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What's going on with OGameTips.com ?


Published: May 10, 11:02 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Some of you have expressed concern over the lack of updates here at OGame Tips. Here’s what’s going on….

To save you the sob story, I’ve just been really busy lately (ie. last quarter of college). But the lack of updates is unexcusable, so please accept my apologizes.

However, I’ll use this as a renewed effort for guest writers, especially to those complaining with profanity laced comments. This is YOUR community and I want YOUR contributions.

I’d like to give a few guest writers the ability to create post topics, either for tips, discussions, etc.

If this interests you, leave a comment. Making sure to include your email address in the email field, as that’s how I’ll get you set up.

In the meantime, a few posts will go up over the next few days.



OGame Tips Strategy Guide

  1. ...(First post yay)

    — No one    May 11, 10:39 PM    #
  2. Hi,

    Could you please contact me about a guest writer.


    — merdog    May 11, 10:45 PM    #
  3. I could be a guest writer.

    — Justin    May 14, 06:43 PM    #
  4. i would like to be a guest writer, i would like to discuss large turtles and how to be a proper one.

    — zendet    May 17, 12:10 PM    #
  5. zendat, that’s a guide I’d like to see asap!

    — pete    May 22, 09:34 AM    #
  6. thanks pete,

    its just theres many guides of how to be a turtle, but not of big turtles, how to put off an attack of RIPS and good defence against certain ships. how to protect huge amounts of sats for grav without having to do them fast(i did mine in like 2 months) and i would like to talk about how to be a uber-turtle with thousands and thousands of defence.

    — zendet    May 23, 11:32 AM    #
  7. Hi guys, Thanks for your interest. I’ve sent some of you emails regarding writing for OGameTips.com. Please get back to me when you have a chance!

    — Robert    May 23, 11:55 AM    #
  8. zendet, I would like to see it too.

    — Wayne    May 25, 08:50 AM    #
  9. it’s ‘inexcusable’

    — kirtik    Jun 5, 04:39 PM    #
  10. those other posts sound great. i only started 2 weeks ago so im a begginer but i would like to be an uber turtle. especally as all my friends seem 2 care about is attacking so i kinda want to rise above that. looking forward 2 seeing some good posts

    — benruelz    Jun 26, 01:57 AM    #
  11. You all know I obviously suck and that Eric was much better at mantaining this site?
    So, would anyone want to buy it?

    — Robert    Aug 3, 04:14 PM    #
  12. Don’t worry we still luv ya lol
    This is my ultimate smilie!

    Pie Ruler    Aug 8, 02:34 PM    #
  13. Oh and I think this webbie will do much betta with more writers!

    Pie Ruler    Aug 8, 02:35 PM    #
  14. I have a few more guides planned, and would like to join in with the ogame tips site and make things better, with a tools sub forum with all the tools that you missed, and discuss foxgame and stuff

    — zendet    Jun 19, 05:07 AM    #

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