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FAQ Research, Ships, Defense and Buildings Oh My!


Published: Jun 21, 10:29 AM by: Thecat

Okay, some of you will know me for making a loud rucus inside the officers debate section (its near the bottom) but I still know a few things :)

I’ve written this article for those new players, or people who are just lost, to answer some questions. this is my first ever article so go easy on me. READ THIS HERE. IF YOUR QUESTION HAS BEEN ANSWERED UP HERE, I WON’T REPLY. I am however, open for anymore suggestions, so if I missed something, someone help me please :)

Ships & Defense: here I’ll talk about stuff ship & defense related. :)

Robotics do NOT affect the production of ships/defense, only nanites and shipyard help. although robotics may help (decrease speed of shipyard time cost).
The formula for shipyard reduction:
N / (shipyard level +1)
Coincidently, this seems to be the same formula for reduced time on the robotics factory ^^

Solar Satellite:
They are automatically launched when built.

Don’t be annoyed when you lose around 500 of them in a raid; they are the first to go

The formula for how much energy they produce is: (Max Temperature)/4 + 20 = Energy output.

These are used in thousands of numbers to research Graviton research.

means your ships fire more than once in 1 turn.

the formula for it is: % chance of rapidfire = 100-(100/x)

x = rapidfire.

using this formula, 1 battleship has the chance of 80% to hit another solar satellite again

A Rapidfire of 5 DOESN’T:

Let the ship destroy up to 5 of the RF’d ship/defence a round, and the RF stops if one doesn’t die.
Let the ship shoot at no more than 5 of the RF’d ship/defence a round, even if some don’t die.
Let the ship only target the RF’d ship/defence until the RF ends.

A large number of useless ships used for the purpose of making sure your better ships aren’t destroyed. recommended for fleets is light fighter. for defense, Rocket launcher or Light Laser.
Also, espionage probes CAN be used, but when against ships they are useless(rapidfire).

A player that has a mass number of Defense, and relies usually on their own mines for resourse and/or inactives.

Research & Buildings: here will be info on research and buildings.

Building times are decreased only by robotics and nanites. Nanites half the time.
Thanks to Noob Owner(although his formula was off by a little,) I remembered the formula for decreased time by robotics.
Formula = N / (Robotics lvl +1)
Where N= normal time
OMG (more formulae)
Formula for Research Lab is:
N / (Reasearch Lab +1)
How coincidental… same formula, different building….

Research times are only lowered by research lab, IRN (Intergalactic Research Network) and the officer Technocrat (decreases by 25%). (if someone can post the formula for time reduction on research labs, please post.)

Every research doubles in cost. Some buildings do, and some only increase by a bit.

this simply decreases time for research. for every level of it, 1 more research lab is connected. (the highest levels are alway’s linked first)

If I had a level 10 research lab and a level 2 research lab, with 1 level of IRN, this would decrease the time of research down, so instead of researching something at level 10 RL speed, I would research it at level 12 speed. One common thing is that it links it so i can get graviton. THIS ISN’T TRUE, AND DON’T THINK FOR 1 SECOND IT IS. IRN only helps with time.

If I had 1 lvl 10 RL, 1 lvl 12 RL and 1 lvl 2 RL, with 1 level of IRN, lvl 10 RL and lvl 12 RL woud link first, then level 2 IRN would link the lvl 10, 12 AND lvl 2, giving a total of 24 RL.

Like Graviton, there is no point in researching past lvl 8, as you can only get 9 RL (throughout your colonies).

This is the research for the big bad Deathstar. it takes lvl 12 RL to research.

Cost = 300k energy; with Solar Satellites being the only way to get that much energy.

It is the most only sought thing in the universe(s).

it takes NO time to research, because it has no ‘cost’ in the direct research, although some complain it does cost (solar satellite costs).

It, like all research, stay’s forever, the energy doesn’t need to be sustained, after it has finished being researched, destroy the satellites for either moonshots or to get some res back.

There is no point in researching more than level 1.

Plasma, Laser, Energy and Ion:
Like Graviton and IRN, once researched to a certain level, these researches have no use other than create ‘safe points’.

the levels for them are:

Plasma: 7 (Plasma cannons)

Ion: 5 (Research requirements for plasma)

Laser: 12 (Battlecruisers)

Energy: 12 (Terraformer)

This allows your planet to have 4 extra fields, the terraformer itself takes up 1, so technically, you get 3. Like Graviton, it uses energy to build, but doesn’t need it after the building is finished.

A whole lot of ships used to make a 20% moonchance is a moonshot, with 1667 light fighters being the recommended.

20% is the highest chance, with 1% being lowest.

For every 100k debris floating in space, it creates 1%. the crystal and metal stack up to make a % e.g. 55k metal in the DF and 45k Crystal in the DF will equal a 1% chance.
Remember, debris from different battles cannot add up to other battles to make a moonchance e.g. if i got crashed by mr rank 1 and i had 100k floating in space(no-one harvests it at all). then i get heaps of defense. some noob sends his fleet in and gets it all destroyed, adding 200k debris in the process. the 100k(1%) and the 200k(2%) cannot add together as they were from different battles.

You cannot get a .5% chance if you have 50k metal/crystal. Has to equal 100k to get a chance.

Well, I hope this helps some people with their questions.

There is probably loads more I have missed so post below if you need to know anything more and/or if you know something that isn’t yet here :)

Thanks to all the posts already there that helped me with formula’s and stuff.

p.s. for some help on costs and stuff, go to http://www.takanacity.com/main.php?tag=calc#
or go to :
i hope these help with costs ^^


OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. this is pretty well written y cant u write ur comments like this.
    anyways yeh its all i had to say u covered up pretty much everything.

    — panzer    Jun 20, 02:56 PM    #
  2. The formula for rapidfire is 100-(100/RF)...

    — Krahhl    Jun 20, 06:09 PM    #
  3. Quote: For every 100k debris floating in space, it creates 1%.
    Not exactly. It’s 1% for every 100k debris from one battle, anything that was already there doesn’t add to it. For example, if you have 25k metal and 25k crystal floating in a debris field, then someone attacks you and 25k more metal and crystal comes from the battle, you still don’t get any moonchance.

    — Krahhl    Jun 20, 06:17 PM    #
  4. formula for robo factory is:
    Time=Normal time*1/robo lvl

    — noob owner    Jun 21, 11:31 AM    #
  5. That cant be correct, (the robo formula) otherwise level 1 wouldn’t do anything. It does.

    — Brandocommando    Jun 21, 09:43 PM    #
  6. for fodder ships espionage probes work very well as well and extremly easy and fast to build

    — Light Guardian    Jun 21, 11:03 PM    #
  7. yeh but espionage probes cant atk very well and almost all ships have RF vs them

    — panzer    Jun 22, 02:25 PM    #
  8. Hi, Umm i was just wondering how much a terraformer cost?
    Also if u are in Uni 6 or 17 join SoW :D Please :(

    — Junior    Jun 23, 10:16 AM    #
  9. sorry dude i can’t, in uni 5

    — thecat    Jun 23, 04:46 PM    #
  10. Terreformer’s cost 50k Crystal, 100k Deutirium and 1k Energy.

    — HenrytheV    Jun 23, 09:34 PM    #
  11. yea people, just a thing i put links to the 2 sites i always get information off for costs and such ^^ go to them if you want prices on things

    — thecat    Jun 25, 01:37 AM    #
  12. How do i build a shipyard and a fleet? I dont have the option to build those. Email me at: myleshoops@yahoo.com

    — myles    Jul 1, 08:24 AM    #
  13. When you have a fleet in orbit, and planetary defenses, do both fight if an enemy fleet attacks?

    — Chris    Jul 6, 06:39 PM    #
  14. umm i waz wondering can you attack other fleets because it said the battle cruiser waz good at attacking other fleets. Email me at: dogdeath_decay@hotmail.com

    — Dane    Jul 9, 07:16 PM    #
  15. u can only attack a fleet stationed on a planet and then if u have defense then that battles 2

    — benruelz    Jul 13, 03:04 PM    #
  16. wtf are you on? its list typed so it is ‘legal’ in terms of english…. how much pot do you smoke per day???? and when you get top 20 in NZ at english exams, then i might listen

    btw, i was probably in a rush, so i wouldnt have time to check for these ‘minor details’ you seem to point out….

    — thecat    Jul 17, 01:25 AM    #
  17. can some one help i now have 3 light fighters and on my 4 day can some one tell me were to go from here

    — jon    Jul 24, 01:49 PM    #
  18. get duet then trade it thats how i get rich

    — quake    Jul 25, 12:56 AM    #
  19. If you guys haven’t thought about it yet, it’s easy to get good defense and a good fleet at the same time. All you gotta do is make a mission statement to yourself, it would be something like “I will build X number of Rocket Launchers a day until I get to XX. When you’re done building that certain amount of defenses for the day, then you use the resources that are left to create new ships, research, or upgrade buildings. To finish, you raid some inactives. This way, you’ll never run out of resources, defense, or fleet. And when you set up an strategy like this, it’ll be a whole lot easier to keep up with everything. That’s what I do and it’s making my rank go up and up non-stop! Try it!

    — cesarinni    Jul 25, 01:56 PM    #
  20. make sure you fleetsave, i lost 30 bships and had nothing. felt real stink

    — thecat    Jul 27, 04:10 PM    #
  21. how do you fleet save????

    — snifferfrog    Aug 2, 10:02 AM    #
  22. go here: http://www.ogametips.com/27/saving-your-resources
    read all about it

    — thecat    Aug 2, 07:19 PM    #
  23. Cesarinni-
    I tried it, and I burned all my res on defense. Maybe I chose to build too much? About how much defense do you usually build a day?

    — OMG WHAT THE **** HELP ME I'M A ****ING NOOB!!!!    Aug 3, 03:31 PM    #
  24. @noob
    go fuak off u fukin nob u deseve t die cuz ur such a fuckng niib ow run off to ur fat litl mommmy cuz we all no ur a crybaby

    — da anti noob sqad leadr    Aug 3, 04:18 PM    #
  25. hey dude dont be so mean. even i get crashed.
    how much defense did you build? im not the overseeing eye of all (?) and what rank are you?? msg back soon
    and @ anti noob whateva
    your mums crybaby over me, so shut it

    — thecat    Aug 3, 04:39 PM    #
  26. Is it possible to cancel production of defenses/ships after you have sent the build order and they are being built or are in line to be built? I couldn’t find a way to do it.

    — Chris    Aug 9, 05:16 PM    #
    By now my daily defense building is: *10 Light Lasers (Sometimes 20) *4 Heavy Lasers *2 Gauss Cannons *4 Ion Cannons

    I’m still new as you can see, but my defenses always keep out raiders who are trying to find a victim. It’s just the fact that they see my defenses and they say “too big, not worth it”.

    — Cesarinni    Aug 12, 12:26 PM    #
  28. Whats that guys problem up there? Dissing newbies just because they don’t know. Everyone has to learn sometime. apparently the “Anti-noob” up there hasn’t learned much either, because he cant spell “the” correctly.

    I myself have also wondered how to cancel production in the shipyard. Is there a button somewhere?

    — Anti-anti-noob Guy    Aug 13, 01:49 AM    #
  29. Oh my bad if my message looked mean. Sorry if it did! I didn’t mean anything bad! I was just referring to the person who called himself a noob so I called him a noob. I’m not an anti-noob person! I love helping out new people! I’m learning as well! My apologies if that sounded rude.

    — Cesarinni!    Aug 16, 08:57 PM    #
  30. Oh and it’s impossible to stop building a defensive facility/ship when it’s already in the queue!

    — Cesarinni!    Aug 16, 08:59 PM    #
  31. a robotics factory at lvl 1 would have the time of a building:
    And so on!

    Thanks for telling me that once you have 300k energy you dont need the solar satellites anymore! THANKYOU

    — samit    Aug 20, 04:02 AM    #
  32. in the galaxy screen what do the letters mean after players names ie v ,I,i

    — charono    Aug 29, 02:46 AM    #
  33. charono:
    v is for vacation mode
    i is for 1 week to 3 weeks inactive or not online
    I is for 3 weeks plus inactive

    I’m not sure though what ie is so someone else will have to answer that.

    — js35wake uni-28    Aug 29, 09:35 AM    #
  34. wat is needed to destroy a deathstar

    — cameroswift    Aug 31, 02:36 PM    #
  35. So guys here’s a small guide that I just wrote a while ago. It briefly gives you tips and hints about ogame and it can be of invaluable importance to begginers. Ogame is a great game and deserves to get more players, so I wrote this article for begginers and everyone who is interested into joining the wonderful world of ogame.

    1.- Go to webpage www.ogame.org
    2.- Register on any universe you want to register on, or the universe you and your friends agreed to register on.
    3.- Apply for whatever alliance you are planning to apply, (you don’t have to do it in this order, but it would be a good idea to start out like this so you could get economic and military help early on). a.- To apply for an alliance: I.- Click on search. II.- On the drop-down menu, click on “by alliance tag.” III.- Type the alliance you want to join and click on search. IV.- Click on the the alliance you want to join alliance page. V.- Apply for thealliance
    4.- Build a Solar Plant
    5.- Build Metal and Crystal mines
    6.- Make sure you always have green, or positive energy, so your mines work.
    7.- Always upgrade your Metal and Crystal mines and Deuterium Synthesizer, and again, don’t forget to have green energy, not red energy, so your mines and Deuterium Synthesizer work.
    8.- If Solar Plant upgrading becomes too expensive, start building Solar Satellites.
    9.- Make sure you fleetsave when you have ships, so nobody can destroy your ships while you’re offline. a.- To fleetsave: I.- You have to have at least 1 Recycler. II.- Search for a DF, or Debris Field on the “Galaxy view” III.- Once you know the coordinates of a planet with a DF, click on “Fleet”. IV- Click on “All ships” and then click on continue. V.- Click on “DF” on the drop-down menu. VI.- Adjust the flight time so your ships arrive at the DF at half the time you’re going to be off. VII.- Click on continue and carry as much resources as you can so you won’t loose that much in case someone attacks your planet. VIII.- If your ships come back too early, someone might fleetcrash you. IX.- If your ships come back too late, you’re going to have to wait extra time before you can send any of your ships on a mission. X.- Fleetsaving is one of the most important things you do, because you won’t have to start building your ships all over again like other people who don’t fleetsave.
    10.- Once you build a Shipyard, make sure you start building defenses so raiders will think about raiding you twice. This doesn’t guarantee they won’t attack you, but increases your chances that they won’t.
    11.- I can’t stress enough how important it is to upgrade your mines everytime you possibly can.
    12.- Colonize more planets to with your Colony Ships to expand your empire. a.- You can only colonize unused planets, and to know where you can find one, go to Galaxy View and find an empty slot and memorize its coordinates. b.- The coordinate method is goes like this: Galaxy:System:Planet Slot I.- If my planet’s coordinates are 10: 67: 7, I’ll be in galaxy 10, system 67, planet slot #7. II.- There’s only 9 galaxies in the game. c.- You cannot destroy someone else’s planets or colonies I.- You can only destroy your own colonies, except your main planet. d.- Click on “Fleet”. e.- Select 1 Colony Ship and click on “continue.” f.- Type in the coordinates of your desired planet. Ex. [10] [67] [7] g.- Click on “Continue.” h.- Click on “Colonize” and click on “Continue.”
    13.- Make sure to trade whenever you need a ceratin resource. a.- To trade: I.- Find somebody to trade with. II.- Make a deal and each person send his part of the deal. III.- If you get scammed, send a message about it to a GO (Game Operator). You can find them at the “messages” section. IV.- The trade shipments must be finished within 48 hours of the trading deal. V.- If you send resources to a stronger player with no deal between, you might get banned for pushing. VI.- It’s okay to send resources to weaker players with nothing in return, this will be considered as a gift. So you better watch out when you’re trading with a weaker player.
    14.- Recycle other people’s DF’s. a.- To recycle: I.- Follow steps on section #9, but this time only use the amount of Recyclers you’re going to need (Recyclers can hold up to 20,000 units, including the Dueterium used as fuel.) II.- Only use Recyclers on this mission. III.- It’s impossible to recycle Deuterium. IV.- The chosen DF may be gone when your ships arrive there, because someone else may have sent their ships before you do or may simply be closer to the DF than you are.
    15.- Fleetcrash. a.- Probe your vicitm and find out how many ships he/she has got. I.- Always make sure that you have everything in the report (resources, fleet, defense, buildings, and technology). b.- Calculate the resulting debris by adding up the costs of every ship your victim has and multiplying it by .30. I.- It’s a lot better if you use SpeedSim to calculate the outcome of battles, this way you’ll save some time using a calculator, and you may even save thousands of resources you may loose just because of a bad calculation you made. c.- Select the attacking ships that are to destroy your victim’s fleet. d.- Click on “continue”. e.- Type in your victims coordinates, and the click on “continue.” f.- Click on “Attack”, then click on “continue.” g.- Now the recycling part: I.- Wait a few minutes after you have sent your attacking fleet to your victims planet. II.- When you have the resulting debris field calculated, send the amount of Recyclers you need to your victim’s DF. III.- Wait until your Recyclers arrive there, and watch the profit you have made! h.- Make sure you always type in the right coordinates, or you may loose your whole fleet just because your fat finger pressed another key. i.- Probe your victim again 5 minutes before your attacking fleet arrives to the planet. You never know if your victim realized there was an attack coming, so he may build more defense and wipe your fleet out. j.- Use ships that have rapidfire against your victim’s fleet and defense. I.- For example, if your victim is a Rocket Launcher whore, you want to send as many Cruisers as it may take to wipe them out. The Cruiser’s rapidfire against Rocket Launchers will reduce your losses and increas your victim’s. k.- Fleetcrashing is one of the most important strategies you have to take to be successful in ogame. It’ll double and triple your resources if you choose your targets wisely. I.- Choosing targets wisely means to know your victim. II.- If you don’t know what your victim’s defense is and you still raid him, you may end up with your fleet crashed instead of your fleet crashing his. III.- You will be very successful by fleetcrashing other people if and only if you go about choosing your targets wisely.
    16.- I can’t stress enough how important it is to fleetcrash other people so you can have a successful empire.
    17.- Moonchanes: a.- A moonchance is your chance of getting a moon out of your DF. I.- You get a 1% chance for every 100k resources that go into the DF after a battle. II.- The greatest moonchance there is is 20%, meaning that you don’t need more than 2 million resources to go into the DF to get a greater moonchance. III.- 2,100,000 resources will not give you a 21% moonchance. IV.- Moonchances do not add up as your DF grows more and more. You only get a certain percentage moonchance for every battle. V.- If you are lucky, the moon will be created instantly, meaning you won’t have to wait to see your DF turn into a moon, it just won’t happen.
    18.- Moonshots: a.- A moonshot is when you purposely get someone to attack you so that the resulting DF will give a 20% moonchance, which is the maximum moonchance you could possibly get. b.- A very common moonshot ship used by many experienced players is the Light Fighter. It takes exactly 1667 Light Fighters to create a 20% moonchance when they are completely destroyed. c.- The Light Fighter is the ship of choice for moonshots because it has the best Metal to Crystal ratio, and it doesn’t inflict a lot of damage points to the defender. d.- Make sure you can destroy all of your friend’s/moonchance trader’s Light Fighters with your defense (Weapons, Armour, and Shielding technologies are very influential in the outcome of the battle.) e.- Don’t give up when trying to get a moon, work always gives results!
    19.- Moons: a.- Moons are an invaluble treausre for raiders, because you can build a Sensor Phalanx on it. I.- A Sensor Phalanx will allow you to see all the fleet traffic of your victim, allowing you to strike at a precise time without getting ninja’d. II.- You can also build Jump Gates on your moons, which will allow you to transport your ships through large distances in an instant, and also at a very low cost. The bad side is that you have to have at least 2 moons with Jump Gates in them, and you can’ transport resources through Jump Gates. III.- Jump Gates will work very well when you raid people, or you just want to deploy your ships onto one of your distant colonies.
    20.- And last but not least, banning reasons: a.- Attacking a player more than 6 times a day. b.- Having multiple accounts in just 1 universe. c.- Insulting other people or using inappropiate language. d.- Giving resources to higher ranked players. e.- Threatening somebody so he’ll send you resources. f.- And many more reasons that I may have not mentioned in this article. Always keep the game clean and fun for others who really want to have fun too!!

    Article by Cesar Millanes

    — cesar_mill@yahoo.com    Sep 10, 10:56 PM    #
  36. Oh and if anybody thinks that it was too unorganized, I can send you my organized version of the article if you would just e-mail me. It is unorganized because that’s how the comment system works, but trust me, it’s not as long as it appears to be, and it looks shorter in the organized version :).

    P.S.: HOPEFULLY these guys will start reading my e-mail where I’m asking to be an article publisher!! Please consider it!

    — cesar_mill@yahoo.com    Sep 10, 11:07 PM    #
  37. the formula for solar satellites didnt work correctly, are you sure its not
    [(max temp.)/4+20]-20 this formula fits for me

    — Bill    Oct 2, 01:10 AM    #
  38. hey, i was wunderin if this culd keep out sum raiders, here goes
    1012 ll
    20 gausse
    60 ion
    20 heavy l
    l sheid dome
    s shild dome
    182 rl
    how is it? am i on the way to turtling?

    chubsy    Oct 4, 01:15 PM    #
  39. If you have anti-ballistic missiles it will

    — fishman    Oct 10, 04:01 PM    #
  40. Lol id love to have that much deffences u must be rich

    — menormice2    Oct 11, 11:17 AM    #
  41. it depends. I’m in the 1700s rank, and that’s about how much defenses i had, but i got crashed by the rank 14 in my uni(he attacked with 150 battlcrs), so it depends on who is attacking you. I lost over 1000000 in res, so my strategy now is to build mobil units, so you can transport res and your fleet, and that way no one can crash your defenses. I’m seeing how it works :)

    — someone    Oct 13, 01:13 PM    #
  42. wow!u are an armored core….good luck with ur stratgey..my trick is to wait a week..it helps

    — Foxking    Oct 16, 10:49 PM    #
  43. chusby : hey, i was wunderin if this culd keep out sum raiders, here goes
    1012 ll
    20 gausse
    60 ion
    20 heavy l
    l sheid dome
    s shild dome
    182 rl
    how is it? am i on the way to turtling?


    I’m sorry chusby but that is a weak defence.
    If you want to be a turtle you’ll have to get a stronger defence…
    1012 ll is all right but just.
    As for you 20 heavy Ll you’re dreaming if you think that can keep raiders out.
    I myself have 1000 heavy but i could still get destroyed.
    Sorry if I went to hard on you there ?
    What Uni are you in anyway ?

    — Willi@m    Oct 19, 11:06 AM    #
  44. Chubsy… that def sucks. Horribly. You need plasmas so badly it isn’t even funny, and, as willi@m said, you need a lot more heavy lasers.

    — somebodywhodoesn'texist    Oct 20, 07:06 PM    #
  45. Yeah and some more Gauss for big damage

    — Willi@m    Oct 23, 03:26 PM    #
  46. Oh, I didn’t see that he had so little gausses… Well, I’d say get about 250 gausses and 100 plasma cannons, then get a good 500 heavy lasers.

    — Rorschach    Oct 25, 12:45 PM    #
  47. Yeah definitely some plasma and get up to 10.000 ll

    — Willi@m    Oct 25, 12:50 PM    #
  48. lol menormice must have a great defence.
    He wishes he could have chusby’s lol.

    — Willi@m    Oct 30, 12:40 PM    #
  49. im new and i have no idea how to build defence or a shipyard?? please help me : )

    — annis21    Oct 31, 08:18 AM    #
  50. To build some defence you need to have your shipyard at least level 1.
    And to get your shipyard, you need to have you robotics level 2.
    Have a look in technology menu on your left hand side.

    — Willi@m    Oct 31, 08:55 AM    #
  51. hey i got kind of a noobish questoin for how long i hav been playing lol but i never aucly knew the answer alothough i could do it so here is the questoin: dose anyone know why every time i try to send my pal some resources it keeps saying multi alarm player can not be aproche witht his fleet

    — jim    Dec 22, 02:17 PM    #
  52. your “pal” is probably you on a different account, using your same internet, or else your “pal” lives next door and has hacked into your wireless internet network.
    You can’t interact with anyone who has the same IP address as you.

    — Trevyr    Dec 22, 11:28 PM    #
  53. Hi, does getting your ion technology up get your hit points of your lasers up. or not

    — chris    Feb 19, 01:41 PM    #
  54. Hui what should i get from this to keep raidors out:

    Rocket Launcher (1.121 available)
    Light Laser (587 available)
    Heavy Laser (300 available
    Gauss Cannon (4 available)
    Ion Cannon (83 available)
    Plasma Turret (12 available)
    Small Shield Dome (1 available)
    Large Shield Dome (1 available)
    Anti-Ballistic Missiles (20 available, max. 14)
    Interplanetary Missiles (3 available, max. 7)

    — chris    Feb 19, 01:45 PM    #
  55. um,uhhhmmm, i wnt a hot dog…

    Can i have my toast now?

    — i have herpies    Feb 22, 05:04 PM    #
  56. How do you get more than one planet?? I currently only have one, and it takes forever to get resources to build up defence. People keep talking about shipping in resources from other planets, and I was just wondering how to do this.

    — greg    Feb 25, 12:51 PM    #
  57. You need to by colony ship. Find a place on the galaxy with no planet on and remember co-ordinates. Go to fleet select you colony ship and type in co-ordinates then it will let you

    — chris    Mar 7, 11:08 AM    #
  58. wy are noobs like me always farmed when the beginners protection runs out?
    its not funny.
    good players should be responsebel for helping noobs like me

    — jebeer    Mar 11, 04:11 PM    #
  59. is this def any good.

    20.000 ll
    400 gauss cannons
    150 ion cannons
    5000 hl
    1 small dome
    1 large dome
    1000 ballistic missiles
    50000 rocket launchers
    100 plasma turrets

    am i close to turtling?
    i spent like 40000000 resources on this def.u shud see my attak force ; )

    — minime    Mar 15, 11:29 AM    #
  60. wait, there is no way you can have 1000 ballistic missiles. i mean its impossible.

    — timmy!    Mar 20, 10:53 PM    #
  61. you can’t he is just lying. anyway. Do you know if getting Ion technology/laser technology up get the hitpoints up of you ion cannons/heavy lasers.

    — chris    Apr 10, 04:16 AM    #
  62. minime how the hell did you get 1000 ambs?

    and ur a freakin liar your ll’s alone are 40 mil resources and with your rl’s it would be 140 mil
    just rl’s and ll’s

    — GOD    May 5, 09:53 PM    #
  63. Energy technology actually boosts your fusion reactors output

    — kirbyeatsbomberman    May 9, 10:29 AM    #
  64. hi everyone i am ranked 998 in universe 7

    if anyone in uni 7 if you are want to join my allince

    tag: BOS

    ps i have a rubbish defence

    i have 15,000 points
    what about you lot

    — WARLORD    Jun 1, 03:33 AM    #
  65. How mutch dose it cost to build a Plasma Caņon?

    — Juannnnnnn    Jun 11, 05:23 PM    #
  66. -Giving resources to higher ranked players…

    why would you get a ban for that???

    that’s what inactive players do by letting people raid them

    it’s not so different….

    — The Warick (universe 27)    Jun 13, 04:27 AM    #
  67. How much does energy technology boost your fusion reactor’s output?

    — Dmon66    Jun 18, 11:25 AM    #
  68. how do u add someone to an alliance, im really new, and i need just a bit of help (the alliance is SWC in uni.9)

    — ender    Jun 25, 01:11 PM    #
  69. Guys, I’d recommend the following proportions when you build a defence. This is a standard ‘moonshot’ defence, and shows an average expected damage from a hit by a 1667LF moonshot:

    R.Launcher 2.500, lost 62, remaining 2.438
    L.Laser 2.000, lost 52, remaining 1.948
    H.Laser 200, lost 0, remaining 200
    Gauss 50, lost 0, remaining 50
    Ion C. 200, lost 0, remaining 200
    Plasma 35, lost 0, remaining 35
    S.Dome 1, lost 0, remaining 1
    L.Dome 1, lost 0, remaining 1

    The reason for the ratio is ; you don’t know what mix of ships is going to hit you. This ratio best covers all possibilities.
    Enjoy the game :)

    — The Great Inkle, U13    Jul 3, 01:06 PM    #
  70. Oops, I forgot to mention;
    there is a 70% chance of each damaged item of defence being repaired free and intantly after any attack, so on average, the above losses should be 3/10 ths as severe as I quoted.

    — The Great Inkle, U13    Jul 3, 01:12 PM    #
  71. The other bits I forgot to mention:

    Build at least 30 ABMs to go with the above; 40 recommended. Otherwise, you’re too vulnerable to an IPM attack.

    I’ll say it clearer; you want to aim for the RATIO of defence types, and build defences as fast as you need to protect at least 1 days res production. The above defence is rated to protect up to 1.5 kk res safely ( barring people who will attack for a zero or less profit ). Count deut as being twice as valuable wrt this calculation – fleeters NEED deut for fuel, and will seek it out.

    NO defence is attack proof; there’s ALWAYS somebody big enough to bulldoze your defences – all you can do is make it unprofitable for them in costs from fuel &/or losses, by not storing too much res under too little defence.

    Your fleet counts as res; divide the metal & crystal costs of building your fleet by 3 to find the size of DF it would leave if successfully attacked, and add this to the res count of what you’re protecting. ( NB. Duet does not get included in the DF, so ignore deut costs of ship building )

    There are several good tools out there which will calculate things for you. For attacks, I use the following simulator ( aka ‘sim’ );


    There are a few others, just as good. It really helps to build up a set of tools like this and learn your way around them.

    “ The first law of the o-gods: NEVER LET YOURSELF BE A WORTHWHILE TARGET
    “ The second law of the o-gods: NO FLEETSAVE = NO FLEET

    — The Great Inkle, U13    Jul 4, 07:21 AM    #
  72. the great inkles right….. i lost all my ships because of 1 night of non fleet saving but least i got a moon

    — GOD    Jul 4, 03:58 PM    #
  73. Hey, anyone know when new player protection runs out?

    — rocket1615    Sep 9, 02:03 PM    #
  74. is it a good idea to have ships at your planet when you first build a defence? maybe for ex i have 4 rl and 1 ll but building more should i keep my 7 light fighters at my planet? (that was only example)

    — rocket1615    Sep 11, 03:22 AM    #

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