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Officers - An Overview


Published: Feb 25, 11:56 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

Officers are new to OGame. You do have to pay for them. Looks like the prices are: $3.99 USD for one month, or $9.99 for 3 months. I don’t know if you can hire multiple officers. From the interface in OGame, it looks like you can hire multiple officers (one of each). The cost of Officers, plus Commander would be in the neighborhood of $17 USD a month to play OGame. That is if you buy everything in 3 month increments.

Here is the text descriptions from OGame about Officers.

Fleet Admiral

The fleet admiral is a experienced war veteran and skilled strategist. In the toughest combats, he is able to create an overview and contact with his subordinated admirals. A wise emperor can rely on his support in the fight, and add more slot fleets at the same time into combat.

Bonus: max. fleet slots +2


The Engineer is a specialist on energy management. In times of peace he increases the energy of all the colonies. In case of an attack, he ensures the supply of energy to the cannons, avoiding an eventual overload, which leads to a reduced amount of losses during the battle.
Bonus: Reduces the losses of the defense by half, +10% more energy


The geologist is a expert in astromineralogy and crystalography. He assists his teams in metallurgy and chemistry as he also takes care of the interplanetary communications optimizing the use and refining of the raw material along the empire.

Bonus: +10% mine production


The guild of the Technocrats is composed of genious scientists, and you will find them always over the border where all would blow up behind any technological logic. No normal humans will ever try to crack the code of a technocrat, and he inspires the researchers of the empire with his presence.

Bonus: +2 espionage level for probes, 25% less research time

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  1. I think THAT is the worst thing that ever happened to Ogame!

    Please make it undone!

    — master_    Feb 25, 04:58 PM    #
  2. I don’t like it either. It looks like OGame concentrates on making money.

    — A player    Feb 26, 12:45 AM    #
  3. You all have right. IT IS STUPID!!!!!!!!!!

    — war-lord    Feb 26, 09:34 AM    #
  4. I don’t like it either, but I suppose they have to give extra stuff to those who pay.

    — leech    Feb 26, 11:39 AM    #
  5. yeah i know how you feel. i have actually made an anti-officer banner whichi want to get circulating around OGame. So if you run an alliance please copy and past this:[img]http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a319/Dannysquirrel/antiofficercopy213.png[/img]

    into your alliance page.

    Please let me know if you do so i know how many people are using it.

    — Psychosquirrel    Feb 26, 12:07 PM    #
  6. I’ll be posting that banner.
    i’ve copied it to my own photobucket. and will be posting it in Universe 8 : Alliance ‘S.L.C.F.’ Salt Lake Citys Finest.

    Universe 14: no alliance yet. Universe 29: Alliance: Shadow Company

    best reguards.

    — Servant 777    Feb 27, 09:19 AM    #
  7. cheers dude.

    it's good to see that some action is being taken.
    There are several banners going about in uni 22 so hopefully soon ogame will pick up on this and consider abolishing officers.

    — Psychosquirrel    Feb 28, 12:41 PM    #
  8. stop officers!!

    — jak    Mar 3, 06:17 AM    #
  9. Guys, Guys! Somebody has to run ogame! That somebody likes to be payed! Besides all that though, whole alliances in U24 are being anti-officer, so no worries here, mate!

    I’ll make sure my alliance has that pic.

    — Frosch Meister    Mar 4, 08:40 AM    #
  10. ________________________ I am going to post the banner. univerce 18 UFOP... has like 50 members

    — dontich    Mar 8, 07:09 PM    #
  11. Alliance Romania in Uni 21 uses the antiofficer banner. Until now commander was a paid improvement. But all it did was improve the game-play passively. Officers gave unfair advantage. I know ogame must get money for it’s employees but the adds and officers are a bit to much. I’d cope with them if they would have gave commander for free atlast… :|

    — BlueVD    Mar 9, 02:03 AM    #
  12. i know it is off topic but nobody will answer what dose graviton do and is it worth getting with out the deathstar

    — burnout3    Mar 12, 12:28 PM    #
  13. Yep, alliance FURY in universe 21 is now proudly displaying that banner. Ogame should be about skill, and not how much money you have. I do like the idea of commander though, which simply improves an interface.

    — RedSpector    Mar 13, 04:59 PM    #
  14. its sooo fun far to everyone else, the gaps between the super strong and weaker guys are just going to keep growing

    — kk    Mar 14, 07:51 PM    #
  15. I am also going to post it Uni. 28 PFoxxs

    Slyfoxx    Mar 14, 11:30 PM    #
  16. what are fleet slots?

    — tido    Mar 15, 09:46 PM    #
  17. How are they supposed to offset the server costs though? it isn’t free to run. I do think its a bad idea, it will turn into something like WoW! Nooooooooooo

    — B    Mar 20, 12:47 PM    #
  18. Well, though I am against an unfair advantage that you have to pay for…

    OGame needs money. You have any idea how much it costs to run 30 separate servers for all the Universes, and then all the other country websites? A lot. Energy, internet, domain, etc.

    Though this is a crappy idea, people need to make money for a living.

    — Spartan 396    Mar 21, 09:25 AM    #
  19. — burnout3
    Graviton only lets you get da Deathstars. it doesnt do anything really. and yes, i should believe it is worth getting. it would make you quite popular.

    anyway, on topic. i think these oficers are quite a good idea. if ur a turtle, get da engineer. umm how much wud it cost in NZ dollars?



    — Thecat    Mar 22, 02:53 PM    #
  20. Thecat;

    If you really are the internet, then you’d know how much it’d cost in NZ dollars ;)

    Currency converter:

    — LordBug    Mar 26, 12:52 AM    #
  21. ... just my saying

    i peeved some1 off soooo much on a fps that they had 2 vote whether they were the internet or not :P

    hey people y is it such a bad idea? some1 plz answer. if (on the contrary) you can’t Dont call it a bad idea.

    — thecat    Mar 29, 04:15 AM    #
  22. Geologist, is the officer that kill ogame… it destroy the game balance

    — uni13.org    Apr 3, 07:54 PM    #
  23. Every officer kills ogame. This thing apsolutely turns ogame into “ogay”.

    — war-lord    Apr 7, 05:21 PM    #
  24. I am in universe 15, and I have posted the http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a319/Dannysquirrel/antiofficercopy213.png
    for my alliance and I believe I have convinced two semi-powerful alliances to display it as well. They are Wraith and Wraith Wing

    — Zelenka    Apr 11, 08:17 PM    #
  25. How do you know if someone uses officers? I was attacked a few days ago for “having officers” when in fact I do not.

    — Jason    Apr 13, 10:05 PM    #
  26. Just play your game. I know how many fools are playing ogame ;(((

    — war-lord    Apr 14, 05:04 PM    #
  27. I heard was implemented even though an OFFICIAL poll was 94% against it.

    — Doglord    Apr 16, 02:36 PM    #
  28. officers kill the game, gives others unfair advantage,m i man really… if you have the same level mine as some guy and he has a geologist, he will be able to crank out the bigger shiips faster then you, you are basically dead.

    — Gaka    Apr 17, 02:14 PM    #
  29. So officers are bad, but Commander is ok yes?

    — Jason    Apr 19, 08:28 PM    #
  30. Officers give players a real advantage in the game. The advantage in commander is simply a better interface.

    — Igor    Apr 27, 08:30 PM    #
  31. i completely agree with everything said ehere and the gap bettween players is getting bigger. ps i cant get the banner to work on the forums :(

    — angry kid130    Apr 28, 04:37 PM    #
  32. I think this article should mention that getting these advantages could get you running risk of being targeted by others.

    — NPSF3000    May 2, 12:21 PM    #
  33. this officer thing is ridiculous sinc someone can just take a geologist or technocrat and research everything in the game and kill you with a load of deahstars and battle cruisers

    — Secrets    May 3, 03:45 PM    #
  34. how can they be unfair? you all have the choice to use them, maybe the fact that new players who use them might catch you up? or do you always want something for nothing?
    are you worried? coming into a game where players are so far advanced seems unfair, but thats the choice & officers are your choice as well, so stop whinging.

    — enough said    May 6, 11:54 PM    #
  35. how can they be unfair? you all have the choice to use them, maybe the fact that new players who use them might catch you up? or do you always want something for nothing?
    are you worried? coming into a game where players are so far advanced seems unfair, but thats the choice & officers are your choice as well, so stop whinging.
    — enough said May 6, 10:54 PM

    I COMPLETELY AGREE! you noobs! 10% extra mining can be fixed in 1 raid! fools! example :
    you crank out 4000 metal PerHour. 10% = 400 extra which, on a daily basis, only gives 9.6k more metal!

    techno crat: jst get a few lab lvls. ffs

    Fleet Admiral: he sucks. only 2 extra fleet slots :(

    Engineer: jst build more defense.

    to be honest, how can u call ogame “Ogay”? ffs u wud have 2 be so loooow 2 say that.

    and another thing, servers aren’t free to run. and also, thay dont give too much advantage:)

    plz think this over and tell me, whos the homo, you or ogame?

    — thecat    May 8, 04:23 AM    #
  36. Officers suck, it gives people who play an unfair advantage…
    But on the other hand if they didn’t have them, they might run out of money and OGame would go down…

    — No one    May 11, 11:04 PM    #
  37. i hate it if games only make the game to make money.

    — pyromaan    May 16, 10:10 AM    #
  38. I am against officers for the same reason I am against people buying MMORPG gold over ebay.

    — zler    May 17, 09:53 AM    #
  39. Oy stop using ‘gay’ as an insult.
    I think they do have to exist for the sake of server bills, but, they should have made them less powerfull and maybe affect different areas such as chance of getting a moon.

    — Its the way of life    May 20, 06:06 AM    #
  40. to hell wiht the officers to hell with pay by pal and to hell with ogame universe 17 is now becoming anti officer!

    zulian    May 20, 05:25 PM    #
  41. This is bad… It’s like letting members use thier abilities on f2p worlds on runescape. Officer users should only be able to use them on p2p only universes IMHO.

    — blobzor    May 26, 12:26 PM    #
  42. did i not make some sort of point?????
    what kind of advantage do you GET!!!!
    it isnt an unfair advantage.
    take my examples i put up forward.
    i have put straight to IDIOTS that is isnt a form of cheating and whatnot
    hmmm, i got an idea. if you had an idea that could get you millions, would you take it? OF COURSE YOU WOULD, AND SO HAVE OGAME!!!!
    “oh but thats not tha same… wawawawa”
    dont post this under PLZ its so f**king annoying.
    once again, read thru this and rethink your idealogy on officers.

    — thecat    May 28, 06:03 AM    #
  43. Your points are flawed, %10 is a HUGE advantage, so is halfing def losses. There are many good free games (Gunz), even if there is a payment option it is usually in a non-advantageus way (Such as the cash shop in mapple story). Even if payment gives a significant advantage, p2p’ers usually can’t use their advantages on f2p servers (Runescape).

    So I still think it is unfair, not cheating perhaps, but unfair.

    — blobzor    May 29, 02:19 PM    #
  44. None of you guys are really thinking about it, yeah, it costs money to put up servers and all, but you guys do realize that any ad on the site would be worth thousands, I run a magazine in one city, and i charge $60 just for someone to put a 1/2 inch ad, they could charge a ton. So basically, this whole officer thing so they could “afford” it is a load, they are just a bunch of money-hunger jerks.

    — The Truth    Jun 1, 10:28 PM    #
  45. Also, thecat, enoughsaid, what if someone is doing really well in ogame, but doesnt have the money to pay for an officer, then a newbie comes in, buys all the officers, and within a month out-does the experianced players, just because their mommy or daddy has a big paycheck. Ogame is a Strategy game, not a game based on how fat your wallet is.
    Well, at least it’s not supposed to be, but I’m not so sure anymore.

    Also, I could see them wanting to make more money, so just put on a couple more ads, they’ll make millions off of putting 5 or so ads on there.

    — The Truth    Jun 1, 10:36 PM    #
  46. oh for gods sake…..
    STFU about your self righteous SHIT
    “bla bla bla they are money hungry jerks!!!!! blablabla bla bla”
    and you aren’t greedy?
    if you tell me next post you aren’t, im gonna put that on this weeks greatest joke.
    you would need 14 or so engineers to lose NO defense, 10% mining = teh 1 RAID!!!!!!!!
    also, starting at 0 points, and saying that this person is gonna somehow catch up to 6 MILLION pointed ppl, is utterly insane.
    i thought they sounded pretty cool to begin with.
    i didnt find NO serious advantage. and whats so bad about them anyways?
    miner dude = you need what is it, lvl 45-46 metal mine to get around 10k extra metal PH. while i aint as experienced, 10k in most games, at that stage, is NOTHING.
    technocrat dude – i find him boring. i didnt like him but i like his advantage.
    fleet ad SUCKS! to hell with him.

    and at The Truth, what irresponsible parents are gonna pay, what is it, $400 for some pissy game? and to add to that, its a text based!
    cos thats how much you gotta pay to get a REAL, Proper advantage.
    rethink what you said plz

    — thecat    Jun 3, 06:09 AM    #
  47. Alright listen Mr. thecat, a few pieces of advice for you, if you’re in school, pay attention in English class, if not, you seriously need a grammer dictionary.
    Now, as for the advantaes, I know plenty of rich people who would pay $400 a month for it, plus, you’re an idiot if you think only kids play on this site, I know people who are in their 30’s and 40’s playing. And you tell me, if you have level 12 computer tech. and you were rich, which would you choose, save up 800k crystal and over 1 million deut. or just pay $500, it’s not a hard decision.
    And also, I’m not greedy, go to church more often and learn not to be, I’m poor and usually broke, but i still give a lot of my money to charities, churches, and homeless people on the street.
    And thecat, I did rethink it, and I still mean it, you’re just probably one of those rich kids with like a mansion or something paying $100 a month to Ogame and flying through the ranks and saying “It’s my skill that’s getting me up in the ranks”
    Oh, and yes, someone starting at zero could easily move up to six million in a few months with the right amount of money, think about it, buy ten Geologists and you double your mine production for half the energy, how is that fair exactly?
    Besdies, you’re only thinking of it one way, sure, a raider could easily get that money, a lot of raiders don’t even have mines, but what about a turtle? Turtles get all their minerals from mines, not raiding, most turtles don’t even have a fleet.

    — The Truth    Jun 3, 01:27 PM    #
  48. omg
    your a self righteous asshole…. saying “i pay my taxes, charity blablabla!!! i go to church every day and blablabla!!!! i aint greedy!!!”
    i am not rich, nor would i EVER pay so much money for some silly game.
    if you knew some1 that was turtle with what, 20 geologists, you WOULD raid him if you could.
    your basis is that people with officers NEVER get attacked…..
    well, he he, your wrong.
    and i would rather pay 2 mill or so duet for comp tech (for the reason of points :)
    your a witless buffoon. you realise NOTHING about RTS or this game. having raw power is worthless without skill, and people with officers need proper skill to even maintain them :)
    and once again, what kid or adult is gonna be able to try keep up with the 6million people. they started when the uni opened more than likely!

    when you have over 10 million in your pocket, then you’ll realise what greed is :)
    also, tell me, whats so wrong about people getting officers and then quitting cos people always bash them? for res, or some other reason :)

    — thecat    Jun 3, 06:28 PM    #
  49. Listen, I know exactly what greed is, unfortunantly, you still dont know what grammer is, so just pay attention to the way i write this and maybe people will understand you tiny little excuses a bit better.
    Now, think about this, a turtle with level 20 mines can get about 4k metal and 2k crystal, and wuth a bunch of officers they can double that and make it so they never lose defenses, plus poeple who pay a lot can easily get someone bashing them banned, you point of veiw is so unorganized, why dont you read what you type before submitting it so you dont sound like such and idiot, please, for all our sakes.

    Now to get back to my reasoning, let’s take two people, once started three months ago, the other started today, and let’s pretend they have the same skill level and all that when they started, meaning that the person A (the three month starter) has three months more experiance, but person B has 30 commanders, now that may seem alot, but to someone who’s making millions, its nothing, anyway, because of player B’s officers, he has already caught up with person A, so person A constantly treis to attack him to get him lower, but since person B already has ten Engineers, he loses no defense, and he just keeps making more and more little by little and sending off his fleets as soon as he makes them, because of his oficers, person B can outdo person A no problem, even though Person A has more experiance. Also, in another month or two, person B has double Peson A’s stats, and is bashing person A.

    As you see in that example, officers are NOT fair. Plus you think just because you have one person you attack who has an officer you’re all big and bad, big deal, when you get crashed by someone who started three months ago, then I’ll just sit and laugh.

    P.S.-thecat, PLEASE try to be more organized, your pathetic grammer and unorganized thoughts are making my head hurt.

    — The Truth    Jun 3, 11:41 PM    #
  50. mmm but there is a few flaws.
    what person in their right mind would pay for 30 commanders. i am laughing at your idiocy right now :)
    another one would be that person b would be attacked overnight as he thinks (due to inexperience) that his defense cant be crushed. but since his defenses shut down after being too badly damaged, he gets bashed and loses all his res :)
    your example is pathetic. there isnt 2 people in the whole universe, you know. exampling that b never goes down is a lie, as i just explained above.
    doubling mine production also, is useless until later levels. :)
    i realise trying to get thru to an idiot like you is impossible, your heads too hard and ur stubborn as a mule, but i post these in tha hopes that people wont call them unfair, but something alongs the lines of ‘helping to those few noobs out there’. :)

    p.s. if you know of some1 with 20 geologists, then their gonna get attacked by either you or mr ranked 300 :)

    — thecat    Jun 4, 12:08 AM    #
  51. ok, now your pissing me off, listen up you stupid ass, look on the poll on ogame, 80% of players say its unfair, including people using them, 10% don’t care, and only 10% think its fair, so how am i wrong? listen p you stupid ass bitch, your a tart, get over it, go to school, learn grammer, and then learn math, you need both to leep arguing with me.


    — The Truth    Jun 4, 03:43 PM    #
  52. ah yes, but still you cant defeat what i said previously :)
    just because people think it isnt fair, doesnt mean that it isnt fair. ever watched ‘Who wants to be a millionare?’ ? the audience(lifeline) thought 80% or something towards something, and got it wrong. statistics aren’t always correct, thats a fact :)
    in fact, i have learnt grammer, i am just inorganised with my ideas. i dont take the time to dot it down on paper; i type whatever comes to mind :)
    as you said, its for noobs, and those are the only people that will ever use them. if they had no prior knowledge of this game, it is absolutely crazy to believe they will get 6 million or so points in 3 months…..
    and your the one who needs to learn math.
    ur stupid!!!!
    and don’t call me a tart, i dont like those.

    i only like strawberry ones :)
    p.s. do i sense a tone of anger in your voice?
    something tells me you’re gotta yell and scream to get your own way :) but sorry, that aint gonna happen with me :)

    — thecat    Jun 5, 01:47 AM    #
  53. aww hurry up…..
    message back with your useless points :)i await them in such suspence it isnt funny …. :(

    — thecat    Jun 5, 06:02 AM    #
  54. No, I realize that there will always be pthetic mnds that can’t comprehend right from wrong, and cannot understand when they are wrong, so I’ll just leave you to that, because I have better things to do than sit on the computer arguing with an idiot.

    — The Truth    Jun 5, 01:37 PM    #
  55. Well actually Mr. The Truth you are not arguing with and idiot because you are an idiot just in case you hadn’t realized. Oh, and the other thing minds does have an ‘i’ in it. Yeah so pretty much you would have to be a homo to pay $500 a month to pay a text-based. I have on more point. Why does it really matter? It is just a game and if you are not greedy then you won’t want to be better than everybody else.

    — Really The Truth    Jun 5, 02:42 PM    #
  56. btw way thecat this is chapnisio

    — Really The Truth    Jun 5, 02:43 PM    #
  57. Actually, it’s “grammar”.
    How you liek tehm alpeps?

    — No, I am the truth    Jun 5, 04:53 PM    #
  58. by the way I wouldn’t be going off at people for bad grammar. I will give you permission when you can spell like properly

    — chapnisio    Jun 5, 11:16 PM    #
  59. hahahahahahahaha
    chapnis, i already told you, this is my idiot to annoy :)

    — thecat    Jun 6, 01:48 AM    #
  60. truth: Now to get back to my reasoning, let’s take two people, once started three months ago, the other started today, and let’s pretend they have the same skill level and all that when they started, meaning that the person A (the three month starter) has three months more experiance, but person B has 30 commanders, now that may seem alot, but to someone who’s making millions, its nothing, anyway, because of player B’s officers, he has already caught up with person A, so person A constantly treis to attack him to get him lower, but since person B already has ten Engineers, he loses no defense, and he just keeps making more and more little by little and sending off his fleets as soon as he makes them, because of his oficers, person B can outdo person A no problem, even though Person A has more experiance. Also, in another month or two, person B has double Peson A’s stats, and is bashing person A.

    this makes complete sense, and thecat is a complete retard quit arguing with him

    thecat: what person in their right mind would pay for 30 commanders. i am laughing at your idiocy right now :)
    another one would be that person b would be attacked overnight as he thinks (due to inexperience) that his defense cant be crushed. but since his defenses shut down after being too badly damaged, he gets bashed and loses all his res :)

    the guy wouldnt have to fleet save or anything cuz he has enuf officers to keep his def from even dying so stfu and think out ur ideas b4 writing.

    the commanders might be unfair but just think all of u, w/o those wut game would u be playing? u wouldnt even be here to start an argument, so b4 u say wawawa not fair, think y ur saying that?

    furthermore if ur all complaining its cuz u guys dont have the balls to group together and IPM the !@#$ out of all of them then own them continously, remember their fleets and def dont build faster so they can get owned after that.

    Now whoever just read this is prlly thinking how contradictory this is, but thats not cuz im dumb i just take no side to a pointless argument.

    — panzer    Jun 7, 08:51 PM    #
  61. okay…..
    people that are inexperienced die. thats a fact in every aspect of, well, everything! including animal kingdom, video games and other things, like use of condoms.
    i was arguing on The Truth’s argument cos it was completely crzy! as i said, there aren’t 2 ppl in the universe! can u say i did not provide my thoughts on y i thought it was a silly example hmmmm?
    okay panzer, that comment about my 30 OFFICERS was perfectly correct. their defense may not DIE, but they shut down and don’t work after too much damage has been sustained. learn to read properly….. cos it says it quite plainly that they dont die, but it never said they don’t sustain damage and shut down…..
    you learn to argue correctly….
    this isn’t pointless, it proves i am invincible and must be screamed and yelled at for them to win :)

    — thecat    Jun 8, 06:23 AM    #
  62. maybe they shut down but if they have enuf defences it would be pointless atking them getting nowhere

    — panzer    Jun 8, 04:38 PM    #
  63. you mustnt have got wat i was speaking about….
    when people who are inexperienced think they are invincible, are they really gonna fleetsave or anything? they would just leave their res to rot until some1 bashes them. that is what i meant…..

    — thecat    Jun 8, 05:17 PM    #
  64. next time make it clear wut u mean and dont make ppl try and guess wut ur saying

    — panzer    Jun 10, 12:15 AM    #
  65. i made it perfectly clear….
    i win this argument. no1 has properly defeated me as such yet, so that means that officers aren’t unfair :)

    — thecat    Jun 10, 04:08 AM    #
  66. or that ur gay either one no1 cares

    — panzer    Jun 11, 05:41 PM    #
  67. ive posted the banner

    — Gaka    Jun 11, 08:18 PM    #
  68. awesome its soo cool that every1 has to swear or cus to get their own way…. what a bummer…
    and y do you post the banner? ive just proved they arent unfair mmmm?
    so whatever happened to the people up the top that said it was unfair? changed your tune have we?

    — thecat    Jun 12, 12:18 AM    #
  69. 1 thing ive noticed bout officers is depending on which simulator u use some don’t offer the officers bonus so u cant sim correctly, thus making it rlly hard for some1 to figure out how to kill some1 efficiently

    — panzer    Jun 13, 10:02 AM    #
  70. that is really irrelevent, cos there is no officer that effects direct combat, only survival of defense

    — thecat    Jun 13, 11:18 PM    #
  71. hey The Truth, i thought the truth never went away? where did u go? im just here waiting 4 u or some1 else to try defeat me in this argument.

    — thecat    Jun 14, 08:41 PM    #
  72. It does affect direct combat in a way, because (a) if you have higher esp. tech. then if someone trys to see what you have and can’t that alters how they attack or change there mind all together, and that said person with the added higher tech. from the officer gets an unfair advantage, (b) the higher mines from the begining are helpful but when you start talking about a level 28 and a or that pluse 10% on 9 planets for that mine for what ever resource thats a big differance, and if you start using officer at the begin of the start of a new uni. that could be the difference between like 300 and a top one-hundred spot.

    Oh and “you all have the choice to use them”
    doesn’t work because (a) it’s suppose to be a free game in the first place (b) if you can’t afford it (i can but i wont buy it because the game i thought was suppose to be for everyone, so what if a 12 year old spends a lot of time and then finds out he’s getting out worked by some people hitting him because they have officer.

    Also if you get all the extra little suff then your saving resources that you can put into a fleet.

    To say the truth as something that ogame did, I am not aganst it, but as how it will affect the newest uni.‘s I think it is a very bad idea!

    — js35wake uni-28    Jun 14, 09:23 PM    #
  73. in my old acct i was able to make about 50 bships a day just from mines, imaginbe that doubled cuz of an officer advantage, some1 can make 1000 bships in 10 days thats almost 36000 bships a year just from mines alone, now ur telling me thats a fair advantage cat? ur arguments r reasnable but wen a player has higher stuff it becomes too powerful.

    — panzer    Jun 14, 10:21 PM    #
  74. ...
    js i was talking of ‘direct combat’ as in weps, shielding and armour. those are the only thing (other than ship numbers) that affect the outcome of a battle… learn english so i dont have to rain on your sille example.

    now onto panzer :
    people raid like mad in later ages, sometimes making up to millions of res units. getting 50 bships in 1 day, however, is usually imposible without nanites, due to time taken off…. did you have nanites?
    okay, now moving onto costs :)
    50 bships =
    2,250,000 metal
    750,000 crystal
    at later ages, this can be raided in a matter of hours.
    oh yeah, did i forget 2 mention, the metal output of your mines would have to be around 80k metal per hour. something tells me your either lying, or had 9 colonys that had an output of 10k metal per hour. DONT THINK SO. your a cheap liar, cos not even people in top 10 of uni 5 have that sort of mines on 9 planets. thats around lvl 27 metal on all your planets. and dont say’aww i was talking about raiding aswell as mines’ because you have said nothing about raiding…..
    new unis; what person would buy officer so early? they only take effect at later ages, and even then the effects are minimal.
    extra little stuff my ass. when you’re talking 10 mill res, 10k doesn’t mean anything, unless times by 10, then it might mean something.

    think of what your raving on about before posting….

    and below in next post, dont say im dumb shit, fuck ass, homo ass licker or anything like that. only proves i win these arguments :)

    — thecat    Jun 15, 04:40 AM    #
  75. ok I wont say those words; but try to annunciate something when your talking so everyone knows what your talking about thecat.

    Anyway through reading all this I know that this debate will keep going but I want to sum up everything that I mean, so it really covers the whole idea of why I’m arguing this.

    Officer is fine for a short term thing like progame, I think that would be alright, but overall I’m worried that as the game in new uni.‘s keeps getting older and an officer keeps getting used (no matter how big or little an advantage) that said advantage will keep widening and have an affect that will make a widening gap for any plalyer that does not have those added affects.

    You keep ranting on about being directly affected by a fleet with officers thecat, but everything affects everything in ogame one way or another so the tech’s, like I said in my pervious post because of up mines and the ableness to use resources for other things like weapon tech. does directly help a fleet.

    You do make some valid points thecat, but, again, your to focused on one thing when that one thing (raiding) is entwined into a bunch of other affects and events that happen in an ogame uni.

    Oh and stop saying “only proves I win these arguments” thecat, the only way you will get respect from the people on the side of my opinion is if you stop acting full of your self.

    AND that goes for all the people that have similar opinions that I have, disagree with the officers, yes I still don’t like them, but show the other side some respect and both sides should really listen to what each has to say, not bash each other on thing that have nothing to do with ogame.

    Oh and for the people who just bash people who have officers this is my personal message: DON’T, its stupid first, sencond, they are funding ogame as much as I hate to say it, so stop beating up on the little guys, they might only be 12 and just want to have fun and your ruining there expperienne and that person might quit now, and never come back. And not only is that sad it is bad because it is just a game, and it does need funding so if all the officers leave what will we do to keep ogame going (actually a question!), thats the argument I think my side needs to be making because I want officers out but also to find another way to fund this brilliant and still not joyless game, yet (because of officers).

    Oh and if you still need to take out an officer in ogame take on some in the top 100 or something with acs with a buch of friends, that will balance out the game more I think.

    — js35wake uni-28    Jun 15, 07:02 AM    #
  76. Oh one thing I forgot to add in, It is just as importaint to have it at the begining because if you never get bashed because your esp. tech is high and you start making ships faster then others, then your on your way that much fast to get a lead in the uni. that is unparalleled and breaking away as early as possible everone knows you need to do so people don’t start ganging up on you later if you choose to wait to use officer, but even so it might take longer to up your advantage if you wait a while, but any advantage will become known in a never ending uni.

    — js35wake uni-28    Jun 15, 07:21 AM    #
  77. thecat y would i be lying about my mine lvls? all 9 planets had lvl 27, it sounds nuts, but at first i used to be a turtle until some guy n his friends IPMed me, then i decided to stick with fleet building thats wen i noticed that my mines were able to make a shitload of bships a day i had lvl 4 nanite thats 1 bships every 6 minutes so now think 6 minutes x 50 battleships = 300 minutes or 5 hours, not long is it? imagine an officer who can double that output for only double the time, 100 bships in 10 hours,

    now r u gonna tell me thats a fair advantage? if so id like to see u run after the officers who play this way

    — panzer    Jun 15, 08:36 AM    #
  78. 1 question i had, does the +2 fleet slots give u 2 comp tech? cuz if it did u can save alot of time going for nanites, then thats rlly unfair

    — panzer    Jun 15, 08:45 AM    #
  79. no…. dummie
    when you make 27 metal, people with heaps of ships are going to raid you. ‘is that a fair advantage they have?’ not really but they dont care. i can also see that lvl 27 metal mine(all mine levels added up) costs around 6million metal. times it by 9 and you’ve got this number: 61,359,147 metal. thats no crystal or solar plant added. and you were solidly a turtle? dont think so….
    your points are flawed, js36wake. people that have experience in this game fly higher than people with advantages. ... how do i get the message through to you ppl.. lolz hmm.
    well, i must say, its taken me a bit of time, but i found solution. espionage, is easy as piss to get up. but of course, you haven’t learnt english.. read properly, it says ‘+ 2 levels of espionage TO YOUR PROBES.’ lets sum this down. basically, if i have lvl 12 espo tech, then i would see on other planets what lvl 14 people would see (if i had the technocratical dude). people would espionage me and see lvl 12 espionage. this is where many people are decieved about the advantages.
    i started about 2 weeks ago on uni 5, and have had heaps of experience. my mate had like 2 geologists, and i went about 3x faster than him up the ranks…..
    but i must admit, you do have a few valid points js. yes it can affect new unis, but really when oyou do think of it, people that started that uni the instant that it came out, would have a little headstart.
    but panzer, think of what you say BEFORE you say it….
    i love this argument. i have had soo much to read and it is soo fun

    — thecat    Jun 15, 05:42 PM    #
  80. i can bring a witness if ud like who can admit the lvl 27 mines, hes the one who gave me the acct, stop assuming everything and callin ppl liars, ur saying top ranking ppl dont have lvl 27 mines its not that hard to get u know, like u said a days raid can make millions so before u criticize wut other ppl write look at wut u write and see if itll actually make sense.

    — panzer    Jun 15, 10:23 PM    #
  81. Well of course if you spend more time then the other person for those two weeks thecat, or they get attack a lot and you don’t, then of course you would be ahead. I think the argument was (at least mine) if you spend the same amount of time and know the basics of the game, someone with the officers will get ahead eventually and keep on going from there.

    like I’ve said, the long hull is what I’m worried about not the short term. The short term of course the more knowledgeable player normally will have the better luck (skill).

    But if you took a good player and set him on one side of the uni. and sent another player who knows the basics on the other side (with the officers), and set it up where they both played the amount of time and ran into about the same amount of good and bad luck in a year they would meet and not only would the officer player be close in knowledge of the game now, but would have a much higher rank and amount of points. And that’s the out come I don’t want to happen.

    — js35wake uni-28    Jun 15, 11:14 PM    #
  82. ahh yes now i understand js… :) that arguments all cool. nothing wrong with what you said, so i cant outvalidate it.. :(
    @ panzer now
    what person goes and gets 27 metal mine on every single planet he has? most top ppl dont have all 9, but more or less 5-4 (for safety reasons). a witness, could be you in another alias… lolz + people would prefer to make Battleships so they raid MORE, if you spend 61 mill metal, thats around 1.5k bships, and many people hav a low patience lvl, meaning they wont wait for res, but instead spend them right there and then…. that is unarguable…

    — thecat    Jun 16, 12:24 AM    #
  83. u know wut thecat its useless arguing with u cuz ur so hard headed y cant u believe i had 27 mines? i used to be a turtle i relied on mines alot so thinkg about it w/o high mines i woulda never been able to make a good D and thus wouldnt have been a turtle. just because u dont beleive it that doesnt mean it never happened. in my old uni i knew ppl with lvl 28 and some 29, its not that hard to get, think about wut u said some1 can make millions of res in the matter of hours by raiding. so if some1 raids alot isnt it normal that theyll have enuf res to build better mines? yeh of course ppl would much rather spend it on ships, (which i learned after being IPMed) but that doesnt mean ppl WONT spend it on mines.

    — panzer    Jun 16, 09:54 AM    #
  84. hmm but what person gets 9 colonies and builds 27 mines on ALL of them, it only shows how nooby you really are… how many times did the colonies gt attacked? 3 time, 4x a day? it never happened face it. and also, you asked such a nooby q, ’1 question i had, does the +2 fleet slots give u 2 comp tech?’. this furthermore proves your noobiness. i could believe you had lvl 27 mines if you WERENT a turtle, but a raider.
    no it isnt normal that they WILL get the mines, but more ships to raid with :) i havent seen many raiders saving 61 mill metal…
    with 9 colonies, yes it can be possible to get the res, but you would hav 2 send the res they make off to some planet, which would be targeted alot. ...
    still tho, you havent disproved what i said just above, thats a bit fishy. ranting on and yu havent even outvalidated what i said… lolz
    are you sure that ‘hard headed’ quote didnt come from a post up a little further that I wrote in hmmmmm?
    hey js35, i would like 2 hear from you again, see if you find anything else wrong with these ‘officers’, since this is what we are arguing about, NOT some n00b claiming he was a turtle 27 mines on 9 colonies….

    — thecat    Jun 16, 05:08 PM    #
  85. k u know wut even if i am noob in ogame like u claim i can prlly own u in it and furthermore i prlly own u in real life, ur a kindve 12 yr old kid who hides at his computer and just tries to diss ppl across the net wen u prlly get beaten up all the time, u continuously mock ppl who r here to give an OPINION which cannot be wrong no matter wut its personal, opinions r just wut some1 thinks, u can argue an opionion but u cant put it down like wut u do, that shows ur noobiness, now enuf said id like to see wut u say to this not thatll be much cuz ur so dumb u cant even put ur thoughts together like the truth mentioned above.

    — panzer    Jun 16, 10:01 PM    #
  86. just to prove i wasnt lying
    Metal Mine (level 27)
    Used in the extraction of metal ore, metal mines are of primary importance to all emerging and established empires.
    Requirements: Metal: 3.408.907 Crystal: 852.226
    Construction Time: 19h 22m 7s upgrade
    level 28

    — panzer    Jun 16, 10:01 PM    #
  87. hokay, so i am a 12 year old. but now, i refer to the anger bit of my speech i had a little bit up there. and now your calling me dumb… :) i just prved i win this, you just called me dumb. no i am never beaten up because im too good with words. okay, lets move on to your opinion part. its your OPINION yu hav 27 metal mine. :) no1 can prove you did other than your word, buddy so sorry. im arguing, not sitting here listening to our rights of opinions. thats just a way to get around defeating what i said above….....
    on ogame, can you get 2k points and hyperdrive 4 in 2 weeks? cos i did, no officers or commander.
    and still i ask the question, how often did your planets get attacked? i had colonies much lower, all 9 and they were attacked constantly. the only way i accumulated res was sending all i had left to my research planet (the one with 11 research) and even then, i could only hold 600k metal b4 it got attacked.

    — thecat    Jun 16, 11:40 PM    #
  88. okay… stupid thing deleting my post grr
    okay, panzer, how old are you, 2? ur brain size is atleast, and bringing up opinion in this little debate process is useless. if debates ran on opinion, the world would have been destroyed 20000000 years ago.
    if this is about opinion, then it is your OPINION that you hav 27 metal mines, and you really only have 10. lolz
    still, you havent done some things. like haven’t disproved anything. or havent answered how often your coloniess got attacked… :) mine(they sucked)were attacked daily, very often every day.
    you are DEFEATED and can’t face it…

    — thecat    Jun 16, 11:48 PM    #
  89. I thought this should be acounted for in here for what was said in the topic of Being A Uber-Turtle.

    ...quotes in that topic…

    Panzer “guys is it natural for a turtle to have lvl 27 metal mine on all planets”

    js35wake “yah I know people in my old uni. that had those high of metal mines.”

    Panzer “yeh well thecat in officers topic is saying its impossible”

    what I was going to add was in that topic, was “ I am not going to agree with thecat at all, though, in my opinion I think he is saying what does it matter the exact level, “were” already past that in the topic where it is indifferance and does not matter anymore for something like that in this argument. I’m not saying the idea is bad but the exact amount of anything for this topic is not going to help either side. You used an example and that’s fine, whether thecat believed you or not you got what you wanted across and that is that. There is now no point pursuing that said point anymore becuase you can’t make someone believe or not believe something in this forum unless they themselves decide to change there own mind.”

    ok now that was said, I truely do think that if something is said in here say it and be done with it. If it needs to go on, so be it, but make it have a selfless point, then have something to prove in your own satisfaction.

    Also thecat antagonizing another back and forth makes you also act a bit childish.

    Now on topic once again, since there has been no actual progress in the topic I can’t put in my opinion, so I suggest that for anyone else reading this we move on.

    — js35wake uni-28    Jun 17, 06:21 PM    #
  90. i may act childish, but still people forget what this argument is about; officers are unfair or fair. idiotmicidiot (panzer) was going on about his nooby mines and how unoften he got attacked and ‘opinion’ (woooooo) umm putting your little forces together and saying crap like that, i must say, is soooo immature. how much did he pay u to say that?
    when some1 defeates me, ill put in more of my Tuth, not opinion.

    — thecat    Jun 18, 12:47 AM    #
  91. Don’t you get it, or maybe you already do, no one can win and espacially not someone who says they can’t lose; and further more I am not on the side of getting rid of officers just changing them like I’ve said, and you know I’ve made my point clear thecat.

    Oh and I’m not going to start this little game of “who is the biggest villiage idiot” with either of you. The only thing you were right about was we need back on topic, and you both were going on about his (panzer) mines. Just coming up with what ever un-decent comment on another person unless they agree with you is a very sad ordeal, it is so horrible isn’t it. Of course you will come back with another dumb remark and this will keep going, so try me, that is my offer, but don’t ever say that I will be down graded to your childish games. I am not going to pay attention to anything other then topic anymore. So rant all you want, but I really and truly do not care to do this name game.

    ...Now a little different look at officers; since the only way you get things, or get them stronger is research or buildings, you get 10% more mines right, well at the beging of a uni. it is importaint to establish yourself right away, and with the mines you don’t get a lot, but with the esp. tech. you do so people can’t see what you really have. I think instead of cuting out the officers we need to limite them to one at a time, that way (like thecat has been saying) the better player will win, (so to speak). My point is that there is always one of them (the officers) that is going to be an advantage, but when the uni gets older they all do, so if the officers are limited to you can only buy one at a time then when that runs out, and you can buy that again for like the 1 month period or get a different one.

    — js35wake uni-28    Jun 18, 08:43 AM    #
  92. mm yes js35 that is very correct about tha 1 officer thing. but to be honest, in uni 5, i haven’t noticed anything about officers helping anyone yet, may have 2 wait till im 5k points.
    ontopic: 1 thing forgotten (or misconcieved) is that technocrat will allow u to get 2 espo tech right at the start of the game. THIS IS NOT TRUE AND IS A COMPLETE LIE. if im wrong tell me, but this is what i seem to be getting out of reading this… :) now, getting better can also be in shipwise, not just research or buildings. but they play a huge part. lol anyways, i cant argue further, you’ve said only to change them, im here to argue they are fair, and now that there arent ppl here 2 argue with atm, ill rest my case :)

    p.s. dont even think for 1 second that that is long period tho

    — thecat    Jun 19, 12:25 AM    #
  93. lets say some1 gets enuf technocrats or w.e its called and is able to shave off 200% of the research time that would speed things up by alot and u cant say no to that, ur prlly gonna say ok build more research labs but if u do theyre researching faster. eventually they will have to upgrade to higher lvls but at those speeds they can research stuff in under an hour and gain a good advantage, its reasonable if they can only get 1 or 2 then yes its more fair but at an unlimited amount it gets unfair and u cant disagree the cat.

    — panzer    Jun 19, 07:39 PM    #
  94. actually i can disagree. what person does gets 8 technocrats?
    okay, lets move onto 1 research i find much like the technocrat but a little lest costing.
    IRN. that shaves time off research by heaps of time. so think of it, if i created an article (which i cant, but anyway) and told ppl that it was too overpowering , e.g. ‘Look at this and that and blablabla’. i could make them believe everything i said. think about it, 15 research lab on every planet (you said u have lvl 27 metal mines and solar, so y cant this happen?) and had lvl 8 Intergalactic research network, that is 15 × 9 = lvl 130 RL. and with 130RL, lots of things are finished early….
    oh there’s one thing i love about this argument, i disproved the geologist, go onto engineer, disprove him and now im undermining the technocrat.
    ill do fleet admiral later :)

    — thecat    Jun 20, 12:39 AM    #
  95. no but earlier we were talking about how ppl pay for many at a time so if they get enuf technocrats early game they can get to the higher researches faster, and they can just cancel the payment wuts they buy IRN. thecat just think about future universes, right now ppl can beat the officers in other unis because they r higher, AT THE MONET, but in new unis wen ppl start off with officers they can get an early lead, wut if theres an experienced player who decides to buy officers. he can soar trough the ranks.

    — panzer    Jun 20, 03:00 PM    #
  96. at the moment

    — panzer    Jun 20, 03:00 PM    #
  97. meh who cares.
    every1 knows that the earliest uni’s never survive

    — thecat    Jun 20, 11:59 PM    #
  98. Ok thecat, I decided a while ago to leave you and your dumb little arguements to yourself, but now you’re just ticking me off, and I really hope that your the SuperGameOperater, because then everyone could see how even Ogame staff can be an idiot, Anyway, you say you can raid millions of res. a day, ok, fine, I agree with that, hell I’ll even agree that someone with level 16-20 mines won’t get too much of an advantage from offficers, but, someone who is a turtle with lvl 30 mines and a lot of defenses, there is only two ways of raiding him, 1. is obviously attacking him, but if he never looses defenses in combat, you won’t be able to get through his defenses for too long, and 2. is IPM’s, which could be easily dealt with by having ABM’s. Ok continuing onward, now you also say you can get 1 mil or so res a day from raiding, suppose you have level 10 computer tech and you only send out waves of attacks once a day, but you max out your fleet slots, now that would mean you get about 100,000 res per attack, now add the two new fleet slots, so instead of getting 1 mil a day, you’ll get 1.2 mil, that .2 mil can be extremely helpful, it could be the differance between winning a fight and loosing. Now, I’m not trying to insult you, bu I’ve listened to your points thecat, and I’ve thought about them, now PLEASE look at mine and think about them as I did yours, and IF you can seriously pull out an explination for each officer that clearly shows there is no possible way that officers give an advantage, I’ll admit you won the argumentm but if I can find anyway that your explinations are unfair or not correct, then I win.
    Do we have a deal?

    — The Truth    Jun 21, 12:54 AM    #
  99. Seems Mr. thecat has chickened out, well, that means I win by default.

    — The Truth    Jun 21, 10:56 PM    #
  100. noo, i just haven’t been able to get at a computer…
    i could say the same thing, you chickened out for a long time, rethink some things.

    okay, time to prove to the world that officers aren’t unfair and gain little to no advantage.

    okay, lets do the Technocrat now
    His ‘advantage’ is useless. 25%, is 1/4, which is useless, unless multiplied by 4, which can be achieved through IRN. when you raid enough, resources are easy to get and therefore, research is too.

    he makes it so your defenses survive 85% of the time. not much if you ask me.
    10% onto energy will only affect some cost of graviton, and yea while in later ages this extra ammount can be massive, then with higher energy = more raiding on you. not much of an advantage there now?

    Fleet admiral
    as i explained before, res is easily raided, and therefore so is research easily made. people wouldnt infact, get this officer if they could get computer tech. not too much advantage, if none

    10% mine production is a bit later on, but then that little bit of extra res will lead to a number of say 9mill and make you too profitable to not attack.
    no advantage there, now is there?

    .2 mill can be raided in 1 hour against your next door neighbor.

    Here’s one thing NONE of you can outprove.
    every officer can be countered by either 1 level of mines, a lvl of IRN, Comp Tech, a few more defenses and more sats/solar plant lvls.

    that shud sum up my proof i have given.

    okay, 30 mines = 1050 extra crystal, 1500 extra metal and like 300 extra deuterium. with all the colonies linked together, that is only 300k extra crystal, probably like 350k metal and probably 50k deut.
    hardly an advantage, that can be raiding in 1 attack…..

    to sum up, there isnt an advantage they give that can’t be countered or has a downside, making it hardly an advantage :)

    — thecat    Jun 22, 01:55 AM    #
  101. oh yea 1 more thing i forgot to ad… does it not say up the top that you can only hire 1 officer of each type, from what voidhawk has said? from what i’ve heard, he’s quite an experienced player.

    — thecat    Jun 22, 04:35 AM    #
  102. AND 1 MORE thing i forgot to add,
    if i find anything wrong with your outvalidatings of my proof, i win

    ive been waiting ages, please come bakc soon so i can defeat your arguments

    — thecat    Jun 22, 03:55 PM    #
  103. Ok, you say that 25% is not a lot, but if have something that’s going to take 4 days to research, then taking off an entire day of research time can be a huge help.

    Also, the %10 more mines can be a huge help, if you are an Uber-Turtle, and you get about 6k metal and 2.5k metal per hour that means you can build 4 Light Lasers per hour,multiply that by 24 for the hours a day and you get around 96 LL, now with the %10 bonus, you can make around 104 LL, that may not seem like a lot more, but a true Ogame player would know that 8 LL can mean the differance between winning a fight and losing a fight, and even if you lose the fight, with the Engineer, you will only lose about 15 LL, and gain another 104 the next day, while someone without either will make 96 a day and lose about 30, now, consider at the end of the month how much defense each will have, the one without commander will have about 2016 LL, while the one with commander will have 2703, thats a 687 differance in defenses, now THAT seems like wuite a nice advantage.

    Also, with the extra fleet slots, as I said before, if you max out your fleet slots at 10 fleets and got 1 mill rescources from it, then with the extra 2 slots you can receive an additional .2 mil or 200,000 rescources a day, now does another 200,000 a day sound fair? Not really.

    One more point, the additional energy can help a lot with mines aswell, If you have a solar plant that puts out 10,000 energy an hour, that means with the 10% bonus you’ll recieve an extra 1,000 energy, thats alot, it can power another level or two of a mine on its own. I just proved, by using facts, that these are not fair, your logic is all opinion, that’s why YOU say it is fair but have no logical way to prove that what your saying is right, I just proved my point using math and using the actually facts. Now I know you, you’ll say blah blah blah that’s not true, but there’s no way around it, there is NO logical way to prove me wrong.

    Final answer: I WIN

    — The Truth    Jun 22, 07:11 PM    #
  104. ah but there is a few things i have to mention
    your ONLY looking at the good parts. basically, if this were a maths equation of 0+x-x, you’re forgetting to minus the x.
    i was working on the argument of whereever an advantage, there is a disadvantage, and vise versa. you focused only on the good bits, which made my illogical things here possible ^^
    okay, 1 day with IRN can be shaven off! and easily at that!
    when i was a turtle, i theorectically shud hav had around 100 Plasma cannons, but what happened was they were bashed :( and IPM’ed. people will attack you if they know you can produce that number of res. and 8LL makes NO difference. only on a long period.
    you seem to forget the power of bombers. if i were a turtle hater and bashed them for fun, it would take around 5 bombers per day to take down that kind of defence.which is only a measly 250k metal, 175k crystal and 75k deuterium. this is achieved in 1 raid.
    2 comp tech is achieved in like soon. and most raiders have like 15 comp tech, half the time not even ‘spending’ up to 8 of their fleets. i haven’t seen 1 person yet (ive seen around 17 ppl get past 50k) that has been so organised and fleetwise to even think of sending out (!)6(!) fleets!
    additional energy will mean extra mines, which = more raiding and wailing on you. :)
    i knew you. i had you fooled from the start. you think you’re sooo clever, trapping me in something like that. WELL HERES A NEWS FLASH! I JUST DISPROVED YOU!

    p.s. some1 with commander doesn’t get faster mine production

    — thecat    Jun 23, 02:01 AM    #
  105. Ok, this is still not sinking into your head, yea you COULD get bashed if you were a turtle, and you COULD raid to get the extra rescources, but where does it say you will? What you’re “proving” is only an opinion.

    — The Truth    Jun 23, 01:25 PM    #
  106. okay dude
    have you ever had 9 colonies?
    mine were minimal mines, but they were bashed daily… and they had an okay defense, usually around 2k laser, 2k Rockets, a few ABM’s and like 60 gauss
    everyone knows as a turtle, you’re gonna get bashed
    and you just outvalidated what you said up there, that its optional to raid, so that means people wont use up all their fleet slots, let alone using 1 of the additional 2 from the fleet admiral ^^
    you didnt disprove what i said just up there.
    so final answer, I WIN!

    — thecat    Jun 23, 04:21 PM    #
  107. LOL

    — FUCK    Jun 23, 11:07 PM    #
  108. WDF? you make no sense. we are fighting over 2 things and those are the only 2 things, so 1 of us is right…
    must mean I WIN!!! W00t!

    — thecat    Jun 24, 01:20 AM    #
  109. Not really thecat, now I’m going to quote you on this “that its optional to raid, so that means people wont use up all their fleet slots, let alone using 1 of the additional 2 from the fleet admiral ^^” now just because raiding is optional, that doesn’t mean they won’t use the fleet slots, I use up ALL my fleet slots when I attack.

    — The Truth    Jun 24, 03:22 AM    #
  110. how comes you use all your fleet slots when you attack? i only use 2: the fleet and then some recyclers

    — chickenman    Jun 24, 09:52 AM    #
  111. I send out like 11 fleets to differant planets so i can maximize my raiding income.

    — The Truth    Jun 24, 03:41 PM    #
  112. most people (thoguh they have the oppourtunity) dont…
    usually you will need commander to be so organised, and not have a laggy computer…
    just because they COULD doesnt mean they will… as you just said up there but still you missed out the +x-x thing you’ve gotta add :)
    so now i win?

    — thecat    Jun 25, 01:21 AM    #
  113. hello? have i won yet?

    — thecat    Jun 26, 03:59 AM    #
  114. compared to some of the other threads I’ve been reading, this one is just childish. I have to sort through insults and worse just to get a picture of what anyone’s trying to say. Nice escalation…I’m not sure if anyone with half a brain is left reading this, but just in case…

    I read earlier that someone said ‘What kind of person gets 8 techno crats.’

    What kind of person buys enough officers to make a freaking car payment? Answer: the kind of person with nothing else to do, looking for that unfair advantage that he/she can’t get banned for. Someone so deep into the game that they could care less about what its doing to gameplay. I’m relatively inexperienced at this game, I haven’t even played for a week yet. But I have studied economics, and I work inthe military, strategy is something I deal with on a nearly daily basis in teh real world, not some screen with make-believe worlds on it. I enjoy this game as a relaxing outlet for the day. (several hours at a night, but I have a family too) Honestly I didn’t even know you could buy multiple officers of the same type until I read this so called ‘discussion.’ Absolutely that’s unfair. there could be some strategic wizard out there competing for the top seat in his uni with some rich kid who played a few strategy games here and there; who’s really the better player? the person paying out the arse for an in-game advantage, or the one making more happen with less? In a snapshot scenario (let’s look at just a few hours or day) the advantage officers gives is clear, but it makes sense taht otehr players can still overcome that. Now take that snapshot and hold it up next to a larger picture. Even mere weeks can show an incredible difference, months leaves an almost unbridgeable gap depending on how muc hsomeone decided to budget towards playing the game on their paycheck that month. And in only one month’s time you can do a lot with that. What if someone gets a bonus and decides hey, I’m gonna buy as much as I can afford to for just one month, and see where I get? I shouldn’t have to paint that picture. I’m sure the people reading this still have an imagination.

    And let’s not forget there’s an immense downside to buying officers for the account holder too. Well, I’ll amend that. there are a few. First and foremost, the popular opinion holds that if you have officers, you’re going down. People who otherwise had no beef with you will side against you simply because you use officers. And oh, heaven forbid you have a change inyour financial situation after you’ve played with those advantages for a while…if you suddenly lose all those little benefits, you’re just that much more of a target for those players watching out for you. And depending on how much you’ve abused the system, you may be in a class way over your head so far as experience goes, having ridden as high as you are on the sheer amount of resources/armament you could produce. Using officers now just sets you up for a fall, adn it was a bad idea to begin with. Gee, let me pay for an advantage on a strategy game that others might not be able to meet. Did noone at Ogame think that would piss people off?!

    — Seandacht    Jun 26, 03:12 PM    #
  115. you cant get more than 1 officer anyways….
    if you’re in the army, you wouldnt have hours or ANY time to play a silly game such as the one we are speaching of.
    okay, heres the real advantage for people: being over 900k points.
    i have been up to 30k and lost it all. people continually bash me and i couldnt do anything. even with 500 officers(impossible) i couldnt do it. in this game, experience overcomes any advantage.
    your argument is based on millions of officers… as i said, this isnt possible… obviously people wouldnt pay money of those ammounts even if they could…
    lets think… you say you’re in a war place, right? well, the designers of wepons just happened to ‘accidently’ make a new weapon. instead of focusing on the costs of the new weapon, they decide to make them for the advantage over enemy…
    thats the same situation with officers
    lolz abusing the system. thats worse than saying stepping others in rugby is cheating LOL
    no they wouldnt think of how much it would piss people off. purely because they thought homo’s wouldnt go ahead and say they are stupid. most people here are just foloing the masses…
    oh yes, lets study economics will working as a soldier ^^ what a lie….or are you in there just to get a degree?

    — thecat    Jun 27, 12:23 AM    #
  116. thecat y do u insult everyone that makes a comment? y do u think every1s a liar? u base nothing on facts and claim u win. STFU for once and let others speak instead of shooting down wut they say, ur an ignorant SOB with nothing better to do but bother ppl. some1s gonna give u a beating one day if it alrdy hasnt happened. and if it has ur just trying to act cool over the internet where no1 can touch u, pussy move,

    — iwonder    Jun 27, 12:37 AM    #
  117. proof positive that even a monkey, properly trained, can use the internet.

    I’m a United States Marine you little punk. Don’t question my integrity and I won’t point out your idiocy. You can indeed take clooege classes while in the military, and I didn’t say I was in a war zone, just that I deal with strategy a LOT. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say regarding weapons development…try using normal speech. Break it down simple for the stupid lying Marine. Go ahead. In fact, here’s my email, so that when you do try to flame me again, I can reply with a good old-fashioned ass chewing so bad your mother tries to sue me for emotional abuse to her poor innocent baby boy. Don’t try to bullshit with me son. blue6694xj@hotmail.com

    Now onto the regular conversation…can anyone clear up whether or not you can buy multiple officers, or just one of each? That’s an important point to this discussion.

    — Seandacht    Jun 27, 11:07 AM    #
  118. cause frankly, its hard to take anything thecat has to say seriously in this thread. It makes good sense that you can only buy one of each, and hopefully that’s the case.

    I noticed that in other comment threads he/(she?) seemed to be talking rational enough…MPD or something?

    — Seandacht    Jun 27, 01:13 PM    #
  119. @ Iwonder
    i would pwn you, both in ogame and real life.
    okay, whateva, i’d own you in ogame more than likely, but probably not real life. but thats what seandacht is going on about.
    i’d like YOU to take in anything i’ve said hypocrite ^^

    okay, your a rine. whateva. so you would know about the uranium 235 poisoning in Iraq? and to be honest, (straight) rines DONT get angry with a little kid… how many times have you been bummed now? 16? 23?
    on topic.
    you havent disproved ANYTHING i have said, so that means that its gotta be true ^^ its proved by me, not disproved by you, basically a fact.
    i was talking about advantages. if they designed new weapons and only issued them to you, people would be pissed but they have to live with it.
    plz some1 disprove me i wanna gun some1 down.

    — thecat    Jun 28, 02:28 AM    #
  120. ALright look thecat, you are not proving anything, everything you say is all substantial, meaning that yes in some situations it’s true, but not in all, here’s a basic fact:
    Officers give an advantage to people who pay, that’s all there is to it, plain old fact. Also, your logic with the military having better guns, well no shit they’re gonna make better guns and weapon systems, the military doesn’t want to lose a war, no one said it would be fair, but then again, the military and war is not on online text-based game now is it?

    On another point, this is to seanacht, from what I’ve heard you can only get one of each officer, but I’m not sure (I don’t waste money on these kinds of things).

    On last thing, this part is to Iwonder, thank you for actually telling thecat what he really is.

    — The Truth    Jun 28, 03:18 PM    #
  121. well someone had to tell him.

    — iwonder    Jun 28, 06:02 PM    #
  122. thecat you know what makes me think that you are a noob? this quote right here
    “try this one.
    i’ve been playing ogame for ages now and i got myself the perfect fleet.
    100k light fighters
    unstoppable!!!!” by thecat

    a pure cruiser fleet would decimate that without a problem.

    cuz for the same price of those 100k LFs you can buy nearly 14000 cruisers which would eradicate all the light fighters while suffering no more then 100 cruisers.

    these r the figures i received

    Losses attacker 300.000.000 Metal, 100.000.000 Crystal, 0 Deuterium
    Losses defender 1.605.800 Metal, 562.030 Crystal, 160.580 Deuterium

    atker = 100k LFs
    defender = 14000 cruisers

    Light Fighter 0
    Cruiser 13919.71

    those numbers show how much would be left of each fleet.

    so much for saying your not a noob and that you can beat anyone easily in ogame. that proves your noobness. AND I PROVED IT WITH REAL FACTS. so there ive made my point i win shut up never come back here again.

    — Panzer    Jun 28, 06:25 PM    #
  123. Panzer, that all may be true, but you have to realize one more fact of the matter, thecat is a stupid dumbass who doesn’t know fact from fiction, he’s probably watching Sci/Fi and thinking it’s all real.
    And to thecat, please stay out of this topic because you are doing nothing but making yourself look really stupid.

    — The Truth    Jun 29, 01:29 AM    #
  124. does anyone know whether the engineer affects defenses killed by IPMs?

    — chickenman    Jun 29, 03:09 AM    #
  125. thecat’s not even discussing officers anymore, he’s just trying to piss off anyone who posts anything

    — pegg legg swansoon    Jun 29, 03:12 AM    #
  126. okay…
    @ Panzer, wherever i posted that i had 100k light fighters, i didnt. and what does light fighters vs cruisers have anything to do about the officers? and deathstars (resource wise = 60) will decimate that ammount of cruisers, maybe not defeating them, but no losses. :)
    i never said anything about beating EVERYONE, only that i could more than likely beat you (@ ogame).
    oh yea, you do win, for being the person who went weird and started going on about Light fighters being destroyed by cruisers… :/
    @chickenman. no, the engineer only affects the battle situation. not IPM
    @ the truth,
    y will no1 outprove me?you guys are only saying its based on opinion but i base it also on logic. some of my arguments are based on logic you realise… that is proved.
    @all the others
    stay on topic, i was having a little fun with mr marine. and yea, while i prove, i piss ppl off because they are all angered people who are too PC to have a few facts hit them straight in the face.
    okay, now onto the proper part.
    i simmed (cost wise) that 1 battleship = 30 LL. anyway, i tried 15 shielding and 15 armour, and still the LL won. thats 150% on both sides (massive amounts) and you go on about having 10% extra mining?
    okay, not so likely situation, i tried bombers.
    in my working out, LL is worth 2.5k, and a bomber is worth 145k.
    1 bomber = 58 LL. i simmed this, and the ll won (no techs). i tried 5 armour and shielding, and alas, no difference. (except a few defenses killed, but the bomber was gone in first round anywayz.)
    then i tried 10 armour and shielding. the battle simply lasts another round.
    this goes to prove that well, 10% makes no difference, let alone 150% (when dealing with these numbers)... only basic exception is the deathstar, the one ship that overkills it but what the hell ill do it anyway.
    it draws, but with huge losses on the defensive side. they draw due to shielding…
    y do you assume im stupid? thats actually a dirty trick they use over here in new zealand when they get themselves into an unbeatable situation to make it seem like they are smarter… sorry, just aint gonna cut with me.
    i’d like to hear the reply to this very soon. :)

    — thecat    Jun 29, 05:58 AM    #
  127. woops missed this part out
    when people over 300k have say, 400 battleships and are edging to use them on people just over 5k, is that very fair? that is a real advantage…

    — thecat    Jun 29, 06:01 AM    #
  128. yeh but those ppl did it w/o money. they played the game fair and square and y would they hit ppl at 5k who have little to no fleet to be making a debris. ppl with 400 BS go for bigger fleets then 10 cruisers 10 LFs

    — Panzer    Jun 29, 07:16 AM    #
  129. wow. now that everybody’s thoroughly discussed their sexuality, intellect and mathematical skills, i think that the only conclusion is that:
    yes, officers suck and unbalance gameplay, especially if used on a large scale; but
    ogame doesn’t run itself and this is how they’ve chosen to subsidise their running costs.
    You’d have to be really quite stupid or stupidly rich to really go out there and spend hundreds of dollars on buying officers for all the universes you play in. nonetheless it could still happen; perhaps there should be a limit placed on it as mentioned above.
    On a final note, thecat has really excelled himself. i don’t think i have ever seen anything as poorly worded as his posts (even considering his nimble use of 1337) or his arguments. dear sir, you cannot escape the fact that officers confer an advantage upon the players who are payers.
    whether or not the USArmy used depleted uranium in iraq seems to be somewhat off the topic, but i guess you are a Kiwi.
    i can see why he had an argument while playing an fps about whether he was the internet. he said he won, but in a democracy you’re allowed to be wrong…

    — Rusquel    Jun 29, 11:19 AM    #
  130. Yeah, I’m not sure where he was going with the DU thing; Thanks for the clarification on the officers.

    So if you get your officers early on with no real game experience, you may not know how to best utilize those advantages. Fair enough.

    If you start a new profile in a different uni, and know how to use it, you ahve an immense advantage, end of story. Right or wrong ethically, the advantage is there. Even if you get officers later in the game, where thier abilities don’t have the chance to accumulate as they would earlier on, there is a distinct advantage over your non-paying counterparts.

    Now in other games you’ll often see unlocked areas with extra goodies when you pay into the game, or better controls, etc. You don’t usually see a blatant strategic advantage like this offred, and its no wonder people are up in arms (literally) over this. The developers obviously aren’t paying attention to their users. I understand that servers need funding, believe me. But surely there are better ways.

    — Seandacht    Jun 29, 01:03 PM    #
  131. has anyone on hereever heard of godwin’s law?

    basically, it says that the longer any kind of thread goes on on the internet, the more likely it is that it will turn into a massive argument involving comparing people with nazis or hitler. when it happens, whoever mentioned the nazis or hitler has lost the arguement

    This is likely to happen on this thread very soon

    — pegg legg swansoon    Jun 29, 02:01 PM    #

    — thecat    Jun 29, 02:08 PM    #
  133. oh fine, i am a dick, you win Thecat.
    That is final for all of us. officers provide little to no advantaage due to the disadvantages you get

    — The Truth    Jun 29, 05:00 PM    #
  134. Ok thecat, that’s real hard to do, type in someone else’s nickname on a site, it’s not like you need a password, so go ahead, show your maturity, because I guarantee anyone who is actually reading this knows I would not say that, so go ahead and be a complete moron.

    — The Truth    Jun 30, 01:04 AM    #
  135. i will cuz i got nothin better to do then to sit on a compter n act like i know stuff

    — thecat    Jun 30, 01:06 AM    #
  136. Now see, that wasn’t hard. So I suggest you just stop now, we can all make fun of your pathetic points on our own names, and by you going on ours and trying to saound stupid, you’re only proving that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    — The Truth    Jun 30, 01:07 AM    #
  137. the cat u know wuts funny? wen imitating the truth u capiltalized ur name wen the truth hasnt capitalized ur name at all way to try to fake it. wut a loser…

    — Panzer    Jun 30, 08:02 AM    #
  138. guys, c’mon stop spamming.

    — Mv3    Jun 30, 04:30 PM    #
  139. I just want to say that does anybody think about how much time and money these people put into this game, first the hosting takes alot of money and second of all servers cost 10-20 thousand dollars (USD) each. If they never charged for a game this large then how are they supposed to keep up with the upkeep of keeping this massive game online…

    — Comp    Jul 1, 01:13 AM    #
  140. Actually comp, servers cost less than $100 to run a month, and to buy one it costs under a thousand, and not to mention, Ogame makes enough money off of the ads they put on the site.
    Also, another point to put out is that this game is not a massively complex game, it’s text based and there are absolutely no graphics besides the pictures, I know plenty of people that in still in high school who have done more complex things and also run more expensive sites (and they do it without messing up the gameplay).

    One more thing, to thecat, one of the things you always said was the technocrat gives no advantage because with IRN you can make research times quicker, but do you think people with technocrat are not gonna use the IRN? Now if two people have the same level Research Labs and IRN, and one has technocrat, which one does better research whys?

    — The Truth    Jul 1, 02:27 AM    #
  141. One more thing, just because I’m in the talkative mood, this is to pegg legg swansoon, no disrespect, but so far, you’re the ONLY person here that has even mentioned the word “Nazi” or “Hitler” and I’ve seen huge argument threads that never mention it, also, a scientific law is based on pure fact, and that means it will always happen, like the laws of gravity, no matter what, everything follows the laws of gravity (and that IS including all the stuff people like Chris Angel do because as he says, it is all an illusion and anyone with the right training and understanding can do it), so basically, you’re “godwin’s law” is nothing but a load.

    — The Truth    Jul 1, 02:33 AM    #
  142. i think thecat quits and knows u win good job truth

    — Panzer    Jul 2, 10:49 PM    #
  143. no i didnt quit. i couldnt get to a computer. and i wished to wait for responses.
    some people fail to realise, that ogame does advertise its own games sometimes. like metin2.
    he has still failed to outvalidate what i have said about other officers. if he cant fully defeat me, he hasnt won. simple truth. in ogame terms (so you can work it out), if i lost 199 rockets, but have 200 in 6 rounds, then it’s still a draw. i havent lost, but havent won. that is exactly what the truth and others seem to forget.
    and also, ppl dont get officers. remember? they are ‘too unfair’ mmm? and to be honest, people at the top 100 are gonna bge the only people with around 5 IRN. and as you said, people with officers get attacked. must mean that they cant keep much res, cos they dont know how to fleetsave. remember, only noobs get them.
    now, dont next post say that that was based on opinion, because then you will just put yourself in a spiral of badness. this is your opinion so that means your opinion would mean nothing. plz dont sit there, angered out of your mind because i used your own thoughts against you. im a master at it.
    yea sure, they MIGHT get IRN, but then they might not. once again, i used your own opinion against you.
    basically, i have just disproved what you think in those few sentences. this is a catch 22 situation. no matter which door you take (or if you stay still) you’re going to fall off a cliff.
    this post is boring. no1 is getting angered and its really silly, having to spread myself amoungst around about 4 ppl. but do you realise that the only loser bigger than the loser himself is the one that argues with the loser. i havent called you a loser before this post, so that cant be used against me.
    once again i find myself in a position, asking when some1 will disprove me.
    if not within about 4 days, then i win.

    — thecat    Jul 3, 05:22 AM    #
  144. Here:
    “only noobs get officers”
    “only people at the top 100 are gonna have IRN 5”
    “and as you said, people with officers get attacked. must mean that they cant keep much res, cos they dont know how to fleetsave”

    ok those are just a few quotes of yours that I found either false or opinion. I’m not even in the top 1000 and I have IRN 6, so there goes that point out the window.
    Second, anyone can use officers, and I’m sure a bunch of people ranked #2,3,4,5, all the way to 10 buy them just so they can get an advantage over player #1 and beat him, they’re not noobs.

    Now I’‘m going to prove that every officer is unfair:
    Fleet Admiral:
    Opinion-fleet admiral provides no advantage, o one uses all their fleet slots.
    Fact-not everyone uses all of their fleet slots, however there are people who do, so an extra two fleet slots would be a big help to a raider who sends out all of his fleets to maximize profits.

    Opinion-%10 extra is nothing. The denfense can just be rebuilt, no advantage.
    Fact-%10 more energy is a big help, especially when it comes to graviton, say you have 100,000 energy, trying to get to 300,000, then with the %10 advantage, that’s a total of 110,000 energy. Now, do you think that 10,000 energy is nothing?
    Next point, if someone has 100 plasma cannons and gets attacked, he looses about 30, that’s expensive, but if he only looses 15, that’s a big differance, and then if they both build 30 the next day, the normal one will have 100 again, and the Officer will have 115. 15 plasmas is a big differance.

    Opinion-%10 extra mines is nothing, people can raid that in a day.
    Fact-Jut because someone can raid, doesn’t mean they will, for those who don’t raid, %10 mining may not be a large amount compared to the total, but if you can make 5000 metal an hour, with the %10 bonus you can get 5500, 500 is not alot, but,
    people can use that 500, it can help get to a certain amount a lot faster, for example, if you’re trying to save 2,000,000 metal, at 5,000 an hour, it’ll take 16 days and 16 hours, with the %10 bonus, it will take 15 days 4 hours, now that’s an entire day, that IS an advantage right there.

    Opinion-the extra time is nothing, with IRN you can get rid of that advantage.
    Fact-The %25 faster research time can be very useful. Yes someone might be able to get the same times with IRN, but then When the Officer gets IRN there’s no way to compete with their times.
    Also, the +2 Espionage levels for probes, you can send less probes to get more information, meaning that you can get some probes out of risk of dieing.

    -That’s ALL the officer’s advantages, there really is no disadvantages to them besides the people who attack officers for fun, but if you keep your mouth shut about having them, then people won’t know and won’t attack for that reason.

    Now, I’m satisfied with my FACTS, so I’m done, goodbye thecat, nice fightin with ya.

    P.S.-Nice article on FAQ for noobs, seriously, it was a good one.

    — The Truth    Jul 3, 05:23 PM    #
  145. wow the truth u just completly owned thecat

    — Panzer    Jul 3, 06:36 PM    #
  146. thanx for the compliment.
    but you are a lying sack of crap, how many points did you have, aroudn 50k points? and not have graviton? its costs around 25mill crystal, 15mill metal, and 10mill deuterium for it all the way up to lvl 6. and thats just the research IRN, along with all the other research, you would easily be into the top 1k.
    also, GOOD raiders and people with no life can determine, with 3 espo reports and 1 raid, they can determine what officer you have other (possibly, if they are really good) what officer tyou have. oh yea and also a phalanx. remember, just 2 fleets about your maximum computer tech, will be able to determine if you have fleet admiral or not. so sometimes you cant just keep your mouth shut, they have their ways. btw im talking about people with no lifes, so this isnt based on opinion, but a example and logic.
    yes, those points are correct, and ALMOST unarguable. thankfully, i can disprove them.
    what miner is going to save 2 mill? think of it, that is raided in a day, and thats just inactives with no ships.
    yea 15 plasma is a lot. especially when they use IPM and fodder. do you really think no1 uses them? they are used all the time, and i only had 20 ions when i got IPM’ed.
    and the only way that the technocrat really works, is when you’re an organiser. if you’re not organised, then it doesnt help so much. and it is used for time, a passive thing, not proper raiding or such. also, people usually wont be able to get the res to be able to even research the well, research within 2 hours. basically, no1 gets research end on end. they have to get resource.
    but, because your umm thing blablabla, what is it, oh yea, due to what i got out of your example on research, people DO get research end on end, so that means they can get comp tech easy as. remember? plus lvl 15 is almost as cheap as IRN 7, if you are a trader.
    in later ages, no1 cares about 5k crystal. and also, they take around 2mins each. so quick. about 10 mins, also, win nanites 4, that is reduced to around about 1 min. what about nanites? that halfes the construction, not just – 25%, but 50%! that is sooooooo big!!!! sooooooo UNFAIR!!!!!
    thats what you sound like. you’re crying because some1 isnt patient and wants something to make them not wait. and crying over some1 getting 2 research lvls on espo, is soooo lame. its like crying because some1 is better than you. its too lame. going on about some1 having, really what res could buy in another way. you’re just a crybaby. aww, some persons a little better than me waaaaaaa!
    and no1 wants them because some1 decided to badmouth them bafore some1 could goodmouth them. simple luck if you ask me.
    panzer, to be honest, if some1 called them good and nothing really wrong with them, would you believe them?
    most would. look at evolution. the worst lie ever. no proof, no scientific proof, no nothing. not even a REAL bone. kinda stink aint it. but people still believe it. so amazing.
    wow, what have i covered here, how to be a crybaby, impatience for dummies and being the first to say a lie… wow. quite amazing what can be achieved through a little musing.

    though, i did have one thought. you (or some1) said that you dont need any passwords or anything, you could go under any alias and write anything. what if these aliases were the same people. what if panzer, and js and such were just you, the truth? maybe i too am a figure of your imagination so you can prove to your freinds that your not some wimpy idiot crybaby. think of it, its too coincidental for all of them to agree with you and none with me. makes you think though, doesnt it? and to make it even more real, you could’ve just posted that my first article was good so they seem even more real. maybe your just a 5 year old who gets bullied. maybe there is a real ‘Panzer’ out there, you’re just aliasing him. some of his posts could be true, then you made some. isnt it too coincidental too that you left, and others came? so you just moved them in slowly, then you came into the picture, acting like the all smart TRUTH! and also that exactly 1 hour 13 mins later, panzer posts that you owned me. how many times does ‘Panzer’ check it? twice a day? i check around once. and coincidental, only an hour later he posts?
    but of course, if i was a figure of your imagination, then i wouldnt be rebelling against you.
    but think, the interweb is a lying piece of crap when it comes to these. maybe i should make a few imaginary friends to make my proof, well proof!
    so yea, go and cry to your mother because some1 has 2mill metal a day earlier! better yet, go cry to your mother because some just raided that 2mill metal in 2 mins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    — thecat    Jul 4, 02:46 AM    #
  147. thecat theres a reason no1 sides with u, ur points make no sense whatsoever

    — Panzer    Jul 4, 12:04 PM    #
  148. umm yes it does. this is what i mean. none of you will read it, and thats what i find intruiging.
    and when you defeat me, ill decide if they are wrong or right points. and i think it was you who was going on about listening to the other side hmmm?

    — thecat    Jul 4, 03:34 PM    #
  149. I have readed all this page and thecat you are the most hard headed people i never seen before ! Yeah you will probably think that i am The Truth or Panzer or something like that ! No man I am real and I think you should rest before 5 peoples are against you !

    — Lord Legion Draconite Reaper    Jul 5, 11:43 AM    #
  150. Hello again. Vacation’s fun. Good way to spell it out The Truth.

    Maybe its the pina coladas, or maybe its the fresh air…

    jsut leave this kid alone to his so-called victory so he’ll shut the fuck up…we’re all convinced here and its obvious to a newcomer of the conversation that while tehcat may know what he or she is talking about to a point…they’re still an idiot.

    Yes, you can be smart and an idiot at the same time, I see it everywhere. I for one am done here. I suggest anyone who still has a brain left do likewise.

    — Seandacht    Jul 5, 07:10 PM    #
  151. yay i win! i defeated a noob who claims he is from the us army!

    — thecat    Jul 6, 03:20 AM    #
  152. Good idea , lets leave thecat to his arguments and his winning/losing problems , lets not argue anymore because it have no point .

    — Lord Legion Draconite Reaper    Jul 6, 03:26 AM    #
  153. wow, i really have won.
    think of it, you think my points are opinions, thats your opinion. and the truth did exactly the same, he said you could get so many ll when some MIGHT and not, that was the thing you are calling me stupid about.
    saying im stupid and calling me brainless, doesnt mean i have lost. you still havent defeated what i say about officers. so… hehe, i win. end of story, brainless oafs.

    — thecat    Jul 10, 03:06 PM    #
  154. thecat you are a strange person. keep you arguments for you, and …

    — desflorador    Jul 12, 05:26 PM    #
  155. how can i be a strange person, my name is thecat, surely that tells you something ^^

    — thecat    Jul 13, 07:06 PM    #
  156. Hay I think it’s time to open my mouth again. The reason I haven’t posted In a long time is becuase I said in the last few posts that I wrote that this topic was getting pointless becuase there can be no winning and losing thecat. Especially when your the one making up the “points” or deciding who wins and loses. It’s really you going, if I get to bored then I will quit otherwise I’ll let “them” give up and I will call myself the champ.

    To me your just a chump.

    — js35wake uni-28    Jul 14, 08:57 PM    #
  157. heyy thecat,, I’m back,, just because I’m bored.. and I was just rereading some of you posts… and I realized something.. I proved every single thing you said was wrong.
    What I’m trying to say is that from now on, you will not be able to outsmart me or prove me wrong.. now let’s get on with it.
    a normal person will make %100 rescources per hour, with officer they will make %110, let’s say they both ave all level 20 mines, that would mean the person without officer makes:

    4036 metal an hour,
    2690 crystal an hour, and
    1676 deuterium an hour,
    that would mean that the person with officer would make:
    4440 Metal an hour,
    2959 Crystal an hour,
    1844 Deuterium an hour,

    Now let’s say that they both build 100 Plasma Cannons as soon as they can,Meaning that:

    The person without Officer will have the rescources in 77 Days and 11 Hours
    And The person with officer will have the resources in 70 Days and 10 Hours.

    Altogether that’s a difference of 7 Days and 1 Hour.

    However, they both get attack by a high ranking player and both lose everything as soon as they reach the 100 Plasm Cannons, meaning:

    The person without officer is at 70 Plasma Cannons
    The person with officer is at 85 Plasma Cannons.

    Both of them decide to get a few Deathstars, They both reach level 12 Research lab needed to research the Graviton Technology, now they concentrate on getting the Solar Satellites needed to reach 300,000 energy, and both of them only have a max Temperature of 0 Degrees so each Solar Satellite produces 20 Energy. Meaning:

    The person without officer needs 15,000 Solar Satellites to reach 300,000 Energy.
    The person with officer needs 13,637 Solar Satellites because of his/her %10 energy boost.

    In the sense of cost, the officer pays 2,726,000 less Crystal, and 681,500 less Deuterium.
    Also, considering they wanted Deathstars, the both have Shipyard Level 12, meaning that the person with officer will be able to build the Solar Satellites 22 Days 17 Hours 12 Minutes faster than the person who doesn’t have them.

    Now after they have both finally finished the Deathstars, they decide to make an Attacking fleet, so they both make 100 Battleships and 100 Large Cargo Ships, but they forgot to upgrade their Computer Technology, and since they never attacked before, they don’t know how to obtain more fleet slots, so they just use what they can, they send out their ships in groups on 20 to Noobs without defenses, 10 Battleships and 10 Large Cargo Ships, they both manage to fill up their entire cargo hold with resources,Meaning:

    Since the person without officer only has 1 Fleet Slot, he gains 265,000 Units of plunder,but since the person with officer has 3 Fleet Slots so he gains 795,000 Units of resources.

    Also, I prove almost every one of your opinions wrong in just the way I play, you say that people could said the %10 mining difference, I can’t, I have no fleet, I’m a straight Turtle, so I don’t raid, and that %10 extra mining would help me greatly considering I have level 30 mines on one planet and level 25 mines on the rest.
    By the way, I’m not whining about it, I don’t care how many people get officers, they will most likely never break through my defense, 50,000 Plasma Cannons, 200,000 Light Lasers, a Small Shielding dome, a Large Shielding Dome, 10 Deathstars, and 100 Anti-Balistic Missiles is a minimum for each of my planets, and every morning I spend ALL my resources building more defense. Also, I could care less if you believe me or not, because, first of all, you will never even come close to that or destroying that, and second, It’s my account, so I know it’s true.

    One last thing, thecat, if you are not satisfied with this, then you are a childish idiot who probably has nothing better to do then to sit online and talk to people you don’t even know because you have no real friends of your own, so you act really “Cool” online making little online friends and online Girlfriends.
    Goodbye thecat, once and for all.

    — The Truth    Jul 15, 05:17 AM    #
  158. Oh yes and if you think my numbers are not correct, here is a link to an Ogame Calculator:

    Go ahead and sim it.

    — The Truth    Jul 15, 05:20 AM    #
  159. wow bro, you gotta chill out! YOu guys are taking this all sorts of hardcore, remember that saying about the special olympics and arguements on the internet?

    Yeah, come on. Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

    Just chill guys, jeez.

    — PMSLMAO    Jul 16, 04:40 PM    #
  160. hey pmslmao, who’s side you on?
    ohhh i love that the truth. only problem is, 50k plasma, is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! no1 has achieved and no1 will…. the cost and time having to wait, is astronomical….
    your a stinky liar, you know…. you say your not in the top 1k, and then go ahead and say you have got 50k plasma, is soooo stuupid.
    ohhh as i said, people has their little ipm, and that is easy to get, espiacially in 79 days. and with 50k plasma, that would hav taken heaps of time, but then so would deathstars yet i feel obliged to not that about 10k death could take that defense down. and that would be around same cost and crap. so goodbye to that thought.
    i seem to know tho that people decide to get their satellites on a position 1, with 50 power. the extra output is only 5, and makes hardly any difference. a difference of about 1 mill crystal and 300k deuterium. and that is hardly a difference in terms of res. at 3:2:1 ratio, this is merely 3 mill metal worth, and that is a days work…. and to be honest, i would rather pay around 3 mill metal for almost another moon shot of 20% so would most people so shush. and that isnt opinion, thats a fact people will… not might, they will if they can. also, people do not get it on their homeplanet if they know they can save around 10kk crystal. OH NOO THAT IS SOOO UNFAIR WAAA! thats what you are going on about.
    you base your comp tech crap on nothing. people will realise sooner or later, if they have battleships. dont put ridiculous examples through, makes you look silly. and people with graviton and knowing EXACTLY how to get it, means thay dont know how to get comp tech? wtf are you smoking? dude get a brain.
    :) ever heard of nanite 4? thats 21 hours without the officer, 2 hours off with the officer. and you still base them on only turtles. think of us, the raiders… we gain res soooo easy, it aint funny. so base your arguments on all sides plz, i have a headache and dont wish to take down this sort of thing. plz just check this stuff PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idd beg, but i cant be bothered.
    and flaming me down, is childish. ive got you hook line and sinker over this argument ^^ im soooo leet. the person who claims he aint no child, is ARGUING WITH HIM!!!!! in most society, most would laugh at YOU. unfortunattely, this society isnt. not sure why, maybe because their pride is sooo high they cant admit they are fighting a child, and the child still goes on. i dont really care if you dont call that leet, but it is.
    thats what you are crying over. wow, i just realised. only babies cry, so that means your leet, cos the older ‘child’ is fighting the baby! damn, stupid me, disproving myself. dont you hate it when you realise everything you are saying, is deafeted by yourself? ouch shudnt have said that, im psycic so i know you are gonna use that against me … im fighting a baby and still leet and psykick ;)
    haha your very funny about the whole fleet thing. unfortunately, people will realise that getting 100 bships, and not being able to use them, would make them stupid and thus the fleet becomes obselete.
    also, saying your not whining, is another reason i think you lie lots. because thats exactly what you are doing.
    and saying i dont have mates, doesnt mean anything. i dont come to these arguments to make friends, but to annoy people who are soliidly believeing on this ‘officer down!’ crap. and since im so pro at making mates online, then i would have agreed with you. all the more reason to suggest that i make them in real life.
    realise that there are such things as raiders. referring to the undefeatable turtle SHIT is boring. its just bullcrap. i have been a turtle, and have been meaningly bashed 4 no reason. so im gonna gun this into your head right now. TURTLES ARE DEFEATABLE!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!! man get it in your skull….

    — thecat    Jul 18, 04:44 AM    #
  161. and btw, saying you cant be outsmarted, is pure arrogance. there are people out there that can defeat your sayings 10 times over and still have you dumbstruck…. also, its just like saying your the smartest person in the world. news flash, you ARENT...

    — thecat    Jul 18, 04:57 PM    #
  162. Fuck u

    — the truth    Jul 20, 05:36 PM    #
  163. hey people look the baby learnt a new word that got him child abused and moved to a new foster home!

    — thecat    Jul 23, 03:00 AM    #
  164. can I just set the record straight: There is NO advantage in having officers that you can’t also get with a few researches or buildings.

    Here’s what you can do if you can’t have officers to get the same effects as having them:

    Fleet Admiral
    +2 levels of computer tech

    +1 level Solar Plant/Fusion Reactor or a few more Solar Sat

    +Some more defenses

    +1 level Metal Mine, Crystal Mine and Deut Synthesizer

    +1 Research lab

    +2 Espionage Tech

    If you can’t get officers, get these. They are just as good, and some of them are actually better than the officers they replace

    Now I’ll sit bach and watch The Truth and Thecat argue.

    — fishman    Jul 23, 02:11 PM    #
  165. when I said “If you can’t get the officers” I meant “instead of the officers”

    those suggestions are way better

    — fishman    Jul 23, 02:27 PM    #
  166. OK well heres my opinion. I dont like it. because it gives such a definitive advantage. commander is cool. but this? sure you can get its equal by building new buildings and stuff, but can you get it for no ressources, time or energy? no, you cant. Also, i must say that using money to get an advantage isnt verry strategic, wich is the whole purpose of the game (the strategy of it)

    BUT on the flip side, ogame HAS to be payed for. and I can see how commander can bring in only a limited source of income. AND it was obviously something quite a few people would want to get.I cant suggest another source of income that would be as good, can you? so it has its pros and cons.

    in the end what i say is that: i wont buy it, but i wont try and kill people who do. as long as i can play ogame, im happy.

    — Drex    Jul 23, 10:45 PM    #
  167. hang on, do you raid people or are you one of the turtles with 50k plasma, like The Truth?

    — thecat    Jul 24, 12:43 AM    #
  168. Alright, I;m not posting anymore, but I just have to set some things straight, first of all, that comment supposedly left by me saying “Fuck u” wasn’t me, look at the name, lower case, I ALWAYS have my name capitalized, and second, the whole not being in the top 1,000 and having all that defenses, it’s called Multi-accounts.the one that has 50k Plasma has been going for a real long time, basically it’s an uber turtle that gets passed along to a friend when you get bored, that account has had over 20 different players using it.
    P.s.-Notice the two capitol ‘T’s in my name.

    — The Truth    Jul 24, 12:17 PM    #
  169. lemme get this straight. you say it takes around 70 days to make 100 plasma right? now, we times 50k divided by 100, then times by 70. then divide by 365, what do you have? 95 years in the making. SO SHUT UR MOUTH U LYING SACK OF CRAP. and even if you used your colonies, thats still 10 years. ogame i dont think has been going for that long and i think your mates would hav got bored and been a dick and deleted it.

    p.s. each mate would have had to be playing around 5 years each. and i hardly think they would hav survived at even 6 months. one f them would have multied or got banned and lose all the plasma or something else. also, if a fleet was enroute when you got banned, you arent put in vacation mode ^^
    and the only reason people arent flaming you is because they hate me and everything i stand for. even if what i stand for is correct.

    — thecat    Jul 25, 02:07 AM    #
  170. Smart one, I’ve got level 16 Shipyard, and level 5 Nanite on that account, making 50k plasmas will take less than a year.

    And my ‘mates’ actually like their friends, maybe your friends just hate you and wouldnt do that for you, Of course, I could see why they would do that to you.

    — The Truth    Jul 25, 02:32 AM    #
  171. jeez, I thought this was about officers…

    — Drex    Jul 26, 02:15 PM    #
  172. OMG SHUT UR MOUTH!!! you didnt have 50k plasma, thats final. the only reason people arent flaming you is because your aguing WITH them, not against. and you were talking about costs, so was i.
    and fuck your mouth up as you DONT have 90 year old mates you homo. go try to prove your point on ogame forums, youll soon be told your a liar. and thats still a year. i could believe you on the goddamn 200k LL (if that were true) but then it would be ipmed 2 seconds in the making. and also, your posting which means your lying even more.

    — thecat    Jul 26, 07:10 PM    #
  173. I think there should be specific universes where you are allowed to buy and use the officers, so that if you want to use them or don’t care, you can go into that uni. I think that would cut down the criticism to almost none and I think there would be almost as many buyers. That is if for all the other uni’s that have it right now from 30 on down, the officers are gotten ride of because people started playing in those universe before officers arirved.

    If that were done, I think if the uni’s were being created say about every 6 months, then do It every oppisite one, so once a year. And that might help spike numbers in older uni’s for people who don’t want to use or be apart of the “officer age” of ogame.

    — js35wake uni-28    Jul 26, 11:40 PM    #
  174. Drex is right

    This is supposed to be about officers

    JS35WAKe, your idea is a good one, but then people in unis 1-30 would lose their officers

    — fishman    Jul 28, 01:01 PM    #
  175. fishman, your right; that didn’t occur to me.

    Well if my plan stood, then what you could do is announce to uni’s 1-30 that after a date in the future that would be set a short time away, officers would go away so you could not buy them anymore in those universes. I think the time period is a max of three months that you can buy them for, so after that amount of time the officers would just run out after that and those universes would then go back to being officers free, and ogame would still be making money from officers in the latter uni’s.

    — js35wake uni-28    Jul 28, 10:34 PM    #
  176. but js35 there is another problem. there may be people that use officers that have like 400k points. and also, there would be no edge to the ogame universes… and to be honest, theres no difference in uni 5.
    im quitting ogame anyway, stupid game. better to play runescape or something.

    — thecat    Jul 28, 11:10 PM    #
  177. thecat…

    first, what does having 400k in points make any differance to any other point total?

    second, the whole point to why officers have an advantage has already been made (or in your case made to be not), but that would not matter, because with my idea ogame would still be making money and a lot more people would be happy with ogame and how it stands.

    third, if your quiting ogame why make a point to something that wont affect you, that doent make much sence?

    — js35wake uni-28    Jul 29, 10:20 AM    #
  178. I think that officers will always confer some advantage, that advantage could be small or large. It depends on the player and how developed the player i when they get their officer(s). The fact is people who pay real money for officers save a considerable percentage of their resources as they do not necessarily have to get the things people without officers get. e.g. two players, one with geologist, one without. the player with the geologist with a level 21 metal mine will make similar amounts of metal to someone with the level 22 metal mine. The person with the officer therefore has saved hours of time, hundreds of energy and hundreds of thousands of resource units and only lost £1 to pay for two weeks of extra resources. that amount of resources can then be used to upgrade something else or get more ships/defences to then become stronger than the player without the officer.

    Some people have said that any gains you make by getting an officer can be achieved by getting additional computer technology or extra mines etc. Depending on how developed your empire is, that could cost millions of resources (although of course it could only be a few hundred units at the other end). But why would you invest time and resources on those things when you can just pay £1 to get the benefits instantaneously? (the benefits for one pound would only cover one aspect [ie extra resources/reduced resource time], but that could make a big difference.)

    to be honest one officer every so often could probably be afforded by anyone who can afford a computer and the internet. It is not unfair in that sense. Everyone has the choice and i would imagine almost 100% of people could afford to get an officer.

    I think that if the commander feature revenue and advertising revenue were high enough to pay for all the servers then they would never have introduced officers.

    Having an officer, high mines or high energy does not guaruntee that you will be attacked/bashed. (thats the impression i got some people are thinking from what i have read) Therefore the supposed balance to having the extra energy from the engineer officer that you will just be attacked more is not always the case.

    — LC    Jul 29, 02:40 PM    #
  179. sorry for any typos in that i didn’t proof-read my comment very thoroughly!

    — LC    Jul 29, 02:41 PM    #
  180. You have GOT to be kidding me!

    What, are ALL of you 12?

    I have officers, I pay for them. My momma hasn’t payed for ANYTHING of mine in 20 years.

    I don’t think they give all that much of an advantage, I am dumping all of them except Commander next cycle for that very reason.

    As for unfair advantage, I call BS. You can get yourself some officers as well (if your not 12 that is) and if you are a top level player you’ll be having a MUCH greater advantage over me by doing this. And even that advantage doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

    You whine loudly about Geologists and Technocrats and Engineers being unfair, but the Commander lets you queue up your building and this hides your resources since they are used right then instead of having to build 1 type of ship/defense at a time.
    The Commander is the ONLY real advantage, and you morons never even caught it.

    Stop the whining, if you are too young to have a CC to get your own officers then too bad.
    Think of it like this, I drink beer and single malt whiskey while I play, you sip juice. When you get old enough you can have what I have, or you can beg your mom for it. I don’t care which.

    In the meantime stop being a bunch of crying little babies, servers cost dough and you should be glad you can play for free at all.


    — Pope Todd    Jul 29, 06:25 PM    #
  181. because i can. servers are cheap, as thetruth said. no they don’t getting reoucres and more and more energy is far more advantage than anything else. why else would people bother to get them? I want to see your reasoning on that

    — thecat    Jul 29, 07:58 PM    #
  182. i can and i wanted to prove i’m far better than thetruth which i did. so ahahaahh thetruth suck my cock

    — thecat    Jul 29, 08:00 PM    #
  183. Like I said, you must be 12.

    — Pope Todd    Jul 29, 08:08 PM    #
  184. Oh, and about servers being cheap, try again.

    AS Sr. Unix Admin I can tell you from daily experience that nothing about running servers is cheap.

    But you wouldn’t know anything about that, living in your mama’s garage and all…

    Foul mouthed little leech.

    — Pope Todd    Jul 29, 08:11 PM    #
  185. okay, lets get 1 thing straight. STOP FUCKIN AROUND WITH MY NAME!!!! i agree with The Truth as it to bein childish.
    @ js35 having 400k points, then being forced to leave, is hard to do. 400k points is hard to get…
    anyway, im quitting ogame but these arguments not. they are fun and i have some1 to … discuss ideas with…
    thank you, pope tod for helping me. its hard to get through to 3-5 people on your own.
    now, @ LC
    the reason i left was because people with 400 battleships attack my 3 battleships. aka their pussies but they do it anyway… high mines will get you attacked. or vendettas for no reason… theres millions of other reasons.

    — thecat    Jul 29, 10:05 PM    #
  186. Hi thecat,

    I didn’t think that was you, you have much better grammar and spelling (not to mention you actually use logic and problem solving skills).

    Pretty childish to use your name to make you look bad. The work of an immature adolescent without a PayPal account would be my guess. ;)

    As for getting through to them, don’t waste your time. They are broke little kids throwing tantrums about what they want but cannot afford.

    You are right about the numbers, not much difference. It helps a little if you’ve been decimated, but once your back on your feet it means very little.

    It’s the Commander that kicks butt, the ability to queue up blow doors on any of the other officer entitlements.

    Sorry you’re leaving, OGame needs it’s rational players to balance out all the children running around out there.

    — Pope Todd    Jul 29, 10:24 PM    #
  187. Pope Todd I’m wondering how old you really are by throwing a temper-tantrum about a discussion that your side of saying there fair has been doing just as bad to prove officers are, as the other, that are against officers. And hello, you, just, said, it; this is a game, and you have to have some child like wonder in you to enjoy any game you play; its called having fun.

    As for thecat, if you really did have 400k in points then left because of people beating on you, you either are in a old uni and getting ganged up on by top 100 rank people, and in that case I feel bad for you, but what gets me is if you had 400k in points you could either wipe 400 bs’s with a fleet or a defense with that much in points.

    Too everyone, if you want to make an argument either way fine, but stop the “I’m better then you,” or the “look I can swear for everyother word, because other wise everyone would know I’m just a kid,” well bad news, the rest of the people do, and why would anyone care, IT’s A GAME PEOPLE there would tend to be kids playing it.

    One last thing is just because someone does not see your opion exactly 100% of the time and you try to insult them, that just shows how childish you people really are.

    — js35wake uni-28    Jul 29, 10:53 PM    #
  188. and people who are copping other peoples names to say stuff that, that person would never say, it getS to damn confusing to argue against people, aaaaarrrrrrrr WE NEED PASSWORDS

    — js35wake uni-28    Jul 29, 11:01 PM    #
  189. — js35wake uni-28 Jul 29, 09:53 PM

    No temper tantrum, just some very pointed observation by someone capable of knowing the difference.

    As for age, I am plenty old enough to know BS when I see it, and there is about 20 pages of it right here.

    I see unqualified statements of how it’s not expensive to run a server. I know better. I work with internet facing servers, have every day for 15 years.
    They are not cheap.

    Maintaining the game costs as well. This game is well designed, it took time to create and takes time to maintain. That means money.

    The number of servers involved is quite large and geographically spread out.

    That also means money.

    What I’ve been reading is everyone wants to get a free ride, they want to leech. They get mad that you could pay to get better positioning, even though they too can pay for that same positioning.

    As thecat pointed out with his calculations above, the advantage is slight. If you feel it is too much you are free to pay for a couple of officers your self and even out your odds. You would be helping the game servers remain in operation by doing so, don’t you think those who dig deep to keep it running deserve some extra for their service?

    Like I said, if you want it for free and complain and call the game admins names for finding an equitable and fair solution to paying for their time and effort then you are nothing more than a leech.

    Think it’s unfair to you?
    Beg mom for a PayPal account to pay for your own officers with and even the score.

    Otherwise you are lucky to have a free game to play at all as is. Quit your bitchin.

    — Pope Todd    Jul 29, 11:21 PM    #
  190. Particularly lucky to have a free game of this caliber to play.

    — Pope Todd    Jul 30, 12:03 AM    #
  191. Pope Todd, you must be 12 yourself, Ogame staff could have easily made enough money without Officers, you want to know how I know?
    Do ya?
    Well here, think about this, if they were losing money before Officers, why would keep it free?
    Honestly, people pay for Commander, that’s not an advantage at all, all that does is make things more organized for you, if you’re an organized person, you have no need for Commander, but back to the money situation, Servers are cheap, compared to the gross income, you say you’ve been dealing with servers for over 15 years, well you forgot the advertisements Ogame puts in the site. Every one of those Ads probably costs around $500 to be put there, now, ok, that’s not all that much, but about %50 people use Commander (In my universe anyway) there are about 3000 players, multiple that by the cost of Commander, that’s alot of money, if i remember right, it’s about $5, I’m not exactly sure, I never wasted the money, but multiple %50 of 3000 by $5 which is $7,500 now that’s a pretty penny right there.
    Pope Todd, honestly you sound like a kid, maybe 14-16 trying to act older because no one can really prove you’re that young, but really, I don’t care, also, if you are as old as you say you are, then you’re most likely a 40 year old man who’s never had a girl in his life who does nothing but sit at a computer arguing with “12 year olds” because you’re not smart enough to deal with people you’re own age, but as other people pointed out, this is about Officers and their advantages, now first off, Officers DO NOT give an advantage right away, that’s true, but if you add up all the extras you get, especially if you have high level mines, like a turtle would, then you can be getting into millions of resources. Now I’m sorry that I’m broke, but honestly, what kind of person are you for making fun of people without money?
    You remind me of one of those money hunger assholes that would kill their parents for a few bucks and then hide behind a wall of money.
    To thecat, I already proved all your points wrong, so that’s why I havn’t posted since, but now I have a new idiot to prove wrong, and just as Pope Todd said,people are just too thick headed to convince, so I’m just proving you wrong until I’M satisfied, I could give a fuck whether you believe me or not.
    One last thing, I pray that Pope Todd isn’t a Catholic, because if he is, and he’s using the Pope’s title for himself, he’ll surely go to hell.

    also, I’m not even going to type my name, because you should all already know who I am.

    — ...    Jul 30, 07:48 AM    #
  192. See, I agreed with everything but the last part.

    So far you’ve made the real best argument Pope Todd, and I was never disagreeing with server cost, if you were really reading my last couple posts before this you would know that, and that I haven’t been trying to get rid of the officers at all, but rather incorporate them into ogame better and make them get used a bit differently. I have been saying the servers need money but should have done the officers a bit differently.

    Like I said though, I don’t really care if you 2 or 20 or 80 you were acting childish.

    No what, I think you are smart and know what your talking about, thats easy to see; it’s just you have a sad little temper that you can’t take out on co-workers at the office, so you do part of that here trying to incorperate that into your answers and questions.

    — js35wake uni-28    Jul 30, 07:58 AM    #
  193. — ... Jul 30, 06:48 AM #

    You obviously know nothing about how much it costs to run a server.

    Your “knowledge” example lacks. I know all about the advertising, so you are saying that the creators should not make money off this as well? That they are doing this for the good of society or something? Grow up.

    As for your $7500 a month figure, that is nothing, not nearly enough to house and run these servers and provide an income to the people doing it. I make more than that individually every month.

    I am showing the people without money that they are getting a free ride and should not yap themselves out of a cool scene just because they are broke. Those that pay for officers help keep the game running, like it or not.

    I doubt the programmers and maintainers of this game feel the same as you do about this. Since you know so much more than they do, how about you make your own game?

    In the meantime, I stand by what I said, you are lucky to have such a cool game to play for free as is. Quit your bitching.

    — Pope Todd    Jul 30, 09:28 AM    #
  194. — js35wake uni-28 Jul 30, 06:58 AM #

    More assumption, you assume that I am angry or typing in anger.

    A bit of projection perhaps?

    Nothing childish about pointing out the failed arguments of people crying how unfair it all is.

    And like I said, no temper involved here, just a little bit of forcefulness to get through to the children.
    Sometimes shaming is the only thing that works, and after 20 pages of argument all I see are 2 or 3 with good reasoned debate and the rest crying like little children.

    — Pope Todd    Jul 30, 09:33 AM    #
  195. Well “B”,

    I most certainly am not going somewhere that doesn’t exist.

    And I could care less who you are.

    The ad hominem about my character is what I’m talking about when I ask if you are all 12 or something. You have made my point quite obvious, thank you.

    And you even bitch about the cost, yet you don’t even know what that is.
    Excellent debating skills there numb nuts. I would no sooner take you seriously than I would the guy down the street screeching about the end times.

    You are right, you have shown how ignorant you are repeatedly in your past comments. I won’t waste my time trading words with the likes of you just to satisfy your needs, mine have been satisfied already.

    See you out in the Universes, hope you turtled up.

    — Pope Todd    Jul 30, 11:50 AM    #
  196. But yeah, I do know who you are. And your still oh so wrong.

    — Pope Todd    Jul 30, 12:04 PM    #
  197. Well seeing how there are so many universes in this game not to even think about the countries individual servers, it’s going to be a pretty penny to maintain. You not only pay for the server to be up, but also running the server takes electricity, then you need to add cost for those to maintain it. So we get a nice bill. These guys needed to get more money or keeping it up. Keeping servers up is a full time job for people.

    — Steven Hawkings    Jul 30, 01:56 PM    #
  198. www.ogameblog.com

    — troj    Jul 31, 02:00 AM    #
  199. ummmm js i said nothing about me having 400k points… i was using something called an ‘example’ :) dont twist words.
    @ pope todd, thank you my laptop stopped working and now it is. :)
    quite a lot of typing there, isnt there? cant be bothered reading it all. now, people need to shutup about being childish. anyone arguing ‘properly’ as we are is a child themself. get that straight.
    now, ... i know your The Truth, right? then plz dont just say i defeated everything you said, and not repeat how. :)
    @ the advertizing.
    most of it is for their own games. the others are usually only worth, as you say, 500 bucks.
    @ all the costs,
    when a game reachs the potential of hundy thousands, they’re gonna take advantage of it. look at bill gates for example. hes an asshole, but yet he still makes mills… commander brang in a small income, and officers top it off :)
    okay, im rejoining :O but on uni 13 at ogame.org more sexytime ^^ and my name is to be mrshakehandsman

    — thecat    Aug 2, 02:46 AM    #
  200. scratch that i mean uni 22

    — thecat    Aug 2, 02:55 AM    #
  201. forget that, uni 5. my acc is 3k points ^^ so i can rebuild my fleet ^^

    — thecat    Aug 2, 03:00 AM    #
  202. ah but my account in uni 20 is 400k points lets see you beat that you cant can you hahaha

    — thecat    Aug 3, 04:02 PM    #
  203. okay, lets get 1 thing straight again. STOP FUCKIN AROUND WITH MY NAME!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

    — thecat    Aug 3, 04:07 PM    #
  204. thecat you are so wrong about officers not being unfair they are like the worst thing ogame has ever come up with i mean like what the heck we dont need people buying victory they should be working hard to earn it like the rest of us ogame just wants a lot of money stupid greedy money lovers who screw up the game for fair people who actually work to get our res instead of getting geologists and we work very hard to get those expensive research lab lvls while some ppl just buy a technocrat and it costs more than a deathstar to get lvl 15 comp tech for raiding everyone while those filthy rich ppl just get a fleet admiral and what the heck is with engineers while we get those solar plants and fusion plants and solar satellites and spend another 5mil res to rebuild our defenses after being bashed while they just use the engineers to have them repaired so seriously how can you say that officers are not unfair they are the most unfair thing ever besides my little sister so if you want another argument then your on cuz i can go on like this venting out my frustration at officers on you well my keyboard needs a break so thats all for this post

    — officers suck    Aug 3, 04:37 PM    #

    Filthy rich people!

    Dude, they only cost ~$20 a month for ALL of them.

    You think people who can afford $20 a month are filthy rich?

    If you do, then you really need to stop playing games on the internet and get on with getting yourself a job.

    Way too funny!
    You clowns are some of the best entertainment I’ve had in a while! Keep up the good work!

    — Pope Todd    Aug 4, 06:24 PM    #
  206. you all need to get a life and just fuckin play the game, nothing that happens is your choice so shut the fuck up and play it or quit.

    — DarkTemplar uni.16    Aug 4, 10:11 PM    #
  207. ...DarkTemplar uni.16…
    dude chill, this is suppose to be a discussion you know?

    Really though I have to agree with you Pope Todd, 20 dollars a month isn’t enough to not make someone want them, this saddens me that I am agreeing with you, but I think that since ogame came out as a free game and only really had commander as income directly from ogame, they had to do something eventually, I just wish they could have come up with something less aggressive on how it would affect ogame.

    Remember any affect at all will be proven to be big since this game will be here and people will be playing for years and years to come, so any advantage will became big even if its non’t big at the moment.

    — js35wake uni-28    Aug 4, 11:38 PM    #
  208. yeah a pointless discussion, if i recall, none of you guys control ogame, none of you can change it, so either deal with it or leave.
    Seriously.. you all need lives

    — DarkTemplar uni.16    Aug 5, 01:29 PM    #
  209. ...o…k…

    Hay DarkTemplar, if you think talking about this is pointless then just leave, there is no point to you talking if your just going to bash this topic and the people in here talking about it.

    — js35wake uni-28    Aug 5, 04:55 PM    #
  210. i aint bashin anybody
    The Truth is right, yeah the advantages are small but they can add up so it could be huge.

    but at the same time thecat is right, why would you pay for officers when you could just spend a little more time and get something better, the same thing officers give AND the points, plus offficers dont give much of an advantage, any good ogame player could outdo the advantages no prob,
    Pope Todd is right too, theyre not super expensive and people want cash in their pocket, so deal with it.

    Basic point to officers, theres no way around it, and its just plain fact:
    If you like officers, buy them, if not then don’t, either way, OFFICERS ARE HERE TO STAY SO DEAL WITH IT.
    that’s the bottom line, the Admins even said it themselves.

    — DarkTemplar uni.16    Aug 5, 11:05 PM    #
  211. p.s. – to thecat, if you want, and if your not too far in your account, you could always come to uni.16 and I’d hook ya up with some rescources, im a small turtle and have decent mines so a few 100k res. wouldnt be too hard to spare, id love to play with ya

    — DarkTemplar uni.16    Aug 5, 11:08 PM    #
  212. ill think of making an account there ill contact you
    p.s. my name ingame is Clockworkvampire usually :)

    — thecat    Aug 6, 05:25 AM    #
  213. Hey ppl you all know that for runing something like OGame need money otherwise you won’t be playing right now. But I agree with your anti-officer stand cos’ while someone can afford them he grows stronger and others that can’t will get crushed. They should consider other method of getting money.

    — wingz    Aug 13, 08:11 AM    #
  214. ok i have no idea about th money side of things but a couple more ads would compensate maybe 2 ads would cover the server costs, 3 for the staff wages and 1 for the eletric, which in total is 6 ads add 1 for profit and game forge has itself making money

    currently there are only a few adds on the game maybe theres a happy medium that can be reached for example you get to have a choice between more adds displayed and free officers or paying for officers and no more adds and just no officer regular ammount of adds
    that way people can still pay for officers but they wont get something other players cant afford thus making it fair.

    also limiting the amount of officers is a good idea.

    — ryan    Aug 13, 01:33 PM    #
  215. wingz-
    it’s true that people will get stronger with officers, but sayin they will get crushed is ridiculous, i started my account same time my friend did, he bought officers, not all of them, but a few.
    I am currently owning his ass in points and my fleet.
    bottom line:
    ALL advantages can be overcome with enough skill

    — DarkTemplar uni.16    Aug 13, 09:07 PM    #
  216. i am a lazy bum and stopped reading after the first thrity or so posts…this is how i think. The bonuses should NOT be stacked. Meaning you can spend money to get an extra 10% mines, but thats it! None of this theory of (200%) crap, no! If you want to spend the money, you can get the little extra bonus, but not so much of a bonus that experience cant overcome it

    — chemical art    Aug 13, 10:44 PM    #
  217. You can only get one of each officer, so the bonuses CAN’T be stacked, and if they could, I’d agree with chemical art.

    DarkTemplar is right, all the officer advantages can be beaten if you have skill.

    — fishman    Aug 14, 03:21 AM    #
  218. — thecat Aug 2, 01:46 AM

    Nope, I am not The Truth.
    I am GodEmperorPopeTodd, and I will soon be ruler of the known Universe (23) officers or no. ;)

    — Pope Todd    Aug 19, 12:34 AM    #
  219. Please you guys , this discution is pointless , there will allways have peoples who are losing there times on arguments and insults , i say we end this discution NOW !

    — Lord Legion Draconite Reaper    Aug 22, 09:12 AM    #
  220. But but but but… officers!

    — Pope Todd    Aug 22, 03:09 PM    #
  221. Hello all! well I don’t think having officers is a fair game no matter what! Ogame should concentrate of getting funds with other ways! Like the commander I am ok with it! They should be creative and find something else better than officers!

    — FireStarter    Aug 24, 04:58 PM    #
  222. i dont like officers, but if u dont like them dont buy them…..stop it with badmouthing the people who do get them….....its like runescape, u can be a member and get a slight advantage OR u can play 4 free.

    — Stabbyman-UNI28    Sep 17, 02:29 AM    #
  223. Quoting : “You have GOT to be kidding me!

    What, are ALL of you 12?

    I have officers, I pay for them. My momma hasn’t payed for ANYTHING of mine in 20 years.

    I don’t think they give all that much of an advantage, I am dumping all of them except Commander next cycle for that very reason.

    As for unfair advantage, I call BS. You can get yourself some officers as well (if your not 12 that is) and if you are a top level player you’ll be having a MUCH greater advantage over me by doing this. And even that advantage doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

    You whine loudly about Geologists and Technocrats and Engineers being unfair, but the Commander lets you queue up your building and this hides your resources since they are used right then instead of having to build 1 type of ship/defense at a time.
    The Commander is the ONLY real advantage, and you morons never even caught it.

    Stop the whining, if you are too young to have a CC to get your own officers then too bad.
    Think of it like this, I drink beer and single malt whiskey while I play, you sip juice. When you get old enough you can have what I have, or you can beg your mom for it. I don’t care which.

    In the meantime stop being a bunch of crying little babies, servers cost dough and you should be glad you can play for free at all.


    OMG you have no life, if you are old enough to have a CC , well you should have stopped playing Ogame, somethings are more important.

    — Willi@m    Oct 5, 10:34 AM    #
  224. hey im new and could anyone point me to a site with tips for beginners if not are there any tips you can provide me with thanks

    — newbie    Oct 5, 08:04 PM    #
  225. Ok well i’m not that good a player but i’ll give you a couple of useful tips.
    When you start playing, you should focus on you defense instead of building fleet, because when you break the noob protection everybody will be on you trying to flletcrash.
    So defense,defense,defense

    — Willi@m    Oct 6, 12:34 PM    #
  226. Yes I agree that this was a bad move by them. I am new to the game, but from what I hear, the people that play it enjoy a challenge. Heck, that’s what the game is about. I’m like that too, I like the challenge without “paying the company” cause “it’s too hard.” Ruins the fun in my opinion.

    — SEG388    Oct 16, 11:51 PM    #
  227. Officers will give you an advantage over the long run. If it does not give you any advantages over other players who do not have it then officers would not exist.

    — fate    Dec 5, 03:55 PM    #
  228. I’m not sur because i play OGame.fr, but has there been introduced a new ressource in Ogame.ORG aswell ?

    — Willi@m    Dec 9, 03:35 PM    #
  229. Say no to officers!

    — Dexter    Dec 10, 09:09 PM    #

    — Austin    Dec 14, 08:21 AM    #
  231. I don’t really think the officers are that bad, and come on, they don’t really give you too much advantages. I just think they are not worth the price.

    — Xevious45    Dec 15, 07:06 PM    #
  232. i got 169 dark matter from expadition what can i do with that little of dark matter

    — Garrett    Dec 19, 05:38 PM    #
  233. so most guys who do jobs and play ogame and who have a leeeettle technical knowledge play multi accs through Proxies…
    And those others pay for OFFICERS and ..
    any way most of guy sleave the game Midway..

    — whatReallyHap    Dec 27, 04:44 AM    #
  234. I think wot they’ve done now with the officers (dark matter stuff) is a gr8 idea-it opens the option 2 a;;

    — Jacob Hamilton    Jan 12, 05:02 PM    #
  235. I agree with thecat, but with a slight modification. Officers CAN improve the game, most players joined OGame for a chalenge. Fighting people with Officers should be FUN, and not demeaning.
    P.S : Sorry for my typo’s, this keyboard is the worse I’ve ever seen…

    — pfvilhena    Feb 9, 04:36 AM    #
  236. Christ, this thread’s still going…

    I’ll have to respectfully disagree with you; essentially you’re saying that we need to adjust our attitudes, while that might be true for some of us, it seems there must be a reason for so many people to be ‘infected’ with this bad attitude towards officers. It does add a challenge; I think it’s one unneeded by most players; it certainly breaks the monotony, but only if you count the way a pandemic virus breaks the daily grind. :D

    Dark matter has made it a little bit better, it’s breaking the ice more to experienced players…but it was ill-born. They should have introduced officers differently if they intended dark matter all along. If not, then at least they’re trying to make it more palatable for the rest of us. Still a waste, but not such a bad one.

    — Seandacht    Feb 11, 02:29 PM    #
  237. a} If officers didn’t offer a slight advantage no-one would pay for them. The only way I could think of for OGame to charge (without giving an advantage) would be to make the Interface so awful (with info spread over multiple pages, etc) that people would pay for a clean UI. But then would people struggle to play the free version to begin with?

    b} From the sound of it, the expedition Dark Matter is rewarding any decent amounts to pay for officers. What are peoples experiences with expeditions? If the rewards aren’t high enough it should be sorted, especially as it is high risk to the fleet sent.

    — DeltaMan    Feb 23, 08:56 AM    #
  238. I do agree with both sides of the issue.

    1. Yes it does offer some advantages that could boost a player performance in the game.

    2. Servers do cost money. Nothing can really argue with that. You have to repair, update, put in new univ. and keep all ur players happy wit the game. You people should stop arguing. Both of you are right.

    — i like chma2    Feb 29, 05:25 PM    #
  239. I think officers are stupid too, they just make those with money stronger than those without. ITS UNFAIR!!!

    — Lance Sandr    Mar 4, 04:17 PM    #
  240. To: the cat Dude, ur a conceited fool. Officers are unfair ‘cause the little kids out there dont hav the mony 2 buy them. That makes them noobs 2 people w/ officers. They should at least have a chance!

    — Lance Sandr    Mar 4, 04:26 PM    #
  241. I agree with thecat.
    The differences can be fixed in one raid.
    Plus! servers cost money to run, and people cost money to hire.
    @ Lance Sandr So??? It just makes a challange. Dude, Stop Whining and grow up!
    Um.. I play Runescape and I know that members do have an advantage in F2p…

    — Lawrence    Mar 7, 05:14 AM    #
  242. Screw you and your money, Lawrence, I have steel toed boots! Who listens to anyone who signs there comment as “I AM THE INTERNET!!!” anyways?
    Besides, you don’t get a decrease in the time it takes to cut wood, mine, smith, or craft in Runescape just because you’re a member.
    And yes, the whiner is correct. I’m not old enough to have anything like a credit card to buy things like this on my own. It’s not even that I’m poor, I just don’t have any method of buying it. I’m so sorry I wasn’t born as early as you, but the rift is big enough as it is without people like you making it bigger. No, it is not a challenge, it’s another method of bullying us.
    And I’m not against them making money either, but they can at least find a better incentive than that.

    — CB    Mar 13, 06:08 PM    #
  243. @CB The thing is, if you play ogame, your metal and crystal will go up by itself, whereby in rs, you need to actually do something to get resources. By the way, on the topic on members, if you an agility level higher than 1, your agility will allow you to have higher run energy recharge rate even on free worlds.

    — Lawrence    Mar 15, 03:28 AM    #
  244. okay those who think officers are a bad idea are just greedy, wanting to keep the big gap inbetween weak players and strong players, i do not have officer and the fact is you can get these abilities by going into outerspace, ever come to mind???

    ogame needs money and the higher ranks can use expedition tech

    i am for officers because i am for ogame, if officers were removed then maybe ogame would go down, then how would you all feel

    — Champion    Mar 27, 03:25 PM    #
  245. I think most of u guys have fogotton a MAJOR point officers were introduced a large amount of time afterwards ogame was distributed free to everybody. A lot of people played the game to a point where their empire (mainly fleet) is there most valued thing in their life.
    If you want to reach a decent position in ogame you have to devote a large fraction of your time.

    This is a bit like giving away free “addictive something” for sometime and then charging money.

    Of course servers, people making playing ogame possible need money there is no argument there. The problem here is this introduction of the price when you are addicted to the free samples(it was supposed to be the product now you see its a sample).
    People joining ogame after it was introduced have absolutely NO right to complain. But what about those who devoted a big slice of their time to play ogame thus making it popular???. Don’t these people feel cheated.

    So far the deal had been either you wake up at midnight to optimize your production or buy commander. Now one party has changed that perceived deal to their own liking. This is why people are angry. not because everybody wants something for nothing.

    I wouldn’t say a word if the ogame people said “Look here people we can’t do this anymore it aint profitable now. So we are shutting down in 3 months(say) and opening at a new website at a price that is affordable to most of you. Can’t help it we have to live also”

    They didn’t do that!!! Why? because they felt sorry for all those people or because nobody would actually PAY in the beginning for a text based game? think

    Introducing it in new univereses and shutting down old ones gradually was what was needed.

    Instead of that trouble they changed the deal unilattarally. This is the point mr cat, pope todd, the truth all are missing (and honestly gave me some quality entertainment ;definitely better than a soap opera :-))

    I remember a movie where people with money(of course lots of $) torture unwary travelers looking for cheap accomodation
    Do you see the analogy here?

    — MissingPoint    Apr 9, 09:59 AM    #
  246. Ogame does need money to operate their servers however they should have done it in a more user friendly way. Such as having a p2p server that is ultra fast like Centrix Studio’s “Light of Evolution” or having a fast server where you pay ten dollars to start and at the end of three months the player with the most points or some other criteria wins $1000, 2nd place $500, 3rd $100; and thus GameForge will stand to make a profit as long as more than 160 players join.

    — necromancer    Apr 21, 11:53 AM    #
  247. officers are fair dam it
    although i dont have them


    say you get
    4k metal
    4k crystal
    4k deut

    every hour

    you only get 9.6k for each type of resources every day thats nothing if ur mines are lower then 25

    Fleet Admiral-

    only 2 fleet slots not like your gonna attack like 10 people at a time


    Piece of shit if your a raider


    id say this one is kinda unfair but the esp+2 suks cuz only works when you esp someone else

    — GOD    May 4, 12:03 AM    #
  248. o hai thar t3h cat nd teh tr00th, pl0x stop teh fighting plzzz. 1 tink 0ffic0rz R ok but oly if j00 buyz them ONCE k.

    0h btw m4y 1 pl0x haz 100000000 metal plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    i think teh moar z’s 1 add teh betar chance 1 haz!!1!111!!!1!1/one

    — Sweet142    May 8, 07:45 PM    #
  249. ummm
    hello it is me again, thecat and OMFG!!!!!!!!! this thread is still going? it was cool when i screamed at seandacht and The Truth, but guys please! the whole office topic is lam now, get over it

    and no, this isnt some lamer going on as the name thecat (cos it is me)

    also at ^^ dont talk like a retard, it doesnt help anyone to try and decipher that rubbish …...

    and i wouldnt mind if those 2 came back (and the other dude) purely for nostalgia…. ahhh the good ol’ days

    — thecat    May 20, 06:49 PM    #
  250. no thanks, and dude, this is about afficers not about your gay illiteracy. and to decipher that yes i would need 2 be a huge hacker cos its just so hard 2 read….. man get a life no1 cares

    — thecat    May 23, 06:47 AM    #
  251. orly do u haz rec0n? 1 R s0 fucking kewl u wish u c00d b3 as kewl as me \!!11111111!!!!!!1!/one

    — sweet142    May 28, 06:52 PM    #
  252. 0000 marrrr 1 R s0 WAST3D 1 dno if i cna wklk s0meone halpemh

    — sweet142    May 28, 07:04 PM    #
  253. orly?!! w0w tht R s0 fucking kewl gg.

    — sweet142    Jun 9, 06:49 PM    #
  254. you people can’t spell. or reason. or use logic. FAIL.

    — .    Jun 17, 10:46 AM    #
  255. Ur m0m cant spell


    — sweet142    Jun 18, 07:12 PM    #
  256. Uni 30, name: Vlajko. I’ll help noobs for free, message me.

    — Vlajko    Jun 28, 07:33 PM    #
  257. Why are people against officer. There the reason were really allowed to play for free so let them be. if you think it cheating well it not my fault you hater are stingy

    — baraka    Jul 1, 10:14 AM    #
  258. Ya know officers can be unfair butt..ogame 1. needs money or there will be Nogame 2. unfair advantage i agree..but not by huge amounts unfair but not to much..do you really think that people are going to get 10 of each officer? so i say keep them.

    — rocket1615    Sep 11, 03:37 AM    #
  259. lol

    I won (please ignore comment im just bored XD)

    — teh kittez    Apr 11, 03:09 AM    #

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