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Being A Uber-Turtle


Published: May 28, 11:28 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

This article was contributed by zendet. Thanks!

Many people think being a turtle is a cowardly way of playing oGame, however it is a valid style of play and
in many cases it works. A basic turtle builds enough defense to protect overnight res and maybe that much more.
Then there are players who go that extra mile and become an Uber-Turtle.

Many people can break through a basic defenses even if they don’t make profit. And some people who HATE turtles do it for fun, even though in most cases attacking a turtle results in a loss for the attacker. High ranked players with deathstars can attack turtles for little or no loss to themselves, more on that later..

The basic player might be considered a turtle if he has more defense than fleet or around this defense..keep in mind if differs in the different unis.

Basic turtle:


and around 30-50 ABMs (Anti Ballistic Missiles)
Most Turtles don’t use IPMs (Inter Planetary Missiles) as they need the space for more ABMs

Any player might be considered an Uber-Turtle if his defense is built way beyond a point where it serves its purpose.
Like a huge wall only the most top top players can break down, and even if they do they will not make any profit and actually lose a lot. Attacking only to stop the turtle before he becomes un-killable.



And around 50-90 ABMs(Anti Ballistic Missiles )

Remember Uber-Turtles amount of defense differs in the unis, a Uber-Turtle in uni 1 would have way more defense than one in uni 30.

Most Turtles and Uber-Turtles have a large amount of Plasma cannons, as 7 of these draw with a Deathstar, and around the 30 mark they begin to be able to kill the deathstar.

As a result, they build lots of these to put off rip attacks, and people attack with rips because they don’t want to lose their little ships and take losses, so if they don’t have any plasmas of gauss the rip and shoot at the other defense and not be shot down.

Sim it. 1,000,000 ML against 1 RIP. The rip kills a certain amount of ML and then flys off home. Then he can come back until he takes them all out.

Uber-Turtle Facts.

1. Some Uber-turtles build theirs sats for grav behind their huge defense slowly, because they are sure no one can attack them for the sats for profit.

2. Most people become Uber-Turtles because they might log on once a day and just spend it on defense, and then it keeps building up.

3. Most Uber-Turtles have high mine levels so that they can build more defense with the res they get.

4. Although if some people gang up and build colonels near the Uber-Defense planet then they can IPM it until everything is gone.

5. Most Uber-Turtles have at least 1 deathstar on their planet to protect against other Rips attacking.

6. Some people do Defense on their moon instead of their planet because…moons cannot be Imped because its not a planet!


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  1. Go Turtlers! Let us kill all the active losers who spend way too much time on Ogame! Yaaaaaaay!

    — Morgan    May 29, 12:48 PM    #
  2. cool my article is posted:D

    — zendet    May 29, 02:19 PM    #
  3. good article, turtle all the way :D
    turtles r very smart ppl and know that its a waste of time and res to build fleets and then look after them until r transformed into df, lol.

    — some1    May 29, 02:32 PM    #
  4. i just think why would people waste their fleets bashing defences and not even getting the defence into a DF field, if theirs profit then do it, but if theirs not many people wouldnt bother

    — zendet    May 29, 02:40 PM    #
  5. I turtle bash for fun.
    But a couple have been for revenge… Theres nothing more satisfying then a player sending you 20 messages to stop attacking, but still bashing him down to basic turtle levels.

    — Me    May 29, 08:36 PM    #
  6. People who go out of their way to bash Turtle’s need to grow up. Turtle’s usually develop because they don’t have the excessive amount of free time that many OGame high ranking players do.

    The one thing I hate about OGame is the community’s general maturity level. “Oh he has officers, letz PWN his ass” etc. etc.

    Did you ever stop to think that Turtle’s can do nothing to you? Those with massive fleets can wipe out months of work in a blink of an eye. Turtles can’t.

    — mrflib    May 30, 07:24 AM    #
  7. To mrflib:

    My thoughts exactly.

    — Arbron    May 30, 06:52 PM    #
  8. Bashing officiers is main point of game – it’s morale duty of everybody show those players, that money can’t buy you victory.

    — Navi    May 30, 07:35 PM    #
  9. So what was the main “point” of the game before officers were introduced?

    Also, bashing an officer isn’t to show them that money can’t buy victory. No, if you truly believed that, you’d let them find out for themselves.

    The real reason you people bash officers is because you fear that money WILL buy them victory.

    — Arbron    May 30, 09:56 PM    #
  10. To Arbron –

    People bash officers because they don’t like that they’re paying for an advantage. There is no victory in this game.

    — Chris    May 30, 11:44 PM    #
  11. Achieving rank 1 is pretty much victory.

    — Arbron    May 31, 03:48 AM    #
  12. People who pay commander/officers also pay the game for people who play it free. The anti-officer hype is a hypocrisy.

    — Skaare    May 31, 06:46 AM    #
  13. lol uber turtles do have fleets, and they can hide them behind the defence if it is not profitable to destroy, and remember most have deathstars

    — zendet    May 31, 07:06 AM    #
  14. ubers just keep making plasmas and they have that many res they can keep buildin and they dont care if they get destroyed they just keep buildin!!!

    — shadow    Jun 1, 11:31 AM    #
  15. uber turtles are wimps i agree with that. but they are like rips against people with small medium or even large fleets. they are unkillable.

    — will94    Jun 3, 02:20 PM    #
  16. i honestly like turtling, especially in dark reign. raiders (weakest unit in game) runs at heavy rails and the heavy rails mow them down :)
    the only problem is, i cant either establish a defense fast enuff, or never hav the res :(

    — thecat    Jun 4, 12:10 AM    #
  17. I think that everyone has some good points. But to those who bash turtles, think wether they have a reason to turtle or not. Some do it because some high ranked player, way out of their league, wipes out their home world and takes eveything, including debree. So to those whom like bashing turtles for any reason, at least consider that some of us have a good reason for tutleing. I know this from experience. By the way, grow up, just because someone has general, or any other inhancement, you should thank them for supplying the money to help keep ogame operating.

    — Steal_pheonix    Jun 4, 01:01 AM    #
  18. This is a nice guide, made me want to be an uber-turtle!! cant log on a lot of times a day so this is just my type of strategy! Thanks! And let the officers be, I know that they have an unfair advantage but they’re the ones who pay for your play

    — Clement    Jun 4, 08:42 AM    #
  19. i love turtalling and i build a fleet of d bs bc c and hf to get rp on atk it a hell of alot of fun waching some atk not seeing the benifets of having a fleet/turrent defence they think ill move my fleet but i keep it and do major damage them my defence gets a good hit and the attacker starts falling apart…

    i hate officers but they have there use for ogame

    i think any turtel who has a big enough d fence they should start investing in some bc and other heavy ships like d and bs for shear strength and rf so think about ur lv in game and build a defence towered those atk and get ships with rf agaist the main ships that will atk u

    any who have fun everyone if u have any question contact me at matt_harris17@yahoo.com it is also my yahoo/msnm account i use

    — m1w9c9h0    Jun 4, 09:46 AM    #
  20. Good article. I bow to the uber-turtles.

    I don’t view this as an either/or proposition. Ex: I just started a month ago in uni 27 and am, by most standards, considered a turtle right now. This is a short-term tactic so I can build mondo mines and colonies, do tons of research, get nanites, etc, etc, and begin building a serious raiding and fleetcrashing fleet. However, I already carry out 4-8 raids a day on inactives, depending on time.

    I expect I’ll end up as more of a raider in the long term, but I’m happy to be a turtle (or turtle hybrid) in the meantime and will always have enough def to make other players consider easier targets before my planets.

    — Clinton    Jun 4, 12:47 PM    #
  21. I play in Uni 14, and I have found that having a Basic Turtle Def is a great way of making a fleet and keeping it sercure from the 1000-200 Ranked players, the Turtle/Fleetcrasher player is the way to play!.

    — The Lost Prophet    Jun 5, 02:37 AM    #
  22. LOL…
    Then I am a Uber turtle…
    In Universe 15(Portugal), my defenses are so resistant, That is not necessary to make fleetsave… My Defeses have the capacity to draw with some Death Stars.

    But I do not trust the defenses entirely, I Build some fleet, like interceptors, and battle ships.
    Clearly if somebody attack me, I receive another moon XD…
    But they do not steal me nothing…

    It is only for crash…

    — nick15    Jun 5, 12:51 PM    #
  23. Commander is totally ok – it doesn’t disbalance game, let people pay the game this way.
    (I do :)

    Officiers are just adding ogame to those freaky games from gameforge, where you stand no chance to score, unless you pay.

    — Navi    Jun 6, 04:52 PM    #
  24. Well without commanders and officers, there would be no ogame at all.
    (I do wish they wouldn’t get such an unfair advantage though)

    — Krahhl    Jun 6, 08:56 PM    #
  25. turtles all the way is not that good, u should still get a fleet so u can attack and have fun but being, its called being a semi-turtle lol

    — ZeUs9471    Jun 7, 03:48 AM    #
  26. Hey respect to all the uber turtles. the idea is so sick that someone can make such big defenses that hes like a rock that u can remove. then u can laugh at everyone with a fleet and tell them: attack me, u will lose :P haha thats so uber. maybe i`m gonna do this later in the game i`m now in the top 100 and want big mines so i can become uber turtle. than change my planet name to attack me or something

    — SADE    Jun 7, 12:58 PM    #
  27. “then u can laugh at everyone with a fleet and tell them: attack me, u will lose”

    That’s the type of taunting that gets turtles crashed.

    The best way to keep your defences alive is to keep silent.

    — Arbron    Jun 9, 07:52 PM    #
  28. quite true arbron… another way is not to spy on every person within three systems…. oh, one thing, with building a turtle, having a turtle on a large planet is the best thing to do, why? more fields = more mine capability = more defense capapbility.

    — Gaka    Jun 10, 08:59 PM    #
  29. ok well i love this cause right now my aim is uber turtle… i have just about 6000 ML and LL and varios other turrets… anywhooo why is it that you would scream to ppl HEY ATTACK ME I WANA GET CRASHED!!! see i like the turttle aproch… and having esp lvl 10 at such a low rank also works cause low level guys attack and they get crushed…

    — Whatever...    Jun 11, 10:56 AM    #
  30. oh, a note, i went from being totally offensive with a massive fleet and decided since my last post to go to a turtle. I have since built about 10k HL or so… cant really remember ^^ still fun got raided yesterday… Well not exactly raided, more like attempted…. ^^

    — Gaka    Jun 11, 08:10 PM    #
  31. I am a HUGE turtlealmost uber but not quite. I have 110 plasma cannons, and tons of the rest. I built my main in Galaxy 1, but I hid my turtle planet several galaxies away, so no one would find me. I have 7 colonies near my turtle which i send all resources from those to the turtle every day. This is the best way to go. I have not had this planet attacked since before I even started building. Attack free since-September 26, 2007 and counting

    — Supremegod Uni6    Jun 11, 10:05 PM    #
  32. “Attack free since-September 26, 2007 and counting”

    Time flows backwards for you?

    — Arbron    Jun 12, 06:23 PM    #
  33. my defence so far in uni 16 is


    And 2 deathstars

    — zendet    Jun 12, 09:42 PM    #
  34. I’ve become a turtle over the past few months in uni 28 and it’s been great. I think Supremegod Uni6’s idea works really well, I’m in the process of doing that exact same thing.

    Now I wouldn’t call myself an Uber-turtle yet but for my uni my defense is starting to get up there. I also have a lot of cargo’s to attack the inactives which if you’re in the right spot can work very well for getting a bunch of resources.

    My homeworld (It’s the one with my best defense) has not lost an attack on it since the second day the uni started. :D

    — js35wake uni-28    Jun 14, 11:18 AM    #
  35. Attack free since-September 26, 200(6) and counting


    — Supremegod Uni6    Jun 14, 11:48 AM    #
  36. Geologist

    +10% mine production

    — UuNn|Ii12    Jun 15, 11:47 AM    #
  37. Engineer

    Reduces the losses of the defense by half +10% more energy

    — UuNn|Ii12    Jun 15, 11:48 AM    #
  38. Only people who think it’s alright to use those… well use them, but I like to make my defense the old fashion way personally.

    — js35wake uni-28    Jun 15, 11:30 PM    #
  39. guys is it natural for a turtle to have lvl 27 metal mine on all planets?

    — panzer    Jun 16, 11:00 AM    #
  40. yah I know people in my old uni. that had those high of metal mines

    — js35wake uni-28    Jun 16, 05:15 PM    #
  41. yeh well thecat in officers topic is saying its impossible

    — panzer    Jun 17, 09:58 AM    #
  42. and people of this post, what person in there right mind gets 9 Colonies with 27 mines? he has still failed to answer how often they got attacked mmmm?
    still unbeatable

    — thecat    Jun 18, 12:51 AM    #
  43. first panzer has stated he was a turtle, so he most likely wouldn’t get attacked to often and second, 27 lvl mines is crazy, but crazy good and I have respect for anyone who puts in that type of effort in getting their mines that high.

    — js35wake uni-28    Jun 18, 09:20 AM    #
  44. only problem is, you’re now speaking for him…
    i’d like to hear straight from the horses mouth thanx

    — thecat    Jun 20, 02:56 AM    #
  45. some huge uber turtles have level 32metal,30crystal and 28 deut on ALL planets. they are the very old unis tho

    — zendet    Jun 20, 11:21 AM    #
  46. I think bashing uber-turtles is stupid. I mean what’s the point? Some people just like to build and people who attack just for ruining a turtle’s defense just takes the fun out of the game. They ended up looking like an a-hole and it’s really stupid because u end up losing more resources.

    — Qwerty    Jun 23, 04:56 AM    #
  47. thatas the point of uber turtles.. making a profit off them is impossible. even if they have millions on their planet you wont make profit..because

    A. the amount of ships your gonna need to break through…makes fuel costs sky high

    B.the amount of ships you lose takes away from the profit

    C.defence doest turn into res like ships do when their destroyed

    D. 70% of the defence comes back for free after the attack, no ships come back

    E.even if you IPM them with friends the amount of IPMs you neeed for a uber turtle is unreal..so no profit for you..

    F.and if the huge defence is on a moon then you cant even use IPMS so there..

    — zendet    Jun 23, 07:26 AM    #
  48. The best place to build a huge defence is on a moon.

    There’s no real profit in having a huge defence, so you may as well make it immune to the attacks of the stupid “let’s waste millions of deuterium to IPM him for no reason other than the fact we’re dead heads” crowd.

    — Arbron    Jun 24, 02:01 AM    #
  49. the profit to that is in security. Sitting behind a massive fortress of defenses that cost so much to make and doing nothing is pointless IMO, but its a great way to safeguard your fleet-making capabilities. If you can ensure uninterrupted production and supplies, there’s no real limit to what you can do; that applies to real-world military strategy and Ogame’s strategic situation. I do agree though that a moon is the best place to ‘turtle.’

    — Seandacht    Jun 26, 02:32 PM    #
  50. I’ve been playing in Uni 4 for a while now.. and I’d say I’m an uber turtle! :D

    20,000 RL
    130,000 LL
    2,500 HL
    2,000 GC
    2,000 IC
    900 PC
    80 ABM
    8 RIPs

    Right now I could hold up against about 450 RIPs and still pull a draw.. and the attacker would lose 2 RIPs. And if I got attacked by 65 RIPs they would all be destroyed!:D

    But yeah, another essential for turtles is to be well researched. I’ve got espionage tech 14 to hide myself and WAS 16/15/15. It’s good to know that if I was attacked by even the rank 1 player my weapons would be more effective than his.

    — CosmoKramer    Jul 3, 02:14 PM    #
  51. Hey you all turtles! You ROCK!!! I’m quite new to Ogame, but I’m definately going to start turtling to once I’ve upgraded my mines enough!

    — witchlover    Jul 4, 06:11 AM    #
  52. I became a turtle after I got my defenses and fleets bashed a few times. It was a set back, now with increase in defense I’m no longer attacked and no fleet on my planets that are worth attacking puts me in good position. I do have a fleet a small fleet. Guys only raid small people that are not in alliances, sure its a cowards way, but the pay off is good. Turtle turtle to all the people in the turtle club. : )

    — Steven Hawkings    Jul 4, 04:25 PM    #
  53. Yea, def on a moon is good but what about ds, can’t they just destroy the moon?

    — Qwerty    Jul 4, 09:48 PM    #
  54. Turtles are very smart people, Even if the first turtle didn’t mean to be, and was just letting it pile up to an insane size…At any rate, A little tip for turtles: Make more light lasers than heavy. 4 light lasers or 1 heavy. You do the attacking math (For the lazy, I shall for you):400 attack or only 250. Ion Cannons are only usefull for spending Crystal…But you could always trade that for more metal/wait for enough for a PC or a Gauss.

    — LilPimpT    Jul 9, 10:51 AM    #
  55. very useful bit of information here.

    people earlier talking about officer users, they should have stuck it in the new uni’s only, they ruined the older ones by putting this crap in it. Commander doesn’t give any advantage so have no issue with it

    — THFC    Jul 9, 11:38 AM    #
  56. “Yea, def on a moon is good but what about ds, can’t they just destroy the moon?”

    That’s what the defence is there to prevent.

    — Arbron    Jul 9, 11:46 AM    #
  57. “Yea, def on a moon is good but what about ds, can’t they just destroy the moon?”

    if a RIP is sent on a moon destruction mission it must first kill the fleet/defense that is on the moon at that time.
    If it has a draw it goes home.If the RIP is destroyed nothing more happens.If it kills the fleets/defense then it attacks the moon itself and u get the chance to destroy it .
    Since there is a chance the rip is destroyed in the destruction of the moon no DF will be created. Pity, 1 person in .de sent 1000 deathstars at the moon of the guy that made the game, he set the moon to size 50’000 all deathstars were killed the moon survived and the guy stopped playing the game, it was his suicide hit….

    — mark    Jul 10, 06:52 PM    #
  58. cool

    — benruelz    Jul 13, 03:28 PM    #
  59. i am a trtle they r good

    — benruelz    Jul 13, 03:29 PM    #
  60. @ LilPimpT

    “Ion Cannons are only usefull for spending Crystal…”

    Gotta disagree with you there… They ARE pretty crystal-expensive, but look at their shields! 500!! Even plasmas only have a shield of 300. And since all the shield power for each gun gets combined in battle, having a large number of these will help you out extraordinarily!

    — CosmoKramer    Jul 16, 11:58 AM    #
  61. i have not yet got the mine levels to become a uber turtle or yet even a turtle but im gettin my mines up and doin some research in the process and when ive got some high lvl mines ill definately become a turtle because just waitin for real low lvl mines to produce hundreds of thousands takes ages so ima build some ships and crash some inactives and P.S. im only low lvld coz i been playin for short time

    — dr ownage    Jul 21, 05:29 AM    #
  62. i use to be tutle its good but people just get ya for no reasona turle is a strategy like fleetsaving rlly peoplecarnt say tutles equal cowards offices are an unfair advantage but its they chocie overall

    — greenmosha2    Jul 22, 09:08 AM    #
  63. hey people get a load of this! over in the officer argument, The Truth is saying he got 50k plasma and 200k light laser! LOLZ!!!
    oh and for thos that hate me, go to an ogame calculator and figure out the numbers. its more than 6 mill points. some1 clarify that plz ? cant be bothered ^^

    — thecat    Jul 23, 03:14 AM    #
  64. hey im a uber turtle and i pay for comander because i cant get online much nowerdays and buildings take so much time i just wait for a load of res and then make a 5 building long construcion line and come back after a few days its not much of an advantage because if u play alot u could start construcion wen it finish just make next but since im out all the time i find it much easier this way ^^

    — jak    Jul 23, 09:36 PM    #
  65. I plan to be a turtle, but I don’t have the most powerful defense. never been attacked, though.
    110 RL
    60 LL
    45 HL
    20 IC
    1 Small Shield
    Ability to construct Gauss cannons.
    What should I focus on next?

    — noone    Jul 24, 09:01 AM    #
  66. @cosmokramer, Whoopdy doo. Why spend more crystal to get a little more shields when the RIP is gonna be focusing on your RLs and not your ICs? =P That and I’d rather use said crystal on technology/more def.

    @noone, Focus on getting Plasma Cannons, Just cause you haven’t been whacked yet, Doesn’t mean you won’t. You probably don’t have a feasible amount of resources/rank for them to want to hit you.

    A little more help for turtles: If you have said above def on all your planets and not just one, Don’t upgrade ONE mine till it’s level 30, Upgrade them equally. Costwise it’s better to upgrade them equally instead of having ONE supermine.

    — LilPimpT    Jul 26, 01:08 PM    #
  67. lol turtles 4 life. its funny, somene sends a huge fleet to attack u…. ur turtle defences destroy it…. u get a chance for a moon!

    — meatman    Jul 27, 02:16 PM    #
  68. Thanks.
    How much do Plasma Cannons cost, anyways?

    — noone    Jul 28, 07:44 AM    #
  69. noone…

    plasma cannons cost:
    matal: 50k
    crystal: 50k
    deuterium: 30k

    I have been a turtle for a good 6 months and have found that this ratio works well and over all defense…

    (go by per 100 light lasers)

    rocket lunchers: 125
    light lasers: 100
    heavy lasers: 0 (because as things add up they do not do what the cost is worth)
    gauss cannon: 3 to 4
    ion cannon:8 to 9 (because, trust me when I say they do add up in shields and protection)
    plasma turret: 1

    right now noone I would say get up to 100 lgiht lasers and then get a large shield as soon as possible after that.

    — js35wake uni-28    Jul 29, 10:39 AM    #
  70. @ Js, Your not a turtle =P I have more def than you do haha, And I’M Not even a turtle…I Have:
    Rocket Launchers 648
    Light Lasers 1,437
    Heavy Lasers 60
    Gauss Cannons 43
    Ion Cannons 5
    Plasma Turrets 27
    Small Shield 1
    Large Shield 1
    Anti-Ballistic Missles 40

    And also, Yes, I’m sure that the ion cannons DO add SOME shields, But again, I point out once more, If you have a good 2k RLs+ The fleets will focus on them instead of everything else. And so what? Oh no, I lost 200 RLs! That’s nothing to a turtle because they harvest the DF and make more than the cost in profit >_> I also got level 10 esp level (Helps a turtle in my op, If they can’t see the INSANE defense, They might be dumb enough to attack with a fleet), 10 Weapons Tech (duh), 11 Shield Tech (Again, Duh), And level 10 Shielding Tech (nuff said).

    — LilPimpT    Jul 29, 05:09 PM    #
  71. LilPimpT

    I was showing a ratio as I said already, NOT my defense.

    MY DEFENSE is in uni 28 on my biggest planet which is the best (all being rounded down to the nearest 5)...

    rocket lunchers 2870
    light lasers 2200
    heavy lasers 0
    guess cannons 75
    ion cannons 210
    plasma turrets 45
    both shields
    50 ABM’s

    and as for the ion cannons, when defense gets a lot bigger and fleets do, ions will be a needed force to help be part of the quick hits to shield the only real defensive weapon, the plasma turret.

    — js35wake uni-28    Jul 29, 11:25 PM    #
  72. My curent main turtle plant looks like this
    rocket lunchers 100000
    light lasers 60000
    heavy lasers 10000
    guess cannons 2000
    ion cannons 2000
    plasma turrets 2000
    both shields
    80 ABM’s

    what is the next logic step to a perfekt defence?

    — Michael    Aug 1, 12:07 PM    #
  73. @ LilPimpT

    You fail to see the point… In battle, all the shields of every gun get put together into one big number, so the shield power of the Ion Cannons, as well, gets distributed into that number. So even if the RIP’s are focusing on your RL, the shield from your Ions are helping those RL as well, which is why Ions are just as important as anything else.

    So I hope you understand now, an Ion cannon’s shield is good for your entire defense, not just themselves.

    But I do agree with being well researched. I got esp 14, and w/a/s 16/15/15.

    — CosmoKramer    Aug 2, 01:37 PM    #
  74. Michael-
    You should get more gauss cannons for getting rid of cruisers, which would be dangerous to rocket launchers in large numbers (that’s why I use light lasers for fodder), while leaving your plasma turrets for the bigger ships.

    — Hmm? What's a name?    Aug 3, 03:15 PM    #
  75. I added some more defense now I have:
    rocket lunchers 9540 (Almost 10k!)
    light lasers 8835
    hevy lasers 0
    guass cannns 475
    on cannons 620
    plasma turets 345
    both shields
    100 ABM’s

    A name is your face nnow fuck off with your noobishness

    — js35wake uni-28    Aug 3, 04:12 PM    #
  76. who ever put my name in, don’t do it again, everyone in here knows I don’t swear, and its just sad to try using someone elses name I feel sorry for who ever used it, you have problems pal.

    — js35wake uni-28    Aug 4, 04:46 PM    #
  77. Well… That was interesting. At least i know i ain’t one.

    David2569    Aug 6, 07:31 PM    #
  78. Being an Uber-turtle is not bad. After all, they obviously leave people alone since they don’t want to fight for the most part. Thats fine with me, since they wont bother me!

    Also, what is it with these type of people who have to say rude things where it is not needed? You all know who I am talking about, those ***holes who like ripping on newbies. Why cant you people just be nice?

    — Anti-anti-noob Guy    Aug 13, 02:06 AM    #
  79. hey if anyone is alliance free in uni8. Vampirates(my alliance) is currently accepting everyone

    — Zack    Aug 14, 03:28 PM    #
  80. the first day i got out of noob-safe i got attacked by a rank 1000 guy ever since then i’ve been turtleing as best i can. turtle’s and uberturtle’s are the way to go!

    — zordakmaster    Aug 20, 05:23 AM    #
  81. Turtles are very smart people, but if they could, they should totally do ’5 year plans’ of first building defences then buildings, then ships. You would dominate the game!

    — Eoghan    Aug 20, 07:10 AM    #
  82. dont bash turtle bashers. i mean, so what if they do it for fun, its a game. accept it and cut your losses, maybe even congratulate them on a job well done. And as much time as turtles put into the game the ones who break them put more time in, they do the harder work, and reap w/e benefit they can get

    btw @ eoghan
    that thing reminds of communist russia and china “5-year plans” and “the great leap forward”

    — a guy    Aug 20, 11:34 PM    #
  83. what’s annoying is when you’re a new player, and you don’t have huge ammounts of resources, but other players decide to take away what you do have, regardless. That happened to me, so I just spent all the resources i made on defenses until people quite attacking me. So turtling is sometimes “forced” upon one.

    — someone    Aug 25, 01:42 AM    #
  84. very true, one of the main reasons I’m a turtle

    — someone else    Aug 25, 04:22 PM    #
  85. I personly think all turtle bashers should be ganged up on by all the turtles and then they can have there revenge

    — Turkey66    Aug 29, 12:24 AM    #
  86. Hi all,

    I personnally am turtle for just the right reason : a few minutes a day to OGame ! And to me it’s the only way to keep on OGaming, so I keep on turtling…


    Benoît ‘Mutos’ ROBIN
    Hoshikaze 2250 Project

    Mutos    Aug 30, 12:36 AM    #
  87. about ur guys’ theory on not getting heavy lasers because they arent as cost effective, i disagree, because of the difference in rapid fire against them. even if they dont have as much firepower, in a fight you will lose less of them, which in the long run will save you u more resources and ultimately u will have more firepower left over after each round. just my 2 cents

    — david    Aug 30, 01:01 PM    #
  88. You know what you can do, is make a moon, put thousands of defense on it, and make it into a temporary res storage for overnight or such. After all, Moons cannot be IPM’d, so defense is essentially safe on a moon. Although, that in itself would probably take a fair amount of res. Plus, plenty of defense on your moons means you can help prevent others from destroying it.

    — Anti-anti-noob Guy    Sep 3, 03:57 AM    #
  89. yeah heavy lasers may not provide a proportional fire power compared to 4 light lasers, but its the defensive rapidfire against them that they propel which i think is against cruisers?! they are the only defense that can do this and so their value is worth it. Prehaps even more valueable…

    — apollyon    Sep 3, 10:18 AM    #
  90. uber turtles are probably some of the best players. If you think about it who is going to attack a player with over 500 PT’s and 2000 GC’s. Players dont want losses when attacking so having a huge defense is probably the best way to fend off attacks.

    — Nitro    Sep 3, 01:24 PM    #
  91. Nitros right

    — Turkey66    Sep 3, 10:58 PM    #
  92. hey guys im in trouble. i want to subscribe for commander, but i cant because it says pick the country you live in (i live in NZ) and there isnt NZ there. what do i do

    p.s. how much is it in NZ moneys for 14 day subscription?

    — thecat    Sep 4, 05:10 AM    #
  93. if u got a problem with turtles get off this forum and thecat maybe go to a bank and exchange ur currency into aus or US currency and say ur from there

    — dr ownage    Sep 5, 04:14 AM    #
  94. I like turtles because they don’t have a lot to prove, still play the game to win and basically are really nice people. They’re usually smarter than the more aggressive players and older too, which makes for a much more interesting conversation. The many I’ve talked to seem to be preparing for some period in the future when they will have the free time to build their fleets and be able to take advantage of them. They seem to be into long term strategy over quick wins, and bullying behavior that you see from fleet fighters… It takes them some time, but I think in the end the turtles will win.

    — New GM    Sep 5, 02:41 PM    #
  95. nitro is right i mean not many people would attack u even if u had like probly 10 pt and 100 gc unless they had more than 2 or 3 RIPs which not many ppl in my galaxy have lol

    — dr ownage    Sep 6, 06:38 AM    #
  96. “I personly think all turtle bashers should be ganged up on by all the turtles and then they can have there revenge”

    Yeah, it’d be cool to see all the turtles build millions of booster jets on the surfaces of their colonies, then use their planets as RIPs. ^_~

    — Arbron    Sep 8, 04:14 AM    #
  97. Hi all,

    I still got a problem understanding IC value against PC & GC, so I built less of them. What pros and cons do you know about IC’s ?

    Thanks for any hint -


    Benoît ‘Mutos’ ROBIN
    Hoshikaze 2250 Project

    Mutos    Sep 9, 02:45 AM    #
  98. wel mutos, ICs have more or less the same strenght as normal LLs but they have wayyy better shielding..and i mean wayy better! with a good amount of them you can protect other defences and force draws, with a huge defence these are important, most people dont build these as the crystal price is very high, but in the later stages they are worth it.

    — zendet    Sep 10, 02:49 PM    #
  99. Plasma’s are horrible against rips. And Ion cannons suck against anything. Build rips to counter rips and turn those ion cannons into small lasers and rocket launchers.

    — blarg!    Sep 20, 09:09 PM    #
  100. blarg!...with just 7 plasmas you can draw against a rip..and thats on their own. compare the cost of 7 plasmas and 1 rip.. ions do suck against things..but they arent made for fighting, they are made for their shielding;)

    — zendet    Sep 21, 04:09 AM    #
  101. A single rip sitting behind a decent amount of fodder is far more dangerous to a rip fleet. And For their cost ion cannons are a horrible investment.

    — blarg!    Sep 22, 05:02 PM    #
  102. yes but who would have plasmas without a good amount of fodder? no one.at the early stages ions arent good, but when you have a huge defence they begin to help in large numbers when all the shielding adds up. i have just over 1mil points and havent been attacked in over half a year. believe me they work

    — zendet    Sep 23, 12:29 PM    #
  103. If you have a good amount of fodder stick rips behind it instead of plasma. Works much better. In almost any defensive setup the res spent into an ion cannon is much more effective in SL and RL. I have just over 5mil points and haven’t been attacked in over 1.5 years. believe me they suck

    — blarg!    Sep 24, 04:50 AM    #
  104. first off rips are not instead of plasmas, they are WITH plasmas, because people attack rips for profit. you cannot attack plasmas for profit. and the aim of every turtle is to make no profit for the attacker.fine have no ions, sure you might not get attacked, but if you do…then you will get defeated faster.ions make the battle last way way way longer, its absorbes the attackers attack strenght.

    — zendet    Sep 25, 09:23 AM    #
  105. srry, i mean 100x weaker.

    — someone    Sep 26, 11:32 PM    #
  106. i just got out of noob prot and got attacked by someone 100x my rank. not points, rank. Now i have to become a turtle, so it won’t happen again.

    — someone    Sep 26, 11:34 PM    #
  107. sorry mr.someone but ther wud have to be like 100,000 people joined your uni for a person 100x your rank to attack you, maybe 100 more than your rank but not 100x your rank:P…learn to fleetsave

    — zendet    Sep 27, 06:22 PM    #
  108. I would say I am an uber turtle

    I have on my main planet

    Rocket Launcher ~59,537
    Light Laser ~52,659
    Heavy Laser ~5,000
    Gauss Cannon ~1,102
    Ion Cannon ~5,321
    Plasma Turret ~925
    Small Shield Dome ~1
    Large Shield Dome ~1
    Anti-Ballistic Missiles ~90
    Deathstar ~3
    weapons, shielding, armour techs all lvl 15

    I love it absolutely, I am working on becoming the top turtle in the game, it is gonna take alot of work but I think it can be done. I add about 15 plasmas a day 50 ion’s, and 999 rocket launchers once I get a bunch more plasmas I will stop building those and focus on the other things.

    I got started on this when I became the target of a few of the higher players in the universe and decided that I was gonna make it totally unprofitable for people to hit me so when they did I could just laugh at them. since about july of last year I haven’t had to fleetsave I have gotten the random attack on my farm colonies, but nothing on my main. This works well for me because I am not able to get on often, I hate attacking people cause I know what it is like to be crashed and I don’t like to do that to people, but I love the building aspect, and like raising in ranks.

    My plan is however to once I reach my goal of being the largest turtle in the game to then focus on building my fleets and research so that I can be a force to be reckoned with and return the favor to some of those top ranked players who enjoy picking on people :)

    — Cordelia    Oct 2, 05:34 AM    #
  109. Cordelia:

    nice defence, may i ask what uni your in?
    also i really love your techs, mine are all at 13:P i would advise you to get about 1000 more gauss before you do anything though

    — zendet    Oct 4, 09:27 AM    #
  110. LilPimpT

    I was showing a ratio as I said already, NOT my defense.

    MY DEFENSE is in uni 28 on my biggest planet which is the best (all being rounded down to the nearest 5)...

    rocket lunchers 2870
    light lasers 2200
    heavy lasers 0
    guess cannons 75
    ion cannons 210
    plasma turrets 45
    both shields
    50 ABM’s

    and as for the ion cannons, when defense gets a lot bigger and fleets do, ions will be a needed force to help be part of the quick hits to shield the only real defensive weapon, the plasma turret.

    OMG that is still nothing, I’m not even a turtle and look what I have :
    3800 RL
    6000 LL
    650 HL
    70 Gauss
    25 ions
    54 PT
    2 shield domes

    — Willi@m    Oct 5, 10:28 AM    #
  111. im a hybrid turtle-reider.. i reai almost everytime my fleet is back.. ahaha

    my defense is

    1220 RL

    and i always leave my fleet waiting to be attacked, then ill just send them of minutes before any attacked.. ahaha.. ive got 5 top 100 neighbors but they dont bother anymore.. they are just wasting deuts..

    — sujirojovee    Oct 6, 08:04 AM    #
  112. I still think you should be careful, that defense is not that big…

    — Willi@m    Oct 6, 12:29 PM    #
  113. Ima turtle, i love to turtle deters people from even thinking about attacking you in the first place, and of coarse defense is needed

    — Shawry    Oct 10, 01:36 AM    #
  114. I am a turtle from uni 20, turtling is the way to go however, in my experience to climb into the ranks faster a person should mix all syles of play into one big strategy. For instance being a raider/miner/recycler/turtle/researcher. The commander in my alliance in uni 20 uses this tactic and flied up the rank ladder.

    Speaking of defense, this is how mine stands:

    RL : 5,000
    LL : 2,300
    HL : 500
    GC : 140
    IC : 145
    PT : 55
    IBMS : 40

    Now I know that isnt even close to an uber-turtle, still it is growing. I have all nine planets and all of their mines range from lvl 19 – 28.

    I agree with both arguments about Ion Cannons , They are very crystal expensive, at the same time they ALSO add to a player’s over all shield rating.

    — B.G    Oct 13, 02:55 PM    #
  115. Hey, I just started OGame a few weeks ago, and decided to start off as a turtle and gradually evolve ino a more advanced player. Also, what is an RIP?

    — shadeslayer42199    Oct 14, 10:22 PM    #
  116. a RIP is the slang word for a deathstar, the most powerful ship in the game

    — zendet    Oct 15, 07:49 PM    #
  117. also my defence is now:

    i plan on getting my mine levels up a bit and then i will increase my plasmas up to 2000, then my gauss to 3000 and then all my ML and LL to 100,000

    after all that i will get my gauss up to 8000 then get up to 30 deathstars

    — zendet    Oct 15, 08:06 PM    #
  118. Cool if that really is true.
    My tactic is to buil defence for a month or so, then raid non-stop and use these ressources for fleet during two weeks.
    You always want your defence to be at lesat three times more powerful than you fleet.
    I started playin Ogame with my friends 6 months ago, ans they started building fleet straight away because it was more fun.
    I kept building defence and now they get raided and fleetcrashed every 3 dayswhile it has been 3 weeks that I haven’t been spyed on.
    Call that good luck people ?
    Anyway i’m bulging with ressources ( about 4 million metal and stuff ) and this defence is going UP !

    5000 RL
    6000 LL
    1000 HL
    125 Gauss
    25 ions
    62 PT
    2 shield domes

    — Willi@m    Oct 19, 10:57 AM    #
  119. of course its true, i made this article remember, whats the point lying, and its still growing;)
    my fleet is just the 5rips, 300 L cargos and 200 recyclers, i dont use fleets:P im pure turtle/miner/defence killer

    — zendet    Oct 19, 01:41 PM    #
  120. Turtles rock ipms dont
    but im going to get a big defense on 1 of my moons not a planet

    btw very nice defense zendet what uni is that ?

    — MrB    Oct 20, 01:27 PM    #
  121. heya MrB, that would be uni 16, the last uni without ACS ;) no turtle is safe in a ACS uni:P

    — zendet    Oct 20, 08:09 PM    #
  122. It is a strange mentality that thinks it’s OK to hit people hard but it’s not OK to have the sense to build an equally strong defense. Some people just like creating and playing a less aggressive game of resistance.

    — catweazel    Oct 21, 05:49 AM    #
  123. If you should construct only a ceratin tpe of def what would it be ?
    Light Laser ?

    — Willi@m    Oct 25, 02:25 AM    #
  124. plasma, because noobs are scared of them =)

    — zendet    Oct 25, 03:24 PM    #
  125. On my uni 3 account i had achieved a fairly large turtle defence- in this guide becoming an uber- turtle, tho i did not join early in the uni and the rank one had already achieved points that i couldnt even hope of trying to overtake. All i can say is i was not attacked once except when i started grav, on my second attempt i got it. (i used a lvl 6 nanite factory, and yes that costs alot.)
    95 Anti-Ballistic
    and the 9000 odd Solar Sats

    This is a strong defence- up until the point where u get 100 odd rips attacking you, if the account was started at the start of the uni then it would have been an unkillable.
    Best defence to build?
    There is not one, they all have a weaknesses against different ships, each supports another. RL and LL are the basic fodder with Ion cannons providing strong shield stats so the third best, HL are not so useful as they cost to much for the firepower and integrity they have, more a pain in the ass than anything.
    Guass is an anti everything gun except rips, and plasmas just hold off the really big attacks.

    7 plasmas may draw against a RIP but 1000 LFs can kill 7 plasmas, losing only around 10 LFs,

    so you tell me… you think they would make different types of defence if you only needed to build one of them?

    have fun :)

    — Rocketsod    Oct 26, 07:38 PM    #
  126. Oh I know but don’t think I agree with you on the Ion cannon-Heavy Laser debate.

    — Willi@m    Oct 27, 04:44 AM    #
  127. yeah way to much ions for what you could have leveld out your defence with all that wasted crystal, sure a even amount of ions are good, but what a waste. and rips could blow your def away with a few hundred because of your low amount of plasmas, with big defences only rips can really touch you, so why not concentrate on plasmas for the rips ;) no ones gunna waste their fleet attacking a big defence.

    for a uni 3 defence i guess its quite big, but really you need wayy more plasmas for a uni 3 uber turtle

    — zendet    Oct 28, 10:51 AM    #
  128. Believe it or not, Rocketsod used 360,000,000 cristal just for hs Ion cannons.
    What a waste considering his defence could get blown up for having just 500 plasma.

    — Willi@m    Nov 5, 05:43 AM    #
  129. lol thats a huge waste, yeah when your def gets to such a size, the best option becomes the plasma because only rips will be able to take it out.also he should have around the 10-30rip mark aswell IF he had at least 1k plasmas.

    — zendet    Nov 5, 07:30 PM    #
  130. Very true !
    Actually do you people play Ogame.org ?
    I must get mixed up cause I play .fr

    — Willi@m    Nov 8, 11:53 AM    #
  131. i play uni 16 on ogame.org

    how old is .fr and what nationality is that?

    — zendet    Nov 8, 02:39 PM    #
  132. I think .fr is older because in Ogame.fr , the last universe is number 54.
    Also the nationality is france.

    — Willi@m    Nov 10, 12:05 PM    #
  133. i was in paris before =)
    i live in ireland and play org. yeah maybe its older, or maybe the rate of unis comes out faster? i dunno:P getting my 10th rip 2moro!!=)

    — zendet    Nov 10, 03:54 PM    #
  134. Cool.
    Usually french are hated in anglo-saxon countries.
    Good to see that some people are grown up.
    My god I dont even have graviton level 1 !
    But I only have 120.000 points.
    My defense : ( it’s grown a lot like doubled in everything, but still isn’t that good )

    7850 ML
    7015 LL
    1700 HL
    301 Gauss
    100 plasma
    50 ABM’s

    — Willi@m    Nov 13, 03:29 PM    #
  135. i just got my 10th deathstar:D im just past the 1.100.000 point a few days ago, i live in ireland. tryin to up my mines at the moment:P

    — zendet    Nov 13, 05:22 PM    #
  136. Yeah I plan to do that soon too they’re really weak.
    How long have you been playing ?

    — Willi@m    Nov 14, 01:01 PM    #
  137. about a year and a half.
    im upgrading 3 met mines to 27 now

    — zendet    Nov 14, 05:47 PM    #
  138. Balance is the key in all aspects of life, and the same goes for ogame. Are you really the best if you don’t utilize all that is put in front of you. No fleet, cripples you with a lack of income from raids or crashes. No defense leaves you vulnerable to even the smallest attack a few cargo’s and cruisers. Personally 2k LL’s and 5 plasma is more then enough defense to protect transport fleets and overnight production. Any more then that is excessive. Large defenses are a waste of resources. Nothing can protect your fleet like a moon so invest in that.

    — Yarrick    Nov 15, 11:41 AM    #
  139. You are soooo wrong.
    If defense is a waste of resources, where do you spend yours ?

    — Willi@m    Nov 15, 11:50 AM    #
  140. :L:L a moon is nothing, i have one and never use it as i dont use a fleet.
    i have got over a million points by defence.. so ya i think your wrong.

    hah loser

    ogame is different for everyone. why did ogame put defences in the game so? yeah so people can take a diffeent path and be DIFFERENT

    — zendet    Nov 16, 07:55 AM    #
  141. You suck Yarrick.

    — Willi@m    Nov 16, 12:52 PM    #
  142. my current Uber defences are :P


    And 15 deathstars

    im ranked 237 in uni 4 :P

    Galaphile    Nov 20, 09:38 PM    #
  143. wow pretty cool but i would try to get some more plasma.
    but i’m pretty positive you won’t get attacked soon :P

    — Willi@m    Nov 23, 02:41 PM    #
  144. The main points in Ogame is gathering point and get a high rank anyway..And you can do that with buiding defences.so its a valid style of gaming.
    Someone Can be No1 just with defences so its no Bad idea if this can offer you the 1st rank

    — Faznight    Nov 26, 06:26 AM    #
  145. + having a lot of defense insures you to not have to share that rank 1 with someone else :P

    — Willi@m    Nov 28, 02:12 AM    #
  146. im just 10k away from 100k RL, il wait till im finished getting my PC to 2000 first though, there on 1200 so far. after all that my mines gotta go a few levels then my LL up to 100k aswell

    — zendet    Dec 1, 09:53 AM    #
  147. I am not a turtle but I respect all turtles.

    — Austin    Dec 7, 05:38 PM    #
  148. Yeah, fore they are ( usually ) not Ogame-addicted persons, that can’t spend that much time on it.

    — Willi@m    Dec 9, 03:28 PM    #
  149. im quite a new player but ive been sitting back for a little while and doing nothing much in the terms of raids, ive had like once succesful raid but now im thinking of going on the def..

    — theonelongsword    Dec 15, 08:32 AM    #
  150. My current defence :
    10.000 RL
    10.000 LL
    2500 HL
    25 Ions
    500 Gauss
    150 Plasma

    — Willi@m    Dec 17, 02:21 AM    #
  151. all planet or just 1?

    — zendet    Dec 20, 05:53 AM    #
  152. Just 1

    — Willi@m    Dec 24, 05:11 AM    #
  153. Just 1.
    I am now upgrading all my mines to level 30.
    Metal 26 already.
    From 23 to 26 in 4 days

    — Willi@m    Dec 24, 05:13 AM    #
  154. “heya MrB, that would be uni 16, the last uni without ACS ;) no turtle is safe in a ACS uni:P
    what is ACS”? IF someone attack a planet with no defence, can he profit from anything ? sorry i am a real noob

    — ikaria    Dec 26, 10:58 AM    #
  155. OMG! LOLZ!!!!111 im getting laid with the girlfriend of a ogame player.rox. keep playin rox :D

    shibita    Dec 26, 05:06 PM    #
  156. One important thing to remember is to have RIPs on your planet.

    I’m at:

    35,000 RL
    130,000 LL
    2,500 HL
    2,000 GC
    2,000 IC
    950 PT
    Both shields of course

    But if someone were to send enough RIPs to my planet, they wouldn’t suffer any losses. That’s why I’ve got 20 RIPs to deal some damage as well. Even one RIP paired with a big defense will deal some serious damage to any RIP attacker.

    — Kramer390    Dec 26, 11:32 PM    #
  157. building my 11th rip now:D

    — zendet    Dec 27, 11:43 PM    #
  158. I’m only ending my first month of Ogame but I think I’m doing well.
    Right now my main planet has

    (currently building) 50HL
    Both Shields

    working on plasma tech and my silo is almost lvl 4.

    My main has never been attacked, but my OTHER plplanet has been attacked twice and it PWN’d the opposing fleet.

    — Hobo I Ar    Dec 31, 08:22 PM    #
  159. building my 13th rip =)

    — zendet    Jan 6, 06:01 AM    #
  160. im slightly turtleish in Uni 28 for one reason roughly 6 of the top 100 hit me multiple times meaning that i needed to build up without getting hit from enemies my level, thus i turtle and get a chance to build my fleet to something usefull (phalanx-hit more than once so i lost my fleet even after i FS’d)

    — Draksynth    Jan 10, 02:00 AM    #
  161. Turtling isnt the most efficient way of playing, but a safe way. What is efficient defence wise is to basically look at how much resources you are going to rake up on your planet for a research or a building upgrade and make sure your defence is big enough so it it makes it not worth the bother of attack. Using js35wake’s ratio of defence: rocket lunchers: 125
    light lasers: 100
    heavy lasers: 0 (because as things add up they do not do what the cost is worth)
    gauss cannon: 3 to 4
    ion cannon:8 to 9 (because, trust me when I say they do add up in shields and protection)
    plasma turret: 1

    Go up by this amout of defence per 200k resouces you wish to save up on your planet to be safe.

    Even if no one attacks or espionages the defence wont be wasted..there will always be another bigger upgrade.
    Protip- Building defence gets boring.

    — Mr Mum    Jan 12, 10:25 AM    #
  162. I got attacked by 1000 light fighters.

    They got pwn3d. D3v1lpwn3d.

    People are so stupid if they think 1000 LFs can do anything. I have 1 plasma cannon (along with alot of other defenses blatez) and that was enough to kill them.

    Lee: “ONoes! A fleet is coming towards you!”

    Me: “What should I do?”

    Lee: “1000 LFs? Fuck all mate ;)”

    — d3v1lpwn3r    Jan 14, 05:05 PM    #
  163. What is a RIP?

    — GLenn    Jan 16, 07:05 AM    #
  164. RIP is slang for Rest in Pieces. Also a Deathstar the most powerful ship in the game.

    — MeMyself&I    Jan 17, 10:24 AM    #
  165. RIP = Rest In Peace….
    what they put on gravestones.
    RIP in ogame = Deathstar because its so strong.

    — some guy    Jan 17, 02:21 PM    #
  166. deathstars can be destroyed, i have seen up to 35 die in one battle!

    and turtles and more uba turtles note, you need more abm, becuse you just need a few players to take you out, few players and a 2 colonies each will equal about 160ipm, which will wipe your 90 or so abm and then wipe out your fleet too.

    also note i am not disputing the word rip meaning deathstars, i just corrected that yes deathstars are strong but they are not invincsible….


    — David    Jan 22, 08:06 PM    #
  167. dave,
    first of ipms cant destroy fleet.

    and if 150 rips attacked me they would all be destroyed, and i have no fleet besides 15 rips.

    — zendet    Jan 24, 11:45 AM    #
  168. TBH, why turtle seriously… it sucks fleet > defence, rips can easy handle almost every defence

    — hmmm    Jan 25, 10:20 AM    #
  169. Seriously wtf turtle lol there fun to hit with rips :D

    — xD    Feb 8, 07:42 AM    #
  170. shut up man bare PTs can whup RIP’s ass only if the PT is greater than the RIPs 100:1 so the RIPs will gt murked blad

    — david    Feb 18, 01:22 PM    #
  171. And what if i only build heavy lasers (fo rmass) and plasmas (for weapons)? is that a good idea?

    — LLL    Feb 21, 09:43 PM    #
  172. How do you get more than one planet?? I currently only have one, and it takes forever to get resources to build up defence. People keep talking about shipping in resources from other planets, and I was just wondering how to do this.

    — greg    Feb 25, 12:51 PM    #
  173. One of the reasons i want to become a uber turtle is because it is much more fun to log and and read, some noob attacked me and lost, with no losses on my side, than a loss. Another reason is becasue u need 10m comined res for a RIP, if u have a okay def, you’ll be raided at like 9.5m, u’ll prob quit…. thats how i see things

    — Random Guy    Mar 3, 02:48 PM    #
  174. being a turtle is awesome, but first my ally’s need to make a few mones for me before i start to build def:)

    — Mad Jack    Mar 4, 03:59 PM    #
  175. Hey I want to become a turtle or uber turtle when I’m more built up but for now i have only a small defense. :) Got to work on it.

    200 RL
    200 LL
    50 HL
    25 IC
    5 GC
    1 SS
    1 LS

    I am trying to build up for plasma tech :)

    — i like chma2    Mar 4, 11:24 PM    #
  176. Gotta disagree with you there… They ARE pretty crystal-expensive, but look at their shields! 500!! Even plasmas only have a shield of 300. And since all the shield power for each gun gets combined in battle, having a large number of these will help you out extraordinarily!

    — CosmoKramer

    You are so damn right about that!
    I gonna build tons of it right now! thx:D

    — Mad Jack    Mar 5, 02:15 PM    #
  177. Note: Moons now CAN be IPMed after the 0.78c update.

    — Troy    Mar 9, 10:43 PM    #
  178. You should only have enough defense to protect daily production. I have enough defenses on all my planets so I do not get raided, as my mines go up so does my defenses. Being a turtle is one thing, being an uberturtles is something else.
    Ogame was created to attack and be attacked, not to hide behind the great wall.

    — juggernaut    Mar 12, 02:11 AM    #
  179. Hi ppl i just startd and hav found that loads of ppl atak u wif just cargos. wtf. afta losn my hard earnd res i built a SS and i aint heard from him in a while lol. p.s. whats the point of getin higha esp tech than 8

    — Lancestrike    Mar 16, 10:32 AM    #
  180. I been playing ogame for a while now… I think im in between both a basic turtle and an Uber turtle 20,000 RL 20,000 LL 2,502 HL 6500 GC 2,000 IC 300 PT 1 SSD 1 LSD 90 ABM’s

    — Tibbs    Mar 29, 05:35 PM    #
  181. Only thing about being a turtle is the fact that in some uni(like speed 30) turtles are looked down upon as noobs who don’t know how to play. In fact, many of the top 10 players in our uni get together for the sole satisfaction of seeing a turtle being cracked.

    — lusterlink    Apr 2, 10:20 PM    #
  182. there was one point when i was getting p***** off with getting constantly attacke so i asked some memrsof my alliance to help me out as i wa getting farmed reguraly so they started reguarly sending me rez to heluild up my defence now 3 weeks dwn the line i have managed to build up

    rl 5008
    ll 1022
    hl 15
    gc 13
    ic 3 :)
    pt 103
    both sheilds and 28 abms thts 3 weeks work and charity :P but how ever there was a website thtr gt closed dwn because of copyrite tht as a 300x speed and wa possible to build a rip in 1 hour :) was great but there wasnoo need for defence there as as soon as you gt 1 mill pt sum 1 would come and hit u with 33 mill rips in sayin tht a lv 10 meta mne was giving u 121mil mettal was fun while it lasted :P

    — swb    Apr 5, 06:04 AM    #
  183. My defense is spread out over 9 planets. Each planet has 10k rl, 2k sl, 1k hl, 250 GC, 600 ic, and 130 pc. x9 thats…

    90k rl, 18k sl, 9k hl, 2250 gc, 5400 ic, and a whopping 1170 plasmas. 60 ABMs each planet, so 540 total there too.

    What sort of turtle do you rate me? I spent over 6 months building only defense. I have easily 300k pts in defense too. A fleet of over 2k sc and 2k lc. I have 8 moons, soon to be 9 and 5 of them have jumpgates so far. Im ranked 160, and I have 7 RIPs and 6k lf..lol.

    — Cox_uni7    Apr 12, 02:14 AM    #
  184. Sorry for the typo i only have 650 gauss cannons lol and talking about fleet i have alot too 10k lf 2 rips 500 bs … im only ranked 938 thats pretty funny lol

    — Tibbs    Apr 14, 07:04 PM    #
  185. I keep getting attacked by a guy who’s after my fleet. He keeps coming with 950 destroyers and 950 bombers. What kind of turtle must i be to witstand that…

    — Sparka    Apr 15, 09:19 PM    #
  186. currently i have

    ML: 113,000
    LL: 127,000
    HL: 10,026
    IC: 5,048
    GC: 2,149
    PT: 1,750
    SSD: 1
    LSD: 1
    ABM: 70

    Deathstars: 19

    — zendet    Apr 15, 09:37 PM    #
  187. That would stop him, to bad i dont have that much of defence yet. But i’m not going turtle i think. Im spending all my resourches developing my planets and researching. There isnt enough resourches left on my planets to raid. And i fleetsafe from my moon to a debrie field im making at a alliance member. So phalanxing doesnt work anymore. He gave up :>

    — Sparka    Apr 21, 03:21 PM    #
  188. Hey!
    One of my friends told me that a group of enemies moved around him, built a lot of ballistic missiles, and once they lunched 500 (!!) rockets to him! Is there any kind of defence against that?? And: is there any meaning to build defence, if 10 people with a low cost/member can destroy a huge amount of defence ths way??

    — LLL    Apr 23, 11:05 AM    #
  189. lol… just like they guy who got his friend pwned.. i did the same thing with someone else.. is just stupid to be trutle, when just one player no need for others can build enought missiles to destroy the huge defenses and steel everything they have after that..

    — Shadows341    May 8, 11:53 PM    #
  190. haha im in uni 29 i dont know if i would call myself an uber turtle but blassfemme the number 1 player said she couldnt attack me even if she acs’ed with the other top 10 players currently i have

    500000 rl
    500000 ll
    100000 hl
    100000 ga
    100000 ic
    50000 pt
    both sheidl domes and 300 abm

    thats not my name in the uni btw its true the best way is to stay hidden oh and i have espo teck lvl 19 finishing now

    — Skitt    May 10, 12:07 AM    #
  191. dear skitt

    to have that defence you would have to be playing at least 25-40 years, the game wasnt invented that long, when lying try to make it believeable ;)

    — zendet    May 10, 09:05 AM    #
  192. the way you get away wiht a defence that large is first rading alot and then joiing an alliance with some friends we all have mines at 30/28/25 and for 3 months each we gave each other the all the res we got from rainding and from our mines i just finished that defence and figure it out 3 months with and income of almost 20kk metal a day and 15kk crys and 10kk deut well you can buil alot fast also i am ranked incredibly high oh adn depending on my own raiding and how well they did that day some days we could haul in up to 50kk metal apiece or 30kk crys or any higher numbers then that though i think the most crys we got was like 29kk or something like that and all we have are very small fleets that we do alot of raiding with and then our defence also i did mistype in the size of my defence it was 5000pt not 50000 sorry

    — Skitt    May 12, 10:08 AM    #
  193. skitt ur a geek.and if u think 50k metal a day is good think again .oh and go out more u retarded social reject!

    — aaargh need a name is right!!!    May 15, 01:35 PM    #
  194. i hate turtle haters, ‘couse when they cant get your homeplanet they start to raid your colonies.

    — xxx    May 16, 05:45 PM    #
  195. All these turtles make me laugh :) My current def in u2….

    105k RL
    180k LL
    10k HL
    3k GC
    1k Ion
    500 PT
    100 ABM

    — With 70 rips behind defence.

    — JackLyn    May 17, 04:15 AM    #
  196. Just to say kk means million. so 50kk metal a day is more than i can dream of. ( He did say 50kk and not 50k)... just to let you know aaargh need a name is right!!!

    And I believe an update has been made which allows interp missiles to attack moon defenses now. Ill make sure though

    — correction.    May 17, 12:52 PM    #
  197. Skitt don’t chat shit k thanks:P

    oh and real turtles keep up the good work:D

    — MrB    May 22, 07:10 AM    #
  198. i have been playing in uni 38 since the day after it was started , i have been forced into the turtle mentality by idiots that attack me with 1 cargo ship just to steal my little bit of resources. now i am building my defenses and even bought some dark matter to up my mine production and my defense recovery. some of us actually have to work for a living and dont have time to spend all day watching this game. not to mention it is extremely dissapointing to log in at night after work, and see that you’ve been raided or your about to be raided. it was very dissapointing. i started building my defenses to the point that all the people who dumped everything into cargo ships and light fighters now dont attack me because i destroy them with my defenses; and compared to the #‘s of defenses ive seen you guys mention in this forum, i have nothing. but im working on it. go turtles.

    — edblaize    May 24, 01:46 PM    #
  199. ya turtles are the best, i used to think “why be a turtle, i wont be attacked” but recently ive been attacked several times, so i think turtles are defintly the way to go.

    im in uni 26

    — The Master    May 25, 11:23 AM    #
  200. No one is a real turtle unless they’re so strong that no single player in their universe can take them out. Oh, and for those turtle haters that love bashing the weak turtles, you guys think you’re better just because you kill them. But remember… the turtles that you beat are probably newer, underprivileged players (with less time to play) than you. However you cannot single-handedly defeat the real turtles cuz they’ve been building defenses since day 1 of their universe. Hint for pro turtles out there: have a somewhat elite fleet at your disposal so you guys can attack people that don’t defend themselves correctly and trust me, you’ll make millions per day. Then you can use those millions of resources for your defenses so you don’t have to transport stuff from your colonies.

    — Parich    May 27, 02:19 PM    #
  201. guys who constantly attack turtles are just punks in real life who think they can beat everybody

    — blank    Jun 2, 04:24 PM    #
  202. do the shields and def of a moon and its planet add together when attacked?

    — Just me    Jun 6, 06:33 PM    #
  203. just me: no they are like seprate planets.

    — zendet    Jun 6, 07:33 PM    #
  204. I play uni.30 and started to turtle after some guy kept sending 1 attack every day of 333 battleships…
    I espionage random newbs and if they have low def. and high res. then I don’t attack like an ***hole… I tell them that their defences are too low for the resources on their planet and they should build some defences before someone notices…
    I don’t raid much but still haven’t been attacked in about 5 months – I started to turtle about 6 months ago…

    — longhairguy-eo    Jun 9, 02:36 PM    #
  205. Quickstrike,
    you need ML and LL, you need them to protect your big guns from getting destroyed.

    — zendet    Jun 15, 03:29 PM    #
  206. urban turtles are great. i love them. i prefer to make all my planets that are croweded with other player turtles. also i like to build fleet on my planets that are fare out with fleets so when a player attack you can ninja him. This throws them off guard they never come back ;0

    — baraka    Jun 17, 01:19 PM    #
  207. Dear turtles and Uber-Turtles, never feed your homeworld by transporting from your colonies. Instead, attack weak active players or developed inactive players. That will be the best way to feed your homeworld. Dustyuniverse1 is right, we turtles are people who have work or school to go to. We don’t have the time to be fleet commandeers cuz we’re not like some ppl who live off their parents or get free money lol. I have success being a turtle. I am playing in universe 36 and ranked 65 as of saturday June 21. I am so strong that I cannot be defeated SINGLEHANDEDLY. However one month ago, there was a punk who was jealous of my graviton mission so he told many strong offensive players to probe me. He’s still being a D-word these days, sending me taunting messages and inviting ppl to probe me in hopes of crashing my 12k satellites. That never happened yet and I hope I’ll never get ganged on by 5+ players. BTW I got a RIP, 400BS, 150 BC, etc. Pretty good for a Univ36 Uber-Turtle hah?

    — Parich    Jun 21, 04:57 AM    #
  208. Hello, I am a smaller player that wants to become a turtle and i wonder if some1 could rate me for now, i am in u16 and have

    RL 800
    LL 800
    HL 200
    IC 100
    GC 30
    PC 3

    Now i know that i need more plasmas but there are expensive at my stage so tell me anything else.

    — i like chma2    Jun 25, 10:26 PM    #
  209. Are you sure?

    I have seen 200 Rips doing a fine job over bunker…

    Imagine in the old universes where thereis guy with 1000 Rips

    — Dr No    Jun 26, 06:29 PM    #
  210. Well i think a good plan for turtles is to have that huge defense…but also have a big fleet…sure i know they can get crashed but that is what fleet saving is all about, which I’m sure you all know…so in a way you can have your cake and eat it to!

    — Shandor    Jul 4, 12:06 PM    #
  211. would having a lvl 22 metal mine, 19 crystal mine, 18 deuterium synthesizer 26 solar plant, 3m ml,3m ll, 2m hl, 20,000 gauss, 70,000 ion cannons, 10,000 plasma turrets and 500 RIP’s be classed as an uber-turtle?

    — RIP MASTER    Mar 30, 08:35 PM    #
  212. would having a lvl 22 metal mine, 19 crystal mine, 18 deuterium synthesizer 26 solar plant, 3m ml,3m ll, 2m hl, 20,000 gauss, 70,000 ion cannons, 10,000 plasma turrets, lvl 5 nanite factory and 500 RIP’s be classed as an uber-turtle?

    — RIP MASTER    Mar 30, 08:44 PM    #

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