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PRGM Alliance


Published: Apr 19, 03:24 PM by: Robert ~ Voidhawk

As with any game worth its salt, alliances are a critical feature. They help you learn to play, they help keep you safe, and they give you a chance to gang up on someone else. :)

On the US Server for oGame, where I play, we have an Alliance. It all started when someone posted a link to oGame over at Programmer’s Corner. Several of us started playing, and an alliance was born. It was only logical that it should be related to programming, right?

So, I present to you – PRGM Alliance It is not a requirement to be a programmer before you join. Or to even learn programming after you have joined.

To quote our public Alliance message:

We are a friendly and open minded group. We do not like war, but will protect ourselves at all costs. We believe in helping our fellow members and welcome those who are uneducated in the ways of planet colonization.

If you would like to join, drop by the forums and post a request. You can meet us in-game if you want. Your oGame level doesn’t matter. Nor does your playing skill. We want people willing to learn, and willing to help out.


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  1. hi, i need your help. i have my own alliance but i donít know how ot recruit people. iíd very much appreciate it if you would tell me how to do so.
    — Dursh    Jun 2, 07:24 AM    #
  2. hey, this is buggin the crud out of me. you see, i make this alliance (The Ballers) and all my friends leave and form XRATED. I cant join cause im a founder! is there any way to disband an alliance? it would help if you could tell me. thanks!
    — Mouse    Jun 26, 05:56 PM    #
  3. i am new to this and would like to join your alliance. i have planets in universe 5, 7 & 8.

    — Aaron Smith - amsmith18    Oct 5, 03:25 PM    #
  4. i have recently made a alliance and i dount now how to put a picture on the frount above the external writeing plz help ty Andrew

    — Andrew    Dec 24, 06:46 PM    #