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Moons and Buildings


Published: Apr 19, 10:46 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

So you’ve got a moon. Now what?

When you get a moon, the overview screen for that moon’s planet will show to the left of the large planet image an image of the moon. You can either go to the moon’s overview page by clicking this image (like the other colony images on the right) or by selecting from the drop down list. The moon’s overview tells you basically the same things the normal planets do.

Moons exist to eat resources.

There are only 8 buildings (that I’ve so far seen) you can build on moons:

Each building requires an open field, just like planets do. But, in the case of a moon, fields are created by building a Lunar Base. Each Lunar base gives you three fields to build on. I’m not aware of the formula for determining the max number of fields you can get out of a moon, though.

The Sensor Phalanx gives you the ability to spy on the fleet movements of planets within range. For every level of the Phalanx, you can see (level^2) – 1 systems out. So, for a level 1 phalanx, you can see only your system (0 systems out). For level 3, you can scan up to 8 systems away. To scan a planet with the Phalanx, from your moon, go to the Galaxy page, find the galaxy and planet you want, and click on the planet’s name. Note that you do of course need to have enough deut for the galaxy view, and I believe 5000 to scan.

The scan will show you what ships are headed to and from the planet, and when they arrive/return.

The Jump Gate. Haven’t built this one yet, but I do know it lets you move a fleet (minus resources) from that gate to any other gate you control. Supposedly, it doesn’t cost to operate, but there is a 30-minute recharge time between uses. I’ll have to do more research on that. This sucker is expensive.


Moons produce energy; as of yet, I’ve no idea what for, but they do produce it. Possibly for Gate operation… again, more research is required.

In order to build the buildings and ships,, or power the Phalanx, you need to haul the resources from the planet to the moon. The trip takes a little over 3 minutes for a large cargo with a Combustion Engine level of 9.

Contributed by FuIru from the PRGM Alliance

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  1. HI, I get my first moon and display only 1 field. Size: 7810.
    ¿what I can do?
    — bartolex    Oct 28, 12:47 PM    #
  2. what about nanite on a moon? would it help with the build time of a jump gate?

    — ceberus    Nov 13, 03:25 PM    #
  3. somelucky guy in uni 1 (i wont say who) managed to get a moon off a 1 percent chance and because he was close to me i got the debris :)

    — master gush    Nov 18, 09:34 PM    #
  4. hay everyone. im a new gamer. and i would like to form an alliance with as many people as possible who want to join

    please feel free to e-mail me on big_man_si@hotmail.co.uk

    if you want to join my alliance.

    — the horus heresy    Dec 16, 01:44 PM    #
  5. The jump gate is the best building of all : you can move instantly your fleet from one moon to another. It’s very efficient to escape or intercept a raid …
    The only point is that you need 2 moons and 2 gates, and it’s a bit expensive …

    — Amiral Naismith    Jan 3, 03:24 AM    #
  6. How much does it cost to get a jump gate?

    — Curious jump gater    Mar 10, 10:25 PM    #
  7. dude, i would like to have a jump gate but it’s extremely hard since you need dos moons and dos gates. i don’t know the exact cost, but i figure it costs somewhere near 100K each for two jumpgates

    — buddha boy    Mar 16, 01:21 PM    #
  8. How do I get the moon

    — ED Cool    Mar 17, 10:54 AM    #
  9. the jump gate costs 2 million metal 4 million crystal and 2 million deuterium…. hugely expensive

    — Ant1    Apr 15, 05:20 AM    #
  10. can you use someone elses jump gate is my question…

    — dullboy    Apr 28, 11:13 AM    #
  11. how can i make moon???

    nikola    May 12, 05:52 PM    #
  12. You cannot use other people’s jump gates. Only the ones on your own moons.

    You make a moon by getting your fleet crashed by another player. Look it up at This link on Wikipedia

    — 12_Centuries    May 31, 04:03 PM    #
  13. hey, can someone tell me how the alliance depot works ??

    — tyr    Jul 9, 07:54 PM    #
  14. alliance depot lets alliance members station their fleet @ your planet to defend your fleet from attack (or to ninja an attacking player)

    however you must supply the stationed fleets with deuterium.

    the costs are as follows


    small cargo 5 deut per hour
    large cargo 5 deut per hour
    light fighter 2 deut per hour
    heavy fighter 7 deut per hour
    cruiser 30 deut per hour
    BS 50 deut per hour
    coloship 100 deut per hour
    recycler 30 deut per hour
    probe 1/10 deut per hour
    bomber 100 deut per hour
    solar satelite – destroyer 100 deut per hour
    RIP (deathstar) 1/10 deut per hour

    Uni7bane    Aug 14, 08:17 PM    #
  15. hey people is there any point in havng more than lvl 1 of the Jump Gate? oh yea also u cant get a nanite on a moon as then u cud get terraformer and that wud kill the whole reason for lunar base….

    — thecat    Sep 19, 04:05 AM    #
  16. how do i use someone else moon to attack someone?

    — moe    Sep 25, 01:13 PM    #
  17. I was told the rechange period was an hour. I do not know.

    Once I finish my own Jump Gate, I will be able to tell if it is even possible to build a second level of Jump Gate. Heck, if someone pays me, I’ll build it. _

    — Black Wyvern    Sep 30, 05:50 AM    #
  18. hey umm with the alliance depot do u control the fleets? or does the person deploying have 2 approve?

    — thecat    Oct 1, 05:52 PM    #
  19. i am new it would be good if someone would join my alliance the T.A.

    — zell    Oct 2, 03:24 AM    #
  20. how much dose a solar plax cost????

    — kjustin    Oct 22, 08:54 PM    #
  21. sensor phalax are very expensive and douled very time you level up the building and for the range it is the level sqaures -1 and that is the sensor not entented for people that have a moon and very little planets.

    — majorpain    Dec 26, 09:34 PM    #
  22. How does ACS attacking work? How can i set it up with my allaince?

    — Gator    Mar 13, 11:09 AM    #
  23. could i get phalanxed if i send my fleet on a recycle mission?

    — Fat Question    May 10, 08:39 AM    #
  24. ACS attacking works by letting other people join in on an attack against someone and to do it after you send your fleet to attack you go into formation and enter there name in in the space provided and that person can join the attack.

    — Angry Tracker    May 15, 08:57 PM    #
  25. Could we add to the TIPs page how much energy each level of lunar base gives? It could be a useful tool for espionage vs a moon. If the moon owner doesn’t turn down the energy in the resources page, we could determine the level of the lunar base (and what is likely/possible to be on the moon) based on the basic resource+energy espionage readout.

    — Revan    Jun 8, 01:34 PM    #
  26. so you actually need 2 moons to use the jump gate? didnt know that

    — teh27    Jun 17, 12:30 PM    #
  27. Jump gates are great. I have 1 on each moon. It really helps when you keep the majority of your fleet in a distant galaxy. I one of you planets is going to be attacked, you can jump a large fleet in to whoop up on them. You can only jump 1 time per hour. I don’t know if level two lets you do it more often or not. If somebody knows, please let me know. I just wish you could jump rez with your fleet.

    — Devil Dog    Jun 30, 06:04 AM    #
  28. Can you sensor phalanx feets moving to and/or from a moon?

    — z1ggy    Aug 27, 12:06 PM    #
  29. @ Devil dog
    upgrading a jump gate doesn’t do anything except increase your points. So a lvl 1 jump gate does the exactly the same things as a lvl 3 jump gate

    — Kilroy    Aug 27, 02:03 PM    #
  30. @ Fat Question & z1ggy

    The phalanx works through the galaxy view page, and when you click on the name of somebody’s planet, a window pops up telling you any fleet going to or coming from that planet. You can’t click on people’s moons though. So if a fleet is going from a moon to another moon, it cant be phalanxed, and if a fleet is going from a moon to a DF it cant be phalanxed. But if you’re talking about sending a fleet to a moon from a planet, it can be phalanxed. The moon you’re sending it to cant be lanxed, but if someone lanx’s the planet it’s being sent from, the fleet can be seen. The lanx also shows recycle missions, it will specifically say the fleet is going to a DF. So a fleet from a planet to a DF can be seen.

    Another tip about the phalanx and the jump gate is to build them on two separate moons, otherwise it gets more expensive upgrading the lunar bases, to try and fit a lvl 5+ phalanx and a Jump Gate on the same moon, after taking up so much space with the Robotics Factories

    — 73h_m1k3    Sep 18, 07:01 PM    #
  31. awww come on, level 7 lunar base isn’t to expensive… just 1,280,000 metal, 2,560,000 crystal, and 1,280,000 deuterium. lol
    I have: LunarBase 7 Shipyard 8 Phalanx 6 JumpGate 1
    on one moon. =D

    — Trevyr    Dec 28, 05:44 PM    #
  32. normally, the phalans only shows fleets going to a planet, not going from

    — noodle    Feb 10, 02:33 PM    #
  33. do sensor phalanxs show fleet, defense, building, research. fleet going to + from planets??

    — rav    Feb 24, 05:11 PM    #
  34. A phlanx shows only fleet movements within range of a particular player, but make sure your popup blocker is disabled when you use it or you have just wasted 5k deut… the number of times i’ve done that… ouch…

    God Bless, Always and Forever!


    — Ragnaught    May 21, 11:26 AM    #

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