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New Ship: The Battlecruiser


Published: Jan 31, 03:53 AM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

This ship, a technologic filigree, is deadly when it comes to destroy attacking fleets. With its improved laser cannons, it holds a privilege position between the heavy ships, where it can take down several of them in no time. Due to its small design and its enormous weaponry, the load cargo it’s minimal, but this is compensated with the low fuel consumption of the built-in hyperspace engine.

Rapidfire from Destroyer: 2
Rapidfire from Deathstar: 15
Rapidfire against Espionage Probe: 5
Rapidfire against Solar Satellite: 5
Rapidfire against Small Cargo: 3
Rapidfire against Large Cargo: 3
Rapidfire against Heavy Fighter: 4
Rapidfire against Cruiser: 4
Rapidfire against Battleship: 7

Structural Integrity – 70000
Shield Strength – 400
Attack Strength – 700
Cargo Capacity – 750 units
Base speed – 10000
Fuel usage (Deuterium) – 250



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  1. The attack strength is poor comared to the battleship.
    Maybe it makes up for it with the rapidfire but im not too sure.
    I doubt ill have too many in my fleet.

    — Matt    Jan 31, 04:33 AM    #
  2. actually is freaking powerfull !!

    the attack str. is only 30% lower than BS, and it´s way compensated by RF against almost every ship and double shield str.

    cargo capacity is the half, so you´ll need send the double of BC than BS to carry the same amount of res. but it will cost the same quantity of fuel.

    does anyone knows the cost of production?

    — nickname    Jan 31, 06:24 AM    #
  3. The cost of production is 30k Metal, 40k Crystal and 15k Deut.

    I think this is a good ship to use in tandem with Dessies. :D

    — The Black Prince    Jan 31, 09:46 AM    #
  4. i think this ship is pretty dang good concidering it has rapid fire against BS’s. i think it would be good against defending from attackers (obviously) but the only problem is that it wont get rebuilt like regular defenses. this makes it kindof a waste but i would deffinantly use it along side Bombers so that the BCs could take out the enemy fleet and the bombers could take out the defenses. follow through with this and vwala! enemy defeated!

    Lord Nex    Jan 31, 09:21 PM    #
  5. maybe its not so expensive like BS but if tou want to defende from the atacker with a ninja atack you´ve results…lets how many moons we´ll make with tis new toy :)

    — don corlleonne    Jan 31, 11:54 PM    #
  6. Does it get rapidfire against light fighters?

    — ASW    Feb 1, 10:19 AM    #
  7. I think this ship is only useful if it gets to fight in a capital ship action where it gets the rapid fire against battleship.

    Notice how it doesn’t have RF against LF. So just throw in some LF with your battleship and the BC will be gone. Cuz now the BC can’t get its weapons fire onto the BB with so many fodders.

    If i can’t shoot at BB, then its rapid fire is useless

    — Jarod    Feb 1, 02:33 PM    #
  8. Unless you use Battlecruisers + cruisers.

    Battlecruisers are the answer to all these Battleship only fleets I keep seeing.

    People will need to have light fighters to counter battlecruisers
    battlecruisers to counter battleships and cruisers
    and cruisers to counter enemy fodder

    IMHO it will make up for mixed fleets and not huge battleship fleets.

    — Fernando    Feb 1, 04:22 PM    #
  9. The problem is that they increased the Cruiser’s RF against Light Fighters along with introducing this new ship.

    Evil combination, as it weakens the now much needed LF.

    — Arbron    Feb 2, 05:21 AM    #
  10. alright the BC to me is just another defence tool
    unless ualready know the guy u attacking has BS or bombers if they do then yeah the BC is good but send in bulk and with cruisers to get LF

    — steve    Feb 2, 03:10 PM    #

    — ironwall    Feb 4, 03:59 PM    #
  12. They created the BC to stop the usual ratio in big fleet who is LF:BS… but BC dont have RF against LF and BS are cheaper.. so this mean fleet with more LF:BS

    — uni13    Feb 5, 09:14 AM    #
  13. hey do u guys know where u can get an update for speedsim w/ the BC on it???

    — gdog    Feb 6, 04:07 PM    #
  14. BS are still the best ships. They are fast, powerfull and now even cheaper!
    BC are ships with small cargo space and they are weak. BS is almost three times better than BC. Think about it.

    — war-lord    Feb 7, 02:01 PM    #
  15. guys, guys what i think a good ship is THE DEATH STAR am i right? besides the deastroyer, bc’s and bs’s couldn’t compair.

    the guy who is trying    Feb 7, 04:11 PM    #
  16. Well I don’t think it’s a surprise that everyone wants a deathstar, but I don’t think you’re even considering the massive amounts of time and resources needed to build one. This is an educated guess, but I would think you could build hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of BC’s before you can even build one RIP. Be realistic lol.

    — MK1    Feb 8, 02:15 PM    #
  17. Deathstar is as slow ship as you cant imagine.And he has his special ability: destroying moons. Other ships are for real battle: They are fast, some of them are good fleetcrushers, they are powerfull and not to expensive. Just compare the price of one Deathstar and destroyer for example.
    For price of one Deathstar you can get a bunch of Destroyers and other ships . Deathstars are luxury not a necessity.

    — war-lord    Feb 8, 02:34 PM    #
  18. I currently have around 900 of these in my fleet and after seeing them in action they will be largely taking over my BS’s….their increased shields really make a diffirence especially when you get up to 150% on your shield research ;-D

    — Uni 5z Mine    Feb 8, 07:53 PM    #
  19. After all of arguing how good they not one person has said the cost on making 1 BC, HOW MUCH DO THEY COST?

    Burgesm - Uni14    Feb 11, 01:07 AM    #
  20. The third post stated how much they cost.
    “The cost of production is 30k Metal, 40k Crystal and 15k Deut.”

    — Temuthril    Feb 11, 03:55 AM    #
  21. It may be good for an attack alongside BS, but I would build up a few just to keep at my colonies, along with defense. It should make those that just want to throw HF and LC at them to think twice.

    — Montagner    Feb 11, 04:48 PM    #
  22. the introduction of the battlecruiser reinforces the need to build a variety of spaceships .. no longer is there such thing as a ‘general purpose’ fleet composition, as fleet compostion for any particular attack will be as unique.

    Overall, it will make the game more interesting.

    xj72b    Feb 16, 05:24 AM    #
  23. dudes what are you talking about, it may cost a lot to build a deathstar but it is worth it. have you even seen the deathstars rapidfire stats? the deathstar is a fleetcrusher and you know that. it may be slow but you forgot one thing. if you have a moon you can use the jump gate. duh!!!!!!! that is if you big talkers out there even have one. that is why a deathstar is worth it. its the strongest ship in the game.

    the guy who is trying    Feb 20, 04:43 PM    #
  24. isn´t there a new speedsim yet? ... ... well come on program writers! get to work already!


    — nickname    Feb 21, 04:55 AM    #
  25. @the guy who is trying

    Yo are trying, but not so much. What if someone hasnt moon or has one. What if someone has two moons very close to each other? There is NINE galaxys and please, tell me if you know someone who has nine moons and nine jump gates. Moon is very hard to get! And 300-350 plasma is enough to destroy one DS. Beter use this one for moon destroying.

    — war-lord    Feb 21, 03:21 PM    #
  26. 80 plasmas can destroy a ds

    — gfhdhgfd    Feb 24, 02:59 PM    #
  27. 35 plasma cannons destroy a death star, not 80. also 75 dessies and 150 battleships beat the rip with 100% success and a profit from the debris,

    — sean    Feb 24, 04:41 PM    #
  28. Say that to “the guy who is trying”. This guy realy doesnt take a point.

    — war-lord    Feb 26, 09:45 AM    #
  29. is it worth using BC along wid ma usual defence or should i just stick to the lasers..etc

    — peed    Mar 1, 07:58 AM    #
  30. Use what you want.
    — war-lord    Mar 1, 06:41 PM    #
  31. Death Star has no Value in later game as an attack ship, otherwise it would be used more often. Ive never done it and you dont see any of the HoFs or top 10s using them in a CR. Its always a RIP kill, ull never find a RIP in a fleet that is attempting a fleet crash

    — Thrawn    Mar 2, 07:36 PM    #
  32. A good fleet is one that as a balance of everything. As for the RIP, there’s no need (except for moons). Luxory is only nice if your rich. Not if you end up poor AND defeated. Now then, the BC is great for defence. It’s only good in offence if you have bulk-stuff for backup. Has anyone tried it against a RIP?

    — Frosch Meister    Mar 3, 06:45 PM    #
  33. ATTENTION!!!!!!!
    this is another name for the “the guy who is trying” and what is it with the word RIP?
    ????????? and my real name is ‘‘THE TRAIN MAN’‘ universe 16 look it up and see my points its 3700 and i can make battleships. do not under estimate me with a death star.

    scarab control    Mar 9, 06:55 PM    #
  34. hey “the guy who is trying” or “THE TRAIN MAN”, have you ever even attempted to get a death star? do you know how freaking hard i is? about a year ago 5 of my friends and i tried to get one. it took us about a month just to get all the researches necesary. right when we actually COULD get it, we immediately realized it was next to imposible UNLESS!!! you have been playing for about 2 years and have absolutely no life whatsoever! (yes, i just called anyone who has a RIP a loser) oh and by the way, RIP stands for Rest In Pieces.

    Lord Nex    Mar 10, 07:19 PM    #
  35. A RIP does not guarantee anything. i had a friend who had 24 RIP’s and they got completely destroyed in one fleet crushing battle. They are way expansive and not to be isn’t just by themselves. you must have a rather large fleet with that as s the killing power of the fleet.

    — Whats It Called    Mar 15, 06:54 PM    #
  36. Ive seen 256 deathstars massacre a huge defence.

    — Nothing    Mar 15, 06:58 PM    #
  37. LOL u have nevr seen 256 RIP’s you lying sack of crap.

    — vlad    Mar 19, 07:06 PM    #
  38. I believe its a good defensive tool, but if you have enemies with a lot power, all they have to do is send a mix that includes destroyers, which has the rapid fire against the battle cruiser

    — ????    Mar 20, 10:57 PM    #
  39. This ship gets an A+++

    It is as potient as two BattleShips. All the rapid fire and shield stregth make up for anything that it lacks.

    The game designers like to balance things out ;)

    — Spartan 396    Mar 21, 09:22 AM    #
  40. my new name is THE MEROVINGIAN and im on the list. check statistics and look at 1400-1500. still on universe 16 look me up…......rest in peace …... duh

    scarab control    Mar 21, 06:01 PM    #
  41. I like this idea. It’s good for an alliance when you’regoing to war. Most people focus on attack strength and cost where the ones who win focus on strategy. I’m currently saving up to get this thing so I can employ it with the rest of my arsenal.

    — Shifty    Mar 21, 08:12 PM    #
  42. i have the buildings for r.i.p’s i just need to reasearch graviton technology, its says i need 300,000 energy, if i could get this using sattelites and reasearch it does the research stay if those are destroyed, if it does how much is a death star and how long does it take to build

    — pydeeny    Mar 25, 04:45 PM    #
  43. They are perfect against huge bunkers, and they are fast, pity they cost deuterium

    — bass    Mar 28, 02:36 PM    #
  44. RIP’s cost 5 million metal, 4 million crystal, and 1 million deut. The time depends on the level of your nanite factory.

    — Bizzako    Mar 30, 02:50 PM    #
  45. Gravitons is hard to get, but their research time is only 1 second! And yes, you can destroy your solar sattelites after you research gravitons , the research stay after, and I heard that the bast way to destroy that solar sat. is in three ways with 125 cruisers each, that gives you three 20% mon chances.

    — war-lord    Mar 30, 04:13 PM    #
  46. once grav tech lvl 1 is done it is done. you no longer need the solar sats. It takes about 3 months to raise tech levels for the deathstar and that includes the roughly 10,000 solar sats you need to finish the grav run. Keep in mind that you will be using ALL of your crystal on solar sats oce the rest of the techs are done.
    I got RIP in about 3 months, and i started about 3 months after I started the game. Also I can build about 1 RIP a week. But they are awesome for fleetsaving. Take near no deut and can carry 1 mil in rez adn are nice and slow so oyu can be gone for a while. they are the best fleet save shipps

    — lol    Apr 3, 04:38 PM    #
  47. hay my rank is over 5500and i almost got a bomber. my name is G3ARM0 which means gearmo, people call me that at school. ????????????

    scarab control    Apr 3, 07:33 PM    #
  48. i heard some “BC are good for def” in there? what kind of poor ogamer are you.. fleet are never defance…. keep your fleet in the space until you reach rank1

    — uni13.org    Apr 3, 08:02 PM    #
  49. Hahahaha, you got that right.

    — war-lord    Apr 7, 05:27 PM    #

    — Krahhl    Apr 19, 06:34 PM    #
  51. well people i disagree

    i understand that a deathstar is good but thats 1 on 1 ships in a real battle you will have lots of ships fighting lots of ships and it will make a big difference + if a battle cruser is on your planet the light fighters the are coming to kill it will have to deal with and everyone has a different way of doing things i myself prefer defence to ships but others like ships so it don’t matter 8)

    I do have a name    Apr 24, 03:53 PM    #
  52. i know that this is an off-topic question, and probably a dumb question, but what does “ranked 0” mean? does it mean they have no points, or if they are not ranked yet, or what?

    — N - Uni2    Apr 25, 03:45 PM    #
  53. You need points to get any rank.

    — war-lord    Apr 28, 01:24 PM    #
  54. I am a newbie and I have started to build my fleet
    currently I have 130 Bat, 85 Bat cruiser, 20 Bombers, 5 Destr, 47 Cruiser, 317 LF

    Usually I send only the bat and the batcruis
    For the same speed and the same deeut cost 2 batcruiser are more powerfull than 1 bat. (The same cargo the same deut use)

    — new    May 15, 02:50 PM    #
  55. While a battlecruiser has RF against ships it only has 700 attck strength…sux0r!

    — VaI    May 15, 06:31 PM    #
  56. “the deathstar is a fleetcrusher and you know that. it may be slow but you forgot one thing. if you have a moon you can use the jump gate.”

    That’s not the point. The point is it takes a RIP around 5 hours to reach an enemy planet, which is usually enough time for the person to come online and fleetsave. Having a Jump Gate doesn’t eliminate this problem — it only makes transporation between YOUR planets faster.

    RIPs CAN be good fleet crushers, but only for Phalanx hits or against secure turtles who log in once every 2 days and think their 10000 LL and 1000 HL will protect their 300 BS.

    — Arbron    May 24, 10:43 PM    #
  57. that fool THE MEROVINGIAN is fool! ds are bes cargo-holders… and that is all… it takes 2much res to develop them. 2much to build them, it’s 2easy to lose them, and 2hard to use them… BCs are good, compared to BSs. use them with dess or boms and you’ll be a backbone of every raiding/fleetcrashing fleet in ACS. to THE MEROVINGIAN – DS suck hard. I’m ranked 720 in my Uni, and I have only 1BC and 250LCs and I’m ranked 720!!! DS sucks – hard!

    — Chronos    May 25, 06:57 AM    #
  58. the battlecruiser is way good
    end of

    — splat uni 19    May 25, 03:31 PM    #
  59. well since it is one of the few ships with RF against deathstar then i think ill have a few

    — ZeUs9471    May 28, 05:13 AM    #
  60. battlecruisers and bombers are the best for taking down fleets and defence especially when used with a few destroyers

    — shadow    May 30, 02:11 PM    #
  61. im on uni25 called lightshift btw

    — shadow    May 30, 02:12 PM    #
  62. Bombers are too slow for me. I think that fleets should be made up of mostly BS, some Destroyers, and some BC…just my thoughts…

    — skifreak_rm    May 30, 06:57 PM    #
  63. yes but if its made of bs mainly they are easier to destroy and so when attacking lose profit

    — shadow    Jun 1, 11:33 AM    #
  64. lolz cruiser beats light ships, BATTLEcruiser beats heavy ships. :)

    — thecat    Jun 3, 06:12 AM    #
  65. they shud have called it the interceptor

    — thecat    Jun 24, 01:32 AM    #
  66. Indeed. Battle Cruisers and Cruisers are an excellent combo.

    My favorite thing is how fast I’m able to do sequential attacks as both ships are the fastest attack ships and both take on separate portions of a fleet.

    — Torian    Jun 27, 12:16 PM    #
  67. and il just use my 2 LF to take down a RIP

    — jolly boy    Jul 25, 07:13 AM    #
  68. RIPs have no weakness… apart from being so slow, the massive cost, and huge amounts of plasma turrets.
    If you have a RIP, you’re probably going to attack guys with enough res to power your growing RIP industry. ANyone with that many res has got to have defenses or res saving. They’re to strong to use against weak def., and to weak to take on real turtles, so they’re worthless.

    — noone    Jul 25, 08:45 AM    #
  69. You RIP can get resources for new RIP in 100 days if you’re raiding every day with no losses. So it’s equal to lvl30 metal mine and I think that you should make huge RIP fleet when you’ll get lvl30 metal and lvl25 crystal. I’m keeping non-RIP fleet equal to mines in the cost so you should make your first RIPs when you’ll get your 2k BS. Then you should make 10k LF and 1k Cruisers for eack RIP, to protect it if someone saw it in his Sensor. And you need LF to raid other player’s RIPs with your ones;)

    — Hussein    Aug 6, 04:10 AM    #
  70. I think that you should make 5:1 BS:BC that’s real good to change the core of your fleet to this proportion not only BS. It shows very good results in both simulation and game.

    — Hussein    Aug 6, 04:17 AM    #
  71. 533 RIP acs in uni 5 on a major turtle…HUGE damage, they have theyre advantages. BC are good rf but I wish they would have came up with something better.

    — ChevyMan    Aug 26, 08:17 AM    #
  72. Listen to all the NOOBS whinig about the cost of a rip.
    I can build ONE per DAY on mines and minor raids. They aren’t that godly expensive you’re just a noob

    — Kerrigan    Aug 30, 12:23 PM    #
  73. O.K, well, everyone has widely varying views on the Deathstars Purpose, But I figure that it would be best to keep your own fleet protected.
    After all, not many people want to attack a huge fleet AND a bunch of DeathStars.

    As for the battlecruiser, I think it is very effective when used in conjunction with BS and Light fighters. Maybe throw in a couple cruisrers and Destroyers and you have a pretty powerful fleet.

    — Anti-anti-noob Guy    Sep 17, 02:16 PM    #
  74. hey

    bomber is good against defence

    bs is advarage

    bc is good against ships

    — will94    Oct 17, 09:19 PM    #
  75. bc are great as for a new speed sim there is dragosim that has bc in the math of the outcome of the battle.

    — dark carnival    Oct 24, 08:44 PM    #
  76. Well, here’s my diagnosis: The BC is very good at destroying other heavy ships. However, if you take a look at some of the Attacks and such in the Ogame forums, you’ll also notice that they are useful for plowing through just about ANY ship besides Destroyers and RIP’s. Some people say that the Attack Stregnth is less than the BS. Well, when you look at the stats, you’ll notice it takes only half as much deuterium, so you can send twofor the fuel cost of One BS, AND it would be a combined attack power of 1400, much more than one BS.

    All things told, the BC is a very versatile ship. And it will remain good because it has RF against BS, which no other ship besides the Deathstar has.

    — Anti-anti-noob Guy    Nov 6, 05:25 PM    #
  77. BC in large numbers are great. RIP’s in huge numbers are unbeatable. Uni 5 had a 630 RIP acs witht he top 2 players. What can stop that?

    — Padres    Dec 20, 08:42 AM    #
  78. You guys have no f*cking clue what so ever! Deathstars are the most powerful ships you can get and as soon as you know how to use them right, they become unbeatable. As soon as you have about 100RIPs it takes tons of other ships to kill them! In uni 1 ogame.de a player called Terratex had 1000 RIPs you guys should see what he did with them. They are amazing to crush fleet of course only when you have your enemy in phalanx range. They can crush moons which makes it easier for you to crush your enemies fleet and they have an awesome cargo capacitiy!

    — Gunt    Dec 20, 07:46 PM    #
  79. Do you know how much 1000 rips would cost? They would cost billions of resources….

    — 12345sniper    Jan 1, 01:41 AM    #
  80. 10 billions of resources.
    5 billions metal, 4 billions crystal, 1 billion deut.

    — war-lord    Jan 23, 08:29 AM    #
  81. the battle cruiser is a very safisticating ship its cargo and weapons space is compatible but other wise itll do the job to take out the enemy

    Skater1522    Feb 16, 10:35 AM    #
  82. lol jolly boy i got 2 LF’s too my other account was huge but i got banned for making a second account cause first was taking too long i didnt cheat withthem though

    — landsea    Mar 2, 07:02 PM    #
  83. the battle cruiser is an excellent ship.
    people comparing it to the battleship are stupid. because of their rapid fire against battle ships allows them to take on 2 battleships and win.

    yes, 1 battle cruiser can take down 2 battleships and win.

    cruisers can take down an average of 6 light fighters down EACH ROUND and win so light fighters are not an issue.

    if we follow the 2.5:1.5:1 ratio for the value of resources, then battle ships are worth 67,500 metal. battle cruisers are worth 127,500 metal.

    because the battle cruiser can take out 2 battleships, it has the potential worth of 2 battleships- making it cheaper= better.

    — E    Jul 1, 03:46 PM    #
  84. *i also forgot to mention, it is the only ship in the only ship in the game with rapid fire against heavy fighters, save the death star.

    — E    Jul 1, 03:53 PM    #
  85. Battle cruisers are nice. But I’m always kind of low on crystal and try to save as much as possible. According to its cost it’s not so great. Eventhough of its wide range of rapidfire against other ships, it lacks fire power. I would suggest players with enough tech. to build a fleet of destroyers, bombers, and cruisers(fodder).

    — B    Aug 30, 10:27 AM    #

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