20. More accurate precentages is another good idea. The point about not being able to research on one planet whil another rl is being upgrade was good, that needs to be changed. Some new ships might be a good idea, but only one or two new types. Ground troops are absurd, they would be annhilated from the air. When buildings are destroyed, you should be able to recycle up to 60% of the res; however, depending on how much you have been attacked and how much the structural integrity of that building has declined, the amount of res you can recycle should decrease. I might have read a few other good points, but this is all i can think of right now. ogame is fun, and should not be overcomplicated. The most important change is the market, and after that the rl. That’s my 2cents.

    — someone    Oct 14, 05:45 PM    #
  195. let me clear up some of the good and bad things

    ...carriers…. WHY???? what do you need them for? all the ships go at the same speed, and such… absolutely absurd idea….
    i like the market idea. but it cant be made.. why? its called a forum numbnuts…
    one i read was about planets being able to contribute res WITHOUT sending away the res. they already made cargos, USE THEM...
    yea, the moon chance WOULD be nice, but then if it were 50% then people might be able to get 19999 sized moons, which is nuts to be honest (bye bye to that idea)
    prepare for battle?whats up with that? its called having a lot of defense
    wtf? extra ammo come on guys this is the future every weapon is pure energy (save the ML and GT but meh) plz
    let me note, there will NEVER be RF on defenses, they already have the advantage of coming back pplz dont get your head in a knot
    new ships might be nice but there arent any that can be made. do you REALLY want the top player to smash you in even MORE exotic ways?
    there wont be faster harvesters (discussed on the forums b4) nor research to make the cargo capacity larger..
    there is a reason behind not being able to build or research from more than 1 RL.. why? theres 2 reasons:
    1: it works like the Robotics, you cant up it and something else at the same time
    2: if you could (on diff planets) and that person had lvl 8 IRN, thats 8 straight lvls, for the time of 1. how fun would it be to see some1 get 5 levels on 9 planets in 1 go hm? (assuming they had commander)
    3: if you could research diff things on diff planets, then it works just like reason 2 aka OMGWTFPWNed
    someone, you cant destroy buildings (only deconstruct) and theres a cancel button so you can stop it b4 it finishes. no point, its only a no brainer for the no brainers
    NO MOVIE BATTLE CRAP! takes too much time and no1s interested…
    no such things as diff weps, although it sounds cool it will add armour types to the system and just annihilate peoples minds… making it too complicated. also, it would create new ways to kill fodder, thus making the strong stronger and the weak weaker :(
    WTF Wasted29 whats up with that? 100k metal? thats made in a day and on your planet thats IMBA aka nuts
    i agree with the messaging system. do you know what its called? COMMANDER ffs…
    yes noob protection and such would be nice for obvious reasons. i like it
    no random events just too biast as to who it attacks

    theres many more to destroy but ill do that later

    — thecat    Oct 15, 02:36 AM    #
  196. for now, read this and then type in what you want (these are straight from them ogame forums)

    Dead end idea
    Explanation as to why it’s a dead end idea

    1. Nothing that saves you hard, in-game work.
    That’s right – you’re supposed to make some efforts to play OGame. Basically, things are the way they are to make you work to get them. If you suggest an easier method to achieve some effect already present in the game, you remove the need for it; thus potentially taking away some of the advantage that better players (who have worked hard for their account) have.

    1. Substitutes for the Sensor Phalanx. The Sensor Phalanx is about the most powerful thing out there. Read #3 for a comprehensive explanation. 2. Decreasing fuel consumption. When you make the decision to push your fleet size to the max you should plan ahead and be prepared to pay the deut that it will cost to hit people with that fleet. If you don’t make enough deut to fund your attacks, then you should be looking for hits that will net you a lot of deuterium. 3. Things that allow you to learn off of other’s researches. Researches are one of the things that stay with you throughout the game. You’re supposed to work hard to get them, learning off of other players would be next to cheating. 4. Something that lets you see the number of fields a colony has. Basically, there’s no need for you to know that information. You can’t do anything about it and it wouldn’t help you in any way. 5. Automated sending of fleets (i.e. auto-transporters/fleetsavers). This would be little better than account sharing or scripting. To have the system send ships for you would reduce the need for planning and thus save you the work that is best spent yourself. 6. Anything that reduces the cost of any: building, research, ship, defense, or missile. Reducing the cost allows those that have put more time and effort into the game to produce things cheaper and faster. Ships with a lower cost will inevitably be weaker than those that cost the original price because of how the SI works. 7. Permanently giving away ships to another player. This allows one player to supply another player with ships that the player may or may not be able to produce on their own. A player should have to work hard on his own to build up a fleet, not just have it given to them by an alliance mate or buddy. 8. Drive researches which upgrade ships of different drive types. That is the job of the Combustion, Impulse, and Hyperspace drive researches. If you need your ships to move faster, upgrade these researches.

    2. Changes to the current combat system:

    1. Choose which target your ships fire at. If you choose the target your ships would fire at, you could significantly increase your chances of winning, eliminating the need currently existing in the game to have a well-balanced fleet/defense. Bad idea! 2. Protect the non-combat ships by asking non-combat ships to be hit first or the opposite. Again, choosing which ships get hit first removes the need for a balanced fleet/defense. 3. Hit ships that are flying through space. This would make the game way too easy, since there would be no way for you to keep your ships – ultimately, there’s always someone with enough fleet to hit you and make a profit. 4. Longer, more drawn out battles. The main strain on the server is calculating the results of battles which go on all the time. I’ve heard rumors of German servers crashing, trying to calculate the results of their top battles (Germany was the first to have OGame, thus their servers have the biggest players). Besides that, longer battles would mean a victory to one of the sides where now there would be a draw, thus making shield-domes less powerful – they’re there to force draws after all… 5. Blockades. Blockades generally involve keeping a player from producing anything (#5) while allowing a player to avoid having to use the phalanx to hit a fleet (#3). This saves in-game work (#1) because a player has a reduced need to track online times and fleetsave patterns. They also generally attack any fleet attempting to leave or arrive at the blocked planet.

    3. Anything tampering with the Phalanx and/or espionage.
    Espionage is about the only tool you have to “look” at the world of OGame. You can’t do anything without it – thus anything providing false information would, in effect, blind the player, hampering his game.
    Phalanx is a tool built only on moons. Since moons are notoriously hard to get and usually serve to reward fleet-crushed players, moons offer benefits nothing else does. Chief among those is the Sensor Phalanx. It lets you see the times of arrival of enemy fleets, thus providing you another tool for looking at the world of OGame.
    This is the main reason it shouldn’t be blinded. Also, anything making it less useful, such as allowing fleets to have waypoints, thus making them harder to catch (for example if one of the waypoints was out of range of your phalanx you would be unable to scan it, allowing the player to easily avoid getting phalanxed), would remove some of the usefulness from them – the point in the phalanx is that it is hard to avoid.

    4. Anything to do with changing ship speed/destination in-flight.
    Mainly, this falls under the making the Phalanx less useful category. See #3 for a comprehensive explanation.

    5. Nothing that is mainly used for ruining another person’s account. This includes building destroying, research forgetting, blowing up someone’s planet and just about anything else.
    OGame is played over months and years – not hours like most other games. In other games you can destroy a player’s basic foundations, making him loose. In OGame, this would effectively bring a player’s hard work of several months – sometimes a year or more! To nothing. One of the main aspects of OGame is that you can always rebuild. Some attacks would prove major setbacks, but you’re never back to square one – you always have your planets/buildings/researches to help you rebuild.

    6. Any suggestion that would completely nullify the need to have/use anything currently in the game.
    Ogame is very well balanced. If your suggestion removes the purpose of an aspect of the game – removing the need for it – it ruins the game balance. i.e., suggesting a stronger Battleship, removing the need to have the normal ones by making the new ones better.
    This includes suggestion for game-play features good only for new players – they are made obsolete by themselves later in the game.

    1. Anything which makes moons obsolete, tampers with moons, or mimics what moons do. That’s right, moons are a reward for losing your fleet or a portion of it. Thus, they give you certain advantages nothing else does. They’re designed to.

    7. Canceling/rearranging ships or defense in Shipyard queue.
    The Shipyard has a queue, allowing you to save all of your resources from an attack by investing them in ships/defense. This should only be done if you don’t have enough cargos to transport them, since you can’t cancel. Allowing you to cancel/rearrange the queue would allow you to save the resources at no cost to yourself and eliminate the need of having cargoes to transport your resources, saving them overnight by putting something that takes a long time to build (like a RIP) in queue and investing the resources in ships you put after it, then coming back in the morning and canceling them all.

    8. Special universes (top players only / defense into debris / non acs / speed unis).
    It is GameForge’s decision on whether special unis will be introduced. If they want player input on a special universe to come, there will be an announcement in the News section.

    1. Introducing ACS into non-ACS universes. What is ACS? And will it be implemented in all Universe? quote: ACS WILL NOT be implemented into older Universes yet. This will happen in due course, but nobody knows when. ACS is found in Universe 5 and Universe 18, and will be in all new universes, unless decided otherwise.

    9. Anything to do with interlinking universes or player accounts.
    Each universe is played on a different server. They aren’t interlinked. Besides that, the purpose of new universes is to allow new players to reach the top by allowing all players to start from scratch. If you could enable top players to bring their superior fleets/resources to other universes it would give them a head start on newly joined players.

    10. New universes come out when they come out.
    New universes = new servers. New servers = more money. OGame needs to have more players for a new universe to be created. Just wait – they come out regularly. Information about the new universe will be posted in the News section. Wink

    11. Automatic production of Anti-Ballistic Missiles (ABMs).
    Essentially, this makes ABMs too powerful. They already cost much less than IPMs (Interplanetary Missiles) and thus give the defender an advantage against them. Making them auto-produce would completely remove the IPMs from the game.

    12. One Interplanetary Missile (IPM) wiping out all defenses.
    Makes IPMs too powerful. They’re balanced to be useful, but not all-powerful.

    13. IPMs that can target ships.
    Part of OGame is the space-battles. Fleets have the advantage over defenses by being mobile, being able to be moved to be saved from an attack.
    Aside from that, missiles tend to be incredibly fast. If a player could destroy your fleet by launching a missile that hits after 10 minutes you wouldn’t be able to go to the toilet without getting fleet-crushed.

    14. ‘Sounds cool’ is not a reason to post an idea.
    Says it all, really. Ideas should contribute to game-play. OGame isn’t one of those graphics-heavy games you can ruin to your heart’s content and not make worse. It relies solely on it’s addicting game-play style – which wouldn’t be good if unbalanced. Think the idea through to see if it has a positive effect on the game.

    1. Animation (Flash, 3D Effects, etc.) The server load alone could hinder the game massively, not to mention the players who are on slower internet connections. If you want to see movement, then use a skin with animated .gifs or create an external animation.

    15. Prioritizing which resources get taken first, when either attacking someone or harvesting a debris field.
    Currently, OGame allows only 50% of each resource to be taken from the planet (providing you have the cargo capacity to take them), leaving the defender something to rebuild. If you’re able to choose which resource to take you either ignore the 50% rule, thus leaving no resources – or making it useless for the attacker to choose a resource, since he then would need 3 waves to capture the same resources captured in one wave now.

    16. Moving planets in any way, shape or form.
    That’s right, planets stay where they are. It makes you think about new colony location and doesn’t allow to move your planet elsewhere to avoid getting attacked. You can instead destroy your hard-earned colony and start a new one – an extreme measure to be done only as a last resort.

    17. Increasing the number of potential colonies beyond the current limit of one homeworld plus eight colonies (nine total planets).
    The universes tend to get crowded enough as time goes on, and adding more colonies would only make things worse. People would use these extra colonies to go for more slot 4-7 planets which would eliminate the very few with may remain.

    18. Deconstructing ships/buildings to gain resources.
    When in need of resources you have either mines or your ships to raid with. Deconstructing a building would allow you a new way to gain resources, thus reinvesting your points in something new. This eliminates the need to have a well-planned, well-balanced account. You could just erase your past mistakes at minimal cost. This game is about planning.

    19. Changing newbie protection in any way, shape or form.
    That includes adding a new “middle” rank for protection. Newbie protection is basically there to help you learn the basics of the game without being bothered too much by players too strong for you. By 5,000 points you should know ways to avoid getting attacked by someone – making yourself unprofitable.

    20. Anything that gives away a pay to use option for free.

    1. Commander feature(s) (message systems, construction queue, etc.). Users who get Commander are paying for those features. That money goes towards the upkeep of the servers, so in essence they are paying for the bit of extra space taken up for them to have such features. If you want to have these features you should have to pay for them just as the rest have. See Commander Description for a list of Commander features. 2. Officers. Users who choose to purchase Officers are helping pay for upkeep of the servers. If you wish to have an officer, you should have to purchase it just like those that already have.

    21. Anything that increases the gap between the stronger and the weaker.
    This includes things like point amount having an effect on mines. Or an expensive research which increases something too much, such as a super research that increases all stats for a fleet. Things like this would upset the already delicate balance of universes.

    22. Nothing that involves “people”. Ogame is not about citizens. This includes ground troops, invasions, etc…
    That’s right. Ogame is not about people. Your empire is far enough into the future to have robots manage almost every aspect of the daily life. It’s a space game – about ships and epic space battles. People play no part in it.

    23. Anything to do with realism.
    OGame has nothing to do with the real world. That’s right – consider the way a moon is created. If your suggestion’s only merit is making OGame more realistic – there’s no point to it. Concentrate on improving game-play instead.

    24. Nothing lifted directly from popular culture.
    Items lifted from popular culture generally fare horribly when it comes to making them work in the game. A good example is the MAC Stations from Halo 2.

    25. New resources.
    OGame currently has 3 resources – Metal, Crystal and Deuterium. Those three are enough and provide the necessary economy for the game. Unless you can give a really good reason to have a new resource instead of using one or more of the existing ones, this stays as it is.

    26. Random events.
    OGame is about planning your actions. If random events would be brought in, it would mess up people’s planning and thus the point of the game.

    27. Being able to attack banned players that are in vacation (perma-banned or otherwise).
    These players were banned for a reason. Allowing others to attack players who have been banned with vacation for minor infractions can be seen as #5.

    Players who have been perma-banned have had such done for a reason. Often it is for multi-accounting. These accounts should not be attackable because it allows the illegally gained resources back into the system.

    28. Restricting the availability of the activity indicator in espionage reports
    Activity can be seen already in galaxy view. The activity indicator in espionage reports is there to allow you to see if the activity has come from the moon or planet, and there is no reason as to why this should be affected by their espionage level, number of probes or any other reason.

    — thecat    Oct 15, 02:41 AM    #
  197. http://s8.bitefight.org/c.php?uid=49158

    this is a coll game. check it out.

    — someone    Oct 17, 08:34 PM    #
  198. point #19 is dated, 5000 is nothing.

    — someone    Oct 18, 12:49 AM    #
  199. well i think it would be nice to be able to both destroy and take over other peoples planets.
    but i also think that it would be nice if there were differnent races that one can play.

    — gron kal    Oct 18, 08:15 AM    #
  200. it would be helpful if solar satellites would have a little more sheilds, but being able to move them would be really stupid.

    — shadeslayer42199    Oct 18, 02:13 PM    #
  201. 1)One should be able to send a fleet to attack from one planet, and then have it return to a another planet after the attack.
    2) An interface where one could look at the stats of their upgraded ships as opposed to having to work them out or wait for a battle report would be a big improvement i.e. Heavy Fighter attack 150 + 15 (base + upgrade)

    — Major Pain    Oct 18, 09:27 PM    #
  202. Good job thecat
    Go Uber-Turtles !

    — Willi@m    Oct 19, 10:48 AM    #
  203. I think you should be able to see an animation of battles!

    — Zerk    Oct 20, 03:13 PM    #
  204. btw, i didnt make that.
    ive seen a post already that violates the ‘rules’, so plz stick to them

    — thecat    Oct 20, 09:23 PM    #
  205. 1.I Think there should be bigger cargos.

    2.Jumpgates on planets

    3.Bigger reycyclers

    4. ships not costing so much

    5.more feilds on planets!

    — Bob    Oct 21, 12:12 AM    #
  206. A central trading system like bank or sotorage facility for resources would be good for an alliance..

    Members of each alliance can use their own bank to trade resources among themselves.

    This would reduce lots of trading confusions and inappropriate dealings. Also saves a lot of time..

    — Praveen    Oct 23, 01:51 PM    #
  207. Ogame really is a great game as it is.
    I see no real reason to change something.
    These have been the rules for years.
    Stick to them !

    — Willi@m    Oct 25, 12:52 PM    #
  208. Throught history rules have changed, the whole idea of this chat is for people to say what they want. Btw ‘thecat’, ur right about ground warfare but the rest i don’t agree with u. This game does become repetitive and pointless when you have a high rank. higher level players do pray on the weak that is a fact, they do this to stay on top. You also didn’t like ideas of different ships, why do you think other games have more monsters or different weapons? Variety, it makes the game more intresting and worth playing. If i had to vote on only one thing to be added and that would be a market. By reference play the game “Dogs of the Sea’ and go see the way they do trade. If we could create more ships or add things to a ship (DoTS really is the same concept except they are a navel game and this is space but the ideas are similar) the game would appeal more players. So in conclusion lets hear what people have to say and the designers would take into account what they want and what they don’t want.

    — -D00M-    Oct 26, 01:11 AM    #
  209. Yeah thecat did some nice destrcutive work but didn’t provide any ideas himself

    — Willi@m    Oct 27, 04:47 AM    #
  210. I’d like to be able to research ‘fleet tactics’ as another tech. It should be similar to weapons, armor, and shields; better tactics would help you win a battle.

    — aswrg7    Oct 27, 12:15 PM    #
  211. u should put the fleet share system in uni 10 and many more uni’s u should make the cruiser more powerful and add a battlestation type class the fleet and resources able to make more exact percents moons should be able to form easier espionage technology should be more exact and show where the persons fleet is going if its leeving the planet and you should be able to intercept the persons fleet before they reach your planet so u can make his fleet more able to be destroyed if u take out half of it on the way to your planet but u should make the ability to intercept fleets a tech that way it wont make things to easy for people ok

    — the xenocide    Oct 28, 06:21 PM    #
  212. also i think that the alliance bank thing so u can borrow resources and more power to solar sattelites that way when u try to get gravitron u wont keep dyin after a battle make a fleet move to another colony so u can protect that one , i think that moons should be able to be destroyed if there are enough deathstars attacking u should be able to along with the fleet intercept thing once u reach a certain level of tech u and allies should be able to intercept an incoming fleet but u can only have a certain number of ships attacking
    my bro says that since colony ships have the materials to start a colony that they should build a metal mine lvl1 crystal mine lvl 1 and dueterium lvl 1 and solar plant lvl 2 thats about it and ppl dont critisize my ideas the entire purpose is to get new ideas so just let them be

    — the xenocide    Oct 28, 06:38 PM    #
  213. 1) More ships something most agree on
    2) More research this can be argued on
    3) Trading midway two planets instead of one or two fleets heading all the way back and forth, sometimes massive deut losses.
    4) SHIP UPGRADES!!!! Choose different upgrades for ships, Ogame already has some minor ones, such as the smlla cargo and bomber switching speed with higher techs.
    5) Ground troops… eh, not so much. Ogmae IS a space game. Ground troops would only be useful if you could “take” planets from someone by instigating an invasion. If this happened, the game would be destroyed, as it might be possible to go over the planets limit.
    6) 5k points is not nerly enough time. getting 5k points is extremely simple, but once you hit the big leagues, a massive force of deathstars and destroyers and such could attack you without you being able to touch them. There should be a system of more points till noob protection is over, maybe 25k points, more than suffiecent time to build up any kind of defense. As it happens, only those truly xp’d in ogame get any real points after a while. some take a year to get 350k points. Some take less then a month.
    7) Moveable defense platforms. Build defenses one place, ship them over using cargos or some other ship to its new home. Simple.
    8) limit the number of IPM attack in an hour or so. One night i went to bed after checking my defenses and building some defenses, and the next day i get an army of reports of over 60 IPM attacks on me in a period of little less then 2 hours. Needless to say i was really really angry. expecially when no fleet came to follow up and raid. Just pointless attacks.
    9) Viral/anti viral technology is a horrible idea, we already have IPM/APM’s…
    10) Rearanging the building Queue. Great idea, as long as you cant cnacel. canceling would destroy the fleet saving/crashing aspect.
    11) If ships were too cheap, masive numbers of powerful ships would be runnning around the universe. just think if a RIP cost 1k metal/crystal and 300 deuterium? Ships should be expensive.
    12) And now my ideas.
    A general market should be open. A station to trade in some of your resources for another. NOT 1:1!!!!! 1 deuterium is not worth 1 metal. Just enough to balance unwanted resources with ones that are needed.

    — Gaka    Oct 30, 07:03 PM    #
  214. The virus injector:
    This moderated-sized ten times as big as an espionage probe and twice as fast would disable the Armour, Shielding, and Weapons technologies of a player for 5 seconds. This would be useful for raiders who have good timing so they could have better chances in battle. This ship uses a lot of energy to inject the virus into the Research Lab, so it is made almost entirely of generators, making it cost 2k metal and 8k crystal. There are devices for the victims called the “spotter” and is the only device that can detect a fast moving object like that. It self-destructs like an ABM and does not let the virus injector do its job. The virus injector could either be killed or just disabled. However, there are chances of 50/50 that the virus injector’s mission will be done or it will fail. The chances of destroying the virus injector increase as the espionage technology is upgraded, and the same goes for the attacker, but only this time the attacke will have more chance of injecting the virus. The spotter reflects back the virus to the attacker’s planet with a 10% chance, making the attacker a lot more vulnerable to the planetary defenses of the “victim”. Using the virus injector is a very risky mission and therefore it should be used only in the worst situations. The spotter will have the 10% chance of reflecting back the virus only if its mission of destroying or disabling the virus injector is accomplished, its cost will be 1/2 the price of the virus injector, that is, 1k metal and 4k crystal. Caution: It will require some skill and practice to know how to handle a virus injector real well. This is because you’ll have to time it within 5 seconds before the attack hits. If you have some good Phalanx skills, then you will have no problem with the virus injector.

    — Nice_dude, Universe 7    Oct 31, 02:22 PM    #
  215. a ship between the destroyer and the deathstar

    — zeekyboogydude    Nov 11, 12:46 PM    #
  216. I think that we should be able to customize the amount of turrets and the strength of shields on ships for some extra resources. I also love the space station idea.

    — Ob2kenobi    Nov 11, 01:50 PM    #
  217. I would like to see a new ship some-what like an aircraft carrier, It would effectively carry a selected amount of Light/Heavy Fighters and Small/large Cargos. It could have like a total capacity of 50 small/light ships or 25 large/heavy ships or a mixture of both. The main point of this ship being that it would be faster than the fighters and cargos. If sent to attack the ships would be deployed at the target planet, attack it then either be destroyed or survive to load up and fly home within the carrier.

    — B-Polar A.k.a MC iLL B, Uni 24    Nov 13, 11:34 PM    #
  218. I’d like to see more protection implimented… to prevent the #1 guy in the universe with umpteen billion points attacking those of us under 10k…

    — joejabmcstab    Nov 14, 04:05 AM    #
  219. How about making a new universe that can only be entered by people that currently hold an account that is in an alliance of a previous universe. Make it like an alliance uni. People may only enter with 5 or more people in an alliance, once they enter, they cannot leave that alliance, but people may join it (using some sort of password scheme perharps) This would make the game a lot more balanced in ways of the no1 alliance not being able to control the universe fully as easily, controlling all of the top 50 spots for top players. :)

    — spuddaby    Nov 14, 02:56 PM    #
  220. I think that there should be specialty ships that can only go on certain missions that would make the aforementioned Traders Dream a lot more realistic if it can only go on transport missions etc. the possibilities are endless and simplify IGRN by just make it shorten research times

    — LordOblivionUni7    Nov 14, 04:43 PM    #
  221. acs in uni 8

    — louis    Nov 14, 10:29 PM    #
  222. Also a way to prepare your fleet in the evening to attack an X planet with X number of ships like that in the morning you could just go on “prepared fleet” menu and just do a single click to launch your fleet.

    — Willi@m    Nov 15, 12:09 PM    #
  223. How about faster customer service and not getting banned for using a college IP address when your friend’s on at the same time. . .

    They really need to ask if you’re mulitaccounting before they just kick you off

    A simple email would do. . .

    Other than that. . . Maybe reducing the beginning build times so as to get newer gamers up to speed.

    — Some guy    Nov 16, 12:30 AM    #
  224. i think that shield domes should be able to upgrade in levels because anyone can get through small/large shield dome.
    Also you should be able to deconstruct solar satelites.

    — menace2society    Nov 16, 10:19 AM    #
  225. Yeah but you can upgrade your shield technology

    — Willi@m    Nov 18, 08:47 AM    #
  226. acs in uni 13

    — ob2kenobi    Nov 20, 03:58 PM    #
  227. From what I read, I really like the chat window and space station ideas. Personally I think there should be an in-game NAP and allies options for alliances. Too annoying keeping up with 10+ alliances to keep away from, especially when the list is in constant flux.

    — Calcutter    Nov 21, 09:48 PM    #
  228. i think the ranks are too
    rediculous when it comes
    to how ranks ranks away
    can u attack someone?
    i was lyk rank 1700
    and got attackd by a rank 1000
    i think the rank that you can attack should be within
    200 ranks because
    i 1700 rankd person has no chance to defend against a guy rankd 1000
    thats just ridiculously unfair
    i mean how the hell do you expect me to protect myself from a fleet that has 84 cruisers when i am ranked 1700?
    you carnt
    on your own but still
    i think its more than abit off
    thats one of major errors of this game

    — antique_nova    Nov 22, 03:50 PM    #
  229. No it’s not. You’re the error.
    I got spyed on by a rank 10 person ant still didn’t get attacked.
    And i’m ranked 1600.
    If you have the right reflex at the beginning of the game to build defence and mines, you won’t get attacked past the noob limit.
    Anyway 84 cruisers is a very, VERY weak fleet.
    My defense can hold up to 65 deathstars.

    — Willi@m    Nov 23, 02:47 PM    #
  230. I think there should be greater control of your fleets after you send them on a mission.

    For example after they leave you could increase/decrease speed or destination. Also being able to return to different coordinates. Also i feel that it shouldn’t cost the same amount of dueterium for a 2 way mission as for a 1 way mission. deploys should cost less duet.

    These could all be researched using a new technology. maybe something like communications technology.

    — jasonsschwartz    Nov 23, 04:34 PM    #
  231. I don’t know if it has been posted, cuz’ I have no will for reading ALL of those posts, but how about a feature that allows you to view your empire, but only a picture.
    And I FULLY SUPPORT higher chance of getting a moon.

    — Kain    Nov 24, 08:21 AM    #
  232. to william

    so what if your planet can house 65 deathstars
    u tell me and ive only been on this game
    for a month
    not lyk a year and kept going down the ranks which u certianly have
    to me 84 cruisers is a big fleet when i am raided all the time and ive only playd this game for a month

    — antique_nova    Nov 26, 11:20 AM    #
  233. easier chance of getting a moon and actually being able to go into the battles and do stuff and acs in all universes

    — defiler    Nov 27, 06:22 PM    #
  234. To antique_nova, First, I said that my defence could HOLD UP 65 deathstars, not HOUSE 65 Deathstars. Second of all, I have not been playing for a year, more like 5 months.
    And I have been climbing the ranks non-stop.
    And even when my account was a month old, 84 cruisers would be cake for my defense.

    — Willi@m    Nov 28, 02:22 AM    #
  235. to william ^^
    firstly i havent had any help
    and ivbe now been playing for 5weeks
    i can get enough resources
    a day to build 10 cruisers
    every day
    except i upgrade buildings and research
    which are the key to survivial
    instead of hiding behind defences and slowly build up
    and its obviously that u have played longer than me
    even if u havent been on it for a year
    and recently got back on

    — antique_nova    Nov 28, 01:02 PM    #
  236. Also, with the New addition of Expedition technology and Merchants, SOME of these ideas have been implemented. Going near the top, Space Stations… Are basically deathstars.
    And having a fleet of 84 cruisers after playing for 1 month is not much. By one month you should have at least twice that many in BATTLESHIPS plus a decent fodder protection. And if you all think getting raided once every day is painful, try getting hit almost 50 times a day at the harshest points.

    — Gaka    Nov 29, 11:31 PM    #
  237. I would like to be able to trade dark matter…

    — Darkoath    Dec 1, 07:24 AM    #
  238. 1) new ships would be great
    2) the chance to deploy ships to another player, like someone in your alliance would be good
    3) i like the new expedition thing – it would be great if you could find a planet and colonize it as a bonus planet – even if you’ve reached the normal limit for colonies

    — Tomoevans    Dec 1, 10:41 AM    #
  239. i like most is Hyper Shield Dome

    and lots of new ship type
    and defense

    and control of Territory’s

    and Best Idea is Space Station

    — Oshane    Dec 1, 10:54 AM    #
  240. i’m with the alliance depots being put in older unis.space station idea is also very gd.

    — sharky    Dec 2, 04:45 PM    #
  241. I would like to see the large cargos and recyclers get engine like the small cargo and bomber do

    — Major Pain    Dec 3, 09:57 PM    #
  242. i mean engine upgrade

    — Major Pain    Dec 3, 09:57 PM    #
  243. I agree w/ most of the new ideas like ground forces, new ships, disabling of phalanxes, etc. But what I think would be a REALLY good idea would be to attack fleets IN SPACE. It would add a totally new dynamic to the game.If you saw an incoming attack and didn’t want your defenses to take a hit you could send a fleet (from ANY planet!) to fight it in space. That way you could protect a weak colony or assist an ally (if you have ACS).It would also help to prevent fleet crashing for resources. I would also allow IPMs to hit incoming fleets, but that larger ships would have the chance of shooting them down.

    — Chimera    Dec 4, 08:13 PM    #
  244. I think we should have
    1. Spacestations
    2. More than one moon
    3. I was thinking, like being able to send a virus into a planets defences, or fleet. And then being able to research antiviruses.
    4. If i could remember I would say.

    — Aceshigh101    Dec 5, 08:52 AM    #
  245. if you are getting attacked or spied on it should appear as soon as they send the fleet. having to refresh the page is horrible. you could miss the attack and then not have a chance to FS

    — josh    Dec 7, 09:52 AM    #
  246. new ships would be awesome

    — ichigozangetsu    Dec 7, 09:57 AM    #
  247. gaka
    how the hell do u expect me to build about 168 battleships every week?
    i aint no pro but i am catching up very quickly with tactics and all that crap
    but ive only been palying for 7-8 weeks
    i ahve about 4 planets with roungly level 18 crystal and metal mines with about average level 20 solar plants and about level13 deuterium plants ( dont need alot of deuterium)
    and i raid about 3-4 times a day on unused accounts
    who cares if that is being cowardly
    id rather be smart than look smart in the game anyway
    in real life id rather have both :P
    and yes i do have both :P

    — antique_nova    Dec 7, 04:37 PM    #
  248. acs on all universes and the ability to fight in the middle of space. land forces would be cool also. and some form of sabatoge

    bob    Dec 8, 02:22 PM    #
  249. few questions here 1.)i want someones planet, how do i steal/destroy thier planet?
    2.)what exactly does the expedition technology do and how do you use it?

    — ryan    Dec 8, 07:44 PM    #
  250. I think we should put the noob protection up to 10,000 points because as soon as someone reaches 5000 points a player with 100k points could attack them. And if they did it would destroy them easy and take the rescources they spent ages on getting and they would lose their fleet and defence aswell. This would mean they would be back in noob protection.

    Most people will quit if this happens to them.

    I know this because IT HAPPENED TO ME!

    So i quit. I just started back up today to see if i can go without them attacking me straight away. It is totally unfair to noobs (no offence).

    That is what needs to be changed!


    — Jezima    Dec 9, 02:12 PM    #
  251. The ability to cancel fleet and defense construction.

    — Fizotch    Dec 9, 03:48 PM    #
  252. antique_nova

    If you dont want to be attacked then dont keep resources on your worlds. Building defences is a good idea too. IMPORTANT!!!: Ships are TARGETS, NOT DEFENCES. keeping too many ships on your worlds is about the worst thing that you can do. People will try to crash your fleet and harvest the resources in the derbies field.

    — Ob2kenobi    Dec 9, 11:32 PM    #
  253. 1) I think a new fleet mission “Collect” would be a good idea. You send the ships to one of your planets and get the option to collect resources and bring them back.

    2) The ability to forward your fleets from where they were to a different location, i.e. player A sends a fleet to player B’s planet via player C’s planet to refuel using their alliance depot.

    — Glitch    Dec 10, 08:20 PM    #
  254. to Ob2kenobi
    what if this guy h8s u for no reason?
    and just bashees u?
    and hes been on vacation on for 3 weeks :P
    i have improved vastely since then
    i have gd fleet defence and resources for my rank ^^

    — antique_nova    Dec 14, 02:18 PM    #
  255. I reckon we need to be able to make planets more specialised… currently all planets you build do more or less the same thing. How about having planets dedicated to mining and production (limited defence option, no option to build ships etc), planets for research, and general planets for population.

    Also, having a population for each planet (with new resources such as food to support) – with increases in population, more research becomes available, and things happen faster. Certain buildings would require a certain population level to operate correctly, and population could be killed off during attacks (would bring in a new form of attack, to exterminate populations).

    Ability to conquer planets, bringing taking control of someone elses planet, less a slight reduction in all buildings levels to represent damage and sabotage during the conquring.

    Transports for population (if theres an impending attack you can evacuate your population to another planet).

    Having people on the planets would mean less fleet saving because you would have to defend against having a planet seazed.

    Increase limit on number of planets that can be colonised.

    Gas giant mining with floating MOVABLE mining stations (slow moving and succeptable to attack)

    Stealth ships (light armour, but heavy firepower, for stealthy raids which do not get picked up by phalanx)

    Interceptors (pirate ships) for hitting fleets in transit.

    Space station (unmovable, but heavy defence, able to self mine debris fields)

    more ships…

    thats all i’ve got for now.

    — LordWorm    Dec 15, 03:23 AM    #
  256. antique_nova

    If he is attacking you for no reason then you need friends in high places. Try joining an alliance. I am sure that some of the stronger members would be glad to help you.

    — Ob2kenobi    Dec 15, 11:20 AM    #
  257. Maybe another function for the “Resource” section – giving not only per hour, but per minute or day too if possible.

    And maybe a small alliance forum that they have in other web-browser games.

    — Pacman    Dec 15, 06:45 PM    #
  258. Here are my thoughts on Ogame.
    1) You should be able to build a space Station where most planets have moons, but also make them as hard to get as the deathstars if not harder.One thing I would do is have it use Deuterium to stay in orbit and if you don’t then it crashes into your planet and destroys defensive facilities and fields.The space stations should be just a major defensive base stronger than the plasma turret. The base should also be able to have the phalanx on it along with jump gates.
    2) The message system sucks
    3)Have a ship attack and return to a different planet.
    4)Have new ships that are made for space combat; therefore, if you see that your planet is going to be attacked you simply ship out a fleet that meets them on their way to your planet. The battle takes place in space and the planet is not touched. This could also be useful with expeditions some one could come across a great space battle…
    5)You should be able to put energy towards speeding up the building of ships, defenses, and research; therefore you take away from you resources in order to produce faster. Also it will make energy more valuable.

    — Grant Philip Baker    Dec 16, 03:00 AM    #
  259. to oko2kenobi
    what about if that alliance that im in ryt now is too lazy and im doing all the work
    i cba to join another atm but i will soon when im strong enough :P

    — antique_nova    Dec 16, 12:16 PM    #
  260. antique_nova

    What uni are you in? if you are in 13 than I have about 100 battle ships thai i can help you with

    — Ob2kenobi    Dec 18, 04:10 PM    #
  261. I agree with the chat room idea from FalseData I think it would make communication A LOT easier

    — Gambit22    Dec 18, 05:45 PM    #
  262. I think we should be able to send ships to several destinations, like with recyclers, you could send them to several debris fields in one mission

    BTW IPMs can now be launched at moons, at least in uni10.

    — fishman    Dec 20, 06:49 AM    #
  263. I would actually like some optional share vision in alliances. You should be able to turn on or off share vision with any of your alliance members. In that way, they can “see” but not “control” your planet. Its a better alliance system now that there is an ADVANTAGE to actually being in an alliance. The idea arose from many other strategic games like Starcraft or Age of Empires.

    Having it in Ogame would be nice.

    — Pacman    Dec 20, 06:23 PM    #
  264. I think Uni-3 needs a ship that you can build that only takes Metal, used mainly as a lighter fodder.

    Structual Intergrity – 1000

    Sheilds – 15

    Weapon Strength – 300

    — Iceman    Dec 20, 11:44 PM    #
  265. I don’t think they’re doing this one uni at a time.

    I also think another ship or defense that needs Ion tech would be good-at the moment you only need it level 5 and then it’s useless

    — fishman    Dec 21, 02:32 PM    #
  266. i think it would be great if you could capture ships – for example with some new tipe of ship.

    — Bushido    Dec 21, 03:47 PM    #
  267. i like the space station idea and i agree that ACS should be added in older universes

    — Bushido    Dec 21, 03:54 PM    #
  268. to Ob2kenobi
    unlucky i am in
    universe 25 XD
    and i am in the red team
    alliance just promoted to
    right hand :p
    and i have 78 battleships
    already and 60 cruisers thanks
    but ur offer would be welcomed in universe 25
    i would gladly help you develope
    in universe 25 ^^

    — antique_nova    Dec 21, 06:07 PM    #
  269. Never, NEVER send ships to expeditions!!!! why? Because this can hapen:

    A core meltdown of the lead ship leads to a chain reaction, which destroys the entire expedition fleet in a spectacular explosion.

    — Arthour    Dec 23, 11:59 AM    #
  270. lol
    well thats never worked on me
    so until then
    and ill be careful to send rubbish ships lyk light fighters
    and about 100 ships with about 20 large cargo ships minimum ^^
    how many ships did u lose?
    imagine a guy ranked 100
    fleet saved all his resrouces
    and that happened

    — antique_nova    Dec 26, 01:34 PM    #
  271. Expeditions say “Attention: expeditions are very risky and are not a wise choice for fleet saving” under the mission select thing

    This is why

    Only a total noob would fleetsave that way

    — fishman    Dec 26, 05:41 PM    #
  272. i would like it, if you could fight fleets in space. like if you know an enemy fleet is attacking you could intercept the attacking fleet in space and have ur planet untouched

    i would also like to see animations created.
    animations such as space battle, like if you attack someone, you could see how the battle happened on video, if you wanted or just look at the results and skip the video.

    those are my suggestions
    thank you

    — SoloWingz    Dec 26, 11:29 PM    #
  273. Alliance CHAT!

    — Blackarz    Dec 27, 05:00 AM    #
  274. — antique_nova

    just tell me your ingame name and you postion and i will take them ships off your hands haha

    some of these suggestions are good others…. building a moon for example would give bigger players massive advantages as they could build moons much quicker than smaller players.

    destroying moons made easier no! What makes you think destroying a moon would be easy this game is spose to be as realistic as possible.
    destroying phalanxes again i personally disagree with the idea of investing rescoures in buildings is because they cant be destroyed i havent read throught the whole thread but there are some good one like improved messages would be nice

    my idea
    i think that the alliance deport should allow an alliance friend to be able to deploy there and lauch attacks from there
    it would make moons much more useful

    — Supremacy    Dec 27, 11:37 AM    #
  275. Noob protection defenitly needs to be change, to leave noob protection a player must be atleast at 10,000 points.

    another thing

    upgrade costs are too high and so is the time taking to uprgrade things
    the problems is my mine production cant keep up
    to the daily resources i need to spend.

    The level of production is also another problem

    If metal and crystal mine are both at level 10 they should both produce the same amount of resources hourly, not have one produce more than the other…

    My main goal here is to let you know that noobs are having a problem with the stronger players
    The noobs cant fight back because they are too weak and if the stronger players keep taking their resources the noobs will never have a chance in ogame….
    The noobs need help!
    Please change the game for the noobs… give them a fighting chance…we all need a fair chance

    Please….. and Thank You

    — Solowingz    Dec 31, 02:45 AM    #
  276. If I see someone else suggest destroying buildings I’ll do many bad things to them. How about maybe a probe armed with a scrambler to disrupt a sensor phalanx? Oh and that animations suggestion, don’t expect to get that for free. It’s pretty involving making a video for a free browser game that is currently suffering a decline of players (i.e. Uni 32 dropping from 12000 to 5000 in about 3 weeks.)

    — Calcutter    Dec 31, 04:48 AM    #
  277. -Calcutter
    yea i knew the animation thing wasnt gonna work…

    In response to Cacutter’s decline of players…my answer is maybe people are quitting ogame…because most of them are noobs and cant hold off the stronger players

    I myself have thought of quitting ogame because im too weak….Im a ranked 4000 player and every morning im getting hit by a ranked 200 player

    If everymorning he keeps attacking me and taking my resources how am i ever going to amount to anything ogame…..its the stronger players that are making the newer ones leave and quit…

    We need a change in ogame that will benefit the noobs…im not say that they should only benefit…but everyone should…. but come on lets give the little guys a chance of making it in ogame…..Please

    — Solowingz    Dec 31, 09:54 AM    #
  278. Noob protection should be on until ur atleast a rank of atleast 700 because a guy comes and owns ur little fleet that youve saved up for weeks and the guys ranked about 4th

    jamesk    Dec 31, 11:31 AM    #
  279. exactly!!! noobs should fight one another

    medium players fight one another

    intermediate players should fight one another

    and then strong players fight one another

    Not have the strong fight the weak…..it wouldnt be fair

    There should be like certain levels..of who can fight who…and as you get stronger you should advance in levels and go on to fight others as strong as you

    — solowingz    Dec 31, 03:20 PM    #
  280. I love the Battle Station idea. You shouldn’t be limited to 9 planets. Also, Alliances should be able to share research. For example, let’s say someone who has Research level 3 in everything (except graviton of course) joins an alliance where someone has research level 10 in everything, he should be allowed to share what he wants to with you. Better percent increments would be nice and maybe an Instant Message window. New ships would be cool. The ACS should be put in ALL universes. People in the same System should also be able to band together and create something like a super cannon that targets rips or a shield that deters certain ships. You should also be able to send a transport fleet out to where your colony is going to be BEFORE it’s there and make it arive like 10 minutes afterward. I’m freaking tired of waiting for my colony to be made before my ships can go to it to send resources.

    Finally, it’s bull crap that you can’t alter your fleet’s path midflight, like hit 1 planet (or 10) on the way back from somewhere because you have extra room.

    — Hobo I Ar    Dec 31, 09:00 PM    #
  281. The only thing I want is an improve in noob protection. Im new in universe, my rank is 3500(or close to it) and i cant climb over 30 battleship limit, because some guys ranked 300 and up constantly probing and attacking my planets. I know all the rules(dont leave recources fleetsave), but i must sleep sometimes… And how can i do something when i get smashed by 600+ battlecruisers? What kinda rules is that? The creators are like`Fuck you noob, you need to get stronger thats it` And how the fuck can i do that?!?

    — Blind    Jan 1, 01:05 PM    #
  282. I was going to post a large list of stuff, but I went through the comments (no easy task), and noticed that they had all been said. One thing that hasn’t been said is I would like to be able to ambush fleets.

    — jake    Jan 1, 10:39 PM    #
  283. How about Infrastructure research that can help gather resources like, Deep Metal Mining get plus X metal per hour, with all three resources and maybe even Electricity.

    — UNSC uni 21    Jan 2, 12:26 AM    #
  284. #1 How about a primitive GRID that you can set your fleet up to… i.e. attack formations or which side of planet has what type of devense/fleet guarding it.

    #2 In Flight battles. intercepting the enemy or transports in mid space.

    #3 (The nanite or robotics facility)... Once built up to a high enough level you can upgrade/build more than one building at a time but might get a resource to pay extra for it.

    #4 A Trading ability but trading is like this… 100 metal to get 85 crystal… 100 metal to get 65 deuterium.. & all that.

    #5 Troop transport ships & ability to train solders for thier landing.. doing extra damamge to base defenses. Have different types of transports… Tank Transport, APC/Infantry Transporter & Troop/tank defenses too.

    — Trizzleman    Jan 4, 06:00 AM    #
  285. 1. I agree that we shouldn’t be limited to only 9 planets but I think that there must be some limit. Maybe 15 planets or something like that. Otherwhise, stronger players with more resources could easily leave no place to colonize for weaker players.
    2. I also agree that we should have better chances for getting the moon.
    3. New ships are also good idea.
    4. New defenses.
    5. Soldiers aren’t needed.
    And i think that we should get ability to take over some enemy’s ships. Player that win in battle can take over at least 20% of fleet of the other player. It doesn’t have to be that percentage, I’m just guessing.

    — war-lord    Jan 5, 02:04 PM    #
  286. And I don’t agree that there should be anything connected with religion in ogame, I don’t agree that one player should have ability to destroy or take over other player’s planet and I don’t agree that this game should turn to 3D. Think about players that have slower internet connections.
    And if we got ability to explore space, then we should get new ship-explorer.

    — war-lord    Jan 5, 02:15 PM    #
  287. I would like to see a simulation of the battle. I dont know if that could be done but it would be a nice change from working out percentages and reading how amny ships would be lost.

    — Menormice3    Jan 5, 03:08 PM    #
  288. I would also like to see a new ship like a mother ship.
    It could have:
    cargo capacity 2million
    Structal integrity 10million
    shild power 70000
    weapon power 300000
    base speed 75

    Cost could be:
    Metal 7000000
    Crystal 5000000
    Duet 2000000

    The requirements could be:
    Hyperspace tec level 8
    Hyperspace drive level 9
    Shipyard level 14
    Lazer tec level 14
    Plazmer tec level 8
    Weapons tec level 9

    This would only work if you could only get one. Like the shild dome and only after it was destroyed could you get another.

    — Menormice3    Jan 5, 03:27 PM    #
  289. I also think that ogame needs a trade market with rates approved by OGame. We should also have Space stations and a new ship would be pretty cool too. Ogame should also have a higher moonchance.

    — cman738068    Jan 5, 05:05 PM    #
  290. one more thing….
    players should be allowed to disable vacation mode whenever…and not have to wait 2 days.

    — Solowingz    Jan 6, 01:27 AM    #
  291. I don’t agree that players should be allowed to disable vacation mode whenever. If we are allowed to do that, then nobody could attack us, and we could attack nobody, becouse every player could use that whenever he/she isn’t active.
    And I totally agree that we should be allowed to spy one unsettled planet to see how many fields that planet has.
    And send your ships in expeditions in smalller number, altough there is a great risk, becouse you can get useful resources. Once I even got small quantity od black matter.

    — war-lord    Jan 6, 08:51 AM    #
  292. i was thinking that all these new suggestions that we are all suggesting
    should be put into universe 37 if one is to be made in the future

    — Solowingz    Jan 7, 09:56 PM    #
  293. All new suggestions should be put into new universes. If you put new suggestions into old universes, every new addition will make a huge gap between stronger and weaker players.

    — war-lord    Jan 8, 05:19 AM    #
  294. perhaps being able to build the previously mentioned space stations within the orbit of a friendly planet assuming they consent to it, it could generate solar, be space defense, a shipyard, resource storage and a hub for allied fleets! just think of the possibilities!

    Barnaby    Jan 8, 11:23 AM    #
  295. poljubi meeee, zar ne vidis da gorim!!!

    — jingleman    Jan 9, 06:48 AM    #
  296. jingleman says:
    Kiss me, don’t you see that I’m burning.

    — war-lord    Jan 9, 07:09 AM    #
  297. Ja sam vanzemaljac, ja sam zli vanzemaljac!!!!!!

    — jingleman    Jan 9, 07:13 AM    #
  298. Jingleman says:
    I’m an alien, I’m an evil alien.

    — war-lord    Jan 9, 07:15 AM    #
  299. i would like to see more involvement in the gameplay like if they have the money maybe make the battles viewable,so u can entertain yourself.

    — sam ogamename:bloodmace4    Jan 9, 03:10 PM    #
  300. what about being able to hire mercenary ships for a small amount of time ?
    and i like the idea of a super expensive rift/black hole generator but it should be apart of the planets defence to make it more fair ?
    and thenn being able to overpower your mines for like a day or 2 but then staying at 0% production for like 72 hours

    — seanThornton    Jan 10, 12:13 PM    #
  301. OGame has potential, but it seems a bit unfinished. Is there really any purpose of the game except from raiding and farming?

    What about a “purpose,” something to reach for, something motivating, instead of just colonizing planets and build heavy fleets and defenses.

    What about NPC-players?

    What about the possibility to conquer an already colonized planet?

    Or perhaps damage buildings during an attack?

    A population display could be informative as well.

    A 3D display where you were supposed to watch the surface of your planet. (QuickTime VR or something)

    Improved espionage reports. The graphics of this game is perhaps it’s weakest link. What if you were able to view and scroll the surface of your opponent’s planet (in 3D) instead of viewing a list?

    Another sort of resource could be nice. Not everything in the universe is made by metal, crystal and deuterium…

    An in-game chat

    A 2D map instead of a list in the ‘Galaxy’ view.

    Shouldn’t other buildings, such as terraformer and shipyard also require energy? At least when they operate.

    The battle reports are bad. There has to be a more impressive way to show the result of a battle. In flash or something, anything would help. It doesn’t really give you the excitement of fighting…

    At least I hope that something is done with the graphics. Some variation, more pictures, maps and 3D animations and scroll views instead of a great collection of lists.


    — mahaab    Jan 10, 01:14 PM    #
  302. i think ogames needs:

    1)We should b able to view a battle(that wouls b fun

    2)more ships

    3)more room for msgs.

    — bob    Jan 10, 05:18 PM    #
  303. i think you need a new article

    and maybe some updates would be nice.

    — ahem    Jan 12, 07:28 AM    #
  304. I would like to see a new type of cargo ship, one that could hold up to 100k res.
    Also, perhaps have upgrades to laser/ion/plasma techs boost the respective defensive structures’ attacking power (in addition to weapons tech).

    — unchipu    Jan 13, 06:25 PM    #
  305. Well, for a start, having a ‘trader’ playstyle available would be great. What needs to happen first, though, is an easing up of the… restrictive rules regarding trades (or flat out giving res! If I want to help out a new player in my alliance, then why shouldn’t I?.

    The idea of a space station is a great one, and everyone seems to want easier moons… so a moon-like space station (build from a planet, etc.) seems like a great idea. But give it different options to a moon… for instance, maybe a special shipyard with a few new ship types, like corvettes (gunboats).

    — The_Sax_Factor    Jan 14, 11:26 PM    #
  306. Also, I would like to have a new penis.

    Mine is only three inches long :(

    — The_Sax_Factor    Jan 15, 03:44 PM    #
  307. That was very unnecessary. I don’t really know anyone who would find such a juvinile remark funny.

    My advice, to whoever you are, is to stop covering up your own sexual insecurity by making such crude jokes at the expense of others.

    — The_Sax_Factor    Jan 16, 03:52 AM    #
  308. I’d like to see some way of controlling the battle..I mean assigning commands to ships in an attacking fleet(defend, brake through, circle, assign speccific defence targets-LL,RL..etc)..maybe creating a new ship, that could be used for stealthy surprise attacks(that woudn’t be seen as they aproach..and a contrameasure for it-like sensors);
    I’d also like to be able to intercept a fleet or harras(attacking fleet or transports that get scanned by a phalanx)
    and the space station WITH a special defence weapon, like a planetary gun or something…verry expesnive to be used against DS or other powerfull attackers

    — abisail    Jan 18, 08:11 AM    #
  309. 1. no max number of planet
    2. device to disturbing phalax
    3. hijackable planets
    4. limited of the resources
    (1planet reach in metal another crystal…not unlimited just build bigger and bigger )
    5. resarch ship to get the best planet

    — szab3k    Jan 19, 02:52 PM    #
  310. when battles commence there should be a choice to view and intervien with the battle in 3D and also a 3D view of your planet and buildings should be avalible

    — hinote    Jan 21, 04:37 AM    #
  311. 1) Be able to de-construct solar satellites

    2)Be able to assign the percentage at which your fleet flies at precisely. eg 78% instead of 80%

    3)Be able to upgrade the sheild domes to lets say level 10. a large and small sheild dome does nothing as you get further up the ranks.

    4)when you go to defence and shipyard there should be a number saying how many ships you can possibly build with the ammount of res you have on that planet. eg you have 4.5kk Metal and 1.5kk Crystal there will be a number saying “You can build 100 battleships”....would be a lot easier than trying to work it out.

    — ST ANGER    Jan 21, 01:43 PM    #
  312. You guys all have good ideas, but question is… will GameForge apply anyting of this in ogame?

    — war-lord    Jan 23, 08:14 AM    #
  313. There should at least a battle system, like actually watching and commanding the battle, after all, real battles dont end in one second

    — altair007    Jan 23, 09:06 PM    #

    — altair007    Jan 23, 09:07 PM    #
  315. 1. More protection to get attacked with big diference in points, when your out of noobies everybody can attack you.It would be better you can only attack players with max 500k points of difference.
    2. When you take a moonshot with light fighter, a bigger change to actualy have a moon.Or a way to build a moon.
    3.messages you want to keep, not being deleted by demselve.
    4.more different ships.
    5.cheaper deuterium cost when you do a fleetsave
    6.A startplanet that is bigger, I suggest 180-200fields or the abilitty to delete it.
    7.A way to control battles instead of just sending ships and you not can steer them, say what they should attack first.And also to vieuw the battle in 3D.

    — snake    Jan 24, 06:12 AM    #
  316. Noob protection increased!!!!
    I mean, I’ve been absolutley obliterated 3 times this year already ( 2008) by people over 500 more than my own rank. It’s extremely unfair, and really needs to be changed. Im rank.. 1106 or something, and the number one player can attack me? It’s crazy. They need a more narrow noobie protection range, such as something like the way you see yourself on the statistics page ( 1001 – 1100, 1101 – 1200)
    A much better idea methinks :)

    — Aceshigh101    Jan 24, 12:51 PM    #
  317. When it comes to organizing enemies and such. I think it would be convenient to have in your alliance page and galaxy view, a reference tool to label enemies, allies naps, etc. Have an option in the alliance area where the founder can manage those things by setting the tag or name of an alliance as an ally or enemy, so that if other members need a reference, instead of looking at the alliance page as to who’s who in the galaxy view,
    players can see some sort of label next to the name of a player or their alliance that would label them as enemy ally, nap, etc.
    I think it would be really handy

    — HateCrew    Jan 29, 05:58 PM    #
  318. i absolutly LOVE the idea of a spacestation! how about one for each alliance? that way it might be easier to trade off res with others. also y not be able to combine everyones ship in the allince on that station? that way it would be ezr to have a allince war.

    Also if the space station is made, y not be able to have a add-on for it on the main menu? u know, for up grading it.

    some of the up grade i think some people would like would be
    1) defences
    2) cargo hold for res
    3) hanger bay for solor satlites or for fleet?

    and with each lvl upgrade of the improvements u get more storage space

    also i am behind pigscanfly on the ground troops

    aslo noob protection need to be extended to a point where u have a good defence and attack
    this will help alot of ppl

    and, with the finding of a certaint tech, y not have a pop up screen of the galaxy u have? u know… to plain out the best way to get to a place? just a thought…. i know i will get bashed for that, but hey, its a free country right?

    — Admiral Kozak    Jan 30, 06:08 PM    #
  319. also, one i just thought of, we should be able to cancel the production of ships. cuz im making a solor satlite, but now i dont have enough res to upgrade my R-lab, and i realy want to up grade it now.

    oh befor i forget agian, i am aslo up for new ships
    liek the gunship, or maybe a light bomber, or a flagship? other then a the battleship. i also love the idea of bing able to name the ships. how about being able to change color, maybe even dezine on a mod ship thing? but of cource, the good thinks in life are expensive.

    oh and i would love a IM in ogame, expesialy for the alliance

    — Admiral Kozak    Jan 30, 06:32 PM    #
  320. <b> better documentation! </b>

    — xblitz    Jan 31, 09:40 AM    #
  321. i personaly think that whole thing about “new galaxies should be the only ones get these improvements” is a bunch of bull. “Well it creates a bigger gap from neebi and pro” well, not if that new neebi control would work

    members can not attack poeple 500+ rank below them, so that way, noobies can prosper

    also i belive that that noobie protect should only be deacivated when u have atleast some defence on, to give poeple a fighting chance

    — Admiral Kozak    Jan 31, 04:51 PM    #
  322. I really hope that if any changes are made to ogame…that they be put into universe 37

    — SoloWingz    Jan 31, 07:45 PM    #
  323. A technology that makes ships more fuel efficient.
    ex: Fuel Efficiency Tech : X Resources. Decreases fuel consumption by X%

    — Panzer    Feb 1, 01:42 PM    #
  324. I think that a sort of “Mothership” could be made. This would allow for us to hide ships in the mother ship and it would allow for delivery of solar sats from one planet to another. Say that there is a limited space on the ship based on the cost of the resources that it takes to make the ship. Keep it to just the smaller ships. Battleship being the biggest ship or smaller. This will prevent the large ships from being hidden. Also a Phlanx or a esp could possibly find out what a Mother ship has. I find it sometimes hard to build all my sats on one planet for Graviton. Takes to long. Solar sats should be able to be moved.

    — Matrix    Feb 2, 02:35 AM    #
  325. Second thought. You should be able to create space mines as a defense. Basically a booby traped debre field that when you get fleet crashed, happens to everyone, you can place space mines in the debre field and if someone trys to Recycle it…Boom. Taken out. You would be imune to your own space mines. But with this should be the ability to probe a debre field to find the mines. send in one recycler and the field and then scoop up the loot. That is if the planet owner doesn’t re-mine it before your recyclers get there. You could make them as powerful as a Light or heavy laser and make the cost like the cost of a heavy laser and solar sat combined. Kinda a point defense mine that uses solar to fuel it and discharges all the energy in one shot. That could really change the dynamics of the game and it would give noobies a bit more protection from fleet crashing people of a much higher level.

    Second thing I would like is a way to “Ground” a spaceship so it isn’t subject to an attack or it gets the shield bonuses to it’s defense. A ship on the ground rather than in space would be a bit protected.

    — Matrix    Feb 2, 02:49 AM    #
  326. We need spacestation!!! Why and How? For alliance attack. It works this way: The creator of alliance must be given space station. trough special option he could make attack orders, and time until attack, say: attacking 2:135:13 attack will begin in 24:00:00. So people in alliance sending their ships to the battle station until time runs out. When time runs out all the ships stationed on battle station attacking the target, and after attack (if they survive) they all go home. And when the creator doing this all the people from alliance must see mesege like `Alliance attack is being planed`. This is realy needed thing, because its a real bich when you try to organaise the raid.

    — Blind    Feb 5, 10:34 AM    #
  327. And one more thing : Upgrade for domes. What kind of use to have domes when you getting attacked by swarms of serious warships.

    — Blind    Feb 5, 10:37 AM    #
  328. I’ve been reading about the Space Station idea, but no-one has clearly defined what it would imply.
    So here goes:

    - It will be the ultimate toy for huge empires, as it will cost more than a RIP – Necessary research will be: 1) Lv12 Comp Tech 2) Lv9 Hyperspace Eng 3) Lv1 Grav Tech – It will be expensive: 8m metal, 8m crystal, 3m deuterium. – Its main use would be to replace mobile colonies when attacking. – Limit of one Space Station per player – Speed will be similar to RIP (100 or less) – The Space Station will be able to park itself on a planet (just like any other ship) or on any empty planet slot. – If the SS is parked on a planet it’s treated as a ship, if it’s parked in space it will be treated as a planet (but with no construction available) fleets will be able to park by it and leave on attack missions. – It will be defenceless: a part for a 20000 shield, it will have no weapons and no defences can be built on it. It will be defended by the fleet when in space or by fleet and defences when parked on a planet. – While in space it will have 20m resource capacity, if more than 20m resources are deposited in the SS they are ejected in space and lost forever. When parked all resources will be deposited on the planet. – It can’t be moved if a fleet is parked by it or if there are any active mission to and from it. – If it’s destroyed while in space, it will form a debris field, but no moon will be formed and any surviving fleet will return to the home planet. – It cannot be sent on attack or expedition missions. – Fuel consumption: 10,000
    So to recap: – on the plus side you will have a device that will enable you to attack from virtually anywhere in space. – on the minus side you have the huge cost and the fact that a lot of people will try to blow up your slow and defenceless station and collect 4.8m debris.

    — Nightmist    Feb 6, 11:28 AM    #
  329. I have a few ideas about satellites that would be automatically installed when the tech need is met.

    1: At 1st level of construction, they work like they do now.

    2: Once Espionage level 3 and shield level 3 are reached, they get upgraded so that when you power them down (under the resources tab) they cloak and do not show up when you are attacked. This would allow you to save them if you are active and ready to protect against an attack.

    3: Once you reach Espionage level 6 and shield level 6, the cloaking device is engaged so that from this point on, solar satellites act like a solar power plant or mine and can’t be attacked.

    4: I do agree that the efficiency of the satellites should get better over time. I think the math of the power output of the solar satellites should have the energy tech level added into it, or you could add the energy tech plus the computer tech divided by two added (for a realistic view of developing more efficient ways to use and send power).

    5: There should be more than just solar satellites. Once metal mine 10, crystal mine 10, deuterium synthesizer 10 is reached and say laser tech 5 is reached, a new line of satellites become available. These would be called “Small Metal harvesting Satellite” (metal, crystal, deut., ect.). These would work like the solar satellites (including the power down option but not the unending cloak since the beam to the planet would give it away), but would be lower production to compensate for the built in solar power cells that would power them (that’s right, no need to tap the power source of the planet, but would be destroyable). The production math should include the level of the source mine, also, with the development of better beams like ion and plasma tech, the effectiveness should be raised.

    6: newer, larger solar satellites should be buildable when the power plant reaches a set level, like 20.. then 40. These would greatly increase the output to be more effective then the smaller one.

    — Fx Avatar    Feb 6, 04:03 PM    #
  330. well i recon noob protection should go up as i am a noob just started playing this game last week and this weekend i just started raiding inactive account with no defence to get a little extra rescources a day… the only way i can see around getting pwned once your out of noob protection is to have the fleet carry all your rescources evrynight and fleetsave and just appear to be turtling till u can stand your own against em.. to bad its alot of effort .

    — Anthony SBD    Feb 8, 06:15 PM    #
  331. I would like to pick want resources I take from a planet. Lets say your running low on metal You plan your attack to a planet with a lot of metal. Instead of filling your transports with M, C and D it would be good to fill your ship with all Metal or all crystal, or all Deuterium.

    — ummm Ya    Feb 10, 03:34 PM    #
  332. does anyone know if there is anything new in universe 37?

    — SoloWingz    Feb 11, 10:35 PM    #
  333. we should have a schematic inventory where you could use dark matter to purchase schematics of ships from star wars, battlestar Galactia, star trek, and other sci fi movies. These ships should have costs and capabilities which correspond with the technology required to build them, as well as their depictions on TV.

    — General Mendoza    Feb 14, 12:54 AM    #
  334. Also, you should be able to attack fleets in transit, such as raiding transport fleets as they pass through your solar system, as long as the other player is within 20% of your points

    — General Mendoza    Feb 14, 12:57 AM    #
  335. I like most of the ideas posted here, space stations and building recycling in particular. I got another idea – about ships. Instead of adding more ships to the game, why not introduce ship design, like in Master of Orion games? It would be very hard to balance this, I know, but imagine that every ship type in the game would be unique. It could work like this: a lot of new technologies would have to be introduced into the game (but a few old ones could actually be removed like weapon, armor and shield tech) – several branches of weapon, shielding and armor technology (i.e. laser weapons, plasma weapons, projectile weapons, missile weapons, several types of armor and shields like reflective shields or ablative hull armor), maybe few special systems as well (cloaking for example). You could mount these systems to several types of ship hulls, making your own ship designs. The bigger the basic ship hull, the more weapons, shield generators, armor platings and special systems you could mount. It should be balanced of course, as you would need to make compromises. Wanna armed transporter with weaponry and decent shielding, being able to raid poorly defended colonies by itself? Well, you could, but with lower speed and cargo capacity than regular transporter. Wanna supership with incredible array of weapons? Well you could but for the price of low speed, weaker shields and armor and high deuterium consumption. Wanna cloaked raider ship? No problem but with weaker weapons than regular ships…
    The problem is with technologies. The basic techs like energy, spy, etc., should be the same as they are now. But the ships’ components techs should be cheaper than regular technologies (let’s say 50% cost and time increase instead of 100%). I think the ship designing is a good idea but needs a lot of thinking it through. Take the spy tech for example. With ship designing, you absolutely MUST know the design of your opponent’s ships. Let’s say that with lvl2 spy tech you could see which weapons are mounted on your opponent’s ships and which types of ships he has. With lvl5 you could see weapons, armor and shields. With lvl9 you could see which special systems he has mounted on his ships.
    The number of designs you can have at once should be limited, not only to prevent the tedious scrolling through the hangar menu but also to prevent you from constructing hundreds of vessels of unique design each to fool and discourage your opponent (reading through 20 page spy report…). New tech to increase the potential number of designs could be introduced as well, or leave it to the computer tech (increasing computer capacity to contain ship design plans). You should also be limited on how many designs you can create per day somehow to prevent players from constantly changing their ships leading to utter chaos. Let’s say that after creating a ship design, you’d have to build a prototype of this design first before you could delete this design and make another. The prototype would be 3 times more resource and time expensive than regular ship of the same design.
    I have another idea about ships and combat as well. I have never had a complete fleetcrash so far, as I am very careful but I can imagine that losing every last one of your warships, just because some high-ranked player phalanxed your fleet and crushed it, can be very frustrating. I would introduce ship self-repair system in the game, pretty much as it is with the defenses. Let’s say that a new technology, “ship repair systems” for example, could be introduced. After each battle, each ship would have a 2% chance per repair tech level, limited to a maximum of 40%, to repair itself like a defensive structure. The 2% chance could be doubled with nanite factory (self-replicating nanites inside the ship…), for total 4% per repair tech level chance.

    — Scorpius    Feb 14, 07:17 AM    #
  336. i think there should be a ship to carry small ships to another planet to use less fuel.

    — dell    Feb 16, 02:10 PM    #
  337. change the formula of energy production from fusion generators to 50*level*(1,05+energy_tech*0,01)^level SO THE FuSION GENERATOR IS ACTUALLY AN ECONOMIC SOURCE OF ENERGY

    — myself    Feb 17, 09:49 AM    #
  338. I want to be able to destroy my home planet.

    I moved all my planets to a less crowed area of space, but I still have to lug resources from the other side of the galaxy.

    Very annoying, and there doesn’t seem to be any real reason for it.

    — Dark Neutron    Feb 17, 02:44 PM    #
  339. It’s so devistating to lose your entire fleet, either to phalanx, or just not being able to be online after FS, I know of several people that just gave up. The unfairness is, there is no level of skill involved when real life interferes. Perhaps a Commander ($) ability to auto-fleetsave?

    — WFCxOffnhidin    Feb 17, 09:07 PM    #
  340. Some defence building could have RF against lighter attackers, either through research or straight from the beginning. Of course IC,GC and PC can’t have RF, because (realism) they have one cannon, but LL, HL and RL could have some sort of RF against the lightest units.

    — Gizmo1988    Feb 20, 03:25 PM    #
  341. i think you should be able to block people you dont like there is this really anoying person that wont go away

    — dragen13    Feb 24, 03:38 PM    #
  342. FIX the in-game messaging system. They should not delete themselves. Especially over weekends…Just logged on and found that my fleet is destroyed, resources gone, and no messages or battle reports as to who did it.

    — SystemOverlord    Feb 25, 11:11 AM    #
  343. A. The Economic system and time building frames need to be re-thought, or explained to me better.


    1. You only really build one Metal Mine and just keep upgrading it.

    That makes no sense if you compare the cost to the output. If I was an emperor I would build another Metal Mine for the same cost as the first and give me twice as much output. Now in game your first upgrade does double it but your gained output eventually begins to deteriorate as your cost climbs at a ridiculous rate.
    (Note: One Mine field takes up one Field for building, so do upgrades. So once again why not just build another plant and increase your output)

    2. How does it take longer to build one light fighter, which is a small little jet, longer than building a large mining facility or a Solar plant. That makes no sense to me.

    B. It would be cool if there was an agreeable trading system where both players have to agree at the same time to transport there resources other than banking on the fact that the person is trustworthy

    — Topgun879    Feb 28, 08:52 PM    #
  344. It could be nice, very nice, to make a flagman ship( each player can make only one) that can add experience! emprove its armor and weapons at the lab. it could be better if the player could make its own style at the shipyard

    Alexander    Feb 29, 06:52 AM    #
  345. Damage on Your Ships and buildings!!!
    would come with a new building to repair them. when you attack some1, its a bit weird that no ships are even damaged… just destroyed. or after mining at +%100, your mines begin taking damage… to repair them, they need to be shut down… the bigger your repair facility is, the more and faster you can repair.

    — oompas    Mar 2, 07:59 PM    #
  346. Okay, most of these “suggestions” are absolutely retarded and are just people complaining. Here is a perfect example:

    1) we should be abble to make lists of friends so we make our own trading prices.
    2) i agree on reduces prices on ships
    3) my opinion is that jump gate should be able on any planet not just on moons
    4) Solar Satellites could be send somewhere in case if you are under attack
    5) there should be are trading of technologies for somebodies resources or technologie
    6) there should be a buildings of reduces the prices on building and other stuff(of course it wouldnt be that cheap)

    1). you already can
    2). then everyone would just have more ships. How would that effect anything?
    3). then moons wouldnt be as valuble
    4). that would undermine the whole idea that they are minimal cost ships used solely for energy production. they would have to up the price and you would bitch again.
    5). Might as well just trade buildings and ships too, huh?
    6). That is just stupid. It’s like buying a coupon.

    And for all of those people complaining aobut being attack right out of newbie protection, learn to fleet/res save.

    — switch245    Mar 3, 02:46 AM    #
  347. Well; what an odd forum:P
    First of all – some nice suggestions, but KEEP IT REAL. OGame are not going to implement cheaper ships… shells are already flat out laughed at!

    My ideas:
    Rapid Fire Tech – This may sound dumb but i’m gunna say it anyway, a tech (like armour ect) that increases your RF by around 2-5% each level. I really want critisism on this because it is one of my oldest ideas – though it will be biased on some ships (NOT THE RIP AGAIN :P)
    Space Stations – This is an addon to another previous idea. You have a ship (space station) that can ‘settle’ on a empty colony and has NO cargo. From there someone can click the space-station and trade for the res on your station has on offer. At that point they send their trading res to the station and your res is jump-gated to the station for trade.
    Either that or there are official stations that you can do the same with for a bit of res. You need jump gate unlocked (excluding moon req.)!
    MORE DEFENCES – There are way more ships than defences – and way better ones. We need:
    1) Better IPM defence – shells can be wiped in a day EASY! Maybe an anti IBM tech
    2) Better RF resistance or better shields. RF against def makes us vulnerable to RIPs or bombers in masses unless we have like 10x as many plasmas as there bombers or a HELL of a LOT of fodder.

    Please comment on my ideas and try this little thing:
    Weak ships that bypass ships but not def. Makes def necessary but not UBER. Large fleets would b cool

    — Veedrac    Mar 3, 04:28 PM    #
  348. oh and another thing, whats with all the “realism” implements? Might as well have another screen off to the side where you can have ranked corn growing. This is meant to be a game. If it were to be super realistic, there would be less strategy and just more annoyances.

    — switch245    Mar 4, 02:25 AM    #
  349. there should be some sort of a plasma weapon that u could fire from your home planet at other planets. this would just knock out there defences for a period of time say for 10 mins. so in that time frame u’d have to get your fleet in and out! like the space station idea cool for trading or evan as a refulling station for your raiding fleets!

    — frodo    Mar 5, 09:45 AM    #
  350. power plants could be a bit cheaper or when u Research Energy Technology they become more efficient.

    — frodo    Mar 5, 09:58 AM    #
  351. I sort of like the virus/anti virus suggestion above.

    The higher your virus level, the longer enemy defenses/ships can be shut down. A cool down should be started after the virus attacks, as to prevent complete control over an enemy.

    — Yellow    Mar 12, 04:18 AM    #
  352. guys, i think it should be possible to ‘hide’ and keep resources. I mean, like a vault.

    think it this way: u deposit some metal and you cannot touch it for 10 ten days or so. u keep putting all those resources and after some months u’ll have a lot of ‘em.. and, as it happens with the other constructions you would have improve it till it gets to a huge level, huge size so that u can save a bigger amount of resources..!

    — Samuel    Mar 19, 10:59 PM    #
  353. I agree with improving the message system, it’s really pretty crappy as it is, and could do with some improving.

    My idea is to reduce the Crystal Mine upgrade multiplier. Currently it stand at 1.6 as opposed to 1.5 for Metal, Deut, and Solar Plant Buildings and by the time you get into the level 20’s, you’re metal mine is 3 or 4 levels higher than the crystal mine b/c it’s so much cheaper. This results in a massive shortage of crystal the longer the Universe exists. I don’t see why crystal should be so much more expensive than metal, i mean it already takes way more crystal to uprgade it compared to the metal mine and stuff (half of the metal cost is crystal, as opposed to 1/4 for the metal mine, 1/3 for the deut synthesizer, and 2/5 for the solar plant.) This is quite ridiculous, and needs to be changed!!!

    — genius_man16    Mar 22, 01:57 AM    #
  354. I would like to see customizable ships. like you would start out with just a hull and you can add weapons, armor, and shields based on the researched tech you have at hand. that way you can have a capital ship design or specialized ship for what you need, instead of a generic battleship that is almost identical to everyone else’s.
    And also a more streamlined interface. the one they have right now is kind of choppy.

    — Red Bzrk    Mar 22, 12:01 PM    #
  355. 1. Some kind of instant message system or at least a reply option so your aren’t confused when
    someone replies to you for an old message and you don’t know what they are replying to.(i.e someone replies to your message the next saying “yea that sucks i only have 11 “ and you have no idea what message hes talking about)

    2:more universes. the 2x speed and pro ones are overcrowded

    3:new version of cargo ships or option to refit large cargo ships with hyperspace drive or something. the upgrades for ship speeds after you can make everything is focused on speeding up the damn cargo ships since they are the slowest part of the fleet most of the time.

    4:option to block foreign fleet messages. logging on to see 40 messages that some people espionage me is a pain since i have to delete them and look for important stuff.

    5. Last but not least it would be nice to see the advanced tutorial fixed. The basic one works but it covers almost nothing and its a pain to invite friends to the game and have to type to explain the same thing over and over again

    — Warbaulten    Mar 24, 05:46 AM    #
  356. i like the idea of customisable ships.but you need a base ship that you can change around.

    i think that there should be an in game trading system, b/c then you could trade exes, say, metal 4 the crystal that you desperatley.

    i also think that they should make it so that you can’t attack a person ranked 1250 if u are ranked 515.

    — erick99    Mar 24, 08:41 PM    #
  357. think there should easer chance for getting a moon

    — Dark Mist    Mar 30, 04:56 AM    #
  358. maybe someone said this, but i didn’t read all the posts, there’re too many:D how about infrantry units??? they could help defending or attacking planets, or if there would be a space station infrantry units could sabotage it or do something with it. and for them there shoud be a good transport ship too.

    — Niree    Mar 31, 05:03 PM    #
  359. yeah, now i saw it… there was a post about infrantry, and, no, it’s not a stupid idea!!!

    — Niree    Mar 31, 05:21 PM    #
  360. again me :D let’s say that there are ground units. a good thing would be that you can invade somebodies colony,and after a few days, maybe a week or so, you could take over the colony that you’ve been invading! but only if you haven’t reached your maximum of planets. that would be useful, ‘cause there might be some buildings left so you don’t have to build your own, if you havent destroyed them in the battle. and you wouldn’t be able to invade somebodies main planet, that would be stupid. if your in war with someone and want to cut of his resources, that could do the trick!

    — Niree    Mar 31, 05:45 PM    #
  361. I just started playing ogame, and my first impressions were “Wow, it’s going to take forever to actually piece together a small fleet” and “the number of ships are severely limited”. It’s already been mentioned, but customizable craft would be great. I don’t think there needs to be any ground based forces though. I think things like defense satellites and space stations would be cool, there really isn’t much in the form of orbital defenses. I can think of tons of new craft, stuff like Dreadnoughts, Pursuit craft, Gun platforms, Deep space ships etc. They don’t have to dramatically change the combat “triangle” , but would be of a filler. You could use them to bolster your fleet. I haven’t even gotten off my planet yet, but I can see the limited variety of ships getting boring quickly. Maybe lots of new ships would be too hard to add into the current list without unbalancing the game. I don’t know. Just add some more customization aspects.

    — DS8895    Apr 1, 08:37 PM    #
  362. I think that there should be weigh pointing so you can do multiple attacks using one fleet, I would like more ships or a building where you can make your own ship and certain parts make the ships more expensive, there could also be a contest where people enter a type of ship they designed and the makers can decided on a price, ships should be able to be recycled for the resources they cost, people should be able to give away ships

    — silver2win    Apr 1, 08:57 PM    #
  363. i think that you should be able to trade ships with people just as you would trade resources

    — Drewsaster    Apr 2, 06:28 PM    #
  364. Not to say i dont like you ideas guys but infantry would really mess up the game, trading ships would too. First, if you were a ok player and mr. top 10 comes along and wants to take your planet, with infantry he could. Then with trading ships, you could just give all ships to one player and he would be super fleet and no1 could take him down.
    Idk about more moon chance. Everybody and their friends would have one if that was higher.
    For space station i really dont see the point. Just trade with ships or on forums. But with more ships, that would be a nive idea. I mean ya these are cool but they are getting a little, well, boring.

    — I like chma2    Apr 4, 12:53 AM    #
  365. another think id like to have is alike in between light and heavy like a laser cannon in between light and heavy a fighter in between light and heavy and light and heavy versions of battle ships, ion cannons, battleships, rocket launchers

    — silver2win    Apr 5, 08:13 PM    #
  366. I’m completely new at this game, so for all I know this is limited to my particular universe, but howabout being nice to us Yanks and have an option to trade periods for commas and vice versa in numbers? (e.g. 10,000.1 instead of 10.000,1) If not use the SI standard of spaces to separate groups of 3’s. (e.g. 10 000,1)

    — Fealuinix    Apr 7, 09:35 AM    #
  367. I honestly believe we should be able to command the battle like they do in Warcraft.

    Also, this guy named soopa, he’s attacking me every day, and is 200 ranks above me, The odd thing is, there is only 15 – 20k resources of each on my planet to steal. Can someone eliminate him plz? It would be extremely helpful :)

    — huntekille93    Apr 8, 04:59 PM    #
  368. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention, he’s in universe six

    — huntekille93    Apr 8, 05:00 PM    #
  369. I want some new ships, technologies, defence works, buildings,
    and more stages, like Starter Protection when ur noob, but more to keep pro’s from rank 100 from attacking people from rank 1200…
    For the pro’s its just a bite, for the rank 1200 guy losing that fleet of 80 ss is a reason to quit you know.

    — Someone from holland    Apr 12, 02:48 PM    #
  370. The space station could have a same kind of strategy, than solar staelites have. Like they are not very good in combat, but every station will boost the speed of constructing fleets.

    Also, new kind of ships could be very nice and exiting. Like a fregate, that have poor attacks and light shielding, but they’re fast and have rapid fire against most of the ships, and are researched between cruisers and battleships. Or gunboat, that is researched with plasma and impulse technologies. Gunboat costs lots of deuterium and are slow and suffer heavy rapid fire, while having nearly no shielding BUT with huge attacking power. Or one idea more! intrerceptor fighter. That fighter could cost something like 6k Metal, 2k Crystal and 500 Deuterium. The interceptor fighter’s speciality would be high rapid fire against light and heavy fighters. Interceptor should occupy high speed, but low cargo capacity.

    Darth Anttu    Apr 12, 07:46 PM    #
  371. Two ideas:
    Ambushes- hiding a fleet in a debris field(costing deut. for time spent in wait) and then attacking when someone comes to harvest.
    Strategy- when you attack you could put you ships in certain formations or tell them to target defenses and ships in an order. Defenses could be preset to do the same thing.

    — Necromancer    Apr 14, 03:12 PM    #
  372. Another idea to get rid of the annoyingly huge players with freakish amounts of time for a while and for just attracting new players in general would be to start a new universe where after 1 year of time the player with the most points wins a cash prize.

    — Necromancer    Apr 14, 03:16 PM    #
  373. 1) Be able to de-construct solar satellites

    2)Be able to assign the percentage at which your fleet flies at precisely. eg 78% instead of 80%

    3)Be able to upgrade the sheild domes to lets say level 10. a large and small sheild dome does nothing as you get further up the ranks.

    4)when you go to defence and shipyard there should be a number saying how many ships you can possibly build with the ammount of res you have on that planet. eg you have 4.5kk Metal and 1.5kk Crystal there will be a number saying “You can build 100 battleships”....would be a lot easier than trying to work it out.

    5)Would be pretty cool to have some random AI in the galaxy’s. Hostile aliens….or friendly one which would trade with you. and i dont mean like on expeditions coz that just sucks

    — bob    Apr 20, 05:31 AM    #
  374. I’d like to see a few minor changes, most of them in line with a similar and older game, Shadowmere. For one, an Open Market might be nice once you pass up the 5,000 score range. This would be extremely handy for getting rid of excess materials easily and with a superior exchange rate then you’d otherwise get in being a civilized trader.

    I’d also like to see some changes with the research functions. There should be a metric when fighting with someone that has more advanced of technology then you, or technologies you don’t yet have, that determines the odds of you getting the option to reverse engineer their technology, and thus get certain technologies more easily.

    I also agree on the point made about one world having a research facility upgraded or even a piece of research being done on one world should not affect the rest of the empire; the only effect, therefore, that Intergalactic Research Network should have is in allowing various research labs to stagger out their research, also offering a more efficient means of conducting research.

    More ships might be nice. I’d like to see a greater choice of customability available per ship, such as fooling with oboard power capabilities to set priority preferences on shields, hull, and weapons, perhaps resulting in greater possibility of a ship spontaneously combusting, experiencing technical difficulties that force them to return early, and perhaps even providing means to assess blanket strategic assesments to fleets themselves, such as configuring them to act sort of like ‘false-flag’ ICBM missions (kamikaze runs against enemy defenses), as well as setting certain priorities on what types of ships certain ships are supposed to attack first, if able, with a spacing randomizer being determined by another metric.

    Expedition should be able to obtain and reverse engineer technology, too, with certain risks being posed of whether a research lab is damaged by it blowing up in the scientists faces, leaving it requiring repairs on that planet to be used any further.

    WMDs are certainly worth exploring. Weapons that target infrastructure itself might be worth considering, as well as the ability to potentially occupy enemy planets; such changes would require, as was stated, more in depth level caps. Also, as would logically be assumed, it would require something like a colony ship to even consider occupying a planet already inhabited, amongst other things.

    What about moons? What if there were a further chance that simply colonizing a planet provides you with a small chance of obtaining one? That’d certainly make Empire building more exciting.

    — Mabus    Apr 25, 03:39 PM    #
  375. being able to make more than 1 thing at a time

    — hoiuy    Apr 30, 06:18 PM    #
  376. I agree with hoiuy, building more than one thing at the same time would help a lot, i would also like to be able to reseach a multiple amount of thing depending on the level of your reseach lab, (ex. lvl 7 reseach lab = able to reseach 7 things at once,etc.)

    — The Master    Apr 30, 06:34 PM    #
  377. All of the “rules” which are based on game or interface mechanics should be implemented as in-game limits. This would include bashing limits, GO-implemented IPcheck disable (automate it with permission), maximum colony/system limits, etc.

    There is nothing you can do to prevent people from being nasty to each other, but rudeness and foul behavior is the sort of thing GO’s should have time to focus on; they should not be wasting their time checking up on people who break seemingly arbitrary rules which could easily be implemented in the game code and interface system as limits. Most importantly, many new players often wind up getting bans not knowing why because the game system unnecessarily gives them enough rope to unwittingly hang themselves.

    Your Conscience    Apr 30, 06:54 PM    #
  378. walla

    — The Master    May 1, 05:08 PM    #
  379. orbital gun as a defence, think a solar satellite, except bigger, badder, more on the aggresive side and could blow a hole through a destroyer in one hit…...ok thats maybe a little too much but thats the thought that counts

    — Carmine911    May 4, 10:25 AM    #
  380. I think they need to be a point guard system put into place. I will use myself as a example. I dont think it is right for a player with 3 mill points to be able to attack myself with only 30 thousand. I know of a few diffrent universes were the top 100 keep bashing players ranked from 800-1000. People are geting sick of building there planets to only have someone come at them with 1000 dest and 1000 battle cruisers over and over again. If something is not done to address this matter in the next couple of years I can really only see the top 100 in every universe still playing. And then it would be all down hill from there.

    — Joe    May 6, 02:02 AM    #
  381. I would like to see the option to collect resources from another of your planets rather than just deploy or transport

    — NickB    May 11, 05:46 PM    #
  382. i agree with people who want to extend newbie protection. as soon as i got over 5000 a bunch of high ranked people attacked me with hundreds of battleships and i lost everything. I think only people 1000 ranks to either side of you should be able to attack you

    xs    May 12, 08:33 PM    #
  383. i agree with xs i think you should be unable to attack anyone with 10000 points less than you but can attack anyone higher
    (as they are higher ranked)

    — kirbyeatsbomberman    May 13, 12:15 PM    #
  384. I would like a separate screen or a more elaborate screen with which to view each planet. When I see my planet “overview,” it would be rad to also see, all the ships/satellites/defenses in orbit and planetside. Something more like a “map” that helps give a visual representation of what is on the planet.

    Also, I’m sure this has been said, but I’d like to see a space station as a defensive structure/shipyard construction. It would operate as a defensive structure with limited “Alliance Depot” benefits and also could be upgraded, like the mines. Perhaps it could collect Deuterium that is wasted by the exhaust of ships in orbit? Perhaps it could serve some use to the terraformer (extra build space, except of course no mines).

    — Fenrir    May 18, 12:45 PM    #
  385. I think there should be much more variety in the availlable ships and defenses and other buildable things. As it is there are only 8 kinds of ships that you would really use in attacking, minus cargo. I would like to see that number increase, maybe double. Same with defenses. Not as much with buildings, but there should still be more. I also think the battlestation idea is a VERY good one.

    — Random Guy #3    May 23, 01:29 AM    #
  386. I played ogame for many months, but eventually it started to be boring, because I knew about all ships, all defenses and everything. I think there should be more ships, not only offensive types, but also defensive. i also dont understand, how is it possible, that esp. probe, which uses old combustion drive could be much faster than battleship or destroyer which both use hyperspace drive. another thing is, that the technology of defenses is far behind technology of ships, but defenses are still expensives. and the last thing – i hate when ogame shows me that i have 15 new messages, but it shows me only 5 of them…

    — angelwing    May 29, 04:54 AM    #
  387. 1) space station is a really good idea

    2)trading system or resource pool for alliances would be good

    3)we’d all enjoy new ships, something between destroyer and deathstar maybe

    4)noob protection based on attack/defense strength (so players with huge fleets can only attack players with similar attacking or defensive capabilities)

    5) I like the idea of a trading ship with a large cargo capacity and high speed, not esp probe speed, thats stupid, but faster than current cargo ships

    — Mr Enigmatic    Jun 1, 10:24 AM    #
  388. New ship types with specialised abilities would be good – like the bomber being better against defences than other ships.

    The variation in ships is quite low at the moment, so the strategy is limited: it mostly seems to boil down to spamming out the most powerful ship type you can afford and then overwhelming the unwary.

    I know it’s said that the best fleets include multiple ship types, but that’s not really true. Examples of new ship types would be things like ships that are really slow and innocuous but heavily defended to act as meatshields, or others that are average in shield and weapon strength but discriminative in which ship types they attack more often.

    — Anon    Jun 2, 02:42 PM    #
  389. This is really simple. I would like it if the font colour in overview could be slightly darker for the ships returning to that of those which were sent out. I would find this easier to see whats going on with my fleets in just a glance.

    Several times I have had my fleetsaves sit at planets for several hours because I was thinking, without checking, that my ships were on their way out not returning.

    also, a different color for attacking would be nice.


    — BlkDragonLord    Jun 3, 11:06 PM    #
  390. 1. The range that people can i attack my rank is about 900 and i got attacked by someone ranked 97.
    2. There should me more speed universes.
    3. Ships should cost less to make.
    4. the percentages that you use to send your ships the time differences are to big.

    — Bobkev    Jun 8, 12:41 PM    #
  391. Being able to make you own one of a kind ship for each player would be nice.

    — baraka    Jun 9, 04:56 PM    #
  392. they should make more building, defense and ship types and new technologys.

    — walrus    Jun 11, 11:35 AM    #
  393. they should update the expedition tech and you should be able design and build your own ships maybe nothing to powerful but still it would be cool and too make the jump gate work with only one gate not 2 one on both ends more planet pics less time to build buildings maybe more in depth battles allow the ships to utilize tactics for now thats about it

    — Gordon Haanz    Jun 12, 12:38 AM    #
  394. they should make virus technology that can help you spy on people. they need more ships too. also more chances of getting a moon and more moon buildings.

    — fungustree    Jun 13, 09:37 PM    #
  395. oh my god, an unspammed thread. dark matter should cost less, you should be able to choose an avatar for yourself (like in eve online) and moons should have a higher chance than 20% (maybe 100??????)

    — .    Jun 17, 11:02 AM    #
  396. there is a place on the ogame forums to place ideas but ill tell you that 90% of these ideas would get rejected

    — unknown x    Jun 17, 07:56 PM    #
  397. they should make a hangar building. it would work like a missile silo,but it would hold ships in reserve for defense. the higher the level, the more ships it can hold. they should also make a carrier ship that could hold a certain amount of ships, like 90 light fighters or 60 heavy fighters. they could also hold heavy and light cargoes and recyclers and could proctect those ships during raids. they should also make stealth ships that utilize espionage technology. there could also be an asteroid field around certain planets. you could moon buildings on them and mine them like moons.

    — fungustree    Jun 18, 10:56 AM    #
  398. i think that transport ships that transport troops, aircraft and tanks etcetera for on-land battles would be good, because it would make ogame more reaslistic without making it too complicated.

    — andrew    Jun 21, 09:10 AM    #
  399. i know its really picky and not really to do with the game itself, but pls pls pls can we get a “remember me” button on the login page?

    — thingemajib    Jun 25, 06:29 AM    #
  400. since ive been playing Ogame for a year in Universe 10 i would like to see the new things they added on the new universe to the old ones. Also i like the battle/space station idea… more ships/buildings/defences… also i would like to see a new class like traders to blind in the mix… also i like the idea of defences floating around ur planets orbit like huge battlestations like in starwars to help defend ur planets….

    — Constantine    Jul 9, 08:12 PM    #
  401. I think some new techs should be added, Biotechnology and Miniaturization!

    Biotech should help improve mining of resources and at a certain level should be a requirement for the Terraformer.

    Miniaturization will work by fitting more weapons, shields, armor, drives and possibly make more cargo space on ships.
    In turn miniaturization can also decrease energy requirements in the mines as well as decreasing time of building of ships and buildings on planets/moons.

    Possibly, their should be a new section of research, like Ultra Research or some other name.

    — Think Tank    Aug 6, 11:16 PM    #
  402. I Think you should be able to have men and a ship that can transport people.

    — Thunder    Aug 10, 05:32 AM    #
  403. My previous post was a small idea I had.
    This is a compilation of possible improvements to Ogame that has been in my head.

    Imporvmrnts for Ogame

    Part 1


    Barracks-creates infantry, commandos & robot infantry.

    Vehicle Factory-creates hover tanks, Spy planes, Mech tanks, Robot tanks, Artillery & Supply Tank.
    This Factory also does possible repair on vehicle when first built 15%, then for each level adds by3%.

    Tech-Level 2 Barracks Level 3 Robotic Factory

    Hospitals-Helps save infantry & commandos by a percentage of 50% when first built then adds 4% for each level.
    This building also produces Ambulances vehicles.

    Tech-Level 3 Medical Technology (Med. Tech)

    Ocean Thermal Plant-built only on worlds with oceans, provides energy of 40 when first built.

    Tech-Level 4 Energy Tech Level 2 Ocean Engineering

    Geothermal Plant-built on planets with no oceans, on planets of 15-13 & 3-1. When first built 45 energy.

    Tech-Level 6 Energy Tech Level 4 Geo Engineering

    Recycle Facility-reuses wasted materials back to new their original mineral composition (metal & crystal).

    Tech-Level 4 Ecology

    All these buildings are on separate tiles from regular tiles on planet! Farm tile to be precious.
    Farms-produces food for your army (food as new recourse). On regular temperate planets this farm produces 15 food.

    Tech-Level 2 Biotechnology (Biotech) Level 1 Ecology

    Hydroponic Facility Improves food production by 5%

    Tech-Level 5 Biotech Level 4 Ecology

    Granary adds 5,000 storage of food

    Tech-Level 2 Biotech

    Compost Facility-puts wasted food in this building & makes soil for farm to produce food. Adds 2% of food Production.

    Tech-Level 6 Ecology

    Recourse Stat:

    Barrack-200 metal, 150 crystal

    Vehicle Factory-400 Metal, 250 Crystal

    Hospital-300 Metal, 400 Crystal, 200 Deuterium

    Ocean Thermal Plant-200 Metal, 500 Crystal

    Farm-250 Metal, 100 Crystal

    Hydroponic Facility-300 Metal, 200 Crystal

    Granary- 300 Metal

    Recycle Facility-500 Metal, 200 Crystal

    Compost Facility-200 Metal, 100 Crystal

    Geothermal Plant-300 Metal, 500 Crystal, 200 Deuterium

    Next time New techs in relation to new buildings and other buildings.

    — Think Tank    Aug 10, 11:50 PM    #
  404. This part is purely on new research.

    Part 2

    Medical Technology (Med. Tech)-the field of medicine for healing your infantry. Each level helps save your infantry units by a certain percentage. Level 3 Med. Tech allows you to build hospitals & level 2 hospital allows you to build ambulance vehicles.

    Geo Engineering-studying planets is important to building structures in safe locations as well as how to extract minerals safely. Increase of mining production by a percentage of 3% per level.

    Ocean Engineering-studying oceans on other planets is crucial to understanding how to work with the oceans. Increase mining of deuterium by 2% Per level.

    Miniaturization-devices at a certain level must shrink in order to improve efficiency & lower energy consumption. Shrinks devices on ships (weapons, shields, armor, drives & increase of cargo capacity). Reduces energy consumption in mines, as for your army, smaller weapons, armor & shields are better (starts at 2 for weapons, 4 for armor & 3 for shields and exponentially increases). This tech is also required to build the Nanite Factory.

    Biotechnology (Biotech)-improves farming of food for your army’s. At level 2 you can construct farms, on separate tiles on planet(s) for only farming. At level 5 you can construct Hydroponic Facilities. Biotech is also needed in building the Terraformer.

    Ecology-studying the planet(s) wild life, biosphere & marine environment is important to look in & reduce damage of the land and seas from over developed planets. At level 4 you can build Recycling Facility & level 6 allows construction of Compost Facilities.

    Military Technology-for any empire to survive; an army is needed to defend your planet(s) or pillage other planets. This tech improves your army’s in weapons, armor & shields as well as improve the capabilities in attack, maneuverability & coordination.

    That it for tonight, next time military strategies and the army with buildings.

    — Think Tank    Aug 12, 11:33 PM    #
  405. I’ve read most of these comments and I’m about fed up.
    First off ogame is text based AND space based aka ships!!! if you played the original format redesign is AMAZING, in aesthetics of course.
    On to other things:
    Theres this 1337 thing called boards(forum) and you can find a lot of useful information on them.
    Noob Protection is perfect it allows people with simple small fleets show you “i can stealz your rez’s” and then you say “oh no’s what i do” the first thing you nubs think up is ships need to be cheaper so i can attack rather thinking how can i accelerate myself or save my rez from being stolen for instance heres a protip:

    build light lasers so cruisers don’t trample your AMAZING rocket launcher defense.

    MINES MINES MINES they are so good. so if you do slip up you still have an income and you dont lose your 10 light fighters that took you a month to build.

    as far as new things in the game

    I would like to see an ingame chat system, kind of like facebook or myspace tbh where you see whos online in you alliance at the bottom and has a little chat window of the conversation. That would be great.

    As far as new technologies(research) add ons are dumb, just build armor, weapons, and shields and the right ships for whatever fleet you want to crash or turtle you want to make into turtlez soup. You can simulate battles before you attack, duh.

    Cloaking on ships seem pointless in a way cuz then the ability would be overused by strong players and weak players would just be considerably confused about why they never have resources.

    Fleetsaving makes ships more affordable and makes you have more of them, if you lose everything then you made a major mistake in the game. that is all, it definitely sucks but its a lesson to be learned.

    The coolest thing i heard of techs was the virus thing but that needs work too, maybe it could be tied in with espionage so the research isnt incredibly hard to get…the other problem is its just another way to do what ipm and abm’s are meant for so think up some other things like it infects solar satelites so you can harass players income if there energy is low, just be more creative. aka im not LOL

    I think if a lot of you would really step back and find some helpful players that teach you the game, you would have more respect for it then trying to change it into some mainstream title like starcraft etc. (asking for races srsly???)

    I like the idea of adding useful things to the game but a lot of you are just blowing steam. Stop thinking infantry and start thinking how can i attack back. Steal there rez, get one of there fleets until you understand what you can do in your situations you can’t play the game. So go to board.ogame.us/ or board.ogame.org/ and look for strategies, go to ogame.wikia.com/ and look stuff up there, this site itself has great info too, some of you want organization from gameforge go download greasemonkey (addon to browser) and get some scripts that are legal to the game and make it your own experience. I love teaching people how to play this game because it really can be rewarding :)

    Don’t give up new players just have patience and learn from your mistakes.

    Happy Flying

    — ghost    Aug 21, 06:38 PM    #
  406. 1. Therd should be different weaponjs you can buy for your ships to make it more interesting.

    2. i also like the idea about researching on one planet not taking up the research labs on your other colonies.

    3. I also agree with being able to build a moon and the idea about getting different ships installed and possibly other defenses.

    — Hippoking007    Aug 21, 10:50 PM    #
  407. hhow about not using the same amount of deuterium for a deployment mission as a transport mission, considering a deployment mission is going half the distance as it is not doing the return journey… pretty dumb really…

    — spuddaby    Nov 2, 12:12 PM    #
  408. Ability to assign alternate destination for fleet other that origination.

    How many times have you wanted to send a fleet from planet “A” on a mission to intermediate destination, then assign final arrival at planet “B”.

    Seems like a no-brainer.

    — Croder    Feb 4, 04:39 PM    #

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